Your Job Is Killing You! | The SCIENCE of... The Mortuary Assistant

  • čas přidán 26. 08. 2022
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    Theorists, would you ever work in a mortuary? That is EXACTLY what happens in the aptly titled horror game, The Mortuary Assistant. Well, that and trying to stave off demon possession. You know, the usual. Today, Austin is going to explain how a demon may be LESS of a threat to you than your actual job.
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Komentáře • 2 449

  • Heisenberg

    I feel horrible to say it but I learned more about organs in Mortuary Assistant than in biology class

  • Logan L
    Logan L  +2

    It would be so funny if the developers added an "OSHA-compliant" mode to the game. The only difference would be added vents, gloves, and aprons

  • Bumblebee Gamer

    I can't believe MattPatt and Austin are the Yin and Yang of this channel (and an inseperable duo) as MatPat is the yin, making analytical theories, proving what seems to be outlandish statements. While Austin is the yang, figuring out the science behind games and using real world logic/science to prove his theories

  • whitetailprince

    i worked in data entry in a lab, we had a separate training and awareness classes for if a formaldehyde leak happens. everything else was just considered a spill. im talking about not just cleaning, but evacuation, alarms, detection kits and pads. formaldehyde is basically the lab equivalent of how radiation is seen by the public.

  • MiniKunoichi

    For anyone interested in this game, I highly recommend the channel Ask A Mortician. Especially her early videos where she describes the embalming process.

  • Daniel Harned

    Fun fact: embalming is not required for a funeral or wake. Refrigeration is cheaper and less dangerous, and leaves your body safe for alternative forms of processing, like a tree burial

  • Michael Causey

    Something far worse for me. "OSHA violations..."

  • Branko Schoenbauer

    My dad is a mortician and I want to say this is very accurate, I watched markiplier play this and I was pleasantly surprised how true it was, yuh know other than the deamons.

  • Oranos
    Oranos  +480

    honestly i think the whole 'this job will kill you one way or another' is part of the whole point. if the demon manages to possess one of the employees, theyll be controlling a terrible body on the verge of death. even more if the demon decides to try their hand at the job to maintain their cover as 'definitely human'

  • Isaiah Butler

    Mortuary Assistant made me realize we would probably be okay in a zombie apocalypse lol. Never realized what went into prepping a dead person but now that I know about the eye caps and their mouths being sealed shut its hard to imagine them being much of a threat besides the smell

  • Alezandra Brady

    Would LOVE to see this as a collab with @AskAMortician. She has long advocated for greener funerary practices plus the history of embalming and other practices.

  • Emily Yoon

    Makeup Artist here. I had the pleasure of meeting an apprentice mortician thanks to one of my instructors and yeah, the game was accurate for the most part and the science checks out but how could they forget the most important thing?? How did they get the house blueprint approved without a single safety measure in place???!!!!!!

  • InkanSpider

    As a fan of Caitlyn from Ask a Mortician, I was really looking forward to this game. And seeing Austin make a video on it really makes my day as I lay at home sick. Way to go Austin!

  • Lucia _kidtech

    I've been waiting for this video since I realised the main character wasn't wearing ANY safety equipment not even gloves and I was like oh boy austins going to have a field day with this one. those chemicals can be rough.

  • Kenneth M.
    Kenneth M.  +188

    Me: " Hey Austin. which OSHA regulations are they violating?"

  • aazhie
    aazhie  +89

    Fun fact: Glut is also used in hospitals to sterilize equipment and some items like endoscopes. We have to monitor for leaks and so far, I'm pretty sure no scary exposure, but it's still pretty freaky stuff! if you want a real horror, read about ETO sterilization risks

  • danny -
    danny -  +130

    As a chemist when I first watched a play through of the mortuary assistant and I saw the formaldehyde I instantly was like.... Wait a minute.... And now I saw a notification of this video pop up and I immediately knew it was about the formaldehyde

  • The Chaos
    The Chaos  +90

    Honestly, I would feel a whole lot better if Austin did a follow-up to this game about debunking demonic possession like he originally planned. I love this video but I'm more interested in his take on demons.

  • Giddy
    Giddy  +300

    Game theory: “this job is killing you”

  • Logan Murry

    As a fellow embalmer, Austin you nailed this on the head! 👍