Guess the baby with Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo

  • čas přidán 26. 09. 2022
  • Lando and Daniel put their Formula 1 friendships on the line as they attempt to show just how well they know their fellow drivers.
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Komentáře • 457

  • Nicola Rae

    I love that lando recognised Charles by his dad. Charles will love that.

  • Tessa
    Tessa  +5

    Danny's face when he realised it was Lando is priceless.

  • N1cocraft

    Bottas kept the exact same smile his whole life😂

  • Sarah Figallo

    The fact Daniel and lando are calling some drivers by nicknames is adorable

  • Tamryn29

    Lando trying not to give away that it was him in the first one😂😂

  • Lori Cairns

    The look on Lando’s face and his voice softening as he immediately recognizes and says Carlos makes this video. 🧡❤️

  • Daughter Rax

    Lando's face when Danny said he was Pierre 😭

  • Hugo Delsing

    Lando knowing Carlos in an instant and Danny discarding Max as an option based on eye color.. The love for their former teammates is still strong!

  • Cholatep Nabangchang

    Now I can imagine Daniel in Singapore running after Bottas and yelling Llooooyd the way he said Huuuulkenberg.

  • Hillary Carvalho

    the fact that George, even as a kid, had shirtless pics got me 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jake Kennedy

    Danny Ric is a treasure! He needs to be a host of a TV show or something! 😅

  • SuprM
    SuprM  +796

    I am deeply saddened that Danny is leaving McLaren, my support goes with him, wherever he decides to land next.

  • monica m
    monica m  +621

    the way Lando knew it was Carlos within 1 second hahha carlando going strong

  • Inara Mir 🔆

    Lando still has a baby face and Danny’s smile is the same😻 all baby pics are cute

  • Chris10v
    Chris10v  +708


  • Rozelyn Jenkins

    When they replied to Max's picture with a lisp, I was cracking up.

  • N1kk1
    N1kk1  +313

    Danny Ric the king of banter! 🤣

  • nongelato
    nongelato  +171

    Valtteri looks like everyone looked like here in Finland in 80-90's 😂

  • Yuxi Zhang
    Yuxi Zhang  +140

    This one is HILARIOUS!! Thank you team, had a proper laugh haha

  • Hannah Irene

    Poor baby valtteri. He was such a cute kid and they laughed at him😂