Buying a Macbook With The Co Founder Of Apple Computers

  • čas přidán 22. 08. 2023
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  • steveo
    steveo  Před měsícem +4456

    Full Video!

    • D-d-dramaBeats
      D-d-dramaBeats Před měsícem +12

      Steve o is boring Roth No drugs

    • Mister Singh
      Mister Singh Před měsícem

      Shill $$$$$$$$$$ ONLY

    • \\Swagcing
      \\Swagcing Před měsícem +6

      @Steveo miss you and @Bartbarker during those days when you guys made hilarious videos

    • Daniel S
      Daniel S Před měsícem +4

      Can i get one ?

  • Weebmatic
    Weebmatic Před měsícem +149118

    Stevo the only dude who can be freinds with legit every celebrity ever

    • Vikanuck
      Vikanuck Před měsícem +944

      It’s easy to be buds with “everyone celebrity ever” when practically every modern celebrity lives within a 45 minute drive of the other one lol.
      Regardless… Canada sees your comment and raises you a Nardwuar 😎 haha

    • Spartan-082
      Spartan-082 Před měsícem +301

      Well he is like the special needs kid, you can't help but be nice to them.

    • Bully Maguire
      Bully Maguire Před měsícem +25


    • Commander Jor
      Commander Jor Před měsícem +54

      ​@Vikanucknardwaur isn't friends with the people he interviewed he just knows about them

    • Hippo
      Hippo Před měsícem +58

      I think he's just really good at matching energy. Naturally excitable, but can bring it down and have a serious encounter too.

  • Gaze Cema
    Gaze Cema Před 17 dny +4292

    After he left, store manager holds training so all employees know who he is.

    • Elliot Reeves
      Elliot Reeves Před 13 dny +30

      I’d rather go to wallmart with Brandon dicamillo

    • Damnbro
      Damnbro Před 8 dny +46

      It’s crazy how they want you to be passionate and all when you apply. Reading those Apple Job ads. Then you find employees they don’t even know who Steve Wozniak is

    • Daniel Hopkins
      Daniel Hopkins Před 8 dny +18

      Yeah... I'm not a Apple Fan, I'm not a tech guy, I'm not a american.... but even I know him... 🤦🏼

    • Gen
      Gen Před 7 dny +6

      ​@damnbro9646 people who are doing sales in the store have veeery little motivation to know the history of the place. I'd get the expectation if they were doing corporate work, but like do you expect people who make you a sandwich in Subway to recognize the Subway CEO?

    • Luis Villatoro
      Luis Villatoro Před 6 dny

      You would hope so. But most likely didn’t.

  • Blackgold1155
    Blackgold1155 Před 15 dny +2355

    The fact that he founded the company and ONLY gets a 10% discount is criminal.

    • justified
      justified Před 13 dny +463

      That's how spiteful Steve Jobs was mate. He didn't just Co-found the company, Apple was literally only made because Steve Wozniak created literally the first home personal computer. Steve Jobs was the business, Wozniak was the brains and producer.

    • Silas Uto
      Silas Uto Před 11 dny +87

      It protects the company from destroying itself from the inside. That’s why they’re richest company on the planet. It is called policy!

    • Magnus
      Magnus Před 6 dny +46

      He sold and gave away all his shares in the company. Sure Apple could afford it to give him everything for free and he probably does if he asks for it via mail or something. But for his friends etc it’s actually fair that he gets a normal discount.

    • Harry Gu
      Harry Gu Před 6 dny +41

      a billionaire taking advantage of his social status to get a 10% discount on his OWN company product is a crime 😂

    • sergneo
      sergneo Před 5 dny +4

      What that man’s money buying with a discount could be considered criminal.. lol

  • Paul Losavitch
    Paul Losavitch Před měsícem +40033

    Having the employee ID number 1 of a multi TRILLION dollar company is a monster flex

    • Steven Cox
      Steven Cox Před měsícem +1416

      Having the billions of dollars of stock options is an even bigger flex

    • D. Lewis
      D. Lewis Před měsícem +143

      Who's 2 then?

    • Tonitwotone
      Tonitwotone Před měsícem +136

      ​@D. Lewiswho's 7? haha

    • Sir Shon Souvenir
      Sir Shon Souvenir Před měsícem +39

      I was thinking super trolling...Uber Flex tho

    • Giovanni Canè
      Giovanni Canè Před měsícem +394

      @D. Lewis number two used to be Steve Jobs…

  • Karma282
    Karma282 Před 5 dny +105

    "Are you an Apple employee?"
    "I *am* Apple."

  • Winston
    Winston Před 15 dny +812

    The woz is such a humble dude

    • Drago Milosevic
      Drago Milosevic Před 10 dny +1

      His computers are made by slaves...

    • A Boy and his Dog
      A Boy and his Dog Před 9 dny +6

      A great man too. He got so burned by Jobs

    • Mikhel B
      Mikhel B Před 9 dny +4

      @Drago Milosevicthat's a corporate decision taken by Jobs and the board, the Woz couldn't do anything even if he opposed to it.

    • I can’t Read
      I can’t Read Před 7 dny

      @Drago Milosevic not his fault, production cheaper but crappy souless manufacturers treat their sweatshop employees like shi again not his fault

  • Dean Baker
    Dean Baker Před měsícem +15932

    Imagine starting the whole damn thing and only getting a 10% discount

    • Jonathan Taylor
      Jonathan Taylor Před měsícem +765

      Well the also has 100 million dollars so that’s nice. I think maybe he got a divorce and sold shares though… because he should be worth billions.

    • TheHiroBlade
      TheHiroBlade Před měsícem +557

      That's in part because he went to an apple store. If he'd walked into the factory instead I'm betting he could have walked out with a free one.

    • Ricky Thurman
      Ricky Thurman Před měsícem +68

      @TheHiroBladestore has to make money

    • Nazzy
      Nazzy Před měsícem +134

      @Ricky ThurmanOwner taking a few isn’t gonna hurt the budget 🤣🤣

  • Ajay sharma
    Ajay sharma Před 18 dny +558

    That was like a Bruce Wayne moment. Love it.

    • evo
      evo Před 6 dny

      Really? 10% off?

    THE KILLER SENTRA Před 17 dny +204

    That employee was fired the next day.

  • Oscar 426
    Oscar 426 Před měsícem +4964

    “Are you an Apple employee?” “No, I am Apple”

    • Smirenka
      Smirenka Před 28 dny +85

      No, that was Other Steve's attitude. Woz would never say something like that, he's humble and forgiving to a fault.

    • picapica⚡
      picapica⚡ Před 28 dny +38

      but somehow still got only 10% discount..... dissapointed

    • Scripted Links
      Scripted Links Před 28 dny +44

      @Smirenka I don't know why so many people genuinely like Jobs. He was an absolute prick.

    • Q M
      Q M Před 28 dny +5

      Yet he can only get a 10% discount. Yay capitalism

    • Smirenka
      Smirenka Před 28 dny +5

      @Scripted Links He was very charismatic and most people didn't bother looking past that.

  • cwbattaglia
    cwbattaglia Před 18 dny +284

    Famously, Steve Jobs was mad he didn’t get the “1” for employment so he assigned himself “0” as his employee number.

    • Reisen Inaba
      Reisen Inaba Před 14 dny +35

      (most) arrays start from 0 so it makes sense

    • Forest Anthony
      Forest Anthony Před 11 dny +18

      Nerds rejoice

    • Ethan Nelson
      Ethan Nelson Před 11 dny +18

      I mean, to be fair, programming languages that start indecies at 1 are morally wrong

    • Katie || Wild Moon Child
      Katie || Wild Moon Child Před 10 dny +8

      I came here to ask this... I could not see him being #2 🤣😂

      STEPHEN DOKU Před 10 dny +14

      Stop lying I just looked it up Steve Jobs badge number is 2 not 0…

  • Mistah MegaManFan
    Mistah MegaManFan Před 17 dny +60

    Woz is a super nice guy too! Still have his autograph from a con over 20 years ago and treasure it.

  • WiseGuy
    WiseGuy Před měsícem +16943

    They doubted his credentials and he pulled out the single digit employee number 😂

    • czars salad
      czars salad Před měsícem +771

      that's the biggest flex ever

    • Dalton H
      Dalton H Před měsícem +135

      Wow you watched the video, congratulations

    • Hit’em up Hancho
      Hit’em up Hancho Před měsícem +143

      @Dalton Hlmao your butthurt over a comment 😂

  • kirk
    kirk Před 16 dny +18

    I love how SteveO just loves everyone and is always so happy and nice. Good dude.

  • Keestayfly Campbell
    Keestayfly Campbell Před 6 dny +22

    I’m definitely using his Apple Employee ID Number for my next purchase 😂

  • Abdullah Alqallaf
    Abdullah Alqallaf Před měsícem +12710

    Are you an employee
    Woz: no, I’m your employer

    • IBmaster4
      IBmaster4 Před měsícem +242

      Employers are also employees... But I get the joke

    • dost328
      dost328 Před měsícem +30

      😂 Underrated

    • Indiana the 3rd
      Indiana the 3rd Před měsícem +5

      @IBmaster4 how

    • Liquid Mark
      Liquid Mark Před měsícem +186

      Steve Wozniak isn’t the owner of apple or part of apple’s leadership. He’s literally an apple employee that gets to keep his position for life because he helped found the company.
      Tl;dr. He’s not anyones employer at apple. He’s a founder but he hasn’t held any authority at the company since the 80’s.

    • Deltbau5
      Deltbau5 Před měsícem


  • CatfreshWilly
    CatfreshWilly Před 16 dny +16

    Blows my mind how extremely down to earth Woz seems to be

    • Ingemar Oskar
      Ingemar Oskar Před dnem

      How did you get that from this clip?

    • Daniel Lo-G
      Daniel Lo-G Před 13 hodinami

      ​@wyldeyouth and why does that blow his mind? Money changes dumb people like celebrities. Money doesnt usually change the smart ones like woz, buffet, gates, carlos slim, chuck feeney, and myself of course

  • SpiralBear
    SpiralBear Před 18 dny +6

    Always knew Steve had some serious support from inside the beast.

  • theBMWF48dude
    theBMWF48dude Před 29 dny +7165

    ‘lemme check with my boss’
    ‘i AM your boss.’

    • Ashish
      Ashish Před 26 dny +246

      More like " i am your boss's boss's boss's boss"

    • Concept
      Concept Před 26 dny +86

      I am your bosses, bosses, bosses, bosses, bosses boss.

    • MFLOLdotcom
      MFLOLdotcom Před 25 dny +133

      I am Bossniak.

    • Teemu Isoaho
      Teemu Isoaho Před 25 dny +19

      Imma your father

  • Soli G
    Soli G Před 17 dny +7

    Any regular employee would be fired for that

    • Soli G
      Soli G Před 12 dny

      But let’s use the system against them. Wells Fargo gets a discount. Just say you’re an employee

    • Bj
      Bj Před 3 dny +1

      For what?

  • Tony Hill
    Tony Hill Před 18 dny +1

    Now, that badass! To walk into a store, to buy a brand that you created and no one knows who you are. Imagine the employees( all of them ) expressions when they realized who he was 😂. Priceless

  • ShockedPikachu
    ShockedPikachu Před měsícem +4910

    10% is WILD they couldn't even give him 15% 💀💀💀

    • rico
      rico Před měsícem +81

      U think he needs it 😂

    • scatreed
      scatreed Před měsícem +122

      He’s got plenty in the bank but yeah 10% seems weak 😊

    • Thomas Maguire
      Thomas Maguire Před měsícem +35

      It’s changed a lot but they give a certain number of discounts. 3 friend and family for 10% per year and one main discount that’s higher for yourself

    • Jacob dockter
      Jacob dockter Před měsícem +3

      i used to get 15-20 percent depending on the product

    • Zac Gougeon
      Zac Gougeon Před měsícem +10

      I mean I’m with you but I think it’s an equality thing like to be fair with everyone and to not create favoritism

  • C
    C Před 10 dny +1

    Fun fact, Steve Jobs was employee #2. He then fired the guy that gave him #2 then reassigned himself #0 like any ego maniac would.

  • Joh Tomatohs
    Joh Tomatohs Před 7 dny +1

    I like how even the ceo needs to get processed

  • T SexyRexy
    T SexyRexy Před měsícem +8125

    Imagine asking your bosses, bosses, bosses, bosses bosses, bosses boss if he works there.

    • Ling
      Ling Před měsícem +119

      Until they ended questioning woz hey woz do you work here?😂

    • Soul
      Soul Před měsícem +125

      Sounds like a person doing their job. Same as the chick who questioned the lead singer of a band when he was trying to get back stage, it’s another viral clip. They’re just doing their job, it’s also not their fault they don’t know who this person is.🤷🏻‍♂️

    • American Rebel King
      American Rebel King Před měsícem +15

      Happens all the time

    • kobbii i
      kobbii i Před měsícem +10

      even more reason not to know who the fuck it is

    • Glenn Li
      Glenn Li Před měsícem +19

      It happens😂 I used to work at a bank in Canada and once I asked the previous minister of defense of Canada for his ID before I could tell him info about his accounts

  • surfiedave
    surfiedave Před 9 dny +2

    Live long, man.. stay well!

  • Gee M
    Gee M Před měsícem +6375

    Im glad Stevo is doing so much better in life now.

    • Ron Jones
      Ron Jones Před měsícem +128

      Whoever had Steve-O making it to 50 and Ryan Dunn never hitting 35 won some big money in the Jackass Death Pool.

    • censored 4 Christ
      censored 4 Christ Před měsícem +52

      He looks way healthier not zombified by whippets

    • Gordon Christopher Tubo
      Gordon Christopher Tubo Před měsícem +14

      Hope Bam will be the sams

    • zdoginterprise
      zdoginterprise Před měsícem +7

      @Gordon Christopher Tubo i highly doubt it :(

    • Dominic Eddy
      Dominic Eddy Před měsícem +3

      I miss and prefer the strung out SteveO🤝

  • irfaan s
    irfaan s Před 4 dny +1

    that’s low-key embarrassing on that employee’s part

    • GeoTerra
      GeoTerra Před dnem

      most workers at ANY retail job do not give a single fuck who the CEO or founders of the company are, I'm just saying lmao

  • A. Siracuse
    A. Siracuse Před 9 dny +2

    He legit could have just gave Steve O a computer lol

    • chris
      chris Před 5 dny

      Not how you get rich giving away everything

  • chris chien
    chris chien Před měsícem +5813

    I think it's not the number that's an actual flex, it's him actually brought his employee ID card... His humble attitude is the ultimate flex.

    • Zee
      Zee Před měsícem +39

      One of the most overlooked facts here 😊

    • Dylan Haynes
      Dylan Haynes Před měsícem +7


    • Balen
      Balen Před měsícem +6


    • Killzonenwb
      Killzonenwb Před měsícem +34

      ​@Balencompared to him going "what, you don't know who I am?" The humble is implying he understands that he's not above needing identification

    • Johny Christ
      Johny Christ Před měsícem +16

      Checking people out who have small numbers is usually pretty cool, once checked out a lady who was in the 100s at petco. As a reference, my number was in the 400,000s

  • Sea Sunshine
    Sea Sunshine Před 18 dny +5

    He should have 100% discount for life for what he did to this company!!!❤

  • Chrisanna Mendez
    Chrisanna Mendez Před 11 dny +4

    That employee never returned for his next shift lol

  • DrMarsh
    DrMarsh Před měsícem +1252

    Craziest part of this whole thing is that the co-founder legit only gets a 10% discount. 😂

    • Rich Gilberto
      Rich Gilberto Před měsícem +76

      I mean, he could probably tell the employee to give him a computer.

    • byVenosity
      byVenosity Před měsícem +34

      Average Apple activities

    • D Sandoval
      D Sandoval Před měsícem +20

      ​@byVenosityright? That's greedy a** apple for ya. 😁

    • byVenosity
      byVenosity Před měsícem +8

      @D Sandoval spot on. greedy indeed

    • Conrad McBee
      Conrad McBee Před měsícem +14

      @byVenositygreedy? Buying an iPhone is a luxury. Not a necessity. Not sure why some people are so entitled. You don’t have to buy an iPhone.

    REBELRENEGADE Před 2 dny

    It's crazy to think Stevo went to the psych ward TWICE!

  • felipe cisneros
    felipe cisneros Před 6 dny +1

    I love you Stevo thank you for all the fun times you’ve given me in my life. You’re so funny and just a cool person. We’re blessed to have you.

  • Gryphnn
    Gryphnn Před 21 dnem +5444

    Imagine being the co-founder and only get a 10% discount

    • Robbe Nagel
      Robbe Nagel Před 19 dny +361

      Apple is of the philosophy that, as employee, you shouldn't get Apple products for free or heavily discounted as it diminishes the perceived value of your own work and that of your colleagues.

    • Kwism
      Kwism Před 19 dny +674

      @Robbe Nagelthe philosophy revolves around this thing called "money" aswell where they want to make more of it

    • Mark Cornelius-Lau
      Mark Cornelius-Lau Před 19 dny +44

      Yep, that’s all he’s ever gotten from Apple

    • oShadowkun
      oShadowkun Před 19 dny +40

      So if he bought it.. Wouldn't the money be going to his company? LOL. Im assuming this discount is mainly for friends and family to get a lil discount.

  • Bulldozer
    Bulldozer Před 12 dny

    Woz was probably so happy he got to whip out the card that said “1” instead of the guy just being like “okay”

  • Jake “60 FPS” Baldino

    Steveo is one of the only guys who could befriend every celebrity ever.

  • Killer B
    Killer B Před 27 dny +9881

    Steve Wozniak only gets 10% off??! That’s a god damn crime

    • Nico
      Nico Před 24 dny +1097

      Honestly. But it’s probably to prevent him from buying a ton for his friends/family. Plus he can afford it lol

    • samvilms
      samvilms Před 24 dny +561

      @Nicoeven if he got 1000 free it wouldnt make a dent

    • Shaita
      Shaita Před 24 dny +85

      @Nicohe deserves it

    • Muchuu Muchuchu
      Muchuu Muchuchu Před 24 dny +39

      ...Or humble, as an apple in the same basket as the pie

    • DeltaNoob
      DeltaNoob Před 24 dny +230

      you know what else is a crime ? Apple selling virtually the same iPhone for 3 years in a row and increasing the price every time.

  • Jerry Reid
    Jerry Reid Před 6 dny +1

    Someone or several definitely got in trouble if not fired that day!

  • Joker
    Joker Před 4 dny

    The fact they didn't recognize him is criminal.

  • Agent Smif
    Agent Smif Před měsícem +3289

    having spoken to Woz personally, this was EXACTLY his personality when we spoke. He really brings out the inner child in you, despite the status and name.

    • OverZone
      OverZone Před měsícem +29

      woz is a normal dude, love him

    • RUSTY
      RUSTY Před měsícem +4

      Stop lying ffs. You never spoke to him at all

    • Cousin Skeeter
      Cousin Skeeter Před měsícem +25

      A coat hanger usually brings out the kid in me

  • Steve Gambino
    Steve Gambino Před 3 dny

    I’m legit happy Steve-O is in a good place. Such a good guy that could have gone the way of Bam.

  • Erik Ipsen
    Erik Ipsen Před 7 dny

    I can't believe Steve Jobs would acknowledge Steve Wozniak as number 1 guy in the company

  • Viděl jsem tě včera
    Viděl jsem tě včera Před 23 dny +6313

    Steve deserves to have 10% of the whole company

    • Sean Lavery
      Sean Lavery Před 22 dny +135


    • iRohnMan
      iRohnMan Před 21 dnem +85

      @Sean Lavery 1.75 trillion will make him the richer than 184 countries.

    • Sean Lavery
      Sean Lavery Před 21 dnem +23

      @iRohnMan think of the scene from The Fellowship of the Ring where Frodo offers Galadriel the One Ring, but instead of Galadriel is Woz.

    • des rucca
      des rucca Před 21 dnem +3

      Which steve?

    • Hi Du
      Hi Du Před 21 dnem +1

      @des rucca BOTH

  • Young Suit
    Young Suit Před 14 dny +2

    Stevo going from jackass to computer king is wild

  • Stella
    Stella Před 9 dny

    Jobs is one of the worst humans to ever exist. He did him so dirty. Disgusting.

  • robert campbell
    robert campbell Před 26 dny +6495

    The fact that it was only a 10% discount is CRAZY

    • Johan Paredes
      Johan Paredes Před 23 dny +241

      my brother in christ, Wozniak probably has mad money, he doesnt care

    • Aboo805
      Aboo805 Před 23 dny +35

      You don’t seem to know how business works

    • badmoose01
      badmoose01 Před 22 dny +101

      10% is pretty good. If you buy a $3000 MacBook Pro that’s $300 savings.

    • TK Kalponi™️
      TK Kalponi™️ Před 22 dny +63

      Should’ve been 50%-70% off this world crazy even charging the creators lol

    • Ian Moone
      Ian Moone Před 22 dny +29

      @TK Kalponi™️ You realize 10% or 70% doesn't make the difference right? He has mad million on apple alone + he left in the 80's lol

  • Clyde Grey
    Clyde Grey Před 17 dny

    Wozniack was a silicone wizard. One of the OG's. I'm so happy that the sales rep approached it with such grace on the second time around. The one in the video is the second visit some years later. One of the goats, kids. Pay attention.

  • kwamin taylor
    kwamin taylor Před 17 dny

    Poor employee, didn’t realize who he was dealing with

  • meepmeep
    meepmeep Před měsícem +4252

    The fact that the kid working there had no idea who either of them were is astounding. Both legends

    • Tarantinopi pp
      Tarantinopi pp Před měsícem +30

      Madness,lucky steve did not care😂😂

    • Tre5bibi
      Tre5bibi Před měsícem +45

      Also that worker woz is technically his boss so he need to follow rules to not get fired type shit

    • István Tóth
      István Tóth Před měsícem +75

      I bet you know every famous person/inventor who ever existed

    • to no
      to no Před měsícem +31

      there are eight billion people on the planet. the likelihood that a person selected at random will know any individual celebrity is already slim, but if that celebrity ISNT a part of a billions-dollar industry designed to make people famous and KEEP people famous- like the Disney company which produces successful lifelong stars out of children, and whose target demographic are impressionable children themselves- that likelihood goes way down.
      statistically speaking, even in the age of the internet, it’s a wonder any of us can understand each other at all.

  • mrchillgreen
    mrchillgreen Před 18 dny

    when you do not realize that even at a 10% discount you still got screwed over

  • Slump Matt
    Slump Matt Před 12 dny

    10% for the co founder is crazy 💀💀

  • Lapis Wolf
    Lapis Wolf Před 19 dny +3274

    "At 10% off, that'll be $1400. 😊"

    • MarcMai 🧧
      MarcMai 🧧  Před 12 dny +132

      "10% off, sure!"
      "Okay, you're new price is $3999!"
      "My bad, you wanted to include a charger and warranty?"
      "No worries, that will be $45,789"
      "Cash or Credit?" 😃

    • Garrett Shelton
      Garrett Shelton Před 10 dny +29

      For a subpar computer with an inferior OS lmao

  • Thearon Crosby
    Thearon Crosby Před 17 dny

    I love that they gave him employee number 1

  • f
    f Před 7 dny +1

    This will go down in history as one of the most legendary youtuber collaborations ever.

  • Samy2895
    Samy2895 Před 15 dny +2

    If that apple sales guy doesn't know the legend he needs to be fired

  • Cale017
    Cale017 Před měsícem +1925

    The ultimate "I am the manager" moment.

  • smilie7133
    smilie7133 Před 18 dny

    Imagine working for Apple and not knowing the icons when they’re right in your face 😩

  • Jonathan Ralte
    Jonathan Ralte Před 14 dny

    "Are you an employee?"
    "I run this sh*t with the power of no. 1. I'm the Top G ma nigga. "

  • FireTrooper77
    FireTrooper77 Před 22 dny +6341

    “Uh huh, i have a apple employes number, ITS 1!!” had me rolling

    • Dani-GGerman
      Dani-GGerman Před 21 dnem +25

      Why you comment like a bot?

    • Dani-GGerman
      Dani-GGerman Před 21 dnem +20

      It WaS tHe "iTs OnE" fOr mE 🤡

    • Deep Sleep
      Deep Sleep Před 21 dnem +2

      You know this is true, right?

    • God
      God Před 21 dnem +8

      Thank you , thank you so much for literally typing the punchline of the joke as if I didn’t hear it the first time around 😐

  • Chaplain Dr. Johnny Montalvo

    Love the Woz! Doesn’t diss folks and keeps the same humble composure from Million dollar events to a basic hello greeting! 😊

  • System Of A Downs
    System Of A Downs Před 18 dny

    That employee should be fired 😐

  • Kevin Steele
    Kevin Steele Před měsícem +2735

    That would have been hilarious if the employee said," Sorry you can't get a discount unless the item is for you personally "

    • Ivan Kvasov
      Ivan Kvasov Před měsícem +116

      Tbh. I’ve expected this twist

    • Tizzer123boya
      Tizzer123boya Před měsícem +39

      I thought that was coming also😂😂

    • Scott M
      Scott M Před měsícem +12

      Fully thought it was coming 😂😂😂

    • Thomas Rouleau
      Thomas Rouleau Před měsícem +4

      Since he is the creator of Apple, wouldn't he just have the highest power to fire and take the license of said employee to never work in the business again?

    • Thomas Place
      Thomas Place Před měsícem +19

      @Thomas Rouleauhe would have that power, but as a billionaire he definitely would not have fired the employee since now he knows that they enforce the rules and save the company money.

  • BonesCapone
    BonesCapone Před 2 dny

    "Are you an Apple employee?"
    "I'm the Apple Employer."

  • Sherry Barney
    Sherry Barney Před 15 dny

    This man got his sh!t together.

    YRB ELITE Před měsícem +3525

    Bet that employee crapped himself 💀
    Edit: it’s a JOKE! Stop taking it so seriously!

    • Bstl-Ryan
      Bstl-Ryan Před měsícem +27

      Def not

    • Cyclone Cycle
      Cyclone Cycle Před měsícem +15

      I bet you just did and only said this to feel better about it.

    • James Roberts
      James Roberts Před měsícem +17

      "And he literally crapped himself!"
      "Wow that must have been messy. How did he clean it up?"
      "No dude, you don't get it, he LITERALLY crapped his pants"

    • Topo Gigio
      Topo Gigio Před měsícem +11

      It was probably a minimum wage for life Zoomer that doesn't have the mental capacity to know who their boss is

  • Jorge  Barraza
    Jorge Barraza Před 9 dny

    Dude literally invented the first Apple computer and he dares to ask if he’s an Apple employee?

  • Jont Noneya
    Jont Noneya Před dnem

    Steve is the best type of dude. Both of them!

  • Antonio Aguirre
    Antonio Aguirre Před 23 dny +1825

    Employee ID # 1 on a massive company is such a flex 💪🏽

    • Dani-GGerman
      Dani-GGerman Před 21 dnem +3

      Lol, no it's not.

    • Jack Campbell
      Jack Campbell Před 21 dnem +27

      It just means he's the first person steve jobs ripped off

    • sv animation☄️
      sv animation☄️ Před 20 dny +22

      ​@Dani-GGerman😂he is co founder of apple fool ! Two Steve's founded apple ! Steve jobs was more like an entrepreneur and Steve Wozniak wa nerd scientific guy who mostly make the products of apple 😂

    • Jake Nguyen
      Jake Nguyen Před 20 dny +21

      @Dani-GGerman Well It is though. Whether you like or don't like Apple, it is still a fact lol.
      If being one of the people who found a huge trillion dollar dollar company isn't a massive flex to you, I don't know what is.

  • Pauly Ohh
    Pauly Ohh Před 3 dny

    Kinda embarrassing that the Apple Store guy didn’t know who he was

  • Randolph Small
    Randolph Small Před 6 dny

    They couldn't recognize their big boss. Wow. He could go undercover very easily

  • Tommy Aventador
    Tommy Aventador Před měsícem +2263

    Even the co founder gets a measly 10%. 😂

    • Eric Austin
      Eric Austin Před měsícem +73

      You really think he doesn't get any free apple products he wants?

    • Freelancer The
      Freelancer The Před měsícem +35

      @Eric Austin I still question it

    • CL
      CL Před měsícem +25

      I work for Apple and we get way more than 10% lol

    • A.I Cortana News
      A.I Cortana News Před měsícem +10

      Because he doesn't need to buy separately, he gets free from resource management 😂😂

  • heigy peguero
    heigy peguero Před 9 dny

    The fact the store associate didn’t know who he Waz is enough to get him/her fired

  • KeyKong
    KeyKong Před měsícem +3702

    Steve Jobs was #2 but then took #0

    • First Name Last Name
      First Name Last Name Před měsícem +148

      Well in programming there’re 2 one’s so 2 still 1 and 1 is in fact number two.

    • ParkeyDee
      ParkeyDee Před měsícem +73

      @First Name Last Namethere are a lot more than two 1’s

    • forgetfulfunctor1
      forgetfulfunctor1 Před měsícem +387

      ​@First Name Last Nameare you having a stroke

    • Novus
      Novus  Před měsícem +32

      @First Name Last Name 0 is technically a value and then you got 1. Because of binary I guess that’s how it was portrayed with programming because 0s never truly mean zero

    • Piotr Walter
      Piotr Walter Před měsícem +42

      That is so petty if you ask me...

  • The V
    The V Před 17 dny

    Woz is so chill, most ceos of a company that big would shit their pants out of rage and go full big baby rage mad about the janitor not knowing who they are 😂😂😂😂

  • Aqua
    Aqua Před 14 dny

    Hey thats a cool and perfect perspective of him. Love the dude.

  • Roland T.H.E. Jabberwocky
    Roland T.H.E. Jabberwocky Před měsícem +5234

    He must have been so excited when that guy didn't know who he was so he could say that.

    • CHAMPbastien
      CHAMPbastien Před měsícem +41

      woz is not a celebrity, steveo would et more attention anywhere inn the world, even an apple store/convention

    • Joe S
      Joe S Před měsícem +116

      @CHAMPbastienworking for Apple and not knowing the founders of a company that huge is still crazy I don’t care what anybody says 😂

      THICCTHICCTHICC Před měsícem +49

      ​@Joe Sif anything it shows just how much Steve Jobs controlled every aspect the company and their image

    • Noice mate
      Noice mate Před měsícem +59

      @Joe Sthese are minimum wage workers, why would they give af about a founder. Should McDonald’s workers know about the founder 😂😂😂

    • Goons
      Goons Před měsícem +11

      @Noice mateexactly 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Baraka Andrew
    Baraka Andrew Před 14 dny

    Woz seems like a very chill dude

  • Heman Gohil
    Heman Gohil Před dnem +1

    When your rich friend gives you discount instead of gifting the same thing.😂

  • Blue Prophet
    Blue Prophet Před měsícem +2453

    This is seriously one of the coolest things ever. Wozniak is a legitimate legend.

    • 4tdaz
      4tdaz Před měsícem +4

      So much yes. Talk about salt of the earth kind of guy.

    • Brian
      Brian Před měsícem +3

      Legend? He’s an important historical figure that will be taught about in schools like Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell. More than a legend.

    • Rience
      Rience Před měsícem +2

      Cool fact Wozniak i actually Polish last name.

    • Yousavedbro Heaven Bound
      Yousavedbro Heaven Bound Před měsícem +1

      Is he? The only one that can get you into heaven who paid your sinndebt. is Jesus Christ do you know Jesus Christ is your name and the Lamb's book of Life?

    • Rience
      Rience Před měsícem +1

      @Yousavedbro Heaven Bound theres no heaven and hell

  • Andy Dawn
    Andy Dawn Před 7 hodinami

    Why does he only get 10%? He literally helped create the company

  • yuri mondragon
    yuri mondragon Před 8 dny


  • F K
    F K Před měsícem +36521

    Only 10% off for him 😂 apple is truly the greediest company of all time

    • Alfie Cotton
      Alfie Cotton Před měsícem +2804

      I know, especially since he is the CO-FOUNDER!!!

      WERNUTZ Před měsícem +1389

      ​@Alfie CottonPolicy is policy no exceptions fair and evenly enforced😂

    • Andrew Perez
      Andrew Perez Před měsícem +1412

      They get 2 discounts. Employees get a 25% discount and friends / family is 10%

    • robbzooi
      robbzooi Před měsícem +849

      dude can literally get those things for free but they thougfht paying for it with this discount is funnier, moreso, they made it into a video, so they can get tax refunds, and the woz working along on this video can get paid for it as well. This is how rich people stay rich

    • Zreknarf
      Zreknarf Před měsícem +86

      ​@martinboson when you're buying things necessary to perform your job with your own money, you get to write that off as a work expense. the amount varies depending on where you live

  • trumpio
    trumpio Před 12 dny

    Imagine being a founder of a company and your discount is only 10%

  • Nighthawk Flyer
    Nighthawk Flyer Před 2 dny

    WOZ was the real hero of Apple computer. He developed and built the first machines snd wrote the whole OS itself.

  • Gregg Eberle
    Gregg Eberle Před 28 dny +3200

    The fact that he can start a story with “So I went to the Apple Store with Steve Wazniak…” is, in itself, amazing and hilarious

    • Joff Tiquez
      Joff Tiquez Před 25 dny +5

      "with Steve Wozniak" itself is so funny already. Like, what are they doing together? xD

    • Dylan Herman
      Dylan Herman Před 22 dny

      I have a hard time believing that the Woz only has a 10% discount

  • biscoitodesal
    biscoitodesal Před 7 dny

    The guy who doesn't know who THE boss is should be fired. WTF.

  • Daniel G Gonzalez
    Daniel G Gonzalez Před dnem

    I bet The Woz wanted someone to ask him for employee number for the longest time. Ultimate flex.

  • Jason Nova
    Jason Nova Před 21 dnem +2833

    Wozniak is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever served. Really down to earth, just mingles in with the rest of the people in the restaurant/bar and doesn’t demand any special treatment.

    • holdondearlife
      holdondearlife Před 21 dnem +43

      And jobs was complete opposite, no wonder things were bitter between them. Only if Jobs were more considerate towards Wozniak.

    • Marcos Kolioulis
      Marcos Kolioulis Před 21 dnem +11

      Do you work at cheesecake factory he loves that joint 😂

    • Jason Nova
      Jason Nova Před 21 dnem +21

      @Marcos Kolioulis lol no it was a restaurant in Los Gatos that does have a similar menu to cheesecake to be fair! However, old coworker(used to work at cheesecake) from different restaurant told me he served him at cheesecake lol

    • Buyereno GurlFwendo
      Buyereno GurlFwendo Před 20 dny +1

      I’d also buy one of his $2 sheets if I ever seen him in person 😂

    • Hi I Am Barney
      Hi I Am Barney Před 19 dny

      who knows. maybe behind the scenes.

  • Goated
    Goated Před 7 dny

    Bro is literally number 1. To the whole company

  • Al Habsyi
    Al Habsyi Před 7 dny

    Imagine the co-founder is also an employee...

  • Silver Mirai
    Silver Mirai Před 28 dny +2301

    Woz is one of the few successful people who weren't corrupted by money and stay humble and nice.

    • AthaBeat
      AthaBeat Před 25 dny +18

      He probably wouldn’t hang if it weren’t for Steve-O

    • Paulo Gereda
      Paulo Gereda Před 24 dny +4

      Tell me one celeb that BIG who will hang with Steve that way...

    • crikxouba
      crikxouba Před 24 dny +3

      That may also be because he didn't make a lot of it

    • S York
      S York Před 24 dny

      So nice.

    • BnZ
      BnZ Před 24 dny +4

      If you get corrupted by money, it means you're corrupted in the first place.

  • MAL
    MAL Před 18 dny

    Imagine having to explain to a “Genius” you basically started the company

  • eastlondonhustler
    eastlondonhustler Před 9 hodinami

    The TRUE GENIUS behind Apple.

  • Beemer WT
    Beemer WT Před měsícem +745

    I love that Steve at least acknowledges that not everyone knows him, but he's excited that he gets to show off the fact that he has a single-digit employee number.

    • Klaytin Webb
      Klaytin Webb Před měsícem +18

      Not just a single-digit lol, the First employee! Makes even more special

    • Derek Euchner
      Derek Euchner Před měsícem +4

      I'm always excited when I pull out my companies 6 digit number as opposed to the recent 7 digits. Im so far down the chain😂

    • joe clark
      joe clark Před měsícem +7

      Every employee should know him. They should also know the mission statement

    • magtovi
      magtovi Před měsícem +1

      THE single-digit employee number.

  • nazguul69
    nazguul69 Před 18 dny

    That employee should have been fired for that wow

  • Mamabear619 Is Alpha
    Mamabear619 Is Alpha Před 18 dny

    Makes you wonder if that kid realized he was questioning his boss, the big boss! 😂😂

  • Eric P
    Eric P Před měsícem +3651

    Woz is such a great light hearted guy from meeting him I can tell he was that enthusiastic about showing his employee number 😂

    • 5 7
      5 7 Před měsícem +5

      Haha yes that’s Steve alright!

    • Ricky
      Ricky Před měsícem +3

      Woz, is seriously a down to earth dude. Who really only cared about building computers, if Jobs never came round he would've gave em away

    • Agent Smif
      Agent Smif Před měsícem +1

      I had the same experience when I met him. You know it's genuine when everyone that he comes across says the same thing about him.