UN General Assembly 78th session: World leaders to convene as divides deepen

  • čas přidán 16. 09. 2023
  • World leaders are arriving in New York for the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.
    Many are wondering if the assembly has the political willpower to put aside geopolitical tensions and address the needs of the world's most vulnerable areas.
    Al Jazeera’s James Bays reports from the United Nations.
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Komentáře • 0

  • Silas Larsen
    Silas Larsen Před 15 dny +6

    I have followed multilateral politics a lot this year. I’m concerned that many governments are blaming ‘international institutions’ for their problems too much and often deflecting. Clearly the World Bank and IMF need reforming, as seems to happen every 20 years. But they are not at the heart of the international financial system as is so often implied. They loan for special purposes and last resort.
    Wealthier countries will need to offer more money for green electricity generation. Emergency loan facilities developing countries for a future pandemic are needed.

  • Ocean
    Ocean Před 14 dny +1

    Генеральная Ассамблея ООН это не то, что происходит сейчас, когда все говорят разные вещи, и нет никакого понимания. Нужно обязательно начать обсуждать даты окончания войны между Россией и Украиной.
    Нужно заканчивать войну силой слова лидеров стран, которые имеют голоса в ООН.

  • Wyne Tsang
    Wyne Tsang Před 15 dny +15

    United Nations should change name to Divided Nations. Geopolitical tesions will be nromal.

    • Daniel Kolbin
      Daniel Kolbin Před 13 dny

      Most countries get along to some extent.

  • jarosław bielski
    jarosław bielski Před 15 dny

    Happy is the man who finds wisdom,
    and the man who has gained prudence,

  • Renz gonz
    Renz gonz Před 14 dny +1

    Big countries who always veto should fund U.N.

  • An American Entrepreneur
    An American Entrepreneur Před 14 dny +1

    No one left behind. Such wonderful names to use for such evil doings. Kinda like, equality, diversity, for the greater good etc.

  • Cory Buott
    Cory Buott Před 14 dny

    Conflict itself is not a cause for the SDG setbacks. The stresses CAUSING conflict are, though. These stresses lead to conflict escalation ladders. Today, the main causes for this are all linked to climatological collapse. Climate collapse is caused by the emergence of Capitalism and all the graphs show positive correlation for this. Conflict causes land and other resource stress. This leads organizations of people to become more aggressive in securing these resources (NATO/the Global West against China, Russia & the Global South, for example). This quickly escalates into open, kinetic conflict because of the failure to acknowledge the truths of socioecological interdependence, and the need for truly global and truly sustainable equity. This means that a value system where humankind and its greater ecology, & their long term wellbeing must be of highest value. This is purely contradictory and antipathical to Capitalism, where a profit must be made for living exclusive shareholders. The only way forward is Communism, totally and globally. If we don't face this truth soon, we won't make it as a species. Most people in the Global West are indoctrinated by the weapon of fallacy.

  • reza karampour
    reza karampour Před 14 dny

    ' Ukraine Crisis - What You're Not Being Told . '

  • Tuti Fruti
    Tuti Fruti Před 15 dny

    Alright alright alright....the room where Russia and China have the same veto power as the USA and UK.
    Bring it on 💪💪🏾

  • HiHeloobyby
    HiHeloobyby Před 14 dny +2

    No poverty is the most illogical nonsense thing I have ever heard 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Halford Munene
    Halford Munene Před 15 dny +4

    we grew knowing UN was and is a tool and a symbol of colonial impunity
    UN SECURITY Council is Racist!
    And this body is now the devil's advocate

  • Jackal N
    Jackal N Před 14 dny

    You cant help everybody when you have uncontrolled birth rate.

  • Akansha bhatia
    Akansha bhatia Před 15 dny

    Simply put ,
    We have seen 2 asian countries go bankrupt , they don't have food , petrol , medicine , the reason being corruption
    So make sure your country operates by the democratic rule book , or your country will also be like those two , and that's really really torturous , only the top political people escaped , rest of the nation went through and is still going through inhuman treatment and that also includes bankers and other top officials

    • ET Himself
      ET Himself Před 14 dny

      This is the sane as non Democratic countries(rule books), is it not?

  • Min Bajunid
    Min Bajunid Před 14 dny

    all acted like they doing "something"

  • eliyas alisho
    eliyas alisho Před 15 dny +1


  • Mr. Doogle
    Mr. Doogle Před 14 dny

    No one left behind but what's they do for Palestine people?

  • David Gilharry
    David Gilharry Před 14 dny

    They blameing the war and raseing every item.making more money than before and still cant help other countries .poor escuses they are not there for help they are there 5o recieve

  • Tesfaye Mamo
    Tesfaye Mamo Před 15 dny +2

    Why the UN Adresse on the war commited on amharas in ethiopia, genocide on amhara by abiy!

  • Alicianah
    Alicianah Před 14 dny

    You care to mention the G77 in Cuba this September or does your funding sponsors not permit?

  • Portal Portal80
    Portal Portal80 Před 15 dny

    ☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢ mission accomplished baby's

  • Edjieboa Nova
    Edjieboa Nova Před 13 dny

    Ru says European countries are next. Thats WW3 anyway. Weapons now or blood later. Send it.
    Dallas, Texas 💙🇺🇦

  • Darnnel Jones
    Darnnel Jones Před 15 dny

    How are you going to get a Grain Deal without President Putin presences?
    The UNGA is a waste of time.

  • TheLawTube
    TheLawTube Před 14 dny +1

    The Un must condemn the genocide of Oromo people by amahra militia Fano! And the government is not protecing the poor Oromo, Fano is agenocider

  • Meeran Akhtar
    Meeran Akhtar Před 14 dny

    1:47 Amina Mohammed
    United Nations Deputy Secretary General

  • Milaas DYC
    Milaas DYC Před 14 dny

    He always say to restore tye grain deal but not hearing by saying the West should lift the suction for Russia.

  • Meeran Akhtar
    Meeran Akhtar Před 14 dny

    International Criminal Court issue arrest warrant against Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
    For blood bath in Palestine
    Blood bath of Many Muslim People's

  • Tesfaye Mamo
    Tesfaye Mamo Před 15 dny +2

    The UN must react and condemn on genocide of amhara in ethipia!

    • TheLawTube
      TheLawTube Před 14 dny

      Fano is a genocider who is killing the poor oromos!

    • BB Zone
      BB Zone Před 14 dny


  • Portal Portal80
    Portal Portal80 Před 15 dny

    ☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢☢ mission accomplished baby's or chicken COMES HOMES to roost..

  • Jodi Keehn
    Jodi Keehn Před 14 dny

    Covanant of many

  • Urim Tefiki
    Urim Tefiki Před 14 dny

    wasting time for no reason

  • Nadine
    Nadine Před 15 dny

    say it loud say it clear, refugees are welcome here 😊🇩🇪❤ no humans are illegal. Bring your family ❤❤

  • Genaro Salazar
    Genaro Salazar Před 15 dny +4

    Only 👉 JESUS CHRIST 👈 can provide.

    • Farhan
      Farhan Před 14 dny

      How? by getting himself killed by his own creation 😢

    • Jacqui Brown
      Jacqui Brown Před 13 dny +1

      He gave His life for us.

    • Genaro Salazar
      Genaro Salazar Před 13 dny

      @Farhan he offered himself for our salvation

  • Tracy
    Tracy Před 15 dny +1

    Snake Oil Salsemen

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown Před 15 dny +1

    Bla bla bla bla…😢

    LEYSA ALFONSO Před 13 dny

    Abajo los comunistas,Socialista y libertad para todos los presos politicos Cubanos y de todos los paises comunistas

  • Tesfaye Mamo
    Tesfaye Mamo Před 15 dny

    Stop genocide on amhara, ethiopia!the UN should react on the massacare and killings of amharas in ethiopia by abiy troops!

    • TheLawTube
      TheLawTube Před 14 dny

      Amhara fano is a genocider, who to stop?