"Everyone was in the wrong" - Jake Paul after Tyron Woodley altercation (Exclusive Interview)

  • čas přidán 25. 08. 2021

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  • Martin Ferriday
    Martin Ferriday Před rokem +4

    how rich considering how he acted with Logan vs Floyd taking the light away from the fight, how is he not self aware he is his own worst enemy

  • Chepz Gaming
    Chepz Gaming Před rokem +1

    Why is he speaking on it like he’s excluding himself? He was actually egging the situation on. When Tyrons mom was attacked and Tyron threatened the guy Mr Maturity here started saying “yeah he’s talking to your mom do it bitch do it bitch you’re all talk” to Woodley instead of reprimanding his boy. There’s a video that clearly shows this.

  • GGL
    GGL Před rokem +2

    He needs a couple more chains

  • Eisa Randeree
    Eisa Randeree Před rokem +8

    Be proud

  • cookie


  • RIP Adolph Thornton Jr.
    RIP Adolph Thornton Jr. Před rokem +20

    I can’t lie I think Jake Paul is going to surprise some people

  • Capo600
    Capo600 Před rokem

    This guy is acting as if he didn’t say nothing

  • I drink coke with a straw🤡

    What a joke man, 😇😇😋😋😋😋😋

  • Macaroni
    Macaroni Před rokem

    Now i cant unsee the teethaction

  • The Real Pontiac Bandit
    The Real Pontiac Bandit Před rokem +3

    Hate jake. But he knows how to fight

  • Cloud Lightning

    This video need sensors

  • HalfOtsutsuki,ufeelm
    HalfOtsutsuki,ufeelm Před rokem +2

    Jake is a dork he be tweaking

  • Isaac839 Mania
    Isaac839 Mania Před rokem +2

    I fell like people forget that jake is really a good guy

  • DG GG
    DG GG Před rokem

    Why is he wearing Cammies wtf bro that’s just too disrespectful

  • gabriel
    gabriel Před rokem

    Oh shiiii

  • A1NZA
    A1NZA Před rokem

    2 babyyy

  • Darin Hanson
    Darin Hanson Před rokem

    First babbbby

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  • Abbas khan
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