Eurovision Top 20 Most Watched: August 2022

  • čas přidán 1. 09. 2022
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    Each month we’ll count down the 20 most watched videos on the official Eurovision Song Contest CZcams channel. The chart will include official music videos, national final/live/preview performances and, of course, Eurovision Song Contest performances, taking a slightly longer look at the new entries and climbers.
    Please note: this month we are adding together the views of 2022 Semi-Final and Grand Final performances, and taking the Grand Final performance as the chart entry (unless the song did not qualify).
    Data is compiled using the official Eurovision Song Contest CZcams channel views from the full calendar month just gone, and we’re taking January 2020 as the starting point for our charts.
    Unless we’re avoiding national finals or important announcements, the Eurovision Top 20 Most Watched will premiere on the first Thursday of each month at 20:00 CET.
    Editor & database: Olivia Newport
    The Eurovision Song Contest celebrates diversity through music. Please keep your comments respectful. We will not tolerate racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, body-shaming or any other derogatory or hostile language. Offensive users will be blocked and reported. Music first, always.
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Komentáře • 834

  • Алексей Самойленко

    Without Verka Serduchka 🇺🇦 and Alexander Rybak 🇧🇻 Eurovision is not a Eurovision . Legendary songs

  • Elif Rana
    Elif Rana  +387

    Fly high Olivia Newton-John, you’re gone, but never will be forgotten 🕊

  • А А
    А А  +167

    Для меня ""Always ", "Dum tek tek" и "We could be the same" - иконы Евровидения!!

  • TheRobiLive

    Chanel 🇪🇸 Hadise 🇹🇷 Aysel 🇦🇿

  • Oyun Aşkı

    Seeing 3 queen in a row made my day. AySel, Hadise and Chanel ❤

  • byJannik
    byJannik  +61

    Go_A and Verka need to be Interval Acts or somehow part of the show next year 😍

  • Anıl Çalışkan

    We can see that the year of 2009 was one of the best year of the contest : Norway , Azerbaijan and Turkey

  • socarraeta1

    Me alegra ver Azerbaiján...Turquía ...y a Loreen en la lista 👏👏👏.

  • lapper_
    lapper_  +64

    Love the older Eurovision songs making their way into top 20

  • ESC Cherry

    IMO seeing a 1974 entry amongst all the more recent entries is just so adorable. Long live Olivia!

  • Carlos JS
    Carlos JS  +129

    Chanelazo eterno 🔥🇪🇦

  • Sahil Memmedov

    Aysel və Hadisə 🇦🇿👑🇹🇷 onlar hər zaman ən yaxşılar olacaq .

  • xavallokiyo

    Chanel Slomo is now the most viewed final performance 2022, iconic!! 🇪🇦❤️🥳💕

  • Bir yumak mutluluk
    Bir yumak mutluluk Před 21 dnem +4

    Little big katıldığı ve yapılmayan senenin net şampiyonudur. Bir kaç aylık aradan sonra yine zirvede 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Duruşlarınıda ayrca takdir etmek lazım.

  • Chofis Aquino

    Fairytale is still at the top, what a joy!

  • Ilgiz Gareev

    в 2009 году, кажется, был самый сильный состав участников Евровидения. По крайней мере спустя столько лет именно с этого года так много песен держится в топе.

  • Federico Pifferi

    Bring Slovakia, Turkey and Hungary back to the contest please 🙏

  • Vanya
    Vanya  +103

    Chanel didn’t won eurovision, but she won our hearts💝

  • MacNicoll Alexn

    top 6 summer songs I've listened to this summer.

  • Darius
    Darius  +86

    Hadise didn’t won eurovision but she won my heart❤️🇹🇷