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  • čas přidán 16. 01. 2023
  • I can’t believe we actually broke one 💀
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  • @guinnessworldrecords
    @guinnessworldrecords Před rokem +2584

    you're cracked my guy

  • @JustEpik
    @JustEpik Před rokem +4419

    Congrats Anomaly for breaking the "Fattest person in Malta" World Record! We are very proud of you!

  • @jeffreywinkelman8671
    @jeffreywinkelman8671 Před rokem +1749

    Congratulations Anomaly for breaking the "Most fake passports created in a single video" world record!

    • @tomak3613
      @tomak3613 Před rokem +4

      Anomaly holds world record for the "Most fake passport created in a minute"

    • @dariusSz
      @dariusSz Před rokem +2


    • @dariusSz
      @dariusSz Před rokem

      @arbidrahmananti-lgbtq7391 𝘉𝘳𝘶𝘩

    • @carxwithasideofshred2905
      @carxwithasideofshred2905 Před rokem +1

      @arbidrahmananti-lgbtq7391 Bruh

  • @fenx3371
    @fenx3371 Před rokem +1643

    Swedish man cracked 36 joints, he is beyond high

  • @theprogame1
    @theprogame1 Před rokem +605

    Congrats Anomaly for being "biggest let down of a son!" We are very proud of you!

    • @SzajKornik
      @SzajKornik Před rokem

      Don't you hold the first place?

    • @theprogame1
      @theprogame1 Před rokem +1

      @@SzajKornik believe it or not, I am on my way to being a d1 basketball player

    • @Naalen
      @Naalen Před rokem

      Hey man that's just not cool

  • @ugi666
    @ugi666 Před rokem +466

    Record for overweight is secured

  • @Disbanded09
    @Disbanded09 Před rokem +375

    thank you anomaly for teaching us how to forge guiness world records!

  • @hu9261
    @hu9261 Před rokem +464

    Anomaly deserves his own Netflix Show.
    My 500 LB life.

    • @pumpapastej69
      @pumpapastej69 Před rokem +41

      imagine using lbs

    • @bubatzpirat396
      @bubatzpirat396 Před rokem +22

      @@pumpapastej69 yes kg are way better lol.

    • @top10africa9
      @top10africa9 Před rokem +13

      @@pumpapastej69 My 226 kg life. Dont sound as good.

    • @haterIV
      @haterIV Před rokem +5

      @@pumpapastej69 Roblox pfp, opinion invalid.

    • @pumpapastej69
      @pumpapastej69 Před rokem +1

      The waffle house has found it's new host.

  • @MegaBlertsie
    @MegaBlertsie Před rokem +54

    Never have I felt more unfortunate during the joint cracking.

  • @ismaelbackstrom9113
    @ismaelbackstrom9113 Před rokem +69

    Papa could easily get the world record for mot alcohol consumed within 24 hours.

  • @mamykryzys6406
    @mamykryzys6406 Před rokem +85

    I’ve been watching anomaly for years and it’s never getting old. Always puts a smile on my face.

  • @georgianbay9589
    @georgianbay9589 Před rokem +49

    Papa's world record : Beers drank in 5 minutes
    Anomaly's world record : Most amount of fat on a human child.

  • @PedroMohamodi
    @PedroMohamodi Před rokem +37

    The greatest duo on the interwebs

  • @toptext2807
    @toptext2807 Před rokem +6

    Congrats Anomaly for breaking the scale! We are very proud of you!

  • @Aaapchi
    @Aaapchi Před rokem +39

    The only record anomaly could break is eating as many burgers as you can for a minute.

    @OGEGODBYANNAPOLIS Před rokem +4

    Never get tired of these two lol. Anomaly and papanomaly probably have one of the best CZcams channels atm

  • @12bucklemyshoe34opennanoor
    @12bucklemyshoe34opennanoor Před rokem +101

    fun fact: this world record has been beaten 5 years ago by a belgian man with 82 cracks

    • @DarkDoge
      @DarkDoge Před rokem +4

      82?! Damn.

    • @Atlas12345
      @Atlas12345 Před rokem

      Of course he's fucking belgian aswell bro 💀

  • @raynaldoenzowinata770
    @raynaldoenzowinata770 Před rokem +3

    To think Anomaly was so confident breaking the M&M chopstick WR with chinese people who use chopstick since childhood
    Dude's about to get wrecked

  • @wndrknd6146
    @wndrknd6146 Před rokem

    videos like these keep me alive. thanks a lot

  • @gurreg1524
    @gurreg1524 Před rokem +12

    Congrats on the world record for longest time spent in the adoption agency!

  • @thunderplayz6685
    @thunderplayz6685 Před rokem +2

    Mans really said “the wrist of the foot” 💀

  • @puuksneeg7964
    @puuksneeg7964 Před rokem +3

    i started fucking crying when papa said he swallowed his snus 😂

    • @moneyyoyo2495
      @moneyyoyo2495 Před rokem +3

      I had to rewind the vid just to make sure I heard it correctly 💀

  • @Ackira
    @Ackira Před rokem +3

    Congrats Anomaly ! You broke the world record for the most numbers appearing on your scale when you step on it !

  • @Nino3Productions
    @Nino3Productions Před rokem +7

    i think you broke the world record for the heaviest cs:go youtuber on the platform :D

  • @biohazard2304
    @biohazard2304 Před rokem +5

    The bathtub part got me dead lmfao =)))))))))))))))

  • @ButtaNBread
    @ButtaNBread Před rokem

    Thank you for posting this banger anomaly please stay posting❤😊

  • @Moshi22
    @Moshi22 Před rokem +12

    1:10 I wish to see Anomaly do it harder than he usually does or let a "Professional" Chiropractor do it to him to be exact.😂👌😏

  • @mladenmiladinovic6835
    @mladenmiladinovic6835 Před rokem +3

    You know whats really funny, he gets a "studio" fully equipped, films mostly everywhere but there.....

  • @Diamedi
    @Diamedi Před rokem +7

    Usually the actual guinness record channel watches every record video. They'll be here soon

  • @cap1ainkirk600
    @cap1ainkirk600 Před rokem +30

    Surprised you didn’t do: “Trying to print as many passports as possible in one hour”

  • @funnyahsh
    @funnyahsh Před rokem +3

    im fuckin duying of laugh when papa broke the record of holding breath under water

  • @eeronissila6687
    @eeronissila6687 Před rokem +3

    incurance company: how did u brake ur arm Anomaly: i pinced a coconut with my dad

  • @gagis3789
    @gagis3789 Před rokem +2

    4:28 that sounded exactly like my alarm

  • @taz9029
    @taz9029 Před rokem +111

    you know its a good day when anomaly uploads

  • @tatraurbex
    @tatraurbex Před rokem

    Anom-chapo with the moustache eating m&M's like a cougar eats an antilope

  • @jakethemoss240
    @jakethemoss240 Před rokem +1

    The Way he just pickles up the m&m’s and put them in his mouth was just hilarious af

    • @jmj7533
      @jmj7533 Před rokem

      i let a giggle out

  • @kneegah5181
    @kneegah5181 Před rokem +1

    The goddamn pinky killed me❤️

  • @alquin446
    @alquin446 Před rokem +5

    Keep your content up like that.

  • @cmdrpanorpa8631
    @cmdrpanorpa8631 Před rokem

    Well done and congratulations Anomaly for breaking the "Most balaclavas worn on youtube" record

  • @x15exe30
    @x15exe30 Před rokem

    “What is this, elbow?…noo”

  • @asgerlundbergdavidsen322

    I die of laughter almost everytime i watch you and papa. And i really wanna visit malta to come say hi. You understand danish dont you

  • @Schwazzi
    @Schwazzi Před rokem +1

    New World Record (and game for weekends, too) for all of us, guys: Drink a Shot of Vodka for every YES of Papanomaly and dont die at the end! xDDDD
    Love your Videos guys! Much love from Germany :)

  • @Wawo-h3i
    @Wawo-h3i Před rokem +2

    We call it nutella, anomaly call it oxygen

  • @Jonasnhj
    @Jonasnhj Před rokem +3

    "Try your neck!"
    Papa: *Dies*

  • @gregorlainer5440
    @gregorlainer5440 Před rokem

    dis video made me laugh very hard. Thanks Anomaly.

  • @sparklyClutcher
    @sparklyClutcher Před rokem

    The hello pappa always gets me😂

  • @frederiklg5114
    @frederiklg5114 Před rokem

    U should appreciate everyday with your pappa ! u guys have such a wonderfull connection .

  • @MaxxerOfPepsi
    @MaxxerOfPepsi Před rokem +4

    Holy smokes papa looks so much more healthy now then what he looked half a year ago

    • @plrusek
      @plrusek Před rokem

      he looks like he reversed 20 years in age lol

    • @MaxxerOfPepsi
      @MaxxerOfPepsi Před rokem

      @@plrusek i think it did him well to quit alcohol for some time

    • @babagd
      @babagd Před 8 měsíci

      He went from drinking alcohol to eating snus

  • @579fm
    @579fm Před rokem +3

    Papa broke the world record for most chicken nuggets eaten while swallowing a snus lol

  • @WhatsThisOwO
    @WhatsThisOwO Před rokem

    Samz should've went like "All of those were sfx"

  • @sandboy5880
    @sandboy5880 Před rokem

    Most entertaining people on spectrum on yt.

  • @Shwlln_06
    @Shwlln_06 Před rokem +5

    The only thing anomaly is breaking is the weighing scale

  • @MRoderick89
    @MRoderick89 Před rokem

    I found your channel a few days ago and I keep binge watching your videos. Me and my dad have a crazy dynamic too.

  • @Ackira
    @Ackira Před rokem

    « I bit my cheek like 7 times and almost choked twice » like mother like son

  • @nbmeg7426
    @nbmeg7426 Před rokem

    "I use crack too" got me

  • @noaliasbcsprivacy
    @noaliasbcsprivacy Před rokem +1

    This was actually funny.

  • @mr_saiiko
    @mr_saiiko Před rokem +3

    You could probably break the most chairs in 1 minute.

  • @Tontzar
    @Tontzar Před rokem

    I literally got an ad for calcium in the middle of the cracking lmao

  • @selmerdammenjacobsen4644

    papa's been hitting the gym very nice

  • @maverickpearson9212
    @maverickpearson9212 Před rokem

    Ok but Anomaly makes an ASMR joint cracking channel for real?

  • @jurgis929
    @jurgis929 Před rokem +1

    All the milk drinking is finally paying off!

  • @SnowiHasPtsd
    @SnowiHasPtsd Před rokem

    Love the content

  • @eldi_.
    @eldi_. Před rokem +9

    Anomaly always manages to fail making my day 🔥🔥🔥

  • @Igorilianu
    @Igorilianu Před rokem

    Let's go more anomaly great funny content, yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • @samivalo325
    @samivalo325 Před rokem

    now Anomaly's mustache man, very strong!

  • @Salkinmusic
    @Salkinmusic Před rokem

    “Trying to break world laws” 😂

  • @overkill1994
    @overkill1994 Před rokem

    The moustache kills me

  • @kappaz112
    @kappaz112 Před rokem

    ah yes the wrist of the foot, my favorite joint

  • @kads8305
    @kads8305 Před rokem +1

    When he said joint i was thinking of a different type of joint..

  • @DCGMatthew1
    @DCGMatthew1 Před rokem

    That is very epic. Very nice.

  • @patrykpolak566
    @patrykpolak566 Před rokem

    2:11 that really cracked me up HAH

  • @randomslav4721
    @randomslav4721 Před rokem

    Dear Anomaly, congratulations on breaking the Tax Evasion World Record

  • @kingmatp
    @kingmatp Před rokem

    Congrats papanomaly for breaking the funniest dad record

  • @Reedzi19
    @Reedzi19 Před rokem +1

    ''its nice to try water once in a while'' - papa thicc drinks video

  • @zattsquared
    @zattsquared Před rokem

    Those are some actual good nicopods at 10:36 👍

  • @tekel2000ci
    @tekel2000ci Před rokem

    most healty swedish person

  • @triledink
    @triledink Před rokem +3

    I don't think anomaly have to try some of them, I bet he already have some.
    Also anyone noticed that anomaly has a mustache now.

  • @DaBukkit
    @DaBukkit Před rokem

    4:27 this sounds exactly like my alarm on my phone

  • @daviddavid823
    @daviddavid823 Před rokem +1

    My man is made from Lego 💀

  • @HeWhoTookADumpOnAPorcupine

    My man really called his ankle “the foot wrist“

  • @RandomPyroYT
    @RandomPyroYT Před rokem

    aye heres a youtube tip for you: if you want to skip ads, just press the backwards and forwards button on your mouse one after another FAST, it should be on the left hand side.

  • @sujayhr9355
    @sujayhr9355 Před rokem +1

    2:25 "let's see if I can do the 'wrist' of the foot" 💀💀

  • @mausi4159
    @mausi4159 Před rokem

    You should do a video about your shoe collection!

  • @ryanzzz1213
    @ryanzzz1213 Před rokem

    he really went "papa jag kan inte få upp min kokosnöt" frfr

  • @justdanci876
    @justdanci876 Před rokem

    vid should be called me and papanomaly playing chiropractors

  • @erv1s323
    @erv1s323 Před rokem +2

    Obesity speedrun 100% glitchless

  • @-dany-3374
    @-dany-3374 Před rokem

    6:55 that's how people die. at night in the dark, during the wind, you enter the water in an unmarked, unsecured place. xD

  • @Luca-cy3tg
    @Luca-cy3tg Před rokem

    Now you know you can take loads 🤣

  • @kehadinanhadingyteryl1233

    Congrats for Anomaly who has a breaking more "THE BIGGEST FARTED" in the world.

  • @oliwerking0102
    @oliwerking0102 Před rokem +5

    i thought anoamly would break the world record for eating the most cheeseburgers in a minute xd

  • @thatskarma1027
    @thatskarma1027 Před rokem

    If papa really has signs of Parkinson he should try out some cbd oil, Just a couple of drops under the toungue can help a lot

  • @oceaniclab
    @oceaniclab Před rokem +5

    Anomaly is growing up, he has a beard now holy shit...!!!

  • @florianRawrXD
    @florianRawrXD Před rokem +3

    The only world record Anomaly broke was eating burgers xD

  • @risheeeesh512
    @risheeeesh512 Před rokem +1

    Bro did so much damage to his joints that they crack every time

  • @orimilkk8447
    @orimilkk8447 Před rokem

    0:18 thought it was another type of joint💀💀

  • @capzon
    @capzon Před rokem

    " Ah, Looks like the News are about to go live.. "
    " Today on Daily News; *Two men does crack, then attempts to drown eachother in a bathtub claiming they tried to set a new World Record* "

  • @reeex87
    @reeex87 Před rokem

    Papa the Swedish Viking afraid of some cold water o.O

  • @ringo5721
    @ringo5721 Před rokem

    anomaly having a life achievement for the time being

  • @nitroKiril127
    @nitroKiril127 Před rokem

    bro when I heard about the cracking joints one I thought he would crack joint cigarettes 💀 💀 💀

  • @wallflower15875
    @wallflower15875 Před 5 měsíci +1

    The way anomaly cracks is joints makes me cringe so bad. Literally bending them sideways looks so damn painful