3 Japanese SUSHI Puzzles!! 🤯

  • čas přidán 11. 10. 2021
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  • Desert Smeagol

    These Japanese puzzles are so cool. I love it when puzzles don’t rely on electronic mechanisms and are all handcrafted mechanical mechanisms

  • Christina Linadingdong

    i feel like the hardest part of these puzzles is chris being able to do all of them with one hand while holding the camera

  • 💚Yoshika💜

    "Hey wheres my chopsticks?"

  • Bobbi Catton

    I love the chopsticks puzzle. That would sure make a great conversation piece to pull that out at dinner😆

  • あか
    あか  +81


  • ハムケツ太郎


  • Jeff Rinks

    I'm building a Lego Puzzle just for you and it is almost ready to be sent to you... I just need to do a little more work upon it and then it's yours to keep!!!

  • 神宝
    神宝  +11


  • Danni Antagonist

    These are really neat 🥰

  • GlitchlessYT

    "This is a shrimp tempura"

  • Marina Zakhary

    I just discovered this channel and I’m already obsessed with the Japanese puzzles!! They’re awesome!


    Yes 👍 yes I’m going home lol I have no idea how I can help lol lol 😆 I’m going to try and do some stuff lol

  • かず
    かず  +851

    “Three Japanese sushi puzzles”

  • Lynxox
    Lynxox  +5

    Imagine you couldn’t do the tempura one and you threw it on the ground out of rage and actually solved it

  • Allison Kolacek

    Omg that was so cool! I loved it 🥰 plz share more of these type's of videos ty!

  • Iron Spider

    I never knew “sushi” was a genre of puzzle

  • sauce?
    sauce?  +1

    "You're not eating until you solve this puzzle"

  • Leafhawk Studios official

    I want that bento one it looks so precious-

  • Bulbous Kiwi Cat ε

    These are really cute and I want a whole shelf of Japanese puzzles like these in my house

  • くるくるきのこ