WONDER - This Object Looks Impossible!!

  • čas přidán 14. 08. 2022
  • Tom Lawton: beuplifted.co.uk/
    Tom's IG: tomlawton
    Today, it brings me great joy to share WONDER with you all. This is Inventor Tom Lawton's Brain child. It is a beautifully dazzling work of art that mesmerizes anyone that observes it. Wonder creates an amazing illusion of two spirals going in opposite direction. Enjoy!
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Komentáře • 523

  • Chris Ramsay

    This was one of my biggest projects to edit. Tom worked so hard on this and I wanted to do it justice. I hope you enjoy this video and leave a like, it really helps. <3

  • Jeanette Moser

    I wasn’t expecting mini-documentary, and I absolutely loved this. I love hearing artists talk about art. Well done on all that hard work that went into this video.

  • Khalilah D.

    Wow an incredibly talented artist. It’s truly a wonder when someone can make something so mathematically complex look simple. Well done 👏🏽

  • Elijah Uribe

    That is such an interesting piece! Like mentioned in the video, it's mathematical, and artistic, and natural. I love when art and science come together to create something so awe inspiring, and beautiful.

    WOLFER  +32

    This spiral thingy is so calming, I could watch it for hours.

  • Catherine Holt

    all the effort you put into this has paid off. I had a feeling of wonder and curiosity all the way through this and Tom's art work is amazing...I just cant stop smiling

  • Maxwell Garner

    I can't lie, and I have seen so many of Chris's videos from way back starting at the old lock puzzle videos, but this may be top 10 by far, maybe even top 5. I love how he has highlighted this man's work in such a natural way and let us in on the magic too. Bringing his friends in to see it in the gallery and connecting wonder to science and nature. Top Class stuff and some of the best content on the internet. Thank you Chris Ramsay, you have a fan and subscriber for life, as if you didn't already before

  • tigger t

    When I was growing up, I had heard that art is a form of science. I don't think I ever understood that until now. This is beautiful and magical. Thank you for sharing this Chris.

  • Naomi Thomas

    This is neat!! Chris always come through with movie quality intro. I like videos like this. Hopefully he incorporates more videos like this on this channel.

  • Karen Jackson

    It really shows how much work and love you put into making this video... What an incredibly inspiring and humble man he is and this moving sculpture is just so incredibly mesmerising, thought provoking and spell binding. Thank you for making this 💖

  • Joel Pequeno

    Took me a good 4 minutes to figure out what was happening lol even now I'm captivated and mesmerized by it. Super fun video to watch and learn from. Great work as always, man! 🤘

  • Phoebe Garrett
    Phoebe Garrett Před 9 hodinami +2

    As a person who also creates sculptures and Art, this piece blew me away. I didn’t expect to have an emotional reaction. Absolutely incredible.

  • Reevu
    Reevu  +5

    This is truly so amazing. I could not follow it at all initially, then after a minute the shape made sense in my head. To have equations of relativity modelled into a diagram is one thing, we've all seen those diagrams flat on paper so many times. But to take it to a 3d model and then bring that model to life with rotation is such a stroke of brilliance. I can't help but wonder what it will look like if you add a second axis of rotation or add a lift that modulates the angle of the current axis. So many possibilities, I feel truly inspired. Thanks for sharing this. ❤

  • Alexei
    Alexei Před 21 dnem +1

    This shape was explained by Edwin Babbit and in the book Occult Chemistry (by CW Leadbeater and Annie Besant) over a century ago but no one has ever made a sculpture of this fundamental universal form until this guy. Chris, thanks for putting in the work to give this the attention it deserves. Fantastic video.

  • Bernard Plourde

    Just watching it on this video almost unlocks a sense of its name I can only imagine the draw it has and the pull on the imagination and sense of mystic for those in its presence. Fantastic video Chris. It was also very cool to meet and learn about the man behind the Wonder and his process to bring it to the world through his art

  • osmia
    osmia  +1

    Awesome. In the literal definition of the word.

  • Zach Johnson

    Thank you Chris, for sharing this. The fact that he made a model of the solved theory of relativity

  • MikeP2055

    Holy smokes! What an absolutely beautiful, mystifying, and peaceful piece of brilliant art. I honestly feel like my mood has improved and my blood pressure has gone down. Every house needs one of those.

  • Jeremy Lemaster

    This is absolutely mesmerizing. This sort of movement is even more amazing when your the one moving. Aerobatic pilots experience this all the time. But it’s awesome seeing it sitting on a table!

  • C_o_b_ y_

    Love this. Once again an amazing wonder you have brought to us all. Thank you for sharing this great art piece and the story behind it.