The Rasmus - Jezebel - Finland 🇫🇮 - Live On Tape - Eurovision 2022

  • čas přidán 17. 06. 2022
  • The Rasmus performed Jezebel, representing Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy. Find out more:
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Komentáře • 163

  • Cameron Clark

    I love this staging! Shame the sun was facing the other way 😭

  • Nuria Yoml.

    I remember when I was teen and Gothic, they were very popular here in Spain! Everyone in my highschool listened their song in the shadows. I love the song, greetings from barcelona!!

  • 2Kesayota9

    I love this stage more than the other one!! :( It was a shame they couldn't use it because of the black hole :______(.

  • Joker
    Joker  +61

    I remember their hit “In the shadow”…. Was very popular here in Italy in 2004… memories

  • Татьяна Саул

    Внеземной силы их музыка! Обожаю ❤️🎶🤘 The Rasmus you are awesomeness! So much thanks you 😘!

  • unusual chair

    Holy Molly what a great animation for the Staging! Kudos to the animation team

  • Lydia Crespo García 🎼💜

    One of my favorite songs from this edition of Eurovision. A month has passed since the celebration of said edition and I still have the creeps of the euphoria that was experienced that night. Great song and I love The Rasmus. Viva The Rasmus 😍😍😍🖤🖤🖤💛💛💛🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🎊🎊🎊👏👏👏🎼🎼🎼

  • Stefan Englishman

    Konstrakta asked what is the secret of Meghan Markle's healthy hair. I would like to ask Lauri what is the secret of staying young forever. 😅

  • Laman Hashimli

    My heart belongs to you The Rasmus.🇫🇮 My top 3. Love from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿❤️

  • Ksusha Day

    I am obsessed with this song and Rasmus💔😭

  • ESC Maksio

    Am I the only one who prefer this staging? 💙

  • FU
    FU  +9

    This song is amazing! Still, in this performance it seems to me as if he missed quite a lot of notes tho

  • sams14
    sams14  +34

    This staging and camera angles were much better 🥲

  • Maciej Zając

    Bardzo fajna piosenka powinni zająć dobre miejsce a nie tak daleko

  • Francisco Antonio

    Musicalmente muy buena,gracias

  • Anastasia PNG

    Rasmus: The most epic band

  • Måneskin Edits

    This is amazing!

  • Amazing Johnny

    Like from Ukraine 💙💛 to our friends from Finland 😉

  • JamieJoo Eurovision

    In a nutshell, the NF performance but without the audience. Wish the sun wasn't in the way so we could have seen this. So SOOOO much better

  • Farid Gasimov - THE VLADANA STAN

    Yeah I love this band although everybody complains about their vocals. They deserved top 15 atleast. But only 21st?!