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Madden 13 Introduction Video (Madden NFL 13 Gameplay) [HD]

  • čas přidán 27. 08. 2012
  • The Madden 13 intro video gave me chills the first time I saw it, Thought I'd upload the intro video for those that don't have the game yet.. It really is awesome!
    Madden 13 NFL Intro video with Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens giving pregame speech
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Komentáře • 326

  • @DylanMitchell117
    @DylanMitchell117 Před 8 lety +232

    Still the best madden intro ever!!! Lets have something like this with troy polomalu and ed reed!

    • @dubshouse1169
      @dubshouse1169 Před 7 lety +10

      nope Madden 11 Better

    • @DylanMitchell117
      @DylanMitchell117 Před 7 lety +4

      Dubs House #11 gonna have to disagree on that one.....

    • @dubshouse1169
      @dubshouse1169 Před 7 lety +6

      Dylan Mitchell rewatch the intro for 11 gives me chills everytime...

    • @bradlambkin1976
      @bradlambkin1976 Před 5 lety +7

      I like Madden 08 the best .

    • @Zero8880
      @Zero8880 Před 5 lety +3

      Madden 08 is still the best, can you feel that?

  • @icookyorice1
    @icookyorice1 Před 8 lety +70

    This shit got my lazy ass to go to the gym and shit. Powerful stuff right here

  • @RobTheCloserRacing
    @RobTheCloserRacing Před 8 lety +102

    Miss seeing Ray on the field. He was such a dominant force. I know a lot of haters are gonna argue what I'm about to say, but Ray Lewis is one GOATs.

    • @Morecman
      @Morecman Před 8 lety +4

      Ray Lewis was a force on the field and more importantly, one of the greatest leaders of all time, he is the captain of any defense period. Best Middle Linebacker to play the game

    • @Kobeee24BRyant
      @Kobeee24BRyant Před 8 lety

      +Colin Moore I admire Ray Lewis as a player but he got away with murder just like OJ

    • @s.dermody2917
      @s.dermody2917 Před 7 lety +5

      he was accused

    • @samaurilewis2798
      @samaurilewis2798 Před 7 lety

      yeah,but i see him every day he is my cousib

    • @samaurilewis2798
      @samaurilewis2798 Před 7 lety +1


  • @thatkidroy17
    @thatkidroy17 Před 10 lety +161

    Brb about to go wrestle a bear

  • @jermainejohnson3465
    @jermainejohnson3465 Před 9 lety +92

    "I prepare so no one can take what is mine. No one can replace me mind, and my heart." Ohhh Da Greatness!

    • @gustavosantos7138
      @gustavosantos7138 Před 9 lety

      shut up nigga,football is for whites american,this is video is pussy

    • @spencerwattamaniuk950
      @spencerwattamaniuk950 Před 8 lety +3

      +ezekiel jackson You notice that alot of black people are great NFL players?

    • @spencerwattamaniuk950
      @spencerwattamaniuk950 Před 8 lety +1

      You're a plague to this world.

    • @spencerwattamaniuk950
      @spencerwattamaniuk950 Před 8 lety +1

      ezekiel jackson How are we going to arrange this?

    • @Winnerizzy
      @Winnerizzy Před 3 lety

      @@gustavosantos7138 alot of black people are pros at football including basketball white people play soccer hockey and boxing plus wrestling moron

  • @mannyreyes1340
    @mannyreyes1340 Před 7 lety +49

    I'm glad to say I watched him play

  • @sterlingsearcy
    @sterlingsearcy Před 6 lety +36

    Shit make me wanna cry

  • @Amir-jp2oz
    @Amir-jp2oz Před 5 lety +229

    Am I the only one watching in 2021

  • @gotflight50
    @gotflight50 Před 3 lety +4

    Loading this up during Christmas break in middle school was unmatched💯

  • @BgTheBully_
    @BgTheBully_ Před 10 lety +93

    This makes you want to Bill Goldberg spear the next person you see.

    • @gustavosantos7138
      @gustavosantos7138 Před 9 lety

      shut up nigga,football is for whites american,this is video is pussy

    • @gustavosantos7138
      @gustavosantos7138 Před 9 lety

      ***** im white

    • @gustavosantos7138
      @gustavosantos7138 Před 9 lety

      ***** niggas gays,rugby is for whites,football is for whites

    • @joshc1981
      @joshc1981 Před 7 lety +1

      or try and pick a fight with Richard sherman

    • @joshc1981
      @joshc1981 Před 7 lety +1

      ezekiel jackson jesus what's your problem

  • @captainluckless4647
    @captainluckless4647 Před 7 lety +54

    Ahhhhh the days where the graphics were horrible on my not flat screen t.v. and with the wii controler.

  • @otsolutions5260
    @otsolutions5260 Před 5 lety +2

    Hands down the best Madden intro EVER. Ray Lewis' message was sooo inspirational, motivational, and true. Leave, your, mark. Watching this brought a tear to my eye. This was so Real of him to leave us with this message.

  • @Racinrasslinfan36
    @Racinrasslinfan36 Před 10 lety +3

    Chills every time so motivational,ad inspirational

  • @DylanMitchell117
    @DylanMitchell117 Před 3 lety +10

    Man I wish madden still had intros like this

  • @dontlietoyourself5876
    @dontlietoyourself5876 Před 6 lety +15

    Madden 08, 13' 2012 , 05, and the one with the cardinals and steelers was the best madden ever.

  • @nicholasleach2019
    @nicholasleach2019 Před 6 lety +23

    Now this was the last decent intro

  • @Kenywos
    @Kenywos Před 8 lety +19

    That was Beautiful

  • @gonorland
    @gonorland Před 11 lety +3

    I'm a niners fan but you can't hate on ray for doing it his way and this is the best game opening ever IN ANY GAME

  • @tusev2774
    @tusev2774 Před 4 lety +7

    Damn I’m watching this on New Year’s Eve 2020!!

  • @footballdakota38
    @footballdakota38 Před 11 lety +3

    when i get older i want to be a football coach. these speeches incourage me to follow my dreams and make that goal happen. ill let no one stand in my way.

  • @dajoka5044
    @dajoka5044 Před 3 lety +1

    This was literally the only madden intro I would sit and watch more than once when I loaded up the game.

  • @brandonblue4475
    @brandonblue4475 Před 8 lety +4

    I prepare myself so that no one can take what is mine....thats soul right there

  • @carterinomata9418
    @carterinomata9418 Před 10 lety +3

    It gives me the chills too!

  • @shahilllove
    @shahilllove Před 11 lety +1

    I almost started tearing up...
    Love Him

  • @onesneakyboi9127
    @onesneakyboi9127 Před 4 lety +7

    I’m gonna buy this game just to live this out again

  • @Jimdalf
    @Jimdalf Před 10 lety +1

    I don't play football anymore, but I still use his speeches for what I play now. He inspires and want too become the best.

  • @cooperroyall7356
    @cooperroyall7356 Před 3 lety +1

    Brings a tear to my eye

  • @aarongarza1705
    @aarongarza1705 Před 7 lety +8

    I fucking remember playing this man I love this intro 2

  • @Abdulrashid-ue8le
    @Abdulrashid-ue8le Před 5 lety +3

    Still the best madden intro 2019💪🏽

  • @MarshallDeon
    @MarshallDeon Před 11 lety +9

    The song is Auto Rock by Mogwai, dude.

  • @ninjakiwirules
    @ninjakiwirules Před 11 lety

    I think this is this first the first time I've ever seen people not commenting about what happened January 31, 2000 and I cannot express in words how happy I am. Love ya Ray!!!!!!!!!

  • @cypherc7807
    @cypherc7807 Před 5 lety +2

    I remember the after-tackle animations in this game was crazy!

  • @waltbabyluv203
    @waltbabyluv203 Před 11 lety +2

    for sure man, they picked the perfect person for this

  • @DeusBash
    @DeusBash Před 10 lety +3

    ray FUKKIN lewis...im from germany and hes my idol! every one in the entire world shall know this legend!

  • @Muvvyify
    @Muvvyify Před 10 lety

    I use this before my trainings to get inspired, words of wisdom to achieve, Ray Lewis Legend!

  • @CrazyGethyn1
    @CrazyGethyn1 Před 10 lety +1

    Goosebumps everytime..

  • @brandondirks16
    @brandondirks16 Před 11 lety +2

    Intro inspired me everytime

  • @Cheidi51
    @Cheidi51 Před 11 lety

    Thanx Ray ......for the memories.......

  • @mannyreyes1340
    @mannyreyes1340 Před 7 lety +6

    the greatest linebacker to ever play football

  • @RRReviews10X
    @RRReviews10X Před 11 lety +1

    The best intro Madden has ever made by far. Definitely a legend, and that makes me want to work so hard now.. HoF for you Ray Lewis! You'll be missed!

  • @tylerjuhlin647
    @tylerjuhlin647 Před 4 lety +5

    Lmao this intro was better than the game

  • @DNice088
    @DNice088 Před 11 lety

    listening to this get me hype everytime

  • @tiesto2889
    @tiesto2889 Před 11 lety

    I was shaking while listening to Ray...simply EPIC!!!...the best!!!!

  • @kingofsting75
    @kingofsting75 Před 10 lety +3

    I recall the first time seeing this at like 12:17 the day it came out and being in awe.

  • @johnwaltergill.3
    @johnwaltergill.3 Před 7 lety +8

    Best intro to madden 1#

    • @aleksandartsankov8756
      @aleksandartsankov8756 Před 7 lety

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    • @cavenmartin3537
      @cavenmartin3537 Před 6 lety


  • @xBaByFuzi8n
    @xBaByFuzi8n Před 3 lety

    this is a video that lives rent free in my head

  • @Rosajr101
    @Rosajr101 Před 10 lety

    16 YEARS PLUS!!! Whoooo chills for real

  • @bimmer8636
    @bimmer8636 Před 3 lety +1

    The nostalgia in this video

  • @MultiCookieboo
    @MultiCookieboo Před 11 lety

    He's legendary and idc if he's gettin older he's still the best linebacker ever!!

  • @Minecraftlab963
    @Minecraftlab963 Před 11 lety

    We will never forget you ray!!

  • @crazycuzchannel4777
    @crazycuzchannel4777 Před 3 lety +3

    Who else listening in 2020

  • @timothygray41
    @timothygray41 Před 11 lety +1

    Man hero inspires me to play football

  • @juanrreyna7885
    @juanrreyna7885 Před 11 lety

    yo this is the best video its something u watch b4 a football game ray lewis is the best even tho im not a ravens fan

    @TheSTLWINNER63 Před 11 lety

    i can't stop watching this.

  • @chindukwe549
    @chindukwe549 Před 10 lety

    This is how I feel I've been told I don't have what it takes & one day I hope I can make it to NFL & be a Legend .

  • @marcellmitchell958
    @marcellmitchell958 Před 6 lety +2

    Dis intro made me get up from playing Madden 13 and do some push ups then weights

  • @justinlynn8359
    @justinlynn8359 Před 10 lety

    This pumps me up!!

  • @1tZAnT
    @1tZAnT Před 11 lety +5

    When I first heard this I was hype to just play in reality didnt wanna play madden

  • @ballandbrospodcast
    @ballandbrospodcast Před 10 lety +12

    Wallis and Jared at their heals

  • @Frosty1026
    @Frosty1026 Před 11 lety

    Man Ray could get me hype on anything

  • @famousNobody10
    @famousNobody10 Před 11 lety

    Getting me hype

  • @jaynandan96
    @jaynandan96 Před 11 lety

    The rush I feel when I listen to this.

  • @ifadnoor6210
    @ifadnoor6210 Před 10 lety

    This gives me the chills... everytime. Makes me turn an 8 hour workday to 12.

  • @MrMuffinman187
    @MrMuffinman187 Před 11 lety

    Best madden intro by far

  • @NotCompliantBro
    @NotCompliantBro Před 11 lety

    Love this intro love it

  • @brandondirks16
    @brandondirks16 Před 11 lety

    Intro inspired me everything

  • @dennisrstockholm
    @dennisrstockholm Před 11 lety

    the song is Autorock by Mogwai - on the Miami Vice soundtrack

  • @cellodabest
    @cellodabest Před 5 lety

    This hits a spot when you heard all of the same things he heard

  • @random_z9585
    @random_z9585 Před 4 lety

    Second best Madden intro. Madden 2000 still the best.

  • @johnwilliams269
    @johnwilliams269 Před 4 lety

    Ray Lewis giving sermons got me motivated

  • @tylerchristman4013
    @tylerchristman4013 Před 10 lety

    this shit inspire me and tells me that i should never give up

  • @GrizzlyAdams247
    @GrizzlyAdams247 Před 11 lety

    For those who wanted to know who called Ray small and not fast enough...It was the Jaguars, Dolphins and Broncos before the 1996 draft

  • @ShawnWicklund
    @ShawnWicklund Před 5 lety

    This is the best madden introduction

  • @PackerManForLife
    @PackerManForLife Před 10 lety


  • @stonebrooks1288
    @stonebrooks1288 Před 6 lety

    Ray Lewis is the best motivator ever!

  • @Atreyu0522
    @Atreyu0522 Před 10 lety

    The bad news is that from here on out there will never be a better Madden intro ever. It gives me the chills every time I watch it..

  • @monte2011ify
    @monte2011ify Před 11 lety +1

    They should play this intro before tonights game! Ball so hard

  • @braydenjohnson7494
    @braydenjohnson7494 Před 10 lety

    This makes me not give up leave our mark

  • @Lot-O-Guns
    @Lot-O-Guns Před 11 lety +1


  • @alecperry8360
    @alecperry8360 Před 5 lety

    Best intro

  • @DNice088
    @DNice088 Před 11 lety

    after listening to this forget playing madden time to workout

  • @jaredrobinson3141
    @jaredrobinson3141 Před 10 lety


    @ALLIRAZD Před 3 lety

    the nostalgia bruh

  • @buttercupthetortoise7806
    @buttercupthetortoise7806 Před 3 lety +1

    madden 13 was the best madden

  • @patrickmassey351
    @patrickmassey351 Před 5 lety

    This Intro was Fire!

  • @Lanegoode1
    @Lanegoode1 Před 10 lety


  • @tunechi46
    @tunechi46 Před 11 lety

    i can never skip this, out of pure repect... i thought they would never top brian dawkins ''can you feel it speech'' in madden '08

  • @jalogomaz
    @jalogomaz Před 11 lety

    my one year old nefew loves this video!!! he starts screaming and going crazy!! lol

  • @marvhavinn
    @marvhavinn Před 4 lety +2

    0:54 it was lit in Baltimore

  • @comicjinks1451
    @comicjinks1451 Před 6 lety

    Notice he said Rings when he only had 1 at the time and how Megatron was on screen after he spoke about records.....Megatron broke jerry rice record for most yards in a season this year and the rest is history

  • @reggiestuhr3197
    @reggiestuhr3197 Před 4 lety

    Best madden. Period.

  • @ibrahammoizus7263
    @ibrahammoizus7263 Před 11 lety

    Ray lewis should be on the cover of madden 14 or madden 2k14. Ray lewis is always in beast mode.

  • @amundbm7890
    @amundbm7890 Před 11 lety +1

    awesome cuz "i`m gonna live looooooooong after my record has fall"

  • @BlackIceSeal
    @BlackIceSeal Před 10 lety +1

    they put more into the intro then the gameplay

  • @wadebrady3841
    @wadebrady3841 Před 10 lety

    best part of the game, and the game is awesome

  • @iProXenon
    @iProXenon Před 11 lety +1

    He has two, Super Bowl XXXV and XLVII... So rings meaning two.

  • @jayballin9250
    @jayballin9250 Před 4 lety

    2020 Where You At?

  • @poopdealer8388
    @poopdealer8388 Před 3 lety

    The piano was cold

    @TTSCAM Před 3 lety

    This was best part of the whole game 🤦🏾‍♂️💯

  • @rayodfilms
    @rayodfilms Před rokem +2

    W Omar