• čas přidán 2. 09. 2023
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    The Orignal Multi Fan Podcast & Fan Channel's Weekly Podcast taking a detailed look at the Premier League's Top 6 Clubs. We delve into the latest news, match reactions & transfer rumours. We are famed for leaving no stone unturned and our motto is no echo chambers. All Reaction videos and views are opinions and not statements of facts #PremierLeague #TheTop6, football terrace,the football terrace,man united,manchester united transfer news,STOCK MARKETS,REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT,INVESTMENT,FINANCE,PERSONAL FINANCE,MONEY,LIFESTYLE,AMAZON FBA,ONLINE BUSINESS,DEBT MANAGEMENT,GOOGLE,APPLE,stock market,GLAZERS OUT,GLAZERS MANCHESTER UNITED,man united sale,glazers man utd,man utd glazers,glazers cancel sale,man utd sale,man united stock,manchester united,man utd
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Komentáře • 0

  • big zubber
    big zubber Před 28 dny +2

    I really expected them to sack Ten Hag before leaving just to give a last fu to the fans but this is just as good😂

  • Pete TRc
    Pete TRc Před 22 dny

    As an Arsenal fan, I feel that boycotting is going to have little effect as it'll be next to impossible to stop international fans from putting money into the club as they'll still buy merchandise, etc. Arsenal are only out of the rut with the owners because the elder Kroenke decided to place club matters into the hands of his son who's actually better at it than his dad.

    • Irish gunner
      Irish gunner Před 21 dnem

      That’s complete bollox. They didn’t invest when they didn’t have a 100 control. Asoon as they had majority ownership they started investing. Completely different situation to united. Glazers have full control. They just see profit margins.

  • Michael Hill
    Michael Hill Před 28 dny +3

    The Glazers cant help it. The greed is ingrained into them.

  • Really89
    Really89 Před 26 dny +1

    The Glazers will NEVER sell United unless it is no longer profitable to keep the club. That will only happen if United are out of Europe for a few seasons and then fighting relegation.
    I am really split. There is a part of me that would exchange relegation if it meant that was the only way to get rid of these awful people. But of course United won’t be relegated. So are we stuck with the Glazers, forever? Or can the fanbase do something about it?

  • AXXO Movies
    AXXO Movies Před 28 dny +1

    Holding out for £10.00 I don't blame them 😂

  • SgtLiberty
    SgtLiberty Před 21 dnem

    Oh boi how the tables have turned 😂 We will forever remember how it was 1838838% done deal and how MU now will dominate the Prem,also we will forever remember how Sancho,SlabHead,Anthony and Mount were the best players in the whole planet and how they "rejected" everyone else to join MU😂

  • Tony Grinney
    Tony Grinney Před 28 dny

    I'm a Chelsea fan. On one side I'm happy that the Saudis can't buy the club as I seriously believe that Man U would take off in the transfer market with their money. On the other side I really dislike the Glazers and the way they bought Man U. even though Man U. are a rival I don't believe any club deserves to be bought in that despicable way.

  • Jim Minassian
    Jim Minassian Před 28 dny +6

    Man utd and Chelsea are now banter clubs. Sad

    SARAH ASHUN Před 28 dny +1

    A club that is in so much debt, with a dilapidated stadium and training facilities is not worth 10 billion. Who would buy a club that needs so much investment and on top of that you spend 10 billion. Where’s the up side. As a Liverpool fan, l feel truly sorry for Man U fans. We had Hick and Gillette and if it wasn’t for FSG the club would’ve gone into administration. Although, I have a love hate relationship with our owners, l think we’ve been extremely lucky. They’ve not only built a new state of the art training ground, they’ve also modernised and expanded the stadium. Moreover, they haven’t placed the club in debt. So far as the Glazers remain at Man U, the demise of such a great historic club and institution will continue.

  • Paul Z
    Paul Z Před 28 dny

    Can see Qatar going and putting a bid in for Liverpool as a F you to to the Glazers even from a neutral its actually ridiculous what the glazers have done to the club

  • Trigger Man
    Trigger Man Před 28 dny +6

    LOVING IT, LOVING IT, LOVING IT....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Clement Akufo
    Clement Akufo Před 28 dny

    It is time for the Manchester Utd fans to come back out and restart the protest and they can start by not buying the club's merchandise and demand that the Glaziers give an answer to why y'all have sold the club and why are you taking money out of the club and not giving the manager the funds to get the players that he needs for his system... Speaking as an Arsenal fan, who didn't trust the Kronkes for years as they were stingy and didn't back a few managers with the funds... but to their credit, back Arteta in the last 2 seasons with funds for him to get the players to fit his system.

  • matt halsey
    matt halsey Před 28 dny +5

    Out come the Norwich scarfs again, glazers in 😂

  • Steve Whitehead
    Steve Whitehead Před 28 dny +40

    Says Terry who is only worried about making money from his business and doesn’t give a rats arse about 95% of his subscribers 😂😂😂 buy memberships hit likes send super chats etc Terry is no different to the glazers just on a different scale

    • Winter Rising
      Winter Rising Před 28 dny +15

      so true 😂😂😂

    • Junier Hussein
      Junier Hussein Před 28 dny +18

      He's the biggest hypocrite and virtue signaller don't take note of him

    • m
      m Před 28 dny

      what makes you say that?

    • L14M_MONTAGE
      L14M_MONTAGE Před 28 dny +3

      He is still right though, actions speak louder than words, keep funding the glazers and nothing will change, when we wanted wenger out the fans stayed away and it worked, it took a long time to get that point but that was the only thing that worked, 5 games in to the boycott and he was gone, self sacrifice is hard but necessary

    • Steve Whitehead
      Steve Whitehead Před 28 dny +1

      @L14M_MONTAGE and yet Wenger wasn’t really the problem it was our owners at the time that were penny pinching to pay for the stadium etc
      And they are still the owners and still doing the minimum each transfer window and leaving us short in some way
      Imagine Wenger having 700 mil to spend the type of player he would attract and the style of football that would be being played
      Look what emery has achieved since he was sacked
      arteta has done ok but if he doesn’t challenge like last year ( and I don’t think he will ) or win a trophy of some sort imo he should be let go
      Our owners are no different from the glazers as in they are money making machines and that’s all that matters to them
      Chelsea’s new owner throwing money around like confetti and in comparison has far less than the Kroenkes so it can be done
      The arsenal fans are being blindsided at the moment by all the pr and shit talk of greatness and this great process that’s now into its 4th year
      Honestly I’m 53 this month and have followed arsenal since I was 9 and they have given me some amazing memories but I doubt I will see them lift another league title in my lifetime I hope I’m wrong
      But thinking our owners are any better than the glazers is just a fallacy

  • Harish Joshi
    Harish Joshi Před 28 dny +1

    Terry is that guy from black mirror season 1 ep 2.terry whats stopping u from going out and protest if u really believe that will help your club

  • Richhabitnews
    Richhabitnews Před 28 dny

    Don’t be so much in a hurry to move for a new ownership, look how far it going well for Chelsea

  • dniial999
    dniial999 Před 28 dny +6

    at this point united fans have to stop going to the matches and buying merch to leave the glazers with no choice but to sell

    • B.W art
      B.W art Před 28 dny +1

      Fans won't do that. They don't care about the club.

  • #Cult_ Personality
    #Cult_ Personality Před 28 dny

    Great News 😂

  • LT
    LT Před 28 dny +58

    How would goldbridge know its rusting he's never left his bedroom

    • ItsJessse
      ItsJessse Před 28 dny +7

      😂😂😂 bruh you made me laugh despite being angry this morning thanks bro

    • Jeff Nightly
      Jeff Nightly Před 28 dny +2


    • Dritan Tahiraj
      Dritan Tahiraj Před 28 dny +5

      Hes probs been to more games than you have lol if not then his employees have been😂

    • Zulu-Bantu-Kush-Kemet
      Zulu-Bantu-Kush-Kemet Před 28 dny +2

      Goldbridge never goes to games

    • dirty bags
      dirty bags Před 28 dny +3

      @Dritan Tahirajweak sauce that one

  • Nick Tutill
    Nick Tutill Před 28 dny +1

    Won’t be much left in a few years the stadium is almost in ruins

  • David
    David Před 28 dny +75

    Manchester United are so lucky to have glazers family in control. Fans should start donating there cash towards transfers and to the glazers personal wealth. 😊

    • tred
      tred Před 28 dny +4

      They already do that while doing sit in protests.

    • Lion Trading
      Lion Trading Před 28 dny +2


    • matt halsey
      matt halsey Před 28 dny

      They spend non stop, I’ll never understand the hate for this excellent ownership 😮

    • Jonathan Lemon Wrestling Show
      Jonathan Lemon Wrestling Show Před 27 dny


  • Alex Dunlop
    Alex Dunlop Před 28 dny +2

    So let me get this right Terry. Manchester United should not be run as a business by their owners?
    But wait, man United's success under fergie was based on them being a well run business and this financial muscle enabled them to dominate.

  • Chrissi hilton
    Chrissi hilton Před 28 dny +3

    I’m not believing this, money would have been put into the transfer window to improve it if they were staying, its PR spin again in my opinion

    • john sellers
      john sellers Před 28 dny

      thats not the case they can't put in what they don't have the club is currently run on debt and it is increasing year on year that is why united are having to do loan deals take amrabat for example united could have bought him for £28 million instead they have to do a loan deal with obligation to buy now i am not a united fan but as a rival who respects the club for their past achievements i see the glazers spending but that is not their money its more debt its a shame to see a once great club be run the way it is

    • Seers of timez
      Seers of timez Před 28 dny

      Lol u think Money mase was free?

    • Lee Harwood
      Lee Harwood Před 28 dny


    HEAD BANG3R5 Před 28 dny +7

    I thought rivals should be scared, Terry 😂

  • Azwan
    Azwan Před 28 dny


  • John M
    John M Před 28 dny +4

    Man living in a complete fantasy world honestly thinks anything he says or does will effect the situation.
    Your club like mine Tottenham is a corporate institution and if you deluded enough to think you can change it until the time has come well I wish you well with it.

    • B.W art
      B.W art Před 28 dny +1

      you won't change it because you aren't doing anything

    • MrNigeriaboy
      MrNigeriaboy Před 28 dny +5

      Fans can stop buy season tickets and merch but they won't.

  • Rashaad Rabin
    Rashaad Rabin Před 28 dny

    Bro the glazers got greedy when they saw that arab money 💰 🤑 💸 we all know it .. that sheikh wanted to give the glazers 7.3 billion plus fix the club plus fix the debt uniteds in plus give the coach any player he wants ... dam the glazers eyes 👀 went for the big prize they want more money before selling .. they clearly don't care of the fans the club the history they don't care ..

  • Kay -arr
    Kay -arr Před 28 dny +1

    As a United fan I was just want us to lose and have a horrendous season sorry to say because I want everyone to wake up to get these guys out and it will definitely take all the fans to do it

    • Paul K
      Paul K Před 28 dny

      Mate that's discusting

    • TheLeeBonner
      TheLeeBonner Před 28 dny +1

      So is your spelling 🤪😂

    • Michael Collins
      Michael Collins Před 28 dny


    • Princess Solace
      Princess Solace Před 28 dny

      Nah .... u do not want dat. As rivals, I never wish for dat upon your club.

    • Kay -arr
      Kay -arr Před 28 dny

      @Princess Solace look at how far we continue to fall man, we need to stop papering over cracks. We have a serious problem.

  • Rohan Vyas
    Rohan Vyas Před 28 dny

    Yes. Hold that. No more qatar clickbait videos.

  • breach
    breach Před 28 dny +1

    the only way to affect the glazers is by getting games cancelled. short term pain for long term gain.

  • MrNigeriaboy
    MrNigeriaboy Před 28 dny +5

    Who knew the Glazers were the world's biggest trolls😂😂.
    I'm no longer emotionally tied to this club foreal.

  • Anthony Lee
    Anthony Lee Před 28 dny

    Leeds fans did it to ken bates and it worked

  • Shivam Kumar
    Shivam Kumar Před 28 dny +5

    If they stop watching games on tv and stop buying merch they would be gone within weeks but fans are too emotionally attached

  • Amen Heavy
    Amen Heavy Před 28 dny

    Yet Utd mugs will still chuck their cash at them 😂

  • AzHasANewName
    AzHasANewName Před 28 dny +2

    The Glazers come out with so much bull that I’m surprised anyone is buying this. Even as an Arsenal fan I can smell it from here. I actually want United to be run better because the United/Arsenal rivalry was the cornerstone of what the Premier League is today.

    • tike myson
      tike myson Před 28 dny

      No one cares about that rivalry any more other then arsenal fans even united fans see Liverpool and city bigger rivalrys arsenal just trying to keep it going but it's been dead since kean and viera

  • Nick Sin
    Nick Sin Před 28 dny

    Seriously considering supporting FC United now if this is true. Had enough.

  • Joseph Black
    Joseph Black Před 28 dny

    Funny as fuck 😂😂😂

  • kevin millington
    kevin millington Před 28 dny +3

    I see Qatar buying another club now that wpuld mean City, Chelsea, Newcastle and a Qatar club with super wealth and Liverpool, Arsenal, Brighton also far far better run

    • Lion Trading
      Lion Trading Před 28 dny


    • kevin millington
      kevin millington Před 28 dny +1

      @Lion Trading id be more worried if they got a spurs, villa or everton and also put them ahead as i think Arsenal are ahead and will fi ish above utd this season anyway🤦🏻🤣

  • Ali James Khan
    Ali James Khan Před 27 dny

    Either buy Man Utd or buy all of seria a, or most other leagues out 😅😂 10 billion lol

  • Kings of Anfield
    Kings of Anfield Před 28 dny +42

    Long live the Glazers🍻
    We love the Glazers all the way from AXA❤️

    • kojo asare
      kojo asare Před 28 dny


    • Princess Solace
      Princess Solace Před 28 dny

      Nah .... u can't be serious. Its nice to banter them but we were once worst than them during Hicks and Gillette unless u just recently got to know about Liverpool

    • Guillermo Mathews Kaungu
      Guillermo Mathews Kaungu Před 28 dny

      Clown FC lol 🤣🤣🤣

  • Segun Akinuwe
    Segun Akinuwe Před 28 dny +7

    Big Love to Terry keep up the good work dude your biggest fan from Nigeria though I'm a die hearted Gooner can't wait to add more salt to your wound today COYG💪

  • Mugisa Ruth
    Mugisa Ruth Před 28 dny

    Glezer bought casemiro 80m, sancho 80m,antony 90,maguire 80m plus players of 50m,40m 30m 60m,every season,glezer spend alot of money in tranfer but spend on wrong players only,leave glezer family alone ,blame the people incharge of transfer

  • m anwer
    m anwer Před 28 dny +4

    Agree with you Terry. At this point im walking away from supporting the team until the Glazers are gone.

    • Warren Medeiros
      Warren Medeiros Před 28 dny +1

      no your not 😂

    • Ivan Harlokin
      Ivan Harlokin Před 28 dny +2

      It's important to take a moral stand like that. How can Man Ure expect to get blood money with the Glazers there.

    • Zulu-Bantu-Kush-Kemet
      Zulu-Bantu-Kush-Kemet Před 28 dny

      Plastic fan base 😂

    • m anwer
      m anwer Před 28 dny

      @Warren Medeiros Lol why am I not? I can still watch plenty of prem games on TV and get to go to a Etihad corporate box regularly with my work. United owners don't give a shit about the fans who have supported the club for years (in my case since the 80s) so why should I support the club unconditionally?

  • jeans
    jeans Před 28 dny


  • Phil Ryan
    Phil Ryan Před 28 dny +5

    Spot on Terry just EVERYONE boycott the games empty stadium that's the only thing they will understand

    • Andrew Wright
      Andrew Wright Před 28 dny +1

      To many international fans interested

  • David Jones
    David Jones Před 28 dny +3

    The Glazers just used this whole process to drive up the share price, last year the price was £13.5, now it's £23.6, the only way to get them out is to stop buying season tickets and merchandise.

    • C-ToTheFourth
      C-ToTheFourth Před 28 dny

      You do realise the share price going up doesn't benefit them right?

  • Star Child
    Star Child Před 28 dny

    A boycott on merchandise, programmes, food and drink etc….would mean the club selling match tickets for more money. Waste of time.

  • The Adventures of Steve-Marco

    The reason Terry doesn't spend money on United is because hes just here for a youtube business. He never went to games or bought merch anyway, but now he's trying to take some moral high ground as if he's a martyr making a great sacrifice. Typical united fan who lives nowhere near Manchester

  • Htpc Nz
    Htpc Nz Před 28 dny

    Not spending a single cent on Utd, pay tv to watch Utd until parasitic clowns are out of the club - have done for almost 5 years now. My kids will get merch from other leagues in the meantime and they are not at all unhappy about that & delayed EPL highlights on yt just do us fine.

  • James T
    James T Před 28 dny +1

    I’m laughing as a rival fan but equally can feel your fans pain, the Glazers are shameless

    • S.
      S. Před 28 dny +1

      It’s genuinely depression inducing stuff mate. When you think about the negative impact the glazers have has on the mental health of the fanbase the size of Utds, it’s very dark stuff

    • Lame Stream Media
      Lame Stream Media Před 28 dny

      I laughed when I heard then remembered my owners are FSG.

    • Princess Solace
      Princess Solace Před 28 dny

      ​@Lame Stream MediaU weren't even born when FSG got us out of trouble from Hicks and Gillette. U might as well learn Lfc darkest era mate.

    • Princess Solace
      Princess Solace Před 28 dny

      As much as I wud luv to banter every Man U fans , I do remember we almost lost our club to Hicks and Gillette ... we down grade from Rafa to Hodgson, losing Torres, King Kenny have to come out of retirement AND we almost move from Anfield .... with mounting debts, they still wanna destroy Lfc to nothing.

    • Lame Stream Media
      Lame Stream Media Před 28 dny

      @Princess Solace im being accused of being a child by someone that says 'dat' instead of "that'.
      Is "that' the best you can do?

  • Jude Victor
    Jude Victor Před 28 dny

    Terry, I am sorry, Ronaldo is the reason. I remember how you reacted to Ronaldo's interview. So you can't have it both ways.

  • Stephen McGeown
    Stephen McGeown Před 28 dny

    Why don't you do a road blockade ,before or after the game,????

  • Boy10Dio
    Boy10Dio Před 28 dny +2

    finally, now I can finally talk about this thing again. been telling man that there would be no sale.

  • John Prosser
    John Prosser Před 28 dny

    Hahahaha £10bn ffs... Are they mad!? You need huge investment in the group d which is way behind everyone else these days.... And the squad is a joke!!! You'd be lucky to get £4bn let alone £10bn.....but brilliant news for everyone else lol YNWA

  • William Farrell
    William Farrell Před 28 dny +1

    2 things:a)big up Terry love your shows YNWA..b) man UTD out here begging Qatari immoral ownership YNWA ❤😊

  • Harry Williams Productions

    This makes up for all the match winning var decisions that have gone United’s way 😊

  • firefnaf
    firefnaf Před 24 dny

    Tel if this is your way of admitting to being A Gooner dont drag United name through the gutter m8 😮 Your way much better than that Geez 😊

  • Mark Collins
    Mark Collins Před 28 dny +1

    Terry is spot on. WE ALL NEED TO BE ON THE SAME PAGE. TBH I think the story is BS.

  • Football Vision
    Football Vision Před 29 dny +8

    It was never on the market which I said all along

    • Ishmael Harris
      Ishmael Harris Před 28 dny +1

      Don't say that Terry believed all the clubs PR again😂😂

  • KM
    KM Před 28 dny

    Football hasn't reached it's global potential and the glazers are just holding out until european football reaches it's peak in terms of finances

  • Oliver Freeman
    Oliver Freeman Před 28 dny +1

    You do make some good points start small like buying things in the stadium then escalate. As a spurs fan i am not perfect i go to games but i do refuse to spend money in the ground now

  • DDJF
    DDJF Před 28 dny +1


  • BirthOfAnEmceeTV
    BirthOfAnEmceeTV Před 28 dny +1

    Truth is UTD fans won't do nothing as a collective.
    Should look towards Liverpool fans during the Hicks n Gillete era for advice based on knowledge and experience. Think utd fans would be surprised by the support theyd get from those Liverpool fans!!

    • Sagemode108
      Sagemode108 Před 28 dny

      The hate of american owners can unite both sets of fans

    FANDIUM Před 28 dny

    United fans should start attending away games only. no one should turn up to OT

  • chris1990
    chris1990 Před 29 dny +3

    This is hilarious united and chelsea the clubs that just keep on giving😅😅😅😅 get the norwich scarves out😂😂😂

    • danny harty
      danny harty Před 28 dny

      We are as bad as Liverpool now

    • Unspoken T
      Unspoken T Před 28 dny

      They put them away after winning the energy drink cup 😂😂

  • Brian O'Connor
    Brian O'Connor Před 28 dny

    There is literally a worldwide ballot for tickets to United games. If season ticket holders hand in tickets and Mancs do not attend then the tickets will sell anyway. Please be honest about the situation. I have been online with over 200K people attempting to buy tickets to a few games. Also Terry makes $$ not attending games. Regardless of ownership this bloke will still be in his CZcams home studio.

  • S haq
    S haq Před 28 dny

    I've been a United devil for about 31 years, I'm heart broken but I'm going to unfollow all our social media accounts and not watch the matches anymore...
    In the next two years our club will not be even valued at 2 billion

  • Deborah Mellor
    Deborah Mellor Před 28 dny +1

    It's my first home Manchester and your club is in Salford full stop Manchester is blue and that is the citizens have it

  • victor azamesu
    victor azamesu Před 28 dny +12

    This is the best transfer news ever.😂😂😂😂

    • Lion Trading
      Lion Trading Před 28 dny


  • Davies Njuguna
    Davies Njuguna Před 28 dny

    i dont trust anything that come out of DAILY MAIL

  • key buckley
    key buckley Před 28 dny

    Malcolm Glazer was a genius, if Fergie didn't F up, he wouldn't have been able to make the deal of the century.

    SINGHDASLAYA Před 28 dny +1

    Honestly Terry I'm not a United fan but I can say that the only way they leave is if the United fans find the glazers and use the death row records tactics like what death row records management did to keep Dr Dre. These guys do not know any other way!

    • K H
      K H Před 28 dny

      I think it has to be more extreme than that. Sticking with the Death Row theme, we need to do what Suge did to Vanilla Ice.

  • Dollarpo
    Dollarpo Před 28 dny

    United fans. We really need to do something and something big. Cancel your subscriptions, stop buying shirts and protest daily. We need to the the viruses out of our club and the only way is to hurt their pockets.

  • Mwendwa Brian
    Mwendwa Brian Před 28 dny

    😂😂 Terry you don't know what you are calling for, you will get the Glazzers out then after it's all settled you will look back and ask if there was a better way.

  • Jon Macdonald
    Jon Macdonald Před 28 dny

    Goldbridge not looking at the macro - United are a cash cow during a hard times like recessions .... footballs clubs are amnazing for that tbh ... also the Saudi conection wont wash in the USA ala Glazier land

  • Beth Jenkins
    Beth Jenkins Před 28 dny +7

    Man Utd fans not buying kits will also damage the local economy of Essex!

  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins Před 28 dny +1

    This whole teamwork makes the dream work sentiment is cute and all but let’s be real. Executing any global fan boycott to a level that the glazers don’t laugh at is pretty much impossible unless you speak mandarin

  • Graham Doonan
    Graham Doonan Před 28 dny

    Any one who gives the glazers money are the problem

  • Matt Tweed
    Matt Tweed Před 28 dny

    I urge everyone to relax, we don't know this as fact. The key message is "sources close to the Glazers" as only last week "sources close to the Glazers" confirmed Qatar had won

  • Amadu Kamara
    Amadu Kamara Před 28 dny

    Man Utd fans should boycott all their home games and stage an outside protest inside

  • David P
    David P Před 28 dny +2

    Hate to say I told you so but I called this right from the beginning. This was always a ploy from the Glazers, no way they where selling this cash cow.
    The replys I got from Utd fans at the time 😂

  •  Fire
    Fire Před 28 dny

    We Absolutely love em Terry 😅😅😅😅😅# I FEEL YOUR PAIN ... The Sheikh should put that 6 Billion up for Arsenal ........ let's gooooooo

  • Gold_Coast_Blackstar
    Gold_Coast_Blackstar Před 28 dny

    I 100% agree…and as an Arsenal fan we should take heed and be prepared to use the same tactics to get the Kroenke’s out if necessary

  • C-ToTheFourth
    C-ToTheFourth Před 28 dny

    Bro believes daily mail

  • countersmart
    countersmart Před 28 dny +2

    United have done a lot of business and Glazers have pumped money into transfers...they had world class managers come and go..i dont blame the Glazers , I think the opposition has leveled up and United are struggling to compete on a level playing field...sour grapes 🍇 it's ⚽️

  • iamsteezze
    iamsteezze Před 28 dny +1

    Not every option has been taken to rid of the Glazers. Make all games at OT cancelled or played behind closed doors. Don’t let them open the mega stores ever again and see what happens

  • feliznoviayestoyfeliz
    feliznoviayestoyfeliz  Před 28 dny


  • spicytango
    spicytango Před 28 dny

    As a Liverpool fan I'm loving this, as a football fan I feel sorry for not just for United but all the clubs including mine with these owners types!

  • Immagoat
    Immagoat Před 28 dny +2

    It's funny to see PL fans, especially man utd fans complaining about the owner and asking for them to out when in reality, they have no power whatsoever to do that bcs you have no share at the club. Unlike in spain and germany that applied 50+1 rules, so the fans have power to make a decision for what best for their club. So stop complaining and boycott their merch or whatever or just owned your club by yourself as a fans.

    • DmizzMOB
      DmizzMOB Před 28 dny

      You must be slow. For every fan that’s boycotting there’s another fan is ready to pay it doesn’t just happen over night.

    • Immagoat
      Immagoat Před 28 dny

      @DmizzMOB and that's why your action is futile no matter what 🤣🤣. Remember, all of these owners just a businessman. So if you care so much, just like i said, own your club by yourselves

    • DmizzMOB
      DmizzMOB Před 28 dny

      @Immagoat no shit mate go and be captain obvious somewhere else

    • Immagoat
      Immagoat Před 28 dny

      @DmizzMOB 🤣🤣🤣 hold that L. LONG LIVE GLAZERS

  • Timothy Mics
    Timothy Mics Před 28 dny +1

    As a United fans, I want to say Alhamdulillah from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Glazer 🙏🙏

    • 095daz
      095daz Před 28 dny

      Why.. why.. why, ..Alhamdulillah.....she was your women I presume, and you just cannot take any more!

    • Immagoat
      Immagoat Před 28 dny

      Finally some sensible united fans. Long live glazers family 🔥🔥

  • domdewsbury
    domdewsbury Před 28 dny

    it's impossible to boycott a big club with not purchasing things. A massive part of the fanbase don't have a clue about what's going in inside the club and will never care, they just enjoy the football which is their right to do

  • Dilyan Al-Kasem
    Dilyan Al-Kasem Před 28 dny

    It’s an unreliable source. No point panicking. Why tf would they wait until 2025 when the club is devaluing every year

  • Petro 🫨
    Petro 🫨 Před 28 dny +3

    Terry, I’m no corporate fiscal guru…imo your proposal of broad boycott will likely take years of consistent avoidance of game day attendances, merchandise avoidance and/or the like…even before the Glazer would consider departing. You talk about hurting them in the millions; whereas the MUFC machine circulates in the football in the billions. Your only chance is a “MASS VOICE” of objection; this would be the only way to destroy the Glazers reputation and in turn, their back pocket. It is going to take the likes of Goldie, yourself, and other prominent social voices to collaborate and lead this directive. It must stay unified in this endeavor, else if one falters, it will fail. Good luck.

  • Steven Soar
    Steven Soar Před 28 dny +2

    Was all a stock market scam to start even ray Charles could have seen this and stevie definitely wasn't wandering about it

  • Gary Millar
    Gary Millar Před 28 dny

    Terry just don't go to the ground fans have the power simple

  • Darius Palmer
    Darius Palmer Před 28 dny +2

    Terry the good thing is Mark Goldbridge has talked about encouraging the United Stand fan base to start targeting sponsors so it seems like your message is working out wasn't in vain.

    • breach
      breach Před 28 dny +1

      targeting sponsors 😂😂 yeh everyone is going to stop buying adidas and nobody knows who team viewer are. it'll never work

  • Gaz Taylor
    Gaz Taylor Před 28 dny

    All CZcams united channels need to boycott doing united work for them with reporting any news on them that be a start

  • geordie.gunner
    geordie.gunner Před 28 dny

    I really don't think they'll sell unfortunately for terry they've been doing exactly the same with the buccaneers. You'll win today though.

    • Zulu-Bantu-Kush-Kemet
      Zulu-Bantu-Kush-Kemet Před 28 dny

      You Arsenal fans are fools , so now your gonna lose to man Utd at home , but last week your talking about winning the league😂😂

    • geordie.gunner
      geordie.gunner Před 28 dny

      @Zulu-Bantu-Kush-Kemet I've never thought we'd win the league,we're all playing for 2nd place. I don't think we're playing well & if our midfield isn't partey oddegard rice you'll win probably win regardless.

  • Abdullah
    Abdullah Před 28 dny

    I saw this coming months ago. They are rats

  • Princess Solace
    Princess Solace Před 28 dny +4

    I feel sorry for Man U , seriously, the Glazers gonna ramp up the debt and gonna be Liverpool during Hicks and Gillette era.
    As much as we are rivals, I really hate to see Man U in that situation. Many LFC fan boys dat wants FSG out have no clue how shit was.