Ronaldo in talks with new club & Newcastle United’s new GAMEBREAKER Isak ► Transfer Talk x

  • čas přidán 29. 08. 2022
  • Welcome back to Transfer Talk presented by, your weekly fix on all things transfers!
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    The one and only Statman Dave will give you his opinion on the hottest transfer rumours, the latest done deals and all the GAMEBREAKERS to watch out for.
    This week: Ronaldo still desperate for a new club and Napoli looks most likely, a Seria A superstriker signs for Roma & Newcastle’s record deal in bringing Alexander Isak in from Real Sociedad.
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    Photo credits: Getty/Imago
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Komentáře • 52

  • @nike2520

    excellent and balanced analyse of Alexander Isak, the potential is really there, will be interesting to follow

  • @glorycompass7547

    We need a Champions league potential tier list like Last Year

  • @thevaliant1634

    Please bring back the daily news please

  • @ld6433
    @ld6433  +4

    Never watched this channel before.. but bring back the daily news..

  • @7vmvlogs949

    Bring back the daily news !!!!!!

  • @zaneakhtary3351

    Napoli lost all of their players so I hope ronaldo Does good there, and Napoli should have a big transfer window from all the money they got from the players that left.

  • @shamhadgu7042

    Excellent analysis about Isak. I agree with you on Isak Weakness trying to score from a difficult angle. Indeed he is on the right place. Eddie Howe will make him a better striker.

  • @ulqy9192

    We're the onefootballers but this is not the daily news...

  • @awesomekiller5016

    I clicked because of stat man dave, i miss the days of matt angelina and the daily news

  • @aurelvouzap9023

    Thanks for thé vid

  • @loveisblind6937

    I dnt know anything about the daily news but hey, bring back the daily news

  • @tdhiatt52

    Great video blood

  • @ghostt21

    Ehhhhh great video and all Doc but ah! Bring back Daily news back.

  • @abhilasha4334

    Bring matt and daily news

  • @blueshinobi1085

    Did Matt leave One football???

  • @rezaesmaili10

    Very good

  • @ckekennuddlez945

    Just bring back the daily news.

  • @NickBfh

    We want Matt

  • @gamingcreeper4619

    Hello men,good vid

  • @jennylalnunsiami612

    Real Madrid need Ronaldo keep going