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  • čas přidán 10. 01. 2023
  • Thanks for the questions even tho they were all stupid Xdddddd
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  • @veroist_
    @veroist_ Před rokem +1089

    Anomaly, next time put a lime green mask while having a green screen. Would be pretty epic.

  • @yinakiyama
    @yinakiyama Před rokem +321

    12:12 I like how Papanomaly did that to make his son drop his guard and it worked.

    • @redmist6630
      @redmist6630 Před rokem +20

      12:11 discombobulate for the kill shot

    • @filipurcikan
      @filipurcikan Před rokem +2

      Papa obviously read the art of war by sun tzu

  • @rokasrutkauskas274
    @rokasrutkauskas274 Před rokem +286

    the fact that they didnt answer even one question normally

  • @NikoFromOneShot
    @NikoFromOneShot Před rokem +302

    Can't wait for case opening with coca cola shots!

  • @totallynotitalian5926
    @totallynotitalian5926 Před rokem +134

    0:24 he may not be invisible on the screen but he is invisible to women

    • @waltch5711
      @waltch5711 Před rokem

      he is too fat to be invisible even to women

    • @name4403
      @name4403 Před rokem +6

      Papa: "I wish" 💀

  • @romano_9
    @romano_9 Před rokem +12

    I will miss beer taste testing videos with babanomaly :(
    Does Linda like beer?

  • @xaos-0598
    @xaos-0598 Před rokem +47

    Always love your videos always makes me laugh my ass off 😂😂

  • @max_op64072
    @max_op64072 Před rokem +29

    8:49 scary thing is papa isnt laughing hes being serious about this

    • @pontus3018
      @pontus3018 Před 9 měsíci

      It's obvious why, because he doesn't know if that's true or not.

  • @bingchingler1764
    @bingchingler1764 Před rokem +2

    love the flow of videos keep it up!

  • @seyitalihazar1590
    @seyitalihazar1590 Před rokem +13

    Mustache is looking good on you. Maybe you should grow your beard like your Papa so you can feel like a sigma viking.

  • @Kibikful
    @Kibikful Před rokem +5

    Damn didn't know anomaly was a metalhead !
    Papanomaly taught his kid well (at least musically, we'll wait for the rest)

  • @FireQ900
    @FireQ900 Před rokem +2

    Poland vlogs gonna be BANGERS

  • @zaua1194
    @zaua1194 Před rokem +6

    6:40 why did papa try to taste his head then remembered he's getting filmed and stoped🤣🤣💀🤣🤣

  • @AvidArkhamKnightEnjoyer
    @AvidArkhamKnightEnjoyer Před rokem +2

    Love the videos anomaly ❤ keep them coming up ❤

  • @MrGurkan29
    @MrGurkan29 Před rokem +25

    Fun fact, my heart disease name is Fallots Anomali, (Im from Sweden btw) so everytime i hear the name i think of you wierdly enough. I had heart surgery and i am recovered and all so its okay.

    • @nexolec109
      @nexolec109 Před rokem +12

      congrats on ur recovery

    • @MrGurkan29
      @MrGurkan29 Před rokem +3

      @@nexolec109 Thanks dude! Had a surgery in 2015 (14 years old then) and the doctors think i don't have do it again until 30-40 😀

    • @nexolec109
      @nexolec109 Před rokem +1

      @@MrGurkan29 illnesses rlly suck, its great that u were able to recover. just live an active life and u might not have to do it at all

    • @Spongez
      @Spongez Před rokem +4


    • @bricolmane
      @bricolmane Před rokem +2


  • @TheTrueMattiMan
    @TheTrueMattiMan Před rokem +4

    Anomaly what do you think of old school slam like Internal Bleeding and Devourment? Do you like Suffocation, who invented the slam riff on the song Liege of Inveracity?

  • @XanderNiles
    @XanderNiles Před rokem +1

    My question would have been is when is the "trying healthy food" video would drop!?

  • @Kalabrese119
    @Kalabrese119 Před rokem +29

    Hopefully Papanomaly's face reveal isn't going to cost him his youtube career

  • @LordPenguinVR
    @LordPenguinVR Před rokem +3

    Thanks for a nother funny video. Anomaly and lord papanomaly. Your the best CZcamsr.

  • @Aramis_-pm6on
    @Aramis_-pm6on Před rokem

    I got another question for papa…
    Could you pleas put the metal version of midnight on Spotify ?

  • @nandorsarkadi2938
    @nandorsarkadi2938 Před rokem +36

    The more sober papa is the funnier he gets

  • @DaniilHomyak
    @DaniilHomyak Před rokem +2


  • @marko199981
    @marko199981 Před rokem

    I love papanomaly hes so fricking awesome. I hope youre kind and loving to him offscreen❤️Also you 2 are the 2 funniest people i know

  • @riczardo8588
    @riczardo8588 Před rokem +2

    Hello Papa!

  • @antonryberg4369
    @antonryberg4369 Před rokem +2

    Love unlocking some new papa lore

  • @SebWill180
    @SebWill180 Před 11 měsíci +3

    I love how Anomaly is now and who he is, We all love him and his dad too tbf but we all seem to forget that once they were both quite introverted and shy. Like Anomaly rarely showed his face at times even in a balaclava, he wore a full on bucket at one point 😂 I just think its nice to see how much more comfortable Anomaly is with himself and the same with his dad because we all like him for who he is. Gay shit but whatever I never comment because I'm sad and introverted but trying to change that and grow the fuck up a bit more I guess. Tally-ho

  • @prodemolitionman
    @prodemolitionman Před rokem

    can you do a video where you make the ai draw your life

  • @cifercloud2645
    @cifercloud2645 Před rokem

    10:50 I knew King Diamond but first time heard Yngwie now and it sounds fucking amazing! Thanks for that^^

  • @turbosvamp
    @turbosvamp Před rokem +9

    Low key flexing at 28 years old about getting a beard finally xDD

  • @rextek5421
    @rextek5421 Před rokem +3

    Samz wearing misfits merch! What a legend

  • @garbage2882
    @garbage2882 Před rokem

    Anomaly, if you want to go to Poland, I strongly recommend going to Bydgoszcz, never have been myself, but heard it's the most beautiful and safe cities in Poland only after Sosnowiec.

  • @sdaddarweny
    @sdaddarweny Před rokem +2

    Love the vids

  • @Meeplygh
    @Meeplygh Před rokem

    There was a topic about quitting YT and views. I feel like Anomaly might stop CZcams at point when the views will get less then 100k or so, I remember when I joined that community back in the 2018 and there was hella lot of views on each video, like over 1M in a month. It's kinda sad to see how now views are dropping down, wish it will get back at least partly, one of the best CS CZcamsrs I've seen so far.

    • @spasti7026
      @spasti7026 Před rokem

      Why should he stop he would still get enough money even with less than 100k views he also has another channel that is going well

  • @minegameplayro
    @minegameplayro Před rokem

    heh , nice one! can you do a reading mean tweets video next?

  • @Iamtheverminking
    @Iamtheverminking Před rokem

    Thanks for the slam bands fellow large man

  • @Damascus_01
    @Damascus_01 Před rokem +2

    I swear, Ludwig's videos keep making me die from laughter

  • @deniiliev3105
    @deniiliev3105 Před rokem +2

    Love you bro

  • @kriskostoev
    @kriskostoev Před rokem +1

    i love how anomaly keeps teaching us how to break the law but i miss him actually breaking some doors like back in the days

  • @johny153
    @johny153 Před rokem +12

    6:17 - imagine saying someone 10 years ago you feel safer in Malta than Sweden...crazy how fast the situation changes.

    • @Slydime917
      @Slydime917 Před rokem

      The worst part is that Sweden made an irreversible mistake. There is no going back

  • @TurntableTV
    @TurntableTV Před rokem

    God damn it, Ludde! Papa is so funny!

  • @robertasb4911
    @robertasb4911 Před rokem

    Anomaly should get a green mask, it would look funny with green screen

  • @coreyz_gd6488
    @coreyz_gd6488 Před rokem +1

    5:49 i have the same ones lol. Exactly the same as shown on the picture

  • @noel6064
    @noel6064 Před rokem

    you are supposed to talk about samz paying taxes? 😭😭

  • @pontushaggstrom6261
    @pontushaggstrom6261 Před rokem

    9:40 omg
    Neck reveal
    Beard reveal
    This is so cool

  • @isaiahalvarez9712
    @isaiahalvarez9712 Před rokem

    I think raad goes to Malta if anomaly plays kill floor with raad

  • @Blu_LGC
    @Blu_LGC Před rokem

    why is this shit so funny, Papa the 🐐😂

  • @Max28l
    @Max28l Před rokem +2

    so good vid

  • @drugs237
    @drugs237 Před rokem

    *Just go to like main 3-4 Polish cities and they will leave you alone. Also Poland pretty good maybe you'll meet PashaBiceps or Lewandowski (u won't)*

  • @richardraffac628
    @richardraffac628 Před rokem +3

    When I work, my day can't go without daily anomaly

  • @Saber-tk8fp
    @Saber-tk8fp Před rokem

    love how when anomaly opens the nerd image chrome is trying to warn him that the image is injecting 500 viruses into his pc

  • @NFSl0
    @NFSl0 Před rokem

    omg, the way papanomaly pronounced Ricky Gervais. at first I even didn't get what he meant

  • @BeNdEification
    @BeNdEification Před rokem +1

    4:31 I've seen stikkers and some merch on you before, but now as its official, it is time for ANOMALY & PAPANOMALY SLAM REVIEW!

  • @MeOwOgai
    @MeOwOgai Před rokem

    Anomaly had to move to a studio on the first floor because the lift in his apartment stopped working and he is too rich to use the stairs

  • @spoonerman
    @spoonerman Před rokem

    3:33 the bucket threw me back lol we need that one back

  • @arcade0s
    @arcade0s Před rokem

    anomaly doesn’t need that watch, he doesnt go outside 💀

  • @ForTheMonolith
    @ForTheMonolith Před rokem

    Anomaly cant go anywhere without getting sick

  • @zenex7941
    @zenex7941 Před rokem +2

    Now we need a 2026 Q&A.

  • @Sr77Q
    @Sr77Q Před rokem

    Anomaly wont be a dad, he will always go for the milk!

  • @BirdyBae
    @BirdyBae Před rokem

    Haven't seen the video yet but I know it will be veeery niiice

  • @jonasappelgren4810
    @jonasappelgren4810 Před rokem

    Why do people still think Linda is Anomaly’s sister? They are a couple!! Ffs

  • @ruminoid
    @ruminoid Před rokem

    sam is really shining in these new videos, you should create like a fake cyberspace universe where it actually makes sense that he's in the videos lol

  • @adamvalky
    @adamvalky Před rokem

    You should get green mask that would be fun to watch just mouth and eyes

  • @apg4gearhead
    @apg4gearhead Před rokem

    just saying, poor furious.. not because i feel bad for him getting roasted but because he's homeless kebab man

  • @daniel-ioanene1933
    @daniel-ioanene1933 Před rokem

    What's up with Anomaly and Mallorca?
    Does he love that place or??

  • @Jiffy309
    @Jiffy309 Před rokem +2

    4:52 but do you know who was in Paris? 🙂

  • @skade245
    @skade245 Před rokem

    ANOMALY GOES TO THE GYM WHEN? Seriously this would be a banger video

  • @ducklord4794
    @ducklord4794 Před rokem

    caffeinated cade opening when

  • @HerculesStrength
    @HerculesStrength Před rokem +1

    Hey anomaly, do you know where can i get a rope thats around 7 meters long and about 1.3 inches thick?

  • @saulthetaxidriver6100

    Minecraft with papa part2 when?

  • @gustavwikstrand6481
    @gustavwikstrand6481 Před rokem

    just listened on "Remnants of the tortured", fr man is this what youre listening to??? omfg

  • @alex-the_noob2107
    @alex-the_noob2107 Před rokem

    Is envy from this 🇬🇪 Georgia or is he from usa
    I'm your biggest fan btw ik you are never gona read this but when I'm feeling down i watch your videos you always make me laugh, overall you make my day

  • @urla3333
    @urla3333 Před rokem +1

    4:28 bro I started to laugh soooo hard

  • @hypnotize3776
    @hypnotize3776 Před rokem

    Can you come to South Africa some time

  • @Michalkoks99
    @Michalkoks99 Před rokem +1

    Bro visit poland and lets do a meetup

  • @smeggmann99
    @smeggmann99 Před rokem +1

    come to Nowy Sącz city please, it's like a polish detroit basically

    • @supra107
      @supra107 Před rokem

      Polish Detroit would be Skarżysko-Kamienna or Starachowice.

  • @pontusgizamo6473
    @pontusgizamo6473 Před rokem

    Diet swap Streetman vs Anomaly or Beer taste review Papa anomaly and Streetman

  • @ozoselmer
    @ozoselmer Před rokem +1

    9:08 Anomaly thought: "Hippity Hoppity that's now my property"

  • @DCGMatthew1
    @DCGMatthew1 Před rokem +2

    Very epic. Very nice.

  • @ziglind
    @ziglind Před rokem +2

    0:15 papa getting flashbacks of '87

  • @paxicht
    @paxicht Před rokem

    when will there be another video from reddit?

  • @xrazy_270
    @xrazy_270 Před rokem

    ik u only on tweter but i've gota question are u planning to go to poland?

  • @0okupant
    @0okupant Před rokem

    when come to georgia?

  • @drowsy-fx8pc
    @drowsy-fx8pc Před rokem

    Crispy edit i like

  • @firana5264
    @firana5264 Před rokem

    wait the editor of the clip channel is from georgia like the country georgia🇬🇪??

  • @jacekprzyby5609
    @jacekprzyby5609 Před rokem

    when next beer review ???

  • @davezed3677
    @davezed3677 Před rokem

    make drunk q&a pls?!

  • @yamahayou3852
    @yamahayou3852 Před rokem

    1:39 you are a legend papanomaly :D

  • @OreoPyrotechnics
    @OreoPyrotechnics Před rokem +1

    ❤ love you

  • @ieatass69xX
    @ieatass69xX Před rokem +2

    papanomaly wearing a balaclava looks so cursed

  • @artyontheromanian4406

    Le very good video keep it up! Much love from: Romania ps I'm not a vampire.

  • @namejeff2514
    @namejeff2514 Před rokem +3


  • @lenovabro9759
    @lenovabro9759 Před rokem

    9:23 same here from when i was born i wasnt able to stop drinking milk, even today i still like it more than anything, im fricking doing combos with milk and something else to eat everyday

  • @Sr77Q
    @Sr77Q Před rokem


  • @Autist_s50b32
    @Autist_s50b32 Před rokem +2


  • @tmichalpl9919
    @tmichalpl9919 Před rokem

    Bro when you Come to Poland

  • @c0leproduction
    @c0leproduction Před rokem +5

    The green screen is back

  • @Astor1994
    @Astor1994 Před rokem

    Can you let pappanomaly also talk pls thankyou

  • @sivab4536
    @sivab4536 Před rokem

    gadam. Papa loves Yngwie yo!

  • @Xi4V
    @Xi4V Před rokem


  • @VhinmelvsPhotographyTV
    @VhinmelvsPhotographyTV Před měsícem

    Happy New Year