The Metaverse is Lame

  • čas přidán 15. 09. 2022
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Komentáře • 4 100

  • Christopher

    Watching Cody give incredibly cringeworthy standup to a bunch of random people is a better advertisement for the Metaverse than any of the actual promotional material Facebook has put out so far

  • Kate
    Kate  +3

    the kid laughing super hard at cody’s name was so wholesome i loved it

  • august
    august  +2

    the woman who couldn’t stop laughing at the comedy club was so funny

  • Rhianna JD

    The Coochie World girl had me wheezing with laughter. Cody needs to play this more often.

  • Mollie McCain

    Quietly says to himself “but I don’t have three minutes of material” has had me laughing for 90 seconds straight

  • Kataifi
    Kataifi Před 14 dny +150

    I can’t get over the fact that they thought floating torsos was an acceptable idea and that legs had to come in an update.

  • krayGarde.

    the fact that you got called an old man by a kid in the metaverse is absolutely diabolical

  • JessePinkman420

    I could 100% tell his first interaction was a lady in her 50's just by the avatar, then her showing off the jump capibility really solidified that presumption.

  • K Bonkus
    K Bonkus  +245

    That poor meta employee is just living in a meta compound teaching kids how to climb a tree until Cody came into his life 🤣🤣🤣

  • Eric
    Eric  +79

    "I fell down"

  • Catherine Williams

    I could watch Cody troll people in the metaverse literally all day

  • SimGirlOne
    SimGirlOne  +117

    One thing I've learned about the VR world, is that it's really hard to ditch your natural persona. If you never just walk up to strangers irl, you're probably gonna feel just as awkward walking up to avatars. At least that's my reality. I still have social anxiety in VR smh lol

  • Alex M
    Alex M  +7

    Coochie world girl needs to be a reoccurring character, effortlessly hilarious

  • Mason Blue
    Mason Blue  +563

    Kind of amazing how they managed to miss that like 50% of the appeal of these early VR communities is the ability to be something other than your regular human identity. If it doesn't involve being a furry, anime girl, or at least some kind of wacky cartoon thing its just not gonna draw people that well.

  • Nina Wilhelm

    I love how the title changed from “the metaverse sucks ass” to “the metaverse is not cool”

  • Stephanie Ojeda

    Cody: “I rather go to a concert in the real world”

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith Před 4 hodinami +4

    cody your voice is literally so adorable here i can't 🥺

  • milkywayrocks
    milkywayrocks Před 21 dnem +28

    This actually makes me want to join the Metaverse more.

  • terell case

    This was exclusively made for Mark to teach him how human interactions should go

  • Gabriel Romero

    This is quality content just as good as The Button days.