Could YOU Master This Level 9 Puzzle?!

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    Today I'll be tackling this Level 9 Castle Puzzle by Pelikan. Enjoy!
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  • Chris Ramsay
    Chris Ramsay  Před 27 dny +222

    I leave for Spain tomorrow! I'll be hanging with some top tier magicians and filming loads of content

  • Sinister Snow
    Sinister Snow Před 27 dny +99

    Your puzzle content has become like curling up with a good book ☕️☕️ thank you for the amazing vibes

    • Box'o Dumb
      Box'o Dumb Před 13 dny

      Even better with a hot cup of tea

    • George Tomkraf
      George Tomkraf Před 26 dny +4

      I get excited when I see a new video is 25+ minutes. Time to sit back, relax and watch a puzzle solve.

    • Chris Ramsay
      Chris Ramsay  Před 27 dny +10

      Glad you enjoy it!

  • Baktillus
    Baktillus Před 27 dny +47

    Really enjoyed the little magic bit in the start! The "misdirection" card was a nice touch

    • Snypes Taylor
      Snypes Taylor Před 10 dny

      ..he didn’t put it back in the deck
      ..he slipped it thru and to his left palm
      ..then dropped it under the empty box rt as he flipped the box over

    • Zeke Kyoku
      Zeke Kyoku Před 27 dny +1

      Truly, I love seeing the little things you seem to enjoy that are kind of like silly hey look what I can do just sort of integrated into the other content. Magical moments!

  • Richard Scott
    Richard Scott Před 27 dny +28

    I think it may have been easier to work backwards on this one. Start from the tower and find a way down.

    • grlmgor
      grlmgor Před 27 dny

      You should learn how the old school *1 to 15 slide puzzle* works so you know how to shift the pieces around.

  • Tony B
    Tony B Před 27 dny +11

    It's so incredible how much time and effort goes in to creating all these magnificent puzzles. As hard as it may be to crack one, imagine what the creators go through while coming up with ideas of how to get it started and finished. Truly remarkable and I appreciate/applaud all parties!!
    Great job/video as always, Chris👍🙏

  • Andrew West
    Andrew West Před 27 dny +1

    Gonna be a great video Chris I can already tell! You're awesome and have been an incredible stress reliever for me. Much love!

  • Gary Cunningham #youareenough

    Intro (and camera angle for the solve) = 🔥🔥🔥
    What a beautiful, tricky puzzle.
    Great solve Chris - cheers for sharing 🙏🏻

  • Mylo Villanueva
    Mylo Villanueva Před 27 dny

    Watching you do this puzzle was quite calming, especially while I do work. Wonderful video 🌸

  • Malcolm Geldmacher
    Malcolm Geldmacher Před 20 dny

    Haha. I loved the card trick with the intentional flash! That one got me!

  • Cache the Line
    Cache the Line Před 27 dny +13

    Ok that's an insane twist on the shift puzzle concept. There's got to be multiple possible solutions, but getting to one requires thinking in the 3rd dimension as well. And, it's not just about solving for one piece, it's about create a valid route from A to B.

  • AfroBoriLaFemme
    AfroBoriLaFemme Před 27 dny +1

    This is a classic CR vid right here.
    Cinematic opening, a taste of some card magic with b-roll of some beautiful magical decor, then a beautiful and interesting puzzle.
    Hubby and I had a bit of whisky and enjoyed the good vibes.

  • Nadia Spigner
    Nadia Spigner Před 27 dny

    Love the intro and the edited, talent all around! ✨

  • clare1927ellis
    clare1927ellis Před 26 dny

    The intro as always is 🔥👌
    Love this one! A really beautiful looking puzzle.

  • CoryWithaY No E
    CoryWithaY No E Před 27 dny

    Great job, as always, Chris!😊

  • Brian Minton
    Brian Minton Před 27 dny

    I was hoping to see the flip board when you solved it. I loved this solve. Keep up the great work.

  • Devyn Bellamy
    Devyn Bellamy Před 27 dny +3

    This is a SLIDING PUZZLE?! This whole thing was nightmare fuel for me. Excellent work.

  • Justin Keefe
    Justin Keefe Před 8 dny

    I LOVE this concept of a puzzle with many solutions. Replay factor/ less stress factor, make it so much more enjoyable. Does anyone have any other ones like this they can think ok?
    Thanks in advance! Great video
    Have a great day everyone :)

  • Vanonym
    Vanonym Před 27 dny

    This puzzle looks awesome and seems very fun! I bet you can solve it multiple times without remembering the solution
    I would have bought it if it was 10 times cheaper :/

  • Alex Wilson
    Alex Wilson Před 27 dny

    That was a really fun puzzle to watch you solve. Also, nice work on the intro; very GOT 👌

  • Scott Symonaitis
    Scott Symonaitis Před 27 dny

    Love that you are bringing magic back before the puzzle. Keep up the awesome content! High five

  • The14Some1
    The14Some1 Před 27 dny +7

    Hey, Chris, don't you think that stairs -> entrance move may be illegal? I think it is reasonable, because it must be some difference between entrances and flat platforms besides appearance. The only possible stair -> entrance move could be the last one, if you shift that last entrance sideways by 1/4 of width (towards one empty cell you have) to align the entrance and stairs properly.

    • Ruben Davila
      Ruben Davila Před 23 dny

      Not illegal. You can clearly see in the 1st image displayed on the rule page from his phone that there is a green arrow pointing from stairs into the highest tower.

    • Harrison Donini
      Harrison Donini Před 26 dny

      I agree! there was a flat medium block that was supposed to be the landing instead of the door way. I think it was on the bottom left when he finished!

  • Peter Heinisch
    Peter Heinisch Před 27 dny

    The palm and drop was clean! I had to rematch the misdirection sequence to figure it out. Well done, your cardistry is always so clean!
    Edit: I still can't figure out the 2nd trick, I think it's magic

  • Darren New
    Darren New Před 27 dny +1

    I've been looking for something around which I could design a 3D printed puzzle. This looks like a great aesthetic to start with. A few pins, a few magnets, a few slots...

  • allyxashley
    allyxashley Před 27 dny

    such an interesting concept and seemingly difficult puzzle. Love the videos because I could never have the patience!

  • Renan Oliveira
    Renan Oliveira Před 27 dny

    I have watched so many of your magic videos that I got the tricks in the intro
    Always nice to watch your videos man, keep this nice job

  • Cees
    Cees Před 27 dny +1

    Next level challenge would be to have all spires reachable from the starting point!

  • G2 and Sandy Moore
    G2 and Sandy Moore Před 27 dny

    This is FANTASTIC!!! Love your channel Chris!! Thank you for another great one!❤️💋✌🏻

  • Yourik Dean
    Yourik Dean Před 27 dny +1

    Sooo simple! The true genius about this puzzle is in the instructions.. they say that you have to find your way UP to the top but, with any kind of puzzle like this (including mazes) the answer is to work your way backwards! In this case, from the top down!

  • Monique Halgat
    Monique Halgat Před 27 dny +4

    Ooh, this reminds me of that mobile game Monument Valley. Very interesting!

  • dopeymark
    dopeymark Před 27 dny

    Wow I was getting frustrated watching that solve. It hit me very early on that the solution would involve going from one tower to the tallest tower with a set of stairs in between. I could see that would be a possible solution in the way the pieces were made.

  • Merry May
    Merry May Před 27 dny

    I absolutely love your content sir.

  • Jacob Trindade
    Jacob Trindade Před 27 dny +1

    I have been doing magic for five years and was still fooled at first in the second misderection trick from the intro! Crazzy how being so used to some sleigths actually makes it more likely for you to fall for that kind of stuff!

    • Tahgtahv
      Tahgtahv Před 24 dny

      I was watching the card trick in slow motion (.25x) and am still not entirely sure how the first one was done. I'm not entirely sure that Jack was full height, but think it was short enough to hide behind the width of the box (after being dropped there from a palm). The camera cut to the books at the end without him picking up the card was suspicious to me. I do have a fairly good idea how the second one was done though.

  • ZombyGamerKat Kat
    ZombyGamerKat Kat Před 26 dny

    puzzels like this are super soothing and i love watching them to help my brain relax before bed

  • Adam Chalmers
    Adam Chalmers Před 27 dny +2

    Ok. I'm gonna buy one of these for sure! (oh, and not to doubt your solving prowess, but does that last staircase line up with the opening in that tower? Kinda looked blocked to me in the vid). Great content! Cheers!

    • grlmgor
      grlmgor Před 27 dny

      I though the same. It easily fix by moving the final tower pieces behind the last staircase.

  • Jason Brabon
    Jason Brabon Před 27 dny

    Cool puzzle. I wish it only had one solution. But for replay ability it’s cool that it has multiple.

  • Bob Motster
    Bob Motster Před 25 dny +1

    I would like to think that Chris reached the top of the tallest spire at exactly 36:37.38
    EDIT: Also, his coffee table must be gigantic.

  • Magda Kowalczyk
    Magda Kowalczyk Před 27 dny +1

    You're incredibly patient. I would throw it out after 5 minutes😉

  • vincehue
    vincehue Před 20 dny

    your production is always top tier. inspirational

  • Apollolux
    Apollolux Před 24 dny

    This is a way more interesting take on the traditional 2D sliding tile puzzle!

  • Dead Inbox
    Dead Inbox Před 27 dny +1

    This puzzle has a remarkable visual similarity to the board game Cathedral, which is a set of carved wooden buildings on a board. How cool to see what looks like a "puzzlefied" version of a board game I've played many times!

  • BurnleyNuts
    BurnleyNuts Před 27 dny +3

    It's like MC Echer art. Beautiful puzzle.

  • Andrea Franchini
    Andrea Franchini Před 26 dny +5

    Hi Chris, i think that stair to tower move is illegal without one platform in between: it will be a sideways step. The half platform pieces should be Just fine.
    I think that a top down logic is more efficient… anyways amazing content as always 👍

  • Eddie Harkin
    Eddie Harkin Před 27 dny

    That has to be your regular start, a bit magic ... love it!
    (not watched further yet)
    OMG you got patience man! Nice one.

  • Choji
    Choji Před 27 dny +1

    The puzzle reminds me of the stairs scene in the movie 'The Labyrinth' with David Bowey with the different ways the stairs go

  • necogreendragon
    necogreendragon Před 27 dny

    I loved that red hearing card palm on the second trick.😁

  • mj_draws_stuff
    mj_draws_stuff Před 27 dny

    yet another great video to watch 😀

  • Kiling Kiling - Tiny Bell

    This reminds me of a slide puzzle I played a lot when I was a kid with a picture of the Incredible Hulk and I played it over and over more than I did with a Rubix cube. That one is a cleverly thought of slide puzzle in 3D and not just the traditional 2D image.

  • Nathan Valley
    Nathan Valley Před 27 dny

    After watching so many of your videos you have made me too good at catching you palm and hide cards 😂

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C Před 27 dny

    Awesome puzzle, but this type of puzzle make me go insane!!

  • MSA_CS
    MSA_CS Před 27 dny

    You know it’s difficult/complicated when Chris doesn’t talk as much 😂🙏🏼

  • Polt Fitness
    Polt Fitness Před 27 dny

    Took me 20 play backs in slow motion to figure out that card trick! Well done 👍

  • Henry West
    Henry West Před 27 dny

    I think a top-down approach might make it a bit easier to find a path. Or to make it harder, give it a specific place on the frame that the path has to connect to.

  • Donny Does That
    Donny Does That Před 27 dny +2

    Hey Chris, I think when you were having issues with the "feet" not allowing certain moves, it's because when you initially put the pieces in, some weren't oriented the right way. In a slide puzzle like this, all the "interconnect" pieces should be the same, so, if the foot of the first was away and to the left, they ALL should be that way, then they'll never interfere like that.

    • grlmgor
      grlmgor Před 27 dny +2

      @Chris Ramsay I think Donny Does That is correct and you just inserted them wrong.

    • grlmgor
      grlmgor Před 27 dny +2

      @Donny Does That Yeah I was think of that too by doing the old school 1 to 15 slide puzzle.
      Your correct in that if every pieces only has a top and left tab then they can slide into any position.

    • Donny Does That
      Donny Does That Před 27 dny +2

      You sure, cause I was thinking of those cheap plastic ones. The frame has a grove on the top and left edges, and a tab along the right and bottom, the pieces are all opposite. That way, every touching edge is a tab pointing up or left, into a slot pointing down or right, and every piece can always slide into an empty space, never being blocked by those tabs.

    • Chris Ramsay
      Chris Ramsay  Před 27 dny +1

      untrue actually, they can get stuck on the last line

  • Mathew Hasty
    Mathew Hasty Před 24 dny

    I don't know why, but at 3:25, "I've got my morning coffee, I've got this puzzle, I am all alone.", made me laugh way harder than it should have.

  • anteshell
    anteshell Před 25 dny +1

    "Precise cutting you cannot find anywhere else."
    Also: Having immensely hard time moving the pieces because they get hung on the base plate and corners of other pieces.

  • MoPierre
    MoPierre Před 20 dny

    Yo u should try doing symmetrical puzzles, they’re so satisfying and seem difficult

  • BurnleyNuts
    BurnleyNuts Před 27 dny

    I'd have thought working from the top tallest piece and working the way down might be better.

  • 66ThankYou99
    66ThankYou99 Před 27 dny +1

    There is somewhat an Android version of this game which I very much enjoyed which we need to move the adventurer to the exit set furthest away. The moving tiles have many different rules, whereas the tile that the adventurer is on will not move. Some tiles will release spikes if triggered by a move... there are stairs to climb... some tiles can rotate... some tiles can never move into specifically marked squares... some tiles require a key to pass through a door... and much more.

    • Patrycja Golik
      Patrycja Golik Před 27 dny

      That sounds awesome! What is the name of that game?

  • Vanyó Tamás
    Vanyó Tamás Před 27 dny

    I LOVE IT😍 Thank you Chris!!

    • Vanyó Tamás
      Vanyó Tamás Před 27 dny

      Wow, I love the intro. Like a rolling rocks song!!!

  • fruity granulizer
    fruity granulizer Před 27 dny

    loved the vid! but i must say it was a little funny how u went on about how high quality and well made the puzzle is and then proceeded to struggle to move them and kept getting the pieces stuck 😂

  • Dylan White
    Dylan White Před 27 dny

    Just watched Spiral the other day and never knew you acted in it just wanted to say your role was awesome to watch!

  • Joey Sisk
    Joey Sisk Před 27 dny

    A trick I use for these bigger slide block puzzles is to build the top and left sides out first, then the next rows in until I’m at the bottom right corner. Of course any 2 connected sides will work, but it allows you to have pieces in place which can be left while you work on the rest of it.

  • Nadia Spigner
    Nadia Spigner Před 27 dny

    Loved the puzzle but it’s a sham that the pieces kept getting stuck, definitely a design flaw. It would be a smoother experience if they improved that! Still a good solve!

  • ultimate trolling guy
    ultimate trolling guy Před 27 dny

    Liked that you included some magic. You're my big idol man.

  • Kruz
    Kruz Před 26 dny

    I actually caught how you did the queen, really nice effect, but I didn't get fooled by that one. I've probably been watching too many magic videos. I blame Wes!

  • UN6 Q2Y
    UN6 Q2Y Před 25 dny

    looks cool, like the concept. but it seems to be very clunky in terms of actually moving pieces around.

  • Shy Guitarist 🎸🚀
    Shy Guitarist 🎸🚀 Před 27 dny

    Love your puzzles man🧩❤️

  • SpaceDJ11
    SpaceDJ11 Před 27 dny +2

    Intros are getting insane quality. You know at some point we are going to want a full movie/show. The feel is almost always looming and gothic.

  • Fzaid A
    Fzaid A Před 26 dny


  • Joel McKinney
    Joel McKinney Před 26 dny

    I caught that first trick. Dude you're clinically insane

  • Joseph Valenti
    Joseph Valenti Před 27 dny

    Not really interested in puzzles I just come here to watch your intro cinematic every time

  • Adam Chalmers
    Adam Chalmers Před 27 dny

    CR: 'I'm gonna go into the zone now'
    Joey Tribbiani: 'I'm going into the map!'

  • Jatrell sanders
    Jatrell sanders Před 27 dny

    Love you videos keep going 💛

  • Matthew Graham
    Matthew Graham Před 27 dny

    Gosh man I could never. I absolutely hate doing sliding block puzzles 😂 my brain just. Despises them

  • D. Caine
    D. Caine Před 27 dny

    @Chris Ramsay:
    I wonder (given the 6*6 puzzle grid)...
    1)__ could the longest possible solution's path be 35 blocks?
    (...& where would the empty space end up?)
    2)__ a CLOSED LOOP cannot be made with an odd number of blocks, but can the lowest stair be connected to a CLOSED LOOP path that's 34 blocks long?
    3)__ what's the shortest possible solution's path?

  • Aaron Townsley
    Aaron Townsley Před 27 dny

    So will Wes solve in half the time while you're in Spain? 😉

  • George Tomkraf
    George Tomkraf Před 26 dny

    Your intros are absolutely epic!

  • C•rla ea
    C•rla ea Před 24 dny

    I wonder ,of all the possible combinations,if you could've made a spiral staircasing to the spire 🤔

  • Redstone
    Redstone Před 27 dny

    Good job and i like your vids keep it going!

  • Togroglog
    Togroglog Před 27 dny +1

    For some stupid reason, when he picked up the coffee, I thought he was going to pour it all over the puzzle for some reason. And that didn't feel like madness, it felt like it was going to be some clever ploy towards solving the puzzle.

  • Chris Shade
    Chris Shade Před 21 dnem

    Thanks Chris for getting that song stuck in my head all day. 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  • Frances Crissy
    Frances Crissy Před 27 dny

    I love this puzzle. Where can I buy one?

  • Brian Minton
    Brian Minton Před 27 dny +1

    I always like your intros. The music is great.

  • Bachi
    Bachi Před 27 dny

    Love it! Also you should definitely react to 'Full Tilt' Cardistry video by heathcards

  • Trevelyn Brown
    Trevelyn Brown Před 23 dny

    You have to use the drop down and circle around method .You barrow a part that does not fit. To creat a opening for a part that does work..
    The foot lock was a sneak move by the creator .He did that to trick us 1-14 game players .
    Use a bigger circle move .
    Start from the top and with your way down .

  • carlos colon
    carlos colon Před 27 dny +1

    I would love to learn magic just so i can suprised my Daughter with a magic trick and make her smile

  • Marlon Givens
    Marlon Givens Před 24 dny

    I watch the card-trick (Intro), a couple times. Good job- I have 0 clues.

  • Eyez High
    Eyez High Před 26 dny

    like the way you have been doing the little magic in the beginning, Best of both worlds for your viewers Keep it up The Great Ramzing lol.

    MOSHTARE ABADAN Před 27 dny

    I’m from Malaysia.....respect for your journey....keep it up friend.... solve many was so intelligent...

  • Molouder
    Molouder Před 27 dny

    but i caught it in 2 times speed lol ur teaching us so well

  • Axel Robbins
    Axel Robbins Před 27 dny

    Have you considered more collaborations for puzzles for 1ST? I think a whole big series of them that extend beyond using your logo in a neat way and go into puzzles like the ones on your channel but with your flair would sell like hot cakes with you backing them (as well as collaborating on them obviously)!

    • Axel Robbins
      Axel Robbins Před 27 dny

      You might even want to have a couple (just a couple) really expensive puzzles too on 1ST if you like the idea 🤔. That will make sense to the market even if they sit for a while. They would be a draw to the store...

    • Axel Robbins
      Axel Robbins Před 27 dny

      If you think about it, you already have one the strongest brands in the world associated with puzzles 🤷. And everyone that watches repeatedly is interested in them. I really think you'll clean house and sell loads and loads at a price point under $30.00. And I actually think it would increase the sales of your other merch too. If people have the puzzles at home, they are going to want to represent the brand as they show them off to their friends and family and incorporate solving them and playing with them in their daily lives.

  • BangSquad
    BangSquad Před 17 dny +1

    What about if you could make every stair go to a tower and all connect 😳🫡

  • Stephane Philippe
    Stephane Philippe Před 27 dny

    Good afternoon Chris,
    I absolutely love watching your videos. I m a big fan of jazz. Can you please tell me which band music you used in your intro while doing your card trick? I look forward to your reply. Enjoy your stay in Spain .
    Kind Regards

  • MaverXD
    MaverXD Před 27 dny +1

    0:52 is the magic frame next to the pie

  • Ry Christo
    Ry Christo Před 2 hodinami

    Ruff Cool one indeed. I wanna get one.

  • Tanya Adlakha
    Tanya Adlakha Před 27 dny

    New drinking game: take a shot when Chris says "so close"!

  • John Trudeau jr
    John Trudeau jr Před 27 dny

    The highest stairs will line up to the tallest tower, best hint I can give you 😉

  • FaithfulMC
    FaithfulMC Před 25 dny

    Challenge mode: 1. Make the shortest route possible 2. Use all the blocks in the walkway

  • Caleb Brolsma
    Caleb Brolsma Před 27 dny

    Reminds me of Monument Valley!

  • Jeff Howard
    Jeff Howard Před 26 dny

    Better you than me. I simple do not have the patience for those puzzles. Great job!!!