The Power of Artificial Intelligence

  • čas přidán 7. 10. 2022
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Komentáře • 3 267

    COBBB  +7

    Cody not making the joke of calling "chad Cody" "chody" was the biggest missed opportunity in all history

  • Autumn Hale

    Kelsey crying over witnessing herself as AI has to be the funniest shit ever. I love her.

  • Emma Lane

    Honestly the knock it off music video in AI was super sick and artistic. He’s always hating on himself for not being “creative” but he did edit what images he had, he helped create that. And he made this video in the first place. You’re very talented Cody!

  • Celine Bde-flower me now

    Cody is a str8 up an absolute creative machine, very insanely good content. I love how you integrate tech, comedy, music all in one video. i even felt like I learnt

  • America Chavez

    Kelsey straight up sobbing and Cody saying “I thought this was gonna be fun but I guess it’s not that fun…”

  • Celine Bde-flower me now

    Beev is definitely one of the more frightening parts of this. Why the hell is he even there and why is he rising through the floor looking so relaxed. No one invited him, and then he turns into a shy Chad assassinator. Shy because of his massive facial growth and evidenced by the "aw shucks" foot position. There is a story here. Perhaps Beev has a redemption arc, but as of now he is a monster sent to kill Chad Cody.

  • Brooklen Cooper

    I’ve been in my independent era lately but after seeing Cody hold Kelsey as she cried about them as AI clowns, Im downloading hinge again

  • Thomas Grantham

    Really appreciate all the effort Cody put into making this video. I've been hearing him and Noel talk about AI every so often on the TMG pod and it's so clear how genuinely interested Cody is in what is possible with AI. I'm glad he's making videos about the stuff that he's actually excited and curious about, makes the videos just that much better!

  • Naud van Dalen

    I'm now convinced that Dream's face reveal was in fact the first AI face reveal.

  • Spencer Thornhill

    “AI could destroy the world”

  • Samuel Marano

    The fact that Chad Cody was never addressed as Chody is a crime

  • death doves 🕊︎
    death doves 🕊︎ Před 4 hodinami +2

    I'm almost genuinely upset about the moldman

  • Emmett Walsh

    Cody acting like he learned the term “the sky is the limit” this morning

  • Niels Juel
    Niels Juel  +538

    He missed a golden opertunity by not calling Chad Cody, Chody.

  • Samaya Sidd

    Sir that is the coolest music video I've ever seen. Even though an AI was used in it's making, obviously there was a ton of work put into it by you, love it😍

  • Fake Bad People

    On the one hand, AI makes me think, "Wow, awesome!" On the other hand, it makes me think, "Am I, an artist, about to become obsolete?" On the third, AI-generated hand, it makes me think, "How can I learn to use as much AI as possible so that I don't become obsolete?"

  • speedyflash8

    You should do more of these. Longer form deep dives into interesting topics like this. I forgot how good you were at editing videos.

  • Olivia
    Olivia Před 23 hodinami

    I'm trying to lose it to knock it off dance mix in the club

  • Verona
    Verona  +2

    the music video slapped so hard.

  • Alie Lory
    Alie Lory  +12

    I have to say that the production value on this is so insanely high. There's so much attention paid to learning the mechanisms that make this happen and then making that info accessible to your viewers. Man, I really love seeing your creativity and interest in learning new things coincide!! Would 100% watch more videos of this format!! (pls good god never this subject ever fucking again tho, love you, never again)