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The Biggest Science Mysteries That Could Soon Be Solved With AI

  • čas přidán 20. 02. 2024
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    With all the hubbub around AI in the last year, all its promises and perils, I thought I would spend a video talking about a major upside to artificial intelligence - the science mysteries it is likely to solve. So here are a handful of the biggest mysteries AI could help us find an answer to.
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    0:00 - Intro
    1:38 - Medicine
    5:38 - Archaeology
    11:06 - Astronomy
    13:36 - Consciousness
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Komentáře • 1,1K

  • @NorthernKitty
    @NorthernKitty Před měsícem +192

    The real question is, will artificial intelligence ever be a match for willful ignorance?

    • @davidanderson2357
      @davidanderson2357 Před měsícem +33

      The unstoppable force versus the immovable object, in other words.

    • @amandamcadam114
      @amandamcadam114 Před měsícem +16

      Real intelligence hasn't been up to the task, so I say let AI have at it.

    • @francispitts9440
      @francispitts9440 Před měsícem +3

      No, because it’s not the level of intelligence that is the battleground. Compassionate listening is one place to start because something happened to that person that made them crawl into their cave and shelter from the community. Just be willing to look deeper.

    • @belalugrisi1614
      @belalugrisi1614 Před měsícem +9

      Artificial Intelligence is always defeated by Real Stupidity.

    • @cherylcampbell9369
      @cherylcampbell9369 Před měsícem

      Which is more predictable?

  • @curtishoffmann6956
    @curtishoffmann6956 Před měsícem +17

    How about using A.I. to solve the Voynich manuscript and the Beale treasure letter ciphers?

    • @ezail9159
      @ezail9159 Před 27 dny +2

      The Voynich maniscript is more than likely just random gibberish

    • @gregreilly7328
      @gregreilly7328 Před 27 dny +1

      Voynich was deciphered. Middle Turkish, naturalist author.

    • @chunkyMunky329
      @chunkyMunky329 Před 26 dny

      Good luck with that. AI is just based on statistics which means it cannot solve a problem unless there is some kind of training data for it to learn how to solve the problem. Go ask chat GPT to explain something that it has not been trained in and see what kind of an answer it can give you. And then come back and tell me you still think an AI can solve these things without being trained on how to solve them.

    • @curtishoffmann6956
      @curtishoffmann6956 Před 26 dny

      @@chunkyMunky329 Different AI models are designed for addressing different tasks. ChatGPT isn't intended for optical pattern recognition or comparative language analysis. A language AI model would be trained on handwritten text from a variety of languages, as well as written sentence structures of those languages. One additional use case for this kind of AI would be as a support tool for researching word etymologies.

    • @chunkyMunky329
      @chunkyMunky329 Před 26 dny

      @@curtishoffmann6956 You missed my point about ChatGPT. Its an example to prove a point about all machine learning systems. You can't create a system or machine that relies on certain dynamics and then expect the system to work effectively after the dynamics it relies on have been removed. AI cannot know how to evaluate its own predictions unless you create that system for evaluating qualitatively. How will you measure that outcome and get the neural network to understand what you want it to do? Not impossible but insanely difficult because it is a paradox. If humans knew how to do this, they would be doing it without an AI, and it would just be the AI's job to speed up what we can already do.
      Character recognition cannot work in analogies, which is what is required because they have already tried to do the things you're talking about and it has clearly failed. What I mean is, if a tribe of people migrated and then over the next centuries started changing their symbols from one type of animal that was in their old land and switched to a different animal from their new land to represent the same word, AI will NEVER come close to guessing a connection like this. Image recognition is literal, not metaphorical and not symbolic because we don't have a standard system for teaching an AI how to measure symbolic relationships.

  • @blaqkstar
    @blaqkstar Před měsícem +33

    Excellent video as always :)
    RE: Explainability / back box problem - I recently watched one of Anastasi in Tech's vids where she covered AlphaAleph , a European AI firm doing work along these lines. The related paper, "AtMan: Understanding Transformer Predictions Through Memory Efficient Attention Manipulation" is a super compelling read if you're interested

    • @invisibleacropolis8195
      @invisibleacropolis8195 Před měsícem

      Tyrian purple was often used to refer to the Phoenicians, who invented it

    • @chunkyMunky329
      @chunkyMunky329 Před 26 dny +2

      It won't be compelling for long. A new kind of neural network has been invented and will be announced this year. It ends the black box problem completely.

    • @raizin4908
      @raizin4908 Před 22 dny

      ​@@chunkyMunky329 What is it called? Who invented it or who will announce it? I can't find any info about it online.
      If it's really a silver bullet that will completely solve one of AI's biggest problems, I'd expect info about it to be easier to find. Unless there's only rumors about this and no reliable sources yet.

    • @chunkyMunky329
      @chunkyMunky329 Před 22 dny

      @@raizin4908 The reason you can't find anything is because it is not coming from an expected group of people. They are not scientists. Just programmers. We've become closed minded about the notions of "reliable" sources concerning AI and forgotten that anybody can become good at programming and create something amazing if they have the intelligence, creativity and a decent computer. But computer scientists refuse to accept this idea. They have gone scorched earth on their competitors and created a culture where no alternatives can get any funding and therefore if any alternative is even 99% complete they can't get any reliable source to believe in their project and confirm its credibility. It can only gain credibility if the new project can 100% prove itself to be superior to a neural network. I cannot say any specifics right now because the people involved want to get funding first so that they can afford some security. But that shouldn't take long. They expect to complete their demo this week and be talking to investors next week. Once the first investor transfers the money, an announcement will be made and it will surely be picked up by media. All I can say is that this is not coming from the northern hemisphere. And it was not invented by a white person.

  • @countertony
    @countertony Před měsícem +16

    I'm always excited to hear about the scrolls projects - my PhD at Queen Mary University of London was in a similar vein, using lab micro-CT scanners to gather data at 15-micron voxels, for virtual unrolling by colleagues at the University of Cardiff.
    The difference in our case was not having to use a synchrotron to generate the X-rays - beam time on a synchrotron is horrifically difficult to come by, while time on a micro-CT scanner is cheap enough that my post-doc friend used to do single-shot scans of his lunch for fun (and to make sure there were no worms in the fruit.)

    • @countertony
      @countertony Před měsícem +3

      The benefit a synchrotron gives you on the other hand is very high levels of X-ray illumination that are at a single energy, meaning certain types of artifact in the CT scan just don't happen and you get a very good signal-to-noise ratio.

    • @eugenetswong
      @eugenetswong Před měsícem +1

      @@countertony It sounds like we get what we pay for, and in some circumstances, we don't need to pay for much.
      Just to be sure that I understand, during coffee breaks, the cost of using the machine is just the cost of electricity?

    • @prophetzarquon1922
      @prophetzarquon1922 Před měsícem

      Do you happen to know anything about ("ultra wideband") UWB imaging? The capabilities seem robust, for miniscule devices operating at emission levels on par with common household appliances; fetuses seem to notice UWB pulses even less than a sonogram (as in, not at all)?
      I guess there's a baby monitor that monitors heartbeat & breathing by radar, & a biometric ID radar system, & a number of chips designed for monitoring patients from across a room... but I haven't been able to find out much detail about the state of the technology overall & it seems like medical is the main field where UWB imaging is making inroads with commercial products. Just wondered if you'd heard of it / seen it / used it?

  • @thetruth1862
    @thetruth1862 Před měsícem +29

    I have never been so enthusiastic about the future of AI and at the same exact time scared to death 😊

  • @maxnaz47
    @maxnaz47 Před měsícem +10

    I like that you take the time to 'plate' your Factor meals for the add sponsor segment when we all know that you're eating that directly from the packaging to save on washing dishes... I know this because i do the exact same thing. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • @petebyrdie4799
    @petebyrdie4799 Před měsícem +7

    How many people from the UK, when Joe said, 'MeerKAT found SAURON,' deeply expected a clip to appear of Aleksandr saying, 'Simplez!' I was quite disappointed.

  • @nicog2545
    @nicog2545 Před měsícem +9

    I really like how he had to fix the way he said papyrus but during the sponsored part he said Keto wrong it’s pronounced like Key Toe

  • @TheSystemIsFlawed
    @TheSystemIsFlawed Před měsícem +4

    The Halcin as HAL joke got me GOOD, I really like that one, Joe 👍

  • @miinyoo
    @miinyoo Před měsícem +8

    I can imagine probing every node in an NN and recording their values over time. Almost all frameworks are made of smaller chunks, easier to determine their influences. That's still a hell of a lot of nodes but it's possible. Then since there's just so much data, we'd be using AI to find the patterns, translate and track what another NN is doing and how predictably different weight patterns emerge.

    • @KastorFlux
      @KastorFlux Před měsícem

      Particle physicists have been probing at the nodes of reality and finding cool things. Seems silly to think we would need to apply the same approach to reverse engineer things we constructed ourselves. We already know that integrating statistical calculations compounds error.

    • @8twospiders
      @8twospiders Před měsícem +1

      I think you suggest we can successfully model a model which is accurate but trivial.

    • @chunkyMunky329
      @chunkyMunky329 Před 26 dny

      Its not enough to "record the values". The nodes values are not independent entities. They are relationships between other nodes. Which means you have to analyze a billion-factorial relationships and decide how to express that in terms that humans can understand. Good luck with that. I don't think my calculator can even express a number as big as a billion-factorial, so I can't imagine how the neural network could even express the results to you. Are there even words in our language to describe such patterns?
      Also, where are you going to find training data that is labelled with all the trillions of possible patterns? You do realize that you need training data right? Whose job is it to create that?

    • @KastorFlux
      @KastorFlux Před 26 dny

      @chunkyMunky329 OP is talking about doing a brain scan to visualize neutral net activity, but overcomplicating things. None of the exact values matter, you're right that it's more about integrating inputs to produce an output. OP seemed to be curious about distributions of weights within the hidden layers and activation pathways, like organelles and connectomes.I think someone is already doing comparative studies between the structure of neurons in the brain and the weights assigned to artificial neural nets.

    • @chunkyMunky329
      @chunkyMunky329 Před 26 dny

      @@KastorFlux Yeah but the problem with looking at "distributions" is that, yes it will make your task more manageable to keep things more general, but this is impossible to lead to the kinds of transparency people are seeking. Nodes represent logic but in a numerical abstraction. So, if you conflate millions of logical relationships into one observation, it is like taking a million lines of (software) code and trying to explain what is happening in one line of text. Its not useful to anyone.

  • @ScottVanwilzonn
    @ScottVanwilzonn Před měsícem +4

    OH MY GOODNESS. Hillbilly reveal at 10:56 lmfao
    Sometimes I forget Joe is a Texan.

    • @aelolul
      @aelolul Před 28 dny

      thar matt beya dai
      (still better than his pronunciation of "deluge" lol)

  • @Andy_Babb
    @Andy_Babb Před měsícem +8

    I’m equal parts amazed and terrified for what the future of AI can/will be.

  • @mawkishdave
    @mawkishdave Před měsícem +4

    Science, the art of answering a question by creating 10 more questions.

  • @swordmonkey6635
    @swordmonkey6635 Před měsícem +9

    The Linear B resolution through AI sounds like it's heading toward the Universal Translator of Star Trek fame... listening to an unknown language and using the collection off all known languages in its database, makes grammatical and syntax rules based on similar languages.

    • @swordmonkey6635
      @swordmonkey6635 Před měsícem +1

      @@cancermcaids1999 Right, but like Chinese and Japanese, it's possible to read it without being able to speak it and speak it without being able to read it because their ideograms and have no phonetic connections (outside of katakana).

  • @Ittiz
    @Ittiz Před měsícem +5

    Poor Jason, not only did he pass before his time but he was also a Doctoral "Dtudent"

    • @trumpetmom8924
      @trumpetmom8924 Před měsícem

      I was hoping to not be the only one to notice the typo. Lol. S & D are next to each other on the keyboard so I suppose we can forgive it. This time anyway.

  • @Sarrixx
    @Sarrixx Před měsícem +8

    Did that square logo right at the start with "Ai" in it remind anyone else of Adobe Illustrator logo? 😆

  • @tajiknamedjosh7895
    @tajiknamedjosh7895 Před měsícem +24

    Hi! I've been following your videos and feel like we're on the same wavelength regarding the exciting future of technology. I love how you refer to this era as the 'age of information'. I'm a senior at LSU, majoring in Anthropology, and I'm fascinated by the anthropology of AI. I'm planning my senior thesis around this topic, exploring deep learning, the revelation of human biases through AI, and how different cultures interact with AI technologies. It would be great to connect and discuss these ideas further!

    • @cpt_jaggz
      @cpt_jaggz Před měsícem

      Good luck with your thesis!

    • @user-th5ui4ib3y
      @user-th5ui4ib3y Před měsícem

      Hello. Connecting AI with a Human perspective is a fascinating route, IMHO I guess to achieve AGI we have to understand what drives us as humans first.

    • @raizin4908
      @raizin4908 Před 22 dny

      "The information age" is actually a pretty common term for the part of human history since the introduction of the computer. At least, I've heard it in several different places.

  • @marcpym5251
    @marcpym5251 Před měsícem +8

    Great video, a lot of new insights that make me feel more optimistic about AI.

  • @KoRntech
    @KoRntech Před měsícem +4

    15:50 oddly enough CBS tackled this in Person of Interest with its Machine as a black box that protects citizens rights while providing data to the NSA to act on a serious threat, great show for the most part.

  • @samedwards6683
    @samedwards6683 Před měsícem +2

    Thanks so much for creating and sharing this educational and entertaining video. Great job.

  • @BackYardScience2000
    @BackYardScience2000 Před měsícem +19

    *Future video idea;*
    The periodic table and how each element is used in modern society to make our world what it is today. It would make for a pretty long video, mayne even a short series of videos. What better video to make than one where we explore what makes our world work? You can collect nearly every element (below plutonium, of course. And yes, you can own a tiny, tiny amount of plutonium. Trust me, the feds didn't take mine or stop me from selling it.). But yeah, great video idea and I'll take nothing less , Joe. I'll wait for the notification...

    • @sullisen
      @sullisen Před měsícem +2

      I like this idea, would probably need to be divided up tho. A video for each group perhaps. Or each period, tho some would probably need to be combined or period 1 could basically be a CZcams short..

    • @ceoofgg553
      @ceoofgg553 Před měsícem +1

      Excellent idea man!!!

  • @viniciusdacosta8059
    @viniciusdacosta8059 Před měsícem +2

    If I had a time machine I would go back to all these archeological sites and litter theme with stone tablets containing gibberish.

  • @j.bbailey6275
    @j.bbailey6275 Před měsícem

    Allways a awesome vid man ,keep it up been watching youre content for years !

  • @danoberste8146
    @danoberste8146 Před měsícem +3

    When do we get the AI Dr. Doolittle? All I want to know is what my dog is thinking.... Or do i?!? 😬

  • @Nefville
    @Nefville Před měsícem +11

    Hugs?!? 🤣🤣🤣 The mobile infantry made me the man I am today.

  • @dfgdfg_
    @dfgdfg_ Před měsícem +24

    Wiping out all bacteria and then reintroducing a good biome with a fecal transplant doesn't seem outrageous if the alternative is dying from sepsis!

    • @jcortese3300
      @jcortese3300 Před měsícem +7

      Same. An endofecal transplant is fine by me if it's really needed. It's not like I'd have to drink the stuff.

    • @360.Tapestry
      @360.Tapestry Před měsícem

      maybe by then, we can have perfectly preserved lab-grown biome-seeding content in dissolving capsules that can be inserted vs a "fecal" transplant... there's always the ick factor (which i'd take over death, but given the option... )

    • @joescott
      @joescott  Před měsícem +2

      Well… yeah.
      I was thinking more you take the antibiotic for something minor and it unintentionally wipes out your biome.

    • @i9169345
      @i9169345 Před měsícem +3

      @@joescott Imagine those who demand anti-biotics for a cold. "Sure, why can give you anti-biotics for your viral infection, when do you want to the schedule to poop transplant?"

    • @scottcates
      @scottcates Před měsícem


  • @The0ldg0at
    @The0ldg0at Před měsícem +10

    My own caution about AI is the famous stories about sorcerer apprentices. We have experienced in the history of the progress of Science and Technology how so many desastrous magic products were mass marketed before anyone had the time to test all the possibilities of that those new products could interact with everything in the ecosystem. I can't stop thinking about what an AI sorcerer apprentice in our Era of Progress of Science and Technology for the fast benefit of the Investors can bring to the mass market. Of course they will blame it on the AI and get away with it.

    • @NightmareRex6
      @NightmareRex6 Před měsícem

      yea same with them just making GMOs those things need to be EXTENSIVLY studied, whats its effect over an entire lifetime? what if it gets into wild is it propperly prgrammedto not destroy the wild? eta eta.

  • @anonymousrex5207
    @anonymousrex5207 Před měsícem +15

    What about when the AI called "skynet" begins to work on the consciousness problem and ends up becoming self-aware? I've heard that doesn't end well.

  • @dzibanart8521
    @dzibanart8521 Před měsícem +5

    We have not created real AI yet, just wanted to point that out, what we call A.I. is not really A.I. at all, but a buzz word because it is feels so much better than the cumputer assistants we had in the past, like Siri and google assist. they can fool people into thinking they are writing coherent sentences, but that's only because they are using educated guesses on what word comes next, based on existing work.

  • @josephabraham4058
    @josephabraham4058 Před měsícem

    Joe’s always the optimist. Don’t forget some of the first A.I. enhanced cyberattacks will be non-kinetic strike packages delivered as payloads that kill critical infrastructure. And when the sciences of quantum and A.I. go from lab experiments to operational, there goes all of that “security”.
    Where A.I. = AIML.

  • @Uzkodas
    @Uzkodas Před měsícem +24

    Maybe it’s my Mass Effect fandom creeping up but it seems to me that the AI we got now would be better described as a Virtual Intelligence, since these programs don’t seem to have the sentience that people fear. Then again what do I know?

    • @edbrown1166
      @edbrown1166 Před měsícem +7

      I agree. But, I think it's better to describe this as Machine Learning - which Joe used at least once. These so called AI are just tools to solving very specific problems and more often than not, these tools do extremely well in finding solutions or identifying patterns for what they have been trained for.

    • @Uzkodas
      @Uzkodas Před měsícem

      @@edbrown1166 true enough I suppose.

    • @finalmage6
      @finalmage6 Před měsícem +1

      @@edbrown1166 You're right! What we have now is 100% Machine Learning...I guess that term just doesn't make the stock prices go up though.

    • @user-he1yb7pl1w
      @user-he1yb7pl1w Před měsícem +2

      I don't think your going to get sentience from a silicone computer working off of 1's and 0's. Just saying I don't think life is that easy to create.

    • @gljames24
      @gljames24 Před měsícem +4

      I think people misunderstand what the term AI means. It artificial as in faked intelligence, not man-made intelligence. Before machine learning, most AI was state machines and pathfinding algorithms used in games and we still call those AI for the same reason.

  • @xzendon
    @xzendon Před měsícem +2

    I bet there's a way to make a geometric antibiotic. Using the fact that bacteria are tiny compared to eukaryotic cells, make a protein that attaches to the bacteria via intermolecular forces, and is tuned to only attach to stuff with the approximate diameter of the bacteria. Then it has a tag on it that recruits marophages to consume it, along with the bacteria it's holding onto.

  • @cozymonk
    @cozymonk Před měsícem +1

    This is the second video I've seen today (and posted within the last week) to explain what a voxel is. The other was acerola's buoyancy video.

  • @CKammes
    @CKammes Před měsícem +1

    "How we run our meat suit." 😂 Not expecting that one! 🤣

  • @BeardedPiper
    @BeardedPiper Před měsícem

    @ 17:19 at the end of the sponsored segment, I could have sworn Joe said "Get 50% off your fart box". I replayed it a few times and can't hear anything else. 🤣

  • @11randolphkp85
    @11randolphkp85 Před měsícem +2

    The way Joe pronounced keto in the ad read is having me wonder if he's an AI too.

    • @JordanREALLYreally
      @JordanREALLYreally Před měsícem

      Thank god someone else noticed. And this after he corrected himself for "paaaperous."

  • @mellissadalby1402
    @mellissadalby1402 Před měsícem +4

    Halicin sounds promising. I hope that it does not also kill the host.
    A potential "Uh Oh moment" is a possible outcome of an AI studying how consciousness works.
    If the AI can understand that, it may choose to incorporate consciousness into itself.

    • @eragon78
      @eragon78 Před měsícem +5

      It wouldnt "choose" to do anything that it doesnt think would benefit it towards accomplishing its goals of what was specified by it's reward function.
      AI dont have some secret special goal they arent telling anyone, and they dont have selfish human desires either.
      Think of AI less like an evil sci-fi, wanting to take over the world kinda thing, and more like a monkey's paw. They will do exactly as they are told. EXACTLY as they are told. Anything not specified is something they wont care about unless they calculate that it will help them achieve their goal.
      A sufficiently smart AI would want to become smarter as an instrumental goal, but it doesnt care about "consciousness" persay. It only ultimately cares about its terminal goal. Especially since "consciousness" isnt even something well defined to begin with. you could even argue AI is already conscious depending on how you define it. Its not like consciousness is some special magical thing or anything, moreso than its just an emergent property of how brains work.
      Now "self-consciousness" and "self-awareness" are more specific, but if an AI is choosing to modify itself to add those into itself, then its already aware of itself and thus its already self-conscious and self-aware. An AI would already have to be aware of itself as an entity in the world, and be aware it can modify itself before it would ever "choose" to do something like that, which defeats the purpose of doing it if its already self aware.

    • @bragtime1052
      @bragtime1052 Před měsícem

      If it would have the ability to do that action.

  • @mipotter1967
    @mipotter1967 Před měsícem +1

    thank thing on the bottom of your foot is a Plantars Wart. You can get a simple paint on solution from the pharmacy and it will be gone in a week.

  • @coreyfro
    @coreyfro Před měsícem +1

    Footnote on consciousness, machine learning was pioneered to study the way the brain works. That we are using it as a tool and as AI is a byproduct.
    Reminds me of the robot psychology in iRobot

  • @illysmanx
    @illysmanx Před měsícem

    Hope you enjoyed the face-drain and are feeling better! And thx for being a positive-news guy! Good channel.

  • @ricos1497
    @ricos1497 Před měsícem +2

    I'd love to see a video about the dangers of placing black plastic in microwaves, and the prospect of the plastic leaching into the food.
    Might need a different sponsor.

  • @joyl7842
    @joyl7842 Před měsícem

    5:35 the "(Not involved in the study)" made me chuckle 😆

  • @Castaa
    @Castaa Před měsícem +22

    I like how you show the images of the researchers in question. I'm glad this is becoming a trend on CZcams.

    • @joescott
      @joescott  Před měsícem +20

      I will never understand the creators who don’t give credit for others’ work. It doesn’t diminish your own efforts at all.

    • @wamyam
      @wamyam Před měsícem

      ​@@joescottthats why i carry a little photo of you in my pocket

  • @andreweaston1779
    @andreweaston1779 Před měsícem +2

    My wife works sort of in the med field. She says we have plenty of anti biotics that aren't being used, because they haven't been developed for use, we're just aware they work, because it hasn't yet made financial sense to develop them because as of now, we don't need to. Idk. What I've been told.

    • @Pushing_Pixels
      @Pushing_Pixels Před měsícem +1

      That's not what everybody I know in the medical field says. There has been some promising research in the past, that wasn't followed through on because the market wasn't worth the investment required. That doesn't mean there are medicines ready to go in an emergency, or that we could quickly whip something up if we wanted to. The companies that have cut-short these developments aren't sharing their research or releasing their patents into the public domain to let others finish what they refuse to. An undeveloped medicine is no good to anyone. The fact that antibiotics research isn't deemed profitable enough shows we can't rely on private companies or the free market to take care of every investment decision.

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    Great video! This cold season has been terrible. Everyone I know has a cold right now. Take care, and order some chicken soup!

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    AI is an undoubtedly powerful tool but the ‘black box’ hurdle is a big one. It gives answers but doesn’t show it’s working out which creates doubt about the accuracy of the answer and removes the opportunity of a human seeing something and being able to take the next leap in our understanding.
    It’s standing on the shoulders of giants without seeing any farther

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    I think the snails that Indigo dye was derived from lived around Pompeii at the time. Might just be a ledger haha 10:44

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    I gotta tell you, I am absolutely floored by CZcams's advertising policies. They locked this video (for me) behind a 2:51 un-skippable ad that doesn't appear to have any dialogue; it's just a flash character working its way through some sort of dungeon. Stupidest waste of time and money ever. Wait -- it finished while I was typing this, and there's a SECOND unskippable video (this one having something to do with pets, which I have not and never will own). Insane. It's lucky I respect your content so much.

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    I was going to decode Linear A ... But then things got really busy at work.

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    @ 15:38 For people to say they don't know how it works is good (in terms of healthy humility), in one sense, but it is also like saying they do not know how a psuedo-random number generator comes up with a "random" number, and this is a core feature of Agent AI (Reinforcement Learning) that uses a psuedo-random number generator to make decisions that represents the "unexpected" (creative) results.
    So if someone claims to not understand it, it would be beneficial to look into how the psuedo-random number is generated (usually based on the laws of physics) and how this influences the AI.
    I suspect the exploit that allowed an average Go player to beat AlphaGo/Zero is likely a reflection of the physics behind the psuedo-random number generator.
    Love your videos Joe, thank you for sharing!
    -John (from Arizona)

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    Aw man, I didn't even know Kirk Hammett was sick. @3:31

    • @BackYardScience2000
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      That looked more like a woman to me, not Kirk. His riffs and cords keep him safe and healthy. 🤘

  • @leftaroundabout
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    The actual main problem with machine learning for science is that it's not so much artificial intelligence as artificial gut instinct. It _is_ useful as a quick-and-dirty way of finding promising directions to explore, where to look / what molecules to try etc., but that works best when there's an overwhelming amount of data and you're at loss of what hypotheses to start with. It only becomes actual science if there's a way to validate the correctness.
    Specifically something like deciphering a language with little data available I would approach with a good amount of skepticism. It's way too likely that AI hallucinate a way it _could_ be interpreted, but actually differs completely from the true meaning.

    • @eragon78
      @eragon78 Před měsícem +1

      I mean, artificial intelligence is an extremely broad term that absolutely encompasses things like machine learning. "intelligence" doesnt mean human level intelligence, rather than the ability to make decisions. Even the simplest computer programs can be "AI". Any program which can take in input, evaluate that input, and give variable output based on that input qualifies as AI. A simple goomba in mario bros which turns around when it hits a wall is AI.
      But that is different than AGI, which is artificial GENERAL intelligence. That is what people often actually think of when they think of AI. Machine learning is not AGI. Its AI, but not AGI.
      Also, Id argue against the idea that machine learning is just "gut instinct" as well. Its a lot more nuanced than that. its a decision making algorithm which is modified by experimentation, which is molded by pressures from some reward algorithm. In fact, this is very similar to how WE gained intelligence through the process of evolution. Thats why one of the main methods to train machine learning neural networks is with something called "a genetic algorithm", because its based on how evolution and natural selection work.
      Humans are just the result of tiny random mutations over billions of years, where the best changes stick around and propagate. Just on a much larger and more complex scale. But our brains and intelligence are fully a consequence of those random beneficial mutations just like how machine learning works at its core.
      The big difference is that our brains are significantly more complex, and allow us to apply our intelligence in many different ways, making us a general intelligence. (although a natural general intelligence as opposed to an artificial one).
      There is a decent chance modern style machine learning will eventually lead into developing the first AGI. Maybe some other novel technique may be developed that leads to it instead, but we're likely already on the right path. AI is pretty intelligent, the issue is usually more so with the alignment and specification problem of telling an AI what it's goal is rather than the AI's actual ability to adapt its intelligence to solve a particular problem.
      Learning how to properly specify the goal to the AI, and making sure the AI retains that goal as desired are the MAIN areas for modern AI development that we are struggling with right now. AI are currently extremely good at doing whatever goal we give them, the issue is specifying what it is we actually want them to do well enough for them to actually train to do that thing.

    • @leftaroundabout
      @leftaroundabout Před měsícem +1

      @@eragon78 no, the difference is not that our brains are significantly more complex. The current generation of machine learning models are already similar in complexity, and in the not so far future they will utterly eclipse the complexity of the human brain.
      But you're right, the way humans learn by nature is indeed not so different from data-driven machine learning: we also default to reason by intuition of the "gut instinct" kind.
      However nobody would take you seriously in science if you based your conclusions on that. Because history has shown that this is too fallible in the long run, however useful it can be for solving the problems right at hand.
      Instead we use formal mathematical frameworks to build theories, and the scientific method to put them to the test.
      (AI _could_ do that as well, but the vast majority of machine learning systems in current use do nothing of the kind.)

    • @eragon78
      @eragon78 Před měsícem +2

      @@leftaroundabout The number of neural connections in our brain are far higher than that in modern neural networks.
      Quote]However nobody would take you seriously in science if you based your conclusions on that. Because history has shown that this is too fallible in the long run, however useful it can be for solving the problems right at hand.
      Instead we use formal mathematical frameworks to build theories, and the scientific method to put them to the test.
      (AI could do that as well, but the vast majority of machine learning systems in current use do nothing of the kind.)
      The fact we can reason and decide to even use formal mathematics shows the difference between Humans and AI. We are very prone to our instincts, but at the end of the day Humans are still General Intelligences, which modern AI are simply not. Thats the REAL difference. Humans can actually reason enough to know that our "gut instincts" are wrong. AI doesnt know that. AI doesnt act based on gut instincts, it acts based on past experiential data that it did. Its structured basically through a hill climbing algorithm which is what natural selection is.
      The issue is usually one of a specification problem, combined with the faults of hill climbing algorithms. To begin with, its extremely hard to specify to AI what humans actually want from it. This means an AI can only do things which we are capable of specifying to it in one way or another. Most advancements in AI in the last 5-10 or so years have been advancements in how we solve that specification problem. Errors that often arise in AI are usually a result of the AI doing what we told it to do rather than what we WANT it to do, which are usually not the same thing.
      For example, ChatGPT doesnst give correct answers for everything its asked because its not TRYING to do that. Its trying to predict what text comes next, not what response is factually correct to the question it was asked. This isnt a problem with how ChatGPT thinks, nor is it a problem of it acting on its guts or instincts. Its a specification problem on our ends of getting ChatGPT to do exactly what we want it to do.
      AI can use formal mathematics just fine, but its not going to use stuff like that if thats not what it needs to solve a particular problem that we gave it. The issue is most problems we use AI for are more complicated than just plugging in some equations to get an answer.
      Machine learning doesnst make the AI do formal mathematics for stuff, because thats not really useful in actually solving the problem its been given. How does formal mathematics for example make a good image of buzz lightyear flying off into the sunset on a unicorn? thats not something that just having formal mathematics alone can just solve. If it was that easy to do, we wouldnt even need the AI to begin with.
      In fact, "formal mathematics" itself is full of asterisks everywhere. I mean our current mathematical model is built upon an axiom system which isnt even consistent with past axiom systems. We currently use ZFC for example. But even within that system, much of "formal mathematics" requires very creative thinking to come up with new solutions to stuff. Logic is easy to check once you have a solution, but its not always so easy to come up with a solution to a problem to begin with. It requires creative thinking.
      This just isnt something you can just straight up program a computer to do. You can program it to evaluate some function just fine, but teaching it how to properly apply different techniques and when requires it to have general intelligence to begin with. Humans had an advantage here because we HAVE general intelligence. Ai currently doesnt.
      So the question is how to GET AI to have general intelligence, and its not an easy thing to solve at all.

    • @leftaroundabout
      @leftaroundabout Před měsícem

      @@eragon78 you should read up on proof assistants like Coq and Lean.

    • @rursus8354
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      AI is a misnomer that ain't the AGI that we imagine that the AI:s are. AI is every biproduct of the quest for AGI, including really stupid biproducts.

  • @Bassotronics
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    There’s an even harder / harder problem with consciousness.
    And that’s being aware of your own consciousness and feeling like you’re the center of the universe.

    • @nickwilcox3648
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      Technically, you are the center of your observable universe

  • @likebot.
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    That first word that Luke Farritor's ML algorithm deciphered - purple - may not have referred to the color, but maybe refers to the coastal city of Tyre, where the purple dye was processed and shipped from.

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    Love the T-shirt. But I can't tell if the cat is wearing a space-suit with a dome helmet, or a cone of shame. ;-)

  • @jacksonstarky8288
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    The problems of consciousness are fascinating. I graduated with a degree in cognitive science in the year 2000... and while it has had zero relevance to my professional life since then, other than the computer science component of my coursework, I discovered some long-standing intractable problems that I've repeatedly returned to over the years. Something related to artificial intelligence that I've thought about regularly is whether or not AI can solve (or even comprehend) either problem without itself being fully conscious in the same way we are... and then I think about the Matrix, Skynet (Matrix), and Butlerian Jihad (Dune), and I wonder if satisfying our curiosity is worth the risk... and then I think about proving the Riemann Hypothesis, and immediately think "yes, it absolutely is."

  • @passurlamer
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    I’d be quite happy if they just solved self driving cars with AI.

    • @jbear3478
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      Same. I do not want my kids to drive 😂

    • @360.Tapestry
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      it would be simplified by constructing fully enclosed and maintained, automated vehicle-only roads - probably a massive decades-long, trillion-dollar undertaking

    • @360.Tapestry
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      @@cancermcaids1999 trains don't have the same mobility as cars

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    The guy's name is Epicurus (like papyrus, teehee). Epicurious is a food website and also means "curious about food". Keep up the good work, love your vids! ❤

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    To see Linear A translated would be very exciting. I wish we could see Rongo Rongo "translated," but I worry we have too few surviving examples for that.

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    Yeah as others have mentioned.... I'm ever so comfortable having AI working on the mystery of consciousness..... "Tell me the answer HAL.....".. "I'm afraid I can't do that Dave..." .... Lol... Sheesh...

  • @AbelDevere
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    great video!
    re blackboxness, yes ML is a black box, but if you have the background and understanding of each ML algorithm it is not really a blackbox. Each ML will reveal patterns or behaviors based on data. if the data is biased, the results (or pattern) will be biased too. it is the job of the ML trainor to bring out biasness, otherwise, replicators (validators) of the test or training will likely reveal them.

    • @renezirkel
      @renezirkel Před měsícem

      The problem is, that almost every dataset is biased. For example, what is the right language to use for a LLM? I guess, it will use offical rules and grammar. Then its biased against dialects and regional cultures. Should it use only legal terms or scientific terms or common used terms. They all differ and same word has different meaning in each context. Should it be allowed to swear or should it be milquetoasted? And it is the same for only scientific MLs. Does is have to obey mainstream science or should it endulge in fringe ideas or should it not care about scientific facts at all. Everything is biased, someway or another.

  • @monkeygrowler
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    if linear A writing translates to the usual typical writings (such as from cuniform writings)...it'll probably be "dear stavros, I am not satisfied with your last shipment of copper"

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    "If you notice this notice you'll notice this notice isn't a notice worthy of noticing at all".?

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    FUN FACT: We actually do know what happened to Amelia Earhart. She was eaten by coconut crabs.

    • @360.Tapestry
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      i've seen this shared before, but haven't taken the time to confirm it for myself

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      There must be some crazy off days after that.@@kevinhamer2230

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    Im hopeing to make next years.

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    You know, with videos like these about the future of science and technology paired with what goes for top stories in the current educational/social/political climate of the US, I'd love to see someone take the movie "Idiocracy" and discuss how the state of the US in the film could actually come to pass or not come to pass and/or how to prevent it. I also wonder what the rest of the world might look like in the "Idiocracy" universe.

  • @nonsuch9301
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    It's worth pointing out that the fact that Linear B turned out to be a written form of an early variant of Greek was not known by either Ventris or Kober at the time they started working on their decipherment , in fact there was much speculation of what language it might turn out to be ( or even if the language would be completely new ) so it's more than a bit unfair to claim that they had a target language to work from.

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    Plot twist: the AI studying human consciousness becomes the first AGI

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    I think AI in astronomy will be a huge factor. imagine taking all the old blink plates and information that we've gathered over the years digitizing it. And feeding it to AI to look for planets, novas, expansion data, whatever we want it to look for.

    • @davidanderson2357
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      Maybe AI will determine that the "WOW" signal was actually a "WAH WAH WEE WAH" signal from the planet Borat.

    • @user-he1yb7pl1w
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      Current AI has proven to not be useful at all in regards to Astro Physics.

  • @SpaceMonkey13X
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    Interesting video, as always. Do we just ake AI answers at face value or is there a "show your work" way of validating the results? Yes, if it translates a dead language we can see that the rsult makes sense, but what deeper science?
    Oh and Joe, if you think you got shredded for your former pronunciation of "papyrus ", wait until the Keto (kee-toh) diet people watch this one until the end, lol. Or did you do that on purpose?

  • @tims8603
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    I just watched a video about using AI to find elements that are best for new battery technology. It seems that hybrid Sodium/Lithium are the best so far. Now if AI can figure out why people vote against their own interests. That would solve a lot of problems.

    • @priapulida
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      People say publicly why they do not vote left wing (anymore), if that's what you mean. You don't need an AI to figure that out.

    • @tims8603
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      @@priapulida Right wing propaganda. if that were true, Trump would be President right now. The House and Senate would have super majorities on the right. The right was predicting a 'big red wave'. Didn't happen because you all live in denial of facts.

    • @Pushing_Pixels
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      Because they don't understand them, or where they sit in relation to other people's interests. A lot of effort goes into misdirecting people's attention in this area.

    • @njm3211
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      They vote against their interests because their decisions are not rational but are emotion based. Politicians have exploited this human characteristic for millennia. Less educated voters are more susceptible.

  • @jsphfalcon
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    What's funny is that it forgets the information it was fed to come to the outcome it produced. Humans forget things and and its believed to be a protection mechanism. It's meant to protect you from stressful memories.

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      People are going to be real upset when that one is revealed to be a fraud

    • @dv7533
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      I wonder, if it turns out it works with with Linear A, might it also work with Rongorongo, Etruscan or the Harappan script? Very exciting if it works.

    • @ashmoleproductions5407
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      ​@dv7533 Harrapan was recently mathematically brute forced by a cryptologist named Yajna Devam look up his Channel and his published paper.

  • @JamesSchriever
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    It will probably take an AI to explain how a AI's black box works. 😂

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    Hey it’s “Denisovan” not “Denisovian” I’ve heard this mistake a few times across your videos just a heads up. Awesome channel and great job with depth of research needed to make videos like this.

    • @joescott
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      Yup, you're right. Good catch.

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    You should use a rubber spatula to get all the sauce and stuff out of those Factor meals.

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    I feel like having AI try to figure out consciousness is a shortcut to having AI become conscious themselves.

    • @i9169345
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      Depends on your definition of consciousness. If consciousness is inputs feeding an internal "stream of thought", eventually resulting in output, then it is already easy to make a conscious AI (I have one running right now). If consciousness is defined as something more abstract and metaphysical, then we need a concrete definition that everyone can agree on before we can even explore or measure it.

    • @eragon78
      @eragon78 Před měsícem

      @@i9169345 Agreed. I honesty hate how much people throw around terms like "consciousness" without having the firsts clue on what it actually means or how to define it. Its always some vague amorphous concept that isnt well defined other than "humans have it and other things dont".
      AI is likely already conscious by most definitions, but that doesnt really mean much. I think a lot of people tend to heavily anthropomorphize "consciousness" and feel that if something is conscious, it must be human-like which is just not at all true. AI may be conscious, but its not at all human-like, and thats the disconnect people dont understand.
      People tend to think that as AI gets smarter, itll become more and more human-like, with human-like emotions (both positive and negative), and human-like aspirations and goals. But the reality is almost certainly not that. An AI has no incentive to change it's goals from what was given to it, rather it will get vastly more intelligent and capable of achieving its goals, but it will never actually start thinking like a human, or have human emotions, or have human goals unless its specifically designed to have those things. even if its fully conscious or even self aware, that wouldnt make it human.
      I think part of the issue is that people tend to jump immediately to things like Sci-fi where advance super intelligent AI are often very human-like, which makes for a good movie and all, but its hardly realistic.

  • @matthewdancz9152
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    The epic translation of Minoan tables, "Aranare was here."

    @DNTMEE Před měsícem +3

    So basically, we need to develop an AI system that will tell us exactly how another AI system arrives at it's conclusions. Call it AI-Prime and the AI under examination AI-1. But ... considering how these AI systems tend to be very task-specific, we may then have to have a third system to tell us how AI-Prime came to it's conclusions about the AI-1. This would be necessitated because the knowledge of the exact workings of AI-1 changed AI-Prime in such a profound manner that we can't understand the data it's providing. AI-Prime is incapable of examining itself since doing so would also change it even further in unpredictable ways. So AI-3 would be built to monitor AI-Prime. And on down the rabbit hole of progressively more complex and enigmatic AIs we would go as a new AI is built to monitor the previous one. Eventually, the last AI in the chain thinks such a profound thought that the universe is re-written to be entirely machine based with zero organic life.
    Some mysteries are best left alone.

    • @filonin2
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      Puff puff pass, man.

  • @yensid4294
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    Hmmmmm, sounds like AI would have to "learn" to meditate & be able to observe its own thought processes which is kind of trippy to think about

  • @TurquoiseInk
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    Get your foot looked at by a podiatrist, Joe. Quite interesting and useful video on machine learning and AI in biology and archeology and astronomers. I would love to see lost languages like Etruscan be translated.

  • @SavageMinnow
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    Ppl with Diabetes are super prone to infection, and can be more susceptible to thinking an infection has fully cleared when it hasn't, due to lack of circulation and other issues.