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England cruise past Senegal into quarter-finals | World Cup 2022 - BBC


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  • @idnanali4668
    @idnanali4668 Před rokem +161

    Bellingham is the real deal. Foden and him are what England lacked for a long time. It's good to see Henderson get a reward for his efforts.

    • @suhail1200
      @suhail1200 Před rokem +1

      Ahh yes a 18 yr old and a 22 yr old foden which can't play the full 90 minutes is exactly the real deal 😂😂😂.

    • @quizdiscovery
      @quizdiscovery Před rokem

      @@suhail1200 Sterling will be back on next game

    • @gordonduncan
      @gordonduncan Před rokem +11

      @@suhail1200well the better players get taken off earlier to save them for the next game… have you only started watching football?

    • @andyhawkins9759
      @andyhawkins9759 Před rokem

      @@suhail1200 can’t tell if your joking , are you that thick?

    • @samwes1065
      @samwes1065 Před rokem +1

      @@quizdiscovery no he won’t

  • @JckSwan
    @JckSwan Před rokem +21

    I love that passage of play involving Bellingham for the second goal. He holds on to the ball just long enough to draw a couple more defenders in so that Foden and Kane are given the extra space they need to execute the finish.

  • @anniejones5204
    @anniejones5204 Před rokem +59

    Come on England I was 4 years old the last time the World Cup was won,make my 60th birthday a double celebration👍👍👍👍😊

  • @pepe-kx2jt
    @pepe-kx2jt Před rokem +38

    Well deserved,👏 and congrats England
    From Somalia.

    • @lordgemini2376
      @lordgemini2376 Před rokem +2

      Mahadsanid saxiib 👍

    • @mikeycraig8970
      @mikeycraig8970 Před rokem

      You have Internet in Somalia? I thought the only things you had in Somalia all came of a container ship.

    • @darkfire8463
      @darkfire8463 Před rokem

      @Mikey Craig Go drink tea with biscuits guvnor bad teeth

    • @mikeycraig8970
      @mikeycraig8970 Před rokem

      @@darkfire8463 Come again? But in legible English this time?

    • @britishpatriot7386
      @britishpatriot7386 Před rokem +1

      ​@@mikeycraig8970 Muppet

  • @TheBigGoonerAJ
    @TheBigGoonerAJ Před rokem +21

    Foden left, Saka right is just perfect 💪🏻

  • @rodericksmith9675
    @rodericksmith9675 Před rokem +9

    All I like about this team is just watch the celebrations they are so humble… I remember a goal from Sturridge against Italy back in 2014 World Cup group stage…not knocking him and the team back then….. I just thought what a circus this is calm yourselves down…. The team we have now are just the best I’ve seen in the last 20 years all those big names back then couldn’t do it…. This is a young team with nothing to lose…. come on boys you got this I believe and will keep believing ❤

    • @chocolate-ns8ci
      @chocolate-ns8ci Před rokem +2

      They aren’t arrogant like the other teams out there, that’s a reason why English fans have warmed to them over the last 4 years 😊

  • @Yourbrochibuikem
    @Yourbrochibuikem Před rokem +63

    So proud of Foden as a man city fan

    • @iwankitty
      @iwankitty Před rokem +1

      Best player in PL .. YNWA

    • @JustinLT212
      @JustinLT212 Před rokem +4

      @@iwankitty lol weapon, not even the best player in city how can you say PL

    • @rodionkrasilnikov4334
      @rodionkrasilnikov4334 Před rokem +3

      Man city has fans? Am i sleepin..

    • @soniagaynor1001
      @soniagaynor1001 Před rokem

      @@iwankitty City have better players on the bench... What's with the YNWA..?

  • @felixjeremy
    @felixjeremy Před rokem +75

    England got the right mix to go all the way to the finals. Youth and Experience. A great game by the young lions

    • @johnmcgahern3946
      @johnmcgahern3946 Před rokem +2

      🙄 Who've they played so far mate?

    • @emilepelletier8176
      @emilepelletier8176 Před rokem +19

      @@johnmcgahern3946 senegal, african champions. while france has played Poland

    • @kaioneil
      @kaioneil Před rokem +13

      @@johnmcgahern3946 the only big nations that have played each other are Spain and Germany, no one else has played a big team what's your point

    • @JohnSmith-hk1lx
      @JohnSmith-hk1lx Před rokem

      @@emilepelletier8176 senegal was missing several of the their best players and england were poor the first 30 minutes. and their centre halves are not good enough. they might as well use harry potter

    • @ArchStanton45
      @ArchStanton45 Před rokem +4

      @@johnmcgahern3946 Hi Jock🙄

  • @2K9TorreZ2K9
    @2K9TorreZ2K9 Před rokem +11

    I know Jude is getting all the praises on social media but how is nobody mentioning Foden? The kid is unreal. Whys he overlooked compared to the other youngsters in the PL in general. Him and Jude are honestly so good to watch.

    • @TomMatthias2002
      @TomMatthias2002 Před rokem +2


    • @epicthemes1425
      @epicthemes1425 Před rokem +1

      Foden, Bellingham and Hendo were class yesterday
      Hendo raises everyone’s game in midfield, he never shuts up

  • @f0urstr1ng
    @f0urstr1ng Před rokem +19

    Bellingham really reminds me of Bryan Robson the way he plays. For younger readers this is a HUGE compliment.

    • @theprophet9429
      @theprophet9429 Před rokem

      Bellingham is a better player now than Robson was In his prime.

    • @elywananda
      @elywananda Před rokem

      Yeah I see that. He's like a cross between the strength and dynamism of Robson with the technique of someone like a Jack Wilshere. Hopefully him being a big strong lad will mean he won't be as injury prone as either of them.

    • @ishchicktay9152
      @ishchicktay9152 Před rokem

      @@elywananda He's an English version of Yaya Toure

    • @Mark-os8en
      @Mark-os8en Před rokem

      Is it HUGE

    • @Mark-os8en
      @Mark-os8en Před rokem

      @@ishchicktay9152 nothing alike

  • @qasim13
    @qasim13 Před rokem +4

    Big up the people on the trumpet and drums what an atmosphere it created, felt like a carnival football game

  • @craigdavidson3845
    @craigdavidson3845 Před rokem +331

    Sorry to all nations who were looking forward to watching England getting knocked out world cup tonight 🤣🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    • @SardonianSmile
      @SardonianSmile Před rokem +22

      Hahahaha 😂 salute from Greece… Mbappé is watching you 😋
      Anyway … great football from England!!! I like it!!!

    • @GamerFrisco
      @GamerFrisco Před rokem +7

      🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    • @falzsportTV1
      @falzsportTV1 Před rokem +17

      But england will fail vs France mbappe will destroy england

    • @jerryrawlings8885
      @jerryrawlings8885 Před rokem +9

      Craig Davidson No worries we'll wait till next Saturday for that.

    • @bajaa-od1rg
      @bajaa-od1rg Před rokem +5

      I think yhis was Englands last game france next 🤔😳

  • @RevertsFnn
    @RevertsFnn Před rokem +7

    Bellingham just keeps proving how class he is.

  • @branislavlazin9285
    @branislavlazin9285 Před rokem +35

    Majestic performance by England! Though it looks impossible, one must keep the hope alive... (of Eng ever winning World Cup again;)

    • @JohnSmith-hk1lx
      @JohnSmith-hk1lx Před rokem +1

      England were clearly second best the first 30 minutes and with a centre half pairing that is far from impressive, England has every chance of getting knocked out sooner than later

    • @thethomaspatersonexperienc4746
      @thethomaspatersonexperienc4746 Před rokem +1

      @@JohnSmith-hk1lx scoreline looked pretty good

    • @ghandi527
      @ghandi527 Před rokem +4

      @@JohnSmith-hk1lx you must have been watching a different game, england weren't great to begin with that's true but second best? Senegal got swept aside easily was a no contest

    • @JohnSmith-hk1lx
      @JohnSmith-hk1lx Před rokem +1

      With no contest? Harry created several chances for Senegal (who were missing several of their best players) and England were lucky to keep a clean sheet. England has done well against two average teams, but were totally exposed against USA, who is not exactly among the best in the world.

    • @JohnSmith-hk1lx
      @JohnSmith-hk1lx Před rokem

      @@thethomaspatersonexperienc4746 For those of us who are able to look behind the figures, it looks far from good. Clumsy Harry on usual form is a liability

  • @VelcroKittie
    @VelcroKittie Před rokem +73

    Well done England. A convincing win that leaves no doubt that they are a force to be reckoned with.

    • @jacksoncardnell9379
      @jacksoncardnell9379 Před rokem +6

      We can never be convincing with maguire at the back

    • @CSmith-qp2pb
      @CSmith-qp2pb Před rokem +3

      Force to be reckoned with 😂😂😂😂😂 don’t be so silly

    • @ahmedaden789
      @ahmedaden789 Před rokem +6

      @@CSmith-qp2pb we are statiscly rye best team in the tournament

    • @ahmedaden789
      @ahmedaden789 Před rokem +5

      @@jacksoncardnell9379 maguire great for england

    • @thetruthk5138
      @thetruthk5138 Před rokem +1

      Put the drink and drugs down and everything will make sense yes even to you...

  • @wiseguy9980
    @wiseguy9980 Před rokem +9

    0:05 almost Maguired!

  • @Whoami691
    @Whoami691 Před rokem +11

    France will be tough. Very tough. But i think we can do it. Walker needs to be a brick wall against Mbappe.

    • @CSmith-qp2pb
      @CSmith-qp2pb Před rokem

      Beat France 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 dream on

    • @PeaceDweller
      @PeaceDweller Před rokem +1

      One thing England can't do and that is give a goal away early against France, because France will then have no qualms about shutting up shop for 60 minutes looking to pick England off on the counter.

    • @Whoami691
      @Whoami691 Před rokem

      @@CSmith-qp2pb like Tunisia did? 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • @jackbutler4609
    @jackbutler4609 Před rokem +10

    Did anyone else notice they changed to order of one of the highlights, the chance where Kane puts it over the bar from the Saka cross should be after the first goal not before it

    • @aldhous
      @aldhous Před rokem


    • @alfiesmith6742
      @alfiesmith6742 Před rokem

      Ball was behind him so a difficult chance, apart from that England were clinical

    • @jackbutler4609
      @jackbutler4609 Před rokem

      @@alfiesmith6742 oh yeah definitely some great footballat times, but what I was saying was the highlight wasn't in the order it was in the game that chance came after the first goal but it was shown before it

  • @ryanwarcup7693
    @ryanwarcup7693 Před rokem +4

    People saying Foden doesn’t show his Man City form for England well he sure did tonight

  • @fukkingusernames
    @fukkingusernames Před rokem +9

    Anyone would think Shearer wasn't even playing tonight, he had a very quiet game.

  • @neilwilson5785
    @neilwilson5785 Před rokem +6

    This was a tough opponent. They were dangerous early on.

  • @Liam-iu8ti
    @Liam-iu8ti Před rokem +8

    Foden is killing it

  • @Zakaria0318
    @Zakaria0318 Před rokem +19

    The people who are praying for Englands downfail need to understand how psychology works. Root for them and they can only disappoint. Root against them and they will make you hate them more.
    Great performance and hats off to Foden and Saka they are exceptional along side Bellingham.

    • @lordlucan3706
      @lordlucan3706 Před rokem +1

      Dissapoint?! Learn to spell before you try to get smart. England can only beat pub teams. The first big boys will knock them out as usual.

    • @Snillomator
      @Snillomator Před rokem +6

      @@lordlucan3706 I absolutely love watching bitter fans cry, I remember last year everyone saying the same thing about Englands Euro cup group. "The Germans are going to batter you, you will never make it past the quarters." Then it was complete silence after. Eventually the new write off was "Germany is a pub team now" basically. Despite the same fans calling them a big team in the same comment section days before, and even in this world cup. They went on to reach the final and you lot are still bitter because they got further than you could ever stomach to watch. Regardless of the result against France. Let it be known you will still be getting laughed at by England fans.

    • @ghandi527
      @ghandi527 Před rokem

      @@lordlucan3706 are you a sweaty sock by any chance? 🤣

  • @d1psfx880
    @d1psfx880 Před rokem +22

    I don't think people understand how sick Phil Foden is

    • @09dunny
      @09dunny Před rokem

      We do 🎉

    • @na-hc1ms
      @na-hc1ms Před rokem +3

      He’s class but Bellingham is a bigger talent.

    • @tonygmichael6434
      @tonygmichael6434 Před rokem

      The nations been calling for him to be a regular starter so they have some clue~!

    • @Danntastiic
      @Danntastiic Před rokem +1

      hope he gets well soon

    • @davegray764
      @davegray764 Před rokem +1

      Hope he's better for the France game

  • @lukemurray4950
    @lukemurray4950 Před rokem +3

    Can we send some tissues up north of border to Scotland for all there teary eyes 🤣

    • @Adam-zh4hm
      @Adam-zh4hm Před rokem

      Nah mate send them down here so I can inject them into my veins

  • @aissatousy2862
    @aissatousy2862 Před rokem +5

    Senegal has lost his forward leader and two mildfiels among the best of the team they de deserved respesct all love to this amazing fans

  • @ieighttteleft
    @ieighttteleft Před rokem +1

    Great performance by Bellingham best player on the pitch by far.

  • @nffcmart
    @nffcmart Před rokem +8

    Let’s not underestimate how Gareth has made England games a comfortable watch

    • @user-xx7tv7cc1y
      @user-xx7tv7cc1y Před rokem

      has he or has the players

    • @nffcmart
      @nffcmart Před rokem +3

      @@user-xx7tv7cc1y HE definitely has, we’ve always had the talent but made hard work of it.

    • @emilykidd3713
      @emilykidd3713 Před rokem

      Don’t talk shit the USA game was not comfortable and neither was the first half of last night

    • @Whoami691
      @Whoami691 Před rokem

      @@emilykidd3713 The USA game was over 30 degrees because the Qataris turned off the AC, you try running around in that.

    • @emilykidd3713
      @emilykidd3713 Před rokem

      @@Whoami691 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • @christopherleech7779
    @christopherleech7779 Před rokem

    that surging/composed bellingham run for the 2nd 🔥 COE!

  • @apm9475
    @apm9475 Před rokem +2

    I'm pleased with the win and performance but a soon as we play a team of genuine quality. It's back to same old England.

  • @SuperMillwall
    @SuperMillwall Před rokem +4

    I think England are more than capable of beating all the other sides but I do think France is the stumbling block.. That’s the one team I wish we could of avoided because I think we’d have gone all the way otherwise. This will be a real test to see what level this team is at. Not to say they can’t do it but this will be the biggest test out of everyone left.
    But great performance from England. Southgate deserves credit for getting his tactics and team selection right again. We’re the most inform team in the tournament and we’re scoring the most goals.
    Come on England! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    • @swfc91
      @swfc91 Před rokem +1

      We’d only have to play them eventually mate. Doesn’t matter wether it’s now or the finals

    • @Ninja-gt3zi
      @Ninja-gt3zi Před rokem

      @@swfc91 it does England got a tough draw

    • @Whoami691
      @Whoami691 Před rokem

      @@Ninja-gt3zi Can't be the best without beating the best.
      The haters would love England to have an easy run, the fact we have 3 former champions to take on proves if we win, the little skidmarks will have no choice but to close their facial @ssholes they continue to spew shlt from.

  • @azizraja2127
    @azizraja2127 Před rokem +47

    Congratulation Three Lions from Pakistan

    • @goofed86
      @goofed86 Před rokem +2

      Thanks brother hopefully we can get a little further in the cup respect

    • @Shaunography
      @Shaunography Před rokem +2

      Thanks bro

    • @azizraja2127
      @azizraja2127 Před rokem


    • @lukemurray4950
      @lukemurray4950 Před rokem +2

      Very kind of you Pakistan. Much love and respect to you and your kind people 🙏

    • @azizraja2127
      @azizraja2127 Před rokem


  • @juliancaesar4575
    @juliancaesar4575 Před rokem +11

    France might find England quite difficult, they don’t have to just lock down Harry Kane, there are so many great players going forward for England today. It’s going to be an absolute barn burner on Saturday!!

    • @stanleyt.7930
      @stanleyt.7930 Před rokem

      there are a many great players going forward for France , not just Mbappe

    • @PeaceDweller
      @PeaceDweller Před rokem +1

      What, you never heard of Griezmann, Giroud, Dembele and Coman?

    • @FormOverFlair
      @FormOverFlair Před rokem +4

      @@PeaceDweller What? The comment was referring to the England forwards and French defence tactics. So I don't know why you are talking about the French forwards. Different conversation.

    • @CivilCaine
      @CivilCaine Před rokem +2

      @@FormOverFlair When it comes to comment threads about England, all it comes down to is dissenters using 'what-about-ism' or 'it's only *insert name here* ' or 'you played a weak side'. Using the same arguments over and over.

  • @ka5269
    @ka5269 Před rokem +1

    England will definitely make it to the final at least. It really could be coming home this year.

  • @Tom.Wilkinson
    @Tom.Wilkinson Před rokem +1

    Liked the kane action before the first goal

  • @littlegreenguy4130
    @littlegreenguy4130 Před rokem +21

    Congratz England from Argentina!

    • @imsubbingtoeveryonewhosubs6071
      @imsubbingtoeveryonewhosubs6071 Před rokem +5

      Thanks 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🤝🇦🇷
      Congrats to u to for getting to the quarters.

    • @lukemurray4950
      @lukemurray4950 Před rokem

      Hope to see you in final! Be a great game.

    • @SA-ff9uc
      @SA-ff9uc Před rokem

      Las Malvinas siempre Británicos.

    • @mrjonathan1117
      @mrjonathan1117 Před rokem +1

      @@SA-ff9uc cringe comment!! this is football not politics

    • @SA-ff9uc
      @SA-ff9uc Před rokem

      @@mrjonathan1117 you're a cringe comment

  • @E3boss2003
    @E3boss2003 Před rokem +12

    Foden and Saka linkup🔥

    • @lukemurray4950
      @lukemurray4950 Před rokem +3

      They are so good but man Rashford in with them would be so much better. Do Kane, Saka, Rashford, Foden, Bellingham, Rice. I think we will beat the French with that if we actually attack.

    • @pepe-kx2jt
      @pepe-kx2jt Před rokem

      @@lukemurray4950 yeah but Southgate 🤡

    • @E3boss2003
      @E3boss2003 Před rokem

      @@lukemurray4950 agree but Bellingham doesn't get to flourish so idk

    • @lukemurray4950
      @lukemurray4950 Před rokem

      @@E3boss2003 what do you mean??

    • @E3boss2003
      @E3boss2003 Před rokem

      @@lukemurray4950 Bellingham is at his best in the no 10 letting him join the attack and free roam playing him in a two with rice restricts him imo his best performance so far this world cup so far was today as the most attacking midfielder in a 3

  • @nnamenearinze6086
    @nnamenearinze6086 Před rokem +30

    Here before it gets region blocked. Fantastic game.

    • @lukemurray4950
      @lukemurray4950 Před rokem +1

      What region are you from and it gets blocked?

    • @LoftusBlake
      @LoftusBlake Před rokem

      @@lukemurray4950out side the UK and you will see it blocked. People with the rights will show it in each region

    • @tigerstripey4885
      @tigerstripey4885 Před rokem

      VPN my friend, VPN up your life!

  • @georgypierce9155
    @georgypierce9155 Před rokem +2

    England really do look like we can win the World Cup all we got to do is give them the confidence and I’m sure we will have a good chance don’t forget Senegal won the Africa cup of nations so it certainly wouldn’t be easy but we showed our quality if we beat France I think we will smash it

  • @matthewwilkinson9707
    @matthewwilkinson9707 Před rokem

    Not a perfect game.. But it shows how much of an incredible young talent Bellingham is.With the backup of Foden and Saka and Rashford off the bench, if we can't go all the way with this team then i don't know who we could do it with.. France next game tougher opposition but this team should be more than capable of beating them.

  • @omerta_omerta_
    @omerta_omerta_ Před rokem

    Omg now will listen to radio all day is coming home is coming home 😂

  • @georgypierce9155
    @georgypierce9155 Před rokem +2

    We all doubted Henderson but without a doubt he proved us wrong the first goal will always be a crucial one

    • @alanhenderson9092
      @alanhenderson9092 Před rokem

      Yep, I doubted he could play 90 mins but he was outstanding and I’m a NUFC supporter.

    • @soniagaynor1001
      @soniagaynor1001 Před rokem

      Not me one of my favourite players is Heno

  • @f0urstr1ng
    @f0urstr1ng Před rokem +1

    Good result. Should keep the Gareth Gestapo quiet for a few days.

  • @samgaming5215
    @samgaming5215 Před rokem

    Bellingham is just absolutely fantastic.

  • @muchammadnurwibowowibi4580

    Bellingham & Foden setup the goals

  • @lyndonclarke4693
    @lyndonclarke4693 Před rokem +4

    Foden was scintillating

  • @morthiam5074
    @morthiam5074 Před rokem

    Congratulations they was better tonight 🇸🇳

  • @kevinprior3549
    @kevinprior3549 Před rokem +47

    I think Henderson is getting better with age

    • @CMJames
      @CMJames Před rokem +5

      Let’s judge after France

    • @lukemurray4950
      @lukemurray4950 Před rokem +6

      He played awful and his passing was awful. He shouldn't be in the team. He doesn't bring stability, he brings problems.

    • @sportsblanket5695
      @sportsblanket5695 Před rokem +11

      @@lukemurray4950 Stffu you mug, how can you honestly say this after the guy played so good? Who are you to criticize?

    • @ivansmaurice8987
      @ivansmaurice8987 Před rokem

      @@lukemurray4950 go and play in his place maybe you're a better player than him who knows
      Maybe you could bring what he can't stupid

    • @levisweet4816
      @levisweet4816 Před rokem +7

      @@lukemurray4950 Henderson is one of the best players on that pitch. Southgate has every right to start him. Yes he may not be the technically most gifted player that brings to the team. But his experience and ball knowledge is. Just watch him play he always controlling and demanding that midfield around. He knows what he’s doing. He shows proper captain skills. His communication is amazing to watch. 100% should be hendo captain instead of Kane.

  • @cekam5099
    @cekam5099 Před rokem

    Very2 strong england,from Indonesia

  • @TheCulturalBomb
    @TheCulturalBomb Před rokem

    Most goals scored this tournament. Hardest group on paper. Beaten the AFCON Champions comfortably.
    The French team have been beaten, the midfield is average, the full backs vulnerable and they don't dictate possession like England do. We have every chance to win this game.

  • @brunokagawa6287
    @brunokagawa6287 Před rokem +10

    England was clinical today to get the job done, but needs to be better against France. Those sloppy plays at the back in the first half need to stop.

    • @cccbeats_
      @cccbeats_ Před rokem +3

      Agreed. At 0:27, Mbappe would be putting that in the top corner to Pickford's left.

    • @knockitoffhudson3470
      @knockitoffhudson3470 Před rokem

      If that went in, it would've been disallowed cause I'm fairly certain that was a handball in the run up.

    • @Lamebred.
      @Lamebred. Před rokem +2

      Poland had more opportunities today to score and France are yet to keep a clean sheet hardly solid themselves.

    • @danix2118
      @danix2118 Před rokem +1

      💯 However we have scored the most goals in the competition and by 8 different players we also haven’t let a goal in since the first group match!! 🏆

  • @ppanunbeyond7054
    @ppanunbeyond7054 Před rokem

    Very good channel.

  • @jamesmackay4529
    @jamesmackay4529 Před rokem

    Highlight for the third goal should have been much longer the build up was very important

  • @manhnguyenduc7962
    @manhnguyenduc7962 Před rokem +3


  • @sergeshakhov8582
    @sergeshakhov8582 Před rokem +8

    that's how england should've played in euro, but i am happy that sterling is not playing , foden is better replacement as for me

    • @simplynaija2
      @simplynaija2 Před rokem +2

      Sterling hardly pass the ball

    • @creatinepowder167
      @creatinepowder167 Před rokem

      sterling isnt playing because his family was robbed at gunpoint in his home so he flew back to be with them, and you are happy?

    • @simplynaija2
      @simplynaija2 Před rokem +1

      @@creatinepowder167 i wasn't aware of that..but he's too stingy with the ball

    • @sergeshakhov8582
      @sergeshakhov8582 Před rokem

      @@creatinepowder167 i didn't know it, but from football perspective Foden is better as for me.

  • @elywananda
    @elywananda Před rokem

    That's the first time I really seen Bellingham, and my word this guy could take this tournament by storm. France are a formidable opponent but they've not been playing great and England should be confident. The key for the English media is to keep the hype levels under control over this next few days.

  • @user-hr9kt7yn9i
    @user-hr9kt7yn9i Před rokem


  • @derkaiser723
    @derkaiser723 Před rokem +14

    For the English team is going to tough to play against France.
    I am very eager 😮 to watch it.

    • @videomaster8580
      @videomaster8580 Před rokem +4

      Dont forget it will be Tough for France! ;o)

    • @christophegauducheau9027
      @christophegauducheau9027 Před rokem +2

      Allez les bleus 😉✌️

    • @ryancasey7906
      @ryancasey7906 Před rokem +3

      England fan from Manchester France are good especially mbappe and giroud. But so are England. What ever happens it will be a classic

    • @user-ed7et3pb4o
      @user-ed7et3pb4o Před rokem

      @@christophegauducheau9027 vive les Lions! Ça rentre chez nous🦁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 inchallah😉, on verra samedi. Bonne chance grenouilles🥰

    • @christophegauducheau9027
      @christophegauducheau9027 Před rokem

      @@user-ed7et3pb4o merci beau match entre 2 belles équipes que le meilleur gagne 👍

  • @carlosvega9314
    @carlosvega9314 Před rokem

    Thanks from Ecuadorian people

  • @jlhus5615
    @jlhus5615 Před rokem +1

    Told everyone that when it comes to the world cup we will turn up and bring it home

    • @lordlucan3706
      @lordlucan3706 Před rokem +1

      True fact....England only beat pub teams in the world cup.

    • @stevieC11Hanworth
      @stevieC11Hanworth Před rokem

      @@lordlucan3706 Yes indeed Germany are a pub team :)

  • @gudmorning2871
    @gudmorning2871 Před rokem +1

    England has a good chance this time,,,good game played,,

    • @naster9366
      @naster9366 Před rokem +1

      France man don't forget that english man 🇨🇵🇨🇵

  • @veowsaku
    @veowsaku Před rokem +2

    McGuire is a liability, why is he still in the squad?
    England has played together like a real team and I think they are my favorite to win the World Cup.

    • @mastermindty6219
      @mastermindty6219 Před rokem

      Did u not watch the group stages... He was our best player in the 3 games

    • @ReeceyLad
      @ReeceyLad Před rokem +1

      Who’s McGuire 😂😂 that spelling discredits anything else you say.

  • @LeighWinspear
    @LeighWinspear Před rokem

    Fkin love that second goal. World class. We will win this thing.........................;)

  • @GHExploration
    @GHExploration Před rokem

    Not easily impressed but Bellingham is a monster 👌

  • @brianbrown6633
    @brianbrown6633 Před rokem

    Matt Le Tissier legend

  • @superbrit3845
    @superbrit3845 Před rokem +1

    If we beat France on Saturday then I think that we may win the tournament.

    • @solomit1
      @solomit1 Před rokem +1

      first have to get past France then probably have to beat Spain/ Portugal Brazil or Argentina that will be really tough for England to achieve

  • @jimfoxcroft7495
    @jimfoxcroft7495 Před rokem

    That Kane chance from the Saka cut back was once we were already 1-0 up. So not sure why these highlights are showing it and saying it was 0-0 at the time 🧐

  • @abss97
    @abss97 Před rokem +1

    I wouldn't say "cruise" the first half hour or so was quite nervy at times

  • @tombartram7384
    @tombartram7384 Před rokem

    England have already brought more to the party than some of the boring teams who've actually won tournaments.
    Greece 2004, Spain 2010.

  • @aderestuuu
    @aderestuuu Před rokem

    Its nearly coming🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • @sjdover69
    @sjdover69 Před rokem +6

    These young lions impress me. But I'm an old dog. I know they will start to play negative when it really counts.

    • @yusufahmed2883
      @yusufahmed2883 Před rokem


    • @yusufahmed2883
      @yusufahmed2883 Před rokem +2

      We’re definitely going to play defensively against France fingers crossed 🤞

    • @lukemurray4950
      @lukemurray4950 Před rokem

      They already did in that first half. Way toi much back passing and not enough movement in the midfield. This style of play will not work against France or any food team!

    • @lukemurray4950
      @lukemurray4950 Před rokem

      @@yusufahmed2883 We have defense though Yusuf. Our best defense is too attack. We pass it around stones and McGuire like we have and Mbappe and France will eat us alive!

    • @mrD66M
      @mrD66M Před rokem

      Dogs and lions aren't the same
      Hate to be "that guy" but someone has to say it
      Peace ✌

  • @TheJokersootrippy
    @TheJokersootrippy Před rokem +4

    Foden definitely should’ve had more playing time during group stages

    • @tigerstripey4885
      @tigerstripey4885 Před rokem +1

      Saving his explosive potential for the knockouts where it counts most, why make our firepower suffer more fatigue by playing matches needlessly against the likes of Iran and Sheep Shagger Land. Unleash hellfire against the better opposition who will be taken by surprise after not seeing much of our best players in the early rounds.

  • @ekosutrisno8165
    @ekosutrisno8165 Před rokem +4

    England play football efectively, like playing a console PES/FIFA game

  • @richardbolton5863
    @richardbolton5863 Před rokem

    First kick of the ball in the clip and its Maguire giving the ball away when under no pressure. Against France or Brazil then it would have led to a goal

  • @essgeddittv134
    @essgeddittv134 Před rokem +1

    Bellingham is different gravy

  • @jacktaylor2224
    @jacktaylor2224 Před rokem

    This is what happens WHEN YOU DONT START MASON MOUNT! Keep this exact same team for the France game, please!

  • @mikefandango294
    @mikefandango294 Před rokem

    Everyone keeps banging on about how dangerous France are but England has the best attack in the World Cup and has the same on the bench. France has conceded more goals. If England are up for it France should be worried! ( I’m not from the Uk before you ask)

  • @_somemightsay_1266
    @_somemightsay_1266 Před rokem

    See you soon 🇦🇷

    • @A_S996
      @A_S996 Před rokem

      Argentina look terrible this tournament

  • @pertamakedua3771
    @pertamakedua3771 Před rokem +1

    Imagine if Saka, Bellingham and Foden could play together under Pep.
    That would be great for the three of them, for City, and most importantly for England in 2026.
    Just like barca's pep dominance that led Spain to win wc 2010 and euro 2012.

  • @cjjames645
    @cjjames645 Před rokem

    What a save

  • @sandeepathwal4188
    @sandeepathwal4188 Před rokem +1

    All the goals except the 1st one were standard, nothing really special about em.
    I don't c them goin in against a top 10 nation. It was more poor defending from them rather than amazing football from us. But aye I'll take it! Cmon Lions!!!
    But a win is all that matters. On to the next. I feel we can beat France. We have a better squad them the holders and it would send a statement to other countries if we do beat em 2-0
    I can see us winning it if we win on Saturday, I really do!

  • @jzon6931
    @jzon6931 Před rokem +2

    solid performance. Bellingham in the front. Hope to see rashford start against france

  • @goofed86
    @goofed86 Před rokem +7

    The Americans thinking they were better than England lul England went easy on the US as every other game they dominated

    • @frijimillkshake8219
      @frijimillkshake8219 Před rokem

      im born and raised in england and i still live in england now and i admit we mostly always struggle against usa however we mostly do great against every other country.Just like usa generally struggle against france and brazil in most sports

  • @danimayb
    @danimayb Před rokem +3

    Bring on French!
    Oh god what a brutal team to face 😬😬

  • @mohamedalmehairbi8060
    @mohamedalmehairbi8060 Před rokem +1

    I was waiting for that harry Maguire funny moment

  • @jb1582
    @jb1582 Před rokem

    England always get easier qualifying matches! Play a good team then we will see! France 🇫🇷

    • @selfesteem1942
      @selfesteem1942 Před rokem


    • @mikefandango294
      @mikefandango294 Před rokem

      😂 obviously a Jock!

    • @Whoami691
      @Whoami691 Před rokem

      England have the best performance thus far in the tournement with most goals scored and no yellow cards
      England had statistically the hardest group in the tournement
      England have not conceded since their opening game
      England already have 2 players on 3 goals.
      Senegal - The african champions - the same team you shltstains were constantly screaming were 'a good team'... Right before England beat them... Were knocked out with ease. :D
      France lost to Tunisia. (Guess Tunisia are better than france, right sugarplum?)
      Argentina lost to saudi Arabia
      Brazil lost to Cameroon
      Spain lost to Japan
      Portugul lost to South Korea
      German and belgium never even got past the groups.
      Please, continue.

  • @user-jq7di9pz8m
    @user-jq7di9pz8m Před rokem

    Good performance after a poor start, think this is where it ends for us though, our defence isn't strong enough to deal with France and Mbappe & Giroud

  • @quizdiscovery
    @quizdiscovery Před rokem +2

    Jude Bellingham masterclass.
    Next stop France. Mbappe Vs Maguire

    • @frijimillkshake8219
      @frijimillkshake8219 Před rokem +1

      England will have mbappe on lock tbh.Mbappe will try his best to hide from rice and maguire and henderson.Also walker has pocketed mbappe before

    • @quizdiscovery
      @quizdiscovery Před rokem

      @@frijimillkshake8219 France has also Giroud their new all time best scorer

  • @kigasdj2
    @kigasdj2 Před rokem

    Congrats England for reaching quarter-finals, amazing achievement considering no serious team was met in this tournament as usual Soughgate luck plays a big part here :D

    • @mrjonathan1117
      @mrjonathan1117 Před rokem

      All teams in the final
      16 are tough teams, they didn’t get their by being average !!!

    • @kigasdj2
      @kigasdj2 Před rokem

      @@mrjonathan1117 lol. England it is average and going to be destroyed by France 😀

    • @Whoami691
      @Whoami691 Před rokem

      A few little stats for you skidmark.
      England have the best performance thus far in the tournement with most goals scored and no yellow cards
      England had statistically the hardest group in the tournement
      England have not conceded since their opening game
      England already have 2 players on 3 goals.
      Senegal - The african champions - were the same team you shltstains were constantly screaming were 'a good team'... Right before England beat them... wWere knocked out with ease. :D
      France lost to tunisia.
      Argentina lost to saudi Arabia
      Brazil lost to Cameroon
      Spain lost to Japan
      German and belgium never even got past the groups.
      Oh but please, carry on telling me how bad england are and about how 'it's all luck'. Go on.
      Do it. Now. Tell me again how it;s all luck....

    • @kigasdj2
      @kigasdj2 Před rokem

      @@Whoami691 Go tell this when England will be rip apart by France :), I repeat again, England had shitty team to play against same like in 2018 WC 😀

  • @PaulHattle
    @PaulHattle Před rokem

    Looking good, England, looking good...

  • @Chulu.10
    @Chulu.10 Před rokem

    Congratulations on the win.
    If you guys can keep your heads and not run your mouth about "It's coming home",you'll beat France but we all know what's going to happen 🤦🏿‍♂️ENGLAND =TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR...you don't know how they'll bottle it,all you know for sure is that they'll bottle it

    • @MP-mq3qf
      @MP-mq3qf Před rokem +4

      When will y’all understand that “it’s coming home” is a JOKE it’s a bit of fun but manages to make all you other countries mad every time

    • @Chulu.10
      @Chulu.10 Před rokem

      @@MP-mq3qf nah bro we not mad it's us making fun of pompousness of the English...but I still stand on what I said about you lot bottling it,I feel it in my bones🤞🏿

    • @Whoami691
      @Whoami691 Před rokem

      @@Chulu.10 Then you do not understand that it is us taking the piss out of ourselves. You use it to insult us ourt of malace, we use it to insult ourselves. You simply do not understand and it shows every single time.

    • @Chulu.10
      @Chulu.10 Před rokem

      @@Whoami691 You are out of order my brother...it's well documented that your country and especially it's media place too much pressure on your team and besides I have some money on England making it to the semis so you lot better not mess it up for all of us

    • @kameff_
      @kameff_ Před rokem +1

      It’s not being pompous. It’s English banter! The second you let on that something bothers you they use it to their advantage and make jokes. I have many English friends, if you say “don’t say/do that” you can guarantee that’s exactly what they’ll do.
      It takes some getting used to but once you do it’s all fun and games

  • @xModerax
    @xModerax Před rokem +2

    Since Germany went home again early, im rooting now for England. Send the French home too please 😉

    • @Whoami691
      @Whoami691 Před rokem

      You really think we can?
      I have my doubts. France might just be too much for us. Would be interested to hear a neutral perspective.

    • @eddyirategekanya336
      @eddyirategekanya336 Před rokem +1

      @@Whoami691 England can beat France they have a better midfield and France defense is extremely shaky, Mbappe and Griezmann are huge threats though

    • @xModerax
      @xModerax Před rokem

      @@Whoami691 its gonna be hard but in a knockout game anything can happen. Also the England team is far from chanceless! So one can hope :)

    • @steves1460
      @steves1460 Před rokem

      @@eddyirategekanya336 we’re on a par with France from a defensive perspective! Shaky as hell!

  • @frontlegbackleg6117
    @frontlegbackleg6117 Před rokem

    Now I'm starting to believe!
    Maybe just maybe it's coming home

  • @chriswyatt9869
    @chriswyatt9869 Před rokem +1

    It wasn’t a cruise tbh. Most of the first half had me worried.Terrible positioning, Senegal were much better in that regard and really pressed. People seem to be blaming Maguire and stones for giving away the ball and playing slow, but to be fair to them they didn’t have many good options either. Kane looked slow - at least he can finish. Henderson gave a good chase, Bellingham was the star. Foden was decent. Rice is overrated tbh as well. I hope Southgate mixes things up for France. Would love to see ramsdale play a bit.

  • @MrKh4Ot1k
    @MrKh4Ot1k Před rokem +1

    360p quality?! 🤐

    • @gjioeviojve
      @gjioeviojve Před rokem +1

      youtube takes a while to process videos and make high res versions available, it watchable in 1080p now

  • @Chris.Morales
    @Chris.Morales Před rokem +3

    No worries, we can wait one more fixture to see the WorldCup not go back home Lmao 😂
    France will humiliate England.
    Only team that can stop this France is Brasil.
    It’s the only other team that has equal or even more collective talent on the field.
    Portugal is just CR and Bruno, Argentina is just Di Maria and Messi, Spain is just winning cuz they face weak teams, once they face a real team, without a field marshal like Ramos, they will fail easily.

    • @AB-gb6zz
      @AB-gb6zz Před rokem +2

      Most reasonable take

    • @Jim-so3zm
      @Jim-so3zm Před rokem +1

      Now say it without crying

    • @Chris.Morales
      @Chris.Morales Před rokem +1

      @@davidholgate-Local-SEO-Club I came back to mine in the Euro, and have come back to them on every WorldCup, Euro since I was born.
      Do you wish to bet bitcoin?
      I sure am willing.
      Let me know…. I’ll come back to yours once England is out.

    • @Whoami691
      @Whoami691 Před rokem +4

      Can you taste that lads?
      It's the taste of the salt from another England hater! :D

    • @Chris.Morales
      @Chris.Morales Před rokem +1

      @@Whoami691 I’ll come back to your comment after the next round, don’t delete please. I beg you.
      I love coming back to mock them once you lose on every tournament.

  • @terryhughes1355
    @terryhughes1355 Před rokem

    had to watch on irish t v , enough said

  • @arabcharts_
    @arabcharts_ Před rokem

    Despite the economic downturn, I'm happy ☺️. I have been earning $60,200 returns from my $10,000 investment every 13 days

  • @enzosolo2321
    @enzosolo2321 Před rokem

    France vs England will go extra time

  • @antray8481
    @antray8481 Před rokem

    The Kane miss came after the first goal. Got the order wrong there.