Ender Girl Revenge - Minecraft Animation

  • čas přidán 28. 08. 2023
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    People who didn't help Steve

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    We need a 3 month long apology video NOW,

  • 『🍡susy melanie martinez fan🍡」

    CZcams Kids at 3 AM:

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    Report button 👇

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    People who didn’t like to help Steve 💀

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    theres a thing called therapy 💀

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    Who miss 2016-2018 :(

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    Cringe button

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    I will pay for everyone's therapy 💀

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    bro shit on the carpet and didn't even notice💀

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    Bro I’m 9..
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    Chads who don’t simp

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    She pooped on Steve😂

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    who would ever thought Minecraft shorts would get so creepy nowadays💀

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    People who didn’t help him.

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    I’m paying for everyone’s therapy💀

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    Team who didn't help maniac steve
    👇who agree

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    Who wishes to be that carpet

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    A wise man once said, “it’s never to late for adoption”

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      a wise man named kreekcraft

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    4.8m people who like this video: SIMP's
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    POV: CZcams at 3 am

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    CZcams kids at 3AM 💀

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    People who reported

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    Blind people: 😁 Deaf people: 💀

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    Welcome to another episode of “ what the H3ll did I just watch “ 💀

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    Bro I didn't know Steve was a perver-

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    R.I.P myself❤

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    Phone: yeeted
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    Bleach: needed
    CZcams: deleted
    Therapist: meeted
    Edit : (yes i liked my vid)

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    Los fans de minecraft hoy en dia

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    Who ever liked needs Jesus dear lord this world meets help💀

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    Phone: yeeted
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    Therapist: needed

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    Animation now: *this video*

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    En mis tiempos herobrine se mataba a golpes con stive

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    I am a therapist, and now I need therapy💀

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    “CZcams shorts is not that bad”
    CZcams shorts:

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    THIS VIDEO HAS 4.8M LIKES?????? 💀💀💀💀💀😭😭😭😭👹👹☹☹

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    Therapist needed,
    Holy water needed

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      Good, my therapy costs 9,000,000,000

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      @Overseer What the fu- 💀💀💀💀

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      Thank you so so sooooooooooooo much I thought I was gonna die💀

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    Те которые помогли стиву: -Ты умственно отсталый? Сочувствую😢

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    Guys we have to banned the Minecraft animation 💀🙏

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    alright thats enough shorts for life 💀

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    Wtf did I just witness 😭😭😭

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    I gave this to a therapist so the therapist talkes to another therapiat and that therapist got another one and boom they keep going until no therapist in the town

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    100 likes lord
    1000 likes 2 of the items
    1500 talk to lord Jesus and god

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    Why does this exist? Why do I exist? Who made this? Why did this show up on my Fyp? Who had the audacity to make this? Why does it have many likes? Why am i crying over a video?

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