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Are Oregon and Ohio State locks to make the CFP in 2024? | Always College Football

  • čas přidán 20. 02. 2024
  • Oregon, Washington, USC and UCLA will make their way to the Big Ten - who will be most prepared to make the CFP from that group? Plus, Ohio State feels like a lock for the CFP - can Michigan (with a new head coach get back), is Penn State ready to take the next step? Is there a surprise team in Wisconsin, Nebraska or Iowa? Greg McElroy breaks it all down, plus, why is Texas still getting mad at “horns down”?
    0:00 Intro
    2:00 The B1G non conference schedule is DOPE next year
    9:00 Ohio State is stacked and a lock for the ‘24 CFP
    13:45 Oregon is in a new league, shouldn’t slow them down
    18:35 Michigan under Moore will still be good - can they get back to the CFP?
    25:25 Penn State should win 10 games - that’s enough for the CFP right?
    30:25 Can USC win in the B1G & make the CFP?
    33:40 Can Iowa make a serious threat to the CFP in 2024?
    37:00 A few other B1G teams to keep an eye on
    38:25 Wisconsin hiring ex-USC DC Alex Grinch as safeties coach
    39:25 Iowa to hire Packers' analyst Tim Lester as OC
    42:00 ACC unveils full 17-team 2024 football schedule
    42:45 Why does Texas care about “horns down?”
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Komentáře • 293

    @ODUCKSFAN1 Před 22 dny +42

    Oregon vs Ohio State game will be a BIG10 EPIC game. I can’t wait anymore. GO DUCKS

    • @leakedclipsdaily
      @leakedclipsdaily Před 22 dny +4

      They might play each other 2-3 times.

    • @kion111
      @kion111 Před 22 dny +4

      Good luck as a bucks fan 🤞🤞

      @ODUCKSFAN1 Před 22 dny +5

      @@kion111 likewise as a DUCK fan

    • @wattsinc.
      @wattsinc. Před 22 dny +4

      ​@@ODUCKSFAN1honestly welcome to the big ten

      @ODUCKSFAN1 Před 22 dny +4

      @@wattsinc. as a DUCK fan, I much appreciate being part of this conference

  • @kev614
    @kev614 Před 22 dny +52

    we haven’t finished outside of the top 12 since fluke 2011 for obvious reasons.. before that 2004. We are playoff locks with the team we bring back. As for Oregon they’ll go 10-2 at worst i think 11-1/12-0 if they can beat us at home which will be a great game. They could slip up at Michigan or Wisconsin maybe

      @ODUCKSFAN1 Před 22 dny +18

      Ohio State is not playing Oregon at the shoe next season. They’ll be going to AUTZEN, bro.

    • @Drew-be5dh
      @Drew-be5dh Před 22 dny +5

      @@ODUCKSFAN1That sucks for Ohio state 😂

      @ODUCKSFAN1 Před 22 dny +3

      @@Drew-be5dhearly season match up of premier football teams is not favorable for visiting teams. But who knows. My DUCKS chance is above Ohio State at this point.

    • @sportbikejesus6297
      @sportbikejesus6297 Před 22 dny +6

      Exactly. This video is dumb. “Are 2 teams that narrowly miss the 4 team playoff every year a lock to be in the top 12?”

    • @kev614
      @kev614 Před 22 dny +4

      @@ODUCKSFAN1 that’s why i said “if they can beat us at home “ lol

  • @XxBonzeD4Kill4xX
    @XxBonzeD4Kill4xX Před 22 dny +41

    Oregon vs OSU will be fireworks

    • @simsryan1991
      @simsryan1991 Před 22 dny

      And I can’t wait

    • @jayminbernhardt4952
      @jayminbernhardt4952 Před 21 dnem +2

      Which one? Oregon State still exists lol

    • @joeyhenriques7289
      @joeyhenriques7289 Před 18 dny

      @@jayminbernhardt4952 Guarantee you the Autzen student section is gonna have a field day coming up with “OSU” chants.

    • @3rdandlong
      @3rdandlong Před 16 dny +3

      That sums it up. Beyond epic. Hope Chris Fowler is calling it for TV. I plan on being there. Hope Game Day is too.

    • @timonacciglass9587
      @timonacciglass9587 Před 11 dny +1

      I spun off the road in snow storm pre-cell phones on I-5 & waved down a ride who ended up being an Oregon St fan & we talked sh$t the entire ride to gas station yet we ended ride with mad respect for each other
      Unfortunately OSU is spiraling into Jr college level which SUCKS... I REALLY HOPE THEY FIND A WAY BACK INTO MAJOR COLLEGE FOOTBALL

  • @noah.conley
    @noah.conley Před 22 dny +32

    Absolutely they are the clear two best teams in the big ten in 2024!!!

    • @michaelmcgregor007
      @michaelmcgregor007 Před 22 dny +4

      And it ain’t cellar dwellers from East Landfill

    • @noah.conley
      @noah.conley Před 22 dny

      @@michaelmcgregor007 Crisler Center is more like a graveyard… crazy how bad Michigan basketball has fallen

  • @zoam7881
    @zoam7881 Před 22 dny +22

    When you look at the rosters of Ohio State and Oregon, they have talent and depth at every position. Neither team really has a hole in the roster that needs to be filled. They are probably done with the portal unless an amazing talent becomes available.

    • @freeclimb5487
      @freeclimb5487 Před 21 dnem

      Guess you don't count the offensive and defensive line. When assessing a team. ohio hasn't addressed that need at all. ohio Soft university.

    • @zoam7881
      @zoam7881 Před 21 dnem +1

      @@freeclimb5487 But, it's a B1G line compared to a P12 line. Right?

    • @trey4756
      @trey4756 Před 21 dnem +2

      @@freeclimb5487soft? Hating bro🤣🤣

    • @sleipnir7124
      @sleipnir7124 Před 19 dny +2

      @@freeclimb5487I give your team due respect for having good lines and a great D this year. I think you guys might even have been able to make some noise without cheating. But how is it that OSU is soft? Where do you get that? They just finished an 11-2 season with one loss a meaningless bowl game and the other against the eventual champ in thier house by 6. Even without considering the multiyear cheating upon which their recent success is based, that is not too shabby. Certainly not OSU standard, but also not exactly chopped liver. Let's see how the Game turns out this year. Should be a banger!

    • @georgelillard1136
      @georgelillard1136 Před 11 dny

      @@zoam7881 Lanning has recruited like a SEC team, big and fast everywhere on both sides of the ball

  • @DuckRon626
    @DuckRon626 Před 22 dny +12

    The Hawaii game for Oregon has been taken off the schedule. The Ducks now play 12 games, not 13.

      @ODUCKSFAN1 Před 22 dny +3

      I was bummed out when they canceled that. I wanted to see them play 13 games

  • @AliFrankTheTank
    @AliFrankTheTank Před 22 dny +10

    as a Buckeye fan, i said it before and will say again .. with this Squad, Day must be the Ducks, Michigan and win at least 2 PlayOff games.

    • @taxisquad11
      @taxisquad11 Před 3 dny

      SILLINESS......with a 12 team playoff you get in with 2 losses maybe 3

  • @davidcole2337
    @davidcole2337 Před 22 dny +8

    No one is ever Lock but there is better chance for Oregon, Ohio St to make 12 Team Playoff just like Georgia and Texas are best 2 in SEC to make 12 Team Playoff..

  • @ncaafan225
    @ncaafan225 Před 22 dny +10

    The oregon vs ohio state trilogy would be crazy if it happens. Eugene, Indy, and wherever the title is

    • @peteradamski
      @peteradamski Před 20 dny +1

      That was exactly my thought!! 🤣 Oct 12 will be an absolute instant classic and I am sure is the preview for the B1G championship. Then depending on how seeding goes, OSU and Oregon rematch for the natty would be epic.

    • @lfbpfishing7818
      @lfbpfishing7818 Před 19 dny

      In this scenario does Oregon win in Eugene and then lose in the title game or do they lose in Eugene and win in the title game? Neither team can lose both match ups and make it I think. Unless they are 3 points or fewer victories I think whoever loses 2 will be out completely. Could be wrong.

    • @tannerpayton4130
      @tannerpayton4130 Před 19 dny

      if they are 10-2 they'd make it unless they had a bunch of close calls and got blown out in those losses.@@lfbpfishing7818

    • @Zoetropeification
      @Zoetropeification Před 18 dny

      ​@@lfbpfishing7818Ducks win in Eugene and lose in Indy.

    • @3rdandlong
      @3rdandlong Před 16 dny

      @@peteradamski It would be payback for Oregon if that happened. Oregon owes them one.

  • @musicbyTaraRose
    @musicbyTaraRose Před 22 dny +7

    Can't wait for October 12 - Oregon hosting tOSU is going to be great...Autzen will be rockin' - Go Ducks

    • @andrewmohrmann3599
      @andrewmohrmann3599 Před 21 dnem

      Shame the Ducks can’t have Thibideaux for this game seeing as he missed the last Ohio State game! Guess Matayo and Burch will have to do their best imitation!

    • @lfbpfishing7818
      @lfbpfishing7818 Před 19 dny

      I can't wait to feel the buzz in the air! The zoo will be crazy!
      Go Ducks 🦆🦆🦆

  • @zackfletcher687
    @zackfletcher687 Před 22 dny

    love season previews, great episode👏🏻

  • @fortshucker
    @fortshucker Před 21 dnem +3

    The biggest thing this season are the new PAC teams coming in. The Big plays good defense while the Pac teams are more offensive oriented. Should be entertaining.

  • @lifeofbrandon_
    @lifeofbrandon_ Před 22 dny +1

    Can’t believe we got an all big 10 pod

  • @OregonMan07
    @OregonMan07 Před 22 dny +2

    Tbh both teams are pretty even. You could say that either team is better than the other but still pretty similar. I think a big factor in this game is it being a home game for Oregon. There is also a possibility this game could be 1/3!

    • @peteradamski
      @peteradamski Před 20 dny

      Autzen is a hard place for visiting teams, so it definitely goes in the Ducks favor hosting OSU.

  • @09flstcmcodonnell42
    @09flstcmcodonnell42 Před 22 dny +5

    Ohio State hasn't spent any nil money up till this year other teams have been spending it for 2 years

  • @sleipnir7124
    @sleipnir7124 Před 19 dny

    Ohio State fan who shares your optimism! I also agree that Oregon looks really good and is set up for long term success. I will be very interested to see how PSU plays this year. I felt like they were holding Allar back a bit and tbh I thought he had too much on his shoulders this year at his young age. One year later in the system? Might see a spike. Either way, should be a great season!

  • @charlesfriebis7954
    @charlesfriebis7954 Před 19 dny +1

    10-2 in a conference like the B1G will most likely lock up a spot in the top 12, at the end of regular season. I would be a little shocked if there are not 3 B1G teams in the 12 team CFP. There is a chance a 3 loss B1G team is looking at sneaking into the playoff, depending on what kind of wins they get and how they look in t he losses.

  • @user-tk7md9nj1j
    @user-tk7md9nj1j Před 22 dny +2

    I think these teams finish 11-1/12-0. Just whoever loses/win this game determines which. Thier both in

  • @MichaelWilson-gi3gp
    @MichaelWilson-gi3gp Před 21 dnem +2

    Not being Cocky at all but Thee Buckeye Nation will always make the 12 because they Recruit on the highest level 😎Now it’s time to win it all

  • @christiankennedy142
    @christiankennedy142 Před 17 dny

    College football all is about to be the best it ever has been

  • @DaronHoward
    @DaronHoward Před 22 dny +2

    2:03 …only a 90% chance that Ohio State ends the regular season in the Top 12 and makes the playoffs? They’ve been perennially top 5.

  • @vabuckeye23701
    @vabuckeye23701 Před 20 dny

    Are you forgetting Harbaugh was still coaching and installing the game plan Sunday thru Friday and all Moore had to do was manage the game plan? Now he has to do it all. BIG difference!

  • @zoltankent5630
    @zoltankent5630 Před 22 dny +8

    Go ducks we commin for everybody

  • @demetriusevans4139
    @demetriusevans4139 Před 22 dny +4

    Y'all already know us Buckeye fans are borderline delusional and never satisfied lol. But listen, with all of the talent coming back, landed from the portal and another top 5 recruiting class, there is no way we're going to be happy about "just" making a 12-team playoff. No, we expect to make a 12 team playoff ANY season, so to have this much talent and money spent , it's pretty much the natty or bust

    • @wattsinc.
      @wattsinc. Před 22 dny +1

      The defense if it is just as good we are natty bound

    • @taxisquad11
      @taxisquad11 Před 3 dny

      "natty or bust is ignorant"

  • @JulianRodriguez-sn6nr
    @JulianRodriguez-sn6nr Před 22 dny +3

    As a Penn State fan they have a lot and I mean a lot to prove before crowning them as the,"second best team in the Big 10".

    • @grantlund1152
      @grantlund1152 Před 21 dnem +1

      I am a duck fan and agree with you completely. Let's see how we do before we put ourselves in that position.

    • @JulianRodriguez-sn6nr
      @JulianRodriguez-sn6nr Před 21 dnem +1

      @@grantlund1152 Tbh you guys are more than equipped than Penn State is to take that next step in the Big 10

    • @Jrm-xs9qi
      @Jrm-xs9qi Před 19 dny

      @@JulianRodriguez-sn6nr Oregon mauls pennstate by 3 touchdowns tbh pennstate absolutely is dog 💩

    • @JulianRodriguez-sn6nr
      @JulianRodriguez-sn6nr Před 17 dny

      @@Jrm-xs9qi Kinda how Oregon got mauled twice by Washington right lmfaooo

    • @Jrm-xs9qi
      @Jrm-xs9qi Před 17 dny

      @@JulianRodriguez-sn6nr dood Washington beat Oregon by 3 twice that’s not mauling 🤣🤣🤣

  • @user-xx6og1sn4o
    @user-xx6og1sn4o Před 22 dny

    On paper I would agree that the 2024 Buckeyes look to be the team to beat, but I recall looking on the paper at roster in 2015.

    • @wattsinc.
      @wattsinc. Před 22 dny

      Defense. Ohio st lost very few and gained alot more.

  • @timonacciglass9587
    @timonacciglass9587 Před 11 dny

    I spun off the road in snow storm pre-cell phones on I-5 & waved down a ride who ended up being an Oregon St fan & we
    talked sh$t the entire ride to gas station yet we ended ride with mad respect for each other
    Unfortunately OSU is spiraling into Jr college level which SUCKS... REALLY HOPE THEY FIND A WAY BACK INTO MAJOR COLLEGE FOOTBALL

    • @taxisquad11
      @taxisquad11 Před 3 dny

      17-4 against U of M since 2001 is hardly "Jr college level" LOLOLOL

    • @timonacciglass9587
      @timonacciglass9587 Před 3 dny

      @taxisquad11 No bro I was talking about Oregon State ... I mean I have sh$t talking rights against Ohio St since beat them at their stadium last but I have MAD RESPECT for Ohio St & EXTREMELY EXCITED to play next season & hopefully every year after ... let's get it ... ultimately I'm high fiving Ohio St fans cause we haven't had enough games against each other be hating rivals but let's put on a show yearly to see some best college football in history

  • @drnantz
    @drnantz Před 21 dnem +3

    Ohio State has had 5 of the last 8 NFL rookies of the year.

    • @andrewmohrmann3599
      @andrewmohrmann3599 Před 21 dnem

      Serious question: Ohio State has a top 5 talented team every year, they put a ton of talent into the NFL annually, is it purely on Ryan Day that they can’t win the big games (aka the game and the playoffs)?
      I just don’t get how you can have all that skill but not cash it into conference titles and nattys.
      - a genuinely inquisitive Duck Fan, can’t wait til the clash at Autzen!

    • @southfieldtrill9690
      @southfieldtrill9690 Před dnem

      ​@@andrewmohrmann3599That's the issue of having to replace players that leave early year.

  • @3rdandlong
    @3rdandlong Před 16 dny

    There is no way Dan Lanning is going to lose to Ohio St. He will be prepared. You just have to believe he will (if not now) have that match up in back of his mind in the Spring during camp. All of college football media geeks will be watching. It will be epic.

  • @Calico341
    @Calico341 Před 21 dnem +3

    1. Georgia
    2. Ohio State
    3. Oregon
    4. Texas

  • @Brandontheduck
    @Brandontheduck Před 19 dny

    Not gonna lie when Bo first came to Oregon I doubted him. Sure hope these NFL teams don’t, he’s gonna be a good one for whoever is lucky enough to draft him.

  • @ramspencer5492
    @ramspencer5492 Před 22 dny +1

    Yep. I think they're pretty much locks in the CFP. They're likely to have to play each other twice... In the conference championship game.
    I thought Michigan had 9 starters on defense
    Alone leaving for the draft. If give them at most a 50% chance of making the playoffs.
    USC has the potential for a bounce back year.... We'll see
    I don't think Penn State is the second best team, even on paper. They're good though... They also have a pretty manageable schedule.

    • @taxisquad11
      @taxisquad11 Před 3 dny

      ESPN has them missing the playoffs

  • @NateBee
    @NateBee Před 22 dny +3

    They will probably revise the auto bids before the start of the season. There should be 5 SEC and 5 Big Ten teams in each playoff.

    • @OSU2010
      @OSU2010 Před 22 dny +1

      Yea I agree in what world should a FBS ranked 25 team should be in😂 over even a 3 loss big 10

  • @julesbeats
    @julesbeats Před 21 dnem

    Considering it's 12 teams, the answer is unequivocally yes.

  • @LostEquation21
    @LostEquation21 Před 22 dny +1

    Oct 12 will be CRAZY. && i said same thing bout Purdue for my ducks. Weather we win or loose to Ostate gotta watch Purdue. Wisconsin could be tricky with weather but think they just dont have firepower yet. But for Oregon && Ohio state. im leaning more 11-1ish boarderline 12&0. Gonna be hard to run table. But niether looses 3 games. With these schedules.

    • @wattsinc.
      @wattsinc. Před 22 dny

      Purdue is literally a season destroyer sometimes

    • @LostEquation21
      @LostEquation21 Před 21 dnem

      @@wattsinc. FACTS. && with that game right after Ohio State. This is where Dan Lanning coaching will come clutch and how he prepares. Anybody else since Chip. We definitely loose.

    • @LostEquation21
      @LostEquation21 Před 21 dnem

      @@wattsinc. Regardless we gotta watch em. Especially if we win. We gotta be back to business as usual

    • @taxisquad11
      @taxisquad11 Před 3 dny

      NOT required to run the table with 12 team playoff, Coaches won't be playing to win every game when it can kill players going into 12 team play off

    • @LostEquation21
      @LostEquation21 Před 3 dny

      @@taxisquad11 Shitd Dan Lanning ain't thinking like that. We have a TON of depth at EVERY position cept Safety. Dan ain't thinking let's just make playoffs.... He trying to go UNDEFEATED no matter what it takes.

  • @wattsinc.
    @wattsinc. Před 22 dny +2

    Michigan proved split backs work and it worked in the nfl taking Detroit to nfc championship and almost a Superbowl without the mistakes and now ohio state. I see it coming back more and more and its enjoyable

    • @LostEquation21
      @LostEquation21 Před 21 dnem +1

      Oregon RBU we been running split backs for decades. But actually think Oregons worst backfield was CJ verdell and Travis dye 🤔 Now that's saying something.

    • @wattsinc.
      @wattsinc. Před 21 dnem +1

      @@LostEquation21 true sorry i have only watched big ten usually and Ohio st doesn't naturally match up. So if they both run that scheme id really enjoy it

    • @taxisquad11
      @taxisquad11 Před 3 dny

      michigan rarely had Corum and Edwards in the backfield at the same time

    • @LostEquation21
      @LostEquation21 Před 3 dny

      @@taxisquad11 he's not talking both in backfield he's saying the split carries.

    • @taxisquad11
      @taxisquad11 Před 3 dny

      @@LostEquation21 then why not say so

  • @la7era1u54
    @la7era1u54 Před 5 dny

    The Big 10 will probably get more teams into the playoff than the SEC. There is a lot more "fluff" in the Big 10 for the good teams to take advantage of. In the Big 10 there are a few great teams, a couple of decent teams, and the rest are marshmallows

  • @trmullins2
    @trmullins2 Před 22 dny

    Why did Moore have to take over?

  • @christophervolk4013
    @christophervolk4013 Před 22 dny

    They can play each other 3 times this year.

  • @roycegrados536
    @roycegrados536 Před 22 dny +1

    I think we got Ohio State at home but idk if we can beat them twice We’ll see

    • @SR-hf3hx
      @SR-hf3hx Před 21 dnem

      Welcome to the big 10....Ohio st will wet the bed, you'll see....your lines are way better

  • @robschaller9061
    @robschaller9061 Před 22 dny +1

    Beating OSU in 2024 will prove to be a nearly insurmoutable task. OSU loses Josh Proctor to the NFL (exhausted eligiblilty) and Caleb Downs steps in his spot. ALL OF THE REMAING peices off the nations best pass defense if anything have an UPGRADE. Plus they are deep with depth. The DL returns everyone except Hall. This defense is going to be a PROBLEM for opposing offenses. If you are going to beat OSU you better have a top 5 defense because youre going to have to win games like Missouri did 14-3 and With the changes Day has made with the OFFENSE, you aint holding OSU to 3

  • @davemiller6155
    @davemiller6155 Před 22 dny +3

    Oregon is an uptick, however, the Achilles heel for Ohio is Ryan Day.

  • @swimtexas07
    @swimtexas07 Před 22 dny

    You had Oregon playing 13 games?

  • @jorgebautista4650
    @jorgebautista4650 Před 22 dny

    Am I counting wrong, or is Oregon playing 13 games instead of 12?

    • @theslayer8071
      @theslayer8071 Před 22 dny +2

      The original 2024 schedule had them playing 13. It has been changed to 12. Hawaii game has been scrubbed

  • @rickolson3114
    @rickolson3114 Před 22 dny

    You driving electric?

    @ODUCKSFAN1 Před 22 dny +1

    I can’t believe this guy. I can really tell he’s a SEC homer. Saying, he thinks only few teams in the BIG10 will make the playoff next season and 8 teams in the SEC. This is the reason why i don’t watch GREG MCELROY’s podcast that much. He just wants bunches of SEC teams to be in it. If he can take all 12, he will. He’s obviously big time BIAS.

    • @gregjacksun
      @gregjacksun Před 22 dny

      His logic is sound. The B1G is going to be a bruiser. Harder to survive. If anything - it's a compliment.

  • @Number3boyz
    @Number3boyz Před 21 dnem +1

    Takes a lot of effort for Greg to say Ohio state. However I lack respect for anyone who can’t even acknowledge Michigan was cheating for three years and hurt college football. Say it how it is, Michigan right now is a dumpster fire. There top four players are looking in the portal right now. Might even wait till spring.
    I love honest, straight up podcasters. Don’t hold back.

  • @elicole4039
    @elicole4039 Před 21 dnem

    Ohio state def will be our hardest challenge, if we beat them wel be 12-0 I think

    • @taxisquad11
      @taxisquad11 Před 3 dny

      killing players to win 12 games is now stupid, with a 12 team play off

  • @vincentrivera9408
    @vincentrivera9408 Před 22 dny

    Neither team is a lock for the playoff. Oregon is going to have to adjust to the week to week grind of the BIG. The games in late October-mid November are going to be a shock. Expect them to suffer some important injuries as well. It's just how it goes.
    As far as Ohio St, they are not more talented this year compared to the last, and the assumption is that they will somehow make it work with Will Howard. He is going to have to adjust to the conference where there are elite defenses and the expectation of being "The guy". Ohio St will also be learning a new offensive system and that has a higher likelihood of being a step back compared to lighting the world on fire. They have great skill players coming in but the ones they currently have are overrated. I would say a few in the last two years were border line busts. Both teams are going to have to show they can be tough because I don't see it getting easier for either.
    The only thing helping both teams is that Michigan likely falls to middle of the pack in 2024.

    • @JoeyAugustine
      @JoeyAugustine Před 22 dny +1

      Who are the bust Ohio State has on the team? Ohio State backups could start on almost any team!!!!

    • @cruzkoward5093
      @cruzkoward5093 Před 22 dny +5

      I’m tired of the narrative of “week to week grind” in the big 10 the power 5 middle of the road teams are about the same but the big 10 also has some horrible teams.. the pac 12 was hard to go undefeated bc of the different play styles which means more adjustments and on top of that all the elite QB play but the big 10 every team tries to play power football and play the same so it’ll be almost easier for Oregon to adjust.. Oregon is a physical team w big 10 SEC size/talent up front on both sides w Pac 12 speed at skill positions… Oregons first year in the conf their schedule is pretty easy I expect no drop off esp with how Oregon plays unranked opponents they don’t play w food it’s almost always a blowout… Ohio St and Michigan are the toughest games on their schedule.. Wisconsin in November is no slouch either but still that’s the same Wisconsin team that took a L to Washington St I think Oregon will be fine.. the big 10 has really been just Ohio St and Michigan and the rest have been irrelevant

    • @hightopdaf
      @hightopdaf Před 22 dny

      You are a idiot if you think last years team is better simple

    • @vincentrivera9408
      @vincentrivera9408 Před 21 dnem +1

      I am not saying that Oregon won't have a shot. What I am saying is that the league is just different. It's a better league than the Pac 12. They have just as much skill and the bodies are just bigger. The coaches play to a formula and style that puts games into stalemates. Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois grind games down and before you know it, you only had 3 possessions in a half, and the game is close. There are no weeks off, and the environments are far more difficult to play in than the PAC12. I too believe that Oregon is built well for the BIG and that they will ultimately be fine but there will be an adjustment. They are not just going to walk in and dominate. @@cruzkoward5093

    • @vincentrivera9408
      @vincentrivera9408 Před 21 dnem

      Ohio St's back ups have fallen off. I am acknowledging the portal additions and signing class but the guys you have left in the receiving room and rb room are not exactly evoking confidence (The QB room isn't too hot either). Mulitple guys left for the portal (Wr, RB, TE), and Ebuka is a good second option but possibly the most overhyped player in the country. I know his stats but they are inflated by constantly being around other elite WR's that freed him up for 1 on 1s. With Fleming gone, he has to be that guy and unbiased tOSU fans know he isn't. The running back situation has also been disappointing. Henderson is overhyped. When healthy, he is just a straight line runner with bad vision. Will tOSU beat the Purdues and Northwesterns? Yeah. But those upper middle of the pack teams will be licking their lips. The easy schedules they constantly receive is not going to save them anymore. @@JoeyAugustine

  • @coastingalong
    @coastingalong Před 22 dny

    well with the new 12 team playoff everyone is a contender so this makes no sense

  • @Mmmmmk247
    @Mmmmmk247 Před 21 dnem +1

    Gonna laugh if OSU drops 3 games this year and gets left out 😂

    • @taxisquad11
      @taxisquad11 Před 3 dny +1

      bigger laugh when the defending national champs misses the TWELVE team playoff LOLOL

    • @southfieldtrill9690
      @southfieldtrill9690 Před dnem

      Same talk every year.

  • @Erik_The_Viking
    @Erik_The_Viking Před 22 dny +4

    If OSU doesn't make the CFP this year, Ryan Day will be looking for a new job. There will be no excuses from their fan base. Period.

  • @frankkluz9787
    @frankkluz9787 Před 22 dny

    T - OSU has been the highest ranked team - "post season'' - on average - since 1936 when polls began !!! OU is a very close 2nd. = Both schools have shown a rare consistency for being very good every year. - - - This very well could be Ryan Day's 1st Natty ? The team he has assembled - so far - just in Jan. - for 2024 is scary - on paper. > And perhaps he's not done ! Has to be a '''historical accomplishment''' already - much less 'if' he adds more to it - which is possible !?!?!? - - - Oregon to me appears to be an early #3 - or maybe Texas - to Georgia & Ohio State. - - - As of now - it looks like Georgia & Ohio State are close to equal and above the rest. 🤔 Isn't this '''why''' they play the games ? 🏈 ❤🍺

    • @Jrm-xs9qi
      @Jrm-xs9qi Před 19 dny

      Yea because they payed players illegally under the tables for decades like bama did. So what’s your point? Having a top 5 draft class for the past 10 years since your guys last natty and paying players absurd amounts of money and still lose. Ryan day is a terrible coach and his staff is even worse

    • @frankkluz9787
      @frankkluz9787 Před 19 dny

      MAN - you need professional help.@@Jrm-xs9qi

  • @puddles1458
    @puddles1458 Před 21 dnem

    Oregon will finish 11-1 with a loss at Michigan by 3 points best case scenario. 10-2 at worst. Oregon's roster rival's Ohio states. They are loaded on offense and defense. Dan Lanning understands to win a national championship he'll need an elite defense and he's building that in Eugene.

  • @Davidjacquat-wi7qz
    @Davidjacquat-wi7qz Před 11 dny

    When you say, in the hood, we know you are talking about USC

  • @godstruepurpose4577
    @godstruepurpose4577 Před 22 dny

    I already see now that there well be teams left out in the SEC that are better than several playoff teams. The SEC is stacked

    • @wattsinc.
      @wattsinc. Před 22 dny

      Big ten and sec are mostly filling out the rest besides the automatic bids

  • @petekaufman5880
    @petekaufman5880 Před 22 dny +1

    SCs defense will surprise people. They’ve recruited well the past two cycles and returned a lot. Their defensive staff is an elite staff. People can laugh or hate but don’t be shocked

    • @musicbyTaraRose
      @musicbyTaraRose Před 22 dny

      we'll see - get a BIG early test vs LSU in Vegas - and as usual Trojans have a brutal schedule...

    • @petekaufman5880
      @petekaufman5880 Před 21 dnem

      @@musicbyTaraRose ohh absolutely they’re playing 11 Power 5 teams. Their Non Conference is as difficult as anyone’s. However they have some solid coaches for the defense. I’m excited and anyone can laugh but SC will be just fine. LR only needs an Average.. not even good, Average defense and they’re right there.

  • @jimno8763
    @jimno8763 Před 16 dny

    Oregon is playing 13 regular season games with no bye?

    • @whatlol_e
      @whatlol_e Před 14 dny

      nah just 12 they removed hawaii

  • @OfficiallyOrca
    @OfficiallyOrca Před 22 dny +2

    12 teams finally get the Penn State and Miami level programs a shot. This isn't a debate about the normal top-four teams. Georgia Alabama and OhioState will never miss the playoffs unless those schools stop playing football.

  • @sportbikejesus6297
    @sportbikejesus6297 Před 20 dny

    Everybody is a lock to make the CFP now. There are fewer than 12 good teams in NCAAF and since you shouldn't talk about or even care about any bad teams, the "world" consists of fewer than 12 teams. Therefore, all of the teams should make the CFP. From now on, you should only discuss who can or cannot make the semifinals. Don't let this stupid decision to expand to 12 teams dilute college football discussions.

  • @SR-hf3hx
    @SR-hf3hx Před 21 dnem +1

    Someone from the SEC will win the title. Oregon and ohio st have great rosters but they always come up short. Until they prove otherwise i cant pick them

  • @jeffzuiderveen7266
    @jeffzuiderveen7266 Před 21 dnem +1

    Soooo, with a straight face....there will be more SEC teams in the playoffs than the Big10? I know this is ESPN but come on dude.
    SEC...UGA, Bama, Texas (no, LSU won't make it)
    ACC.... FSU (no matter what in 2024)
    Big10...Ohio State, Oregon, Penn State, Washington, Michigan, USC
    Notre Dame

  • @09flstcmcodonnell42
    @09flstcmcodonnell42 Před 22 dny +1

    Tim Harbaugh left with a losing record against the Buckeyes imagine that he had to run because they know the NCAA is coming for him

  • @nathonsibley817
    @nathonsibley817 Před 17 dny

    I know I didn't hear him say 8 SEC teams have a chance. There is not 8 playoff worthy SEC teams

  • @MBlue-sk4tr
    @MBlue-sk4tr Před 20 dny

    It’ll be weird if OSU loses to Michigan again in 2024.

    • @taxisquad11
      @taxisquad11 Před 3 dny +1

      Be weider when the the defending National Champions fail to make the TWELVE team playoffs

    • @MBlue-sk4tr
      @MBlue-sk4tr Před 3 dny

      @@taxisquad11 They could still make it. They lose a lot of seniors and have significant coaching adjustments going on right now, as well as a tough schedule. So it’ll be tough, but not impossible. 10-2 with a win over Oregon or OSU, there’s a chance.
      Either way, Michigan is defending national champions, which is awesome. Very, very difficult to win a natty. Amazing last few years it’s been, culminating in the 2023 season.

  • @lfbpfishing7818
    @lfbpfishing7818 Před 19 dny

    Hate to be "that guy" but sir Greg, Dan Lanning is 22-5. Thank you Go Ducks 🦆🦆🦆🦆

  • @jaked6746
    @jaked6746 Před 19 dny +1


  • @eugenekaleb2555
    @eugenekaleb2555 Před 21 dnem

    Oregon messed up by taking gabriel over Ty.. It’s gonna have a negative impact and gabriel isn’t gonna do well in the big 10..He didn’t have to face defenses at UCF or Oklahoma..He’s gonna be like spencer rattler at SC

  • @bigghoww
    @bigghoww Před 21 dnem +1

    No good coach was taking the Michigan job with sanctions looming. They lost everything. They are losing 3-5 games easy

  • @JBeck9932
    @JBeck9932 Před 22 dny

    Big10 being "top heavy" is generous 😅 what was the Big2.5 is now the Big3.5

    • @lylemoore3827
      @lylemoore3827 Před 22 dny +1

      Who outside of Alabama and Georgia are CONSISTENTLY competing in the SEC? Ole miss, LSU, and Tennessee are about the only other teams that pretend like they have a chance. We'll see about texaswhen they're officially in the SEC but based on their record in the trash big 12 don't expect them to be elite either. So look at that, 2 teams in the SEC at the top too 😂

    • @JBeck9932
      @JBeck9932 Před 22 dny +1

      @@lylemoore3827 Mizz and Ol Miss just beat 2 of said 3.5 😆

    • @IllMatic97
      @IllMatic97 Před 21 dnem +2

      ​@@JBeck9932 yes, congratulations to Misery for only scoring 14 points against an Ohio State team with Qbs who couldn't complete a forward pass.

  • @andrewmohrmann3599
    @andrewmohrmann3599 Před 21 dnem

    Until James Franklin proves he can win a big game against a top 10 team, Penn State will never be a playoff team. Sorry but you have to overcome your history before anyone can take you seriously.
    Oregon and Ohio State must exorcise their rivalry demons this year. Michigan and Washington are expected to take a step or two back this year, if the Ducks and Bucks don’t have resounding victories it’s a serious problem.

  • @stilesfly18
    @stilesfly18 Před 21 dnem

    Yes it’s guaranteed

  • @SomeLittleShoe
    @SomeLittleShoe Před 22 dny

    There is no replacement for Michigan for Ben Herbert. And the heart of the team, Blake Corum, is gone. Their entire O Line is gone next year. There were no O Line backups that played significant minutes this year--NONE. There will be a huge drop off in O Line play quality. I'll take 8-4 as the under/over for their 2024 record.

  • @taxisquad11
    @taxisquad11 Před 3 dny

    as close as locks canget

  • @DailyMeditation365
    @DailyMeditation365 Před 22 dny +2

    If a depleted UW somehow wins against Oregon again, I'm going to laugh so hard.

  • @robertgasper2495
    @robertgasper2495 Před 21 dnem

    OSU may reach the playoffs but they won't win the Big Ten. PSU or Oregon will. Michigan is heading back to the RichRod years.

    • @Jrm-xs9qi
      @Jrm-xs9qi Před 19 dny +1

      Are you delusional? Jesus Christ if you are that delusional to think Penn state will win is comical… tell me how many big games pennstate has won in the past 5 years 🤣🤣

    • @southfieldtrill9690
      @southfieldtrill9690 Před dnem


  • @Travis89-ob5tt
    @Travis89-ob5tt Před 20 dny

    Yeah I would say both are locks.

  • @SomeLittleShoe
    @SomeLittleShoe Před 22 dny +1

    It is not unrealistic Michigan could lose 7 games next season.

  • @christophernash1846
    @christophernash1846 Před 11 dny

    Michigan just made a home run hire on DC

    • @taxisquad11
      @taxisquad11 Před 3 dny

      as has Ohio State with their 3 new coaches

    • @christophernash1846
      @christophernash1846 Před 3 dny

      @@taxisquad11 Chip Kelly who was about to get fired if he stayed at UCLA ?

    • @taxisquad11
      @taxisquad11 Před 3 dny

      @@christophernash1846 WRONG they could not afford his buyout since the athletic department isi $30 million in debt

    • @christophernash1846
      @christophernash1846 Před 3 dny

      @@taxisquad11 isn’t that the same thing ? Meaning he only has the job because his buyout was too large .

    • @taxisquad11
      @taxisquad11 Před 3 dny

      @@christophernash1846 Nope. Chip wanted out of a bad situation. A program that had a $30 million deficit in the athletic department. He cut UCLA a break by leaving and then Ohio State had to pay a $1.2 Million buyout to UCLA. A HUGE differnce

  • @user-cu2fy2hb3k
    @user-cu2fy2hb3k Před 22 dny


    • @johnnywebb2351
      @johnnywebb2351 Před 22 dny


    • @southfieldtrill9690
      @southfieldtrill9690 Před dnem

      It will take another quarter century.

    • @johnnywebb2351
      @johnnywebb2351 Před dnem

      @@southfieldtrill9690 still faster than Ohio

    • @southfieldtrill9690
      @southfieldtrill9690 Před 20 hodinami

      @@johnnywebb2351 Y'all cheated. I was going to keep it cordial y'all NC is a (Tainted Title) I'll give u this though: IF MY TEAM HASN'T WON A OUTRIGHT NC IN 70+ PLUS YEARS I WOULD RUN WITH IT TOO🤷🤡

    • @southfieldtrill9690
      @southfieldtrill9690 Před 20 hodinami

      @@johnnywebb2351 Y'all cheated. I would be happy if it took my team 70+ years to win a national title. WITH OHIO COACHES AND PLAYERS 😂😂

  • @QYaHemi
    @QYaHemi Před 22 dny

    If you can’t make the top 12 of only 15 possible teams somebody need to be fired

  • @brandonjordan4596
    @brandonjordan4596 Před 21 dnem

    UCLA 5-7
    USC 7-5
    Washington 7-5
    Oregon 11-1

  • @stopthethreat
    @stopthethreat Před 14 dny

    Don’t sleep on USC.

  • @fortshucker
    @fortshucker Před 21 dnem +1

    Ohio state using nil money like Yankees and Mets. You see how that worked out. 😮

  • @JoeyAugustine
    @JoeyAugustine Před 22 dny +1

    B1G > SEC

  • @tagnbama9001
    @tagnbama9001 Před 22 dny +1

    No doubt will pay NCAA with this new found money.....so yes.

  • @23tails15
    @23tails15 Před 16 dny

    That osu qb gonna be running for his life against michigan 😂

    • @taxisquad11
      @taxisquad11 Před 3 dny

      Michigan doesn't have a QB CLOSE to JJ's abilities

    • @southfieldtrill9690
      @southfieldtrill9690 Před dnem

      ​@@taxisquad11That's not saying much🤷

    • @taxisquad11
      @taxisquad11 Před dnem

      @@southfieldtrill9690 QB is THE most important position in ALL sports. Must have a very good one. That's why Ohio State didn't win the game this past season

    • @southfieldtrill9690
      @southfieldtrill9690 Před 21 hodinou

      @@taxisquad11 True that💯 What I was saying is JJ wasn't to much to gloat about bro. There's a reason Harbaugh took the ball out of his hand in the last 4-5 games in the season 💯 He started over 50+
      games throughout his career. NAME 1 OF THOSE 50+ GAME'S THAT JJ ACTUALLY WON THE GAME , FROM START TO FINISH.

    • @taxisquad11
      @taxisquad11 Před 12 hodinami

      @@southfieldtrill9690 JJ is a first round draft choice, I don't see one like that on the roster

  • @0526williajw
    @0526williajw Před 22 dny +1

    Why do you always say that and then at the end the news you see article with the number one team and I was in Michigan go blue

  • @user-cu2fy2hb3k
    @user-cu2fy2hb3k Před 22 dny +1


  • @MikeJones-js5bt
    @MikeJones-js5bt Před 21 dnem

    Bama not making it greg

  • @DRYXs26
    @DRYXs26 Před 21 dnem

    Go Ducks!!

  • @taxisquad11
    @taxisquad11 Před 3 dny +1

    How old are you? Ohio State is 17-4 against Michigan since 2001, DO your homewrok

  • @greenwave819
    @greenwave819 Před hodinou

    nah, only OSU is decent... and they still eat too many cupcakes

  • @knockout9446
    @knockout9446 Před 22 dny +2

    Ohio St still DOES NOT have a head coach.

  • @user-cu2fy2hb3k
    @user-cu2fy2hb3k Před 22 dny


  • @ProskieThePeople
    @ProskieThePeople Před 20 dny


  • @cleveland5674
    @cleveland5674 Před 21 dnem

    CU BUFFS!!!

  • @kgrainz6265
    @kgrainz6265 Před 22 dny


  • @traynificent
    @traynificent Před 20 dny

    No they have an automatic 3 losses. Penn State Michigan,ohio state

    • @whatlol_e
      @whatlol_e Před 20 dny

      they dont play penn state, and you really think oregon has 0 chance to beat penn state? lol delusional

    • @whatlol_e
      @whatlol_e Před 20 dny

      there seriously has to be something wrong with you if you think they are guaranteed to have 3 loses

  • @wyattbarnes9641
    @wyattbarnes9641 Před 22 dny

    If you’re going to bribe and poach teams players than you better get some results from it

    • @dlallen5036
      @dlallen5036 Před 22 dny

      Kinda like cheating for 3 seasons huh😂😂😂

    • @wyattbarnes9641
      @wyattbarnes9641 Před 22 dny

      @@dlallen5036 Bribing or allegedly recording games on cell phones when all teams have access to all 22. Wonder which would has more of an impact on the outcome of a game.