3 Of The WEIRDEST Mechanical Objects!! 😳

  • čas přidán 27. 11. 2021
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Komentáře • 7 941

  • I'm a motherfreaking avocado

    The eye is goddamn terrifying and you know it Chris

  • ThePioneer

    "it feels so real!"

  • RoseXGaming

    Everybody gangsta until the eye blinks without the remote control

  • E A
    E A  +7

    "Theese are the coolest mechanical things that i own"

  • Ketanesse
    Ketanesse  +247

    "dont be shy, touch the eye"

  • X-It's a Mystery-X

    That eye looks like a Colonial from All Tomorrow's 💀

  • Youwantshum

    Imagine going for an interview and the boss has that eye at his desk.

  • Spartan Rage

    "Until you wake him up - BAEHH"

  • Rodasi Chetia

    * JJK fangirls' crying noises *

  • Sesame seed

    Not gonna lie that eye dice looks like something salvador dali would've drawn.

  • Jack moo
    Jack moo  +17

    “I fear no man but that thing... it scares me”

  • Nur Annissa

    Jujutsu kaisen be like:

  • Bee Tea
    Bee Tea  +1

    "It feels so real"

  • Cafrienzy

    I need the eye-die! Where can I get it? Love it

  • Katherine_Studioz

    "How did you end up in prison?"

  • bigbangtheory0000

    "Its okay baby, we can be intimate here, you have nothing to worry about. Just ignore the fleshy dice in the corner staring at you."

  • maui.

    Bro bought Gojo Satoru

  • Dyson
    Dyson  +1

    ayo ain't that the guy from All Tomorrows

  • Unicornelia Wild

    Soon Chris will be able to build his own android with all these realistic body parts like eye-dice and mouth-purse :D

  • WeirdishGamerKid

    “So guys this one is my favorite” him knowing he kill a man