House of the Dragon S1E07 live Q&A discussion

  • čas přidán 2. 10. 2022
  • Discussing House of the Dragon Episode 7!
    This stream has no spoilers for House of the Dragon beyond S1E07. (Except for the quick spoiler zone at the end of the stream). It does have spoilers for the original Game of Thrones show.
    This is a reupload, with a mistake removed. The original livestream is here: • House of the Dragon S1...
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  • Agro McHung
    Agro McHung Před rokem +1794

    Luke saying "I don't want it" cracked me up

    • Rhiannon Green
      Rhiannon Green Před rokem +185

      Same haha but he had a better reason

    • Howl's Equanimity
      Howl's Equanimity  Před rokem +13


      MATCHLESS Před rokem +139

      From today on I honestly believe Jon's true name is Lucerys and Aegon is just D&D fucking up (Rhaegar had two kids name Aegon, lol).

    • Lord Semen
      Lord Semen Před rokem +247

      Corlys- you are the heir to the Driftmark throne
      Luke- but you are my queen

  • Wendy C
    Wendy C Před rokem +597

    I just want to say that for a bunch of 10 yr olds, that was one of the best choreographed fight scenes in GoT history. Those kids must have practiced it ALOT!
    BRAVO to all the actors! I have a soft spot for Luke. He's so cute.
    Their facial expressions were spot on as well! 🤜💥

    • Vanice Desrosiers
      Vanice Desrosiers Před rokem +63

      The child actors did a great job.

    • FragLord
      FragLord Před rokem +68

      Those kids fought better than the adults in Rings of Power...

    • Balmung
      Balmung Před rokem +7

      I mean is not that high a bar. GoT has Cleganebowl and that's kinda it. Every other fight is poorly shot, poorly edited, makes no sense narratively or in the case of Sandor vs Brienne all 3 at the same time.

    • Cole Bresnehen
      Cole Bresnehen Před rokem +47

      @Balmung I kinda felt like CleganeBowl was overblown like the rest of season 8. Swords going through armor always annoyed me so maybe that’s the main reason I’m not a fan. imo the Mountain vs Red Viper is much better than CleganeBowl in regards to every reason you stated.

    • Wendy C
      Wendy C Před rokem +16

      @Cole Bresnehen Love the Viper and The Mountain fight. Probably my fave. I still remember the shock I felt 😢
      Cleganenowl was such fan service and it annoyed the hell outta me. I would have liked to see the Hound either end up with Sansa as her sworn shield or die fighting a NK General or protecting Arya.

  • Olorin
    Olorin Před rokem +569

    Larys is an energy vampire feeding off of Alicent's stress and misery. He always seems so happy when everything is going to shit.

    • noname noname
      noname noname Před rokem +43

      chaos is a ladder
      Edit: also Littlefinger + Varys = Larys?!

    • Kimberly Leveille
      Kimberly Leveille Před rokem +27

      @noname noname
      More like "everyone else's suffering is a ladder" lol

    • néli a
      néli a Před rokem +38

      Larys Strong: “Lord of Schadenfreude”

    • serialthrilliayahoo
      serialthrilliayahoo Před rokem +10

      Or according to plan. Can't tend a garden w/o pulling weeds

    • loismydarling 🎭
      loismydarling 🎭 Před rokem +9

      Must be a secret Bolton 🧛‍♂️

  • The Cocomastiux
    The Cocomastiux Před rokem +2730

    Alicent tries to maim a child
    Otto: You passed the test

    • Kevin Escobar
      Kevin Escobar Před rokem +117

      Honestly like if she married to any other king she’d likely have been removed from her place at court

    • Patryk Lewandowski
      Patryk Lewandowski Před rokem +79

      @Shippendales the small council scene in the previous episode also said enough. Rejecting Rhaenyra's marriage proposal even though Viserys was excited "after my cold dead body" - really tells you who is in charge

    • Orange Cat
      Orange Cat Před rokem +31

      @Shippendales I wouldn't respect the man who just called me by his dead wifes name infront of a bunch of people tbf

    • Rippel0000
      Rippel0000 Před rokem +7

      Daddy must be so proud🥰

    • Silvia Sánchez
      Silvia Sánchez Před rokem +52

      @Orange Cat Well, you need to be really mean hearted to not forgive a man who's so sick that he looks decrepit even he's barely 40.

  • Joanna C.
    Joanna C. Před rokem +230

    Aemond looked at his mother for a long beat and she looked terrified, indicating to me that he heard the bastard thing a few times from her, and then throws Aegon under the bus. He probably was getting back at Aegon for the pig thing and general bullying.

    • viceb7
      viceb7 Před rokem +15

      Yea totally, I feel like it was writing the spiteful side of him

    • motherhorsefucker
      motherhorsefucker Před 11 měsíci +1

      I miss a lot in the shows because I am dumb, but what else was he supposed to say?

    • Blanca Escobar
      Blanca Escobar Před 10 měsíci +11

      He was the only one that was safe. If he had pointed at anyone else, they would have been executed

  • All The Artsy
    All The Artsy Před rokem +1685

    I liked that Daemon laughed because instead of sending his wife off to her resting place, Vaemond is making thinly-velied jabs at Rhaenyra and Laenor's children instead with the blood being thick. Up until Laena's funeral, someone is still politicking.
    With Laenor's sons not trueborn, and Laena having daughters only, Driftmark is another high seat with a succession crisis looming in the distance.

    • Howl's Equanimity
      Howl's Equanimity  Před rokem +45

      that is a really good way of looking it definitely!

    • SantomPh
      SantomPh Před rokem +35

      House Velaryon is alive and not so well in the time of GoT so someone did continue the line.

    • All The Artsy
      All The Artsy Před rokem +54

      @Howl's Equanimity heh thanks! I didn't think people thought Vaemond was somehow not aware that the blood *has already* thinned. He actually sounds exactly like Alicent. Which makes sense for his situation. Why should illegitimate children claim his older brother's seat (of course already discarding Laena's daughters in consideration)

    • Very First Question
      Very First Question Před rokem +54

      That plus i think he was laughing because his wife literally died for the sake of "producing more Valeryons"

    • unc54
      unc54 Před rokem +68

      @All The Artsy Also with Rhaenyra's children being illegitimate, Vaemond feels he's the rightful heir which makes him all the more spiteful.

  • King Edward "Longshanks" I, Hammer of the Scots, Lord of Wales and King of England

    I really, really loved the aesthetic and design of the Valyrian wedding.
    You get the impression that it’s all harking back to a much more ancient, tribal custom that the Valyrians have needed to hold onto as the primacy of blood and magic is so important to their culture, and their control of Dragons and they want to change as little as possible for fear of upsetting that control.
    It’s just so different to any wedding we’ve seen, and shows just how alien the Valyrians are in Westeros even now as when they’re in their element and living up to their traditions, it’s so different to the traditions and customs of their native subjects.

    • All The Artsy
      All The Artsy Před rokem +94

      I love that they're wearing matching (seemingly gender neutral) clothes! The lack of ornamentation and pomp actually makes it more... visceral and primal (not to mention all that blood, of course)

    • ThornInTheEye
      ThornInTheEye Před rokem +35

      I still wonder where they found that Valyrian priest though. Maybe there are still some Valyrian cults in Essos or these priests are somehow connected to the dragon keepers?

    • Darkstar
      Darkstar Před rokem +44

      @ThornInTheEye Don't you think the Targs must've brought their whole household with them? Along with dragon keepers and priests

    • ThornInTheEye
      ThornInTheEye Před rokem +20

      @Darkstar you mean when they settled on Dragonstone initially? Yeah, most likely, but 100 years is pretty long to keep a tradition going, especially when no one else in Westeros follows the Valyrian religion. Maybe there's a little sect still active in King's Landing and Dragonstone just for the sake of Targaryens.
      Plus honestly it's weird that there aren't any more refugees from the Doom - like surely some more Valyrian families were in Essos at the time? Maybe GRRM will address it at some point

    • Darkstar
      Darkstar Před rokem +10

      @ThornInTheEye City Of Lys has people with Valyrian features bur we know nothing about the others

  • T J
    T J Před rokem +241

    I wanted Viserys to say “Stop this madness in the name of your King !!” So bad 😂

    • Farhat K
      Farhat K Před rokem +34

      king Robert would "honor" Alicent if she even dares to speak a word about Rahenera

    • Anaïs
      Anaïs  Před rokem +26

      @Farhat K Robert would also “honor” Rhaenyra for being having three bastards...

    • Guffguffguffy
      Guffguffguffy Před rokem +30

      Yeah, imagine if Cersei had 3 bastard children! Would set off a whole chain of mad events!

    • Chel X
      Chel X Před rokem

      @Guffguffguffy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I see what you did there

  • caketin
    caketin Před rokem +495

    I like that we’ve now actually seen Rhaenyra do something morally dubious since she’s only been doing somewhat stupid things so far (having three illegitimate children with Harwin) instead of more evil things like every other character.
    Even though sending Laenor and Qarl away to live a good life together was nice, she’s still had someone killed in Laenor’s place, emotionally traumatised Rhaenys and Corlys by depriving them of their only child left and deprived her three children of a loving father figure who just promised to be a better and more present father, all of which she’s aware of.
    Can’t wait to see her and Daemon do more dastardly things together, we can’t let the Greens be the evil ones all the time

    • Elliott Hartup
      Elliott Hartup Před rokem +64

      Learning that Qarl is spelled with a "Q" bothers me to a strange degree

    • Jalen Roddey
      Jalen Roddey Před rokem +64

      This is proof that with great writing you can make compelling female characters and not just cookie cutter Mary Sue’s

    • J Hitchcock
      J Hitchcock Před rokem +75

      @Jalen Roddey exactly. Martin does a beautiful job of showing feminine strength without any need to masculinize the characters. Queens and princesses are a lot more complex than pretty hothouse flowers.

    • Caro
      Caro Před rokem +5

      Right! I hope her character stays rich in personality and dueling morality for as long as the show runs, or at least until she’s killed off which I hope is something either super tragic or truly satisfactory🤝❤️

  • blackeyedlily
    blackeyedlily Před rokem +515

    I saw a couple people suggest that Daemon laughed when he did during the eulogy because Vaemond was not so subtly throwing shade at Rhaenyra’s children and his laughter redirected the attention away from the children. I guess it depends on what you want to think of Daemon’s motivations at that moment.

    • Ryan Biggs
      Ryan Biggs Před rokem +13

      That’s it

    • mercurial
      mercurial Před rokem +42

      Vaemond was indeed staring at Rhaenyra while talking about "truth" and lineage implying there was something off with her children, I also didn't connect Daemon's laughter with Rhaenyra but with the situation to seek attention, makes sense to me now that it'd be to redirect it from her.

    • Nullcaller
      Nullcaller Před rokem +20

      Probably not. It would necessitate:
      1) Daemon having a cool head at the moment (which he never does, the man is ruled by his emotions _all_ of the time)
      2) Daemon having a borderline subconscious need to protect Rhaenyra's children (which would be weird, scince Daemon cares pretty much about nobody but Daemon; he even neglects his own daughter when he sees no option of furthering his legacy through her)
      3) Daemon being an absolute genius and even _seeing_ the _option_ to laugh, consciously (choosing the option to laugh at a funeral doesn't lead to good consequences in nearly 100% of cases, so pretty much nobody would instantly consider it and see that in this case it might lead to something good)
      As you can probably see, sadly, none of it makes any amount of sense. B+ for effort.

    • Roronoa Law
      Roronoa Law Před rokem

      Yep, makes sense

    • Mellohi
      Mellohi Před rokem +25

      @Nullcaller Daemon neglecting his on daughter is a key point. why would he give a fuck about Rhaenyras bastards? they're doomed, and they're only gonna be in his way when he gives Rhaenyra true born targaryen children.

  • Mehraj Uddin Shartho
    Mehraj Uddin Shartho Před rokem +352

    I am obsessed with HOTD and I have nobody to talk to about it in real life. Your videos feel like I am hanging out with a friend and discussing a common interest.

    • Salil Saxena
      Salil Saxena Před rokem +5

      Recommend it to your friends and family members
      I had no one either but I made sure they got into it and now they thank me for it

    • Leon
      Leon Před rokem +32

      @Salil Saxena I'll need friends first.

    • TakeCare
      TakeCare Před rokem +6

      Same bro!

    • 𝙽 𝙾 𝚂 𝚃 𝙰 𝙻 𝙶 𝙸 𝙰
      𝙽 𝙾 𝚂 𝚃 𝙰 𝙻 𝙶 𝙸 𝙰 Před rokem +1

      Lol Bangladeshi

    • Mo
      Mo Před rokem +3

      if this ain't me...

  • Kylo Revan Maul
    Kylo Revan Maul Před rokem +253

    I liked how Daemon gave a quick smile when Aemond said that he lost an eye but gained a dragon. Really shows how similar Aemond is to Daemon.
    Careful some spoilers under this comment.

    • Markus K
      Markus K Před rokem +84

      Depth perception would have been an asset when flying a monstrously huge dragon though.

    • VitoriaGuimaraes
      VitoriaGuimaraes Před rokem +11

      @Markus K i laughed a bit too much at this lol

    • mercurial
      mercurial Před rokem +26

      It's funny that you point this out considering how their names are practically an anagram of each other.

    • TakeCare
      TakeCare Před rokem +8

      Well they end of killing each other later on so it makes sense

    • LePlus
      LePlus Před rokem +5

      They are kinds of twin souls, they are both uber destructive, and Daemon is a badass, and is also GRRMs favourite character, I wish he wrote Aemond more engagingly instead of him being Daemon without the charisma, and instead a foil worthy of killing Daemon.

  • Salil Saxena
    Salil Saxena Před rokem +639

    I think Alicent accepted Larys's services because she realized he'll do anything for her unlike Criston who couldn't attacks Lucerys on her command

    • ๖ۣۜIareBacon
      ๖ۣۜIareBacon Před rokem +210

      Criston is still a Kingsguard sworn to protect the King (and his family). Alicent commanded him to do something clearly against his King’s wishes. I also noticed the glares that the Lord Commander shot him. Also earlier Criston was given orders by the LC, a nice reminder that he still is not all that powerful

    • SantomPh
      SantomPh Před rokem +80

      The Kingsguard obey the King alone; the Lord Commander commands the other six as their leader but the queen is not their boss. With Viserys standing right there Criston can't do anything Alicent says. Alicent is not in danger herself.

    • All The Artsy
      All The Artsy Před rokem +72

      Yep, Criston only moved when Alicent got close to Rhaenyra and there was a chance Alicent might harm herself with the dagger. Despite how much I hate him, at least he's seemingly learned some restraint these past 10 years

    • Gloria Klint
      Gloria Klint Před rokem +11

      @All The Artsy I was gonna say that too. But he didn't even move a muscle when the ailing king fell down. Didn't seem to care. He did went to save/aid alicent. Also, the lord commander kept saying "No ser Criston" why so?

  • Arkssa
    Arkssa Před rokem +39

    Too many people think Criston was about to cut out the eye. He clearly refused when he said he's her protector.

    • Arkssa
      Arkssa Před rokem +19

      "you are sworn to me!" -> "as your protector". He means he's there to protect her.

    • D1
      D1 Před rokem +5

      Yeah thought that was quite clear

  • Craig Gaynier
    Craig Gaynier Před rokem +40

    I think that Aemond saying he heard it from Aegon was a lie. There was a look between Aemond and Alicent before he named Aegon. My interpretation was that he heard it from Alicent, and she knows it, but in that moment when he's being compelled, chooses to name his brother (who bullies him) in order to protect his mother. Aegon looks surprised when he's blamed, and doesn't even give a source where he heard it from other than to say "I mean, come on, it's obvious."

    • Savannah Milam
      Savannah Milam Před rokem +12

      Yeah I believe Aegon even exclaims "me?" right after being named. I thought the same thing you did considering the significant look Aemond gives Alicent before answering. Before Aegon's reaction I thought it might be fear of his mother getting mad at him for implicating his brother but it makes much more sense if he's protecting Alicent.

    • King Jack Indigo
      King Jack Indigo Před rokem +4

      Well it is quite obvious. I love how Aegon said so lol

  • Salil Saxena
    Salil Saxena Před rokem +468

    lol Larys was so happy when Alicent accepted his allegiance
    he was all 🙂

    • Slava K
      Slava K Před rokem +1

      You're bad at reading characters.

    • Marine Wauquier
      Marine Wauquier Před rokem +65

      That emoji is uncannily similar to his face lol

    • Salil Saxena
      Salil Saxena Před rokem +5

      @Marine Wauquier ikr lol

  • Tormund Giantsbrain
    Tormund Giantsbrain Před rokem +31

    That “where is duty, where is sacrifice” scene…Olivia Cooke doing some Dinklage level lifting there. The agony, the passion! That’s a Emmy nomination scene. “We Know Father. Everyone Knows”. That’s Aegon’s “the Prince will remember that little Lord” moment. Aemond taming Vhagar & holding his own in a 1v4 makes him the real chad in my eyes. Only wholesome moment, our Prince resting his head on his mom’s shoulder to let her know she can depend on him. Last but not least, GOATTO Hightower with the coldest win or you die reference, “we play an ugly game”...and I’m the meme of Homer Simpson decked out in a green tee, sitting on green cushions, wearing a Hightower snapback, holding a Go Greens flag with a Alicent poster on the wall😂. Meanwhile checking in on Blacks: “What is honor compared to a woman’s uncle”-Maester Aemon 😳

  • néli a
    néli a Před rokem +158

    🐉 commands/answers question at2:40.
    Dohaeras: Serve
    Mazis: Come
    Lykiri: Calm
    Soves: Fly
    Rybas: Focus
    Umbas: Wait
    Hope this helps ( 🐉 owner/from the Dracarys app)

    • Jessica
      Jessica Před rokem +17

      Also “daor” is frequently used at the end of a sentence and it basically means “not”. Similar to German grammar actually:)
      For instance, In English you could say “I dont like pears” Whereas in Valerian you would say “I like pears not”.

    • Abadi Dibadou
      Abadi Dibadou Před rokem

      Helps with what? my cat? lol

    • Shockwave 11
      Shockwave 11 Před 11 měsíci

      After they updated the app, no longer compatible with my phone☹️ But was able to use mazis before the update(app not really working anymore). In GoT, Dany used “valar” for fly.

    • FlowerTrollSan
      FlowerTrollSan Před 11 měsíci +2

      @Shockwave 11 No, she said "valahd/valad" or something like that when she rode Drogon for the first time, but that's actually the Dothraki language, not Valyrian. You can hear her say "sovetis" in Valyrian in the final scene of 3x10.

  • Salil Saxena
    Salil Saxena Před rokem +872

    "I may have lost an eye, but I gained a dragon"
    Otto: 😏

    • King Edward "Longshanks" I, Hammer of the Scots, Lord of Wales and King of England
    • Norah Black
      Norah Black Před rokem +78

      That's my boy

    • Gaming with Jam
      Gaming with Jam Před rokem +13

      Yeah he could've had both though

    • jigdrel dorji
      jigdrel dorji Před rokem +15

      Obviously they need the biggest and the oldest nuclear dragon.
      As team Rheanyra got more riders right now and it seems fair team Alicent get Vhaegar.

    • The Humanity
      The Humanity Před rokem +15

      I wish they would've addressed the fact that this kid decided to take Vhagar the day of their mother's funeral. Even without the fighting, it's pretty fucked up and incredibly disrespectful he did that, especially since he's a guest at their mother's ancestral seat on Driftmark. I'm surprised it wasn't even acknowledged

  • Dray
    Dray Před rokem +46

    “The sea is an escape.” and “Fire is a Prison” Rhaenyra set Laenor free from his prison by allowing him to escape to the sea.

  • The Real American
    The Real American Před rokem +133

    Honestly it looked like Criston Cole was going to do something in the chaos of Alicent trying to stab Rhaynera but Daemon stopped him. I noticed that little detail on the side.

    • viceb7
      viceb7 Před rokem +5

      I caught that too! Nice touch to show that criston can still be humbled

    • Chris Chika
      Chris Chika Před rokem +6

      @viceb7 what ? He’s the queen sworn protector. He was going to protect her . Also how was he not humbled . He humbled daemon

    • viceb7
      viceb7 Před 11 měsíci

      @Chris Chika also she didn't need "protecting" as she was literally assaulting someone with a dagger lol

    • Chris Chika
      Chris Chika Před 11 měsíci +1

      @viceb7 thats the exact reason she would need protecting . She put herself in a dangerous situation.

  • Warren Blyth
    Warren Blyth Před rokem +104

    I thought Daemon chuckled during the funeral - because Vaemond was derailing the funeral with his personal shit. Vaemond is clearing staring at Rhaenyra and casting shade on her instead of keeping the focus on Laena. And it's a way of breaking the tension and interrupting that attack on his family, which i think Daemon is all about.

    • Kevin C
      Kevin C Před rokem +1

      Yes he's looking at them while speaking of the blood never thinning but Daemon is looking down and away during that. He laughed just because he knows the boys are Strongs therefore the blood is already thinned.

  • Scribby
    Scribby Před 11 měsíci +7

    I miss Milly Alcock (the actor that played young Rhaenyra).
    The way she enunciates her High Valyrian tongue is still unbeaten for me.
    It flows so well and you can hear the sophisticated and elegant tone of the language through her voice.

  • joacob jacob
    joacob jacob Před rokem +33

    The fight choreography for the kids fight scene this episode was amazing some of the beats I’ve seen props to whoever made that , the sand in the eyes and knife the way Aemomd handled the four in the beginning all of it made it so fun like a kids tower of joy scene

    • Adam
      Adam Před rokem +6

      Mad props to the young actors too for pulling it off so well

  • Lion Cub Kurz
    Lion Cub Kurz Před rokem +32

    In the fight with the kids I found it to be a nice touch that Aemond was the only one kicking in the fight, which seems to be a byproduct of criston's training.

  • Matias Burgos
    Matias Burgos Před rokem +107

    To me, Daemon laughs at the funeral because even in a scenario where someone important and loved dies, people are still doing some politicking

    • Kevin C
      Kevin C Před rokem +6

      He laughed at words spoken by Corly's brother about keeping the blood pure (in Valyrian) , thinking about those Strong boys . Even Jace caught it.

    • XaldinX
      XaldinX Před rokem

      @Kevin C well yeah his uncle was being shady at his WIFES funeral. Neither the time nor place which is why he ain’t wanna come back.

  • heaven dot com
    heaven dot com Před rokem +52

    in some scenes of this episode, for the first time, it really felt like i was watching game if thrones, specially when the kids fought. won't lie, my favorite part of asoiaf is that half of the main characters were children. the psychology of children is amazing, yet it's so difficult to encounter well written kids in works destined to adults. kids went/go to war just as adults do, so it's very interesting to see that aspect of life unfolding in fiction.

    • Twiss
      Twiss Před rokem +1

      Interesting thoughts

    • FlowerTrollSan
      FlowerTrollSan Před 11 měsíci +2

      I usually dislike kids and child actors in movies/TV shows, but damn these child actors are all great.

  • Ásþór Loki Rúnarsson
    Ásþór Loki Rúnarsson Před rokem +87

    Gods, this was a great episode! In a series where everyone is killed all the time, somone surviving is a fresh new thing

    • Twiss
      Twiss Před rokem

      Great final scene lol I was like AYEEEE HE’S ALIVE

  • TokiDoki♡
    TokiDoki♡ Před rokem +7

    I also like how the show avoided the "kill your gays" trope by letting Laenor run off overseas. He'd been talking about wanting to go. He gets to have his cake and eat it too, which is already rare enough in asoiaf lol

    • King Jack Indigo
      King Jack Indigo Před rokem

      Except it fucks with canon and opens plotholes, but sure let's make people feel good at all costs

  • Alexander M.
    Alexander M. Před rokem +360

    I think it's very ironic and sad how Rhaneyra gave Laenor the choice and life she rejected with Criston Cole - leave it all behind and go to the free cities not caring about titles and only love.

    • M Clarke
      M Clarke Před rokem +149

      I really doubt that Rhaneyra *wanted* to go to the free cities with Criston Cole. She didn't *love* him. She was *using* him, all but forcing him to forsake his vows because she was horny.
      Not that I think Criston Cole is all that sympathetic, but let's not pretend she was in love.

    • All The Artsy
      All The Artsy Před rokem +127

      Rhaenyra giving up her claim to the iron throne and her destiny to carry on Aegon's dream... so that Criston can feel better about himself for his own choice to sleep with her, is not really the same thing as Laenor giving up the mostly honorary title of prince consort ... to be free to be who he is without fear of being exposed, shame, his father's constant disapproval. It's still a heavy sacrifice, especially to leave his family and dragon behind, but not to the same degree, at all

    • unc54
      unc54 Před rokem +48

      Well, I'm sure if Criston Cole wanted to go by himself to Essos she would have helped him. But Cole wanted to take Rhaenyra with him so of course she shot him down. Also, Cole is motivated by honor not love.

    • atheris
      atheris Před rokem +12

      I found that also very good, how it mirrors. But also... Her and her uncle truly ended up married on Dragonstone, like she challenged him to do at her wedding reception.. just not like she imagined. I think it's great writing. The callbacks.

    • Wolfy
      Wolfy Před rokem +4

      @All The Artsy Not for Criston but she has a choice to do it for herself, when she was young she told her mother she rather live free then be in a place like her, sprouting children, but now she is that and also she and her kids and so many more will suffer and die, all bcoz of a seat and a dream of someone from long ago. Same for alicent, some for corlys, they are dooming themselves and those around them bcoz of petty ambitions.

  • Pepe Silvia
    Pepe Silvia Před rokem +66

    The corpse that replaced Laenor’s is the page that Daemon kills right before the fighting scene of Qarl and Laenor. They kind of do a close-up to the boots, the pants of course were Laenor’s indeed, and then Laenor wears the page’s clothes when they row the boat

    • Gangstalicious
      Gangstalicious Před rokem +4

      Thank you! 🎉
      This is the 2 and 2 we needed put together. It happened quick, it all did. Missed these details in the domino fall

    • Pepe Silvia
      Pepe Silvia Před rokem +2

      @Gangstalicious I listened to ASX say that he didn’t know who the corpse belonged to, then wrote my comment and then he confirmed what I said a few minutes later lol I was a little impatient

    • Gangstalicious
      Gangstalicious Před rokem +1

      @Pepe Silvia 🙏🏼

  • Mike Mode
    Mike Mode Před rokem +34

    The way that little girl says “someone stole vaghar” is literally ringing in my head, i dont know what it is but the way she delivered that line was so perfectly rhythmic it’s like a song stuck in my head

    • Orion Invictus
      Orion Invictus Před rokem +3

      Put it in a metal song during a call out 🤙😎

  • Riley Collins
    Riley Collins Před rokem +20

    I laughed out loud when Alicent pretty much asked the maester will the eye grow back, as he’s stiching the massive wound 😂😂😂😂

  • Kyle Massey
    Kyle Massey Před rokem +277

    Wild to see Daemon helping those boys out at the end.

    • Ole Nickel
      Ole Nickel Před rokem +197

      Wild to think he and Rhaenyra probably patted each other on the back after all was done
      "We're so brilliant. We got our marriage of choice, we might get a trueborn son with an indisputable claim out of this marriage, I strengthened my claim, Laenor is happy and now the rumours will be about us being ruthless and not bastard children. And no one was actually hurt in the process"
      "... except for Laenors parents"
      "sure, but maybe they can get a letter from Laenor or something that he actually still lives and is happy"
      "and of course the guard"
      "the guy you murdered to have a corpse"
      "what? I... oh, he was lowborn, he doesn't count"

    • Darkstar
      Darkstar Před rokem +8

      @Ole Nickel Why so sad?

    • YupYup7up
      YupYup7up Před rokem +8

      @Ole Nickel touch grass

    • Aaron_G
      Aaron_G Před rokem +38

      @YupYup7up Overused and unoriginal

    • anameof somesort
      anameof somesort Před rokem +13

      ​@YupYup7up is this bait?

  • Filthy & Free Publishing
    Filthy & Free Publishing Před rokem +11

    Thanks Alt Shift X for these livestreams. It's really lovely to be able to have the community's thoughts discussed each week, and really feels like sitting around talking to friends about the episode.

  • Nullcaller
    Nullcaller Před rokem +300

    Daemon: "I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere."
    Rhaenyra: *puts her hand on Daemon's chest*

    • choculus
      choculus Před rokem +28

      Daemon also slaughtered a bunch of people in the sand a few episodes earlier. He truly is a medieval Anakin Skywalker, isn't he.

    • Nullcaller
      Nullcaller Před rokem +5

      @choculus Well, here's to hoping they don't screw up the prequels this time around!

    • Abhijeet Shrestha
      Abhijeet Shrestha Před rokem +1

      @Nullcaller they didnt the first time :).

    • Mrs. Jones
      Mrs. Jones Před rokem

      Its how he feels about connection and love.

    • Johnny Skinwalker
      Johnny Skinwalker Před rokem

      @choculus excepted well written

  • Skip McIlvaine
    Skip McIlvaine Před rokem +161

    Criston has forearm armor on when he thrashes Joffrey and the lip of it seemed to do the majority of the damage to his face and skull. Harwin's armor left his fists bare when he punches Criston. That's why Joffrey's face is destroyed and Criston's face recovers.

    • Louis Roy
      Louis Roy Před rokem +3

      That’s my interpretation as well

    • jasonjavelin
      jasonjavelin Před rokem +5

      I was going to comment the same, you can see Criston kind of punching with his greaves in one of the scenes at least that’s how I saw it

    • A Jae
      A Jae Před rokem +5

      I'm trying to figure out how there could be a different reason. Cornball would have destroyed his own hand before coming close to doing that kind of damage.

    • King Jack Indigo
      King Jack Indigo Před rokem

      @A Jae seethe more

    • A Jae
      A Jae Před rokem

      @King Jack Indigo Think more.

  • katrina f
    katrina f Před rokem +24

    I like how Corlys is handling it.
    Laenor called the boys his sons and loved them. For all intents and purposes, he adopted them because he knew they were not his but loved them anyway.
    I've always wanted to adopt but my family has cautioned me against it because then my children wouldn't actually be "mine"
    Jace and Luke and Joffrey ARE Corlys's grandchildren because, like he says, they have his name. I love it

    • Wafaa
      Wafaa Před rokem +4

      Same! And if they want the blood thing too they could easily marry them with Laeny’s daughters

    • heaven dot com
      heaven dot com Před rokem +1

      i love it too.

    • Himani Yadav
      Himani Yadav Před rokem +1

      yeah I thought it was sweet and pretty practical as well.

    • Gekokujo76
      Gekokujo76 Před rokem +1

      His point was that their power was tied up in the last name of the children (Valyrion until it switches to Targ if they are on the throne) and not whether they were of their blood. That is different than "I love my adopted grandkids".....Otto Hightower style different.

    • katrina f
      katrina f Před rokem +3

      @Gekokujo76 i know what his point was and I never claimed he loved them but the sentiment is one I resonate with, regardless of the meaning behind it
      It's Velaryon btw

  • HeHasASpaceship
    HeHasASpaceship Před rokem +26

    My fave part of this episode is when Alicent calls on Christen, his face is like 😳

  • Calumari
    Calumari Před rokem +171

    Wait is seasmoke up for grabs? If a dragon is bonded to a rider for life, and Laenor is still alive. I feel like given how magical a dragon is, it would have some way of knowing its rider is secretly still alive.

    • Nuke Warz
      Nuke Warz Před rokem +26

      If it doesn't follow him, it'll probably just mope around the coast and let no one near. or permanent entrapment in the dragon pit.

    • kateris1976
      kateris1976 Před rokem +72

      The writers threw the lore out the window just to please a certain group of people. Unless Laenor dies later on in Essos, there is no way they can explain how Seasmoke is claimed by another rider. In the books, it is fairly established that dragons can sense if their rider is alive and even fly out to search for them.

    • Gloria Klint
      Gloria Klint Před rokem +6

      In the source material, is it bonded to its rider until their death 'death'? I'm not a reader just want some clarity. If its not that way, maybe there is loophole? Like bonded up until willful abandonment or something.

    • kateris1976
      kateris1976 Před rokem +46

      @Gloria Klint No, they are bonded until death. There are even dragons that never accept another rider, but in any case there is no mention anywhere about willful parting or anything of the sort. This is certainly a plothole unless they come up with an explanation in the show somehow.

    DALE LAPOINTE Před rokem +195

    Its clear the plan was to fake the death Daemon killed the guard while they were fighting if you recall Daemon told him make sure someone sees it, we seen Daemon choke someone out it was the guard then they killed him covering for his death. They never were going to kill him the princess plan was to let him go free because he never wanted to be there in the first place. It gave him a happy ending another future but it allowed them to get married!

    • The Nymphomancer
      The Nymphomancer Před rokem +33

      And it only cost one guard. Or as GoT says it, “only death can pay for life”

    • Olorin
      Olorin Před rokem +26

      For the the low, low price of one lowborn guard, two noblemen get to secretly seek their fortune in a side war. Rhae and Dae are so smart and charitable.

    • Ignorant Weed
      Ignorant Weed Před rokem +7

      @Olorin yeah real heros those two

    • Mmyehokayyy
      Mmyehokayyy Před rokem +2

      @Olorin meh Stannis killed people and they still liked him and think he is honorable. if they killed Laenor people are still going to complain how blood thirsty she is. To her a stranger’s life is nothing compared to letting go her friend who she has spent childhood with 🤷‍♂️

  • King Edward "Longshanks" I, Hammer of the Scots, Lord of Wales and King of England

    My favourite detail of the episode had to be the lettering lighting up when it was held by the fire, showing the words to the realm but no one’s looking at it because they’re focused on the women instead, symbolising how the important things are once again being ignored in favour of petty political squabbles.

    • Hypatia
      Hypatia Před rokem +6

      Yeah, unfortunately no one cares about phantom menace beyond The Wall.
      Almost everyone in the south be like:
      Snowy blue eyed cannibals and a long winter which can kill the 2/3 of the population of Westeros? End of our culture and political system because of these?
      What? What is this? Nah, just a freaking The First Man legend. Lets continue fight over for that iron chair because we can eat Red Keep's bricks in the long winter and can defend ourselves with the rusty weapons of that metal chair.

    • Benjamin Ghazi
      Benjamin Ghazi Před rokem

      @Hypatia sa

  • Greggles a Clown
    Greggles a Clown Před rokem +8

    This new setup is top notch. Having the live chat was super distracting, but having the super chat queue is much better.

  • ///
    /// Před rokem +8

    The chatter calling Rhaenyra a narcissist for wanting to fulfill her desires is such a wild baseless classic armchair psychologist take. Most of the consequences she doesn't care for are stupid bullshit enforced by an ignorant society anyways. She isn't a narcissist for for being rebellious, that's not what that word means.

  • Florencia Flores
    Florencia Flores Před 11 měsíci +2

    This guy deserves all the thumbs up. Excellent channel. I make it a priority to watch these three hour videos because I’m so grateful that you make them.

  • David Green
    David Green Před rokem +4

    A 3 and a quarter hour Q and A about an hour long episode is why i love Alt Shift X. The north remembers, 10 year old channel but I've got at least 8 years of memories from the content.

  • J F
    J F Před rokem +51

    What could Viserys have done? Alicent wanted nothing less than an eye for an eye which is flat out not an option. Everyone knows that Rhaenyra wouldn't allow it to happen, or if they did she would have promptly hopped on her dragon and started a war over that. Daemon may have killed the person trying to take the eye, which would also have started a war. Either way, any sort of justice that would have been acceptable to Alicent in her moment of rage would have escalated things beyond repair.
    I feel sorry for the man. He wants nothing but peace and has tried everything he or his advisors can think of to attain it, but no one else is trying. His daughter and heir is acting recklessly. His wife is paranoid, bitter and will not make amends with his daughter or accept her olive branch. Everyone around him acts like idiots who just want to fight. His best move honestly was to do the dad thing and yell to ensure everyone in the room sees exactly how fed up with their BS that he is.

    • P P
      P P Před rokem +15

      I also dont see why exactly Viserys is a terrible king?
      Everyone around him is literally constantly trying to start a civil war. Alicent should have accepted the marriage proposal from Rhaenyra and all would be done.

    • thorCast
      thorCast Před rokem +13

      Well he has a few options, but doing nothing is definitely not one of them. Allicent attacked the hier to the throne, in an attempt to maim the heirs child. Allicent is just a queen, that's it. At the very least she should have been confined to chambers, better still sent away to Hightower never to return, and if he wanted to follow the letter of the law, she should have been executed. She disarmed the king and attacked his heir. Queen or not 99% of kings would have had her head for that. Viserys doesn't need her, she's produced him kids and their grown. She over stepped wildly.
      Second, with his sons committing treason by naming the future king a bastard, he has two options, he can disinherit her and and her sons and acknowledge the affair, but if he wants to keep her as heir he can't let that slide. Again he has a few options, executing allicent will send a strong message to everyone that the king is not gonna tolerate treachery and questioning of his heir, but he could also send aegon away, squire him to the baratheons, or Tullys. Shit send him to the starks or the wall if you really wanna teach him a lesson, but again you can't let that slide. Those kids are second sons, they're not in line to the throne. Rheynera and all three of her kids would have to die before they inherit so why are they still hanging around the castle anyways.
      Either way doing nothing is not the answer, he's a king and he was humiliated, his weapon was taken by a women and used to attack his hier and he stood by and did nothing.

    • Espeka
      Espeka Před rokem +20

      @P P Rhaenyra offering to marry a bastard to a princess is probably the most insulting thing she could do from a Westerosi viewpoint. Alicent would probably accept a mouldy egg sandwich before she accepted that marriage.
      Viserys' willful blindness on the issue of the bastards is what makes him a bad king. That, and continuing to allow Daemon free reign.

  • NA S
    NA S Před rokem +55

    I feel a bit sad for poor Jace who knew Harwin is his dad and said we should be mourning for him and his grandsire.

    • Damien843
      Damien843 Před rokem +5

      Yeah and plus he was the oldest and probably had a tight bond

    • Cale Murphy
      Cale Murphy Před rokem +2

      I feel bad for Luke, who still doesn’t know the full truth.

  • Peace Minded
    Peace Minded Před 11 měsíci +11

    Corlyss was willing to overlook his legitimate grandchildren in the same way his wife was overlooked. That realization on her face was just insult to injury.

    • Olorin
      Olorin Před 11 měsíci +1

      This is one of like two smart comments in this whole section.

    • David Wolfish
      David Wolfish Před 4 měsíci +1

      @Olorin Ok buddy.

  • Wani-Zame
    Wani-Zame Před rokem +30

    Viserys might be 30s in the books but they aren’t playing for that in the show, they’ve aged everyone up. Viserys is clearly supposed to be about 50 but the disease makes him look 75. They wouldn’t cast Paddy if they wanted you to think he was 30. Daemon around 40 and the Queen and the Princess late 20s. Remember it’s 10 years between episode 5 and episode 6. That would mean Alicent would have had to have been at least 14 then but is probably nearer 18.

    • ThornInTheEye
      ThornInTheEye Před rokem +13

      I feel like George is just pretty bad with ages in general. Like he took an assumption that everyone in the medieval times married extremely young and had a very short life expectancy and just extrapolated it to everyone. It's better to age everyone up so the child marriages and people being senile and decrepit in their 40's makes a bit more sense

    • Wani-Zame
      Wani-Zame Před rokem +6

      @ThornInTheEye yeah totally agree with that. I think Alt is a bit odd in that when accepts the show “ are taking a detour with the timeline” but can’t comprehend them taking liberties with the ages of characters. The audience of HOTD are much happier if you aren’t trying to tell them Paddy Considine is playing a 30 year old when he probably has kids that age in real life.

  • Jet G. Eighty-seven
    Jet G. Eighty-seven Před rokem +21

    This episode reminded me so much of The Crown. The silent staring scenes and overall the family gathering. Besides Matt Smith becoming another husband to the queen (to be).

  • Rō Iscavel
    Rō Iscavel Před rokem +70

    I think it makes sense how no one cares about Aemond claiming Vhagar and just brush it off. Like it's nothing but tradition, a common thing for a Targaryen prince.
    We know war is coming because we know how the story ends. But for them, specially Rhaenyra and Alicent, there's still a chance to avoid it: Alicent thinking "decency will prevail" without going into the details, Rhaenyra thinking Alicent incapable of murder even after she rejected her peace offer.
    At least until the eye thing. And even then, instead of being hateful about it, Alicent couldn't help but opening herself up about her burden, her grief, her pain.
    Only Otto and Rhaenys have ever talked about war: Otto because of his ambition and as a way to put his blood on the Throne; Rhaenys because she understands how men like Otto and Corlys think and has experienced it first hand.

    • Chinyere Ugwu
      Chinyere Ugwu Před 11 měsíci

      What do you think Allicent was talking about when she said to her son that he is the challenge to the current heir? How do you think coups happen? They are licked on by kisses and not accomplished by chats. She knows full well and is preparing her sons for war just like Rhaenyra also deep down knows that she might have to fight her usurpers. Hence why she tells Leanor to bring his lover since they need every sword they can mutter.

  • Donnie Staats
    Donnie Staats Před rokem +40

    I thought it was pretty cool how you could really see Criston’s fighting style come out in the boys, especially Aemond, but also the strong boys with the hook and the crook sand throw / stab

    • néli a
      néli a Před rokem +6

      re: fighting style of Criston, the children etc, please keep in mind they ALL originated with one man: Rowley Irlam. Professor stunt coordinator / director for GoT & HotD. He’s amazing

    • Donnie Staats
      Donnie Staats Před rokem

      @néli a I don’t pay all that much attention to the BTS stuff, but huge shoutout to him. I swear I could hear criston coaching Aemond during that fight scene. So good

  • Epic Tree
    Epic Tree Před rokem +9

    I'm loving how team Green is coming together and I'm on board. Their just so evil and cool (some of them are cooler than others, but still.)

  • Thomas Alègre de la Soujeole

    It’s an interesting episode too as expectations shift ;
    Daemon and Rhaneyra have been mellowed and humbled by their years of arranged marriages to Velaryon kids, and by parenthood.
    They appear to have had some serious « adulting » going on, and measuring up to their past mistakes and/or failures has humbled them. And both seem to have taken to healthier ways of relating to court. Rhaenyra by her peace offerings to Alicent, and accepting to pay more (at least lip) service to courtly appearances ; and Daemon by staying away from the debauchery and intrigues of King’s landing.
    Even their kids appear to have been raised first and foremost into loving kinship.
    By contrast ; Alicent seems to devolve into a petulant Karen, drunk on her power that rises proportionately to Viserys’s decline, and while the blacks appear to gain in decency, she appears to lose in direct contrast.
    While the greens seemed the do-gooders, ambitious, but ultimately rather decent, they now appear as power-hungry, conniving social climbers (Larys, second son, killing his kin to become Lord of Harrenhal ; Otto, second son, throwing his teen daughter at the King to secure both his position as hand, and as a future King’s grandfather, Criston Cole having lost his honour and illusion as a Kingsguard, to become the Queen’s blade at court, etc). The Green children are being raised as tools for power, rather than a loving family. Even betrothing Aegon to his sister Haelena, which is a Targaryen custom that disgusts Westerosi. Something in Stark contrast with the affection the children of Rhaenyra and Daemon show for each other’s.
    It’s a notable reversal from the depiction of the factions in the first 5 episodes…

  • Reuben
    Reuben Před rokem +1

    I think apart from the dragons, the Targs might have carried dragon eggs that hadn't hatched yet. That would explain the number of dragons in this age.

  • Olorin
    Olorin Před 11 měsíci +4

    Like Gandalf, Alt Shift X is beholden to no mortal and shows up when he damn well pleases.

  • All The Artsy
    All The Artsy Před rokem +124

    The best episode of the season so far! Absolutely handled the claiming of Vhagar and the ensuing fight with the children and the mothers. The tensions continue to amp up and the battle lines have now been drawn. Say a prayer for Viserys, he is holding this whole thing together with his one semi-okay arm.
    I'm glad Laenor gets a happy ending. But what about Seasmoke? Did Laenor just throw really large rocks at them? 😅 Also, idk, to me personally, what is the advantage that Daemon brings (except of course himself, Dark Sister and Caraxes, which, fine, is a lot but...) He has no titles, no lands, no armies, no allies. He's more of a political liability, in a way, kinda, no?

    • Arawn
      Arawn Před rokem +30

      Well he mostly brings Daemon. He probably becomes one of Rhaenyras greatest assets/liabilities in the war

    • Nicholas Smieleski
      Nicholas Smieleski Před rokem +48

      Caraxes is one of the strongest dragons (as we find out later, but also kind of already know,) Daemon’s also a war hero/almost legend due to his beating of the Crabfeeder. Not only is a strong dragon worth more than an army, but his reputation is worth a ton too. We see it in the main series, but potential allies weigh how likely one side is to win a war and Daemon’s proven himself as a good commander.
      Aemond later recognizes Daemon as the real danger on the Blacks and thinks they’ll fall apart without him, and he thinks that for good reason.

    • Darkstar
      Darkstar Před rokem +34

      Daemon is Daemon he doesn't need land and titles, at the age of 20 he raised an army of 2000 men to support Viserys' claim during the great council of 101 AC
      He led the Valaryon army against 3 powerful cities so he has a lot of experience in art of war

    • Nash the EverGM
      Nash the EverGM Před rokem +1

      @Nicholas Smieleski That's because they are alike, being a second son of the royal family.

    • SantomPh
      SantomPh Před rokem +4

      Daemon hired a big army of sellswords,second sons and other people to take the Stepstones. He has his dragon and Dark Sister and his own prowess of course.
      What he brings is his name-he is an undisputed Targaryen whose brother was king. Rhaenyra is dangerously short of male Targaryens on her end despite her three boys having dragonseed.
      Daemon was not wanted by Otto and others on the throne: the enemies of those people would want to support Daemon.

  • Caro
    Caro Před rokem +15

    Girl this episodeeeee, drama at its highest form and I lived for every second of it! The kids esp had me engaged in their petty ass fight, Aemon a punk tho for picking that rock and planning to chuck it at his lil nephew/cousin.
    Alicent and Rhynera going tit for tat too! Alicent has been sitting on that animosity for the longest and it was delicious 😌😌😌

  • Erin Sloan
    Erin Sloan Před rokem +2

    I'm surprised that Larys wasn't made hand of king, I always thought that was what he wanted when he alluded to Alicent repaying his favor in episode 6. He had a perfect opportunity to set himself up as a loyal king's hand with all Alicent's talk about just wanting someone that would side with her. Makes even less sense when you remember Viserys's bad blood with Otto. That being said, I could see Viserys wanting to mend bridges with Otto like he did with Daemon after the time skip, especially with his prime motivation seeming to be keeping his family together right now, Otto being Alicent's father and all. I just hope we get a scene with them that resolves that tension between them if this is the case, and maybe one that shows us that Alicent pulled some strings to get her father reinstated.

  • didyoujustsh.tyourself
    didyoujustsh.tyourself Před rokem +23

    I think it’s interesting af that Aemond didn’t chain/attach himself to Vhagar, I’m thinking it will teach him to always chain himself to his dragon, making his death above the God’s Eye even more cool because the reason Daemon could jump off Caraxes and get at him is because Daemon wasn’t strapped in, and Aemond was

    • Lilit Arutyunyan
      Lilit Arutyunyan Před rokem +2

      God that’s sounds so cool, I hope you are right about that

  • Honored Madman
    Honored Madman Před rokem +26

    I disagree with the point about corlys support, lucerys and jacerys are both dragonriders so it would still be adding dragonriders to his line, I love that line about history not remembering blood, I was thinking the same thing and then he said it. Corlys is great.

  • Kimi-Lee Knight
    Kimi-Lee Knight Před 11 měsíci

    Heleana has the most literal prophecies, with people choosing sides in the inevitable war, we see dragons of flesh(Targaryens) making green clothing (like what the Hightowers wear) and black ( like v the classic Targaryen colour) it’s about deliberately choosing allegiances. Rhaenyra even referred to allicent’s side as “the greens” in her chat with daemon at the end

  • BJT005
    BJT005 Před rokem +1

    One thing I noticed when Vaymond was deliverering the eulogy, Daemon saw how it was offending Rhenerya and her kids and laughed to get him to stop. I like how Daemond consistently does the "right" thing the wrong way.

  • disappearingbunny
    disappearingbunny Před rokem +7

    I think the laughter at the funeral is a nod to the real phenomenon, some people in the midst of grief inexplicably start laughing at inappropriate times. Not on purpose, but probably because of emotional trauma, lack of sleep, shock of it all, disbelief etc. It fits him so well. What a detail.

    • Aemond Targaryen
      Aemond Targaryen Před rokem +2

      Nah he was laughing about what the salty uncle said about the pure blood

  • Lauren Michero
    Lauren Michero Před rokem +8

    I think Rhaenyra was present and in the moment with Daemon on the beach but then she was staring off like she was thinking about what’s to come. She holds onto his hair and neck like she finally got what she wanted. She wanted to be with him but she also wants him as her ally. She has felt alone for so long with him being away for all those years and now that Harwyn is gone and she has Daemon back, she feels stronger and more emboldened. Having the guy she’s wanted to be with back in her life (who is not only a fighter but a dragon rider) is a powerful thing. Just look how Alicent has changed now that she has Otto and Cristin and Larys by her side. They aren’t exactly dragon riders but she has several kids that are

    • Shockwave 11
      Shockwave 11 Před 11 měsíci +2

      Agree. Daemon is her source of strength- she claimed her own dragon in the flesh here.

  • whynotcaptaincrunch
    whynotcaptaincrunch Před rokem +2

    They let Laenor go, but to do that they murdered some random guy, so it's not like they're the good guys. I like how this episode showed both sides becoming more and more extreme. The conflict is escalating as they become more and more afraid of what might happen if they fail.

  • D VDV
    D VDV Před 11 měsíci

    I found it very interesting Aemond threw Aegon under the bus, while it was VERY clear that Alicent was actually the one who told him Rhaenyra's children were bastards.

  • Daniel Burgess
    Daniel Burgess Před rokem +4

    Big fan of Aemond in this episode. Clearly the kids got balls. What’s more when all the other kids jumped him he had the opportunity to bash Juke/Jace with a rock, but only used it to threaten them. Guarantee some other GoT princes wouldn’t have had so much restraint. Also didn’t seem that bothered about loosing an eye since he got a dragon in return. Something only Otto seemed to get.

    • LadyHokage
      LadyHokage Před rokem +2

      Yeah Aemond is really cool, he kills Luke and his dragon while they were both going to Storms End to get the Baratheons to join their side.

    • amo
      amo Před 8 měsíci

      @LadyHokage what a badass

  • stevnated
    stevnated Před rokem +2

    I am so afraid that the show isn't going to stop time for a few episodes because I love the interactions of the children SO MUCH. They let the Stark children grow up on GoT, and that made me love it so much more. You really felt invested, because they sorta became family in a real sense.
    I don't want them to continue swapping in other actors for the same people at different ages, while keeping some actors the same throughout. Can we slow down and stick with a time period at some point?

  • naomi cannibal
    naomi cannibal Před rokem +35

    Jace and Luke are dragon riders. Jace has Vermax and Luke has Arrax. Yes they’re not Velaryons and they are bastards, but they (like Baela and Rhaena) both have a Targaryen parent. The only leg up Baela and Rhaena have is Rhaenys actually being their grandmother, but this doesn’t seem to matter much. Rhaenys herself is half Baratheon-half Targaryen, which shows us you probably only need to be half Targaryen to be a dragon rider, which Jace and Luke are. The succession problem Corlys and Rhaenys are discussing isn’t how “Targaryen” Jace and Luke are (which would mean dragons- which they have), but how “Velaryon” they are- which they aren’t. But if Luke “Velaryon” would have had a child with another Targaryen his children would’ve likely been dragon riders too and carried the Velaryon name.

    • All The Artsy
      All The Artsy Před rokem +19

      Yeah, Alt (do we know his name lol i dont know his name) really misspeaking/making mistakes a lot on this one hehh..
      What Corlys means when he says "history does not remember blood, it remembers names" is that at least Laenor's sons are Velaryon. They will keep the family name going. Laena's daughters are Targaryen. Once she marries, the older's husband would be lord of Driftmark. And their family name would disappear. That's why despite those boys not being his son's, he's kinda accepted it, I guess. I don't even know if he's thinking of dragonrider blood in particular

    • naomi cannibal
      naomi cannibal Před rokem +12

      @All The Artsy Exactly. I think his primary goal is that someone with the name of Velaryon is Lord of Driftmark, which would be impossible w Baela/ Rhaena. That’s all he’s concerned about. He’s also never seemed shown that much interest in the dragons, or at least doesn’t see them as an essential part of his “legacy”. Also, regardless of the kids not being Laenor’s, he knew Laenor was gay and probably also knows that Laenor was well aware his sons weren’t his and chose to accept them anyway, as Corlys is doing. Rhaenyra might be lying to the world but I think Corlys knows she wasn’t playing dumb with Laenor too

    • choculus
      choculus Před rokem +2

      What's the threshold for how much Targaryen blood you need to ride dragons? Wasn't Robert Baratheon like a quarter Targaryen? Could he ride dragons if they still existed at his time?

    • naomi cannibal
      naomi cannibal Před rokem +2

      @choculus see that’s what I don’t know! The books make it seem like half, but with the dragonseeds I don’t think we got full confirmation on how “Targaryen” all of them were. Maybe it’s at least half. Because I feel like at a certain point anyone could ride a dragon, including gendry who would only be like 1/8 targ 😂

    • Dave Kenny
      Dave Kenny Před 11 měsíci

      Its not Targaryen blood but Valyrian blood. Both the Velaryon and Baratheons were of the blood of Old Valaryia.

  • Rebecca Weston
    Rebecca Weston Před rokem

    On one hand, I would pay anything to see happy friend time on the islands with Rhaenyra & Laena, their kids, and the dragons. That sounds like so much fun. I love that Jace and the girls are immediately a team, and I imagine that expedited pace is condensing what was originally written as 10 years of bonding.
    Buuuut, if Laena's death is already an essential part of the story you're writing, I think it is better that we got to see this unresolved desire from her. We see she has the same yearning as her father; which her mother scorns and her brother escapes. Her wish for a dragonrider's death is the fruit of Corlys' need for a glorious story. A cautionary tale, which Laenor heeds by instead choosing anonymous life.
    (I'd kinda like it if we'd stop writing in people of color with cool sexual politics just to write them immediately back out, often horribly. But if you're taking her as one of your Ned Starkian act 1 deaths that the rest of the story is about responding to, then I think the specter of dying without resolution or satisfaction does set up act 2 better than if she had been more content before her death.)

  • Wiseacres
    Wiseacres Před rokem +1

    The way Luke screamed when Alicent came at him with the dagger made me laugh so hard. Everyone was yelling then there's this high pitched shriek throughout all of it 😂💀

  • Patryk Lewandowski
    Patryk Lewandowski Před rokem +2

    Now that you have mentioned the age of the dragons, Balerion dying of old age, I thought that this was somehow also symbolic that the oldest and biggest dragon passing away is foreshadowing the Targaryen family decline and that Viserys' reign will lead to some form of crysis (though it surely hadn't been golden age under Maegor the Cruel).
    Just the idea of the dragon, that conquered the kingdoms, dying, which also sparks incompetence onto the ruler. Or it's probably more complicated and it starts with Jaeherys' children even and Balerion dying could have also affected Viserys - but for a second I thought "Viserys becomes king" -> Balerion: "Omg, this guy, guess Imma just die"

  • Jackson Ellis
    Jackson Ellis Před rokem +3

    So I noticed that earlier in the episode, Rhaenyra said she couldn't believe that Allicent had it in her to participate in the deaths of the Strongs but in the behind the episode, the show runners say that when Allicent attacks her, they say she's willing to take that cut to finally see if Allicent is indeed capable of going the extra mile

  • Daria Ivaniuk
    Daria Ivaniuk Před rokem +2

    You know the episode was good when alt shift's stream is more than THREE hours long

  • loismydarling 🎭
    loismydarling 🎭 Před rokem +6

    When you sense that a somewhat weird character has a crush on you, it's a filthy feeling and I don't envy Alicent.
    Not. Going. To. End. Well.
    It _was_ funny that she had to tell him to read the room and be a bit less conspicuous.

  • Will Harwell
    Will Harwell Před 11 měsíci +6

    HBO really needs to send the HOTD episodes to Shift beforehand.

  • Rubbish_Kat
    Rubbish_Kat Před měsícem

    It’s interesting that Daemon seems more ‘mellow’ during his marriage to Laena considering she’s not even really a ‘mellowing’ influence. She wants to go back to westeros and seek greatness but he resists. I think it’s less that he’s really moved on from his power hungry ways and more that he’s given up on getting the things he really wants - the throne, which he’s now faaaar back in the line for & Rhaenyra, who’s now married to someone else - and just wants to be far away to save himself the pain of being so close to what he desires without being able to possess them.
    As soon as Rhaenerya offers him the opportunity to get both he can’t help but jump at it.

  • Vega N.
    Vega N. Před 10 měsíci +1

    Lol I absolutely loved Alicent, throughout the series. Crazy how different perception of characters can sometimes be. Of course she‘d be resentful. She never had the privilege to disobey

  • HypliX'
    HypliX' Před 11 měsíci

    I think there will be a divide amongst the kingsguards aswell. The commander seemed close with Rhaenyra in the first episodes and the look he gave Christen when Alicent told him he was sworn to her..

  • Spartan Oreo
    Spartan Oreo Před rokem +1

    Aemond taking the initiative ironically can be attributed to the bullying he received earlier from the 2 sons of Rhaenerya(who fought him about getting Vhagar) and Aegon (the supposed icon of Alicent's children). Acquiring Vhagar was a great step in favour of the greens, seems like he shows the most promise of the children of the new generation thus far.
    I look forward to see what he, and the other kids will be become after a couple of years.

  • it's time to make something of ourselves gentlemen

    Yes dude hold the writers accountable, this channel is popular and a reason why hotd is so well written and I'm so here for it

  • Simon Jo
    Simon Jo Před rokem +67

    Everyone is talking about Daemon being "the good guy" as if he didn't just murder that guard in cold blood :o

  • Domino and friends
    Domino and friends Před rokem

    Daemon chuckled during the speech because that was not the best time to throw shots at Rhae's children and their paternity. He took the attention off that and brought it onto himself,

  • benny b
    benny b Před rokem +3

    Love your work man! Can’t wait to have Dune part II, hopefully we get it soon. Keep up the amazing work!

  • HypliX'
    HypliX' Před 11 měsíci

    I think it's heavily implied that Laenor wouldn't and didn't leave without Rhaenyra letting him or telling him to leave. Like when the scene cut away I'm sure Laenor asked like "why tf are you attacking me?" And he would've told him that Rhaenyra sent him to fake his death.

  • The Laurence Gill Variety Channel

    I wish we'd had a scene between Rhaenyra and young-ish Aegon in these last 2 episodes, before the battlelines were so firmly drawn. Could have added an extra layer of tragedy if they broadly got along and didn't want to have to fight

  • MusicTechHelpGuy
    MusicTechHelpGuy Před rokem +3

    Love the audio analogy around 1:45:00. Music producers and audio engineers totally do this! We listen on car speakers, headphones, ear buds, etc. Part of mastering is making sure that the content translates well to all formats.

  • Candace Planet
    Candace Planet Před rokem +7

    Aemonds' ride on Vaghar is, I think, a cinematic masterpiece. Like, holy crap.

    • Adam
      Adam Před rokem +4

      I had a huge smile on my face that whole scene, I was thinking "Ok, maybe I am now on team Aemond"
      Then he punched a little girl in the face lmao

    • Ilovecookies
      Ilovecookies Před rokem +4

      @Adam tbf she punched him first

  • Shaun Morgan
    Shaun Morgan Před rokem +1

    The topic of dragons bonding to one rider at one time makes me wonder exactly how the dynamic of Daenerys and her dragons work. Was she bonded to just Drogon or (as the Mother of Dragons) was she bound with all three of them? And if she was bound to all three of them that raises the question of Jon Snow being able to ride Rheagal. Did Jon form a bond with Rheagal or can Targaryens borrow dragons? Lots of questions with Dragons and their bonds with riders being explored.

  • Sam Spencer
    Sam Spencer Před rokem +2

    My favorite theory though I’m not sure if it was said by a commenter here or in a PJ stream was that it’s not that Larys is skin changing into the rats but rather that whenever we see the rats it means that Larys is in the walls spying on what’s happening because him being in the walls has flushed the rats into the open.

  • Eric Celestino
    Eric Celestino Před rokem +97

    It's pretty clear that King Viserys condition worsens whenever Otto is around.
    That man might actually be responsible for plugging the kingdom to war

    • Big Boi
      Big Boi Před rokem +28

      It is odd that he was dying so fast when Otto was hand originally, then lived 10 years and gets ill again when he comes back

    • Aemond Targaryen
      Aemond Targaryen Před rokem

      Idk. The longer Viserys is around the longer he has got to prepare Aegon and search allies

    • Calle
      Calle Před rokem

      I totally think he is littlefinger 2.0

    • Masterm
      Masterm Před rokem +1

      @Big Boi the Grand Maester changed in the 10 year time jump, from Mellos to Orwyle. Maybe that's what stabilized Viserys. It's also implied that Mellos was in kahoots with Otto and was making him stay sick.

    • Barış Aydın
      Barış Aydın Před rokem +1

      @Calle He is too much around to be littlefinger. He is like a slightly less competent, more sneaky version of Tywin imo

  • twelve11
    twelve11 Před rokem

    The connection between rider and dragon seems magical, just like the Starks and their direwolves, so a dragon knows when their bond is severed if their rider dies. Seasmoke could never be claimed by anybody else if that's true or perhaps Seasmoke goes and finds Laenor and he can make a reappearance later in the series.

  • Rhys McB
    Rhys McB Před rokem +17

    Actually really liked the change to the canon with Laenor's escape, proves the show still has the ability to surprise book fans (though it's been more than good telling a definitive version of gyldayn's history). Laenor living could give an explaination as to why seasmoke remains riderless for a decade-ish until claimed by a dragonseed as his true rider may live on in Essos for an undefined period of time. Unless there were no real potential claimants in that time and all with blood had dragons, but eitherway the period without a rider is plausable as violent deaths are so common in the story Laenors survival in this instance doesn't rule out his later off-screen death.

    • Sanja
      Sanja Před rokem +3

      One of Daemon's girls still doesn't have a dragon, so Seasmoke did have a potential rider. I agree that Laenor being alive and well in Essos explains why Seasmoke remained riderless. It's also one of the reasons the kids got so angry at Aemond - the boys were mad because he called them bastards, but the girls were mad because Rhaena didn't have a dragon and instead of getting Vhagar, which would make sense since it was her late mother's dragon, she now not only stayed without one, but had to deal with Aemond "stealing" it from her.

    • Caleb Petrauskas
      Caleb Petrauskas Před rokem +1

      Canon, for future reference

  • J F
    J F Před rokem +18

    I mean, Rhaenyra and Daemon still murdered a presumably innocent person. Just because she didn't have Laenor killed doesn't absolve her from that.

    • King Jack Indigo
      King Jack Indigo Před rokem +4

      Oh don't worry, and the team black simps will gloss over this or ignore it altogether because they can't stand the uncomfortable truth about their "heroes". Seriously at times it depresses me how quickly Martin's message is lost on the viewers

    • FlowerTrollSan
      FlowerTrollSan Před 11 měsíci +2

      @King Jack Indigo Yeah, also the fact that Daemon, you know, killed his wife with a rock. But "go team black!" fanatics will just ignore all that. 😂 I'm not team green, I'm just neutral and enjoy the show and the books, but I really don't get all the hate for Alicent, tbh, and all the blind love for Rhaenyra and Daemon. Not to mention the romanticizing of incest, yuck.

    • King Jack Indigo
      King Jack Indigo Před 11 měsíci +1

      @FlowerTrollSan it does truly puzzle me. After reading fire and blood when it came out, I never would have guessed Rhaenyra would be as loved as she is in the show. I mean wtf. I think part of it has to be deliberate by the show runners, like maybe they want to do a flip halfway through where Rhae becomes more of a villain, e.g. Daenarys, but that's all I can hope, and even that to me is a lame reduction and oversimplification for the sake of the dumb audience

    • King Jack Indigo
      King Jack Indigo Před 11 měsíci +2

      @FlowerTrollSan unfortunately I think much of it is simply trigger happy feminists who will stan any character, regardless of moral character and integrity, who even remotely represents modern feminist ideals

  • Ana arias
    Ana arias Před rokem +2

    rhaenyra wanted Aemond tortured. in the books the words "sharply questioned" is code for torture which is why alicent says "over an insult?!".

  • Henry Groya
    Henry Groya Před rokem +42

    I mean if Criston had attacked Luke for Alicent, Viserys probably would have him killed. So it kinda makes sense that he didn’t do anything there.

    • KittyApoc
      KittyApoc Před rokem

      I feel like we haven’t seen Viserys make an actual decision in like 10 years or whenever he kicked Otto out. Who knows honestly maybe Cole would of been safe, viserys still needs a few years to charge up his next decision

  • Paul Barry
    Paul Barry Před rokem +31

    Gotta say, huge difference between what Viserys is facing here with the fight - proper serious unrecoverable damage and claims of bastardy that will shake the kingdom, and what Robert faced with Arya and Joffrey. For those who say Viserys handled it badly, how could it have been handled well?

    • Js 99
      Js 99 Před rokem +11

      Make a fucking decision! Even if it’s a bad one. Stand on something. He’s a weak king. Either publicly stand with Alicent or Rhynaera, but don’t just ignore the situation.

    • Jessjess23 Brooks
      Jessjess23 Brooks Před rokem +5

      @Js 99 Yeah, instead of threatening to take someone's eyes or tongue, like maybe do it? Set a precedence of punishment to deter people from calling the heir a bastard or they just won't stop with the rumors. No one seems afraid to say "treasonous" things because Viserys isn't backing up his threats.

    • Orion Invictus
      Orion Invictus Před rokem +1

      Call another great council in harranehall and have the lord's vote on the matter the winner is made heir with their children to inherit afterward the problem is the laws of succession have been set before and they are breaking them by having a woman heir

  • Comrade Commissar Yuri

    I did notice how as well as Daemon there are two more Kingsguard holding Ser Cristin back while the tussle with the knife is happening