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  • čas přidán 31. 12. 2022
  • Spontaneous Malta meetup with the bois :D
  • Hry

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  • @Dawe360
    @Dawe360 Před rokem +2169

    Let's be honest, it's never "mini" when someone of Anomaly's size is around.

    • @soIozs
      @soIozs Před rokem +7

      @@ColorCodeWhite XDD

    • @realkilju
      @realkilju Před rokem +7

      thats brutal

    • @yannii357
      @yannii357 Před rokem +1

      Trueest fact spitter around

    • @Roninn-
      @Roninn- Před rokem +7

      @@ColorCodeWhite in that case it would be microscopic.

    • @olli_8k
      @olli_8k Před rokem


  • @Mantulisme
    @Mantulisme Před rokem +1179

    I think raad's flight took an interesting turn.

  • @Jacob-hv6rn
    @Jacob-hv6rn Před rokem +620

    Malta 2022 meetup stats:
    Nipples touched - 0 (shocking)
    Public disturbances - 8
    Autism symptoms - 6
    Sex jokes - 11
    Money lost - 2K+

    • @Dense_0
      @Dense_0 Před rokem +42

      (that were caught on camera*)

    • @wyxir4191
      @wyxir4191 Před rokem +3

      @@Dense_0 caught in 4k

    • @supra107
      @supra107 Před rokem +12

      @@Dense_0 (that made it to the final cut**)

    • @idoxd8404
      @idoxd8404 Před rokem +5

      forgot the abusing samz part
      showing weapons like the ak or the rpg
      mega farts

  • @IAmYred
    @IAmYred Před rokem +517

    Anomaly: Why do I always get sick when traveling?
    Him and his friends: 12:24

    • @J0le_
      @J0le_ Před 9 měsíci +1

      Bad immune system cuz he is akways in his room

  • @vdan3821
    @vdan3821 Před rokem +302

    My emotions when he said Raad was coming and then reading the text, actual rollercoaster of emotions

    • @playfast321
      @playfast321 Před rokem +8

      Has Raad actually ever showed up for one of these things? I recognise it from my own Arab friends though, they're always late or cancelling last minute

    • @vdan3821
      @vdan3821 Před rokem +5

      @@playfast321 No, I don't know if they've ever met but he's never been in an irl vlog

    • @SqueezyLemon
      @SqueezyLemon Před rokem +11

      @@playfast321 he porbably can't get the visa/ doesn't want his family to see him in one of those videos (big shame)

  • @Scal_GG
    @Scal_GG Před rokem +206

    I like how the more Samz appears in Luddes videos the more unhinged he becomes

  • @dropacidnotbombs9506
    @dropacidnotbombs9506 Před rokem +277

    Anomaly casually moving all his staff to Malta, so he can commit tax fraude even better.

    • @apathy9139
      @apathy9139 Před rokem +41

      this isnt even a joke

    • @Sprenner
      @Sprenner Před rokem +35

      its funny how he said 'so this is where my tax money goes' in the vid

    • @pennynukenarc
      @pennynukenarc Před rokem +1

      It's not fraud if the country allows it 🧠

  • @henrik29_
    @henrik29_ Před rokem +177

    I wish raad was here but anomaly is gonna make several 9/11 jokes if he went to Malta

  • @playfast321
    @playfast321 Před rokem +65

    Aviator: lives in harry poter closet under the stairs
    Fatnomaly: SHEEEESH

  • @merciless2032
    @merciless2032 Před rokem +56

    Ah hell yeah man! I love Anomaly's content when his friends and Samz are around!

  • @gediminasmiskunas2326
    @gediminasmiskunas2326 Před rokem +35

    16:12 The moment I was waiting for

  • @jaxson6545
    @jaxson6545 Před rokem +28

    Samz had an ultra instinct moment at 15:56 😂

  • @deamooz9810
    @deamooz9810 Před rokem +124

    I love the British person very funny

  • @vdan3821
    @vdan3821 Před rokem +15

    Ah, another video to watch once every few weeks until the summer meet up video :)

  • @germie9739
    @germie9739 Před rokem +19

    "7 November"
    anomaly really on that speedy upload schedule

  • @dobfelamancsod
    @dobfelamancsod Před rokem +2

    Broo i rlly like ur meetups so much fun even to watch😂 ily man❤

  • @Silvio-ml4jm
    @Silvio-ml4jm Před rokem

    Happy new years Anomaly thx for making 2022 CZcams better

  • @valdemardenstora5144
    @valdemardenstora5144 Před rokem +18

    13:50 Streetman back at it agian

    • @strikemanpop
      @strikemanpop Před rokem +2

      streetman going full florida crackhead

  • @IncomeInsider950
    @IncomeInsider950 Před rokem +1

    Been waiting for another one of these, finally…

  • @1Phrix
    @1Phrix Před rokem +16

    13:50 holy fuck StreetDaddy was also there wtf?!?!

  • @thepenitentone6556
    @thepenitentone6556 Před rokem

    12:30 probably the best coffee I've ever had.... *exiting through my nose*

  • @willeboy6classon190
    @willeboy6classon190 Před rokem +2

    Bästa luddeee väntar varje dag på att du ska lägga ut mer

  • @totallynotitalian5926
    @totallynotitalian5926 Před rokem +4

    12:29 man that pizza disappeared faster than my father💀

  • @JuanPyro
    @JuanPyro Před rokem

    It's nice to see you exploring and enjoying my country :)

  • @Diamedi
    @Diamedi Před rokem +1

    Meetups are the best

  • @troglodytebrain
    @troglodytebrain Před rokem +19

    4:55 We know for a goddamm fact that anomaly doesn't pay his taxes lmao

  • @bombarrn6052
    @bombarrn6052 Před rokem

    Most random video ever… brilliant, more like this!

  • @jesses9540
    @jesses9540 Před rokem +13

    Aviator having that Jeffrey Dahmer look

  • @KamikazePhil
    @KamikazePhil Před rokem +1

    Aviator saying Happy New Year because he knew this would be uploaded 2 months in the future. Truly 200iq

  • @devey7
    @devey7 Před rokem +5

    7:54 me when my father drank too much...

  • @DaGreenMarshmello
    @DaGreenMarshmello Před rokem +2

    Aviator having a Doom wallpaper on his phone makes me happy 👹

  • @zeox7884
    @zeox7884 Před rokem +1

    I love that samz is wearing the burger King crown

  • @ImThatGuyxD
    @ImThatGuyxD Před rokem

    ”Thats a fu*ked up looking dog”
    Cat: ”Woof…”

  • @DCGMatthew1
    @DCGMatthew1 Před rokem

    Very epic. Yes indeed.

  • @lilstacywander
    @lilstacywander Před rokem +1

    Happy new year anomaly and papanomaly

  • @wenroblox3513
    @wenroblox3513 Před rokem +11

    Hi anomaly and papanomaly, thank you for making me and my boyfriend laugh for the past year. We always watch your videos together and laugh uncontrollably on the most simplest fucking joke LMAO. Happy New Year and keep making the content we all love

  • @guvy7248
    @guvy7248 Před rokem

    Who would've guessed that being deported would make samz much funnier when he returned.

  • @r1cola460
    @r1cola460 Před rokem +2

    Now this is a Malta moment

  • @tonypogodin8245
    @tonypogodin8245 Před rokem +3

    Anomaly the type of guy to blind his homies for a meme 👌🏼

  • @Tamten_Honza
    @Tamten_Honza Před rokem +1

    hello anomaly if your reading this im a big fan of you and papa i hope you hit 2 mil sometime and i hope your career grows

  • @awareclueless
    @awareclueless Před rokem

    the 5am floor pizza goes best with the eminem potion at 3am

  • @marinoskarp3963
    @marinoskarp3963 Před rokem +3

    Bruh anomaly's meetup videos make me feel like I'm part of his friends group for some odd reason

  • @GentlendyVEVO
    @GentlendyVEVO Před rokem +6

    Anomaly, his one friend and fifteen different editors

  • @KjekkasAron
    @KjekkasAron Před rokem +5

    you guys should all go to the gym and do strength tests. plz bring streetmantv he are strong muscles

  • @krisztianlichi8393
    @krisztianlichi8393 Před 7 měsíci +1

    Nah 9:49 “uhh hello your femboy hooters delivery is here.” Got me imagining anomaly in a femboy hooters uniform. I can’t 🤣🤣🤣

  • @capitanuspino2461
    @capitanuspino2461 Před rokem +1

    bro fr when papanomaly shows up the vid is 15x times better

  • @The_wizard_animator
    @The_wizard_animator Před rokem +6

    Pro tip, do not eat any snacks or dinner when watching Anomaly

  • @ebezu5720
    @ebezu5720 Před rokem +5

    aviator hit the sickest dab

  • @saladman2003
    @saladman2003 Před 9 měsíci

    16:11 The Most violent yet romantic shit I've ever seen 💀💀

  • @LAABGrades
    @LAABGrades Před rokem +1

    Well we are all seeing a video filmed in November 7th. Greatttt

  • @tom_nuke
    @tom_nuke Před rokem +1

    now anomaly literally unlocked a new fuckin laugh during that meeting

  • @Yohann282
    @Yohann282 Před rokem +2

    We need more sams content

  • @deni9092
    @deni9092 Před rokem +1

    happy new year

  • @Johna41223
    @Johna41223 Před rokem

    i love that all of anomaly's friends practically have said "i hate taxes i'm moving to malta" and no one is in their home country anymore

  • @patrykpolak566
    @patrykpolak566 Před rokem

    It’s so cool seeing where I was on holiday on a CZcams video. 👍good

    • @patrykpolak566
      @patrykpolak566 Před rokem


  • @user-bc7lk7rt9b
    @user-bc7lk7rt9b Před rokem

    TVFiltyFrank vibes are immaculate

  • @CGU_Production
    @CGU_Production Před rokem +1

    I know it doesnt relate but i just had the best instant ramen in my entire life

  • @Dogs-r_us
    @Dogs-r_us Před rokem +1

    Happy new year

  • @nutstobuttsgaming
    @nutstobuttsgaming Před rokem

    I love how british Samz is.

  • @Sebastiuon
    @Sebastiuon Před rokem +2

    editor look like cereal killer

  • @contrast7947
    @contrast7947 Před rokem

    Perks of being an editor: scooter adventure at 3 am.

  • @Scrootsmusic
    @Scrootsmusic Před rokem

    Ngl, I for some reason always used to hear distant screams at night

  • @trailmix4662
    @trailmix4662 Před rokem

    i love the irl vids sm 🤣

  • @mimotojiyt
    @mimotojiyt Před rokem +1

    16:11 I think Samz's mom might disown him.

  • @painkillers6465
    @painkillers6465 Před rokem +1

    They’re exploring at 3:54am as I’m watching this at 3:54am

  • @suhrrr
    @suhrrr Před rokem

    please make more of these random af videos

  • @rytis5432
    @rytis5432 Před rokem

    Plot Twist: Samz was the man shitting in the bushes

  • @boydolson5350
    @boydolson5350 Před rokem +4

    3:14 literal skin walker

  • @gianniskatranis6322
    @gianniskatranis6322 Před rokem +1

    the fact that anomaly still can't tell the time

  • @DCGMatthew1
    @DCGMatthew1 Před rokem +4

    1:41 Silly Victor. That is a cat, not Samuel's mother.

  • @g_op694
    @g_op694 Před rokem

    Samz needs a channel of his own

  • @jabrrrrrrr
    @jabrrrrrrr Před rokem

    you made me shit my pants 😂

  • @coderencits8630
    @coderencits8630 Před rokem +2

    anomaly could be a fat zombie in walking dead with those sounds 1:45

  • @ottodacke4623
    @ottodacke4623 Před rokem +1

    Anomaly’s phone wallpaper gets worse every video

  • @casper_svennesson
    @casper_svennesson Před rokem +3

    0:25 thats where papanomaly took a beer bath right?

  • @InteKonrad
    @InteKonrad Před rokem

    I will never believe a man more then Anomaly when saying "it smells like shit"

  • @Val0r468
    @Val0r468 Před rokem +1

    To anyone that says Victor is looking thin or has lose some weight, he has not, he's still fat.

  • @liquidheat915
    @liquidheat915 Před rokem +1

    damn biggest collab for anomaly and victor with jefferey dahmer

  • @hmrdev-billnye8166
    @hmrdev-billnye8166 Před rokem +155

    Anomaly to Aviators apartment: WOW LOOKS SO GOOD
    Me: That is just depressing....
    We are not the same

    • @markuss88
      @markuss88 Před rokem +22

      damn bro mad funny 😐😐😐😐😐😐

    • @hollokutya1315
      @hollokutya1315 Před rokem +11

      you got the whole yt comment section laughing

    • @seize2179
      @seize2179 Před rokem +11

      Deadass a room where he shits eats and sleeps

    • @theadrenalin2016
      @theadrenalin2016 Před rokem +3

      That's literally the point

  • @kasavirjagar1107
    @kasavirjagar1107 Před rokem

    samz so was on crack lol
    also love how nothihg really happens in this vid lol

  • @snoozedbrain
    @snoozedbrain Před rokem

    anomaly is the most bipolar person i know of

  • @Grubenz
    @Grubenz Před rokem

    Remember when samz still tried to act normal? Look what few years of editing anomaly's videos do to a man :(

  • @Danneflum1997
    @Danneflum1997 Před rokem +1

    3:15 that actaully scared me xD

  • @oolalamamasita6314
    @oolalamamasita6314 Před rokem

    Sams eats so much at the ice cream shop because his country's food is atrocious he thinks food at an ice cream shop is delicious

  • @polarmane
    @polarmane Před rokem +1

    omg anomaly you are my favourite youtuber pls respond your videos cured my cancer pls answer

  • @romano_9
    @romano_9 Před rokem +2

    We miss You Raad

  • @ExMort1s1
    @ExMort1s1 Před rokem

    Peasant anomaly going kissa got me

  • @gamingjordans5278
    @gamingjordans5278 Před rokem

    is this reuploaded? i remember this from somewhere

  • @lightinghunter2541
    @lightinghunter2541 Před rokem +1

    All of the videos irl that shows anomaly he looks like an NFL linebacker

  • @raggmunk889
    @raggmunk889 Před rokem

    5:43 it looks like Myskankor 😍 jag har såna och jag älskar dig och Papanomaly! ❤️

  • @hu9261
    @hu9261 Před rokem +1

    Anomaly: 2022 meetup!
    The world: 2023

  • @sebastianljung1481
    @sebastianljung1481 Před rokem +10

    is this the biggest boy meetup?

  • @mykse_1238
    @mykse_1238 Před rokem +1

    bro, I'm going to malta in 3 days, how long are you staying in malta???? if you can. Can we meet up????

  • @mimotojiyt
    @mimotojiyt Před rokem +1

    Ngl never expected to see lots of cats in Malta

  • @karpo4331
    @karpo4331 Před rokem +36

    fuck i laughed and accidentally spat my gfuel out bc victor yelled ferrari at a horse

  • @MaffeGamer
    @MaffeGamer Před rokem +2

    10:03 editors fighting over who gets paid this month

  • @AlexanderJH
    @AlexanderJH Před rokem

    Damn we have those scooters in Estonia too

  • @thme6413
    @thme6413 Před rokem +2

    No way these dudes actually found 2 glowing eyes and a silhouette in random malta park in middle of the night and didnt say nothing abt it

  • @abbubachir
    @abbubachir Před rokem +1

    7 November recorded, and 1 January posted, nice

  • @deniiliev3105
    @deniiliev3105 Před rokem

    Love you bro