Eurovision This Month - June 2022 - Eurovision Song Contest News

  • čas přidán 29. 06. 2022
  • Eurovision This Month: June 2022... we might be in the off-season but it's never quiet in the world of Eurovision! This month we take a look at what Kalush Orchestra have been up to, investigate the new music from the Class of '22, and explain where we're at with 2023 preparations.
    Editor: Olivia Newport
    Video clip: Anna Wilson - annawilsonnn_
    Video clip: glasto_guide - Glasto_Guide
    Photo: Sarah Marshall -
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Komentáře • 335

  • First Second

    It’s great to see the official eurovision channel supporting this year’s artists after eurovision well done 👏

  • pricem heart

    Los números hablan por si solos, Chanel siempre primera nunca secondary ❤️.


    I'm a simple Eurofan, I see Chanel on the thumbnail, i click.

  • Chantal Van den adel

    Excited for next year. Can’t wait to meet some artists again during the pre party in my country 🇳🇱. And I really hope that Aidan 🇲🇹 will be there anyway!🎊🎉

  • Sage Ardor

    I do believe Eurovision Song Contest 2023 should have its heart logo split the UK and Ukraine flags, assuming UK does end up hosting. A winning nation deserves its recognition.

  • theshigoto

    This is simply great you mentioned new releases of the artists from this year's contest! I wish you'd cover the contestants from the previous editions, it would be really nice to see them being remembered about.

  • Patricio Paolo

    It would have been great to talk about the great performance of Chanel in the Carnival of Tenerife island

  • giant doll 65

    I love eurovision, love from México 🇲🇽❤️❤️

  • Julio Alberto Romero

    Chanel tiene que ir como artista invitada a eurovision 2023!!!!

  • Matelien's Shorts and Videos

    I can't wait for Romania's 2023 entry. 😭❤️🇷🇴

  • Lepuplays
    Lepuplays  +40

    You love to see The new Eurovision official channel content, Lots of love from 🇫🇮 ♥️♥️

  • socarraeta1

    Everyone hitting play when they see Chanel !!!😍😍😍

  • Olexandr Kuz'menko

    Congratulations UK 🇬🇧 from 🇺🇦. I hope that I live to see that day. The Day of Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in London/Manchester/Birmingham/other city. Good luck 🇬🇧

  • Mel T
    Mel T  +21

    I cannot wait for ESC 2023 🥳

  • RubiksMilo2008 Gaming 💙💛

    Am I the only one who cannot wait until Subwoolfer’s new song tomorrow

  • Victoria De Guzman

    I first got into Eurovision after the American version called American Song Contest introduced me to it. BTW, I’m still very hopeful of a Season 2 of ASC.

  • Manuel Villanueva

    lo de usar a chanel siempre para las miniaturas es curioso eh

  • Sara 123
    Sara 123  +22

    Can you post some behind the scenes videos during the semi finals and final, where the representatives are preparing and so on?

  • Luke Fernandez

    I want Graham Norton to host solo if 🇬🇧 was host next year

  • rosh993
    rosh993  +8

    I do hope that Eurovision is held in Great Britain as Sam Ryder did us proud.