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the cookie jar knows how to make Jenna Ortega mad

  • čas přidán 30. 11. 2022
  • #shorts
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    the cookie jar knows how to make Jenna Ortega mad #Wednesday
    / @stillwatchingnetflix
    Smart, sarcastic and a little dead inside, Wednesday Addams investigates a murder spree while making new friends - and foes - at Nevermore Academy.
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  • @stillwatchingnetflix
    @stillwatchingnetflix  Před rokem +2133

    Watch the whole video here: czcams.com/video/AHxsIqkvaRs/video.html

    • @stick408
      @stick408 Před rokem +5

      Thx for the link

    • @jeyanisha9826
      @jeyanisha9826 Před rokem +4

      did she blinked

    • @julliustanguilan9688
      @julliustanguilan9688 Před rokem +3

      but i have both Netflix and Disney + but
      i dont find any fun stuff on Netflix but i still LOVE NETFLIX!1

    • @mynamejeff500
      @mynamejeff500 Před rokem


    • @jukethetrackstar2015
      @jukethetrackstar2015 Před rokem +2

      𝓢𝓪𝓶𝓮 𝓘 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓱𝓸𝓽 𝓼𝓪𝓾𝓬𝓮

  • @a.kimchi4ever
    @a.kimchi4ever Před rokem +36157

    jenna as wednesday works so well! it fits her personality great she was made for this role

    • @lucreziavilante5993
      @lucreziavilante5993 Před rokem +229

      I think I was too attached to Christina Ricci's character. She had more of a waif doll face.

    • @KasturiDreamland
      @KasturiDreamland Před rokem +128

      But Wednesday Adams isn't anything like the current role they've written for this actress...

    • @breakpoint4268
      @breakpoint4268 Před rokem +275

      @@KasturiDreamland we have never seen Wednesday as a teenager though so no it won’t be like the older renditions.

    • @infinity.x
      @infinity.x Před rokem +188

      @@KasturiDreamland Tim burtin and the other producers said they wanted it to be nothing like a remake so I think that was on purpose they wanted it to be kind of its own thing but just with Wednesday and the Adams in it

    • @3tarbutterfly
      @3tarbutterfly Před rokem +122

      @@lucreziavilante5993 she was like a creepy porcelain doll which was awesome, but I think Jenna pulled her character off pretty well. Definitely better than anyone else could’ve.

  • @racsoboom8570
    @racsoboom8570 Před rokem +1159

    That question was the definition of “never let them know your next move”

  • @kaushikvlogger6218
    @kaushikvlogger6218 Před rokem +2181

    She is really so serious in her real life too.

    • @shomeakhtar9242
      @shomeakhtar9242 Před rokem +145

      No, she isn’t in her real life she smiles and blinks, and laughs all the time

    • @heheboy2305
      @heheboy2305 Před rokem +70

      Its because of Wednesday acting

    • @StPhere
      @StPhere Před rokem +1


    • @ikea_bear1791
      @ikea_bear1791 Před rokem +17

      @@shomeakhtar9242 I’m pretty sure everyone blinks 💀

    • @kaushikvlogger6218
      @kaushikvlogger6218 Před rokem +2

      @@ikea_bear1791 exactly

  • @OneAndOnlyYesMan
    @OneAndOnlyYesMan Před rokem +9470

    The mental gymnastics it took to get to that question

    • @cephi
      @cephi Před rokem +87

      right lmfao

    • @melodys9188
      @melodys9188 Před rokem +118

      no actually tho like wtf

    • @bmo6754
      @bmo6754 Před rokem +42

      yeah that was like the point of the questions

    • @catalinbutoi2388
      @catalinbutoi2388 Před rokem +3

      Oh so know she is back vegetarian? I think she doesn't even know what vegetarian is🤣

    • @cranburrey
      @cranburrey Před rokem +19

      ​@@catalinbutoi2388 She's been vegan for years then started eating fish

  • @nouser1087
    @nouser1087 Před rokem +235

    I think she is purposely in character so that people don't see a different Wednesday outside Wednesday and the character retains its real feel:)

  • @silentcookie8891
    @silentcookie8891 Před rokem +393

    The way she smiled by hearing people on fire 💀 she’s literally Wednesday-

  • @Kaiya_.
    @Kaiya_. Před rokem +43298

    “SoHhry.” That was so dead bye- 💀✋
    Edit: why did she smirk when he said "speaking of people on fire"..😃

    • @rizzgodyach
      @rizzgodyach Před rokem +195

      For real 😭

    • @twentyonetortas5921
      @twentyonetortas5921 Před rokem +91

      Wait how’s it dead? I did find it funny though.

    • @grcieslvrr
      @grcieslvrr Před rokem +160

      @@twentyonetortas5921 probably cause she angrily mumbled it 😭

    • @user-fy9xl9eu8c
      @user-fy9xl9eu8c Před rokem +16

      @@twentyonetortas5921 it just is bro

    • @phagot
      @phagot Před rokem +81

      Nah bcs I thought she was still in her Wednesday character 😃

  • @B_e_l_l_a_
    @B_e_l_l_a_ Před rokem +67

    I swear Hunter is one of the cutest actor's I've ever seen

    • @smoygamerx2682
      @smoygamerx2682 Před rokem +2

      he is gay, like actually i am not kidding he is married to a man 💀

    • @moonlightgamerzzz
      @moonlightgamerzzz Před rokem +17

      @@smoygamerx2682married gay people can be cute too.

    • @smoygamerx2682
      @smoygamerx2682 Před rokem +1

      @@moonlightgamerzzz cute in hell

    • @B_e_l_l_a_
      @B_e_l_l_a_ Před rokem +5

      @@smoygamerx2682 so your saying because he's gay he still can't be cute 😂

    • @smoygamerx2682
      @smoygamerx2682 Před rokem

      @@B_e_l_l_a_ ig u both support lgbtq 💀 😂 actual europeans

  • @TheLiamster
    @TheLiamster Před rokem +35

    Jenna is my celebrity crush, I’m in love with her

    • @Mant_
      @Mant_ Před rokem +1

      I usually laugh at simps but I understand you, Jenna is diffrent and it's hard to not at least like her

    • @ronni62
      @ronni62 Před 11 měsíci


    • @ronni62
      @ronni62 Před 11 měsíci

      @@Mant_ it’s easy to not like her actually, she’s ugly and a terrible actress

  • @dominacjanietoperz5479
    @dominacjanietoperz5479 Před rokem +5564

    "Jenna, you said you wanted to become an actress after seeing Man On Fire. Speaking of which..."

    • @kalasweet225
      @kalasweet225 Před rokem +19

      No comments let Me fix that

    • @tamarcohen9198
      @tamarcohen9198 Před rokem +7

      ​@@kalasweet225 let me help you

    • @emiliomurkmere
      @emiliomurkmere Před rokem +6

      @@tamarcohen9198i shall assist as well

    • @nataliaaa18
      @nataliaaa18 Před rokem +9

      @@emiliomurkmere i should help too 😌

    • @dasmesup8956
      @dasmesup8956 Před rokem +4

      I feel you already have a lot of hand, but might as well 🖐️

  • @nakita_isa7498
    @nakita_isa7498 Před rokem +16

    When she smirked when he said “speaking of people on fire”
    I’m guessing it was her inner Wednesday

  • @coolbatdoesroblox
    @coolbatdoesroblox Před rokem +14

    Jenna:emotional damage

  • @pileofsaltOG
    @pileofsaltOG Před rokem +12309

    "If I had to dip a vegetable in anything..."
    Me: oh ranch right
    Her: "Hot sauce"

    • @Kt-cn2rq
      @Kt-cn2rq Před rokem +219

      Ahaha she really went Wednesday on that person's question😄

    • @not_urgurlmel5207
      @not_urgurlmel5207 Před rokem +103

      “Hey, I’m just having some peppers with hot sauce today for lunch!”

    • @EtaGrayIzardWay
      @EtaGrayIzardWay Před rokem +81

      Hot sauce is the right answer

    • @pileofsaltOG
      @pileofsaltOG Před rokem +28

      @@EtaGrayIzardWay for meat yes it is but for vegetables? 😭

    • @EtaGrayIzardWay
      @EtaGrayIzardWay Před rokem +36

      @@pileofsaltOG Yes! I am also a vegetarian lol

  • @banenabdullah8927
    @banenabdullah8927 Před rokem +3

    The way she said "sorry🥲" was so cute🥺

  • @kierstynpinto6088
    @kierstynpinto6088 Před rokem +10

    The fact she brings a plushie everywhere makes me so happy

    • @amber_updike
      @amber_updike Před 5 měsíci

      Oh that's germ. She says he likes to tag along and "you do what the man says"🙂

  • @dailybearmemes7079
    @dailybearmemes7079 Před rokem +1777

    jenna forgets she's not Wednesday anymore 💀

    • @imory4492
      @imory4492 Před rokem +37

      There's gonna be another season

    • @halmittens
      @halmittens Před rokem +4

      ​@@orllybish4718a what

    • @-foundrena-3482
      @-foundrena-3482 Před rokem +7

      Yeah its official that there is gonna be another season

    • @orllybish4718
      @orllybish4718 Před rokem

      @@halmittens Yuppie.

    • @halmittens
      @halmittens Před rokem

      @@orllybish4718 what did you aay i cant see it

  • @Shamshamlol
    @Shamshamlol Před rokem +1

    "Jenna-" Jenna:*close's jar* "sOrRy"

  • @Taggedz1
    @Taggedz1 Před 17 dny +1

    "You said you want to become an actress after seeing Dakota Fanning
    ... what is your favourite dipping sauce for chicken tendies" 💀

  • @IamPluto.1maPLANET
    @IamPluto.1maPLANET Před rokem +4154

    i think she forgot that the filming was over she's still in character

  • @zGarmadon
    @zGarmadon Před rokem +1

    "Speaking of people on fire-"

  • @parveenkousar9269
    @parveenkousar9269 Před 6 měsíci

    she answered the question with so much sense .she already answered the question with honesty

  • @trevonnalancaster6290
    @trevonnalancaster6290 Před rokem +6217

    shes deep into this wednesday character fr fr cuz sis was neva like this

  • @viptazq887
    @viptazq887 Před 4 měsíci +1

    Jenna before filming wednesday:💗💛💕💙💚🧡💜💙🤍
    Jenna after filming wednesday:🖤🤍

  • @srishti0827
    @srishti0827 Před rokem +1

    "They couldn't even use use real pig blood, it's paint"

  • @vickissue
    @vickissue Před rokem +3671

    The "Sorry" when Jenna made a sound while he was talking was so cute😭
    Edit:2.2k likes?thx guys!

    • @xxizuya
      @xxizuya Před rokem +3

      1.4k likes and no comments? Lemme fix that

    • @vickissue
      @vickissue Před rokem +1

      @@xxizuya Kermit that u?😍😃

    • @xxizuya
      @xxizuya Před rokem +1

      @@vickissue it is I 😌

    • @vickissue
      @vickissue Před rokem +1

      @@xxizuya :00

    • @xxizuya
      @xxizuya Před rokem

      @@vickissue gladly 📜

  • @coffeecat2720
    @coffeecat2720 Před rokem +1

    He's not trying to provoke anger he just wanted to know if you like chicken strips and what kind of sauces.

  • @amber_updike
    @amber_updike Před 5 měsíci

    The way Jenna slams the lid back on the jar🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀

  • @PupRiku
    @PupRiku Před rokem +2093

    She's always going to be compared to previous versions of Wednesday...but this is her moment. She's absolutely amazing. Who knows how child Wednesday would have turned out in the original series or movies?

    • @joebone3151
      @joebone3151 Před rokem +9

      She's better then the previous versions

    • @brokenboneszolo7695
      @brokenboneszolo7695 Před rokem +9

      @@joebone3151 Well, its hard to argue against Nostalgic person lol. Never seen both Wednesday before but i can confidently say that the new Wednesday is better after watching both out of curiosity lol.

    • @blackskeletor
      @blackskeletor Před rokem +3

      honestly we're going to be realistic All things considered from Wednesday being 6 when she started to her being 16 now you would expect Wednesday to have some character development, I mean frankly I understand all of the changes they had to make because everybody is older and it's about growth and change which is exactly what Wednesday is having to do

    • @codylevesque5200
      @codylevesque5200 Před rokem

      @@joebone3151 that’s so wrong and stupid it’s unbelievable

    • @joebone3151
      @joebone3151 Před rokem

      @@codylevesque5200 nope

  • @ImaRat145
    @ImaRat145 Před rokem +3

    I will never see tyler the same…..i kept thinking he was about to become the monster😭😭

  • @icantthinkaname
    @icantthinkaname Před rokem

    Tyler was like "bro I'm reading it for u LISTEN" 😂

  • @Kexe134
    @Kexe134 Před rokem +6344

    Jenna Emma and hunter are really good at acting keep up the good work :)
    Edit :OMGGG thx for 6.3k likes ,I dint notice I had so much

  • @zinya_45
    @zinya_45 Před rokem +7

    “Speaking of people on fire”
    That’s not Jenna, that’s Wednesday.

    • @GDFR11
      @GDFR11 Před rokem

      Jenna has 'become' Wednesday

  • @crystaltears09
    @crystaltears09 Před rokem

    Jenna is so cute when she smiles

  • @LePoopSock
    @LePoopSock Před rokem +2411

    This is what a interviewer looks like that doesn't do their job perfectly and find out about their guests.

    • @felixromeike1044
      @felixromeike1044 Před rokem +88

      They also Asked Emma about something she does'nt eat

    • @CakeAnyoneAnyone28
      @CakeAnyoneAnyone28 Před rokem +38

      He’s apart of the show?

    • @LePoopSock
      @LePoopSock Před rokem +29

      @@felixromeike1044 a bit weird to know what exactly she eats but at least avoid any questions that don't quite fit her criteria of edibles eats.

    • @southcoast80
      @southcoast80 Před rokem +37

      ​@@CakeAnyoneAnyone28 they're talking about the journo who wrote the questions

    • @missbeaussie
      @missbeaussie Před rokem +4

      They won't know who will get the question though

  • @whatonearthisthisdudedoing

    her smile is so sweet😭

  • @Leeli_TherianAndFurry

    Jenna’s face is like can we get over with this already

  • @taylorflyyhigh
    @taylorflyyhigh Před rokem +694

    That smile she did after he said speaking of people on fire 😂

  • @mikewalker7385
    @mikewalker7385 Před rokem

    Jenna is the new thing, and I'm on board with that.

  • @Everything_Is_Pink
    @Everything_Is_Pink Před 10 měsíci +1

    She literally eated a hot wing in a video 😂

  • @gorgeous.darla_
    @gorgeous.darla_ Před rokem +1999

    "Jenna you said you wan-"
    "Oh sorry...."
    ✨UgH sO pReTtY✨
    Edit 1:MUM I HAVE 839 LIKES
    Edit 2:MUM I NOW HAVE 1K LIKES!!!!!
    Edit 3:NOW 2K :O

    • @Zangelus73
      @Zangelus73 Před rokem +1

      Fk yeah. Gorgeous. Is she bi?

    • @-Clutch-
      @-Clutch- Před rokem +14

      She just said *sorry*

    • @Haxior5506
      @Haxior5506 Před rokem +7

      @@-Clutch- I KNOW RIGHT! SO CUTE 😭💞💖

    • @datboi6671
      @datboi6671 Před rokem +8

      Oh my god you are gonna start making fics of jenna now arent u

    • @Lord_Skywalker
      @Lord_Skywalker Před rokem +9

      @@Haxior5506get help

  • @graysonslife3314
    @graysonslife3314 Před 11 měsíci

    "Sorry" That was cute omg-

  • @dev_pandey_45
    @dev_pandey_45 Před rokem +4

    Jenna : I am vegetarian
    Me: Maa bahu mil gyi 😍

  • @blue_hour_wolf
    @blue_hour_wolf Před rokem +144

    No one:
    Jenna: smirks when hunter mentions fire

  • @itsmenotreally2895
    @itsmenotreally2895 Před rokem

    Now that’s a friggin good answer

  • @-forestedits-3000
    @-forestedits-3000 Před rokem

    I love her little stuffed animal it’s so cute 🥺

  • @arcurv2900
    @arcurv2900 Před rokem +3848

    She said "I am vegetarian".. And here we vegetarians now literally gave heart to a her...💚❤

    • @comptegoogle5071
      @comptegoogle5071 Před rokem +95

      I liked her, now I love her

    • @myagamingkat
      @myagamingkat Před rokem +87

      I’m not vegetarian but I think it’s cool that she is, tbh I think vegetarians are cool for the commitment they give to a healthy lifestyle and to the environment

    • @Humanzzz
      @Humanzzz Před rokem +25

      Take it back now shes eats fish

    • @Lord_Skywalker
      @Lord_Skywalker Před rokem +10

      Fish fish FISH

    • @arcurv2900
      @arcurv2900 Před rokem +1

      @@myagamingkat 🥰❤

  • @Shaunquirk89
    @Shaunquirk89 Před 11 měsíci

    “Im vegetarian”. I’ve seen her hot wings interview lol

  • @bimanrajbongshi215
    @bimanrajbongshi215 Před rokem +8

    She is still giving Wednesday vibe ✨🙂

    • @Mant_
      @Mant_ Před rokem +1

      She is practising for season 2

    • @krystle7485
      @krystle7485 Před rokem

      No way she's done but they never sped it yet

  • @opossumsauce4472
    @opossumsauce4472 Před rokem +476

    She really played into that role huh

    • @akwrdlyprrfct8879
      @akwrdlyprrfct8879 Před rokem +87

      I think it was the perfect role for her. Because she acts that way irl. Like she has a very sick and dark sense of humor. She's naturally sarcastic in a dry way. And she has this monotone way of speaking. She's had a few roles like this due to the fact she feels they are easier for her to play since that's how she is off camera. I think she chooses her roles correctly enough for her to look like a very gifted actor, but it's just her personality tweaked.

    • @zionhope8409
      @zionhope8409 Před rokem +14

      ​@@akwrdlyprrfct8879 she's getting payed to still act like that during interviews

    • @Belllean
      @Belllean Před rokem +21

      Definitely over doing it, it even seems ingenuine

    • @halatiny6537
      @halatiny6537 Před rokem +7

      @@zionhope8409 no she said she’s similar to Wednesday and she’s just nonchalantly being herself here.

    • @cat-lj4zg
      @cat-lj4zg Před rokem +3

      @@Bellleanyou people love to tear down young people who are successfully living their dream 🙄

  • @_M-O-O-N-Y_
    @_M-O-O-N-Y_ Před 10 měsíci

    I love how she always has her little teddy

  • @igordasunddas3377
    @igordasunddas3377 Před rokem

    At least her room mate dressed appropriately 🤣. I felt like my brain was constantly vomiting rainbows whenever I saw her (forgot her name, Wednesday's room mate).

  • @theoneandonlyjazz
    @theoneandonlyjazz Před rokem +333

    “chicken tendies”😂 she rlly stays in character

  • @ephre1962
    @ephre1962 Před rokem +1


  • @sheenawathall8868
    @sheenawathall8868 Před rokem

    I love how you act Jena and emma

  • @Bubbles-peanut
    @Bubbles-peanut Před rokem +124

    Hunter-Jenna you said you wanted to become-
    *Hunter continues talking*

  • @MHA.weirdo.
    @MHA.weirdo. Před 9 měsíci +1

    Don’t make Jenna angry…

  • @patrickorton9960
    @patrickorton9960 Před 11 měsíci

    This young woman
    Is one of a kind
    Very incredible
    Very magical
    I hope she never lets anyone take that away
    You Rock 💥⚡️💥⚡️

  • @yourgothictia5257
    @yourgothictia5257 Před rokem +201

    That was a lot to ask what sauce she liked 😭

  • @Ceci.13
    @Ceci.13 Před 11 měsíci

    I just wanna say that the stuffy she was holding at the end was adorable

  • @jadepumpa
    @jadepumpa Před rokem

    I love the face Jenna can just keep a straight face

  • @joysun3787
    @joysun3787 Před rokem +238

    Jenna has beef with the jar😭

    • @Kate-my7ty
      @Kate-my7ty Před rokem +32

      Don't think she has beef with anything if she's a vegetarian 😭

    • @the_empath_etc
      @the_empath_etc Před rokem +3

      ​@@Kate-my7tyyou deserve a laugh track

    • @Kate-my7ty
      @Kate-my7ty Před rokem +2

      @@the_empath_etci know, might actually make me funny

    • @kisslena
      @kisslena Před rokem +1


  • @jaydenking7408
    @jaydenking7408 Před rokem

    How did they go from "man on fire" to "burning human bones" to "dipping sauce" 💀

  • @prernapal717
    @prernapal717 Před rokem +1

    Why he's so cute 🌸🥺

  • @MyFaThErwOuLdHeArAbOuTtHiS7

    The way she smiled when he said “speaking of people on fire”

  • @hughl33
    @hughl33 Před rokem

    "I really like hot sauce"
    Brings to mind a certain channel...

  • @merlinaadams6368
    @merlinaadams6368 Před rokem +1

    Her Wednesday personality is taking over her

  • @fantasyland3646
    @fantasyland3646 Před rokem +412

    Love her and the cast

  • @bunny_bell5164
    @bunny_bell5164 Před rokem

    i have something to say if a tomato is a fruit that means ketchup is a smoothie 🤨

  • @shyannabishop3976
    @shyannabishop3976 Před rokem

    I like how she did not smile at all until he said speaking of people on fire

  • @SassyCactus86
    @SassyCactus86 Před rokem +66

    The look he gave when she interrupted his question 😂

  • @lemonadegrenade8523
    @lemonadegrenade8523 Před rokem +1

    I’m pescatarian and that question would honestly make me mad too 😂

  • @AngReMONKA619
    @AngReMONKA619 Před rokem

    Imagine getting that upset over a common question. Don't do interviews if you're not mature enough for them

  • @maayanpraiss1541
    @maayanpraiss1541 Před rokem +28

    i just love how her whole vibe just changes based on the movie

  • @fortune1208
    @fortune1208 Před rokem

    I love how Jenna always carries that stuff toy

  • @khushikateriya6627
    @khushikateriya6627 Před rokem +1

    She gives Wednesday vibe after Wednesday 🙂
    BTW really appreciate for everything and but please smile atlist dear ❤️❤️✨

  • @audirayne6785
    @audirayne6785 Před rokem +41

    She acts like Wednesday in real life 😂!!!!!

  • @bl3788
    @bl3788 Před rokem

    She’s being very coy and sarcastic.😂

  • @score_more
    @score_more Před rokem

    She forgot to leave the character behind 💀

  • @elliotthood1719
    @elliotthood1719 Před rokem +777

    “You wanted to act after watching someone catch on fire. What flavor of sauce do you want with your chicken tenders?”
    Wth kind of question is that

    • @user-fy9xl9eu8c
      @user-fy9xl9eu8c Před rokem +6

      Fr 😭 bozo

    • @pixie3333
      @pixie3333 Před rokem +6

      @Elliot Hood 😆😅 Just in case you didn't know!? After watching Dakota Fanning in Man On Fire (a famous Denzel Washington movie) Jenna decided that she wanted to become an Actress. That was the first part of the question. You might, as I said have already known this. Either way your comment is funny 😄

    • @_-yza-_
      @_-yza-_ Před rokem +10

      The questions from the math and biology tests

    • @xerothehero1704
      @xerothehero1704 Před rokem +3

      It was meant to be a funny question, why is everyone getting angry

    • @IamPluto.1maPLANET
      @IamPluto.1maPLANET Před rokem

      math questions

  • @justinlyn2954
    @justinlyn2954 Před 11 měsíci

    I like how Jenna close the jar with the bunny

  • @jonasrivera5245
    @jonasrivera5245 Před rokem +1

    The cookie jar got more screen time then whoever the third person was

  • @secondsago
    @secondsago Před rokem +27

    Him: what's your favourite chicken tendies
    Wednesday: I'm vegetairen

  • @samadaryubi
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    omg i love Wednesday addams

  • @fatimaijaz1292
    @fatimaijaz1292 Před 8 měsíci

    The Jar: Talking about Jenna becoming actress for fire , then heat , then temperature then Chicken tenders , then sauce
    Jenna : I'm vegetarian-

  • @sirmarmeme3105
    @sirmarmeme3105 Před rokem +9

    “Speaking of people on fire”
    Jenna: *smiles*

  • @onyroo
    @onyroo Před 10 měsíci

    Impossible chicken tenders are fire.

  • @gadparmaria9001
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    It's very funny the part where Jenna slammed the lid...

  • @mocha_mays
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    I’m not gonna lie, she act so different, and in her old tv shows she was in, she was only 14, looking like a 10 yr old. She changed so much, and I’m proud of her. It is crazy seeing people revolve to a whole different person ( my opinion that she looks really different) but check out Richie Rich, where she used to act in.

  • @gghbgtdg8047
    @gghbgtdg8047 Před rokem

    Jenna is more like Tuesday Adams

  • @at_jsmt_
    @at_jsmt_ Před rokem +1

    this girl goes nights without sleeping, trains very hard and works so much to provide the art she does for us . Don’t judge a “book by its cover “

  • @vanillabeanfoxes3190
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    CHiCkEn TenDiES

  • @christianrivera1792
    @christianrivera1792 Před rokem

    Hunter: “Speaking of people on fire…”
    Jenna: 😈

  • @Clayton_Eicher
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    Bones don’t burn actually. The last of remains is the calcium from the bones. Cremation manager here.

  • @shruthis3783
    @shruthis3783 Před rokem +16

    Not sure many of you know but Jenna was in a series called 'Stuck In The Middle' and in one of the episodes she points out that she's like Wednesday because she is the middle child. I never expected her to play the role of the real Wednesday but I'm really happy that she did.

  • @boba_boba123
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  • @143Sidneet
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  • @lizaabeyratne5983
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  • @Hell0.k1tty.l0ver
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