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How Ancient Egypt's Royal Family Drama Destroyed A Dynasty | Egyptian Family Feud | Absolute History

  • čas přidán 26. 12. 2023
  • Ancient Egypt's 19th dynasty has left a huge mark on the country's long history. Unlike their predecessors, the Ramesside's ability to produce a vast quantity of heirs made it seem like their dynasty would be one to last for centuries. However, this resulted in problems all its own, as infighting amongst Egypt's most powerful family began to tear them apart.
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  • @xdeonyx1
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    this guy’s hair is a main character
    and i’m here for it

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    I'm so happy Jared Leto could take time to make this doc.

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    I'm a simple man, I see Ancient Egypt, I click

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    A dynasty is like a family. When a family becomes large and holds great power, politics and power balance begin to evolve Within the family.

    • @and9091
      @and9091 Před měsícem +5

      Or civil wars, like brother fight or kill each other, which is not uncommon among powerful dynasties in almost any region in history.

  • @blueolives7649
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    Nice documentary! The sound from home studio is not good quality, the rest is great. Thank you

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    Great documentary :))

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    I think this is a great video!!!

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    Very fascinating story. I admired the passion in the voice, I finally understood something more about the pharaonic dynasties of ancient Egypt. A thousand thanks. 🙏😊💐

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    superb images and good story!

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    The battle over the trees was between the province of Israel ( Lebanon) and was mor of a squabble, in that the Israelites were being conservationists an trying to manage the forest while Seti, wanted to cut down the entire forrest. The Israelites were firmly under the rule of Egypt. Since the beginning of the Empire of the 18th Dynasty. This is the period of the Hebrew account of the book of Judges where they acted as local administrators for both the 18th and 19th Dynasties. And calling for help. When outside forces such as the Hittites and the Mittani. Eventually, it resolved itself with the assistance from the Temple priests , that pointed out that the embalmers required the resins from this forrest to preserve All the Royal mummies even when Seti would need it.
    The CAT Scan on Ramses I, when he was in the custody of the Emory College museum, having been acquired fro the Niagara Falls Museum, showed a substantial amount of these resins in the chest cavity along with the mummy wrappings used to preserve Ramses I ‘s chest form.

    • @ritageorge8748
      @ritageorge8748 Před měsícem +3

      Lebanese people still hold the cedars they value-as all trees need be replanted two for each cut always

    • @walterulasinksi7031
      @walterulasinksi7031 Před měsícem

      @@ritageorge8748 That is the conservationist view. Being conservative enough that they will fight against those who would denude these trees.

  • @mom5catskyle596
    @mom5catskyle596 Před měsícem +5

    I wonder about the depictions of Seti and Ramses looking like all chin and no forehead. What effect does mummification have on the skeletal structure of the face and was this accounted for in the depictions?

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    Why your content is always 👍👍👍👍

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    It is an interesting video. I enjoyed this very much.

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    Thank you

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    From Sesostris and Seti on they worshipped Set/Seth the God of Evil which didn’t teach a service-to-other lifestyle….they were cut-throat individualists a la Hittites.
    The moderator smacks of that leaning as well.

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    I’m honestly interested in the topic, but I am distracted by the presenter. What a strikingly beautiful human being.

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      I was certainly struck by the amount of makeup he has on

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      @@shakersonDoesn’t detract from his beauty.

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    Hair tutorial next!!!

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      Yass. We need to know.

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    Intersecting that Cleopatra is thought to be of Greek stock, despite Netflixs hilarious attempt at rewriting history!

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  • @JustMe-no8el
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    7:00 why is Ramses in reconstruction not made the same color as his portrayals in the tomb. The paintings in the tombs paint his skin as a deep dark brown. We should honor that in the reconstructions.

    • @S_C_
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    I enjoyed the information shared in this, but was not a huge fan of the format.

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    I'm convinced the interviews were filmed in a warehouse bathroom.

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    ".. Bleachin My Hair, Reaching For Another* Tunic to Wear".....
    ❤ Eminem

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    I think those artifacts from Amarna shown around 4 minutes in are the ones displayed at The Metropoliton museum of Art in the big beautiful gallery I go to on every visit to see the Temple of Dendur! 🛕

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    Ŝategis la filmeton!!

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    It certainly had nothing to do with the ethnicity of the last Egyptian dynasty hint hint they weren't Egyptian

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    The people in your thumb nail look more sub Saharan or e/w rather than Egyptian

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    Just started watching, looks very promising! but why do English speakers insist on saying King Tut? Isn't tutting that disapproving noise you make? Why King Tut and not Dicky Three instead of Richard III? Or King Tut and not Gigi Wash instead of George Washington. Tutanchamon is a beautiful name.

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    Could the red hair come from the Vikings?

  • @S_C_
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    The light complexion in your mock ups don’t match the art in the tombs. And the colonization of history continues. The ppl of Egypt today do not look like the ppl who created the greatness that was Kemet.

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    i have zero interest in seeing that person in front of the camera again. the sound quality was horrible, which had to be known, but ignored because someone's ego was involved and just wanted to be on cam LOL. f;alsdkfjasd;lfkj