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Goblin Mines New District | Clash of Clans October Update

  • čas přidán 6. 10. 2023
  • Rolling mountains and flowing rivers create natural fortifications for this new Clan Capital District!
    Goblin Mines becomes available at Capital Hall 9, unlocking a new defense, the Goblin Thrower, and the Spear Trap!
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Komentáře • 381

  • @dorkprinceishere

    I love how clan capital and the districts are this cool place where the devs dont have to worry about anything and give us all these crazy and wacky defenses without affecting the main village.

  • @IdiotNo
    @IdiotNo  +539

    No way Spear Goblins made it into CoC!!!🎉🎉🎉

  • @skylord3013

    I like how they add clash royal elements in clash of clans every once in a while

  • @cherub412

    Clash of clans are getting even better and better. Big applause to SUPERCELL 👏🏻👏🏻

  • @Moshiur_Rahman

    Are we getting miners on clan capital 🤔

  • @Palpatine420

    Finally a new district looks sick 🔥🔥

  • @myst3ri0us68

    Seems like a nice new district

  • @flyingfoxtrot

    This is gonna be lit! 🔥

  • @HeisenbergFam

    Glad 11 years later and CoC is still getting updates today

  • @user-ej5zq4nj3w

    This looks awesome and im excited, i love clan capital!

  • @LikeWagon

    I love the fact that only like 2 Clash Royale troops got in CoC at first, then now we have reached the whole goblin setups.

  • @jaykay8426

    You know, I was expecting the big boss dragon from the campaign to be in capital peak as one of the big district troops, kinda like the mountain golem and the airship

  • @OrangeStaringCat

    Wow that came outa nowhere! I’m excited

  • @project-seven

    Ok another district looks like my clan got some work to do cant wait for it❤

  • @dlervan8876

    i wouldn't have thought of getting more new defenses and even traps since the clan capital itself is fully stacked with alot of buildings and districts, the ideas they come up with never failes to amaze me and the effort and works they put on with side activity wars will gonna make the game more and more strategic and fun to play..

  • @GL3DE
    @GL3DE  +4


  • @AkariGaming

    This is gonna be fun🔥I love it 🎉

  • @sirj.7495

    Goblin Slayer must be hired to eliminate those goblins haha

  • @matthewkenney9407

    With this new interesting district having a goblin theme I’m going to predict when the 10th clan capital district comes out it will have another “mega troop” just like the Flying Fortress and Mountain Golem.

  • @adittriyandi11

    It's so cool