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Do Human Giants Really Exist?

  • čas přidán 20. 02. 2024
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    History is filled with stories of giants, from Goliath in the Bible to the giants of Patagonia, which Magellan and other explorers reported finding in the 1500s. Most of these accounts are nothing more than myths and legends, but there have been verified cases of human gigantism that blur the line between fact and fantasy. Let’s take a look at giants throughout history.
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    0:00 - Intro
    2:16 - Tangent Cam
    4:41 - Patagonian Giants
    6:27 - The Debunking
    8:10 - Why Did The Stories Persist?
    9:34 - Historical Giants
    13:57 - What Happened To Them?
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Komentáře • 2,2K

  • @riftwytch
    @riftwytch Před 4 měsíci +896

    One point about Goliath that rarely gets mentioned is that in the oldest texts, his height works out to be 6'9". I used to work with a guy that tall, and I felt like a baby standing next to him.

    • @Cocoanutty0
      @Cocoanutty0 Před 4 měsíci +75

      Bristisj comedian/actor Greg Davis is 6’8”. He never looks that big to me until I see someone my height stand next to him. Heck, even my 6’5 gruncles are massive to me and I’m 5’7! I think being next to someone that tall makes them way taller than you’d imagine, if that makes sense. Like I’d definitely imagine some guys in the past stood next to a 6’6 man and considered him a true giant and overestimated his actual height.

    • @thatguyfrommars3732
      @thatguyfrommars3732 Před 4 měsíci +43

      Yes, the oldest texts - the Dead Sea Scrolls - say four cubits and a span (6'9" or 7'8" depending on the unit of measure). The Masoretic texts which came later changed this to six cubits and a span (about 10 feet).

    • @kodyspicer41
      @kodyspicer41 Před 4 měsíci +24

      Goliaths sword alone weigh about 15 pounds, a regular sword is about 2 and a half. I dont believe he was only about 7 feet. Also, your mixed up I believe, the 9 foot one is older

    • @thatguyfrommars3732
      @thatguyfrommars3732 Před 4 měsíci +34

      @@kodyspicer41 The Dead Sea scrolls say 4 cubits and a span. Regardless, it was literary tradition in the ancient world, and especially the ancient Near East, to use exaggerated language to convey the significance of a person or event. They weren't supposed to be taken literally.

    • @dshock85
      @dshock85 Před 4 měsíci +25

      People kind of forget the average height for most people through human history has been between 5'4 and 5'8. Some trending smaller. Most of the people in the Mediterranean were around 5'4 to 5'6. The men that is. This doesn't account any stunting that took place during times of famine or crises.

  • @romanmoreno2597
    @romanmoreno2597 Před 4 měsíci +225

    Hello, I am from southern Patagonia, where Magellan was for a walk. Some interesting details: The island of "Tierra del Fuego" (land of fires) is called that because before seeing anyone, they saw the smoke from bonfires. Likewise, they saw giant footprints in the snow, because the indigenous people used snow shoes, and they called them "patagones," or people with big feet. Furthermore, the Europeans and especially the Spanish then were shorter than now, around 1.5 m, so by comparison, the Mapuches and others seemed tall to them. So the origin of the myth of the giants could well be a mix of these confusions and the explorers' habit of embellishing the stories a little. The effects of rum cannot be ruled out either...

    • @DaveElcock
      @DaveElcock Před 3 měsíci +5

      You think people dumb enough to mistake snow shoes for footprints? Cmon man you think people can't differentiate between tall people and outright 6 finger double row of teeth giants?

    • @johngeo5816
      @johngeo5816 Před 3 měsíci +9

      @@DaveElcock the europeans were tiny af back then and anyone over like five ten would dwarf the average tall european
      napoleon who is considered short was average height for his time

    • @eewweeppkk
      @eewweeppkk Před 3 měsíci +26

      ​@@DaveElcockThey probably interpretted them as shoe prints, which they were, and not footprints. As people living in the mediterranean with no knowledge of snow shoes exploring a land on the opposite side of the world, having grown up hearing stories of giants, yes I'd say they were 'that dumb'. Though I wouldn't call it dumb personally.

    • @DaveElcock
      @DaveElcock Před 3 měsíci

      @@eewweeppkk ok they were shoe prints, the point i'm making is that they knew of giants, giants also wear sandals or shoes, the implication from the comment is that a normal person was wearing snow shoes hence the size of the print, but that's a silly assertion ,shoes or sandals don't taper as toes do, the print would still reflect a small person owing to the depth of the print, many of these people are excellent trackers and would spot the difference .

    • @eewweeppkk
      @eewweeppkk Před 3 měsíci +17

      @@DaveElcock Giants don't "also wear sandals or shoes" because giants do not exist.
      If you had never seen a snow shoe print before you would probably be more distracted by the fact that it was more than twice the size of a normal shoeprint, and clearly of human make since it would leave a patterned print.
      I would personally trust the comment making the 'silly assertion' since they live there and your best defense is assuming that the crew on these expeditions should know better. The ones claiming they saw giants.

  • @szupko
    @szupko Před 4 měsíci +411

    The best twist in Eragon was when the dwarf explained to the human that long ago they had lost the war against the giants; the human asks, "Where did the giants go?"; the dwarf says, "I never said they went away."

    • @sophroniel
      @sophroniel Před 4 měsíci +48

      I met the author of Eragon, cool dude, I loved those books as a kid

    • @chucklebutt4470
      @chucklebutt4470 Před 4 měsíci +6

      I don't remember that part from the movie

    • @nabinoorshahil2715
      @nabinoorshahil2715 Před 4 měsíci +21

      @@chucklebutt4470 It is from the books.

    • @sergemarlon
      @sergemarlon Před 3 měsíci +30

      Was he implying the humans were the Giants?

    • @Crazyaj13
      @Crazyaj13 Před 3 měsíci +26


  • @AndrewJohnson-oy8oj
    @AndrewJohnson-oy8oj Před 4 měsíci +39

    It's also worth noting that at the time of Magellan's voyage, the average height of a man in Portugal was 5' 4".

    • @4literv6
      @4literv6 Před 4 měsíci +6

      Yeah he very carefully left this out. 😏
      During ww2 an average American male serving was about 5'5" now an average us male is around 5'9" which as a 71.5" male seems to tall imo.
      Globally speaking an average male is about 5'6" still. So someone 6'6" wouldn't be considered normal at ALL.
      Nm a guy standing 7' or 8' tall and proportionally muscular. I.e. like shak or yao ming in the NBA.
      Or the 6'6" and taller 250-270# NFL tight ends who move as quickly as middle linebackers do and catch like a wide receiver. 😀

    • @AaronOfMpls
      @AaronOfMpls Před 4 měsíci +8

      Yah, people in Spain and Portugal tend not to be all _that_ tall to begin with.
      But also, until the last century or so, Europeans in general frequently had their growth stunted by childhood illness and malnutrition. The Americas had far less of of either until after Europeans arrived, so their native people were often a fair bit taller. Even in eastern North America, the English explorers and colonists of the 15-1600s often remarked on how tall and healthy the natives were.

    • @DBT1007
      @DBT1007 Před 2 měsíci +2

      yeah. back then, even in medieval era, the average height was more like.. maybe around 160 cm.
      and thats why homo floresiensis exists. if we compare the height with modern human from 2000s or even 1800s, obviously homo floresiensis is dwarf.
      but imagine if we just compare homo floresiensis with humans from 1300s. probably not that big in the difference but still homo floresiensis smaller. but the gap is not big

  • @xxFreakifyxx
    @xxFreakifyxx Před 4 měsíci +100

    When I was traveling in Kinsale, Ireland, I learned about a man with gigantism who lived there - Patrick Cotter O’Brien who was 8 ft tall and his life was very sad but interesting. He would only go out at night when no one else was around so that he wouldn’t frighten people. He actually surprised someone accidentally who saw him lighting his cigar with a gas lamppost. He made a living as a side-show attraction at the circus and he who claim to be descended from legendary Irish Giants

    • @ezrajrperida100
      @ezrajrperida100 Před 4 měsíci +7

      would honestly believe the legendary Irish Giant part

  • @hin_hale
    @hin_hale Před 4 měsíci +17

    The mountainous terrain hypothesis makes sense to me. And it has happened before. In norse mythology, the giants live in the mountains too.

  • @blabbotheastronaut
    @blabbotheastronaut Před 4 měsíci +1897

    Makes sense as to why the Argentinosaurus and so many other extra extra large dinosaurs were found down there. Can't expect Giant Kids to ride to Giant School on the back of a puny ankylosaur, now can we?!!

    • @brianjimenez8205
      @brianjimenez8205 Před 4 měsíci +33

      Best comment ever 😂

    • @goldenwarrior1186
      @goldenwarrior1186 Před 4 měsíci +33

      Shoutouts to the dinos whose ankles were literally sore (or who were literally the size of ankles)

    • @Hallgrenoid
      @Hallgrenoid Před 4 měsíci +46

      Well obviously Argentinosaurus would be found down there. What creature would name itself Argentinosaurus if they lived somewhere other than Argentinaa? Dinosaurs weren't savages.

    • @loriw2661
      @loriw2661 Před 4 měsíci +2


    • @loriw2661
      @loriw2661 Před 4 měsíci +1

      @@goldenwarrior1186well done!

  • @Vinemaple
    @Vinemaple Před 4 měsíci +162

    I'm surprised nobody has yet mentioned the claims that giant ground sloths didn't go extinct in Patagonia until very recently. Actual evidence for this is sketchy at best, but it's an interesting rabbit hole to wander down. Lei Feng's map has something that looks as much like a ground sloth as a bear, standing on its hind legs, drawn in Patagonia, but we don't know why it's there or what it's really supposed to be.

    • @jomolhari
      @jomolhari Před 4 měsíci +14

      Didn't they only reach as south as the Pampa region? Also, they became extinct like 5000 or 8000 years ago, so I don't see what would be the point?

    • @alexsetterington3142
      @alexsetterington3142 Před 4 měsíci +3

      Giant bones

    • @blanketeer6321
      @blanketeer6321 Před 4 měsíci

      I tried googling "Lei Feng sloth" and nothing came up?

    • @kodyspicer41
      @kodyspicer41 Před 4 měsíci

      Speaking of Patagonia, patagonian giants caputred by Magellan

    • @vichonoma
      @vichonoma Před 3 měsíci +3

      There is indigenous legends that describe creatures similar to giant sloths, "elengassen", giant beings that lived in the caves🤷‍♂️

  • @user-lb1yw6fc7l
    @user-lb1yw6fc7l Před 4 měsíci +313

    I grew up with a family of giants in the U.K. The parents were both very tall which was uncommon for their generation, the biggest was a son was over 7ft and weighed around 400lb he really struggled to walk through normal door frames but for his height he didnt look out of proportion. The woman were all atleast 6'8 250lb and none looked overweight. I always thought they were giants.

    • @shaftomite007
      @shaftomite007 Před 4 měsíci +25

      They were 🤯

    • @miguellabordaburnett3617
      @miguellabordaburnett3617 Před 3 měsíci +1

      Im surprised he didnt mention Great Britain as the ancient land thought to be inhabited by giants.

    • @midwestrebel2
      @midwestrebel2 Před 3 měsíci +2

      ​@@miguellabordaburnett3617 what's so great about it 🤣
      In Britain is driven from the city Britton made by the Romans ..
      The Saxons & Danes who invaded the islands after the downfall of the Romans in the British isles in 3-5th century..
      People of Wales , Scotland & Ireland etc was there before any other groups who arrived .
      The Romans was the first sophisticated people who arrived there , giant stories expand from America's to Asia but I haven't heard to many coming out of the UK
      I could imagine Giants where define as anyone who was 6feet or taller because people on average was generally smaller in some areas

    • @miguellabordaburnett3617
      @miguellabordaburnett3617 Před 3 měsíci +3

      @@midwestrebel2 Brutus ( "Bryttys" in welsh) of Troy was the founder of Britain according to the leyends. Look it up. He defeated the giants in the Island. I am just saying it was known as the land of the giants. Thats a fact.

    • @alexia3552
      @alexia3552 Před 3 měsíci

      That's amazing!

  • @oO0Xenos0Oo
    @oO0Xenos0Oo Před 4 měsíci +47

    Maybe you could have brought up the potsdam giants. They are not crazy tall, but it is a known case where very tall soldiers (and boys) were handpicked and even bred in order to form an intimidating regiment, which lasted for like 130 years. This probably happened at other places as well.

    • @erin6083
      @erin6083 Před 4 měsíci +5

      Yes I remember this story - very fascinating. It was a unit that was the kings’s pride and joy but it became rather a sick thing with the forced eugenics involved.

    • @chucklebutt4470
      @chucklebutt4470 Před 4 měsíci

      I'm almost certain that he did a video about them at one point but I could be misremembering!

    • @dmo848
      @dmo848 Před 3 měsíci +1

      Spartan😂 type of shit. U don't meet standards then your thrown off a cliff. Plain n simple. I couldn't even imagine

  • @jkarnold100
    @jkarnold100 Před 4 měsíci +52

    I loved this, as a relatively tall person myself, 6’6’’, it’s awesome to hear about the actual giants. This one is a little out of the channels wheel house, but the player tied for tallest NBA player is Manute Bol. He was Sudanese and from the Dinka tribe. He was 7’6’’. His son is in the league now and is listed at 7’2’’.

    • @ogolow570
      @ogolow570 Před 4 měsíci +9

      Dinka people are insanely tall. The ones I know who grew up in the west average between 6’ 3 and 6’5.

    • @picklewart5382
      @picklewart5382 Před 4 měsíci +2

      Those at the 6ft mark are half-giants. It's in the blood, remember the elders ...

    • @picklewart5382
      @picklewart5382 Před 4 měsíci +1

      Those at the 6ft mark are half-giants. It's in the blood, remember the elders ...

    • @JoshBeFreeTV
      @JoshBeFreeTV Před 4 měsíci +7

      Manute stated in an interview that his Grandfather was 7'10" as well. And that a female ancestor of his was actually 8'.

    • @jkarnold100
      @jkarnold100 Před 4 měsíci +2

      @@JoshBeFreeTV I thought that when I commented originally but I couldn’t remember what interview it was and couldn’t recall what heights he said. 8 feet is insane!!

  • @JimmyKlef
    @JimmyKlef Před 4 měsíci +15

    This is fantastic. Been following you for years and i have been hoping forever that you would hopefully start digging into more… fringey stuff. I know you have but I always thought you did such a good job of being open minded and scientific about it.
    I would absolutely adore if you did more topics like this and just do what you do. I think it could even help people. I love especially that you refrain almost entirely from any reckless dismissal or judgment and just go with it until it leads to answers.
    If you do, count me as a loyal forever watcher. I’m sure you and why files have an enormous crossover fanbase. I think you two are a great source of information on this because alienating beliefs is just not how you win people over.
    And not only that, you are both wise enough to know we don’t know everything yet and still know there is reason to have a sense of wonderment about mysterious things.
    It would be especially fantastic if anything that is still up for debate is left that way. Like why file’s doesn’t just debunk things for the sake of feigning intelligence.
    Integrity is also extremely valuable and integrity only exists against something. It isn’t integrity to simply appeal to the masses. If something is unsolved, it’s unsolved. If something strange is real… it’s real. Ufos are real. And i think you do such a great job that i can’t imagine anyone would start considering this a conspiracy channel if you even did do tons of videos and were open minded about it.
    It’s the zest in science. Anomalies and mysteries and questions and speculation and all of it. It is the engine that drives all science.
    Im sure a lot of folks on this channel scoff about Graham hancock and similar alternate history type ideas. But I’m also sure the fanbase includes quite a ton of people into those topics.
    Because of being inquisitive minds.
    And I believe a channel like this is basically perfect to dig into those ideas. People would be really surprised to find out it isn’t just schizophrenic - type nonsense. And im sure some who believe that stuff would be surprised to find out there are genuinely issues with some of those theories.
    But everyone nowadays could use the splash of perspective you could give to both sides of anything similar. Both sides suffer from automatically assuming the other side is just ignorant on the subject.
    We all need to better understand where ideas come from truly. We all assume it’s dumber than it is. No matter what you think. Everyone thinks it’s people being dumb or stubborn or smug when most of the time… both perspectives are absolutely understandable and both are smart in their own right.
    I would very much look forward to your take on these subjects. I would also love to see how you and your audience handles some of the truly anomalous hard data we have.

    • @good4gaby
      @good4gaby Před 3 měsíci

      “Both sides” as a way of looking at things is flawed. That’s all.

    • @JimmyKlef
      @JimmyKlef Před 2 měsíci

      @@good4gaby no

    • @JimmyKlef
      @JimmyKlef Před 2 měsíci

      @@good4gaby dont be fooled... i could school you in novels... but just "no" for you.

  • @AarynGoodwin
    @AarynGoodwin Před 4 měsíci +631

    My immediate thought on this is that perhaps the tribe they encountered had some form of congenital gigantism affecting part of their population. In a smaller gene pool, mutations that would normally not gain a significant foothold can become common; 5-alpha reductase deficiency is an interesting example of this - there were isolated villages in a couple different countries where the condition became so common that it was practically considered normal for some of a family's daughters to turn into sons at puberty. Given that being big would have likely been seen as desirable, congenital gigantism could have become more prevalent (and the encounters could have been exaggerated by explorers since "tribe of giants" is more interesting than "tribe with some giants", or the tribe just had their most imposing members deal with them for the intimidation factor), but if there were also significant health and/or fertility problems associated with the condition it might have naturally been phased out of the gene pool again after several generations.

    • @stitchedtogether88
      @stitchedtogether88 Před 4 měsíci +50

      Ah I just commented the same thing, just yours sounds way smarter. This is what I was thinking as well. Perhaps a group had a hereditary Condition causing gigantism.

    • @goldenwarrior1186
      @goldenwarrior1186 Před 4 měsíci +28

      At the end of the vid I figured that the accounts were probably actually legit, although highly exaggerated. I never even considered this as a possibility. You guys are smart

    • @Jyiber
      @Jyiber Před 4 měsíci +28

      I had a similar thought and would add the thought that the initial reports were exaggerated and they were only a average of 6'5"-7' tall with a few outliers, which would be impressive to the average European of the time at 5'6".

    • @plopdoo339
      @plopdoo339 Před 4 měsíci +16

      ​@@Jyiberthey were averaging 7-8ft tall...the same with the Timucua people of Florida. Very common in America as the average height of native Americans was around 6'0 and this was back in the 18th century.
      They wiped out these populations because they used to sacrifice babies and children.

    • @Xxtayce
      @Xxtayce Před 4 měsíci +2

      Gigantism is not heritable.

  • @bob_._.
    @bob_._. Před 4 měsíci +8

    Tiny dogs didn't take thousands of years to breed; it actually happened fairly quickly after Queen Victoria received Looty the Pekingese captured from the Chinese Imperial palace in 1860. Tiny dogs immediately became the fashion and breeders developed miniature breeds in just a few years.

    • @Zanockthael
      @Zanockthael Před 2 měsíci +1

      Yeah, that's actually one of the most interesting things about dogs. The HUGE variations of types and sizes can be breed in pretty quickly, which means that, for some reason, all this potential is already in their genetic code. Thinking about it as I'm typing, it might be the result of all the breeding done thousands of years ago, so that now the domestic dog has a ton of innate variety from all the previous breeding. Which would make Joe technically right, it would have taken thousands of years to get from wolves to chihuahuas. But once there, you could get from a irish wolf hound to something like a chihuahua much faster.

  • @conspiracybrew
    @conspiracybrew Před 4 měsíci +19

    Wow, this is an enthralling deep dive into the legends of Patagonian Giants and the intriguing old maps that depicted them! I had never heard about this level of detailed accounts from so many explorers spanning centuries. The contrast of early mapmaking with the depictions of mermaids, sea serpents, and giants to our current understanding of the world is fascinating. Also, the comparison of human height variations to dog breeds was a fun tangent! It makes you wonder how much of ancient storytelling was based on some kernels of truth. Great content, and the research put into this is commendable. Can't wait to delve more into these lost myths of history.

  • @Peppersfirst
    @Peppersfirst Před 4 měsíci +5

    Also, there are tons of newspaper articles throughout the 1800s and 1900s that mention giant human bones discovers all over the place.

    • @4literv6
      @4literv6 Před 4 měsíci +3

      Lincoln's address at Niagara falls mentioned gazing upon them like the storied giants of old once had.
      He also mentioned the mounds they were buried in spread across America.

  • @kathleenyes-cp2uf
    @kathleenyes-cp2uf Před 4 měsíci +3

    Andre was so cool. I’m so glad he did the Princess Bride so we can see him smile and drop a deadpan line.

  • @serdownofhousebad1127
    @serdownofhousebad1127 Před 4 měsíci +5

    Funnily enough Mexico has plenty of volcanos so its not weird to see one on a map, scientists suggest that the meteor that hit the Chicxulub peninsula which wiped out the dinosaurs would not have been as severe if the area wasn't so highly volcanic. The meteor essentially forced a cluster of violent eruptions and earthquakes that aided in the extiction event

  • @SachaCubesLatino
    @SachaCubesLatino Před 4 měsíci +182

    Just to add as a clarification. Both in Portuguese and in Spanish, the suffix -gon/gão in "patagón/patagão" is an augmentative suffix (aka it takes a word and makes it a "larger" version of itself), so Patagonia/Patagónia is indeed the "Land of (people with) big feet" if you will; at least etymologically.
    Growing up in Chile, I was always told that this name was allegedly chosen due to the natives in the area literally having an above average foot size.
    Source: I'm an EFL teacher from Chile who happens to also speak Portuguese.
    Have a nice day, everyone!

    • @Elizabeth_Paz
      @Elizabeth_Paz Před 4 měsíci +15

      I lived my entire childhood in Coyhaique, Chile, and we were told indigenous people used to wrap their feet with animal fur, that's why colonizers saw such big step marks on the snow. But ofc i dont know if it's true, i was just told so growing up there

    • @marcomartins3563
      @marcomartins3563 Před 4 měsíci +3

      I've heard they were just pretty fucking tall, and therefore they had large feet that left large step marks on the ground.

    • @ReinaDido
      @ReinaDido Před 4 měsíci +1

      Eso mismo estaba tratando de decir con mucho menos conocimiento. "Patagón" es pariente cercano de la palabra "Patón", lo que tiene sentido ya que siendo unos tipos tan altos, desde ya que iban a tener unos pies enormes.

  • @unnamedchannel8915
    @unnamedchannel8915 Před 4 měsíci +2

    Joe, thank you for the exciting and invaluable content every week ❤

  • @AlexTrusk91
    @AlexTrusk91 Před 4 měsíci +3

    Thank you for including both measurement systems. Especially on this one.

  • @eccentriconyt
    @eccentriconyt Před 3 měsíci

    Loved this video!
    Very informative and hype fueled.
    I have a passion and intrigue for this subject. Looking forward for many more to come! 👍

  • @squishy312
    @squishy312 Před 4 měsíci +7

    I'm 192 cm (6'3"), and my great grandpa was 200 cm (6'7"). My family is from western Finland. I don't know if the general population is taller there or not, but there have been a lot of tall people in my family. Most things seem small to me, but I can't imagine being any taller than I am. Things would get very inconvenient very fast.

    • @DigitalJedi
      @DigitalJedi Před 3 měsíci +2

      Fellow long guy checking in. The Dutch side of my family has been pretty consistently over 190cm for at least my great grandfather and later. I'm the longest of us right now at 2.1m. I do not fit on planes. My bike is a special size and comically large compared to normal 26" and 29" bikes my friends have.

    • @mikeoxmall69420
      @mikeoxmall69420 Před 2 měsíci

      Oh god the aeroplanes 😬😬😬

  • @Kierron85
    @Kierron85 Před měsícem +2

    I was surprised you didn’t mention the many newspaper articles from the 19th and 20th century in America that talk of finding giant skeletons in burial mounds, quite often with red hair too. Many of the articles end with something about the Smithsonian Institute taking the bones away for further examination and the stories never go any further. Would have been interesting what you could dig up and maybe debunk about those stories seeing as they seemed to be quite a regular occurrence for some time.

  • @klingoncowboy4
    @klingoncowboy4 Před 4 měsíci +268

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      I could see it. Also if they had some type of snow shoes, that might also make footprints larger. I mean, the myth of Bigfoot persists and there's zero proof. So something as innocent as misunderstood footprints could do it.

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    • @lemmypop1300
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      Serbian royal family in the middle ages were also quite tall, and one of them, Stefan Dušan was reportedly 2m13cm tall (7feet). He also had his guard who were close to his height gathered from all over Serbia and mercenaries from Europe, so they were quite intimidating indeed. The only one who managed to be taller than him was a standard bearer who was a Swede.

    • @marienkijne
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      The prussian king actually made large men from the army 'breed' with large women to try and make a guard of giants. Really messed up

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      @@marienkijne Remember Leslie Jones' "Slave Draft" skit from SNL? She's lamenting that a big strong woman like her can't get a date today but in slave times she would have been highly sought after. "Maybe I'll take my talents to North Carolina ... or Alabama."

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      MacArthur did the same when the Japanese delegation arrived in Manila to discuss surrender. He selected MPs that were 6'5" or taller as a tool to intimidate the delegation into thinking the avg US soldier were giants.

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      @@craigh5236 Yes, there were cannibalistic tribes in brazil, uruguay and north argentina, as in the caribbean, before and during the colonization. Some would do it more like in a ritualistic fashion, others would actually predate on other tribes

    • @gabrielvelozo8583
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      @@craigh5236 before and during the colonization. Until nowerdays we still have tribes so hidden in the rain forest that we can't contact, but i don't think that there is still cannibal tribes there. The artistic movement is somewhat recent, the ideia was to lean from european modernism and translate it to a nacional modernism, so the ideia of "eating" to gain the other strength, as a warrior ate the defeated one to gain his strength, so we should learn or "eat" the ideias of european modernism to create a nacional one.

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    My favorite (likely completely meritless, mind you) pet hypothesis I’ve heard on this subject is that Magellan encountered a pocket population of an extinct species of giant ground sloth that used to live in the area. Modern Gauchos in the region still have a Bigfoot-like legend but a key difference from Bigfoot is that their creature has a tail, which lines up with the extinct sloths. These creatures would have been quite tall (8-11 feet or roughly 3 meters) and walked upright similarly to humans. Again, likely a meritless idea but a fun one to think about all the same 🙂

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    Worth noting that the discovery of older manuscripts from around the 1st century have revealed that Goliath’s height was exaggerated greatly in later copies of the text. These all give Goliath’s height as 4 cubits and 1 span, or around 6’9”.

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    I think they just wanted something to hype up future return trips to the "New World." To keep people excited about it. Also, when you've got weeks on a ship as a return voyage, maybe a bit delirious from the travel, subsisting on dried and cured foodstuffs, you might amp up the details in your mind just from excitement. This was a time of tall tales, fish stories and one-ups in taverns, where every time someone tells a story, someone else has to do something to amp up the excitement of their own tale just to top it, otherwise no one would care to listen. I bet every time they told the story, the patagao got taller and taller.

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    Was fully prepared to sicc Miniminuteman on this video NGL but you definitely covered it well and highlighted that we DONT have real evidence for any "lost civilisations" of giants

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    • @user-un8tv1pp8m
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      I mean - every single christian taking the communion takes part in sympolic antrophagy - and if some researchers from Betegeuze showed up and asked about the practice?
      They would be told they eat the body and blood of some ancient carpenter who was human but also was created by some godly entity, to get the magical blessing of that god.
      Its not like its a rare practice in human history.

    • @HarryBuddhaPalm
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      There are also volcanoes in Mexico.

    • @Aconitum_napellus
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      ​@@user-un8tv1pp8mI mean, genuine cannibalism has been fairly common. Although, as in most of the Amazonian people's I'm aware of, the "cannibalism" was/is funerary cannibalism, a form of endocannibalism in which the dead of the tribe are consumed at least in some form.

    • @CJ16055
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    • @GregorBarclay
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      So is Magellan just bullshitting? It seems weird all these folk would make up stuff, or be so wildly off in their ball-parking of height. Like, you’ve have to be a moron to meet a dude of 6”6 and to later tell people he was 9 foot tall.

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    I believe that, with the wide variety of biodiversity that has existed on Earth over the ages, this is definitely somewhere between "possible" to "plausible" - especially if the race of humans was isolated. There are the conspiracy theories about giant skeletons that were unearthed in the early 1900s across North America. When the archaeologists sent them to the Smithsonian for cataloguing (and personal fame), everyone single one was lost - even though there are entries showing that they did arrive at the Smithsonian.

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    It's worth noting that in earlier manuscripts of Old Testament (found among Dead Sea Scrolls) describe Goliath as a big dude but not giant. I think it's easy to imagine how became "taller" over the centuries to make David's triumph even greater

    • @TheMinisterofDefence
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      i'm not disagreeing with you how easy it is for things to be exaggerated over time, but would also like to point out if this were just an issue of making things bigger over time, then you would also have to accept that the description of Goliath's weapons and armor were very consistently also exaggerated to match. not to mention his bones, which were said to have been kept at the temple until its destruction by the Babylonians in 589, some four hundred years after David's conquest of Goliath. Then of course we have all the other Biblical references to Giants, including their creation story as being the "sons of God and the daughters of men". i.e. demigod type creatures. I have no doubt that things DO get exaggerated over time, but it seems like within the Biblical narrative itself, there would have been no need to exaggerate. Of course, everyone is welcome to dis-believe these stories outright, but i'm not convinced that we necessarily have to look for a compromise. but that's my angle. i just appreciate that you brought up the biblical narrative. i love these topics, because there is so much fruit for discussion here.

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    The first person to circumnavigate the globe was a guy named Enrique, who left the area around Indonesia, went to Spain, then got on Magellan's voyage which ended up around the Indonesia area, where Enrique could finally fulfil his role as translator.
    I think he was an enslaved person, but I don't remember the details, or whether he took any part of this journey voluntarily.

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    ALSO, Joe, have you covered the story of the Volcano that appeared one day in the farm of a Mexican farmer during WW2?
    the Parícutin volcano.

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    • @nasis18
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      I remember reading about that. If I recall correctly, I think he hit a pocket of magma, and it started spewing out. After a year or so, the dome was several hundred feet high.

    • @JonMartinYXD
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      @@nasis18 No, you can't hit a pocket of magma and cause a volcano. By the time the magma gets that close to the surface it is coming up whether you like it or not. The family was out in their fields, a fissure opened up, steam and gasses started coming out, then lava. It happened fast enough that they actually got separated and didn't know if they all survived until they got reunited in town later in the day.

    • @leekestner1554
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      @@JonMartinYXD Was that when he was plowing and the plow stuck in the ground and the ox couldn't pull it out and he unhitched the ox and watched the fissure open up and consume the plow.

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    We often visit Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye (we are moving there next year) and there is a museum there, dedicated to the giant Angus MacAskill, who was born in the Hebrides (islands off the West coast of Scotland) and moved to Nova Scotia in Canada. He reportedly reached 8ft (2.44m) in height.
    EDIT: heh, you included him in the video. Awesome.

  • @dariasmeh
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    Hey @joescott - the only reference I found for Gravettians being in and from the Bosnia and area region is from one 1976 journal article that details the findings of remains in Bosnia. But all other references cite Gravettians being in Czechia to Italy, Spain and Portugal. Is what you found indicating that they moved into this Bosnian area, like settled in Bosnia before no longer being present as a community? Or that people in the Bosnian area inter-married/bred with Gravettian people and their genetics continue within current modern Bosnians and people in other countries in the area.

  • @censusgary
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    There are similar questions about the Karankawa (spelled various ways) people of southern Texas, who inhabited the area at the time of European contact. Early Spanish accounts said they were a tribe of giant cannibals. But there is no physical evidence of the Karankawa being 8 or 9 feet tall, and even less of them eating people. People still in the region who are their probable descendants are more or less average in height. The prevailing theory these days is that the Karankawa averaged a few inches taller than the average Spaniard, and fear and storytelling did the rest.

  • @poseidonkaneki8265
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    The legends most likely started by shoddy memories. The recorders wrote fantastical accounts and by the time the sailors returned home, months even years later, they exaggerated even more.
    And the legends persisted because for some reason many people prefer fantasies to reality, that’s why Bigfoot and Nessie persist without evidence

    • @MeganVictoriaKearns
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      Yes! Each time the story is retold it's (deliberately or unconsciously) exaggerated. By the time the sailors return to shore with their tales of adventure from their year+ at sea, a 6'2 man is now a literal giant. Makes absolute sense. (Well, to me it does.)

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    One word comes to mind!

  • @MDW1101
    @MDW1101 Před 4 měsíci

    Hey Joe, just a heads up. 7'4 was Andre's billed height. Every wrestler is exaggerated by at least 2 inches. In Andre's case it was more like 3 or 4 inches. At his tallest before he was very famous and older, he was around 7'1. By the time he died he had shrank down to about 6'9.

  • @elainegoad9777
    @elainegoad9777 Před 4 měsíci +38

    The Navajo, Hopi, Zuni etc... of Southwest USA have lots of stories about Giants. the Serpent Mount in Ohio is thought to have been built by Giants.

    • @rickiebansbach7871
      @rickiebansbach7871 Před 4 měsíci +13

      The red-haired giants of Nevada.

    • @Thurgosh_OG
      @Thurgosh_OG Před 4 měsíci +3

      Plenty of giants in Scottish and Irish lore. Two of them had a big fight, throwing huge stones across the Irish Sea at each other, creating the 'Giant's Causeway' as a by product; which can still be seem and walked on (a bit) on the coasts of both countries.

    • @S3lkie-Gutz
      @S3lkie-Gutz Před 4 měsíci +3

      In the Arctic circle too, in inuit creation stories the first race of humans were actually giants(tuniit or sivullirmiut in inuktitut) and were eventually succeeded by present day humans which might be describing proto-inuit or "Thule" culture succeeding sivullirmiut or "Dorset" culture in between 1500 AD-1000 AD, I won't be surprised if giants in oral legends were descriptions of cultures looking back at their predecessors that became obselete or wiped out through cultural shifts changes and transitions

    • @angelikaskoroszyn8495
      @angelikaskoroszyn8495 Před 4 měsíci

      I'm sorry but giant lore is boring. You just take a human and make them bigger. It's too easy to imagine how stories like this could independently evolve. Especially in cultures without systematic numbering system which BTW is a very new inventions
      Day 1: I've seen this tall man
      Day 2: my friend saw this huge man
      Day 3: my friend's friend saw a man so big he wouldn't fit in a hut
      Day 789: there're giants walking around

    • @cecilyerker
      @cecilyerker Před 4 měsíci +1

      @@angelikaskoroszyn8495we have skeletons of giant people, hard to fake that

  • @DamiesEvilTwin
    @DamiesEvilTwin Před 4 měsíci

    Ugh the hobbit hominids always gets me in the heart because of the way the found the fossils, like for some reason I just imagine the last of their kind huddled together and slowly dying off and wondering where everyone else was, I cry every time

  • @TheEbrithil2
    @TheEbrithil2 Před 4 měsíci +1

    Regarding the fossil connections to Griffins and Cyclopes, you might want to read Mark Wittons articles on the topic, "Unicorns, dragons, monsters and giants: palaeoart before palaeontology" and "Why Protoceratops almost certainly wasn't the inspiration for the griffin legend"
    Sorry for the large font, youtube app won't let me change it

  • @ReinaDido
    @ReinaDido Před 4 měsíci

    As far as I know, "Patagones" is an archaic form of the word "Patones", that is, "with big feet", which sounds logical when it comes to people as tall as the original inhabitants of that area were.
    I can't help but mention it so here it goes: I am Argentine, and two of my sisters live in Patagonia. Even the most casual and uninspired photo of an ordinary day in that area (which covers several provinces, but I am referring to Chubut and Ushuaia in particular) shows the beauty of those landscapes.

  • @jeffbrinkerhoff5121
    @jeffbrinkerhoff5121 Před 4 měsíci

    In northeast Indiana in the 60s three of my classmates were 7'+. The Heitz brothers at 7'3" and 7'4" and the bass player in my garage band was Chuck Bavis at 7'3".

  • @SeverinSnake
    @SeverinSnake Před 4 měsíci

    In the Odyssey, Homer spoke about Polyphemus, who lived with other giants, presumably living in different nearby caves, a sort of community, or race, in a region of Crete.

  • @markhoulsby359
    @markhoulsby359 Před 4 měsíci +37

    Great video, as always, thank you. I watched it on Nebula. A small heads-up: in Portuguese, the vowel pair aõ (with a tilds above the o) implies an invisible n, which should be pronounced. Hence Saõ Paolo is pronounced
    _San_ Paolo, and Patagaõ is Patagaon.

    • @windy110
      @windy110 Před 4 měsíci +1

      Sorry for the deleted reply, i misread the comment

    • @markhoulsby359
      @markhoulsby359 Před 4 měsíci +4

      @@windy110 No problem. If I had a penny for every time I did the equivalent, I'd have... nearly a dollar.

    • @nyeponpon
      @nyeponpon Před 4 měsíci +3

      The tild is usually above the A letter, unless it is a plural of some words:
      Lição - Lições
      Missão - Missões
      Pão - Pães
      Mãe- Mães
      Not sure if by San Paolo you meant the brazillian city, but that would be São Paulo for example :)

    • @markhoulsby359
      @markhoulsby359 Před 4 měsíci +2

      @@nyeponpon Thank you!

    • @Greksallad
      @Greksallad Před 4 měsíci +1

      I thought it was a nasal marker?

  • @nighthiker
    @nighthiker Před měsícem

    Haha... I'm a bit late to the party, but showing Nurkic instead of Jokic as an example of "basketball stars from that region" is the best way of telling people you don't know basketball without actually saying "I don't know basketball". :D
    Otherwise, great video as always, Joe!

  • @michaelewen5498
    @michaelewen5498 Před 4 měsíci +2

    What a great wedding gift for Wendigoon!

  • @martinmay1178
    @martinmay1178 Před 3 měsíci +1

    I grew up in ohio near a village called Seville. The most famous Seville residents were Martin and Anna Bates who were 7'9" and 7'11" respectively. In 1879 Anna gave birth to the largest newborn ever recorded at 23lbs 9oz. Sadly the baby boy only lived 11 hours. Anna died of heart failure at the age of 41 and Martin lived to be 81, making him the tallest known octogenarian in history.

  • @RuinedTemple
    @RuinedTemple Před 4 měsíci +1

    Of course it's possible.
    I might expect to see some changes in the skeletal structure once a separated population's average height reached a certain point.

  • @lazygazzzer
    @lazygazzzer Před 4 měsíci

    I saw land of the giants too. It was a Sci-fi television show from the 1960s. Those giants were big, man.

  • @jcarey568
    @jcarey568 Před 4 měsíci +35

    There may indeed have been a race of tall people in Argentina there are many tribes of short people in Latin America. If the two are juxtaposed, you could get one twice the height of the other. The race of giants may have fallen prey to small pox or some other old world disease.
    Lewis and Clark recounted tribes numerous and powerful on their trips, who were wiped out by disease in a few years.
    Humboldt recounts how Havana would lose tens of thousands every few years to malaria aka yellow fever.

    • @hackman669
      @hackman669 Před 4 měsíci


    • @kellydalstok8900
      @kellydalstok8900 Před 4 měsíci +2

      Spanish people still aren’t very tall in general. Anyone around 2 meters tall, which is not that uncommon where I live, would seem like a giant.
      We don’t think someone is uncommonly tall unless they’re over 2.10 meters.

    • @DatBoi-mo9vc
      @DatBoi-mo9vc Před 4 měsíci

      ​@@kellydalstok8900found someone from the land of giants

    • @AaronOfMpls
      @AaronOfMpls Před 4 měsíci +1

      @@kellydalstok8900 Plus in Magellan's day, lots of Europeans had their growth stunted by childhood illness and occasional malnutrition. The Americas didn't have nearly as much of either* until after Europeans arrived, so their native people were often a fair bit taller. Even in eastern North America, the English explorers and colonists of the 15-1600s often remarked on how tall and healthy the natives were.
      * due to lower population density, and almost no domestic animals to get diseases from

  • @glennsirishsetters-davidgl7752

    I have a silly malapropism… I’ve been a subscriber for I believe about 7-8 years. I’ve watched hundreds of Answers With Joe videos, in fact I’m certain it’s about 90% of all his videos. I just now today realized that at the end of the videos when he talks about Patreon he says Answerphiles, as in people who love answers… I’d always just kind of tuned out once he got to the outro and waited for the next vid to start, and I thought he was thanking some donor organization called the Anser Files.
    Apparently, I needed a slice of humble pie force fed to me today!

  • @leekestner1554
    @leekestner1554 Před 4 měsíci +1

    There is a silent Japanese film from the earliest moving pictures. It is a film depicting an parade in which a Japanese giant is walking in the parade. He was huge and built like a sumo wrestler. He told the Japanese who asked him to march in the parade that he was the last of a giant people.

  • @sebastianguajardo4949
    @sebastianguajardo4949 Před 4 měsíci +6

    Hello, just as you and many others in the comments got right, “Patagonia” could be translate to “Land of Bigfoot” (nothing to do with Bigfoot from the US). However that name most likely was given due to indigenous people in Patagonia used animal skin, primarily seal or sea wolf, as a snowshoe. Despite the fact that the average height of “patagones” like Selknam was about 6’6”, not surprisingly big for modern heights, nevertheless we have to take into account that the average height of Spanish and Portuguese explorers at that time was about 5’5”, where the difference is much more noticeable.
    As to what happened to them (Giants), at least in Patagonia, they were literally hunted down in the 1800’s by mercenaries who were paid for every giant head they brought. This is the biggest reason why their genes were not passed down and we don’t see any giants in Patagonia anymore. This is actually quite well documented by a priest who went on an expedition to learn about this giants. (I can’t remember his name)
    Overall a really good video, but there is no need for much speculation and/or a connection with legends, at least not in the case of Patagonia. This is a rather interesting topic and one can talk about for hours. Keep up the good work!