The Expanse recap for Season 6 (Seasons 1-5)

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    Everything you need to know before the final season of The Expanse - with Holden, Naomi, Amos, Drummer, Avasarala, Bobbie, Marco and now weird alien dogs!!
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    0:00 The Expanse
    0:27 Season 1: Leviathan Wakes
    3:35 Season 2: Caliban’s War
    5:02 Season 3: Abaddon’s Gate
    7:31 Season 4: Cibola Burn
    10:29 Season 5: Nemesis Games

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  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X  Před rokem +45

    Watch the S6E01 video here!

    • Oletram Ekaf
      Oletram Ekaf Před rokem +3

      Amazon official channel???? HOOOOOLY SHITTT, has this being going on for a while? Or is it some new contract or something?!
      Anyhow, CONGRATS, this channel DESERVES so much recognition! Extreme high quality content!!! CONGRATS!!!

    • DStriped Ape
      DStriped Ape Před rokem +3

      So Shifty, when those Wheel of Time videos coming 🤔🙄😒? Nvm 😆 🤣 😂

    • Amazon Prime Video UK
      Amazon Prime Video UK Před rokem +1

      Alt Shift X has done it again! Thanks for breaking down the episode.

    • Drew Kensinger
      Drew Kensinger Před rokem +1

      Can you do Wheel of Time content?

    • nonstopbg
      nonstopbg Před rokem +1

      It's about time my favorite YT creator make videos about my favorite story. Would you consider Wheel of Time? It will be epic.

  • wetwingnut
    wetwingnut Před rokem +61

    Amos is a sociopath who comes to realize that his moral sense is broken, but makes up for it by looking to Holden and Naomi to be his moral examples. He doesn't seem to understand their moral decisions, but he trusts them over his own inclinations. He's one of the most interesting, complex and moral characters I've ever seen.

    • Vladimir Mihnev
      Vladimir Mihnev Před 6 měsíci +2

      I don't think he's a sociopath. Or at least he is borderline, he cares about other people way to much for a real sociopath. Trust me bro 😂 I just made it up, but it is based on lots of personal experience with people who shoot other people in the face for a living.

  • Johnny James Gio
    Johnny James Gio Před rokem +267

    Avasarala saying "I worry about people who throw rocks" in the very first episode is the greatest foreshadowing in the history of foreshadowing

    • cy-one
      cy-one Před rokem +6

      She was right to worry, yes.

    • SgtPenguinToaster
      SgtPenguinToaster Před rokem +6

      There's several similar lines in the first season that I noticed as I was (re)watching the series with my wife. They felt like the biggest winks to the audience I've ever seen.

    • Fioa Fiona Wright
      Fioa Fiona Wright Před rokem +1

      Ur a foreshadowing.

  • Binary Wolf CIA
    Binary Wolf CIA Před rokem +8

    Shohreh Aghdashloo being sassy is one of the most important parts of this show.

  • D D
    D D Před rokem +146

    The lord has spoken, a new Alt Shift X video.
    With season 6, I will need this for a recap. The timing could not have been more perfect.
    My day is made.

  • K
    K Před rokem +98

    Man I started watching your GoT videos a couple years ago while s8 was airing, and everything I've been recommended from your channel has been so amazing. Can't wait to watch s6 tonight!

  • Russell Fowler
    Russell Fowler Před rokem +199

    Such a disappointment that this will be the last season, this is truly one of the best shows going right now!

    • BigMikeMcBastard
      BigMikeMcBastard Před rokem +21

      And it's only 6 episodes rather than 10 or more like previous seasons. Another great series getting a rushed ending. Oh well.

    • Grubiantoll
      Grubiantoll Před rokem +5

      it is sad that it will end, but what is worst- for a show to end or for a show to last so long it becomes equivalent to the last season of GoT

    • Gucci Gucci
      Gucci Gucci Před rokem +7

      @BigMikeMcBastard not what they said. instead of dragging out 10 episodes they chose to go with 6 super action packed and very high budget episodes

    • Defeqel
      Defeqel Před rokem +13

      I'm happy for a show that has a defined arc instead of becoming an undead husk

    • Ian Fisher
      Ian Fisher Před rokem +6

      @Gucci Gucci that's great, but how they gonna fit four books into 6 episodes?

  • Brian Murphy
    Brian Murphy Před rokem +75

    I'm kind of worried about this last season. It was like GoT last season with a short number of episodes and so many storylines to tie up in any satisfying way. I have a feeling things will be going at breakneck speed, I just hope we get any kind of satisfying conclusion.

    • alveolate hermeneutist
      alveolate hermeneutist Před rokem +2

      it is ominous af... we had GoT, then westworld... seems every final season ASX touches is destined to disappoint...

    • Subsofa
      Subsofa Před rokem +16

      Having read the books i can tell you that there is a solid conclusion to most of the current storylines coming up and i'm guessing that is where the show will end.
      The last trilogy of books features quite the time skip so we can always hope that someone will re-visit the franchise and wrap up the final storyline in movie format like they did for Firefly.

  • Pat W
    Pat W Před rokem +31

    Thomas Jane as Det. Miller is one of my favorite characters of all time. Wish he was still around :(

  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez Před rokem +162

    I haven't even seen this show but I am here for Alt Shift X.

    • Nathan Chaytor
      Nathan Chaytor Před rokem +16

      It’s really fucking good, the first season is a little slow because it has a lot to set up but the payoff is so worth it!!

    • GedUK
      GedUK Před rokem +1

      @Nathan Chaytor I got halfway through season 2, and got stuck. It's all the conspiracy stuff happening that I just find a bit tedious, and it seems from watching this that there's a lot more of it.

    • Rakonax
      Rakonax Před rokem

      do watch it, especially the frst three seasons are damn good

    • GedUK
      GedUK Před rokem

      robbie Carroll No, I'm just not a big fan of 'someone behind the scenes pulling the strings in unrealistic ways' type stories. Which this isn't entirely, but is quite a lot of, at least at the start.

    • Krapto
      Krapto Před rokem

      @GedUK To each their own
      I personally never felt like there was an element of "someone pulling the strings behind the scenes in unrealistic ways",it's largely just political drama and thriller.
      A Different genre that's just probably not your type and that's completely fine.
      It just isn't really conspiracy and unrealistically pulling strings i would say,just political conflicts which do seem very realistic considering our history.

  • Metalion Music
    Metalion Music Před rokem +2

    One of my favorite things about The Expanse is how the plot has evolved and shifted focus so many times. From episode 1 starting out with the mystery of the protomolecule, to the end of season 5 focusing on the fight against Marco Inaros, there is a lot of ground to cover. This video recapped the series really well and with a few genuinely funny moments to boot! I laughed especially at, "but the protomolecule on Eros starts building some weird scary alien shit." It does indeed.

  • damanorelse
    damanorelse Před rokem +47

    5:52 Miller's consciousness doesn't live in the protomolecule, the protomolecule is clumsily reproducing the structure of his miller's brain to learn more and interact with Holden.

    • Jurgen Blitz
      Jurgen Blitz Před rokem +8

      I would argue that a bit of Miller survived, because even if the Miller we see at the end of S4 is a protomolecule-made construct, it is still actively fighting back and trying to legitimately help Holden.

    • johnrobot
      johnrobot Před rokem +3

      @Jurgen Blitz but because it’s a major part of his construct

    • Bhlack Bishop
      Bhlack Bishop Před rokem +13

      It's both. There's the navigator and there's Miller

    • Stevan Gucu
      Stevan Gucu Před rokem +1

      Maybe Miller is something like Ilia from Star Trek TMP.
      In Star Trek V'Ger made Ilia as a complete mechanical probe, coping her entire biological functions with new mechanical. Mechanical function of the body emulate biological functions perfect, so perfect it managed to copy her personality that emerges while interacting with familiar environment despite programing to collect data.

    • kawafahra
      kawafahra Před rokem +7

      There´s the navigator and then there´s Miller. Without giving too much away - this is reconfirmed in the newly released last book.
      The "rogue" molecule Miller was a version of the navigator who could resample enough old memory together to figure things and have its own will, which is something the molecule lacks.
      That "ghost" knew it was fucked and just a memory, so it ended its "life".
      The molecule could always bring back the navigator, which could always develop a consciousness again.
      To say it in Julie´s words : Gone, and gone, and gone.

  • Subsofa
    Subsofa Před rokem +31

    Too bad the show is ending, but considering that the last trilogy features a big time-skip we can always hope that someone will pick up the series and wrap it up in movie format as the actors age won't be the thing holding it back from happening.

    • ryder maroevich
      ryder maroevich Před rokem

      I really hope this is true, because there is so much more in the books, even if it’s a movie I wouldn’t care, there is so much more involving the ring builders and the dark gods, they need a better ending if they are going to end the series

  • Bardomatic
    Bardomatic Před rokem +15

    I went into the expanse with relatively low expectations because I had never been into sci fi at all not even Star Wars/Trek, but this show blew me away. I finished the first 4 seasons within a few weeks. But I fear it going the way of GOT where the visual effects get better and better and the characters are running low on interesting things to do

    • Александар Матић
      Александар Матић Před rokem +9

      That is why they decide to finish it with Season 6. Even though there is more book material out there. But season 6 ends pretty much the main Holden story so they decided to put a cut there - because they don't want to move into the timeline where a lot of new stuff and characters are happening.
      GoT had a lot of flaws - the main one being the lack of source material and writers incapable of writing without the books to guide them... paired with showrunner duo that rushed the show because they were going to move into Star Wars films and shows (they should have gotten the trilogy of their own after GoT). So they rushed and completely destroyed the GoT (greed is a bitch) which in turn made Lucas Art go back on the deal with them.
      Star Wars was obliterated during the Kathleen Kennedy's run, and having a duo that just destroyed the biggest thing on TV do the next Star Wars trilogy was a sure thing to bury the entire franchise worth countless billions.
      In short, in order to avoid all the standard problems, The Expanse will end while it is at its peak. Will some things be left unsaid? Yes. There are several books and novels after this season. But even those are not the end. The writers of the Expanse novels actually decided that on their own - not because they don't have ideas for more, but because they wanted to provide a framework for the universe, leave certain things unsaid, and then leave the franchise to the fans.
      They established the setting, the early heroes, some history, and added 1300 star systems to the story (explaining but a few). And with the framework done, they will leave it to the fans, to keep the franchise growing and developing as fans want it, for decades to come.
      Which is in large part what franchises like Star Wars and to some extent Warhammer 40K did. So you don't depend on the original writers to be there for 40 years, telling stories - no, you create the world, tell the story of its origin and its heroes, and then let the fans fill with all sorts of amazing stories in the future.
      So don't worry, it won't go the way GoT did.

    • Christopher J Barclay
      Christopher J Barclay Před rokem +1

      @Александар Матић Loved your multi synopsis here. More franchises should go the route of setting the stage for a few decades and then letting fan writers take over for future stories. Very cool way to do things and ends up being highly inclusive of many great story tellers. You can feel the sense of a living, breathing universe that changes in hundreds of different directions all at once when this direction is taken.

  • Casnivore
    Casnivore Před 11 měsíci

    Thank you for the recap! Exactly what I needed to decide whether it was worth watching the show or not 😄

  • C4G Storm
    C4G Storm Před rokem +5

    Really cool that Amazon seems to realize how valuable videos and channels like this are and sponsor it.

  • Ale Sama
    Ale Sama Před 4 měsíci

    this was an amazing recap!! so many things I didn't remember. I was holding off on watching season 6 because as it is the last season and I reaaaally loved the series, I was posponing ending it lol but I'm gonna start it now, so this was super helpful! Thank you so much!!

  • Dena Wagner
    Dena Wagner Před rokem +2

    Thank you, Alt Shift X! We love your videos & this one made sooo happy! I love The Expanse & was afraid we'd never see Season 6 due to the pandemic. Thanks again for all your work & have a wonderful day!

  • Thomas Schwarzenbacher
    Thomas Schwarzenbacher Před rokem +2

    The best thing about Amos/Clarissa is when they get back to the Roci and Amos is like "she's with us now" and everybody is ok with it just because it's Amos ;=)

    • Samuel Silva
      Samuel Silva Před rokem

      Dude came a long way. Season 1 and 2 I used to think he would try to kill Holden anytime xD

    • Thomas Schwarzenbacher
      Thomas Schwarzenbacher Před rokem +1

      @Samuel Silva or anybody anytime really :=)
      Too bad S06E01 did retreat on that a little, with Naome still being cross...

  • Sandi Rawrmore
    Sandi Rawrmore Před rokem +1

    Congratulations! Your videos are amazing. Entertaining, detailed and informative. They’re lucky to have you.

  • Crystal Clear
    Crystal Clear Před měsícem

    I never really understood Ilus and everything that went on there. Thanks for this recap, it’s become … a bit more clear.

  • Florent Placide
    Florent Placide Před rokem

    I'm really curious to discover the writing of this last season as it will be quite different from the book. In the books the Laconia arc was really good.

  • M C
    M C Před rokem +1

    I am so excited to finally watch this show!

  • Aliona Bekariuk
    Aliona Bekariuk Před rokem +2

    such a great recap to an amazing series! thank you!!
    quite sad that season 6 is the last one, could watch a few more seasons of this beauty.

  • Qwiz
    Qwiz Před rokem

    So awesome that our boy Alt Shift X is now making semi-official recaps for major television shows!

  • CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦

    I loved this show. Too bad Cas Anvar (Person who played Alex) had to go do those things. I loved his character and he seemed like such a great guy...

  • Ozzy
    Ozzy Před rokem

    As soon as I saw that you uploaded this video, I started watching The Expanse. I’m all caught up now and finally watching this video. What an AMAZING and underrated show.

  • King
    King Před rokem +15

    I am scared, worried and extremely excited for this last season. It feels bad that it is going to end and with how some of my favourite shows ended I always worry it will be very disappointing. Very few have ended with good feelings. Thank you for the video. I am hyped. Now to sit down and watch Episode 1!

    • Han Yolo
      Han Yolo Před rokem +1

      Books 7-9 in 20 years when the actors have aged enough?

    • Cowboy
      Cowboy Před rokem +2

      Just praying they don't pull a Game of Thrones

    • King
      King Před rokem +2

      @Han Yolo I hope so, but it's so risky. Maybe some don't come back, or some die. Who knows. I do hope so though.

    • King
      King Před rokem

      @Cowboy my thoughts exactly

    • Bingus Mingus
      Bingus Mingus Před rokem

      It’s so good. It’s so fucking good

  • Billy_Herrington1969
    Billy_Herrington1969 Před rokem +1

    Thanks, I like these recaps, since I can't be bothered to watch the entire thing myself right now. And your recaps are usually better than the show itself, so thanks :)

  • Garland Remington III
    Garland Remington III Před rokem

    Nobody, Absolutely nobody does recaps as excellent and as flawless as. ALT SHIFT X!!

  • Nik Ambrosch
    Nik Ambrosch Před rokem

    Thank you for this, great as always! I can't wait for the season to be over so I can binge it. What are the chances of doing a video on the foundation tv series? It thought it was good but book readers seemed pretty unhappy.

  • Charmedsas1
    Charmedsas1 Před rokem

    I love this show in an unhealthy amount of obsessive. Not sure if I said this right.

  • Modern Nerd
    Modern Nerd Před rokem

    Very nice recap video! I love the series and am very excited for this "last season".

  • Smokinbaker
    Smokinbaker Před rokem

    I stopped watching at season 3. But this was a great recap. Thanks for the amazing work!

  • MichaelAussie05
    MichaelAussie05 Před rokem +1

    Excellent recap thanks for your time and efforts. Cheers.

  • Jack Swift
    Jack Swift Před rokem +3

    You should dive into the Wheel of Time! There's a ton of content there in the books and lots of differences in the show so far, could be an interesting one for the channel!

    • J Cantu
      J Cantu Před rokem

      Yeah, that would be amazing. WoT is perfect for someone like Alt Shift X to analyze.

  • SivartAuhsoj
    SivartAuhsoj Před rokem

    Great recap! Can't wait to start Season 6 tonight.

  • A Adkin
    A Adkin Před rokem

    I'm surprised you haven't done explainer for the series succession, which can I say is absolutely incredible. Please please please do this 🙏🏽

  • Jean Erik
    Jean Erik Před rokem

    Great Resume! Never had the patience to watch all 5 seasons.

  • Edwin Palacio
    Edwin Palacio Před rokem

    I don’t watch this show but I love hearing you narrate so here we are. 🙌🏾

  • Mike Drop
    Mike Drop Před rokem

    So stoked season 6 is FINALLY here.

  • Andromediane
    Andromediane Před rokem

    Thanks for this, very helpful to remember what happened!

  • SKS
    SKS Před rokem

    this is one of the best serieses that was halted in the middle for no reason other than amazon.

  • Agustin Alejo Gimenez
    Agustin Alejo Gimenez Před rokem

    I really liked the mystery and pacing of the first seasons (specially Miller as a character) around the mysterious protomolecule, but then it starts focusing too much on the political side of the 3 factions and their never ending conflicts and became a slog making the protomolecule story arc just a side story...

    • DarthNord
      DarthNord Před rokem +1

      i understand but imo protomolecule was always used as a political tool, its just that main characters was random normal people who stumbled upon that conspiracy. while they move higher in society and political order, story moves higher with them too. it happens very fast but thats probably an adaptation issue, i can imagine books taking their time to explain their shift.

  • Exu
    Exu Před rokem

    Thanks for AltShift that I learned about this series, especially I play modded Stellaris and SciFi Stories are my jam

  • Bloggsy Malone
    Bloggsy Malone Před rokem +2

    Shohreh’s magnificent voice is a global treasure. Such gravitas! Such husky, breath-y majesty. That is a voice you obey.

  • Tom Fennesy
    Tom Fennesy Před rokem

    To be fair, the 1000's of new worlds are not habital to most of the belters. The belters go from exploited to completely ignored with no future. They want the gates closed to make there life's have meaning.

  • Sablja215
    Sablja215 Před rokem +2

    You're a freaking legend. Everytime I watch your reviews I realize how much I actually didnt understand lol

  • Ryoko Muyo
    Ryoko Muyo Před rokem +7

    Omg season 6 is finally here ;_; ty for the recap & I totally lost track of time. Alt shift x is the best way to find out your favorite shows are starting back up again! Yay

  • K. Fuji'
    K. Fuji' Před rokem

    finally getting on to season 6 myself, cheers for the recap

  • João Vítor Reis da Silva

    Props to the marketing team, I am almost watching this now lol

  • MissHardmode
    MissHardmode Před rokem

    8:42 Avasarala didn't kill civs during a strike, it was Marco who planted bombs there

  • Jack Of Bass
    Jack Of Bass Před rokem +1

    Mao didn't want to weaponize the Protomolecule. First and foremost, he wanted to use it to allow humans to be able to leave our solar system. Protomolecule weapons (the hybrids) were the by-product as he needed funding and inluence to fuel his reaserch. In the end, he did achieve what he wanted as the gates have been opened. He said once in the show how dissapointed he was that the first thing Mars and Earth governments wanted to do with the Protomolecule was to make it into a bomb.

  • sazaraki
    sazaraki Před rokem +3

    I've watched the entire show from the beginning, but couldn't keep track of the details and subtlety. This video really helped me put everything together. Like the very literal representation of Amos helping Clarissa out of a deep dark place. I watched that ep, but the metaphor never dawned on me.
    Thanks for this video. Just like the Game of Thrones days, it was extremely helpful!

  • Nubian Caynes
    Nubian Caynes Před 10 měsíci +1

    It's funny to me how we can't find any examples of mass change without violence. Yet it's still considered wrong (or coded wrong in stories), when it's used. lol.

  • mc teeryy
    mc teeryy Před rokem

    my favorite season is 2,4 and 5, rip Alex you'll be missed, and thank you Alt Shift X for recommended the expanse for me, it is good show, and i also recently read tiamat's wrath.

  • Samuel Silva
    Samuel Silva Před rokem

    I watched S1 and 2. Had some great moments but felt slow or obvious in others. Guess I'll just take the recap and jump into 6 to finish it :)

    • Cowboy
      Cowboy Před rokem +2

      Season 3 is overwhelmingly regarded as the peak of the show. That's not to say it's gotten really bad, but the story told over the course of season 3 is one of the best seasons of television to ever exist.

    • Samuel Silva
      Samuel Silva Před rokem

      @Cowboy so I might rethink my plan... I stopped cause the whole Eros into Venus stuff just felt "meh" to me, like would be more of the same, but the recap showed a lot that wasn't hinted before.

  • The
    The Před rokem

    Great recap, my dude. Much appreciated!

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    Thank you for the excellent recap.

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    Wow... Turns out so much stuff happened in the first 3 seasons I thought I watched like 6 of them!

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    You cant explain 6 season of TV series in under 16 min.
    *Alf Shift X passes his beer to Alt Schwift* _Hold my beer_

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    Dear Alt X. Can you do few videos explaining the history of Witcher (Netflix). I just finished season 2 and it was incredible. I do have a lot of questions & know that you can answer them. Thank you!

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    It's a goddamn crime that they are ending this here. There had better be something after this.

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    Gaaaah I love this show and Alt Shift X knocks it outta the park again

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    Game of Thrones but in space, awesome TV series!

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    Thank to your 1st expanse video I started watching this series I was hooked

  • Universal Collective
    Universal Collective Před rokem

    I know you did the series and now this season 6 episode 1 recap for Amazon Prime Video UK, but the question is, how much do we have to pay to get you to do a recap of every episode of The Expanse Season 6? Last year you did the same thing but didn't do any other episodes past what you were sponsored for, but your videos are so good, what would it take to get a crowdsourced episode breakdown each week? Why just the finale? Isn't Patreon enough? Why won't you do weekly breakdowns, isn't that what your channel is for in the first place? arghhhhhhhhhhh

  • Ghayth O. Dabbagh
    Ghayth O. Dabbagh Před rokem +1

    I'm so very disappointed with what we have in the last 2 seasons. When the show was with SyFy channel it was much better action, plot, flow, dialogues,... It was simply much better to watch. Now under Amazon since season 5 it became detached from the main plot, which is the rings, and the protomolicule, and the new possibilities and threats that arises with them. The show now is much more politically driven, rather than pure science fiction. NOW COME ON!! You can't possibly deny the mirroring of September 11 events with the plot flow in season 5; the sudden sincronized attacks on the American continent, one attach was a failure, the chief comander was naive & lacking experience, the successor was in a toddler school while the attacks took place!, the attackers were the suppressed people for so long, thousands of people killed, the urgent demand to retaliate, the vedio of Marco inaros threatening after the attack,...... I can go pages and pages with this!!
    We can only ask ourselves, for what reason? What's the aim? The show was just fine with the new entity called the ring and the ancient species.
    Now so far with season 6, nothing actually new. The rhythm is the same, only slower! And in gods sake what's the story of the healing animals in the new planet is taking us???!!! It's totally irrelevant with the rest of the plot. Are you really convinced that they will answer and connect all this in the next 5 episodes?! I feel like it's a desperate attempt to keep the protomolicule in the play as far as they can, just to keep the show relevant with the origin story, which I really think it's ridiculous. And what exactly is the role of Clarissa in all of this?! What's the role of Amos?!
    I don't know how much u agree with me on all of this, but I really wish if there is any discussion that can be made around these thoughts.
    Thank you.

  • memoryhero
    memoryhero Před 11 měsíci

    Miller is love; Miller is life.

  • Gemalt
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    Will Alt Shift X ever make a video about some stories in Warhammer 40k universe, or maybe about this new series about the Asimov's Foundation books? I hope

  • Hiro
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    thanks so much for making videos like this, because I always have interest in the series, but I don't have time to watch any

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    thank god for this channel. I had forgotten quite a lot of that

  • TeensierPython -
    TeensierPython - Před rokem

    Wheel of time or Foundation series. You could put your awesome analysis to those shows.

  • Travis Musser
    Travis Musser Před rokem

    👏👏 finally! I'm so ready for the new shit. But I just watched this again cause it's just great. Nearly everything right, except Tool owns the rights to Mars airwaves, so the music wouldn't suck from Mars. It's be Prog-space Rock. Which already sounds great!

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