Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes (Sweden) - LIVE at Eurovision 2015: Semi-Final 2

  • čas přidán 20. 05. 2015
  • Live performance in the second Semi-Final of Heroes by Måns Zelmerlöw representing Sweden at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest
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  • Elsie Lovelock
    Elsie Lovelock Před 7 lety +267

    This is not overrated... he did an incredible job singing it, it's the only song/performance so far that's actually given me chills, and the staging and effects are amazing.

  • Алёна Ахметова
    Алёна Ахметова Před 2 lety +77

    Абсолютно заслуженная победа! Переслушиваю периодически 😍

  • Shobien
    Shobien Před 6 lety +65

    He is: The best winner, the best host EVER, the most friendly, handsome, generous man on earth, his voice is amazing, the lights on scene were amazing but I think he needed a lot of practice to make his win possible. So he is the most deserved winner in Eurovison (in my opinion). I'm not swedish, I'm romanian sooo.. You are the best Måns

  • Rachel the Kiwi
    Rachel the Kiwi Před 5 lety +624

    And people ask me why I love Sweden......

  • Vaqif Aliyev
    Vaqif Aliyev Před 2 lety +36

    We are the heroes
    after 5 years later We still Heroes
    this song,choreography and Mans performence very good
    Congratulation Mans from Azerbaijan💪💪💪

  • nevermind
    nevermind Před 7 lety +27

    The visuals are amazing and if you don't pay too much attention, cover one ear and listen to this from a distance, it sounds a little bit like Swedish House Mafia, which is already good enough for Eurovision haha
    Anyway, one of the best entries this year! Love you, Sweden! Hugs from Russia!

    • Astrid Ulveström
      Astrid Ulveström Před 7 lety +1

      I think russia and Sweden should be in the top 2! Hugs back from Sweden😊

    • Redleopardwoman
      Redleopardwoman Před 7 lety

      @nevermind Thank you Russia! This year you are amazing to! Let the contest begin! :) /Sweden

  • what
    what Před 6 lety +653

    Who says that this song won beause of graphics, you're fools... IT IS A HIT

      ZLODEEV SHOWZ Před 2 lety

      ​@JustAlex Aminata from Latvia was better than Russia for me (btw im from Russia)

    • The Kat
      The Kat Před 2 lety

      Not gonna lie, the graphics do help a lot (both jury and televote) but this song won by itself

    • Herman
      Herman Před 2 lety

      @JustAlex Not really since its sang from Russians, the Russians will start the WW3 and everyone knows it.

    • ldolphin34
      ldolphin34 Před 3 lety +2

      This is a powerful video, and the song is a hit on its own. The chorus is catchy and it fits today's dance pop to perfection.

    • Schnecke Unterwegs
      Schnecke Unterwegs Před 4 lety

      You're right!

  • ArtyView1
    ArtyView1 Před 5 lety +7

    To my mind, 2015 was the strongest Eurovision of all times! So many incredible performances like Latvia (yo-looooov), Belgium (rapapa), Sweden (hero), Georgia (warrior), Russia (a million voices) - all deserved the win!

  • Haru Haesu
    Haru Haesu Před rokem +19

    та самая песня которая полностью заслужила своё первое место❤

  • Nata Bekauri
    Nata Bekauri Před rokem +4

    This is the best performance I ever saw on the EU vision scene. Great job Mans! Until now nobody surpassed you on this scene. 💜 from Georgia 🌼

  • sandra plano
    sandra plano Před 6 lety +3

    gran puesta en escena, gran cancion, grande mans

  • Варвара Гончарова

    Шёл 2019,я до сих пор не могу оторваться от этой песни...

  • Edmundas K
    Edmundas K Před 6 lety +222

    Every year i do the same when Eurovision starts i replay my favorite winners and songs. It's like tradition now.....

    • ESC Nerd
      ESC Nerd Před 2 lety

      I watch my favourites even more often than that :)

    • Inner bliss
      Inner bliss Před 3 lety

      I thought I was the only one who did so lol

    • liese bruyninckx
      liese bruyninckx Před 6 lety +4

      same haha :p

  • Ranko Vukovic
    Ranko Vukovic Před 6 lety +12

    Masterpiece. Bravo Måns and Sweden.

  • 𝔐𝔞𝔤𝔫𝔲𝔪 𝔏𝔦𝔣𝔢

    Сейчас 2019 год. Но эта песня 🎶 по прежнему лучшая! Это очень мощно! Евровидение скатилось.

    • Николай Меликсетян
      Николай Меликсетян Před 2 lety +2

      KRIK смешно, особенно если учесть тот факт, что ЛЮДИ дали рекордное количество голосов, который кстати до сих пор не побит, Италии.. Сам швед уступал по этому критерию в том числе и Гагариной. Другое дело жюри, который не всегда состоит из проф певцов, вытащили шведа занизив оценки итальянцам. С такой же проблемой через год столкнулся Лазарев. Советую познакомиться с результатами, их публикуют спустя время, когда тема справедливости становится не актуальной.

    • xtr1m
      xtr1m Před 3 lety +2

      @Anamai, политеке и толерантности

    • Anamai
      Anamai Před 3 lety +8

      Morphey Rus до сих пор эта песня в любимом плейлисте. Евровидение 2015 последнее не продажное!!!
      Люди отдались политике(((

  • teagan duffin
    teagan duffin Před 6 lety +1

    I love this song😍 Amazing performance!

  • Clara García
    Clara García Před 6 lety +4

    It is one of the best songs in Eurovision. A hundred times better than the one that won this year. I LOVE YOU MANS 😍😍

  • Jazzer
    Jazzer Před 6 lety +90

    This song won cause the songs about his life as a Young kid. In school he was being bullied by 1 guy and all his friends turned on him and bullied him and he had no friends then but then there was 1 guy who helped him to tell him to be strong and that he's a hero in his heart ore something idk all the things but that made them become best friends and that made him be a hero so that's about why he won its beautiful😃 a really good song that helps other kids that has a hard time in life Måns is really a hero to all of us not that we see him but that he's in our heart forever Måns helped a lot of kids for this that's why it won 😇

    • Anna Wikman
      Anna Wikman Před rokem


    • Aleksander Pagels
      Aleksander Pagels Před 2 lety +6

      @osakaszn But Måns didn't write the song?

    • osakaszn
      osakaszn Před 4 lety +12

      Johnny sorry for the late answer, he said it in the press conference when he won it. Journalist : 'When you were singing and writing this song, who are you thinking about, what's this song about?'. And answer is right there :)

  • Marie Maid
    Marie Maid Před 5 lety

    So beautiful! One of those rare times the 1st place was well deserved! Congratulations Sweden!
    Love from Greece

  • Scarlet
    Scarlet Před 4 lety

    Love this song soo much! It's my favourite! I'm soo glad it won in 2016 ❤. Love måns so much ❤

  • Åsa Johnsson
    Åsa Johnsson Před 2 lety +2

    Måns Zelmerlöw riktigt bra gjort att vinna hela tävlingen i Eurovision song Contest i Wien Österrike. Satt uppe och njöt av denna underbara kille. Grattis Måns. Heja Sverige!!!!!! Vilken härlig semifinal.

  • Marta Nowaczyk
    Marta Nowaczyk Před 5 lety +1

    To było piękne :)

  • Andra Belea
    Andra Belea Před 6 lety +15

    Awesome voice, awesome lyrics, awesome staging
    And there are people wondering why this won

    • Rosen Vlahov
      Rosen Vlahov Před 3 lety +1

      Nope , no one is wondering. He is awesome !

  • Bebhinn Bell
    Bebhinn Bell Před 3 lety

    Even now in 2018 its still an amazing song and gives you the chills. I wish songs were like this now

  • Inge van Zundert
    Inge van Zundert Před 5 lety +1

    Rightly that Sweden has won this is such a good number love it!!

  • Who am I?
    Who am I? Před 5 lety +2

    2017 now and I still like this song pretty much!

  • lovelisasumera
    lovelisasumera Před 6 lety

    Absolutely deserved to win, best performance, best live and best song! Great job Sweden!

  • lovely wannable
    lovely wannable Před 7 lety +7

    Best song in eurovision 2015! Congrats from Greece!

    • the.biebers.cutie
      the.biebers.cutie Před 7 lety


  • Paulina K
    Paulina K Před 5 lety +3

    It's been two years now and I still love it🔥

  • Stavroula
    Stavroula Před 4 lety

    One of the best songs in Eurovision !!!!😍❤❤🔝

  • ShnoogleMan
    ShnoogleMan Před 5 lety +2

    This and Golden Boy are two of the best things to come out of Eurovision. 2015 was a good year.

  • Elias Amaro da Silva Silva

    Esta foi a música vencedora deste festival(2015).

  • ostronaostro23
    ostronaostro23 Před 6 lety +1

    great song I loved it

  • Dawid Sopel
    Dawid Sopel Před 6 lety

    petarda!!! porwało mnie wtedy!! i teraz też:D

  • Cattaro
    Cattaro Před 6 lety +4

    Love it!

  • Daffyd Thomas
    Daffyd Thomas Před 4 lety +3

    Måns you're the best! Thank you! Greetings from Ukraine! ❤

  • Natalia Šalković
    Natalia Šalković Před 7 lety +5

    You are great, Sweden!!!!
    Good luck!
    And greetings from Russia!:)

  • theeasyma
    theeasyma Před 6 lety

    I think he deserved to win! It's a really cool and catchy song :) and an awesome performance! And on a different note, he's definately one of the best looking guys ever on esc ;)

  • Алиса Романова

    Oh! Måns and this song are amazing! All Sweden's songs are stunning!

  • xUnimportant x3
    xUnimportant x3 Před 2 lety +3

    I listened to this song back in 2016 in school because we sang it lol I found it again and it just puts me in such a good mood

  • жњ
    жњ Před 4 měsíci +1

    the best winning Eurovision song ever ❤️

  • Hed Kendy
    Hed Kendy Před 7 lety +5

    Grattis till Sverige. Pauline gav vika för en stark konkurentu.Spasibo Österrike för en stor show. From Russia With Love.

  • Ellena the great
    Ellena the great Před 6 lety +8

    the part where he says
    "we are the heroesss"
    I yell
    "you are my herooo!!!"
    love you Månss 💓

  • Nike Fischer
    Nike Fischer Před 5 lety +1

    Love it

  • mimmi majar
    mimmi majar Před rokem +17

    This song is legend

  • ldolphin34
    ldolphin34 Před 4 lety +2

    I didn't know anything about this contest or have any bias of any of the countries' artists performing here. That video and dancing seen here is as stunning a world stage performance as I have ever seen - the light show and timing required to pull this off at such a high level, with so much on the line, speaks volumes.

  • Varduhi Hakobyan
    Varduhi Hakobyan Před 7 lety +4

    definetly the best one.Thank you Sweden for representing such a good songs every year.Love from Armenia

  • Creepy Girl
    Creepy Girl Před 6 lety

    Wonderful song. No wonder he won. Loved him. Even in 2016 I still love this song.

  • Andria Demosthenous
    Andria Demosthenous Před 6 lety +6

    I love this song
    love from Cyprus :)

  • mary moon
    mary moon Před 5 lety

    Как же мне нравится этот номер и эта песня до сих пор! Постоянно переслушиваю:) Очень круто)

  • Tobias Jensen
    Tobias Jensen Před 6 lety +589

    Who's still listening to this song in 2016 and still getting goosebumps? ;O

  • Vision for Eastbourne
    Vision for Eastbourne Před 7 lety +6

    This is just awesome. Since I saw it on the semi finals I have been hooked. Must have played it a hundred times since then. Love it, just love it. Sweden must win tonight - hope all of Europe votes for it.

  • Andrei M
    Andrei M Před 5 lety +3

    From Russia with love! This song is my ringtone in 2 years. I'm here now 12 may 2017. Mans is a winer there! And Polina is appriciated. I love her too!

  • Anryy
    Anryy Před 5 lety +3

    This song was create for my heart ❤️

  • ESC Ukraine
    ESC Ukraine Před 4 lety

    Love it😍😍😍😍

  • Leon
    Leon Před 5 lety +1

    Still remember this song i was watching tv and im exited for this year! Yesterday i was watching 10 singers from norway and Jowst is coming to Eurovision song contest this year. :) I really like Heroes.

  • Hiro Hiuu
    Hiro Hiuu Před 5 lety

    such a great Performance...i love it!

  • rinapiiin
    rinapiiin Před 2 lety +2

    Still the best song in the history of Eurovision!

  • Iris Freddie Mercury Rock'n'Roll Girl!

    SWEDES DO IT THE BEST!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Yunus Emre
    Yunus Emre Před 3 lety

    What a song... one of the best ones i have heard in the contest, greetings from Turkey

  • SriKrishna
    SriKrishna Před 7 lety +8

    We are the heroes of our time.. Congrats Sweden. Congrats hero - Måns Zelmerlöw
    From India.

  • gabrielfaure
    gabrielfaure Před rokem +1

    This is the performance demonstrating where the vision part in Eurovision comes in. Song itself doesn't even deserve to be in top 10 but stage visuals are what makes difference

    • Ize
      Ize Před rokem

      The visuals are great but the song is better than most of what eurovision has to offer though, eurovision has gone downhill for a long time now

  • Scuderino67
    Scuderino67 Před 6 lety +1

    really good song, wish that was on spotify

  • Daffyd Thomas
    Daffyd Thomas Před 4 lety +4

    Best wishes for all HEROES!!! Greetings from Ukraine! 😉

  • angella ana
    angella ana Před 6 lety

    Love this song!

  • Maskert | Legends of Runeterra

    Thats an amazing perfomance!

  • ks
    ks Před 6 lety +2

    Cool song!☺🎵🎵🎶🎶🎵🎶🎼

  • Claire Foster
    Claire Foster Před 6 lety +4

    This was awesome!!! He absolutely deverved his award!

  • Katarina y Tania Traductoras

    It was love at first sight: with the graffics, the singer and the song 😍

  • Meshi Kors
    Meshi Kors Před 6 lety +1

    2015 was definitely the best year of Eurovision there were so many songs that was the best!

  • Ants Girl
    Ants Girl Před 6 lety +1615

    am i the only one that found that song very Avicii like?

  • Leon
    Leon Před 5 lety

    Awesome song! Good choise Sweden. And Australia really wanted to join this so they said yes in 2016 but they did not win but had at least a chance

  • IsKo BaB
    IsKo BaB Před 3 lety +3

    Scandinavians are way more talented than other parts of world.
    Much love from Azerbaijan

  • Nikos Xeroudakis
    Nikos Xeroudakis Před 6 lety +82

    the best song in eurovision history

  • I'm a freak baby
    I'm a freak baby Před 5 lety +45

    Best wishes for all HEROES!!!😉

  • Zeta zozouli
    Zeta zozouli Před 7 lety +5


  • John hornsby
    John hornsby Před rokem +2

    He let his heart out and that’s All he needed for victory

  • Kbeua AUrum
    Kbeua AUrum Před 2 lety

    Dünya standartlarında bir şarkı. Gayet güzel. Akılda kalıcı ve gösteri de bu harikaydi.

  • sofia govatsou
    sofia govatsou Před 6 lety +1

    τελειο σκηνικο αλλα και το τραγουδι δε παει πισω...👍👏👏👏👏

  • Bill Vlaxopoulos
    Bill Vlaxopoulos Před 4 lety +1

    will make years +to hear brilliants epic songs like this anyway we love Sweden

    GRQ JOYEUX Před 7 lety +4

    Really cool song! One of my favorites this year

  • Sophie P.
    Sophie P. Před 6 lety +13

    I Love this song💕👍

  • Elena Hartmann
    Elena Hartmann Před 6 lety +6

    This song is beautiful

  • Cande Cande
    Cande Cande Před 6 lety

    love it!

  • Μαρία Κ.
    Μαρία Κ. Před 6 lety

    Aπίστευτος κάγκουρας και κλαρίνο! Ας όψεται το στοίχημα που έπαιξα πέρσι και με έστειλε κατ' ευθείαν ταμείο! Ζήτω το κοινό που ψηφίζει ό,τι πιο μετριο, γυμνασμένο και αδιάφορο κκλοφορεί :) Ελπίζω να γίνει το ίδιο και φέτος με το Ρώσο!

  • Sivilo
    Sivilo Před 6 lety +22

    Don't tell the gods I left a mess
    I can't undo what has been done
    Let's run for cover
    What if I'm the only hero left
    You better fire off your gun
    Once and forever
    He said go dry your eyes
    And live your life like there is no tomorrow, son
    And tell the others
    To go sing it like a hummingbird
    The greatest anthem ever heard:
    We are the heroes of our time
    But we're dancing with the demons in our minds...
    We are the heroes of our time
    We're dancing with the demons in our minds
    Hero-uh-o-o-oes O-uh-o-o-oh
    The crickets sing a song for you
    Don't say a word, don't make a sound
    It's life's creation
    I make worms turn into butterflies
    Wake up and turn this world around
    In appreciation
    He said I never left your side
    When you were lost I followed right behind
    Was your foundation
    Now go sing it like a hummingbird
    The greatest anthem ever heard:
    We are the heroes of our time
    We're dancing with the demons in our minds
    Hero-uh-o-o-oes O-uh-o-o-oh
    (We keep dancing with the demons
    You could be a hero)
    Go sing it like a hummingbird
    The greatest anthem ever heard
    Now sing together...
    We are the heroes of our time
    But we're dancing with the demons in our minds
    Hero-uh-o-o-oes O-uh-o-o-oh
    We are the heroes of our time
    But we're dancing with the demons in our minds
    Hero-uh-o-o-oes O-uh-o-o-oh
    We are the heroes

  • Nina Suomi
    Nina Suomi Před 6 lety

    Still in love with this song, perhaps my favorite one in all of eurovision? This and France 2016 are probably my very favorites. He is very cute! Greetings from Finland!

  • Tural Agayev
    Tural Agayev Před 6 lety +1

    Best performance ever 😍

  • Lithno
    Lithno Před 6 lety +31

    I really love this song Best Song At 2015

    • NederlandGames
      NederlandGames Před 6 lety

      +Prekcha Playz and vlogs Me2

    • chad6k
      chad6k Před 6 lety +1

      It's the best song ever

    • Young Liam
      Young Liam Před 6 lety

      +Kay Westerhof Nederlands

    • julie
      julie Před 6 lety

      +Kay Westerhof same

    • Kay
      Kay Před 6 lety +1

      Im 2016

  • Mozart Herbert
    Mozart Herbert Před 2 lety +4

    2:35 2:42 I love his backing vocals here

  • Zara Navoyan
    Zara Navoyan Před 5 lety +5

    The best euorovision song of all times❤
    Still listening to this

  • Netta Ankka
    Netta Ankka Před 5 lety +1

    I have forgot this good Song for 2 years. I cant believe it this is so good!😍

  • Petros Tsal
    Petros Tsal Před 6 lety

    fantastic!!! 🇬🇷

  • Grigor Ghazaryan
    Grigor Ghazaryan Před 7 lety +4

    Congratulations, Sweden !!!!! Much love from Armenia!:))

  • Beāte Gailuma
    Beāte Gailuma Před 6 lety +258

    its 2016 and i still like this song:D

  • p37550488
    p37550488 Před 6 lety

    A melhor musica dos ultimos inumeros eurovisoes.Imbativel

  • Каратель Даунов

    Просто шикарно!)

  • Giulia Canossa
    Giulia Canossa Před 6 lety

    Canzone super fantastica :)

  • D Hollywood
    D Hollywood Před 7 lety +4

    It's not just about the song, despite the fact I do know it is called the Eurovision Song Contest, yes OK it does sound similar to one of David Guetta's songs because of the instrumentation at the start and maybe some of the pitching in the chorus makes you think of it, but just look the presentation of it all! That light animation and the timing was spot on and obviously took quite a long time to create let alone get right, despite how many people may have worked on it, the guy who sang the song also had to get his timings spot on to match up with the animation and if that tech was out of sync or if his timings were even slightly wrong it would have ruined everything! That is the first time I have ever seen a presentation like that on Eurovision, it's a catchy song which was presented amazingly well. Appreciate the whole package, not just the song.

  • Anonym
    Anonym Před 6 lety +3

    Great Song 👍👍👍👍👍