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  • čas přidán 17. 12. 2022
  • Spicy energydrink? wat 😐
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  • @ottodacke4623
    @ottodacke4623 Před rokem +3883

    Maybe you can eat the world’s healthiest food next time?

    • @kurierlepszejwiadomosci3051
      @kurierlepszejwiadomosci3051 Před rokem +27

      What's the definition of a healthy food tho?

    • @Fauxry
      @Fauxry Před rokem +352

      @@kurierlepszejwiadomosci3051just appreciate the joke and move on

    • @sansiro777
      @sansiro777 Před rokem +73

      Sounds dangerous.

    • @pooperdy8095
      @pooperdy8095 Před rokem +230

      @@kurierlepszejwiadomosci3051that’s the fattest thing I’ve ever heard bro

    • @shaxo5364
      @shaxo5364 Před rokem +1

      Nah I don't think that'll be fun :+

  • @creciundaniel8534
    @creciundaniel8534 Před rokem +1582

    Rumour has it that after this video Anomaly's diarrhea was more explosive than Raad's job

  • @Ubarberet
    @Ubarberet Před rokem +2018


    • @practic4l349
      @practic4l349 Před rokem +32

      That will never be an episode

    • @cloutfiendahh
      @cloutfiendahh Před rokem +7

      lol good realization im waiting for it too but isnt a habanero and pickles vegetables

    • @TheRealKaare
      @TheRealKaare Před rokem +3

      There was that one video of japanese fruit they did

    • @Ieisure
      @Ieisure Před rokem

      Banger Video idea anomaly should learn from you

    • @jagers88
      @jagers88 Před rokem

      dont kid yourself, its not happening :D

  • @fyck66
    @fyck66 Před rokem +752

    I like how he calls a full bowl of pasta a snack.

    • @floor.mp3
      @floor.mp3 Před rokem +1

      u have anorexia or what

    • @beefboss4203
      @beefboss4203 Před rokem +29

      that is a snack for him

    • @stevie1da_
      @stevie1da_ Před rokem

      and yet, American people are the fat ones 🤔

    • @imquizzy157
      @imquizzy157 Před rokem +6

      its not a meal its just carbs

    • @failedabortion1894
      @failedabortion1894 Před rokem +26

      @@imquizzy157 Whether something is a meal isn't defined by its macronutrient content

  • @doos6172
    @doos6172 Před rokem +312

    maybe you should try the worlds healthiest food and see if your body rejects it

    • @Kop32353
      @Kop32353 Před rokem +8


    • @dutchdykefinger
      @dutchdykefinger Před rokem +3

      at which point it may quite objectively not be the most healthy food for him
      ritz crackers don't work as good on crack babies

    • @24_hrtz
      @24_hrtz Před rokem +2


  • @wur1nd590
    @wur1nd590 Před rokem +56

    This video was a lot nicer compared to older ones. Better banter and no beating papa. Very good

  • @triledink
    @triledink Před rokem +206

    Can't wait for the ''eating a healty dinner'' Challange.

  • @michaeledery356
    @michaeledery356 Před rokem +109

    I've come to the realization that Papa has all the humor and the fat man is the one who catches along with the joke.

  • @challeFX
    @challeFX Před rokem +40

    3:07 idk why this moment felt so wholesome with papa pointing out something that makes ludde seem stupid XD

  • @robbybest
    @robbybest Před rokem +67

    please do the next one 'eating the worlds most healthy meals with papa'

  • @thacasualpoolplaya
    @thacasualpoolplaya Před rokem +11

    I am from South East Asia, everytime a murican friend tells me "I love spicy food too!" I just kinda smile and nod.

    • @failedabortion1894
      @failedabortion1894 Před rokem +6

      Thanks for telling us about your superiority complex, it really is sad.

    • @distaf2146
      @distaf2146 Před rokem +13

      @@failedabortion1894 🤓

    • @ineedyoureyes5780
      @ineedyoureyes5780 Před 4 měsíci +1

      americans eating bell pepper and say spicy food 😂😂😂

    • @thacasualpoolplaya
      @thacasualpoolplaya Před 4 měsíci +1

      @@failedabortion1894 ironic coming from Americans.

  • @lillelinne63
    @lillelinne63 Před rokem +38

    Papa is the hottest snack in this video ❤️

  • @tadasjuska1312
    @tadasjuska1312 Před rokem +22

    I liked the more chill vibe of this video 👍
    Very Refreshing.

  • @grock1943
    @grock1943 Před rokem +17

    Anomaly trying not to be overweight for 0.001 seconds challenge (impossible)

  • @XanderNiles
    @XanderNiles Před rokem +20

    Healthy food must come next. I think it's time for Anomaly to try those out.

  • @ilianhristov7060
    @ilianhristov7060 Před rokem +1

    The quality in this studio makes the video 100% better its amazing

  • @DADDA
    @DADDA Před rokem

    Wow this might be the best video from Anomaly yet.
    The cuts are quite erratic but I love the new studio!

  • @felixskansas9630
    @felixskansas9630 Před rokem +5

    papa being sneaky with beer

  • @_Lurker_
    @_Lurker_ Před rokem +6

    “I thought it would be way spicier”.
    Instantly reaches for the milk

  • @Johna41223
    @Johna41223 Před rokem

    papa's beard growing ability is absolutely magnificent, if he doesn't shave for a day he turns into santa

  • @thracian
    @thracian Před 2 měsíci

    its amazing how production quality vent up throught the years

  • @rocketfc
    @rocketfc Před rokem +3

    *2:50* love papa's response.....

  • @virescent6721
    @virescent6721 Před rokem +3

    you guys should do a spicy case opening. when you pull a specific skin or something of the sort you could do a spicy challenge

  • @black_truffel
    @black_truffel Před rokem

    Damn, this set is fire. Quality of the video increased so much

  • @letsroamaround2189
    @letsroamaround2189 Před rokem +1

    The studio looking hellaaaaa fire

  • @lovedahood406
    @lovedahood406 Před rokem +1

    0:51 i get goosebumps from looking at this bowl which is right on the edge of the table

  • @LU-jz8ci
    @LU-jz8ci Před rokem +1

    I really enjoy these serious reviews

  • @phanaticz
    @phanaticz Před rokem +2

    I demand daily videos with you two. You're so much fun to watch och för i helvete, kom igen nu. Ge mig det jag vill ha för fan!

  • @40PMLucian
    @40PMLucian Před rokem +3

    didn’t know y’all had a new studio but it looks great. hello papa

  • @Goryagi
    @Goryagi Před rokem +3

    "i only know 1 man 1 cup" 💀

  • @KRaich420
    @KRaich420 Před rokem +3

    8:12 Anomaly said that and did not even flinch. loud and proud.

  • @SuperiorKilu
    @SuperiorKilu Před rokem

    Man i love this new studio

  • @romy4001
    @romy4001 Před rokem +1

    5:50 killed me LMFAOOOOOOO anomaly being 1 letter away from being cancelled

  • @QuadroKiller
    @QuadroKiller Před rokem +4

    8:15 was so wholesome suddenly 😂

  • @pedrolucasviana2267
    @pedrolucasviana2267 Před rokem +2

    "I understand what american people so fat"
    -Says the swedish beluga himself

  • @R4z0xR_1st_Comment_Enthusiast

    Watching Anomaly and Papanomaly eat spicey food while I eat a Nutella and banana sandwich

  • @krzysztofszukaa9202
    @krzysztofszukaa9202 Před rokem

    I would love to see linda in next "trying spicest whatever" to have a base line for like a average person

  • @hristodimitrov5241
    @hristodimitrov5241 Před rokem +6

    That was the most normal food testing video he has ever done.

    • @balsa0108
      @balsa0108 Před rokem

      If you forgot about uncle
      That was so funny but I don't know why.

  • @Jordypupje2086
    @Jordypupje2086 Před rokem +1

    I've tried the gfuel Doom flavor ( spicy lemonadde) and as an spice lover myself. I threw it away cause it was too spicy too enjoy xD perhaps a good idea for a future video ? The taste was good but just too spicy in the throat to enjoy it daily

  • @Mark03
    @Mark03 Před 4 měsíci +1

    so technically saying, anomaly used to sell cocaine at school

  • @Igorilianu
    @Igorilianu Před rokem


  • @fico_gaming7338
    @fico_gaming7338 Před rokem

    i love you papananomaly me and my brother always watch you best csgo youtuber out there

  • @digselhd5026
    @digselhd5026 Před rokem

    Sick studio ❤❤❤

  • @Sammy-dz2hk
    @Sammy-dz2hk Před rokem +2

    In order to make the Mac n cheese and not end up with powder n milk you actually mix the powder with a little melted butter until it's a thick paste then add milk until its a thick sauce and add pasta,

    • @palestinianchildrenannihilator
      @palestinianchildrenannihilator Před rokem

      maybe just dont eat american food in the first place? the food clororing alone probably contains half of the mendeleev table in it

  • @Draco301293
    @Draco301293 Před rokem +2

    Anomaly outing Sams as a racist is my favourite part of this video

  • @gracer2899
    @gracer2899 Před rokem

    I wish someone made a compilation of every single "yes" papanomaly said

  • @michaelgaming8565
    @michaelgaming8565 Před rokem

    Great video Anomaly

  • @JuanPyro
    @JuanPyro Před rokem

    I see Papa is a fan of Cisk Strong ;) That's the way to go.

  • @Salkinmusic
    @Salkinmusic Před rokem +3

    But Anomaly, where is the homebrewed christmas snaps with chili 😂

  • @DCGMatthew1
    @DCGMatthew1 Před rokem

    That is quite epic, very yes.

  • @cheddarking5528
    @cheddarking5528 Před rokem

    Very cool Video!

  • @mxbmvnvmbncmbn
    @mxbmvnvmbncmbn Před rokem

    best video idea: HaiX teaches Papanomaly how to aim in CS:GO

  • @marcovr5332
    @marcovr5332 Před 11 měsíci

    hello pappa. YES. got me dying🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @nikoman4785
    @nikoman4785 Před 5 měsíci

    why is ur dad so chill bro he takes any kind of joke 😂

  • @nickthorness3695
    @nickthorness3695 Před rokem +2

    Anomaly always happy to eat some nuts lol 😆 And hello from Minnesota.

  • @bagmilker1558
    @bagmilker1558 Před rokem

    Im in mx/texas border area for work and tried out purple colored doritos... Pretty good!

  • @DarKSpiritAU
    @DarKSpiritAU Před rokem

    Need to try the Samyang 3X noodles ;)

  • @kemicalhazard8770
    @kemicalhazard8770 Před rokem +1

    "This does not also look very fit for human consumption"
    *proceeds to consume*

  • @deni9092
    @deni9092 Před rokem

    when he said 1 man 1 cup i got flashbacks

  • @simonschwyter
    @simonschwyter Před rokem +1

    yoo Anomaly where did you buy these insulation mats that you have on the ceiling? and what are these called? Thank you, greetings from Switzerland

  • @kuluntoy8791
    @kuluntoy8791 Před rokem

    A very legit Air Jordan shirt you got there..

  • @Craider79
    @Craider79 Před rokem

    "I was born gay" - and Dad with the epic comeback "I know!". Hahaha he was never in doubt it seems.

  • @dustinspade2253
    @dustinspade2253 Před rokem

    papas only response ever "yes" and "not so good "

  • @babagd
    @babagd Před rokem

    Try every snus flavor in one video that would be a good idea

  • @mul2202
    @mul2202 Před rokem

    "I thought it would be waay spicy"
    *grabs the milk

  • @dobfelamancsod
    @dobfelamancsod Před rokem +1

    Fire studio ❤

  • @dropacidnotbombs9506
    @dropacidnotbombs9506 Před rokem

    Papanomaly seems so alive and communicative after quitting alkohol

  • @RightBehindYou97
    @RightBehindYou97 Před rokem +4

    My slav dad grows green/red chilli peppers and eats them like popcorn. I tried them (raw) and my eyes were wet for the next 30 minutes, rushing for milk from the fridge every now and then. I'm pretty sure if owners of these products try my dad's peppers, they're ded.

  • @user-wg2ns1mr3l
    @user-wg2ns1mr3l Před rokem

    Picture is fire 🔥

  • @uTq_pTu
    @uTq_pTu Před rokem

    Another funni video to watch

  • @niggaballs623
    @niggaballs623 Před rokem

    Damnnnn the studio lookin' good af

  • @noxited1545
    @noxited1545 Před rokem +1

    "I thought it would be way spicier" Drinks milk after.

  • @nera4088
    @nera4088 Před rokem

    You should do a video trying the Hot Ones lineup of hot sauces, last one is ~2.2million Scoville

  • @bensachar2919
    @bensachar2919 Před rokem

    Studio looking good anomaly

  • @Nikwunu
    @Nikwunu Před rokem +1

    >crispy vegetable snack food in a bag
    have you heard of potatoes?

  • @bisonbisonbison
    @bisonbisonbison Před rokem +1

    man we had that „cocaine“ energy drink as well in germany, it was called „Koks“ - so long ago I didn’t remember 3:57

  • @Reqwuer
    @Reqwuer Před rokem

    A fun idea would be "We Lived A Healthy Lifestyle For A Month" I know its a bit silly but its possible

  • @ZXY6660
    @ZXY6660 Před rokem

    Maybe you and papa should try the one chip challenge👍

  • @kixnuzia6919
    @kixnuzia6919 Před rokem

    Anomaly should make the next video about making a custom made coffin for himself after eating more than a american does

  • @yoshisama420
    @yoshisama420 Před rokem

    no buldak ramen:( , try those next!!!

  • @supra107
    @supra107 Před rokem

    Oh dear, Anomaly has seen the unholy coin slot.

  • @Kitsunae_Nae
    @Kitsunae_Nae Před rokem

    Those Paqui chips are great to crush up and put into different foods

  • @realmackle
    @realmackle Před rokem +1

    You guys have to try "Da Bomb - The final answer." it's one of my favorite really really hot sauces. it's super expensive and you have to wear ppe when eating it LOL

    • @caishey
      @caishey Před rokem

      idk if you saw it but he did with his friends. “anomaly & friends eating worlds spiciest sauces”

  • @maijorandrzej
    @maijorandrzej Před rokem

    spicy enegy drink in poland we have dragon fruit chilli energy drink xD

  • @zmodzzGG
    @zmodzzGG Před rokem +2

    worlds hottest youtuber award - damn swede

  • @lero.official
    @lero.official Před rokem +1

    Bro ate a 6 million scovil score napalm ball and he said its not spicy
    He is indeed a viking

  • @Brodaty_Brodacz
    @Brodaty_Brodacz Před rokem

    Vat19 has loads of Spicy Sweets Give them a go be Hella good Video .

  • @RasmusAR31
    @RasmusAR31 Před rokem

    You should try Samyang spicy noodle sauce

  • @drxin.
    @drxin. Před rokem +3

    gangsta shit right here

  • @d.f.x.2481
    @d.f.x.2481 Před rokem +5

    Anomaly, If you want a interesting combo try and find a mango - chilly flavour one. It is one of those where you either like it or hate it or don't know where to put it. Underrated flavour combo af

  • @workhorze1993
    @workhorze1993 Před rokem

    Fuskar med mjölk.

  • @ardianblakaj
    @ardianblakaj Před rokem

    My ears are watering now
    Arnemly 2022

  • @oliverguldhammersrensen8156

    I have tried the mac n chesse its actually good

  • @Puecik
    @Puecik Před rokem

    in germany some stores sell takkis, but they expensive as hell they be like 4.30€

  • @floresss4178
    @floresss4178 Před rokem

    You guys should try Mexican snacks, their very foundation is spicy

  • @StreetManTV
    @StreetManTV Před rokem +1

    I could never.

  • @katarow23
    @katarow23 Před rokem

    did you eat the xidax logo cuz its fire

  • @whisper3396
    @whisper3396 Před rokem

    Anomaly: Hello Papa (while looking into the camera)
    Me: Son?

  • @tadachu504
    @tadachu504 Před rokem

    beste videos auf ganz yt

  • @madkrez5277
    @madkrez5277 Před rokem

    Wtf, I'm so worried after you drank a milk after a pickles😂😂😂😂