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The WILDEST Dating Show

  • čas přidán 19. 05. 2022
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Komentáře • 2,4K

  • @cheesecheese6950
    @cheesecheese6950 Před rokem +7055

    They're literally choosing fursonas. This is just a furry dating show.

    • @Lady_Crispr
      @Lady_Crispr Před rokem +146

      This platform is all bots these days and they aren't even trying to stop it. Wtf happened?

    • @abbyz13
      @abbyz13 Před rokem +58

      @@Lady_Crispr it became about money
      not passion. thus, spam

    • @big_sea
      @big_sea Před rokem +2


    • @born_asleep
      @born_asleep Před rokem +67

      unfortunately spirit animals were ripped from native culture but... as an indigenous person, i'm not mad at this comparison

    • @strangetimez
      @strangetimez Před rokem +3

      A turtle ?? Lol

  • @ariannagilman7564
    @ariannagilman7564 Před rokem +11951

    Imagine how good this show would be if they casted people with personalities.

    • @animefreak122ist8
      @animefreak122ist8 Před rokem +102

      Pure gold

    • @cvdzn1701
      @cvdzn1701 Před rokem +182

      Well they can’t talk so they can’t really express their personalities

    • @karla__rivera
      @karla__rivera Před rokem +729

      ​@@cvdzn1701 I assure you, someone with an actual interesting personality could express themselves without words

    • @Duckduckobtusegoose
      @Duckduckobtusegoose Před rokem +707

      Nobody with any form of intelligence would participate in this so that’s likely why everyone seems so dull

    • @animefreak122ist8
      @animefreak122ist8 Před rokem +76

      @@Duckduckobtusegoose truth be told I'd do it just to do the craziest shit possible. Just to say I did; it would make one hell of a story too.

  • @isabellas2176
    @isabellas2176 Před rokem +6721

    the fact that cody did not announce what animal he would be is greatly disappointing

    • @trash_bender420
      @trash_bender420 Před rokem +94

      I'd be big yoshi

    • @carterstockholm4714
      @carterstockholm4714 Před rokem

      Does nobody else see the fucking hair. Its pissing me off

    • @erxs
      @erxs Před rokem +22

      id be a lion because i also like sleeping for most of the day and eating meat

    • @kyransawhill6650
      @kyransawhill6650 Před rokem +20

      He'd probably pick a dog. I think he said that's what animal he'd choose to be in another video (I want to say it was a Jubilee video, but I'm not certain).

    • @StefFrederick
      @StefFrederick Před rokem +26

      he showed us at the end with his squak, some sort of bird clearly

  • @cat.a.lacking
    @cat.a.lacking Před rokem +1988

    I love how they’ve completely given up on the “deeper meaning” of these shows and now they’re just seeing how much they can get away with and how far people will go lol

  • @Samy-oz1gg
    @Samy-oz1gg Před rokem +2606

    The fact that Austin said, "live up to the koala expectation" instead of "meeting the koala-fications" is precisely where he is going wrong.... 😂

    • @NotAdultingToday
      @NotAdultingToday Před rokem +62

      That would require that guy to have an IQ.

    • @trash_bender420
      @trash_bender420 Před rokem +57

      Living up to the expectations of a koala would be contracting every existing std and growling like a demon daily

    • @TheAustin102
      @TheAustin102 Před rokem +19

      Who says I dont do that

    • @TheAustin102
      @TheAustin102 Před rokem


    • @HQofrandom
      @HQofrandom Před rokem +9

      @@trash_bender420 wow, dudes already there. Impressive

  • @harleywise6375
    @harleywise6375 Před rokem +2691

    Cody perfectly describing the show “Married at first sight” without knowing It actually exists is amazing. Cody please look It up and make a video about It !!! I can only imagine your reaction

    • @ToomanyFrancis
      @ToomanyFrancis Před rokem +155

      No he was describing married at first sight if the couple never actually meets. On married at first sight they do actually meet, that's the whole "first sight" part.

    • @jan-Sanso
      @jan-Sanso Před rokem +110

      @@ToomanyFrancis just call it "married at"

    • @ariknight8752
      @ariknight8752 Před rokem +34

      Married at first sight takes people who live in the same like 100 mile radius from each other... Cody wants that international shit

    • @mickeyarmstrong874
      @mickeyarmstrong874 Před rokem +4

      @@jan-Sanso “married at ?”

    • @madhavraghu
      @madhavraghu Před rokem +15

      @@mickeyarmstrong874 exactly

  • @mairtintorpey
    @mairtintorpey Před rokem +14291

    I love how Cody keeps confusing mandrill, the exotic ape, for mandolin, the traditional bluegrass instrument

    • @mrjuanderfuI
      @mrjuanderfuI Před rokem +1

      These crazy mandolins and their crazy animal sex.
      BRB... Gonna practice my mandrill

    • @thexbigxgreen
      @thexbigxgreen Před rokem +151

      I was gonna comment on this too lol.

    • @elfagottist
      @elfagottist Před rokem +199

      And or a vegetable slicing tool rofl

    • @yungjoemighty879
      @yungjoemighty879 Před rokem +102

      the mandolin is a european folk instrument but yes

    • @SunnyBunny9621
      @SunnyBunny9621 Před rokem +14

      It made me giggle every time

  • @brianp3570
    @brianp3570 Před rokem +511

    Give us a show called Finding Love, wherein 2 people are given each other's approximate location, i.e. "You're both in Seattle" and they have 12 hours to find each other with no other information. They can earn clues by performing really degrading tasks, and by the time they find each other, they're both filled with infinite resentment for what they had to do to find each other.

    • @nootnewt9323
      @nootnewt9323 Před rokem +27

      Genius lol

    • @hobisdimples94
      @hobisdimples94 Před rokem +11

      Oh HELL yeah. I'd watch it.

    • @christamist
      @christamist Před rokem +11

      And they end up not liking the other person so they wasted 12 hours of their lives for nothing 🤣

    • @1SPQR2
      @1SPQR2 Před rokem +6

      You've just described my dating life

    • @Random-sk6hm
      @Random-sk6hm Před 4 měsíci

      So just online dating?

  • @peachtea6514
    @peachtea6514 Před rokem +1363

    honestly the narration is genius and the fact they include informative tidbits? I want to watch this more than the only talking ones now

    • @scotttunnix313
      @scotttunnix313 Před rokem +34

      I'm glad you enjoyed my narration! ^_^

    • @itsjustmemyselfandi
      @itsjustmemyselfandi Před rokem +14

      @@scotttunnix313 You chose the perfect accent for it. Great work! :)

    • @johannat9709
      @johannat9709 Před rokem +6

      @@scotttunnix313 oh wow it is actually you! kudos for giving a perfect witty narration to this chaotic show 😄

    • @TunnixTV
      @TunnixTV Před rokem +5

      @@johannat9709 Hah! Thanks so much, I really appreciate it ^_^

    • @allcatsarebeautifull
      @allcatsarebeautifull Před 8 měsíci +1

      Wait they didn't ai bot sir David Attenborough?

  • @alphaspearl9728
    @alphaspearl9728 Před rokem +468

    Ok but hear me out: this show but everyone speaks a different language

    • @KyloRenmcgoo
      @KyloRenmcgoo Před rokem +81

      It’d be called Babel-icious

    • @beanos9140
      @beanos9140 Před rokem +11

      @@KyloRenmcgoo This is an extremely underrated comment😂

    • @felicitas.c.
      @felicitas.c. Před rokem +3

      @@KyloRenmcgoo very good

    • @em84c
      @em84c Před 11 měsíci +5

      That would be really interesting to see how they learn to communicate.

    • @carrieteagarden3803
      @carrieteagarden3803 Před 10 měsíci +6

      pretty insane that you predicted duolingos april fools prank

  • @Jane-oz7pp
    @Jane-oz7pp Před rokem +560

    Koalas in the minds of tourists: cuddly, cute, touchable
    Koalas in reality: "If you touch me, I'll tear your fuckin face off"

    • @kelr2324
      @kelr2324 Před rokem

      and give you chlamydia

    • @susiep3782
      @susiep3782 Před rokem +32

      yes! like, does that guy know how loud and scary koalas are in mating season? smh lol

    • @Quzga
      @Quzga Před rokem +43

      And they have chlamydia

    • @TheAustin102
      @TheAustin102 Před rokem +3

      Das meeee 👋

    • @TheAustin102
      @TheAustin102 Před rokem +1

      Precisely why I picked them

  • @mrsmaggiekoch
    @mrsmaggiekoch Před rokem +210

    I love how he says, "...at age 19 I STILL HADN'T GOTTEN LAID." as if THAT makes him a late bloomer?

    • @em84c
      @em84c Před 11 měsíci

      It is late for a lot people. Most people in high school were having sex.

    • @emyf9194
      @emyf9194 Před 10 měsíci +14

      Yeah I thought that would be mid or late 20s.. But he said 19 and I was like "white ppl"

    • @newp0rt
      @newp0rt Před 10 měsíci

      @@emyf9194 so somehow we gatekeeping sex by race? wtf this got anything to do with white people? if yall wanna make it bout race i can just mention the sheer number of pregnant black/mexican girls that got pregnant at 16 in my highschool. white people tho am i right.

    • @Zimzamzoom95
      @Zimzamzoom95 Před měsícem

      That's pretty late

  • @tututhebudgie2154
    @tututhebudgie2154 Před rokem +24067

    I’m convinced these people make shows just for Cody to review

  • @naivenitara
    @naivenitara Před rokem +741

    I'd love to see an MMA fight themed dating show where whoever kicks the other in the head the hardest wins a dream wedding.

  • @saiwenya
    @saiwenya Před rokem +739

    a nature documentary about humans is sincerely all I could have asked for from a dating show

    • @Shadoallcaps
      @Shadoallcaps Před rokem +9

      We are so close to perfection

    • @h.r.9563
      @h.r.9563 Před rokem +3

      Naked, and afraid...and dating? Lmao

  • @tupaclives5848
    @tupaclives5848 Před rokem +224

    "you have to be high on opiates to relate to a koala" as someone who has been addicted to heroin for over a decade I can tell you that is spot on...I've actually had a girl tell me that she thinks my spirit animal is a koala lol.

    • @zellaflynn
      @zellaflynn Před rokem

      all koalas have chlamydia and eat their mom’s feces so i wouldn’t take that as a huge compliment. not to mention they have hilariously small brains

    • @isabellacampione4800
      @isabellacampione4800 Před rokem +16

      i hope you recover from your addiction

    • @samuelallan7452
      @samuelallan7452 Před rokem +3

      How you doing now though?

    • @subfrte6080
      @subfrte6080 Před 9 měsíci +1

      You still on that shit ??

  • @drebe96
    @drebe96 Před rokem +371

    Wait no Cody please keep watching this one. I only watch these type of shows through your videos and this one looks interesting Lol

  • @Fallen4theFallen2
    @Fallen4theFallen2 Před rokem +161

    I'd unironically love this show if they actually acted like their assigned animals. A true dating show would be to see if you can fall in love with someone who only stays up gum trees and eats leaves lmao

  • @Novack49
    @Novack49 Před rokem +13230

    Noel would be good on this show as the carrot eating pufferfish

    • @christopherminutolo9384
      @christopherminutolo9384 Před rokem +350

      🐡🥕 *ÆUUGH* 🥕🐡

    • @internetblair
      @internetblair Před rokem +36


    • @user-vy2hz6fl6x
      @user-vy2hz6fl6x Před rokem +13


    • @amelianickerson
      @amelianickerson Před rokem +31

      I interpreted that as the carrot was the one eating the fish… took me longer than I’d like to admit to understand my mistake lmao

    • @eren8279
      @eren8279 Před rokem

      poi and dukes pharmacy 5th and B&B and now this is a mana bc to the drug king songs that is 6

  • @sampuffer8099
    @sampuffer8099 Před rokem +328

    When Cody said the people on the show couldn’t talk, I thought it would be something along the lines of, they could only write and they don’t know what each other’s voices sound like until they commit to the relationship. I was unpleasantly surprised

  • @chelseafrattura7742
    @chelseafrattura7742 Před rokem +297

    These shows feel like the intrusive thought social experiments I conjure up and I am so thrilled to see this play out what an absurd concept lol I love it

  • @jonahdehart4874
    @jonahdehart4874 Před rokem +92

    Hey Cody, seems like you have a lot more energy in this video than you have recently. Love to see you happy man and I hope that life is treating you well, you deserve it 🙏🏼🫡

    • @akarshsharma2870
      @akarshsharma2870 Před rokem +1

      This is one of my favourite videos in a while! Made me laugh out loud multiple times.

  • @NASAFanboy
    @NASAFanboy Před rokem +269

    Those “body pickup lines” had me dying laughing, I think Cody should be a comedian.

  • @jackpotawhiskey614
    @jackpotawhiskey614 Před rokem +61

    Cody, I am so sorry.
    This show is so awkward that I can't bear finishing the rest of this video. I am going to go walk around a lake now.

  • @bellacrider4299
    @bellacrider4299 Před rokem +5839

    This show is just what it’s like to be an acting major

  • @moreonthisat7393
    @moreonthisat7393 Před rokem +239

    Jump scare Warning: Cody spontaneously humps the air from time to time

  • @RapunzelASMR
    @RapunzelASMR Před rokem +522

    this show is a cringefest, I love it

  • @katjosephperez8772
    @katjosephperez8772 Před rokem +39

    Imagine being in charge of set dressing this particular reality show and chucking a few ukeleles out in the sand. Animals can’t play the ukelele, but neither can the first two dudes.

  • @gubbymachen
    @gubbymachen Před rokem +238

    Please keep watching Cody! The premise and the cringe with this one is so great but your commentary is what makes the experience perfect

  • @pURpants
    @pURpants Před rokem +41

    Cody saying talking is the worst part of dating as if he doesn’t have “words are my love language so speak your f-ing truth” tatted on his chest 🙄

  • @Patterrz
    @Patterrz Před rokem +4996

    next dating show just lock all the contestants in sensory deprivation tanks

  • @alyssaconnolly4622
    @alyssaconnolly4622 Před rokem +93

    My friend's major advisor consulted on the animal behavior/ecology for this show and seeing the masterpiece it turned into really made all the suffering in her class worth it

  • @teztheis3654
    @teztheis3654 Před rokem +43

    God it really would have been hilarious if two people went onto this show knowing sign language and just didn't disclose that and then managed to communicate with each other no problem, rendering the show's premise completely useless

  • @jaydagray6949
    @jaydagray6949 Před rokem +21

    i love these series bc i get to watch these shows without feeling as guilty

  • @shreddinmetal4life
    @shreddinmetal4life Před rokem +38

    “I can’t see this being entertaining for more than 10 minutes”. That’s where you come in, Cody. 🤙🏼😂

  • @TheManonCanon
    @TheManonCanon Před rokem +2475

    People who know sign language would absolutely slay this show

    • @thekawaiicripple
      @thekawaiicripple Před rokem +48

      I’m fluent in asl! Would make for a fun time haha

    • @tessagilmer
      @tessagilmer Před rokem +48

      this is exactly where my brain went when i first started watching this lol

    • @Rosa-st8kj
      @Rosa-st8kj Před rokem +97

      But not if ur the only one knowing it haha I'd imagine that would be quite frustrating

    • @DianaIsaBeek
      @DianaIsaBeek Před rokem +3

      Thats what I was thinking!

    • @str4wb3rrymilk27
      @str4wb3rrymilk27 Před rokem +10

      @@Rosa-st8kj giving me flashbacks of poor nyle from america’s next top model🥲🥲

  • @lolololilili
    @lolololilili Před rokem +72

    Awe, Cody's never heard of 90 Day Fiance!? lol that entire show is ppl blindly moving in and marrying people they've (sometimes) never even videochatted with

  • @mariahluna
    @mariahluna Před rokem +80

    literally was having a shit day and then the “FUCK YOU!” @ 1:38 caught me off guard now I’m in a much much better mood 😂 thanks chodster

    • @cm00npenguin
      @cm00npenguin Před 27 dny +1

      I was looking for a comment about this. LITERALLY SO FUCKING FUNNY

  • @mickeyp6639
    @mickeyp6639 Před rokem +10

    Anyone else notice that often the most replayed part of the video is right after the sponsor bit when people accidentally go too far and have to go back some. I find the best spot to click to skip his ads are right towards the beginning of the up-curve

  • @coated-coati
    @coated-coati Před rokem +58

    Can we get a dating show with no talking, but they also have to follow the rules of Too Hot To Handle? That would be perfect.

  • @Rodviet
    @Rodviet Před rokem +4

    Cody I need more episode reviews! I CANNOT watch them myself, please do us the favor!

  • @Diana-mu7pc
    @Diana-mu7pc Před rokem +1836

    The guy who was like "I was a late bloomer. I hadn't gotten laid by age 19." Like that's not extremely common and in a statistically average range.

    • @zacharyturner2944
      @zacharyturner2944 Před rokem +111

      He’s just self conscious

    • @sarasthoughts
      @sarasthoughts Před rokem +166

      Exactly lmao like bro you were still a teenager

    • @leonhardfrommhold8463
      @leonhardfrommhold8463 Před rokem +22

      ye but he's also very hot, that makes it way less common, lol.

    • @Diana-mu7pc
      @Diana-mu7pc Před rokem +121

      @@leonhardfrommhold8463 "hot" is a scientifically incalculable variable, and people can be sexually inactive for many reasons that aren't "nobody's attracted to me." He's probably either just way too insecure (as another commenter pointed out) or trying to humblebrag on all us uggos watching reality TV.

    • @jos9342
      @jos9342 Před rokem +44

      I thought that was so normal idk why he thought that was weird 💀

  • @dr00ku
    @dr00ku Před rokem +11

    Cody repeatedly calling the mandrill guy a mandolin is peak comedy

  • @Adi-jb7nm
    @Adi-jb7nm Před rokem +43

    This is one of the funniest videos cody has done, i was literally dying the whole way through

  • @daanhouben16
    @daanhouben16 Před rokem +13

    Honestly Cody, this is great content and you come across more comfortable and it seems like you're feeling a bit better. Hope that's true!

  • @jaif
    @jaif Před rokem +3

    This video was refreashing, im loving that the good energy seems to be back, keep it up man

  • @codyallen2838
    @codyallen2838 Před rokem +1

    Great video man! Killing it lately

  • @martine6077
    @martine6077 Před rokem +4506

    By now, Cody could make his own dating show

  • @mttgtz8118
    @mttgtz8118 Před rokem +2

    My favorite vid of yours, Cody. This show is so good with ur commentary

  • @handleerror
    @handleerror Před rokem +3

    Love the energy in this vid Cody. A breath of fresh air!

  • @margaretwirick5841
    @margaretwirick5841 Před rokem +3

    Cody trying to do "mating" moves is my favorite Cody montage ever

  • @SrkdG
    @SrkdG Před rokem +4

    I feel like Cody came back to his old style of videos in this one..! I like his new videos too but this one was really nice :) It definitely reminded me of the time I first discovered his channel and binge watched everything haha

  • @oppressedolive9144
    @oppressedolive9144 Před rokem +12

    Yo this was a top tier analysis ngl I loved this so much. Your commentary was funny as cody I loved it. THANK YOU.

  • @kirstenhouten5524
    @kirstenhouten5524 Před rokem +931

    why the fuck would you pick a koala as your spirit animal when they’re known to have chlamydia 😭

    • @idislikemints
      @idislikemints Před rokem +98

      Maybe they trying to tell something...

    • @Leah-su1xy
      @Leah-su1xy Před rokem +18

      Why do YOU think? 😏

    • @egodewav7810
      @egodewav7810 Před rokem +21

      Lol selfburn. Those are rare Edit- and the babies may literally eat doodoo

    • @karla__rivera
      @karla__rivera Před rokem +7

      he was trying to warn them

    • @stormrunner1177
      @stormrunner1177 Před rokem +19

      @@egodewav7810 They literally do, the mother’s waste contains bacteria that allows the babies to “properly” digest the toxic eucalyptus leaves as it gets older

  • @ibby1883
    @ibby1883 Před rokem +20

    I would win that show, haven’t spoken to a woman in 20 years.

  • @ivanoneill9866
    @ivanoneill9866 Před rokem +6

    Cody's recent videos have seriously upped the funny factor

  • @mk931
    @mk931 Před rokem +1

    i need more of thissss

  • @darkeneddoll9567
    @darkeneddoll9567 Před rokem +1

    This is my favorite video of yours this entire year!!! Keep it up Cody!!!

  • @Cubicmau5
    @Cubicmau5 Před rokem +13

    11:30 I died at this part😂

  • @hannahbobby2348
    @hannahbobby2348 Před rokem +1447

    cody calls a mandril a mandolin for 15 minutes

    • @dreamofouterspace
      @dreamofouterspace Před rokem +13

      lol I didn't know if anyone would point that out XD

    • @JustYouCalmDownSon
      @JustYouCalmDownSon Před rokem +21

      My spirit animal would be, like, a mandolin. Because I'm highly strung.

    • @hannahbobby2348
      @hannahbobby2348 Před rokem +2

      @@JustYouCalmDownSon LMFAOOOOOO

    • @karinisvetcool
      @karinisvetcool Před rokem +3

      Cody had me doubting the dude from the dating show chose mandolin as his animal

    • @tepni
      @tepni Před rokem


  • @keeleon
    @keeleon Před rokem +17

    I like how Cody seems angry he has to watch this.

  • @nono-zb4ys
    @nono-zb4ys Před rokem +6

    One of my favourite videos from Cody recently made me laugh a lot

  • @colecoffman4823
    @colecoffman4823 Před rokem

    Keep watching - need more of this asap

  • @ELbeII
    @ELbeII Před rokem +12

    The fucked up voice for Stefan made me laugh so hard 💀

    • @lauraatthecorepoint
      @lauraatthecorepoint Před rokem +1

      Somehow I read this comment at the perfect moment just after he did the voice and it made me laugh so much harder

  • @myassisonfire9143
    @myassisonfire9143 Před rokem

    i was just planning on watching you, so happy to see u uploasdeddd

  • @heather_bee
    @heather_bee Před rokem +3916

    How does anyone watch these shows without absolutely dying from secondhand embarrassment? So painful.

  • @duckinwonderland6527
    @duckinwonderland6527 Před rokem +10

    This vid was so good Cody, haven’t laughed this hard all week

  • @summersmells
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