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Reviewing Jim Harbaugh’s time at Michigan | Outside The Lines

  • čas přidán 23. 01. 2024
  • Outside The Lines’ Jeremy Schaap reflects on Jim Harbaugh’s time as head coach with the Michigan Wolverines that was capped off by winning the College Football Playoff National Championship.
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Komentáře • 56

  • @ronaldrussell5481
    @ronaldrussell5481 Před 27 dny +8

    Needs a new challenge. Did what he set out to do at Michigan, now it's his challenge to win a super bowl.

  • @whatintheFUCKbubbs
    @whatintheFUCKbubbs Před 27 dny +3

    Not surprised to see PETE THAMEL on here trying to roast Harbaugh. Literally all this guy has done all year is try to tear him down. Guarantee buddy was crying when Michigan won the natty

  • @bkg5494
    @bkg5494 Před 27 dny +2

    why the zooming in on Jesse Minter’s face when talking about Connor Stallions?

  • @felixrcandelaria
    @felixrcandelaria Před 27 dny

    Jeremy Schaap is so good!

  • @skipgumphrey9579
    @skipgumphrey9579 Před 27 dny +1

    I’m sure there are plenty of people happy for him, and those who might not be so happy. Michigan has been an exciting team to watch the last few years. Hopefully the program can make a smooth transition to the next staff without major upheaval. Between Ohio State building a juggernaut, and new big teams coming to the B1G, they probably wouldn’t care to have a bunch of extra issues just as they try to get on track and defend their first National Championship in quite awhile…

  • @NoFace-ke9pc
    @NoFace-ke9pc Před 27 dny +10

    As a chargers fan. I am beyond excited.

    • @troyp5359
      @troyp5359 Před 27 dny +2

      As a Michigan fan I'm bummed, but I do hope he's successful in LA.

    • @felixrcandelaria
      @felixrcandelaria Před 27 dny

      As a Niners fan I gotta tell you that you should be excited. It will be an intense, wild ride and I hope he can turn your Bolts around. So much talent there

  • @DeAngeloStevens
    @DeAngeloStevens Před 27 dny

    For the First Time prior to the 2015 Season Jim Harbaugh is NOT on the Sideline

  • @terencew7716
    @terencew7716 Před 27 dny

    Congratulations to Michigan for winning the National Championship!!
    Hopefully Sherrone Moore becomes the HC at Michigan

  • @Redeemed2024
    @Redeemed2024 Před 27 dny

    Nobody wanted out of Michigan more than Harbaugh lol

  • @antwongadison3799
    @antwongadison3799 Před 27 dny +9

    The real question is why doesn't the NFL have this problem and college football does? Your just creating problems and unnecessary rules for no reason it's ridiculous. You can just speak to the QB through his helmet problem solver and wear a wrist band. It's so stupid the NCAA is a joke 🤣

  • @Mikeprjtm
    @Mikeprjtm Před 27 dny +3

    Unfortunately I think if he stayed at Michigan the ncaa would come down hard on him and Michigan. Now I think any penalty will be minor.

    @TREALC Před 27 dny +1

    Charles woodson Mike hart Jesse minter Desmond Howard urban Meyer Nick Saban

  • @jeffreylawson3645
    @jeffreylawson3645 Před 27 dny +5

    😮😮 once the NCAA investigation is complete it shouldn't matter if Harbaugh is the HC or not..if NCAA decides that rules were broken doing his tenur then the punishment should still fall upon Michigan as an University with or without Harbaugh..the University stood still be liable for all of the actions that happened during "the years that Harbaugh was in charge" or actually NOT in charge of his staff either way he should had been in charge. Michigan most likely have all wins taken away and should get death penalty for the next 5 years.😮😮

    • @bkg5494
      @bkg5494 Před 27 dny +2


    • @gunpuppy3533
      @gunpuppy3533 Před 27 dny +2

      The NCAA said they had “no competitive advantage”. Keep dreaming

    • @jeffreylawson3645
      @jeffreylawson3645 Před 27 dny

      Well CHEATING is STILL CHEATING apparently even when YOU SUX at CHEATING Michigan University.
      By not punishing Michigan that is still condoning CHEATING even if they don't have Harbaugh in house to blame him for his lack of leadership abilities it still happened so once the NCAA sanctions come crashing down upon them..all these Michigan peeps can cry all you want because the truth will come out sooner or later..😢 😭 😪

    • @Yupyupyuppy
      @Yupyupyuppy Před 27 dny

      Who are u?

    • @Urban_Meyers_Right_Hand
      @Urban_Meyers_Right_Hand Před 27 dny

      Your name is Jeffery FFS! 🤦🏻‍♂️ You should locked up for sharing a name with Epstein

  • @rediknight9056
    @rediknight9056 Před 27 dny +1

    Okay, now the ESPN hit pieces come rolling in.

  • @robertlarry2037
    @robertlarry2037 Před 27 dny +7

    Does anyone feels that the NCAA would punish Michigan, now that Harbaugh is now the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers ? Agree or disagree with my comment ?

    • @aaronross3728
      @aaronross3728 Před 27 dny +4

      For comparison, the NCAA punished Tennessee for the recruiting violations even though Jeremy Pruitt was already fired and gone. So I don't think the NCAA will care that Harbaugh isn't there anymore.

    • @Mikeprjtm
      @Mikeprjtm Před 27 dny +1

      Maybe, but not as bad.

    • @skipgumphrey9579
      @skipgumphrey9579 Před 27 dny +4

      They still came down on USC even though Pete Carroll was already gone to Seattle and the NFL. The vacated wins, a National Championship and took Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy as well.
      Of course that was 20 years ago. Maybe they won’t be as harsh this go round…

  • @averygaming8707
    @averygaming8707 Před 27 dny +1

    I am very interested to see what these Michigan defensive players decide to do if/when Jesse Minter heads off to LA
    There are a few players on that defensive line who would be starters at a large majority of major SEC/B1G schools

  • @EllsworthJohnson-ui1xm

    Glad to see him go

  • @anthonyedwards1759
    @anthonyedwards1759 Před 27 dny +6

    Other than the past three years (where they were cheating) his teams were incredibly mid

    • @TREALC
      @TREALC Před 27 dny +4

      Cap he had no qb

    • @jacobwatson1406
      @jacobwatson1406 Před 27 dny

      Cause he has to build the program from the ground up Michigan hit rock bottom before he got there and he had to build them all the way back up and beat teams with less talent which he was able to do that the job he’s done is extremely impressive and nothing should be taken away from that 💯

    • @bkg5494
      @bkg5494 Před 27 dny


    • @anthonyedwards1759
      @anthonyedwards1759 Před 27 dny

      Not coping just stating facts. He was on the hot seat in 2020 after 5 straight disappointing seasons.

    • @bkg5494
      @bkg5494 Před 27 dny

      @@anthonyedwards1759 and now we live in 2024 my guy

  • @dakotakid95gt
    @dakotakid95gt Před 27 dny +11

    Lmfao, 2/3rds of this video is a therapy session for the espn journos who couldn’t bring a good man down despite their best efforts

    • @whatintheFUCKbubbs
      @whatintheFUCKbubbs Před 27 dny +2

      Including Pete Thamel who's only agenda all season has been to go after Harbaugh

  • @meyersmediafamily
    @meyersmediafamily Před 27 dny

    buckeye pete stays mad

  • @ryanzielinski2230
    @ryanzielinski2230 Před 27 dny +2

    Jumping while he can NCAA will be knocking

  • @28-3dude
    @28-3dude Před 27 dny +5

    I am so mad that he left

  • @fodetoure1576
    @fodetoure1576 Před 27 dny

    3***-5 against Ohio state

  • @highseasbanditry
    @highseasbanditry Před 27 dny +1

    PLEASE CHANGE the out-tro music! The college football season is over, time to pick something new! No more of the "Give me something" guy, it's all I'm asking.

  • @Todd_B639
    @Todd_B639 Před 27 dny +1

    And the sanctions cometh. Bet yall are really proud of him. Hope the cost was worth it, lmao

    • @Deez30224
      @Deez30224 Před 27 dny

      Michigan won a national championship and Cryan day is in panic mode and paying to build a team because he can’t develop the players he has lmao

    • @Todd_B639
      @Todd_B639 Před 27 dny

      @Deez30224 YES you did. But now you get to start paying the piper. You're fixing to lose some yourself, lol. Harbaugh is gone, and the players aren't gonna stay and pay the price with sanctions and such.

    • @Deez30224
      @Deez30224 Před 27 dny

      @@Todd_B639 The players love coach Moore and most of them will stay. And Cryan day already has a losing record to Michigans new coach lmao

    • @Todd_B639
      @Todd_B639 Před 27 dny

      @Deez30224 Granted. But they love their accolades more. If they put Mich. on probation, they're automatically barred from any post season play. These kids are loyal to nobody now. The money is what they "love", not a coach

  • @SuperMogul
    @SuperMogul Před 27 dny

    He will be back to College Football in 4 years. He's not built for it! It's nothing to be ashamed of. Ask Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier.

    • @bkg5494
      @bkg5494 Před 27 dny +2

      Jim is 44-19-1 in the NFL lol

    • @SuperMogul
      @SuperMogul Před 27 dny

      @@bkg5494 Give him a gold star, he can Google. Lol Now tell me how long ago that has been? It's not the same NFL! College Coaches don't fair well in the Pros as head coaches, fact check that!

  • @kaneplaunt3528
    @kaneplaunt3528 Před 27 dny +1

    cheaters....thats all I have to say

  • @Byrd21590
    @Byrd21590 Před 27 dny +2

    It took him 10 years to get a natty. 🤦

    • @keeganmanning8196
      @keeganmanning8196 Před 27 dny +4

      99% of coaches will never get one in a lifetime 🤦

    • @Byrd21590
      @Byrd21590 Před 27 dny

      @@keeganmanning8196 yeah that is sad.

    • @bkg5494
      @bkg5494 Před 27 dny

      and? do you realize how few coaches have actually won a national championship this century?

  • @rediknight9056
    @rediknight9056 Před 27 dny

    Pete Thamel and others chased him out.