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Stop the FNAF ARG hunt

  • čas přidán 7. 06. 2022
  • Hey guys, it’s time to get real for a moment. When I made the last video about the theoretical FNAF ARG, I did not expect the response it generated. My goal with that video was to get some help digging through the game files and find some clues about what was included in the book. Except, that’s not what happened. So, here I am. We need to talk about that video, ARGs, and making sure no one gets hurt for a CZcams video or video game mystery. Let’s talk about it.
    #GameTheory #MatPat #FNAF #FNAFARG #FNAFSecurityBreach
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  • @CoreDasAntigas
    @CoreDasAntigas Před rokem +8564

    That's why you are one of the greats and the best in this. Thanks for addressing.

    • @Gray-
      @Gray- Před rokem +7


    • @lofiandminecraft
      @lofiandminecraft Před rokem +15

      Oi Corinhoooooo! Por favor traz esse assunto no canal também! Não sei se tiveram fãs brasileiros no meio desse rolê, mas dado ao sucesso do Security Breach e a quantidade de novos fãs que esse jogo trouxe, acho importante pra já evitar que futuros fãs daqui façam algo assim 🥰

    • @Therealzattack
      @Therealzattack Před rokem +26

      @@Gray- nft 🤮

    • @dyegoeduardosantossilva3659
      @dyegoeduardosantossilva3659 Před rokem +10

      Oh, wow, Core! You're here! ( I don't know why I'm saying this in English since I'm Brazilian, but eh... )

    • @RenPlayzBR
      @RenPlayzBR Před rokem


  • @StephenDelRosario777
    @StephenDelRosario777 Před rokem +10820

    This video feels like MatPat saying "Don't be an idiot" in the most respectful, patient way possible.

  • @lilydimaggio1881
    @lilydimaggio1881 Před rokem +9212

    Matpat is like a dad with millions of children.

    • @OriginalFluffy978
      @OriginalFluffy978 Před rokem +65

      You guys are so cheesy

    • @zototheo2580
      @zototheo2580 Před rokem +49

      @@OriginalFluffy978 Haha maybe we are

    • @PidgenDev
      @PidgenDev Před rokem +38

      @@OriginalFluffy978 we are

    • @Kay3Kay3
      @Kay3Kay3 Před rokem +30

      @@OriginalFluffy978 we are, so what?

    • @CocoKoi321
      @CocoKoi321 Před rokem

      Who makes pedo jokes too
      Actual clown who belongs in jail

  • @devil0may0cray0
    @devil0may0cray0 Před rokem +5037

    It's such a shame that someone like matpat has to apologise to pizza place workers just because a bunch of kids can't tell reality from fiction...

    • @bitter-bit
      @bitter-bit Před rokem +295

      It's because he put the idea in their head. He's doing the adult thing and taking responsibility and then letting those kids know that likely they weren't intending anything bad with the information he inspired them with and then redirected them to go about it in a healthy way. It's important. It's growing up.

    • @JustMatchmaking
      @JustMatchmaking Před rokem +97

      He did inspire it though, whether intended or not, it's his fanbase. Dream should take his example.

    • @nmhjjp
      @nmhjjp Před rokem +107

      @@JustMatchmaking Its not, hes adressing it because he knows what the internet wants. Thats like blaming the writter of "The Catcher in the Rye" because that book inspired Marck David to kill John Lennon.

    • @Exclusive1011111111
      @Exclusive1011111111 Před rokem +13

      @@nmhjjp man after watching this Matt has influence powers like the joker.

    • @lfbp7051
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  • @hoodboy20001
    @hoodboy20001 Před rokem +4032

    Damn we just got lectured by dadpat. That first stop felt like a “I’m not mad, just disappointed” sorry dadpat

    • @blueninjanoname7338
      @blueninjanoname7338 Před rokem

      You kids are weird, calling another man dad n shii

    • @absoluteich0si23
      @absoluteich0si23 Před rokem +38

      No im mad, Im very mad."

    • @AquaBubbles22
      @AquaBubbles22 Před rokem +16

      Sorry dadpat

    • @AceFaz
      @AceFaz Před rokem +12

      I'm Mad AND Disappointed that Dadpat thinks Afton rebuilt his own son, just to try murder him again- Ur not even my real dad dadpat!! xD

    • @CatMuto
      @CatMuto Před rokem +12

      Disappointment from parents is worse than simple anger.

  • @thetruthaboutlife89
    @thetruthaboutlife89 Před rokem +5608

    Also, if the ARG requires you to trespass or break the law still don’t do it. I could easily see this happening with abandoned properties and irresponsible creators thinking its fine to leave clues there as the setting has the creep factor and fits their aesthetic. Just don’t assume the ARG creator can just be blindly trusted, they are still just a stranger on the internet.

    • @russianvalkyrie2358
      @russianvalkyrie2358 Před rokem +63

      This absolutely

    • @aschaff3995
      @aschaff3995 Před rokem +20

      It was rule 3.

    • @taylornycum9353
      @taylornycum9353 Před rokem +12

      What is ARG :(

    • @eify4593
      @eify4593 Před rokem +60

      @@taylornycum9353 a game and or puzzle that has many layers usually has online websites or videos mixed together with real world things. Basically a very hard Easter egg hunt

    • @Alexander-gb4rr
      @Alexander-gb4rr Před rokem +63

      wasn't there an ARG a few years ago that happened near some abandoned mines? Some guy went into one of them thinking it's part of the puzzle and had a nasty fall. He saw stuff writte on the wall like "danger" and "turn back", but he still thought it was part of the "plot".

  • @slowlypassingaway1285
    @slowlypassingaway1285 Před rokem +19195

    rules to follow in ARG hunt:
    1. Never publish private info.
    2. Stick to publicly available info.
    3. Be safe in public. DO NOT trespass.
    4. Do not call private businesses or individuals.
    5. Find one central place online for ARG discussion.
    Huge Respect to Matpat for addressing this issue and coming up with a solution immediately 👏👏

    • @notasandwich2080
      @notasandwich2080 Před rokem +212

      @Lady Tsunade it'd be better if it wasn't

    • @d3adxb0yxwalk1ng
      @d3adxb0yxwalk1ng Před rokem +144

      add use the buddy system and this list is perfect

    • @cyreptus4604
      @cyreptus4604 Před rokem +45

      what the hell even is an ARG
      or does it mean what google means (alternate reality game)

    • @lanticosu
      @lanticosu Před rokem +40

      @@cyreptus4604 yes

    • @astarteswillum5259
      @astarteswillum5259 Před rokem +73

      6. Don't put anything in an abandoned mine.

  • @TheDemonOfSemen
    @TheDemonOfSemen Před rokem +6502

    This is why I respect MatPat, as soon as his community steps anywhere out of line he addresses it and apologies for it, unlike other popular creators right now...

    • @jasmine-bi4fv
      @jasmine-bi4fv Před rokem +210

      he is his fanbase's father. making sure his kids dont step out of line.

    • @user-kr4fz4fr8j
      @user-kr4fz4fr8j Před rokem +52


    • @jakcon_eq
      @jakcon_eq Před rokem +15

      Yep that dreammm

    • @somethingwithbungalows
      @somethingwithbungalows Před rokem +26

      @BomberDenn Dream is in another controversy?! Again?¿

    • @dragonbean3963
      @dragonbean3963 Před rokem +29

      @@somethingwithbungalows wait what did he do? (Sorry I don’t really pay attention to anything out of his manhunts and occasionally a dsmp video)

  • @cleowithmayo9359
    @cleowithmayo9359 Před rokem +545

    "A snowflake in an avalanche never feels responsible."
    Thanks for covering this Game Theorists!! Very important etiquette guidelines to follow going forward.

  • @bluelopez960
    @bluelopez960 Před rokem +283

    Another rule: unless the creator of the ARG or owner of a phone number approves or denies the fact that a private phone number is being used in the ARG, DO NOT CALL IT

    • @TheWolfman112
      @TheWolfman112 Před 7 měsíci +4

      How about creators just...not include numbers in their ARG we shouldn't call. Be careful to remove them.

    • @sophbear4259
      @sophbear4259 Před 3 měsíci

      that is exactly what they do. not one phone number was ever mentioned, no businesses. Matt mentioned a small town and the young kids who watched his videos decided to "help" since they hadn't heard of an ARG before or the dangers of harassment and doxxing. they found all these unrelated numbers to harrass themselves. what ARG would ever include a phone number, let alone one you SHOULDN'T call?@@TheWolfman112 you make it pretty clear in your comment that this happens but where would an adult in charge of an arg be that dumb?

  • @f0xxyb0xxes88
    @f0xxyb0xxes88 Před rokem +702

    You’re totally correct. There really have been no rules for ARGs in the past. So I think it’s great to have specific things to make sure you’re following to keep it fun and safe.

  • @Grantinator1
    @Grantinator1 Před rokem +217

    This has got to be the best youtuber apology I have ever seen. And I’m glad he took responsibility for his fan base and told everyone to stop doing what they are doing. Huge respect to MatPat. If only all youtubers were this responsible and sincere.

  • @acearohippo
    @acearohippo Před rokem +4284

    I love how his message is "Stop." Full period, clear and straight forward, no music or silly graphics. No beating around the bush or "softening" the blow.

      @EEEEEEEE Před rokem +4


    • @Call_Upon_YAH
      @Call_Upon_YAH Před rokem +5

      Hey! Did you know God is three in one!? The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! Bless them!
      Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gives salvation to everyone who believes in him and follows his commandants!
      Have a blessed day, everyone! ❤

    • @Call_Upon_YAH
      @Call_Upon_YAH Před rokem +14

      minus all the bots, this comment has 1k likes and no replies!

    • @RainierFajardoProduction
      @RainierFajardoProduction Před rokem +5

      @@Call_Upon_YAH yeah!

    • @Shyhalu
      @Shyhalu Před rokem +1

      I love how he has been doing this for what? 5+ years? and didn't know any better.

  • @dccrulez
    @dccrulez Před rokem +1134

    Proposed rule 6: Work as a group. No one should try to solve an ARG on their own. The idea is to communicate and collaborate to get things done. If you're going to visit a location mentioned in an ARG, and you go alone, you can put yourself in danger, you don't know who else knows about that location and may go there with malicious intent, you don't know what might happen to you on your way there in regards to accidents, make sure you have a buddy with you, make sure your loved ones know where you're going, and make sure that whenever you go anywhere you've never been before, that you do so carefully and with support. In addition, trying to hog information, be unsportsman like, or hid information from the ARG will ruin it for everyone, so its best that the community focus on doing things together so no bad apples spoil the bunch. As such, in every regard, the ARG should be a community effort and no one should try and do it alone.

    • @danielwalmsley1824
      @danielwalmsley1824 Před rokem +47

      In addition to that, don't visit a location that you shouldn't. Trespassing, breaking and entering, etc NO GO.

    • @bitter-bit
      @bitter-bit Před rokem +8

      That was already listed in the rules

    • @mecha_shadow
      @mecha_shadow Před rokem +7

      this was kinda rule 5

    • @hexogramd8430
      @hexogramd8430 Před 11 měsíci +2

      Nah I work alone like Batman

    • @sophbear4259
      @sophbear4259 Před 3 měsíci

      did you even watch the video....?

  • @thatpedanticcommenter5847
    @thatpedanticcommenter5847 Před rokem +267

    I really love that you're putting a list of ARG etiquette protocols in place. This is just great, and it's exactly what these kinds of games will need moving forward. As ARGs become more popular, there's a chance that situations like this can arise again, so getting this kind of information out there from the get-go is proactive in the best way.

  • @arcticpidgeon
    @arcticpidgeon Před rokem +232

    You did this so well. Huge respect to you, Mat. I love how you just say 'STOP'. no garbage, no filler. straight to the point. thank you for apologizing to the businesses. thanks for just being this awesome person that you are

  • @ari7643
    @ari7643 Před rokem +663

    Here’s a suggestion: No attacking or harassing anyone for information they don’t want to share

  • @hankgaming3
    @hankgaming3 Před 5 měsíci +17

    The fact the fandom blamed Matpat instead of the idiots who did this shows how the FNAF fandom is on a downward spiral faster

  • @samuelezichella4098
    @samuelezichella4098 Před rokem +3936

    The fact that Matpat stepped forward, addressed the issue, apologized for it and took upon himself to make sure it doesn't happen again, shows a great deal of both maturity and responsibility. I'm sure this video alone will help many new arg players in the future. So, thank you, Matpat.

  • @_Exalted_
    @_Exalted_ Před rokem +112

    I love that he does videos like this. He realizes his fanbases’ actions, and acts on it, instead of letting everything unfold, which I love about him.

  • @Claramata
    @Claramata Před rokem +45

    As someone who played and researched ARGs YES THIS THIS THIS. Also: bring a buddy for any real world pickups/clue hunts. I once went, alone, at night, through an unfamiliar part of new York City and picked up a package at a random building and now 10 years later I look back like "wow I could have gotten into trouble doing that I should have brought a friend"

  • @enriquegarcia2790
    @enriquegarcia2790 Před rokem +99

    This legitimately like the birth of the ESRB rating system. It's awesome that matpat here is spearheading this initiative to set a series of guidelines to hold yourself accountable for, like a society should.

    • @jmurray1110
      @jmurray1110 Před rokem +3

      Let’s hope this isn’t as arbitrary and hand wringy as the WSRB and other ratings boards

  • @BlueSkysAreGrey
    @BlueSkysAreGrey Před rokem +46

    Thanks for defending our local college town, Matt! It means a lot and Im glad you addressed the issue!

  • @grayandre146
    @grayandre146 Před 10 měsíci +6

    As someone who's participating in their first arg rn, i really appreciate this video matpat.

  • @Voo9999
    @Voo9999 Před rokem +3609

    You know it’s serious when he records himself sitting on his couch

  • @milky893
    @milky893 Před rokem +83

    Love how MatPat not only addressed and put an end to the situation before it escalated but offered a solution that not only effects the game theorist community but beyond that. Mad respect to him and the theory crew :)

  • @TheWarriorLord
    @TheWarriorLord Před rokem +72

    The level of maturity this had to take was astronomical, the point of the video was also super clear and upright, congrats Mat, You got another point of bravery!

  • @limbokidthedank8746
    @limbokidthedank8746 Před rokem +151

    it's kinda cute for matpat to be giving his community this set of rules in such a nice and understanding way, it feels like he's a dad speaking to his kid

  • @ValeOfMuses
    @ValeOfMuses Před rokem +124

    See, this is why I stick with you through things that might be controversial. You know your impact and you respect the power that you wield. Thank you, Team Theorist, for being responsible Internet figures. We need more creators like you.

  • @gamesincharacter5106
    @gamesincharacter5106 Před rokem +48

    I actually actively participated in the Gravity Falls ARG and the statue being a physical real thing was just amazing and made the show even more great.

  • @CuppoJoe_
    @CuppoJoe_ Před rokem +4211

    Another rule: do NOT follow anyone to any "back rooms" for lore. Especially in abandoned pizzerias.

    • @OrigamiAhsoka
      @OrigamiAhsoka Před rokem +314

      The guy in the white van said he had Fnaf lore for me!!

    • @Punky_TallKnightStan
      @Punky_TallKnightStan Před rokem +163

      @@OrigamiAhsoka DONT GO

    • @cornfield3034
      @cornfield3034 Před rokem +70

      @Vicente Hamel it’s a reference to the original killings in the FNAF series

    • @iamacatt5050
      @iamacatt5050 Před rokem +23

      @@Punky_TallKnightStan hey you ok? It was a joke if you didn't get it!
      edit: OK I UNDERSTAND INK SANS WAS JOKING! please don't reply to me since I already understand where ink was coming from :>

    • @cathygrandstaff1957
      @cathygrandstaff1957 Před rokem +48

      But the guy in the yellow bunny suit says he’s got lore, and Easter eggs.

  • @nweasels
    @nweasels Před rokem +59

    On today's episode of game Theory: Mattpat realizes he has more power than he anticipated.

  • @foxspiller759
    @foxspiller759 Před rokem +27

    As a ARG person my self I had to deal with this and as a game theorist I loved this channel for 4 years. And I hate this happening to a community I followed for years. So Mat thx for helping

  • @brianparker9988
    @brianparker9988 Před rokem +23

    You already had my respect for all you’ve done-not only for your audience but for the world-but my respect for you just PEAKED after this. We love you MatPat. Thank you for all you do for us

  • @alexjones8130
    @alexjones8130 Před rokem +29

    This is an amazing approach to solving a big ole misunderstanding promptly and sternly. MatPat you’re the best!!

  • @Keelvin
    @Keelvin Před rokem +5

    Yo, matt this vid is tight and all but I gotta thank you for that shout out man!

  • @ingridlasam9707
    @ingridlasam9707 Před rokem +6844

    This feels ALOT like a dad pulling his children together for a talk 😅 like I didn't do anything but this makes me wanna say "sorry dad, I won't do (bad thing) again"

  • @WhateverIWantChannel
    @WhateverIWantChannel Před rokem +16

    I really appreciate how fast, thoughtfully, respectfully, and professionally you respond to crises. This is the way for media to go moving forward.

  • @debjanichatterjee1243
    @debjanichatterjee1243 Před rokem +5

    You explained this issue and with the solutions like a real parent . And even though i was not included in any of your arg's neither this one I would still do my best to never forget these logical and should be followed because they are related to real life, rules . Thanks matpat 👍🏻

  • @Marl3421
    @Marl3421 Před 3 měsíci +12

    Think SSSniperwolf should’ve seen this before doxxing Jacksfilms the other month

  • @Trixus0712
    @Trixus0712 Před rokem +36

    I think one of the rules should be to not actually take anything found in the real world for an ARG as your own. Snap a photo or something and leave it there.

  • @mikaelahanger6152
    @mikaelahanger6152 Před rokem +44

    This kind of stuff is why I am proud to be a part of the Theorist community. Everything is handled so well, with so much thought and care towards both sides of an issue.

  • @georgevincentcorneby4023
    @georgevincentcorneby4023 Před rokem +1933

    Can we add:
    As much as possible, never go ARG hunting alone. Be in a group that you trust. First, it's more fun being in a group, and second, it's much safer than going alone.

    • @kchgamer1788
      @kchgamer1788 Před rokem +1

      Or take a sword given to you by an old man in a cave!!

    • @noahgeorge3609
      @noahgeorge3609 Před rokem +54

      Yup always be safe in unknown areas

    • @DoctorlokiJaqueTheJolteon
      @DoctorlokiJaqueTheJolteon Před rokem +27

      Are you talking about ARG's or trick or treating?-

    • @dragon723.
      @dragon723. Před rokem +49

      @@DoctorlokiJaqueTheJolteon Yes. Both i'd assume.

    • @Moitie-Bae
      @Moitie-Bae Před rokem +5

      @@DoctorlokiJaqueTheJolteon Applies to both

  • @banggugyangu
    @banggugyangu Před rokem +19

    While I may not always see eye to eye with MatPat's views, videos like this prove that he and his team are deserving of the success they have. Keep doing your thing MatPat.

  • @makeupbybabybear5352
    @makeupbybabybear5352 Před rokem +20

    This is why you have 100% of my respect, you’re always straight up with everyone and I love you for that ❤️

  • @michaelblatz4281
    @michaelblatz4281 Před rokem +8

    Thanks for addressing this Matt. Most CZcamsrs wouldn't address this type of situation, but your different and better!

  • @rgbbri
    @rgbbri Před rokem +4

    Great job for talking about this so quickly! Hopefully this catches the eye of those who were doing it!

  • @Daboilol
    @Daboilol Před 11 měsíci +6

    You know it’s boutta be serious when you see the couch

  • @LittleZbot
    @LittleZbot Před rokem +5653

    Twitter blaming MatPat for this is the equivalent of being unable to find a serial killer and arresting the killer's mother for technically causing the murders.

    • @kicksandswords
      @kicksandswords Před rokem +323

      You might be the only comment on here that makes sense.

    • @meltz2472
      @meltz2472 Před rokem +9

      read my name

    • @sharktenko267
      @sharktenko267 Před rokem +45

      but heres the thing, reguardless of intention it was mat who sent phonecalls there way, yes those who made the phone calls are in the wrong but so is mat and he understood this

    • @nicholasfactor
      @nicholasfactor Před rokem +2


    • @sharktenko267
      @sharktenko267 Před rokem +15

      @@Geek_Tales again regardless of intention he was still at fault

  • @Imaproshaman7
    @Imaproshaman7 Před rokem +3

    It's really great that you always apologize when necessary. Thank you for just being direct and honest about things like this.

  • @theartsypanda4439
    @theartsypanda4439 Před rokem +16

    This is why I love matpat. He’s one of the only creators I’ve been watching for 5 years consecutively now. He’s very respectable and very aware and on top of his community. Very grateful to be a part of such a great community🥰

  • @rayneingdown7165
    @rayneingdown7165 Před rokem +1

    I watched this video on silent to help boost it (and I’m glad it ended up trending according to other comments) directly after the premier because I saw a notice for someone else live covering everything, but I was in the middle of getting homework done. Watching it for real, I’m glad to see how this was handled but can definitely see and hear the stress.
    Thank you MatPat and the entire theorist team for handling the issue as fast as possible, and I hope every loyal theorist that was accidentally causing trouble saw or sees this video.

  • @StaleCrony
    @StaleCrony Před rokem +4

    I am so very glad that you decided to create this video. You covered some very serious topics in a professional manner. Many channels completely fail to do this. You made me proud that I am subscribed to a channel that takes these topics seriously.

  • @deepgray
    @deepgray Před rokem +17

    MatPat is like a dad who has a tons of animatronic childrens.

  • @haleyarrowood6744
    @haleyarrowood6744 Před rokem +5549

    I like how Matt Patt quickly responds to anything he thinks could hurt his fans like honestly, mad respect

    • @Heluva3
      @Heluva3 Před rokem +2

      czcams.com/video/GQ-v6_r0vn8/video.html Finally it's here

    • @GriffinZambia
      @GriffinZambia Před rokem +2

      DONT READ MY NAME,,,😑.

    • @corporalregicide5248
      @corporalregicide5248 Před rokem +22

      "responds quickly"
      it took him nearly 3 days as it was gradually getting more out of hand before he said anything
      a school was literally doxed

    • @uh1952
      @uh1952 Před rokem


    • @averlost6477
      @averlost6477 Před rokem

      ​@@corporalregicide5248 wait really??

  • @static2488
    @static2488 Před rokem +3

    You should totally add some kind of pop-up thingy in the last video linked to this to make it even more obvious for newer viewers of that video! Thank you so much for taking accountability and addressing everything accordingly, Matpat. Always unafraid to be genuine as always.

  • @keilahburnell2655
    @keilahburnell2655 Před rokem +35

    You're the absolute best MatPat. Taking responsibility and set your fans straight while teaching a lesson. And that's why we love you ❤️

  • @beatricehawthorne1620
    @beatricehawthorne1620 Před rokem +14

    MatPat address this situation like a dad, even in the tone of his voice and expressions, this is why we love him.
    (Ps. We are sorry)

  • @lunar21moon94
    @lunar21moon94 Před rokem +4

    Thank you for addressing this so quickly and clearly and professionally.

  • @berryninja
    @berryninja Před rokem +2

    I love the fact SO SO MUCH that you not only talked about the problem but ALSO solutions.. That right there is how you should do it!

  • @JacobtheCuber
    @JacobtheCuber Před rokem +2938

    I’m glad that when MatPat knows that his fanbase screws up, he addresses it instead of ignoring it. Mad props dude

  • @inkybl0ts
    @inkybl0ts Před rokem +17

    I respect that you addressed this asap!! Thank you for being responsible. Keep theorying on :)

  • @Ashiixz
    @Ashiixz Před rokem +4

    its sad someone like matpat had to make this. though im glad that it was genuine

  • @damienfreidly639
    @damienfreidly639 Před rokem +1

    mostly just commenting to boost the stats on this one, but this is a phenomenal video and set of guidelines moving forward for ARGs in general. it's easy to forget that the internet is still a wild west in a lot of ways, it's still pretty new in the grand scheme of things and we don't have set etiquette for a lot of digital-to-real-world crossover stuff like this. this video is not just a great apology, it's a great way to establish clear etiquette for both ARG creators and solvers. well done matpat

  • @tesshissa
    @tesshissa Před měsícem +2

    I've never gotten this far through the playlist. This was an unexpected one.

  • @marisolsanchez9910
    @marisolsanchez9910 Před 3 měsíci +5

    This man is like my second dad

  • @The_Butterfly948
    @The_Butterfly948 Před rokem +3703

    I like how MatPat had enough maturity to address this issue and stop this ARG. He already has a huge fan base and responsibility to apologize to the businesses that had been harassed. Thank you MatPat.

    • @meltz2472
      @meltz2472 Před rokem +1

      read my name

    • @ITR
      @ITR Před rokem +9

      He's in his 30s, this much is to be expected

  • @rainbow63c49
    @rainbow63c49 Před 5 měsíci +4

    Mat is literally our dad. That thought in itself is hilarious. We, probably mostly new adults... are like children following the words of an older adult.

  • @Walter_White96
    @Walter_White96 Před rokem

    This is amazing Mat, such a great way to address a problem like this. I haven’t really took part in any arg’s yet but this is a great guide to them because as you said they had never really had a set of rules besides ones the creator sets, which is hard since they don’t tell you you’re playing an arg, you have to find it yourself.

  • @meitheloser1964
    @meitheloser1964 Před rokem

    Respects to u my dude, u addressed the problem as soon & possible & apologized & even made solutions to fix this problem. This is why ur one of my fav creators, u take responsibility for ur actions & try to fix them. Mad respect

  • @ljs_elementsphotography2288

    Great job addressing this, Matt! I have always admired how much care you truly put into this community ❤️ Mahalo nui! 🤙

  • @amberlynightengale8382
    @amberlynightengale8382 Před 3 měsíci +4

    Watching this a year later as a guidebook on how NOT to design my ARG

  • @jessicaking5480
    @jessicaking5480 Před rokem +685

    Dadpat isn’t mad, he’s just disappointed

  • @elanaballantyne9594
    @elanaballantyne9594 Před rokem +2

    A lot of respect. This was so amazing that he brought this up so quickly. Huge respect MatPat.

  • @markhofstetter1193
    @markhofstetter1193 Před 11 měsíci +8

    matpat explaining theories reminds me of when my dad talks to me about politics. neither are bad. it's beyond comforting cause my dad works out of town a lot. thank you matpat

  • @PremierCCGuyMMXVI
    @PremierCCGuyMMXVI Před rokem

    Thx MatPat, I saw the rage on twitter about you and I was confused. But I’m glad you are clearing it up

  • @siennahartley4414
    @siennahartley4414 Před rokem +2

    Thanks for addressing this as soon as you did because this could have gotten a lot worse if not adressed, we all love and are curious to solve FNaF but it isnt worth not being "responsible therorists"

  • @loganroddick6105
    @loganroddick6105 Před 8 měsíci +4

    You can see that he was stressed about this at 1:15 where there's a cut and suddenly his hair is more messed up, suggesting he was rubbing his head or had his head in his hands.

  • @auderrynewton
    @auderrynewton Před rokem +3621

    I have another thing to add: if there is a real-world location given, assume that local theorists will get there first and post. There’s no need to crowd such locations, especially if they’re in a small town or wilderness-type area. Too much foot traffic can endanger these environments or make the environment dangerous. There is no shame in watching from afar.

    • @benito23453
      @benito23453 Před rokem

      MatPat is a brain burner!(Правдивое видео):.....

    • @graceswan4353
      @graceswan4353 Před rokem +21


    • @sioffra1091
      @sioffra1091 Před rokem +89

      This comment, yes! It's such an important thing. It's also fine to go to these places if you really want the full experience, but then wait untill the hype dies down a little bit and try to make sure you do it safe and properly, not to disturb anyone!

      @HOUOUIN_KYOUMA_001 Před rokem +10

      Finally it's here. Your mom is here.

    • @karlhnedkovsky5214
      @karlhnedkovsky5214 Před rokem +27

      If you did it like that, you'd end up with a Chronicle of a Death Foretold situation, where everyone would assume someone went there, thus no one would actually go there! A better solution would be to have the group designate someone, who lives close by, to go check it out themselves! That way, everyone would be 100% sure the one person they agreed on went there, and no one else would have to go!

  • @tackington...3172
    @tackington...3172 Před rokem

    hell yeah matpat, this is a perfect example of how to apologize for a mess up, thank you so much for making this video, you handled this problem quickly gave a better solution, and made sure everyone understood what the problem was, keep up the amazing work dude

  • @9ColinCampell
    @9ColinCampell Před rokem +2

    Respect my friend, very well said on everything you noted and stated when it comes to safety, privacy, & most importantly, avoiding all illegal negativity.

  • @bradylord7210
    @bradylord7210 Před rokem

    Love your channel ever since I’ve watched my first episode I’ve learned sm and I love how funny you are thx sm for making me happy 😊

  • @finnwantstobattle
    @finnwantstobattle Před rokem +8

    Matt is just saying “don’t be stupid” in the most polite way possible

  • @runsoncaffeine
    @runsoncaffeine Před rokem +4849

    Now THIS is the proper CZcams Apology and not the basic “trend” half-assed ones you get from April Fools or “prank videos”.
    And hats off to this guy being a problem solver and bringing solutions to what could’ve been a real bad situation, especially for already struggling businesses.

    • @animedragons9998
      @animedragons9998 Před rokem +37

      Agree and he also gave some ideas for how to progress in the future and a solution to keep everyone as safe as possible

    • @falgo-dj3lj
      @falgo-dj3lj Před rokem +27

      Actually said I'm sorry too, a lot of creators don't do that.

    • @Hierophant_Bean
      @Hierophant_Bean Před rokem +11

      apology? he’s addressing his fans about something THEY did

    • @jaydenklaus
      @jaydenklaus Před rokem +13

      @@Hierophant_Bean True but I'm sure that he can't help but feel somewhat responsible for their actions by not setting up these ARG guidelines earlier.

    • @quinnthefox2289
      @quinnthefox2289 Před rokem +12

      @@jaydenklaus but to be honest, he didn’t, and i don’t think anyone else, know something like this would happen, it’s one of those things you get rules for after it has happened because you didn’t expect it or think of something like this to happen

  • @emerald866
    @emerald866 Před rokem

    Completely agree, I’ve never dealt with any args before but this was very educational. Thank you for being very informative!

  • @alicepow260
    @alicepow260 Před 3 měsíci +1

    Considering that a lot of MatPats viewers are kids, i think this is an awesome video to post and a great start to the conversation of playing responibly.

  • @shamarsantos663
    @shamarsantos663 Před rokem +2

    I LOVE that you are teaching us what is right and wrong and I LOVE that you are giving us rules to follow the as a Community we did something wrong (not all of us though) and I LOVE that you are saying to us that it’s ok and guiding us in the right way I LOVE you Mat Pat.

  • @erikahartten331
    @erikahartten331 Před rokem

    I love how you went about this ,this is a nice vid I like it ,it sets boundaries for where a line to not cross

  • @SYO506
    @SYO506 Před rokem +1

    I am not even from the US but I have been a fan since my brother introduced me to the channel in 2011 and I can't be more proud with the way MatPat solve and handle this issue 👏 Bravo

  • @Kitkatboomify
    @Kitkatboomify Před rokem +2834

    To all CZcamsrs: THIS is how you do an apology. Taking accountability and creating a plan of action moving forward to make sure it never happens again. I’m constantly impressed with the team. Keep up the great work

    • @meltz2472
      @meltz2472 Před rokem

      read my name

    • @brianna6377
      @brianna6377 Před rokem +12

      You should see how Terrible Writing Advice does his apology video.
      (Spoiler Alert: his channel is called Terrible Writing Advice).

    • @miketrapper0464
      @miketrapper0464 Před rokem +1

      Looking at you Travis Scott

    • @AxelKuno
      @AxelKuno Před rokem +2

      I get what you are saying but this is not an apology though Matpat didn't do anything wrong. This was a scolding from dadpat saying you better stop this or I'll ground you and this entire FNAF thing is gonna stop.

    • @alex-qi5ip
      @alex-qi5ip Před rokem +1

      Yes, i could not agree more

  • @gamefrog51
    @gamefrog51 Před rokem +2

    Yo, Matt this video is tight and all but I gotta thank you for that Keelvin shout out and for telling us the truth man

  • @maxilz9447
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    Give this man an award already. Mad respect to MatPat for addressing this in such a clear and professional manner.

  • @lincolnkline135
    @lincolnkline135 Před 10 měsíci +4


  • @psidesign8664
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    7:00 Man, if only Dream fans knew this

    • @SwizzleDrizzl
      @SwizzleDrizzl Před rokem +6

      I mean, to be fair, its a problem with a LOT of fanbases. Steven Universe, Kpop, Undertale..

    • @naeljalani9631
      @naeljalani9631 Před rokem


  • @QuemahoningParanormalGroup
    @QuemahoningParanormalGroup Před rokem +4840

    This is so responsible of you, MatPat. As an ARG ourselves, and one that references real public places, this is a huge worry for us too. ARG rules are vague and undefined, and impossible to outright convey while staying in character as an ARG. It is awesome of you to take responsibility and try to put a stop to it, when you could have easily turned a blind eye to the mess. That earns a lot of respect.

    • @killnet5638
      @killnet5638 Před rokem

      MatPat is a brain burner!(Правдивое видео):..

    • @TheGuysSayHello
      @TheGuysSayHello Před rokem +16

      Hey, you guys are awesome! Still waiting for Season 2

    • @TheGuysSayHello
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      @Ctrl_Alt_V you'll have that on these big jobs.

    • @Freegame4.
      @Freegame4. Před rokem

      @Ctrl_Alt_V yup

    • @unmstudent4225
      @unmstudent4225 Před rokem

      @Ctrl_Alt_V Send this to the bots: czcams.com/video/JwncAQurlqk/video.html. They'll get the message...eventually.

  • @frozenzenberry4101
    @frozenzenberry4101 Před rokem +21

    I figured this would happen after watching the video… it’s just too big of an audience for there to not be an issue. The smallest percent of a huge number is still quite a big number.

  • @V4mp1r3_.
    @V4mp1r3_. Před rokem +2

    Matt patt is like that fun dad who never gets mad but when u do manage to irritate u feel really bad about it

  • @CursedOcelot
    @CursedOcelot Před rokem +2

    See MatPat is responsible, he takes accountability for the fact it was his influence that at least started the incident, quickly sends a message to stop it, and then starts to discuss a solution so that it doesn't happen again. He's not just someone who pretends to care and be sorry, he's sincere and so he tries to properly fix the problem.

  • @panda01boy1
    @panda01boy1 Před rokem

    Thanks you for showing us all how to be responsible / take responsibility, that, unfortunately comes rare these days. And I understand the need for this. You addressed it in a plain manner, and direct, so thank you.

  • @hippytea6333
    @hippytea6333 Před rokem +7

    This felt like my dad that was scolding me even though I did not even participate