3 Objects That will Hurt Your Brain! 🤯

  • čas přidán 1. 12. 2021
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Komentáře • 6 014

  • Orion Foresee

    I like how he explains how the piggy bank works, but not the two we actually NEED to know.

  • ITZnehu!
    ITZnehu!  +753

    The never ending wires hurt me the most. I don't even want to imagine the frustration I would feel if someone gifted that to me, to just pull it apart-😂

  • Josef Muller

    "These three objects will hurt your brain"

  • American Celt

    "Wonder wire cannot be separated"

  • Denise Bledsoe

    I love this!! Love the tattoos as well!!

  • Lukas Verduzco

    What I wanna do with wonder wire: Have my best friend come over, have her grab one end, I grab the other, we run in opposite directions while holding it

  • WigWoo1
    WigWoo1  +36

    I mean yeah if you stabbed me with those it would definitely hurt my brain

  • Evan
    Evan  +117

    “It’s impossible to separate them” just pull from both ends

  • Japseye Spectacles

    “These objects will hurt your brain”

  • Sean Cahillane

    "These three objects will hurt your brain."

  • Hxrvey_Requiem

    jokes on you, my brain is already hurt so much that it doesn’t affect me!!!

  • •Abby’s edits!•

    My brain could not even concentrate at this point I took a nap bc my head hurt-

  • Machine-shop Billy

    "Two wires that are impossible to pull apart"

  • Hogs boots

    All I can think while looking at those is “yes if you hit me in the head with that it would indeed hurt”

  • JaguarJay

    The piggy bank is spot on considering it's from supreme...

  • s m
    s m 

    The last one - lol most of us had one when we were younger, got mine from the dollar store

  • LolItsMe

    “It’s impossible to separate them”

  • AlephVevo

    “Impossible to pull apart” give me 2 minutes and a Red Bull

  • 🌻.sunflower.🌻

    I choked on soda while watching this out of amazement-

  • Devin Trusdell

    GOD loves y'all and have a Blessed day🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏼🙏🏻🙏👼🏿👼🏾👼🏽👼🏼👼🏻👼