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A simple idea… - Smarter Every Day 284

  • čas přidán 30. 03. 2023
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Komentáře • 1,7K

  • @smartereveryday
    @smartereveryday  Před rokem +438

    My teachers are wonderful. I’d love to hear your best story about a teacher who helped you. #ThankYourTeacher

    • @jobberryfrith8831
      @jobberryfrith8831 Před rokem +1

      Hey 🎉 I like the content just remember live life,love your self and just do it

    • @elendiastarman
      @elendiastarman Před rokem +2

      Mr. Willis in 3rd-5th grade was the one teacher that made math *fun* for me, and it has been my lifelong first love. I have a BS in Applied Math but to this day I still greatly enjoy recreational mathematics and I constantly play around with patterns and games.

    • @krater_void
      @krater_void Před rokem +3

      We need to thank our more , teachers like you ❤❤❤

    • @theuneducatedbiologist9637
      @theuneducatedbiologist9637 Před rokem +1

      I had a spanish teacher in 9th grade named Señor Rankin. He taught me that learning can be fun and easy. He also taught me that there’s a time and place to be silly.

    • @LucenProject
      @LucenProject Před rokem +3

      For those of us not in the know, what is Tag Class 6:41?

  • @jasontucker4474
    @jasontucker4474 Před rokem +415

    First hand knowledge...since I was in Mrs Teague's Trig class with you (the Tiger Tales yearbook was my senior year). You were always fun to be around and definitely one of the smartest people in the class. Glad to see the Lord has blessed you and you are doing so well. Love the channel!

    • @smartereveryday
      @smartereveryday  Před rokem +107

      On the city’s southern border…

    • @MiIIiIIion
      @MiIIiIIion Před rokem +14

      I didn't have any of the teachers mentioned in this video, but I did spot a few I had in the yearbook shots.

    • @thetgwarrior
      @thetgwarrior Před rokem +2


    • @justalonesoul5825
      @justalonesoul5825 Před rokem +34

      @@thetgwarrior If you cant understand, it probably, very simply, wasnt meant for you...

    • @landonrice
      @landonrice Před 10 měsíci

      @@thetgwarriorIt’s the first line of Hartselle High’s Alma Mater.

  • @testarossagzb5582
    @testarossagzb5582 Před rokem +2177

    Thank you, Destin, for fifteen years of wonderful education

    • @straight-up-shots
      @straight-up-shots Před rokem +19

      Yes! Another great educator ❤

    • @swidrovich
      @swidrovich Před rokem +14

      Seriously, Destin is a person to aspire to be. When I have kids these mans videos are going to be an example of what a role model should look like.

    • @anonymeister123
      @anonymeister123 Před rokem +4

      My teacher did the same thing with Viola Swamp!

    • @grgb1998
      @grgb1998 Před rokem +3

      Literally has become an educator himself. And one of the best ever too.

    • @ninjajeb
      @ninjajeb Před rokem

      100%, best teacher ever. Thank you Destin

  • @tango_uniform
    @tango_uniform Před rokem +294

    My 12th grade physics teacher, Mr. Ellis, allowed me and a friend to perform some experiments from written instructions during lunch. After nearly destroying the lab by not completely reading the instructions, he returned to find walls dyed green. Without getting the least bit perturbed, he said, "Now you understand the importance of following directions." That helped me in my 25-year career in the USAF.

    • @DeliveryMcGee
      @DeliveryMcGee Před rokem +6

      My 10th grade physics teacher was a veteran submariner, a sonar guy, he was a crewman of the boat (USS Houston) that played USS Dallas in The Hunt For Red October, but he was on the other crew, he was on shore leave during filming of the movie. Had tons of stories from his colleagues who were extras in the movie, though. (for example, the Navy was really annoyed at the number of times they rehearsed the "emergency blow" scene, because breaching like that is ... a thing that is planned for and tested, but not good for the boat if you do it a lot.)

  • @wootenbasset8631
    @wootenbasset8631 Před rokem +244

    I’m a teacher. The respect you just showed for your teachers inspires me to keep being the best teacher I can be. Thank you.

    • @garywhitt98
      @garywhitt98 Před rokem +3

      Thank you Wooten, from the rest of us who can’t or won’t teach the way you can! We appreciate you!

    • @willdabeast144
      @willdabeast144 Před rokem +1

      Graduating this year and can only say there's 1 teacher out of my whole school I'll thank for being such a genuine person. Need more teachers like you fr

    • @Heroniak
      @Heroniak Před 11 měsíci +1

      You have the power to change lives forever. God bless your work and I wish you the very best =)

  • @TristanMaiolo
    @TristanMaiolo Před rokem +468

    I chased down my old woodwork teacher a couple years ago 21 years after I graduated school and emailed him to thank him for teaching me what he did because I wouldn't be where I am today without his teachings. I really think he appreciated it - he's a principal now at a school in another town to what I grew up in! Side note my woodwork teacher is called Mr nail... True story!

    • @found.4536
      @found.4536 Před rokem +9

      Sounds like my high school cafeteria teacher. His name is Chef Boyle (pronounced boil) I just thought it was hilarious

    • @purpleYamask
      @purpleYamask Před rokem +6

      Metalshop teacher named Mrs. Hammersmith. Lovely stocky gal, never seen anyone work so quickly and neatly with tinsnips.

    • @jamescdavis3624
      @jamescdavis3624 Před rokem +4

      My woodshop teachers last name was Noah

    • @baomao7243
      @baomao7243 Před rokem +1

      Hammer time !

    • @azcardguy7825
      @azcardguy7825 Před rokem +6

      Mr. Nail was predestined to be a wood shop teacher 😂

  • @jasonmulderrig
    @jasonmulderrig Před rokem +344

    I am about to graduate with my PhD in mechanical engineering in a few months. I have been planning on going through my old school yearbooks, find the contact information for my former teachers, and email them with my dissertation (and a heart-felt thank you message) as a small token of my incredible appreciation to them. I hope they find it meaningful!
    Edit: I am particularly excited to thank my science and math teachers from high school, who really inspired me and pushed me. Those particular teachers had no business in teaching at the public (non-charter) high school I attended -- they could have done bigger and better things. But they saw their teaching as a calling, and that really struck me. I am so grateful for the attention they gave to me, and how it has impacted me now.

    • @trippsmclovin
      @trippsmclovin Před rokem +7

      Nothing would make them happier :)

    • @jumbo6498
      @jumbo6498 Před rokem +5

      I mean, personally, I would just send them a thank you letter.

    • @jasonmulderrig
      @jasonmulderrig Před rokem +1

      I will of course thank my teachers in the email I will send them!

    • @jumbo6498
      @jumbo6498 Před rokem +2

      @Jason Mulderrig lol with the edit. I'm just saying, from my perspective, that I wouldn't send them my dissertation. It makes the thank you less about them.

    • @sfurules
      @sfurules Před rokem +1

      I think it would make all of them happier than you can know

  • @Paulman50
    @Paulman50 Před rokem +300

    I think the one person that shaped my life the most was my first boss. When I became the boss, I made sure I treated my staff the same. He was an amazing teacher even though we were not in school.

    • @wrex509
      @wrex509 Před rokem +6

      The best boss I ever had set me up for success in every task he assigned to me. Ive never had any employees, but Ive led a lot of volunteer groups, and that was one of the lessons I've taken from it.

    • @davidhorizon8401
      @davidhorizon8401 Před rokem +6

      Such a good point. We can all be the good boss or coworker that teaches and helps others to succeed. I promise your best success will be the one where you helped someone else succeed!

    • @Paulman50
      @Paulman50 Před rokem +4

      @davidhorizon8401 two of my past employees are now close friends and are both multi millionaires.

    • @640everett
      @640everett Před 7 měsíci

      It's a great thing to remember that even though you're not in school, you are still always learning.

  • @sarahmorais9312
    @sarahmorais9312 Před rokem +14

    Destiin, I am a science teacher. I have been so since 2006. These past few years of teaching have been very difficult. I have wanted to leave the profession on many occasions. It is messages like yours that remind me, amid a fairly anti-teacher political climate, to stay the course. Thank you ever so much for this reminder that we can and do make a difference.

  • @dgoddard
    @dgoddard Před rokem +346

    I want to thank Brandon for pooting loud and giving us that great story! LOL

    • @2sday538
      @2sday538 Před rokem +29

      And who'd a known that 30 yrs later Pootin and Brandon jokes would be so apropos to our current political times.

    • @eaterdrinker000
      @eaterdrinker000 Před rokem +5

      Dank Brandon

    • @Roonasaur
      @Roonasaur Před rokem +3

      Way to go Brandon. ;)

    • @handlemonium
      @handlemonium Před rokem +4


    • @rafacosta_x_
      @rafacosta_x_ Před rokem +4

      Let's go Brandon

  • @alwaysfallingshort
    @alwaysfallingshort Před rokem +423

    Hey Destin YOU'RE one of our teachers!

    • @ericon.7015
      @ericon.7015 Před rokem +4

      You said it all. And a exceptional teacher

    • @varlunmulland3992
      @varlunmulland3992 Před rokem +3

      @@ericon.7015 Time for another teaching moment. If the following word starts with a vowel sound, then it's "an" not "a". For example, it would be "an hour", even though it starts with an h, the h is silent.

    • @atlasfeynman1039
      @atlasfeynman1039 Před rokem +1

      @@varlunmulland3992 So you're just completely fine with starting a sentence with "And"?

    • @RedSquirrelHunter
      @RedSquirrelHunter Před rokem +3


    • @vigilantcosmicpenguin8721
      @vigilantcosmicpenguin8721 Před rokem +3

      A teacher is someone who makes you smarter every day.

  • @lucidmoses
    @lucidmoses Před rokem +51

    I only have one teacher that mattered. The one that saw I wasn't a thug but rather just bored and switched me to the gifted learners even though my grades at the time didn't warrant it. That was in grade 7 and I left his class in grade 9 doing grade 12 work. That changed the path in my life immensely. I had tried to reach out to him like 5 years ago and found out he was no longer with us.

  • @llearch
    @llearch Před rokem +268

    What I find super interesting is that I HATED my childhood, and escaped from it (into books, or computers, or daydreaming) every moment I could; I still try not to remember my teachers, the other kids who picked on me, or anything at all about school. And this is wildly different from how Destin and others appear to remember their childhood, which makes me wonder what I'm missing, and if my life might have been very different indeed, if only things had been different. It also makes me wonder if anyone else out there feels the same way I did. Go figure.

    • @Arcturus367
      @Arcturus367 Před rokem +12

      same here

    • @rich9965
      @rich9965 Před rokem +39

      You're not alone. I was heavily bullied and beat up often (the poor kid easy target). The pure volume of it had to have been noticed by the teachers who did nothing. They DO pick their favorites and least favorites.
      I now know that i would have been in a better place if only just one teacher had taken time to protect me or even take more time to understand why i was the D and F student.
      Instead they played the "not my job" card.
      I hope you havent been held back too much from your real potential just due to a batch of bad teachers.
      Take care.

    • @NeverIntegrateAgain
      @NeverIntegrateAgain Před rokem +25

      I came here to say the exact same thing. I’m so glad school is over. Most teachers were non memorable. The rest were just cruel.

    • @jonathan2282
      @jonathan2282 Před rokem +26

      I had a similar experience. I was a bright kid, but that flame was extinguished early on and I stopped caring at a young age.

    • @pervasivedoubt150
      @pervasivedoubt150 Před rokem +12

      I half agree with you and half agree with Destin. Sometimes I was isolated. Sometimes not

  • @carriejo830gmail
    @carriejo830gmail Před rokem +86

    Not going to lie, I teared up at this. So good walking down memory lane with you, Destin. We had many of the same teachers, and I'm privileged to have worked alongside several of them.

  • @franklinbigbee5914
    @franklinbigbee5914 Před rokem +27

    I’m finishing up with my 24th kindergarten class at the end of this school year. As a long time teacher I can testify to the power of a simple thank you from my former students. Last year I got an invitation to graduation from’Max’ for his masters in mechanical engineering. The fact that he tracked his kindergarten teacher down was one of most touching moments in my life.
    We teachers realize just how important and what wonderful things our students have taught us. I’ve taught hundreds of children one of the most important life skills they will ever learn, how to read. But they have taught me so much more. Thank you all my little bees!

  • @jadney
    @jadney Před rokem +81

    In an era when it seems like half of our population chooses to denigrate teachers and teaching, it's wonderful to hear someone who recognizes the great things they learned, from their teachers, in school. I had a wide range of teachers, but they ranged from average to terrific. I remember and cherish each of them. Unfortunately, I'm getting old and I suspect all of them have passed on by now. I'm grateful that I had the opportunity, a few years ago, to give my junior high English teacher a hug of appreciation. She was one of the terrific ones.

  • @craigieb
    @craigieb Před rokem +111

    I think one of the best testaments to how good your teachers were, is that they helped make you into such a remarkable human, that out of the thousands of students they've taught over the years, they remember you as though it was yesterday. Good on you for having a chance to tell all those folks how much they meant to you. I'm sure each of them is over the moon!

    • @Isaac-qe2in
      @Isaac-qe2in Před rokem

      The foundation starts from sound parental values.

  • @kendebusk2540
    @kendebusk2540 Před rokem +25

    One of my most memorable teachers was the band director. He taught me about music, of course, but more importantly, he used a science fiction book to teach me about sociology and prejudice. Also, using the same book, he taught me that a book is not just a story (in most cases, there are exceptions), but it conveys a deeper meaning, one you get by "reading between the lines" and seeing the second level of the story. Thank you, Julian Herring!
    The other (yeah, I have two on top of the list, tied) taught me why you cannot divide by 0. Before, when I asked, I got the rote "That's just the way it is." When I asked this teacher, he reminded me that much like multiplication is merely repeated addition, that division was repeated subtraction. How do you divide 6 by 3? See how many times you can subtract 3 from 6 before reaching 0. Once gives you 3, twice gives you 0. Easy, right? OK, how many times can you take 0 from 6? No matter how many times you do it, even infinitely, you still have 6. You can never get to 0. Thank you, Donald Schwendimann!

  • @DanielGBenesScienceShows
    @DanielGBenesScienceShows Před rokem +16

    A few years ago I created a Thank You video for my 1987 Leander, TX High School shop teacher, Scott Simon, and posted it on FB for him to see. He didn’t have a FB page so I posted it on his wife’s wall. The response I got from him and his family was so touching it brought me to tears. His daughter, Monica, who I graduated with, told me her dad’s “thank you” response back to me was the first time he had ever posted anything on social media. Since then I’ve had past students thank me and it’s something I’ll never forget. 🤘😍🤘

  • @scienceolympiad
    @scienceolympiad Před rokem +58

    Destin, we love being part of your yearbook! Hearing that Science Olympiad was a formative experience for you is incredible! When are we going to get you to do a video for us?! You, plus fellow alum Reed Timmer, the Storm Chaser... now that would be a pairing the internet needs!

    • @jajefan123456789
      @jajefan123456789 Před rokem +1

      Can’t believe destin was a fellow sciolyer 😭😭😭

    • @J.C...
      @J.C... Před rokem +1

      Wow. I was watching Reed earlier

  • @exrezcnm
    @exrezcnm Před rokem +117

    You are very fortunate to have that perspective. My school years were filled with boredom and lack luster performance. Six years after graduation I enrolled in college because I had finally found something I was interested in. And there I excelled!!!

    • @Voltaic314
      @Voltaic314 Před rokem +9

      I feel the same as what you are saying here too. I was very smart but I never applied myself to get into AP / Honors classes in school and I regret it. My K through 12 years in school were very boring and lackluster also because for the vast majority of the time I was just sitting in class with people forced to be there and never around people who genuinely wanted to learn anything, including myself. Now that I'm in college where people are actually taking things seriously (including myself) I am doing pretty well with a pretty good GPA.
      Your attitude and mindset really shape your experience, but also just your circumstances, environment, and your fellow peers really also shape it a lot too. I love that Destin has such a good outlook on life, always appreciating every little moment and doesn't seem to complain too much. I wish I could adopt that kind of appreciation mindset!

    • @Noubers
      @Noubers Před rokem

      @@Voltaic314 When I found out that AP/honors classes were just more homework and that homework still counted as a majority of our grade I just stopped caring about school. I was already bored and in my spare time at home was teaching myself programming (this was back in the late 90s/early 00s). I eventually dropped out of HS and ended up just working as a programmer without any formal degree because it was possible back then to do so. Twenty years later and I have worked on everything from websites to satellites and now own my own consulting firm working in similar spaces as Destin's former day job here.
      And I am not knocking school or college or anything like that. I _wish_ school had been geared towards my aptitude but it wasn't. Luckily things have gotten better it seems most of my friends kids now are in classes where homework is optional and grades are performance and demonstration based rather than rot memorization or busy work. Homework still helps some for sure, but for kids that excelled on their own it seems like hopefully they have a better shot of not failing school or dropping out.
      (also in my late 20s I went back to school for fun and really enjoyed college, especially taking something non-technical like Art History as my major, plus fun to dunk on other engineers when you can say your college degree is in art history haha)

    • @Audio_Simon
      @Audio_Simon Před rokem +5

      Same here. Its a sore spot to hear Destin have so many positive experiences in his youth. What people had enjoyable education?! I hated every second of my education. Until I went to college and studied what I chose - engineering.

    • @727jetjumper
      @727jetjumper Před rokem +4

      This is along the lines of what I experienced as well.
      Not dwelling on it, but just think how different our (anyone's) lives might have been, had it been similar to Destin's experience.

    • @orang1921
      @orang1921 Před rokem +1

      @@Voltaic314 like 80% of students believe themselves to be much more capable, if they "actually tried," than they are

  • @marciabentley9557
    @marciabentley9557 Před rokem +22

    As the daughter and granddaughter of retired Alabama public school teachers, I appreciate your demonstrating that there are outstanding educators in our public schools. I, too, grew up with exceptional teachers in the Birmingham public school system. As with any job, there are some who are mediocre, but there are many more who work hard to help their students see and bring out the best in themselves. A good teacher is a gift beyond measure. ❤ (If only they were paid that way.)

    • @j.a.r.family2576
      @j.a.r.family2576 Před rokem

      I never knew he was form 2 miles from me. I'm firm Decatur Alabama and he's from priceville Alabama. I always lied his content but now I'm super happy for him.

  • @Bmonkeygurl
    @Bmonkeygurl Před rokem +17

    As a teacher, it is refreshing to hear someone recognizing how awesome their teachers were! This makes my teacher heart happy. :)

  • @StaticMotions
    @StaticMotions Před rokem +2

    My retired HS teacher who I kept in touch with over the years called while I was at work, and I missed his call. The next day, his adult daughter, whom I had never met and knew little about, called and told me she saw my phone number on her father's phone and that I was the only person he called the day he died. She asked who I was and how I knew her father. This gave me an opportunity to tell her who her father was in my life. When I finished she was crying and told me she had no idea her father had made such an impact outside of her own life. Thank you Gene, you were a great teacher and you are missed.

  • @rickseiden1
    @rickseiden1 Před rokem +26

    Years ago I found out from the son of one of my favorite teachers that the teacher was facing his last days. His son reached out to our high school group on Facebook asking for memories of his father. I was able to share some of the reasons that made this teacher so special to me. Later, the son came back to tell us all how much it meant to his father to hear everything we had to say. I was really glad I got to let him know what he meant to me before he passed.

  • @Alexander_Sannikov
    @Alexander_Sannikov Před rokem +13

    My physics teacher literally forced my lazy butt to go to an entrance exam for the most advanced university in my country. It was extremely far, inconvenient and scary -- she kept reminding me every day before the exam and even the morning when the exam took place I still was trying to bail and oversleep, but she called me (on my personal phone) and made me go that exam. I was so lazy on physics classes, barely touched my homework, but she saw something in me and made me do that exam. Fast forward 15 years, long after defending my PhD thesis in physics, I still visit her every year and help her however I can, even though I live on the opposite side of the planet now.

  • @SupernaturalGamer
    @SupernaturalGamer Před rokem +3

    My freshman year English teacher noticed that I wasn't doing good in any aspect of school so he started an after school program for the boys in the school who where falling behind. I may not have pursued English after highschool but I will always appreciate him for the time he spent with me and others like me. Also thank you Destin for making me care about the things I never thought about. I never even thought about how subs get air or if a Prince Rupert's drop can be preserved in glass. You have opened the world to so many people. Thank you

  • @elazarpimentel5340
    @elazarpimentel5340 Před rokem +3

    I contacted my Scoutmaster and told him how much structure and respect he added to my life, at a time when had I not had it, I might not be alive today. Thank you Destin.

  • @NautilusGuitars
    @NautilusGuitars Před rokem +57

    This is so heartwarming, and it reminds me of why I'm so dedicated to my stepkids lives, even though their mother and I are no longer together.
    I didn't have many teachers of this caliber. Most of them were disinterested, and some were even malicious. This certainly contributed to some serious behavioral issues in my teenage years that set my life down a bad path. Thankfully I recovered from it, but I swore to myself I'd do everything in my power to give all children I met the attention and enthusiasm they deserve.
    One teacher in particular who made a real difference was my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Stoner. She was all the way at the top of the school and we rarely saw her before 5th grade. All the other teachers talked about her like she was some final boss. A veritable tyrant of education. Just the mention of her struck fear in us. In 4th grade, I was sent to her class for a one-on-one due to some issues I was having, and I was terrified. She was very stern, but something about her was inviting too. When I started 5th grade, there was a level of respect and a healthy dose of fear. But she never did anything cruel or disproportionate. She took time out of her day and dedicated herself to helping me with several things I needed help with, even making strange compromises (like letting me use weird fonts) to help me be more motivated. She made a huge difference.
    Unfortunately, right as we started 6th grade, Mrs. Stoner passed away and my entire class was devastated. We never got the chance to tell her how much we appreciated her. RIP Mrs. Stoner. You were the one teacher who really made a difference.

    • @PinkeySuavo
      @PinkeySuavo Před rokem

      What do you mean you are dedicated to your stepkids lives? And why are you if they are your ex's kids?

    • @vigilantcosmicpenguin8721
      @vigilantcosmicpenguin8721 Před rokem +4

      The "letting me use weird fonts" bit is what stands out to me. I never was one for those strange rules that teachers would set in place, and I wish I would have had someone who said, these rules are here for a reason, but it's still okay to move away from them a bit.

    • @NautilusGuitars
      @NautilusGuitars Před rokem +5

      @@PinkeySuavo What else could my statement possibly mean? What a bizarre question.
      I love them deeply and have been their only positive male role model for the majority of their lives. I spent a decade raising them after their biological father abandoned them once he was done being a severely abusive prick. My disagreements with their mother would never motivate me to abandon them. We're very close, and it would be devastating to them if I just disappeared, especially after the abuse and abandonment they've had forced upon them. My dedication to them is a significant reason why they have turned out happy and healthy despite having the kind of awful start that turns most kids into criminals.
      That's why.
      I've lived enough of my life for myself. They are my life now, and will continue to be, regardless of how many random people on the internet can't comprehend that.

    • @NautilusGuitars
      @NautilusGuitars Před rokem

      @@vigilantcosmicpenguin8721 Yes, such a small thing, yet it made all the difference. Having that autonomy in those situations made it feel more personal. It helped me connect to it. It motivated me. It was a lesson that I took into adulthood and have applied to those I wish to help in similar situations. Those tiny moments can make a huge difference.

  • @nobody8717
    @nobody8717 Před rokem +9

    i only remember 3 of my HS teachers fondly. Physics, Calculus, and a floating sub who did multiple subjects.
    but i remember specifically why i dislike my 4th grade teacher:
    she marked me wrong on spelling "morse code"
    she was adamant it was "morris"
    and at that point i was already a licensed ham operator, as well as both my grandparents, and my mother...

  • @bridgecross
    @bridgecross Před rokem +11

    You went to a fantastic school. I learned a lot in school, but most of the teachers were disconnected from the students, even sarcastic and dismissive. I excelled in physics, but when I asked the teacher for a college recommendation he wrote one illegible sentence with a sharpie, and when I asked for a rewrite he humiliated me in front of the class. The chemistry teacher was a humorless, mocking troll. One history teacher just stood and read verbatim from the textbook while the students chatted amongst themselves, no questions or interactions at all. It was an angry dour place.

    • @j.a.r.family2576
      @j.a.r.family2576 Před rokem

      The schools around here (Morgan County) aren't fantastic. But we do have outstanding teachers. They're so caring an sweet. He turned out great

  • @fordjones6238
    @fordjones6238 Před rokem +5

    Destin, you’re really the only one on social media where I can watch your videos and really learn something from you. From either how coast guard boats work or how a Saturn V rocket goes to orbit or even shooting a golf ball going 1,000 mph into a bucket of mayo😂. You teach me to not be afraid of asking questions or learn about things, so thank you for spending time teaching these awesome things for people like me.

  • @qwertyuiopaaaaaaa7
    @qwertyuiopaaaaaaa7 Před rokem +163

    This video is cute but also makes me realize how much of my childhood school life was defined by being bullied and not having support from my teachers.

    • @amadeuss3341
      @amadeuss3341 Před rokem +12

      It's called life. Suck it up butter cup.
      Everyone was going thru ups and downs, just look back and think what you learn. 🤘🤘

    • @waynehajek6346
      @waynehajek6346 Před rokem +15

      Try to forgive those that hurt you. It helps to get past those memories. Turn that negative experience into something positive and treat everyone you meet with kindness and understanding. Stand up for those that need support.

    • @harryharrison6930
      @harryharrison6930 Před rokem

      I don't know if you are still having problems with people, but I can give a solution that has worked for me.
      I have found that when I am hating a person, I have to pray to God and ask Him to help me stop hating that person and to love him.
      And if I am hating that person seven times a day, then I have to pray and ask seven times a day.
      And I have had to do this for months, but I was finally able to let most of the anger and hate go.
      There are two things that make me believe that this works.
      The first answer is from what I have seen. If a person doesn't work on letting go of his or her hate, it will never go away.
      The second is I have faith that God is real and cares about his children. If you ask for help from Him, He will give it to you.
      I will say that if one never works on letting go of hating a person, then he will never be happy.
      It is not easy and will likely take a long time, but I can say it will lead to less misery.
      A scripture that I have found is helpful is
      44 But I say unto you, Love your
      enemies, bless them that curse
      you, do good to them that hate you,
      and pray for them which despitefully
      use you, and persecute you;
      When you are ready, there is a way to find happiness.
      Simply put, it is to help others. To lift them up and to teach them to do good.
      Show them love and support. Correct in a kind and patient manner if they are doing bad.
      Teach them to love others and to teach and to edify in patience.
      When they are in need, go and help them.
      Even though it may not be feasible to always help someone, trying your best will bring you happiness.

    • @MrHerrS
      @MrHerrS Před rokem +9

      @@amadeuss3341 Great answer and well written. I guess that‘s exactly what he expected them to say when he was little. Oh wait I guess they did. Man education so easy.

    • @McLarenKeith
      @McLarenKeith Před rokem +32

      @@amadeuss3341 Stupid response. Being bullied in your formative years is not called life. It's called being tormented and having your confidence stripped from you, meaning you're scared to even show up to school.

  • @DTHRocket
    @DTHRocket Před rokem +12

    I was homeschooled. Thanks Mom and Dad. Now I'm working on space rockets, couldn't have done it without them.
    My wife is a special education teacher. She works with kids that scream all day. I hope that she can make a difference in their lives. Sometimes she doubts it and doesn't see the fruit. Maybe some day when they grow up they'll look back and appreciate her effort. I know I'm proud of her.

  • @hanslehmann2124
    @hanslehmann2124 Před rokem +2

    I'm 65. I wish I could thank my high school calculus teacher Mrs. Loveday. She was sometimes cranky, but she had some great sayings ("Repeat after me, kiddies, Logarithms are Exponents!!")
    Most importantly, she was way ahead of her time and managed to get an ASR-33 teletype machined installed in her classroom that connected via a modem of some sort to a mainframe computer at one of the state universities. This was long before personal computers existed and it was novel indeed for high school students to have access to a computer. That was my first experience with computers, learning to program in Basic, storing programs on punched paper tape, getting results printed out on that crappy beige rolled paper. I'm still a software developer to this day thanks to her.

  • @SiriuslyStarkidHP
    @SiriuslyStarkidHP Před rokem +6

    Good grief, you’ve got me over here crying. I had a lot of great teachers in Albertville, too. God bless these good folks, hope our schools stay safe.

  • @livethefuture2492
    @livethefuture2492 Před rokem +12

    Thank YOU Destin, for being the teacher that so many of us never had.

  • @zqlimy
    @zqlimy Před rokem +150

    My high school English teacher Ms. Chionh taught me something no other teacher did - class. She taught us to have class. If you're reading this, thank you!

    • @MRFizzler1
      @MRFizzler1 Před rokem +8

      Aye... if your still close and she still works there pay her a visit and tell her in person.. she would love that 100%

    • @cxmxqx
      @cxmxqx Před rokem +1

      @@MRFizzler1 fr

    • @youtubeplsremovethenameupdate
      @youtubeplsremovethenameupdate Před rokem +1

      im your teacher
      plese giv muni 🤑🤑🤑

    • @demosflora7250
      @demosflora7250 Před rokem

      @@youtubeplsremovethenameupdate down vote this mo fo

    • @smellydeadcat2178
      @smellydeadcat2178 Před rokem

      ​@@youtubeplsremovethenameupdate that's not funny, your going to confuse people, the money is supposed to be sent to me! 😊

  • @jreese8284
    @jreese8284 Před rokem +6

    Interesting to read all the comments. I had some great teachers, and a lot of really bad school days too; but now I can learn from the past and move on. Thank you, Destin, for being such an influential teacher to me, and to the rest of us! You've helped me over and over as I teach the next generation of students. May the Lord encourage you!

  • @pkiller3055
    @pkiller3055 Před rokem +4

    In 3 days you would have been teaching the world for 17 years!! Thank you for everything you have done!! :)

  • @frank-christiankruegel2199

    You can consider yourself lucky having had such a good school time. My experience is quite different. You see, I'm on the Autistic spectrum, and in the 70's and 80's nobody knew about this condition, not my parents, not my teachers, even not my doctors. I always hat excellent grades in almost all subjects except sports, music and arts, but I was socially "blind". I felt I was different somehow but couldn't pinpoint it. I got depressions, panic attacks, suicides. I got my real diagnosis not until 2006, which was a huge relief for me.

    • @iamdave84
      @iamdave84 Před rokem +2

      Thank God it's a different experience for most kids on the spectrum these days

    • @somelaser5906
      @somelaser5906 Před rokem +1

      I was diagnosed with Aspergers (now formally part of the Autism spectrum) when I was in grade 2. I can tell you that thankfully 20 - 30 years later schools were definitely more equipped to help children like myself. Although I wasn't particularly good at many subjects I always felt slightly socially distant but still had a couple of friends because I was fascinated with telling jokes and making fun of things because I love to make people laugh (it makes me feel warm and fuzzy), it was sort of like learning a new skill. Now that I'm an adult I can safely say that social interactions are no problem and that my humour is better than ever!

    • @iamdave84
      @iamdave84 Před rokem +1

      @@somelaser5906 any advice you'd give your teenage self?

  • @Iexpedite1
    @Iexpedite1 Před rokem +25

    I was an embarrassingly bad student. I was disruptive and lazy. Anyway, I always felt bad about how I treated one specific teacher. I was visiting my hometown one day and I saw that teacher parked at the side of the road waiting for someone. I turned my car around and apologized to him. In my mind, I was the reason he quit teaching. In reality, he didn’t remember me at all. Which I was oddly happy about.
    I’ve had a successful life, but I could have been so much more. If you pay attention in school, even a below average brain can do good things in this world. If you don’t take advantage of that opportunity, it may take more brainpower than you possess to make something of yourself, and you may never reach your full potential.

    • @TheseYeahThese
      @TheseYeahThese Před rokem +2

      Omg same. I need to reach out to my 7th grade math teacher which i treated like trash.

  • @wonderwu
    @wonderwu Před rokem +14

    It's wild how well passion translates through all mediums. This video is so wholesome! It made me tear up just hearing how much you appreciate the people that have had an impact on your life.

  • @funkingfuss9724
    @funkingfuss9724 Před rokem +3

    My Greatest Teacher was not a teacher. He was the Custodian in my High School. He was in charge of cleaning and maintenance. I went to an exclusive high dollar private school that my parents could not really afford so to help pay the tuition I took a job as a janitor. After school I would clean the class rooms and bathrooms. One morning Mr. Sterns saw me going to class and pulled me aside and asked me to look down the hall. I saw where I had missed cleaning. He did not tell me about how bad of a job I did which was obvious. He told me a story about a window washer who cleaned a hundred story building but missed one window. And pointed out that no one will see the the clean windows because they won't stand out. All they will see is The One That I Missed. It changed my life, and I am better for it.

  • @noonespecial9840
    @noonespecial9840 Před rokem +8

    I can honestly say I don't remember a single teacher except one.
    I find it very impressive at the memories he has.
    Interesting topic.

    • @vibaj16
      @vibaj16 Před rokem

      similar situation for me, and I'm still in high school

  • @jd7863
    @jd7863 Před rokem +56

    The elementary school event I won't forget was the "FCAT Pilot Test" in forth grade. All the students sat down that day after reading messages from the previous students on how hard it was, only to find out the whole test was a mock exam centered around a doughnut. You may not look at another student's doughnut during the exam, now begin eating.

    • @trippsmclovin
      @trippsmclovin Před rokem +5

      Dang. Florida must have gotten a little better. In 4th grade we had a very real FCAT with a writing portion. Still gives me nightmares lol!

    • @vigilantcosmicpenguin8721
      @vigilantcosmicpenguin8721 Před rokem

      That's the greatest prank I've ever heard of.

    • @TheDaringPastry1313
      @TheDaringPastry1313 Před rokem

      Same type of exam here, but a tad different. We just got back from Christmas break and had a pop quiz for a grade with 100 questions. It had a really long set of directions, but the last sentence said to write your name, turn over the test and doodle on the blank paper provided for the next 30 mins. The entire thing was a teaching moment for kids to make sure they read and understand something before starting.

  • @heatherburke3556
    @heatherburke3556 Před 10 měsíci +2

    I absolutely love how humble, encouraging, and wise you are Destin. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and know it blesses not only our minds, but our souls.

  • @chaoz_2k185
    @chaoz_2k185 Před rokem +12

    Made me realize that I really had crappy education from kindergarten to pretty much university. I don't think I was given individual attention even once through these years. Anyways I'm doing fine, about to get my bachelors degree in aircraft engineering in a year :D

    • @USA__WILL
      @USA__WILL Před rokem +1

      I don't remember any of my teachers. The ones that were more interesting where the science and math professors. Destin's experience with his teachers is completely different then most of us.

    • @Alphack3r
      @Alphack3r Před rokem

      Welcome to small-town North Alabama! Not to say all students in Priceville, Moulton, Cullman (West Point High), etc are well served, but by-and-large it's a great place with an amazing culture.

  • @HeisenbergFam
    @HeisenbergFam Před rokem +16

    "We are products of our teachers" is one of the most accurate sentences said in history, its sweet that you thanked your teachers

    • @ruthsaunders9507
      @ruthsaunders9507 Před rokem

      Most of my teachers in school were pretty forgettable but other teachers I had in childhood and life were amazing.

  • @lubue5795
    @lubue5795 Před rokem +7

    7:00 that's probably one of the most American things I'll ever hear.
    Teacher making a gun rack with his Secundary school students.

  • @bethusala
    @bethusala Před rokem

    I wrote a letter to one of my high school teachers 2 years ago. He is an inspiring human, he is one of the longest living (and first ever in my province) recipients of a heart transplant here in Canada. He ran a marathon 18 months later! This was in the 80's. He taught me in the 90's and I know I frustrated him greatly, but he was an amazing teacher. He was full of stories and his way of organizing grade 12 geography was so helpful to me, simplest class note system ever. I am so happy that I reached out when I did and this is inspiring me to actually thank him.

  • @henrymiller7162
    @henrymiller7162 Před rokem +4

    In middle school my environmental science teacher in 7th grade would unfreeze Gregor Mendel from his basement and let Gregor Mendel teach for a couple days before he froze him in the basement again. He was an awesome teacher who really made middle school better.

  • @Kaar
    @Kaar Před rokem +40

    I’m always a bit jealous when I hear people talk so fondly about their teachers in their life’s. I never had anything even close to that and no teacher to thank. I didn’t realize I could think (was always considered a bit slow) until I got out in the real world solving real problems, then everything changed for me.

    • @Thestargazer56
      @Thestargazer56 Před rokem +1

      The thing is, teachers may require you to memorize "lessons" but they can't teach you how to think or acquire wisdom...

    • @spencehewitt
      @spencehewitt Před rokem

      The type of teachers destin talks about in my life have passed away... :-(

    • @orang1921
      @orang1921 Před rokem +2

      @@Thestargazer56 because you don't want to... otherwise you'd listen to the oh-so-tedious lessons and develop an interest in the subject

    • @fourthpanda
      @fourthpanda Před rokem +3

      @@orang1921 This makes you sound insanely privileged

    • @orang1921
      @orang1921 Před rokem +1

      @@fourthpandawhy? because i'm tired of people acting as though their schooling is useless, teaches you nothing important, and develops no schools? that very schooling that billions around the world would do anything to have the opportunity to attend?

  • @orinblank2056
    @orinblank2056 Před rokem +10

    I have so few memories of my teachers honestly. I feel like I never really had close interactions with many of them. My 4th grade teacher was patient with me, which was nice, and some of my high school teachers were cool, but beyond that not a lot really stuck with me. I am grateful for my high school counselor though, as she once saw me eat acid at a music event at the park, but still was nice enough to help me with college preparations. I think she decided it was okay when she saw that I still had goals and didn't just want to be a burnout

    • @vibaj16
      @vibaj16 Před rokem

      Yeah, I'm still in high school but I already have forgotten most of my elementary and middle school teachers. But I know at least my current physics teacher will be very memorable, probably the most memorable teacher I'll ever have. He's always excited about whatever he's teaching and you can tell he knows what he's talking about.

  • @GooogleGoglee
    @GooogleGoglee Před rokem +2

    This is beautiful Dustin. You have been lucky as many other Americans. Where I am from, I didn't have this school books as a way to remember and one day refresh my memory and say "thank you!"
    You had a good school experience too.
    You pointed out a very good point about education in school now days and the importance to say "thank you". Something that nowadays many takes for granted and sometimes discount too easily.
    This is something I have always wanted to do but I cannot... And your video just made me cry.
    Thank you to you as well!

  • @westonheeren5216
    @westonheeren5216 Před 10 měsíci +1

    As a teacher, thank you for sharing. Every year when I get a note from a kid for teacher appreciation week, I keep them and look at them when I need a little pick me up

  • @evashelton3162
    @evashelton3162 Před rokem +19

    This video truly show who you are. Your brilliance and your cheerfulness! Kudos to a great man!

  • @OrigEntertainmentOfficial

    You're a lucky guy not everyone has these great teachers in their lives.

    • @atlasfeynman1039
      @atlasfeynman1039 Před rokem +1

      Perhaps we are remembering them harshly?
      They may not have been true inspirations, but they taught you the basics and what you needed to know to graduate.

    • @donayer5939
      @donayer5939 Před rokem +2

      @@atlasfeynman1039 Did they, though? What they taught _me_ was to teach myself whatever I want to know, because nobody else is going to do it. It was certainly a valuable lesson! I can remember exactly one teacher that inspired me, and it was because he let me quickly bang out the assignments and then move on to whatever I _really_ wanted to know about. The rest of my teachers just told us what pages to read and what problems to do for homework. Note that this was 30+ years ago in a town with a terrible education budget because most residents sent their kids to private schools. Today, I work in education and the teachers I know are all amazing, inspiring, dedicated professionals who love what they do. I am extremely proud to support them in doing it.

    • @Tinman_56
      @Tinman_56 Před rokem +1

      All my teachers are long gone by now. Unfortunately I grew up in a different environment when teachers just pushed assignments and had no personal interest in a youths development. The only teacher that "cared" about my development was a tech school instructor that suggested I not return to school the following year. My grades weren't up to par. However, in defiance most likely, I returned the next 2 years and graduated with the best understanding of electronics theory and applications that propelled me into a military and electronics career. Only one cared.

    • @fourthpanda
      @fourthpanda Před rokem

      @BlueDvl228 And it's worth mentioning the school system is still like this in Alabama. Especially for those who are marginalized or often directly attacked by the school system and teachers because they weren't born with the profound level of privilege that Destin was.

  • @rainbowdragon447jeff9
    @rainbowdragon447jeff9 Před rokem +3

    You taught me everything your teachers taught you so thank you I’m 18 now and have been watching you for so long and now my little cousins are watching you and I’m so proud of them because of how much you inspired me I’m going to college for electrical engineering because of what you instilled in my brain many years ago. Thank you

  • @amyjogibson3433
    @amyjogibson3433 Před rokem

    As a math teacher and an “Math Secondary Instructional Specialist “ (which is really customer service for math teachers), THANK YOU!!! I would tell my teachers every time I put a note and candy on their desk, found supplies for their idea, sent an email, attempted to facilitate a professional development session, “Your students have probably forgotten to tell you today-so, I’m going to say it for them-THANK YOU for giving of yourself to help me when I didn’t want to persevere, endure, try again, didn’t believe the word YET had any power, and/or just didn’t care.”❤

  • @donnythompson237
    @donnythompson237 Před rokem +56

    You're such a nice and awesome guy Destin. Thanks for making the videos you do.

  • @mwbama1
    @mwbama1 Před rokem +4

    I've been watching your channel for years and never realized we both went to Hartselle High School. I graduate a few years before you, but it was so great to hear this. I too still think about Coach Booth's words every time I do algebra.

  • @MCRailRoader
    @MCRailRoader Před rokem +4

    Sadly from my perspective I'd say that you got really lucky with having such wonderful educators. For me, it seemed many times I wanted to expand to a deeper knowledge of "why" I was frequently shut down and seemingly told "just because" and to just do it and don't overthink it.
    Many of my teachers seemed to prefer the easiest way of '"teaching" being copy what I do and you'll pass the class. I felt like curiosity was discouraged, not to mention the lack of opportunity. None of my schools had active/ cared for clubs that would do awesome things like skiing, building rockets, or making things like your Rube Goldberg machines.

  • @LeMErin21
    @LeMErin21 Před rokem +1

    Mrs. Donna Rushen, Mrs. Mary Morrow, and Ms. Sylvia Teague impacted me so greatly at Hartselle High School- Mrs. Rushen was also my Sunday school teacher 🙂 I still make sure not to say “I’m done” because of Mrs. Rushen. The Coach Booth quotes were great!! You do such awesome work, thank you 👏

  • @bdonkulousgames8562
    @bdonkulousgames8562 Před rokem +5

    I wish I had at least one teacher who was memorable. I remember getting made fun of by the teachers for my tourettes, being told to stop twitching and moving. Up until high school I never met a teacher who I would want to spend any time around whatsoever. Even in high school the best teacher was just one who enjoyed teaching sciences and that interested me.

  • @speedracer9132
    @speedracer9132 Před rokem +3

    Teachers are so wildly under appreciated

  • @australianoz
    @australianoz Před rokem +2

    I'm grateful for Mr Dowden at Iona College high school, Wynnum,Qld AU. The number of times he whipped my hands with that 4 layered leather whip if his taught me how to cope with pain. And to never show shame nor emotions in public. Nowadays I have the persona of a bulldog and the faceless emotions of a worn abandoned tombstone ..

  • @reepicheepsfriend
    @reepicheepsfriend Před rokem +2

    I do not remember specific details about my teachers like that, for the most part. But it's cool that you do. I loved the Viola Swamp story.
    Also not everyone has a positive experience with teachers and school. And that's not their fault.

  • @maxbrainbox
    @maxbrainbox Před rokem +3

    I love your technical video's without exceptions! Every once in a while, you upload something non-technical that ALWAYS leaves me heartwarmed or sometimes every watery-eyed. Thanks Destin!

  • @gageyourrage
    @gageyourrage Před rokem

    I graduated from Austin High in 2016, my dad in 97. Even 20 years after you graduated Morgan County public schools are still crushing it! Awesome video Destin.

  • @zisonKB
    @zisonKB Před rokem +3

    Crazy to see a local influencer created by High Schools that I live near. This only gives me more motivation. Thanks for all the great content!

  • @SutherlandBoswell
    @SutherlandBoswell Před rokem +5

    The mission possible science olympiad event was my absolute favorite. We probably missed competing against each other at state finals by just a few years!

  • @dima5467
    @dima5467 Před rokem +29

    What a wildly different experience you had. I couldn't care less about any of my teachers, I have 0 personal connection to any of them and while I learned a lot, it felt very much like they were just doing it for a paycheck and I was just... there.
    Except my 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Ott, she was pretty cool I guess. She gave us all personalized nutcrackers at the end of the year.

    • @alkaliwreck2474
      @alkaliwreck2474 Před rokem +1

      I had 9 different grade schools and half of them are on a different continent. I don't even remember 80% of them. I remember my kindergarten teacher, because she died halfway through the year; mildly traumatic for a 6yo.

    • @JoshuaTootell
      @JoshuaTootell Před rokem +1

      Funny, my mom was a Mrs. Ott. But I don't think she was your teacher 🤣

    • @latteARCH
      @latteARCH Před rokem

      I feel the same unfortunately. I remember and appreciate a lot of my teachers when I lived on a military base overseas. They really cared. When I moved back to the states, a majority of my teachers just did not care about teaching any of us.

  • @jemmrich
    @jemmrich Před rokem +2

    I recently got to do this for a mentor of mine when I was in high school. He shaped my life and career and I wouldn't be where I am today. I got to thank him and his wife for the hours and hours and hours i spent over at their place learning about tech and programming. He's very old now so I am not entirely sure how much he was able to process it but it was good to finally be able to share it.

  • @ChrisGuarraia
    @ChrisGuarraia Před rokem +1

    Thank you for this, Destin. This warms my heart as someone who taught high school English for 10 years (4 of which was also teaching Journalism and 6 years as a head tennis coach). My wife is also a teacher (elementary school) and your video helps affirm what I did for 10 years and what my wife continues to do. You honor your teachers, not just through this video, but by being a teacher yourself in what you publish on this channel. Thank you and God bless you and your family.

  • @equesdeventusoccasus
    @equesdeventusoccasus Před rokem +4

    I was considered the biggest pain in the backside of most of my teachers, because I questioned things. The few who appreciated a student who asked too many questions shaped me. Especially the two that asked me ten questions for every one that I asked.

  • @ahmadkouider7752
    @ahmadkouider7752 Před rokem +21

    Let me tell you a little about the worst days of my life that I spent in school. I don't even remember any days from the first, second, and third grades because they were like a nightmare to me :]. The excitement begins in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, where teachers started noticing students' curiosity, love for exploration, and adventurousness. That's when the teachers and staff began using violence to kill the students' passion. For example, don't you dare come to class without doing your homework, because that day, the student would become an example to the rest of the class as they receive a severe beating in front of their classmates. I remember one time I went to a science class in the sixth grade without having done my homework. The teacher at the time called me out to stand in front of the students, and my humiliation began. That day was my last day in school, and to this day, due to many incidents that made me hate school and teachers, I have not been able to attend any school normally. However, despite that, I was able to excel and started teaching myself computer science. Today, I am an app developer in Germany.
    Welcome to Syria.....

    • @Thestargazer56
      @Thestargazer56 Před rokem +1

      Sounds a bit like rural NC (USA) in the 1960s.

    • @miscmeme
      @miscmeme Před rokem +3

      Before seeing the Syria part... I was about to ask if you went to Catholic School during the 60's like my Mother did. It wasn't a full on beating but measuring sticks/ruler's were indeed used to punish more than to teach. If a student really "acted out" the Principal had a paddle with holes drilled into it to make it more aerodynamic. Anyhow, glad you found computer science as your calling. I was lucky enough to get my CCNA from Cisco while still in highschool. Don't use it today but still set me on the right path.

    • @Chris-xo2rq
      @Chris-xo2rq Před rokem +2

      I'm sorry you had that experience. Not exactly the same thing but my father is left handed and he told me how in his catholic school the nuns would hit his knuckles hard with a ruler if they caught him writing with his left hand... and then they would hit him for having poor handwriting when writing with his right hand.

    • @lundysden6781
      @lundysden6781 Před rokem +2

      @@Chris-xo2rq that happened to me too. I am left handed and they told me only the devil wrote left handed. I grew up to be a teacher for 20 yrs.

  • @theracer1117
    @theracer1117 Před rokem +1

    I literally got an email this morning saying that my freshman year(high school) intro to engineering teacher passed away unexpectedly. One of his big acomplishments was cycling from Fairbanks Alaska to south Argentina in the late 2000's.

  • @michaelmartin8036
    @michaelmartin8036 Před rokem +1

    It's ironic this video came out as I just received my invitation to my High School reunion - 50 YEARS! Unfortunately, most of the teachers I had have long passed, but there are a few that have said they would be attending the reunion. Our Dean of Boys is going to be there (he was fresh out of college when I was in HS), and he taught me honesty as well as "you do the crime, you do the time" for detention!

  • @CoondawgPD
    @CoondawgPD Před rokem +9

    Destin is a Southern Treasure

  • @CrownMountainWoodworks
    @CrownMountainWoodworks Před rokem +4

    You’ve gotta love a good old yearbook!

  • @Mjlg12345
    @Mjlg12345 Před rokem +1

    My husband and I have watched you with our two boys for over ten years now. Until this video I never realized you went to Hartselle High. You were two years ahead of me in school. Some of the same great teachers who shaped your life were some of my favorites as well. I made both of my kids read Edith Hamilton's Mythology because of Mrs. Morrow. I loved her! Hartselle was such a great school and a great place to grow up. Thank you for making the videos you do. You and Mark Rober have both shown my kids how much fun science and engineering can be.

  • @daammexican
    @daammexican Před rokem

    I did something similar a few years back. I reached out to some of my high school teachers who really showered care on not just my academics, but my personal life as well. I had the opportunity to reach of to them and thank them. One was in person and for the other i wrote a long letter. It felt amazing to let them know how much they mattered because....
    Unlike other professions they dont get to see their impact. As an engineer you get to see your product develop and change but as a teacher, you have a year, your done and your to her back.

  • @UndercoverFerret404
    @UndercoverFerret404 Před rokem +3

    Thank you for all the great videos! Awesome every time!

  • @fishoconnor108
    @fishoconnor108 Před rokem +2

    I enjoyed this little appreciation of your teachers. I wish I could recall the people involved in my education. Who ever they were I thank them. And thank you Destin you too are a teacher. Perhaps no official qualifications, that I know of, but there's nothing better in trying to understand the carburetor and having you and your pop explain and then show how it works. One of many lessons...

  • @jkimm7
    @jkimm7 Před rokem +1

    Both of my parents are teachers and I can guarantee that this will make their week, month, or year they really do appreciate it. I’ve contacted a few of my teachers over the years to express my gratitude for being there to support me and to help me become what I am today and it does feel great on both sides and it helps the teachers see the difference they make. Thanks for the video Destin and thanks for educating us for all these years!

  • @natfonck
    @natfonck Před rokem

    We don't have year books in Costa Rica, but a couple of weeks ago my highschool had their 70th year anniversary and I went there to assist with photographing the event, and while helping I met many of my teachers, I can related a lot to your experience of seeing them again and to be grateful to those who were key for me to become what I am today. I truly encourage everyone to go and look back as well, to think on why the teacher said or did the things they did to teach us, and to be grateful if possible to as many of them as we can because teachers are such an important group of peole in our society.

  • @IHateThisHandleSystem
    @IHateThisHandleSystem Před rokem +5

    Thank them for what? Not a single teacher I ever had did anything the least bit exceptional and some of them were outright evil. The whole institution of school did far more damage than it ever did good. I graduated in 1993, if things were that bad back then I would guess that they have only gotten worse since then.

  • @tbaugh1214
    @tbaugh1214 Před rokem +3

    Man, it would be amazing if my students put together a list of things I did that mattered to them. It's probably a thousand little things I do every day that don't really mean much to me when I think back on them, but it does to them. If you're thinking of reaching out to one of your old teachers, you should do it. It means a lot to us. 😁

  • @TomTregilgas
    @TomTregilgas Před rokem

    Thank you vey much for this. My mom was a teacher, my older sister was a teacher, my wife is a teacher, my daughter was a teacher, I work in a university. Well spoken, and from the heart. Also thanks for the verses at the end. Always look forward to those. Blessings from Switzerland!

  • @williamromine5715
    @williamromine5715 Před rokem +1

    I am 81 years old, so I think it is a little late to publically thank them. Also, after all these years, I really don't remember all their names. Glad you were able to thank those adults who helped shape your life.

  • @alpham777
    @alpham777 Před rokem +3

    I had a horrible time in school, doing something as little as questioning why something was the way it was was forbidden practically they just wanted us to remember the lines, perform the act and get ready to get to fill out a FAFSA. I have learned so much more from the internet in the past 20 years than I ever did in school.
    I even learned algebra something I struggled with and it was literally down to just missing a day in school and not knowing the basics but the teacher I had at the time did not want to take the time to figure out what was wrong and I got sent to the "retarded class" (was called that by students) that's where they put kids that don't conform to the norm so they can keep test scores high by giving you trivial tests and keep the government funding rolling in.
    I dropped out at 16 went to work and around 23 I got my GED, stuffed it in a drawer somewhere and went back to deciding if I wanted the red Lambo or the black one. Lol not actually that rich but I don't have money problems and I pretty much did it on my own.

  • @flodgey
    @flodgey Před rokem +9

    My highschool teachers made me cry, in front of everybody. They were bigger bullies than the other kids calling me a fatty during middleschool. You're very lucky Destin, to have had such enabling and supportive teachers. I can't even imagine what my life could have been today if I had been put in to the right schools with the right teachers, because you see, the way your teachers described you in this video, is exactly how I was as a kid, and still am today, and respectively, you were a success in life, and me a complete failure. It's crazy how much teachers have a say in their students lives, for the best, and for the worst, yet most of them don't even realise how much power they have.

  • @AngeEinstein
    @AngeEinstein Před rokem

    Professor Hergan was my physics teacher for a year. I went to this extra class that was meant as a training for the physics Olympiad. Often it was just the two of us, and we talked for 2 hours about some questions I had, did some unrelated experiments that I just found interesting, and he showed me some of his cool tools. It was very fun having that opportunity to talk to an expert, 2 hours per week, and ask them anything I wanted, discuss any physics topic I was interested in... Sometimes, especially when I encounter a question I can't fully answer, I want to be a student again, just to be able to talk to him. Thank you.

  • @DFSJR1203
    @DFSJR1203 Před 11 měsíci +1

    Destin, I never did learn to speak in front of people. I am 63 and if someone said to me get up in front of a group I would not be able to do it. I am so envious of you just being able to walk up to people and start a conversation.

  • @pulsar9354
    @pulsar9354 Před rokem +4

    Maybe is me that I was a terrible student. But I have zero gratitude to all the teachers I ever had. I don’t even remember their names. And for some of them I have terrible memories. Like making fun of me in front of the class. Lucky you.

  • @gothnate
    @gothnate Před rokem +5

    I wish I was lucky enough to have gone to a decent high school. I got most of my education after I graduated, because the teachers at my high school weren't really all that great. One of them should have been duplicated for all classes, though. Mr. McSwain, my physics teacher. He made everything interesting. He honestly looked like Doc Brown with short hair. He would be the only one I'd really thank if I could.

    • @vibaj16
      @vibaj16 Před rokem

      I'd say all my teachers in high school were somewhat above average. Not particularly noteworthy, but never particularly bad (except my chemistry teacher, he was pretty annoying with how strict he was on some things, and he didn't explain things very well).
      Except my physics teacher. Your physics teacher sounds similar to mine. He was always excited about whatever subject he was discussing, and evidently knowledgeable, and in general was a great leader and educator.

  • @ethanheyne
    @ethanheyne Před rokem +1

    Thanks for the push, Destin. I'm busy with life, but stopping to remember people who've taught me things-- that's different than people I've learned things from-- and the things they taught me... that's valuable. I'm sorry that I can't thank most of them. But I can teach my kids those things!
    Just one that came to mind was my third grade teacher. One day she had us do all the normal things, but with one hand behind our back. She suggested we help each other. The next day, our absent classmate was back-- with one arm in a sling. I can't imagine a more effective way to make us aware of his limitations and willing to help. As a side note, that teacher could touch the tip of her nose with her tongue, which was very impressive to us!

  • @xliquidflames
    @xliquidflames Před rokem

    I actually did this about six months ago. I didn't make a video, but I sent a teacher an email. He replied saying he was literally tearing up because teachers rarely hear thank you. Even more rare is a former student reaching out at all. When they do, it's usually for advice or networking for a career. He said it was just the most wonderful thing to get a thank you letter from someone he taught 20 years ago. If you can do this, do it. It won't take you but a few minutes but it will mean the world to the teacher you contact. What a great video.

  • @Levi_Holiday
    @Levi_Holiday Před rokem +3

    I wished they still taught how to communicate in school❤