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How super heroes "keep their secret safe"

  • čas přidán 22. 01. 2023
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  • @jokerkirby7051
    @jokerkirby7051 Před rokem +13570

    “Did you just fly away and shoot lasers”
    “Yeah, it’s part of my cosplay”

    • @TheSquareOnes
      @TheSquareOnes Před rokem +88

      Ms. Marvel be like...

    • @brickhammer0464
      @brickhammer0464 Před rokem +75

      That's just normal behavior for teenagers

    • @leeman23664
      @leeman23664 Před rokem +2

      czcams.com/video/Mj8zSr3c61A/video.html Finally It’s here🤠

    • @alexanderelderhorst2107
      @alexanderelderhorst2107 Před rokem +90

      "Didn't you just crawl into the window of your room in front of me when we're living on the 56th floor?"
      "Yeah the school is doing an amateur parkour course I was just practicing"
      "Aight makes sense, although I don't know why you had to dress like a superhero to do it."

    • @irishspartanstudios
      @irishspartanstudios Před rokem +8

      @here is the full clip No.

  • @mymomcallsmeblake
    @mymomcallsmeblake Před rokem +2842

    “I couldn’t care less that you’re the red blur, it’s tax season”
    Spoken like a true dad 💀💀💀

  • @codypritchett5895
    @codypritchett5895 Před rokem +9182

    Caleb is so dedicated he spent years to become a father just for the skit, very impressive.

    • @tobiramasenju6290
      @tobiramasenju6290 Před rokem +15

      Just stealing comments

    • @HollowKnightReference
      @HollowKnightReference Před rokem +63

      @@tobiramasenju6290 This is this person's first comment on this channel, so using the plural form of comment is incorrect. Also unless you can provide proof of this person using the exact wording as the other comment you are claiming this guy stole from then you have nothing.

    • @tobiramasenju6290
      @tobiramasenju6290 Před rokem +4

      @@HollowKnightReference we all know that's you.

    • @HollowKnightReference
      @HollowKnightReference Před rokem +31

      @@tobiramasenju6290 mhm, ok. Respond to my comment with logical points next time.

    • @HollowKnightReference
      @HollowKnightReference Před rokem +29

      @@tobiramasenju6290 I have my own videos, I have my own subscriptions, the channels were created at different times. Stop making things up.
      Edit: Bro deleted his replies 💀

  • @themainfandom1499
    @themainfandom1499 Před rokem +4031

    I love how this guys power is super speed, and instead of just running to a different location when he heard his father his first thought was to throw his cap

    • @mr.raphael1507
      @mr.raphael1507 Před rokem +193

      Super speed or not, no one can out speed his own father

    • @Spid3rDemon
      @Spid3rDemon Před rokem +191

      Reminds me of that scene from flash where he run up to a guy with super speed and stop throw a punch at normal speed

    • @mcflyingfury
      @mcflyingfury Před rokem +70

      @@Spid3rDemon Basically every scene from what I've heard

    • @Spid3rDemon
      @Spid3rDemon Před rokem +1

      @@mcflyingfury here's a video of every scene that doesn't make sense in season one flash czcams.com/video/c9Xh7_XvnFI/video.html

    • @mcflyingfury
      @mcflyingfury Před rokem +13

      @@Spid3rDemon I've seen that whole series. It's amazing. Thank you for sharing this, I will watch it again for more laughs xd

  • @MinyMiny
    @MinyMiny Před rokem +5675

    I love how chill the dad was about it yet the son still felt he had to lie 😆

    • @superalatreon1
      @superalatreon1 Před rokem +55

      Your pfp is based lmao i love that show

    • @5050TM
      @5050TM Před rokem +194

      Very accurate teenage behavior lol. At least it was when I was that young.

    • @mindfulengineer
      @mindfulengineer Před rokem +84

      It's tax season

    • @MinyMiny
      @MinyMiny Před rokem +19

      @@superalatreon1 A new season is being made- can't wait!

    • @jrsketch5075
      @jrsketch5075 Před rokem +8

      @@superalatreon1 what show is it?

  • @wicked.a950
    @wicked.a950 Před rokem +1098

    1. Glad the guy managed to take the gun and save himself.
    2. Super impressed that the dad called the police, common sense truly is the greatest power of them all

  • @Durk1408
    @Durk1408 Před rokem +6985

    “I gave you enough time to think about it”
    Can we talk about how considerate the criminal was

    • @Mement0MoRi-
      @Mement0MoRi- Před rokem +164

      Alot more considerate than the hero obviously😭

    • @bionicdragon5
      @bionicdragon5 Před rokem +62

      @YeaMan Hey, you learned how to spell page! Well done!
      Still reporting your spambot, though.

    • @xmiunax4385
      @xmiunax4385 Před rokem

      That's why he's dead

    • @demarihaynes
      @demarihaynes Před rokem

      Just to get shot by his own gun

    • @goghers
      @goghers Před rokem +7

      "can we talk about" cringe.

  • @L-Dyne
    @L-Dyne Před rokem +2896

    I love how the robber and his victim are being so much specific

    • @purerage7963
      @purerage7963 Před rokem +97

      Plot twist, they were two of his closest friends (one went through a villain arc) who knew but also kept it a secret.

    • @FShani
      @FShani Před rokem +46

      Well when the world is made up entirely of genetic clones of a single individual it pays to be that specific. Even the burglars wear name tags.

    • @thebutterflywizardess8042
      @thebutterflywizardess8042 Před rokem +8

      @@FShani But wouldn't the name tags all say Caleb?

    • @Ahbahl
      @Ahbahl Před rokem +18

      @@thebutterflywizardess8042 Yes, but it would be written in different fonts.

    • @R17341
      @R17341 Před 8 měsíci

      Reply 5

  • @melmcflyxx
    @melmcflyxx Před rokem +5775

    As a supervillain I thank you for disclosing how these heroes hide their identities.
    Edit: thanks for all the likes ! :)

    • @Sonic44885
      @Sonic44885 Před rokem +135

      Yeah but good luck figuring out who their parents are

    • @LucidStrike
      @LucidStrike Před rokem +26

      Cappin' for capes.

    • @theoluwatomiubani
      @theoluwatomiubani Před rokem +2

      @@DontReadMyProfilePicture.1you’re a genius 😂 I got all the way to your channel

    • @darrell4816
      @darrell4816 Před rokem +14

      Do you have an extremely obvious base, that for some reason the hero can’t see?

    • @anapple6912
      @anapple6912 Před rokem +6

      @@darrell4816 probably called "the evil villain organization" building or some thing lol

  • @nanidafaq2931
    @nanidafaq2931 Před rokem +183

    that "but dad" was executed masterfully 1:06

  • @metroidhunter2861
    @metroidhunter2861 Před rokem +1601

    The dad knew his son was back because of the aftershock. He already knew about the powers, the dad was legit asking “what did you throw”

    • @natsudragneel-ir7sr
      @natsudragneel-ir7sr Před rokem +135

      would be funny if the dad actually have power too and just never told him to fuck with him

    • @nickbrown4175
      @nickbrown4175 Před rokem +48

      @@natsudragneel-ir7sr The ending "I did, you didn't think I have super speed like you?"

    • @pdt23
      @pdt23 Před rokem +110

      @@nickbrown4175 It was definitely "I did, you think they got super speed like you?"

    • @rickowens5310
      @rickowens5310 Před rokem +2

      czcams.com/video/ikJPUnlUM7I/video.html Finally it’s here🤠

    • @Halo-lg7rq
      @Halo-lg7rq Před rokem +5

      @@pdt23 they meant what it would have changed to if(since) the father has super speed

  • @NatetendoOfficial
    @NatetendoOfficial Před rokem +370

    The funniest thing about this, is the super hero doesn't wear a mask. Yet, his father identifies him as the super hero not because he saw his face on the news, but because he saw the cape.

  • @SkyPeludo
    @SkyPeludo Před rokem +30656

    I like how Caleb puts on a fake mustache even though he already has one

  • @PotatoPhreak
    @PotatoPhreak Před rokem +530

    For someone who has super speed, hard to believe that the fastest solution to get rid of the cape he thought of was throwing it

    • @arno7163
      @arno7163 Před rokem +145

      He has super speed not intelligence

    • @Merilirem
      @Merilirem Před rokem +81

      Moves fast. Thinks slow.

    • @edgabriel6639
      @edgabriel6639 Před rokem +19

      He can't use super speed in front of his dad. His dad knows who he is. He's called the red blurr for a reason. His super speed is detectable from a red blurr. The dad super speed isn't

    • @zxnaz_
      @zxnaz_ Před rokem +5

      @@edgabriel6639the dad is just better

    • @Just-Creation
      @Just-Creation Před rokem +4

      @@arno7163 All superpowers have their respective drawbacks

  • @RRRusan
    @RRRusan Před rokem +437

    As a cape, I can confirm this is indeed how superheroes throw us when they want to keep us a secret

  • @bnazty22
    @bnazty22 Před 10 měsíci +62

    Pops was on top of everything: figured out his son was a superhero, accepted him for who he was, diligently paying his taxes, then called the police like a good citizen, all while being a good parent. Hilarious skit 😂

  • @Just-Creation
    @Just-Creation Před rokem +110

    The way he said this is so god damn funny that it's straying me away from the conflict that happens immediately after he does

    • @Sana-qz5mw
      @Sana-qz5mw Před rokem +35

      but daAd-

    • @MelloCello7
      @MelloCello7 Před rokem +15

      Dont know why more people arent talkin about this 😂

  • @zackx1
    @zackx1 Před rokem +74

    1:50 got me rolling XD

  • @rkc3259
    @rkc3259 Před rokem +8060

    The best secret identity is just showing yourself in plain sight

    • @theradionicrevival8068
      @theradionicrevival8068 Před rokem +234

      Unironically why Superman works so well
      Hiding in plain sight is a real thing and I know real people who largely become unrecognizable to most people without their glasses.
      Keeping a secret identity is way easier when the people make the alter ego for you
      Since supes shows his face and genuinely works with the news reporters, people believe he has no reason to hide because why would a guy like Superman ever want to be a guy like Clark Kent from their perspective???
      He already has everything a human could want in their eyes

    • @logicandemma8474
      @logicandemma8474 Před rokem +36

      @@theradionicrevival8068 based

    • @NapstabIook
      @NapstabIook Před rokem +16

      Yeah you see murder walking pass you everyday

    • @necrosim
      @necrosim Před rokem +5

      With reading glasses of course

    • @michaelcarlton1484
      @michaelcarlton1484 Před rokem +77

      @@theradionicrevival8068 To add on to that, pretty much no one even knows that Superman HAS a identity in the first place. They just know that his birth name is Kal-El and that he spends a LOT of time in the tundra.
      Also, Clark visibly hunches his back and speaks softer and higher.

  • @vincent207
    @vincent207 Před rokem +327

    This is one of the things about superheroes I always found odd. It makes perfect sense not to let the whole world know it's you, but any family member or really close friend worth their salt is going to keep that information safe.

    • @rustysmackleford2333
      @rustysmackleford2333 Před rokem +58

      They won't. And it puts them in danger.

    • @Utetheisa-Coloptera-Ulgari
      @Utetheisa-Coloptera-Ulgari Před rokem

      @@rustysmackleford2333 then ill tell my family member that itll put them in danger not everyone is dumb as fuck

    • @rustysmackleford2333
      @rustysmackleford2333 Před rokem +8

      @@Utetheisa-Coloptera-Ulgari ???

    • @DseanSupreme
      @DseanSupreme Před rokem +205

      One of my favorite sayings is "The person you trust not to tell anyone else, has ONE person they'd trust anyone to not tell anyone else; and that person has one person they'd trust not to tell anyone else, and so on."
      If you don't want your business out there, the secret has to stop with you.

    • @tyrant-den884
      @tyrant-den884 Před rokem +24

      its part of the martyr complex you need to be a hero.

  • @MisterRawgers
    @MisterRawgers Před rokem +47

    "you bouta piss me off" that delivery killed me 😂

  • @ThePancakeRenegade
    @ThePancakeRenegade Před rokem +66

    When reading through Invincible I loved that there was a part that both Mark and Eve got called out for being Invincible and Atom Eve respectively.
    Guy: "Very well. Mark, Samantha... Please, do come inside."
    They start to give a "How did you--?"
    and the dude straight up says
    "Are you kidding me? You're not even wearing a mask!"
    (edited to show the actual quotes)

    • @Artryom
      @Artryom Před rokem +4

      Mark does… Eve don’t…

  • @nainocard5156
    @nainocard5156 Před rokem +327

    WHY is this man not in movies already. He's a freaking genius of an actor🙌🏽

    • @BlackDiamond2718
      @BlackDiamond2718 Před rokem +14

      Or writer

    • @trentbell8276
      @trentbell8276 Před rokem +9

      If he did, the amount of skits he'd be able to get out would plummet from having to focus on a big project like that.

    • @icyblue1409
      @icyblue1409 Před rokem +26

      because you have total control of your content on youtube, and basically nowhere else in hollywood

    • @chilomine839
      @chilomine839 Před rokem +8

      Because his talent and skills would be wasted then. Turn over rate in Hollywood is probably higher then you realize.

    • @Padgriffin
      @Padgriffin Před rokem +11

      @@icyblue1409 ye, basically nothing Caleb is doing would’ve flown in Hollywood- and he’s prolly making more money off YT than activity in a movie anyways, his prop costs are literally in the double digits at most.

  • @Jrseryous
    @Jrseryous Před rokem +224

    Caleb is so incredibly dedicated to his skits that he grew a moustache and gained superpowers just for a single video

  • @cameronbrown1748
    @cameronbrown1748 Před rokem +3448

    Every time you think you’ve seen the twist, there’s always that one extra bit at the end that you just don’t see coming 😂

    • @edattacks
      @edattacks Před rokem +30


    • @leeman23664
      @leeman23664 Před rokem

      czcams.com/video/Mj8zSr3c61A/video.html Finally It’s here🤠

    • @shadowscythes
      @shadowscythes Před rokem +7

      @The Grinch 🅥 Funny, I've seen this same comment elsewhere which leads me to guess you are indeed a bot...

    • @chiefdenis
      @chiefdenis Před rokem +3

      @@shadowscythes ya think?

    • @whiterabbit9938
      @whiterabbit9938 Před rokem

      We are unconscious when we are asleep or fainted.
      When we are unconscious, we have no thoughts, no emotions, and cannot see the world.
      When we are conscious, we know everything. Consciousness is thoughts, emotions, and everything in the world.
      This consciousness is one.
      Will consciousness be split in two? Consciousness is not divisible.
      Do you feel two consciousnesses when talking to a friend? Consciousness is felt only as one.
      Consciousness is one. I am Conscious and I am the World.
      Gospel of Thomas
      "For many of the first will be last, and will become a single one."
      Jesus said, "Two will recline on a couch; one will die, one will live."
      "For this reason I say, if one is whole, one will be filled with light, but if one is divided, one will be filled with darkness."
      Jesus said, "Why do you wash the outside of the cup?
      Don't you understand that the one who made the inside is also the one who made the outside?"
      Jesus said, "I am the light that is over all things. I am all: from me all came forth, and to me all attained.
      Split a piece of wood; I am there.
      Lift up the stone, and you will find me there."
      A [person said] to him, "Tell my brothers to divide my father's possessions with me."
      He said to the person, "Mister, who made me a divider?"
      He turned to his disciples and said to them, "I'm not a divider, am I?"

  • @edashla
    @edashla Před rokem +7

    0:07 “WHAT WAS THAT?” 😂😂😂 the Dad voice kick-in in got me dying

  • @ZeldaSnake300
    @ZeldaSnake300 Před rokem +65

    Right away I loved how the delayed wind effect came after Hero zoomed into frame. The dedication to looking realistic is unimaginable.

  • @suluturnip
    @suluturnip Před rokem +24

    I don’t know why, but Caleb’s dad voice made me laugh every time he said anything. “It’s tax season” killed me.

    @MR.GENTLEMAN_YT Před rokem +27

    I like how he has super speed but thought to throw his cape instead of just using his powers

  • @ambrosemorningstar2025
    @ambrosemorningstar2025 Před rokem +13

    0:45 I felt that "Stupid"

  • @yoinks3694
    @yoinks3694 Před rokem +3463

    As a Dad, i can surely confirm my son has indeed did this multiple times.

  • @Solesteam
    @Solesteam Před rokem +28

    The fact his father had super speed the whole time was hilarious, he knew his sons identity before he even got caught no doubt

  • @beans301
    @beans301 Před rokem +17

    Caleb should do a "how teenage superheroes fake cry during woopings" lmao

  • @anatakardpink
    @anatakardpink Před rokem +11

    0:57 - this guy's mustache is divine 🤩

  • @mu4784
    @mu4784 Před rokem +17

    This made me so invested in those two characters, AMAZING work!!!

  • @jettaeschroff6924
    @jettaeschroff6924 Před rokem +7

    dude your acting is on POINT, it's so often that i realize halfway through that it's just you and not a cast of characters, your acting is FIRE dude

  • @just-somexne
    @just-somexne Před rokem +4512

    "Why didn't you call the police..?"
    "I DID, Think they got super speed like you do?"
    That line was beautiful.

    • @-moeholoLivers
      @-moeholoLivers Před rokem +94

      errr actually its : I Did, you think i didnt have superspeed like you?
      basically caleb realized his dad already knew the truth bcoz he also have the same pwr but just didnt want to tell him and pretended to not know already, hence the "i hate you"

    • @kyre4189
      @kyre4189 Před rokem +144

      @@-moeholoLivers no, he clearly says "you think they got super speed like you". not only can you clearly hear it, the subtitles say that as well

    • @doohickeyhandy758
      @doohickeyhandy758 Před rokem +15

      @@kyre4189 those subtitles are auto generated and say "moved" instead of dick move

    • @OrenjiNikku
      @OrenjiNikku Před rokem +48

      @@-moeholoLivers "err ackshually" you can literally just go listen to it again lol. he said "I did. you think they got super speed like you?"

    • @michaels9595
      @michaels9595 Před rokem +16

      @@OrenjiNikku regardless of the line, the Dad is also hearing this go down. he just got a stupid son that don't realize lol and Dad deflects perfectly to keep his secret. lesson here is from the Dad!

  • @DannyBoy-lq2xr
    @DannyBoy-lq2xr Před rokem +5

    “You think they got super like you” 😂😂😂 man I love Caleb

  • @Yonkage-ik5qb
    @Yonkage-ik5qb Před rokem +25

    Was half-expecting the twist to be that when the son doesn't do anything to help, the dad reveals that he's a super too.

    • @sonicfind
      @sonicfind Před rokem +9

      How you think he made the police call and explained the whole situation to them while still “standing” next to his son?

    • @tumultuousv
      @tumultuousv Před rokem +2

      "You didn't think I had super speed like you?" he said that.

    • @TheMamaluigi300
      @TheMamaluigi300 Před rokem +4

      @@tumultuousvI thought he said “You think they got super speed like you?”

    • @tumultuousv
      @tumultuousv Před rokem

      @@TheMamaluigi300 u right

  • @rlillyxxx
    @rlillyxxx Před rokem +9

    the Dad's responses in this are PERFECT!! Lmao

  • @shafeckbrown496
    @shafeckbrown496 Před rokem +3

    I just love how the victim somehow knew how to ask for help painting out the same exact situation of someone in the house being able to help!!

  • @yusufabdilahi9095
    @yusufabdilahi9095 Před rokem +2983

    As a secret, I can confirm This is how superhero’s keep us safe. (Edit thx for all the likes)

  • @CyrussNP
    @CyrussNP Před rokem +11

    “Alright I gave you enough time to think about it” 😂😂😂😂😭 yoooo we need a full on Caleb show. I also love how he perfectly captured a father.

  • @marvrob
    @marvrob Před rokem +1


  • @animeshdwivedi9966
    @animeshdwivedi9966 Před rokem +22

    0:29 He forgor💀

  • @classiccj2569
    @classiccj2569 Před 10 měsíci +4

    This is spot on in TV shows or movies. Man with super speed is in a situation where it would be perfect to use his power, but instead moves normally. Caleb could've used super speed to hide his cape, but instead threw it like a normal person.

  • @user-wr2uy9pj4m
    @user-wr2uy9pj4m Před 11 měsíci +5

    2:00 brilliant!

  • @PeterSnores
    @PeterSnores Před rokem +5798

    Now it all makes sense how Caleb can play so many characters, man has had super speed the whole time!

  • @impressme4026
    @impressme4026 Před rokem +1

    Love the extra detail when the camera shake as soon as arrive at his house with super speed.

  • @AegixDrakan
    @AegixDrakan Před rokem +5

    Man the dad being chill about it and saying "Yo, it's tax season alright, I don't care, just be careful" is SUUUCH a mood. XD Tax season is the worst.

  • @anthonywilliams3116
    @anthonywilliams3116 Před rokem +2

    That detail of the aftershock when he first came in was genius and clean.

  • @elitely6748
    @elitely6748 Před rokem +13

    I believe it is impossible not to laugh from a CalebCity video at this point!

  • @joeljude9180
    @joeljude9180 Před 2 měsíci +1

    The gigachad parent move in that situation is to leave so the kid can help without feeling like he's exposing his secret

  • @redroll1935
    @redroll1935 Před rokem +409

    “Look, I couldn’t care less that you’re the Red Blur right now, okay? It’s tax season.”
    As someone who’s taken a personal money management class, I can confirm that when filing taxes, you could tell me literally anything and I wouldn’t be bothered to care about it until I’m free of the worst fate of all: taxes.

    • @truffle6082
      @truffle6082 Před rokem +17

      The worst fate, of all time is waiting in line at the DMV

    • @jonothanthrace1530
      @jonothanthrace1530 Před rokem +33

      "I don't care how fast you are, you can't outrun the IRS."

    • @selena303021
      @selena303021 Před rokem +5

      Dang, and here i was thinkin he said "be careful" cause he didnt wanna lose his kid claim during tax season🤣😭

  • @sk82rok
    @sk82rok Před rokem +6

    This gives me “when your roommate is a misguided superhero” vibes. Also, this is The Red Blur’s arch rival’s origin story.

  • @kingj282
    @kingj282 Před rokem +3

    That ending lol. Thought it was going to go dark and then he brings it back to comedic. Clever

  • @jaycenlionheart5274
    @jaycenlionheart5274 Před rokem +2

    This isn't even just superheroes. This is how
    Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows have kids hiding stuff.

  • @Maximus_H
    @Maximus_H Před rokem +2

    This was so good, it should be a whole series!

  • @whooopdeedo
    @whooopdeedo Před rokem +1

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    That or you can just tell everyone. Who actually cares and your loved ones won’t be in any more danger than they already always are by living in the same city as you…

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