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How World War 1 FINALLY Ended The Roman Empire

  • čas přidán 20. 02. 2024
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    What we think of as the Roman Empire lasted from 27 BCE to 476 AD. But the end of the Roman Empire is way more complicated than that, with some putting the official end at 1453, some at 1806, and some - though this is a massive stretch - claim that it was actually World War 1 that finally did the Romans in. Whenever you may think it ended, it makes you think about the complexity of history, and why we are still so obsessed with this long-ago civilization.
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    0:00 - All Men Think About Is The Roman Empire
    1:32 - An Empire Divided
    4:10 - The Fall of the West
    6:51 - Enter the Ottomans
    8:02 - Tangent Cam
    8:27 - Caesars of Rum
    11:32 - The Slow Decline
    14:03- Over on Nebula
    16:49 - The Definite End
    • Star Wars: Return of t...
    • Rome didn't fall when ...
    • Were the Ottomans a Ro...
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Komentáře • 1,8K

  • @joescott
    @joescott  Před 29 dny +104

    Got out a little bit late today, sorry about that folks!
    Now go check out Nebula here: go.nebula.tv/joescott

    • @Jameson1776
      @Jameson1776 Před 29 dny +5

      Better late than never. Also it’s better to release a good video late than junk early.

    • @kennyking9667
      @kennyking9667 Před 29 dny +1

      Support Biafra

    • @haydeneberle
      @haydeneberle Před 29 dny +4

      Good video! I thought you might have gone down the route of the east-west schism and the eventual move to Moscow, with it considering itself the third Rome... Czars and all that and still ending at WWI.

    • @hansolowe19
      @hansolowe19 Před 29 dny +4

      Caesar, keizer, czar, kαῖσαρ, all the same thing.
      Pretty cool.

    • @SeraphimZero
      @SeraphimZero Před 29 dny +3

      You should look where Czar (russian title) comes from... But also ending in WW1

  • @rachelblake2350
    @rachelblake2350 Před 29 dny +497

    3:14 If I recall correctly, Constantine did not convert the Roman Empire to Christianity, but did make tolerance of Christians official law. He himself became a Christian, but it was Theodosius who eventually made it the official religion of the Empire.

    • @racookster
      @racookster Před 29 dny +35

      Yes, in 380 CE, with the Edict of Thessalonica.

    • @johndavis6119
      @johndavis6119 Před 29 dny +14

      You are correct here.

    • @nicolawebb6025
      @nicolawebb6025 Před 29 dny +7

      Thank you. It drives me mad when people call him the first Christian emperor. He had a radical impact but he was Roman first

    • @user-McGiver
      @user-McGiver Před 29 dny +9

      @@nicolawebb6025 he was crowned just outside London... and he was baptized in his dying bed...[or so they said...] So he was a Roman till the end

    • @Cara-39
      @Cara-39 Před 28 dny +4

      Although he may not have been officially baptized until on his deathbed, the majority of historians agree that Constantine converted to Christianity around 312 and spent the next 25 yrs promoting the religion, most notably by proclaiming the Edict of Milan in 312, convening the First Council of Nicaea in 325 and ordering the building of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Christian world's holiest and most important pilgrimage site since 335. His Christian beliefs and/or conversion had no impact on his status as a Roman citizen; he was just as much a Roman at the end of his life as he was at the start.

  • @khutchinsoncpa1
    @khutchinsoncpa1 Před 26 dny +42

    Both of my grandmothers had fathers who served in WWI. One father died, and she was placed in a children’s home with her siblings, to be “farmed out” to different families until she came of age. The other father came home without a leg and a nasty drinking habit. These tragedies shifted the course of these families so dramatically that the echoes continued into my generation. I think about this when writing up genealogical studies from that era. Nice to know I’m not the only one who thinks about WWI a bit frequently.

  • @spineappletea
    @spineappletea Před 29 dny +43

    This has nothing to do with the video (in fact I'm only past the intro) but I feel the urge to thank you for the videos you put out. You're one of those few CZcamsrs who seems to always find some interesting topic to cover for all of their videos and they've kept me occupied for about two years now since finding your channel. I know I don't have to tell you but please keep doing what you love.

    • @User31129
      @User31129 Před 29 dny +4

      Hear hear. I only found Joe about 10 months ago, and it's truly one of the things I'm thankful for happening in 2023.

    • @whattheworldneedsiscreativ6421
      @whattheworldneedsiscreativ6421 Před 28 dny


    • @JohnGeorgeBauerBuis
      @JohnGeorgeBauerBuis Před 16 dny +1

      I agree, although I’ve been watching for a while now.

  • @StephenYuan
    @StephenYuan Před 28 dny +14

    Joe Scott seems to be reinventing himself as a history channel. I'm here for it.

    • @neutral_10
      @neutral_10 Před 13 dny

      It's cool I always find his history content interesting.

  • @TheNotoriousDUDE
    @TheNotoriousDUDE Před 28 dny +19

    I probably think about the Roman Empire more than most people, since my hometown of Trier (Augusta Treverorum, "City of Augustus among the Treveri") literally used to be one of the capitals of the late Western Empire, and still has tons of extremely well preserved Roman buildings, like the Aula Palatina of Constantine, the Imperial Thermae, and most prominently, the Porta Nigra 😄

    • @DaBIONICLEFan
      @DaBIONICLEFan Před 18 dny +1

      I'm going there in the summer 👍

    • @TheNotoriousDUDE
      @TheNotoriousDUDE Před 17 dny +1

      @@DaBIONICLEFan That's awesome! Make sure not to only check out the Roman sites though; Trier's got *a lot* of other history and culture as well 😃

  • @adrienehrsam7098
    @adrienehrsam7098 Před 27 dny +85

    Quite surprised you didn't mentioned the Russian empire as having endorsed the roman continuity given that some call Moscow the "Third Rome", that their leader's title "Tsar" or "Czar" is also a derivation from "Ceasar" and that their empire also fell during WWI.
    Anyway. Great video, as always. Thank you Joe and thanks to your team.

    • @BarbaricCrafter1
      @BarbaricCrafter1 Před 25 dny +14

      And that Roman Emperors were historically chosen based not on direct lineage but the marriage of the emperor's daughter. And who married the daughter of the last Roman Emperor... The Russian Rurikid family, who changed their surname to Romanov and gave themselves the title Czar and began calling themselves Third Rome.

    • @scottnolan2833
      @scottnolan2833 Před 19 dny +1

      Came here to say this.

    • @philswiftreligioussect9619
      @philswiftreligioussect9619 Před 19 dny

      I think an Eastern Roman princess married someone from the Russian nobility at some point.

    • @scottnolan2833
      @scottnolan2833 Před 19 dny +2

      @@philswiftreligioussect9619 And Moscow specifically billed itself at the "Third Rome." en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moscow,_third_Rome

    • @calebbausman
      @calebbausman Před 19 dny +3

      Thats why Finland is the rightful successor to Rome. It held out while the rest of the Russian empire fell to the soviets.

  • @xliquidflames
    @xliquidflames Před 28 dny +14

    Have you seen Peter Jackson's _They Shall Not Grow Old?_ It's actually really cool. He "remastered" a bunch of footage from WWI so you can actually see what's happening in it. And because film was silent then, he had a bunch of sound effects added. It's really cool.

    • @ramonpizarro
      @ramonpizarro Před 27 dny +9

      What's crazy, is that that for the parts with dialogue, he hired professional and archival specialist in film to see lip movements, had those translated and confirmed with linguists, then hired voice actors who could do the appropriate accent and slang from where the soldier was from

    • @xliquidflames
      @xliquidflames Před 21 dnem

      @@ramonpizarro Yeah, it's pretty awesome.

  • @diyeana
    @diyeana Před 29 dny +5

    I watched this earlier today on Nebula because I was also running late. Plus, the terribly sad Armenian Genocide video. Thank you for telling the world these sad truths about our past. The only way we can keep from repeating these atrocities is not only by learning about them, but by standing firm, together, in the way of those who forget their humanity.

    • @MrRamazanLale2
      @MrRamazanLale2 Před 19 dny

      No evidence at all

    • @diyeana
      @diyeana Před 18 dny

      @@MrRamazanLale2 ummm, yes, there is evidence I watched the video on Nebula. What a strange thing to refute.

  • @MarylandFarmer.
    @MarylandFarmer. Před 28 dny +2

    Again Joe tells history in an interesting way that I probably learned in school and either forgot or I wasn't paying attention in the first place. Good video Joe!

  • @IanZainea1990
    @IanZainea1990 Před 27 dny +4

    14:09 fun fact too is that Armenia is like, one of the few territories that has existed since ancient times.

  • @robertwalhout8982
    @robertwalhout8982 Před 23 dny +1

    My father, a WW2 survivor 100 km from the German border, would subscribe to your stuff. Me, I'm just catching up on history in general with most interest in the Ice Age era.
    I must admit your work and enthusiasm over it is inspiring. Keep up the good work.

  • @rotwang2000
    @rotwang2000 Před 29 dny +353

    The Roman Empire was so influential and such a powerful idea that everyone claimed the franchise, Germans, Ottomans and even the Russians under the Tsar. And it kept people up at night. Machiavelli was so obsessed by Ancient Rome that he cosplayed being Roman and wrote Latin texts and discussed Rome as if he was corresponding with Cicero or Seneca.
    Rome was seen as so dominant that when people from the Renaissance onward studied Ancient Greece they translated the name of the Greek Gods into the Roman ones. Zeus = Jupiter, Ares = Mars, Aphrodite = Venus and Apollo = Apollo.

    • @MeltedMask
      @MeltedMask Před 29 dny +17

      Tsar is such a fun phonetic broken phone, where only later part of Caesar was used

    • @edwardcullen1739
      @edwardcullen1739 Před 29 dny +12

      In other words...
      Small men, without real imagination, cling to the idea of "recreating the Roman Empire", because it's the idea they were given as children?

    • @user-McGiver
      @user-McGiver Před 29 dny +14

      the Greek gods were adopted by the Romans... and the later peoples had nothing to do with it... the [first] Romans were survivors [refugees] from Troy... and that makes them Hittites! [Middle Easterners] hence the famous ''Roman nose'' that they were so proud of... they were also shorter and a bit darker from the Latin tribes... of course by the time they became an empire the bloodlines were lost... but that was the reason they made the Greek fishing village ''Byzantio'' their new capital... they new from Troy, that controlling the straits, they control[tax] the trade between East and West... the Eastern Roman Empire was not Greek... actually the Greek culture was erased by them... and replaced by ''what they saw fit''... the only reason they used the language is that Greek, at the time was what English are now... here I am, a greek, talking to you in English now...

    • @superkoopatrooper4879
      @superkoopatrooper4879 Před 29 dny +11

      To be fair, we are all a bit Roman in the west. It's kind of like if America collapsed and Massachusetts, Texas, Cali, Virginia and Wisconsin all claimed to be American. It would be kind true, its just a matter of perspective. It's not so much Rome influenced us, like we read a book and wanted to replicate it. It's more so the fact that Europe was at one point actually Rome. In regards to the Ottomans, I'm willing to consider them Roman. Egypt was invaded and overthrown over and over and over again. Different ethnicities and cultures would take the mantle and it was always Egypt. The old pharos and Cleopatra were worlds apart. But people today do indeed consider her a white Greek Egyptian. There are so many examples of this in Egypt alone. And tbh, Rome was never exactly just white.

    • @viewer-of-content
      @viewer-of-content Před 29 dny

      The USA founding fathers wanted to be the New Roman Republic. A different Roman Empire

  • @nickfarver7458
    @nickfarver7458 Před 28 dny +1

    Joe, I've been following you for... eh, about four years now. You reinvigorated a love for science, history, and innovation that a young teenager like me at the time had lost. Now that I'm a (semi) functioning adult, 100% subscribing to your Nebula. Thank you for always being here :)

  • @kaileysweeney4240
    @kaileysweeney4240 Před 28 dny +2

    Joe, you’re brilliant, you can speak to any and every topic. Thanks for the history lessons.

  • @heinolvendahl8167
    @heinolvendahl8167 Před 26 dny


  • @elbryanto
    @elbryanto Před 29 dny +1

    I watch a lot of history videos but it somehow feels fresh hearing it from you, thanks!

  • @kevincronk7981
    @kevincronk7981 Před 28 dny +27

    Wait you said Armenians are Russian Orthodox but I'm pretty sure they're a completely unrelated type of orthodox that broke off before the catholic/eastern orthodox split, similar to the Ethiopian and Eritrean Orthodox churches, also similar to them in that Armenia was the first country ever to make Christianity its official religion, followed by Ethiopia. This was before the Russian Orthodox church even existed.

    • @ownagesniper1
      @ownagesniper1 Před 20 dny +2

      Correct, they are non-Chalcedonian because they rejected the declarations of the council of Chalcedon in AD 451. So they are not in communion with the Russian Church.

  • @johnjesberger5676
    @johnjesberger5676 Před 29 dny +238

    My grandfather, born in the Ribnica region in Yugoslavia told me the slovenians had a saying, ""World war I cost three caesar's crowns" (Prva svetovna vojna je stala tri cezarjeve krone).

    • @RoseSharon7777
      @RoseSharon7777 Před 29 dny +5

      What are considered the "official" crowns? I get a different answer everytime I ask professors, teachers, and Google. 😢

    • @StuffandThings_
      @StuffandThings_ Před 29 dny +30

      Tsar/Czar and Kaiser both come from "Caesar." So in a sense, it did quite literally cost three Caesar's crowns, as the Russian Tsar and the Kaisers of Austria and Germany all lost their crowns.

    • @RoseSharon7777
      @RoseSharon7777 Před 29 dny

      @@costamz3440 Thanks.

    • @user-McGiver
      @user-McGiver Před 29 dny +1

      @@costamz3440 one ''byzantine'' princess... in that way, all European loyalty is related...

    • @stuartwald2395
      @stuartwald2395 Před 29 dny +4

      And it was not until after WWII that the last ruler with a title based on "Caesar" was deposed, when the Soviets terminated the Bulgarian monarchy.

  • @ismailnyeyusof3520
    @ismailnyeyusof3520 Před 29 dny

    This was a brilliant episode Joe, no doubt about it, and probably one of the top promoters of Nebula. The content neatly tied together so many geopolitical events and issues spanning two millennia on the ‘old’ continent. Truly, nothing historically important happened in isolation, especially those that ended empires!

  • @audiofunkdialect
    @audiofunkdialect Před 29 dny

    Dude, I totally approve of your videos about history. Keep them coming man.

  • @billbarcher549
    @billbarcher549 Před 29 dny +11

    The joe Scott premodernist mention is amazing. I want a collab

  • @brendan9804
    @brendan9804 Před 29 dny +2

    Reminds me of that time I was studying Latin in college and took some acid one day, had a really bad trip that aliens could hear my thoughts and communicate with me telepathically all in Latin. Following was years of schizophrenia thinking I could think in Latin and aliens would actually conversate with me in my head and people out in the world were actually reincarnated ascended beings from ancient times that would also respond to my thoughts in Latin out loud.

  • @InfraWatch_FRM
    @InfraWatch_FRM Před 29 dny +181

    I learned in latin class back in school (in Germany) that the German “Kaiser” is not an interpretation but just the way that Caesar was pronounced in some latin dialects. The “ae” was almost universally pronounced like the ai in Kaiser and there were regional differences in the pronunciation of the letter c, which then formed a pronunciation that must have sounded pretty similar to the German Kaiser, except for the pronounced “ar” instead of the German “er” at the end.

    • @seattlegrrlie
      @seattlegrrlie Před 29 dny +11

      The German spelling is a pronunciation thing. In the original latin, "c" before an "a" is hard as in "k". "Ae" is pronounced the equivalent to the German "ai" and "a" is "ah" not "ay"
      Americans just sat see-sehr salad completely wrong. .
      It should be "Kah-eye-sahr" Salad.
      But we won the war so...

    • @RAD6150
      @RAD6150 Před 29 dny +15

      You were correct until you got to the salad... Cesare Cardini invented it in Tijuana, Mexico. Caesar was an Italian immigrant and that is how he pronounced his own name - which he changed from Cesare...

    • @SukacitaYeremia
      @SukacitaYeremia Před 28 dny +1

      Good point. Reminds me of how some WW2 buffs used to tell people that the german word for "tank", Panzer, should be spoken like it's Panzar instead

    • @jasons5916
      @jasons5916 Před 26 dny +1

      @@RAD6150 So he pronounced Caesar as Say-Zar? Which would be the Mexican pronunciation? In Italian, Cesare is pronounced like Chey-za-ray.
      Both are different from American English which normally pronounces Caesar like See-Zer.

    • @_.Leo_.
      @_.Leo_. Před 25 dny

      Lol, Germans gatekeeping and pretending they have the correct Latin pronunciation more than actual Latin based languages

  • @ditzieluv
    @ditzieluv Před 28 dny +1

    Love your videos!! Thank you much for the work you do. ❤

  • @trevorsmith4413
    @trevorsmith4413 Před 28 dny

    @7:27 Wow, Joe, I'm barely a third of the way into the video, and I'm blown away by your succient-yet-detailed summary of the history of the RE/HRE/ERE trinity. You continue to be an incredible storyteller, science communicator, and script writer... have you considered getting back into filmmaking, but for docs and science pieces???

  • @mjmonjure
    @mjmonjure Před 29 dny +1

    Love your video's and have been subscribed for some time, but, you really need to invest in the sound end of the production. A new microphone (or room treatment) and a decibel limiter. The bleeps in the video describing the Armenian vid on Nebula had to be nearly 2x the level from the rest of the vid.

  • @mmMilitza
    @mmMilitza Před 28 dny +1

    Joe, I live in street named after Gavrilo Princip.
    12:53 And I am so disappointed that not even you named the assassin, and I did notice his name is never mentioned in english spoken channels, nor TV docus, and that baffles me, why is it so hard to name the assassin?
    Heck, turns out that Coen brothers did the best job by telling the assassination story! In one of the episodes in season 1 I believe it was spoken by Malvo, OR in season 3 by Varga...
    Anyway, I bet you can easily read that, so it can't be hard pronunciation, it's just Gavrilo, then Princip. like that word, you know which, I'm not telling due to some princip! ekekeke

  • @MattGilmourMusic
    @MattGilmourMusic Před 15 dny

    Hey Joe, I hope you’re well! After you mentioned thinking about the First World War a lot and Rome (as do I, historyception indeed), it made me wonder if you had ever listened to Dan Carlins Podcast “Hardcore History”. He really inspired me to get into history when I was younger and his shows are one of my favorite things. Anyways he does a 5 part series on the First World War which was amazing. I’ve passed you on to friends, but I thought I’d pass something back you might enjoy. If you don’t see this no worries, if you do I really hope you try and enjoy it. Have a good one!

  • @juskahusk2247
    @juskahusk2247 Před 29 dny +166

    Constantine actually named his capital Nova Roma. It was only after his death that it became known as Constantinople. The current name comes from the Greek istan polis (to the city). The original name of Washington DC was New Rome.

    • @Boardwoards
      @Boardwoards Před 29 dny +8


    • @juskahusk2247
      @juskahusk2247 Před 28 dny +5

      Oh, no. Wikipedia has become sentient.

    • @aq5426
      @aq5426 Před 27 dny +3

      @@juskahusk2247 So you have no source, then. Gotcha.

    • @ajlynch123
      @ajlynch123 Před 26 dny +7

      Novus Roma was indeed the original name of Constantinople

    • @MasterOfYoda
      @MasterOfYoda Před 26 dny +5

      @@aq5426 Do you have a source that he has no source?

  • @allie_demotu
    @allie_demotu Před 28 dny

    Superb story-telling! The the skit was so good! Yay! Premodernist!

  • @FunTimeAll2sand5s
    @FunTimeAll2sand5s Před 29 dny

    Thank you keep it up I'll always watch no matter what the algorithm does❤❤❤❤❤

  • @arnewei7872
    @arnewei7872 Před 28 dny +4

    Great as always :) Just wondering why you didn't mention the 'Third Rome' - Moscow. The title Tsar also derived from Caesar. And the russian monarchy ended 1917 because (in part) of the first world war.

  • @ChrisDeBruinMrAwsomeGlopGlop

    This was just a joy to watch! Thanks Joe!

  • @markospoulios8128
    @markospoulios8128 Před 21 dnem +2

    Just a clarification, the correct translation of the Greek word Basileus is king, not emperor. The greek word for emperor is Aftokrator.
    It was really funny watching Joe trying to pronounce Greek names... 😂
    But I must also point out that there were a couple of weak points in Joe's research for this video, a bit contrary to his usual style. Not really important, like the translation of basileus, or that Konstantine converted the empire to Christianity that don't really matter for the point made.
    I liked the video, and love the content Joe, keep up the good work!
    Greetings from Greece!

  • @Skootavision
    @Skootavision Před 29 dny +117

    I feel exempt from the “how much do you think about the RE” because I live in a village based on a Roman base and there are ruins I can see out the window 😂

    • @westphalianstallion4293
      @westphalianstallion4293 Před 28 dny +12

      When you grew up in the Teutoburg Forest, you think, this is how far the roman made it. There are no roman ruins where I live for a good reason.

    • @countk1
      @countk1 Před 27 dny

      Now those are cool thoughts. I was born right at the border of the former roman empire, much like you but in The Netherlands. The city where I live close to now, has a castle where Charlemagne (ho was a defender of the Roman Empire) frequently stayed (Belgium). The highway system in Belgium (and I think the whole of Europe) still resembles the roman road system (viae Romanae). So much history.... @@westphalianstallion4293

    • @JustCoNa
      @JustCoNa Před 26 dny +1

      @@westphalianstallion4293 I recently rewatched Band of Brothers and there was a line in the Bastogne episode that alluded to that, puts things into perspective.

    • @elainebelzDetroit
      @elainebelzDetroit Před 25 dny +1

      Granted, I'm not a man, but I'm also exempted now that I've been conscripted to teach Church history at my seminary. (I'm a theologian, but that's fine - "Church history" is really putting the development of theology in historical contexts; it's not proper *history*.)

    • @ilijas3041
      @ilijas3041 Před 24 dny


  • @stevenirby5576
    @stevenirby5576 Před 28 dny +2

    I lived a year and a half in Istanbul and traveled a lot in Turkey. I *loved* the idea of living in Constantinople. I looked out the window every day and saw the Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace. There are endless great ruins in the country to explore and touch history.

  • @kivadacosta
    @kivadacosta Před 19 dny

    Premodernist is fantastic and so is that concluding line!! Subbed :)

  • @micklemore
    @micklemore Před 22 dny

    the premodernist crossover is amazing, has to be the best history channel on youtube

  • @derrillgifford7897
    @derrillgifford7897 Před 29 dny

    Maybe best Joe video yet? This is a good one!!!

  • @ronald3836
    @ronald3836 Před 29 dny +169

    After Oversimplified released his first two videos on the Second Punic War, I have indeed been thinking of the Roman Empire.

    • @patrickiamonfire965
      @patrickiamonfire965 Před 29 dny +1

      I suggest checking the sources. He isn’t always reliable. So far I have seen minor mistakes which I believe are unintentional. There was one on French Revolution and American revolution.
      Basically after watching the video do a bit fact checking on some key points.

    • @davetremaine9688
      @davetremaine9688 Před 29 dny +1

      Weird considering the Roman Empire didn't exist then....

    • @kennyking9667
      @kennyking9667 Před 29 dny

      Support biafra

    • @ronald3836
      @ronald3836 Před 29 dny +3

      @@davetremaine9688 You have a point, haha. But in the Netherlands we say "het Romijnse Rijk", which is not restricted to the period in which Rome and its territories was ruled by an emperor.

    • @kelvinjanssen7889
      @kelvinjanssen7889 Před 29 dny +14

      ​​​@@patrickiamonfire965 OverSimplified is more for entertainment than historical accuracy.
      He wants to make people aware of history by entertainment.
      The channel is called OverSimplified. Not Overhistorically accurate.
      It's okay if everything isn't 100% accurate on youtube.

  • @cjc363636
    @cjc363636 Před 28 dny

    Just a great history lesson. Thanks, Joe!

  • @BaDitO2
    @BaDitO2 Před 26 dny +2

    I think the better argument to make would be how ww1 wiped out the usage of the title "emperor" in europe.
    the title was directly caused by rome, and it stopped getting used by all nations after ww1.

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    I’m a historian of Rome, and specifically of the late republic.
    I understand that’s it’s a massive amount of complex history to cover and you have to simplify a lot out of pure necessity, but there’s enough in this video that is oversimplified or misleading (unintentionally, I have no doubt!) that I thought it warranted a comment. I won’t point out all of it (because full explanations of everything would also be quite tedious, time consuming, and lengthy), but I will mention a few things.
    First just a minor note that the “Roman Empire” includes the Republican period. I know it’s a little confusing, but the empire starts before the emperors. It refers to the Romans having an empire, not that it was run by an emperor; usually the shift in government is denoted by the Republican and imperial periods.
    Second, the bit on the tetrarchy and it’s faults is especially simplified to the point of being misleading. The vast amount of territory governed had nothing (directly, at least) to do with the establishment of the tetrarchy.
    Third, Constantine didn’t convert the empire to Christianity, just allowed Christians to worship.
    Last, the fall of the western Roman Empire is sooooo much more messy than even an hour long video can do much more than scratch the surface of.
    I don’t mean to trash you or anything! Just saw some stuff that I felt should be pointed out.

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      3. Needs a correction to your correction he(Joe) never said the converted the whole empire, he(the caeser joe talked about) was said that he just converted himself, that was the quote.

    • @ForageGardener
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      indeed. the phase of rome where they were run by an "imperator" was called the "principate" because he was called the Princeps" which means "first" or "chief.

    • @SofaKingShit
      @SofaKingShit Před 25 dny

      My faith in YT as a reliable academic source is hereby crushed. I shall now exclusively use Wikisedia for my scholarly research.

    • @elainebelzDetroit
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      @@user-zn4pw5nk2v Fun fact: He wouldn't be baptized until on his deathbed. Many Christians tended to believe that after you were baptized, you wouldn't be forgiven for serious sin, and rulers sometimes had to do things like order someone killed, so they'd put off baptism. I only have my gut (and the reading I've done) to go on, but I'm not convinced he actually converted, anyway. Officially, yes. Of course, Romans did religion differently than we think of today in Christian-dominant cultures, so I could be wrong.

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    A few friendly corrections, Joe.
    1. Moscow called itself “the New Rome” for centuries. That is in some ways another fall of Rome in WW1. It also is one of the reasons Putin now claims to have protection of Orthodox Christians in places like Transniestria.
    2. Armenians aren’t Russian Orthodox. They are Armenian Orthodox, a distinct “Oriental Orthodox” church that split from the Greek Orthodox and Catholic communities after 450 AD.

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    This is so interesting. The Roman Empire was sometimes referred to in ancient writings and the ancient scriptures as “the world.” In the 1800s, the Latter-day Saints in Utah talked about the civil upheavals and wars that were happening believing that they would increase and get worse until the eventual “end of the world,” which was spoken about in the scriptures. Up until this point i always supposed that there were more wars to come that would destroy everything… But perhaps the fulfillment of those prophesies was concluded in world war 1?

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    Fun fact: you can trace lineages to Rome through etymology. The German word Kaiser, the Russian word Tsar, and the English transliteration Czar all trace back to the word/name Caesar. Also, the title Emperor comes from the Latin Imperator, meaning commander, which was originally a temporary, provisional title when the rights of citizens were suspended during times of war.

    • @1TakoyakiStore
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      My favorite ancient Roman title for an Emperor was "Primus inter pares," which contradictivly means, "first amongst equals."

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      The Swedish word is "kejsare", which is, again, just the word/name Caesar in another form. Never a Roman country, but traded with several areas in the Roman empire.

    • @davidg5898
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      I came into the comments to say the same, and to add that the Hungarian word for "emperor" is also derived from Caesar's name: császár (pronounced like chah'-sahr).
      About 1/3 of modern day Hungary was inside the Roman province of Pannonia (Pannonia's northern and eastern -most borders were the Danube river).

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    Also, Armenians are not "Russian orthodox", they are "eastern orthodox". Hard to tell the difference if you are not one of those two, but different they are.
    Awesome video, keep up the good work.

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    • @washingtonradio
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      Russian Orthodox is an administrative jurisdiction of the Eastern Orthodox Church, as Greek Orthodox an administrative division of the Eastern Orthodox Church

    • @kimmopirkkala3294
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      Also the emperor of Austria herited it's title "kaiser" from the Holy Roman Empire. So in a way First WW effectively ended four different airs of ancient Rome.

    • @Pongant
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      Ukraine is the real successor state of the Kievan Rus' btw, and thus can claim the regions now called "russia" as it's rightful territory.

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    I studied this crap for three years in High School, and you managed to explain all of history for the Roman empire in a 20 minute video better than all three years of Latin did, combined.
    If you've ever wondered why you may have thought most of Europe was Rome at one point, and not just the specific part of Italy, it's because of their massive history and this video does a GREAT job explaining exactly that.

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    Thank you Joe for highlighting the Armenian genocide and doing a whole video on it. I also watched the video on nebula which was very well made. As a descendent of genocide survivors, it is to impactful to hear anyone talk about the genocide let alone a content creator I really enjoy. I’m sure the chances are slim but you should look into the history of the people of musa dagh and their fight against the Turks.

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    Joe - You cudda-shudda-wudda included a "Caesar" clip-quote of Harry White, editor of the Daily Planet and Clark Kent's boss (on the Original B/W Superman) exclaining:
    Paul M.
    Atlanta, GA

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    The channel Usefulcharts made a compelling geological case that if ancient romans time traveled and were given unlimited resources to determine the rightful heir to the Roman Empire they would likely choose Spain as a lot of descendants of ancient Roman senators ended up in royal & aristocratic families. Granted that most European royal families can make a decent argument for this as well, but the surviving majority ended up on the Iberian Peninsula.
    Another channel I want to mention is Toldinstone. Of particular interest is his video on the fall of Constantinople.

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    • @ahwhite1398
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      Yeah. It really bugged me that a war started famously after an assassination of the heir to the Austrian empire, and yet said Empire gets short shrift in this video. Maybe I'm biased having lived in Vienna, but not sure why he argues the Holy Roman empire lineage for the German empire, yet not the Austrians.

    • @neshura
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      @@ahwhite1398 the lack of even a mention for the third empire in the pack really is a bit striking. I wouldn't say Austria had more of a claim on the Roman Empire title than the German Kingdoms but they also had a claim on that title. Doesn't change anything because in the end all 3 of the Empires at the time with a claim on being successors to the Roman Empire died out as a result of that war but having Austria omitted still is weird.

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    As a Roman it filled me with more joy than you can imagine seeing the collective society realising they too think excessively of the Roman Empire. Needless to say us Italians in general are very proud of the Roman Empire for its role as a bastion of order in a world of chaos. Walking the streets of Rome it is impossible to not well up thinking that those same roads had the greatest minds, soldiers, generals, and senators of any empire before them. The Roman Empire is beloved by all because it literally shaped our world. Civilisation was moulded more than most care to admit by both the greeks and the romans. The free citizenship gave rise to the first case of multiculturalism. The incredible legions reverberated honor, order, and might in the face of their foes. Personally I think that the Roman Empire provokes such a strong feeling in all of us because it represents an ideal in all our minds that we can identify as well with the US in its golden era, and its American dream. Freedom, order, justice, the ability to turn your life into whatever you wanted - the world was yours, you just needed to seize it like Cesar did crossing the Rubicon. It was also not a single story, but a series of dynasties so long, prosperous, and far apart that the first and last emperor probably couldn't compare themselves to one another, but both fall under the glorious zenith of human achievement which was a military superpower, an economic powerhouse, a melting pot of cultures, a cradle of artistic expression, and the LITERAL EMBODIMENT of our deepest desires to create order and fight chaos. Rome is all of us, Rome is forever, and we must all pay our respects to the most beautiful city in the world that gave rise to our deepest desires.
    Ex chao cineres imperium invictum oritur.

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    I’m high right now and was super happy to hear about the Roman Empire and as soon as you switched to the First World War became super sad, that’s how much I think about the Roman Empire

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    (1:08) The Roman Empire ended when Turk mercenaries hired to fight in a Roman civil war took advantage of the weakened state and established the Ottoman Empire. That was 1453.
    (5:27) I would dispute his statement of "successfully recaptured" as they basically looted their old countrymen and then withdrew their armies after it had been picked clean after 20 years. It's tempting to see Theodoric the Great as an interloper because he had a different color skin (he was German) than the Byzantine Romans, but he's called "The Great" for a reason. It was just after his death that Byzantine Rome invaded to plunder what he had built up.
    (7:20) For those of you who already know the history, the "1918 debate" portion of the video begins here.
    (8:45) "Caesar" is pronounced "KIGH-saar" in Latin. All "C"s are pronounced as "K"s and "AE" is the long "i" you would get in the English word "kite". That's where the Germans learned it during diplomacy and, because they wanted to be seen as equals, they created their own "Kaiser". The Russians also had a "KIGH-zar", which was shortened to "czar" somewhere along the way, the Serbs their "Tsar", etc.
    (9:04) Modern-day Romania was ruled over by various tribes, but if you look at his 1643 map of the Ottoman Empire, you'll see it includes the land we now call Romania. Because Romania was conquered and then lost so many times by Latin-speaking people, they developed a Latin offshoot language (Like Spanish and French) and were named after their "Romantic" language much later (in 1840).
    (9:14) "...they were living in Rome." is incorrect, if for no other reason than the map directly behind his head disproves his point. Rome in 1683 was the capital of the Papal States and had been since 756 (more or less). The citizens of Rome the city saw themselves as either French, German, or "Papal", as the Byzantine Rome had not held any part of Italy since 1137.

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