I Lost My Duck In The Ocean!


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  • Uncolored
    Uncolored Před měsícem +59364

    Tiktokers chasing after their last brain cell after it had escaped their void between ears be like:

    • 1tchy
      1tchy Před 11 hodinami

      @Leo Truuut just a glitch. Happens to me too sometimes.

    • Leo Truuut
      Leo Truuut Před 11 hodinami

      @1tchy That wasn‘t my intention. I don’t know why it happened.

    • Sahil Bhor
      Sahil Bhor Před 14 hodinami


    • Uncolored
      Uncolored Před 2 dny

      @UniBrotherJohn I know, it's sad to see CZcams shorts turning into tiktok

    • UniBrotherJohn
      UniBrotherJohn Před 2 dny

      CZcams shorts user is making fun of tiktok…. Quite ironic

  • Pixse
    Pixse Před 17 dny +4565

    *"Bro what was the emergency that u suddenly had to go to Florida"*
    Him : *"To find my toy"*

  • Meliza Estorque
    Meliza Estorque Před 25 dny

    Sparrow is really cute 🥰🥰 i hope you find him

  • Samantha Tiedemann
    Samantha Tiedemann Před měsícem +2511

    when he was sitting on the ledge of the balcony my anxiety:📈📈📈

  • Parae
    Parae Před 5 dny +144

    Man’s really bought a tracker with a 24 hour lifespan only to make a video of him renting a boat and “finding” it. He knows how to hook you into the video with a cool idea tho, for sure

  • Lanius X Gaming
    Lanius X Gaming Před měsícem +11359

    "I threw him deep in Atlantic Ocean" - while standing in 4 ft deep water on a beach

    • Niomi Sullivan
      Niomi Sullivan Před 3 dny


    • Crimson Cherry
      Crimson Cherry Před měsícem

      @Digby you might want to look at the definition of those words before using them. Save you the embarrassment of looking like a moron by using words you don't understand.

    • Digby
      Digby Před měsícem

      @Crimson Cherry tf do u mean. u clearly have no sense of humour or understanding of satire or sarcasm

    • Prince Kumar
      Prince Kumar Před měsícem


    • Snachoman 42!
      Snachoman 42! Před měsícem

      It’s called a joke

  • Young Cheong
    Young Cheong Před 28 dny +583

    His parents must be proud.

    • Xamry14
      Xamry14 Před dnem

      I would be. He’s comfortable enough to just hop a flight to Florida for a rubber duck and he’s obviously able to do it while balancing work/play.
      I would be really proud if my kids get to the point of doing something like this

    SDF BABY BERRY Před 29 dny


  • Frenzy Gamez
    Frenzy Gamez Před 2 dny +189

    If you ever feel useless in life remember this guy exists

  • Bling Gaming
    Bling Gaming Před 4 dny +1

    I always wanted to have an adventure like this.. That’s so cool!

  • cheeriomartinez
    cheeriomartinez Před měsícem +4470

    That unemployed friend at 12 pm on a Wednesday.

    • Lilac Heart
      Lilac Heart Před dnem

      @LedZep99 he’s not unemployed lmao, making content is his job

    • Honest Bear
      Honest Bear Před 5 dny +1

      So a regular person living their life vs slaving their way through a 9-5.. this is normal life! Work (9-5) isn’t!

    • SwitchyWitch
      SwitchyWitch Před 11 dny

      I wish
      Instead I'm stuck here 24/7 with no money to do anything and far too cold to even go outside

    • Adassah Lalgie
      Adassah Lalgie Před měsícem +1


    • LedZep99
      LedZep99 Před měsícem +11

      @Conor Mulligan mommy and daddy’s money runs out eventually 🤷‍♂️

  • shiimonea
    shiimonea Před 26 dny +1

    they did something like this similar many years ago - it was to see how the tides worked. correct me if i’m wrong but a ship had a bunch of rubber ducks but they all managed to float out (i believe the ship sank or ran into something) and by the time they found all the ducks some had made to the other side of the world due to tides.

  • tania weeks
    tania weeks Před 6 dny +4

    I’m happy for you mate you found them all support your dreams I’m here for you

  • Matthew Rodgers
    Matthew Rodgers Před 27 dny

    Quack sparrow lol you straight on some homeward bound type stuff

  • Moody
    Moody Před 27 dny

    Why tf would you fly AWAY from Florida just to fly BACK when it was about to die?

  • SelektaOTB
    SelektaOTB Před měsícem +2192

    “deep in the atlantic ocean”
    dude swims out 5 meters, places duck on the surface of the water*

  • Levi Sales
    Levi Sales Před měsícem +34

    duck just took 3 layers of tape off his head and threw the camera in the ocean 💀

  • Muhammad Uqbah Ahmad Termizi
    Muhammad Uqbah Ahmad Termizi Před 3 hodinami

    Use the tracker by the ocean researcher. That would be funny, give it to the big ship, asked them to toss it at the middle of the ocean, & see which countries will it end up with

  • Loretta Henderson
    Loretta Henderson Před 10 dny +388

    mans was on the balcony of life and death

  • Prncssgmrgrl
    Prncssgmrgrl Před 28 dny

    Quack sparrow 😂

  • Splash12
    Splash12 Před měsícem +4913

    him sitting on the edge of his balcony hundreds of stories in the air my hart drop

    • ObombomattaTetrahondamog
      ObombomattaTetrahondamog Před měsícem

      Shame he didn't drop.

    • shammy keyz
      shammy keyz Před měsícem +1

      "hundreds of stories"?

    • USAlien234
      USAlien234 Před měsícem

      Imagine his hop up there

    • L0G4N
      L0G4N Před měsícem

      exactly what i was thinking fuck the duck 😂

    • o k
      o k Před měsícem +2

      @ECHO i think i get it? can you explain your joke please

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady Před 25 dny

    What happened to the camera on top of the duck?

  • B&N Vasquez
    B&N Vasquez Před 3 dny

    Y’all are crazy as hell with y’all’s ideas keep my entertained

  • The King of Antarctica

    I thought this could be an insightful video about how long a rubber duck could survive when put out to sea. Instead it was candid, unamusing and groan-worthy. I'm going to bed.

  • Blaze
    Blaze Před 2 dny +10

    This is how His father went to Buy milk and never came back.
    Legend says his father is still searching for Milk in the middle of the ocean.

  • Secret_Package 666 📦
    Secret_Package 666 📦 Před měsícem +3062

    Remember if you ever feel useless, then remember this kind of guy

    • sideswipe pro 83
      sideswipe pro 83 Před měsícem

      ​@Secret_Package 666 📦 if you ever feel useless, just remember this guy doesn't go outside and play with his duck

    • Secret_Package 666 📦
      Secret_Package 666 📦 Před měsícem +1

      @ashuwu_ try this comment:
      *" Remember if you feel useless and love gacha life and furries, then remember this comment"*

    • Secret_Package 666 📦
      Secret_Package 666 📦 Před měsícem +1

      @ashuwu_ yet you describe yourself urself even irl lmfao 🤣

    • ashuwu_
      ashuwu_ Před měsícem

      If u ever feel useless, remember this comment

    • Secret_Package 666 📦
      Secret_Package 666 📦 Před měsícem

      @ᴠᴀʜɴᴢシ and I never knew you can play Roblox aka gayblox 24/7 without taking a break 💀

  • Turner Bledsoe
    Turner Bledsoe Před 24 dny

    The feeling of finding something you lost after a while in the ENORMOUS ocean like great job Sherlock Holmes

  • Soothing Spirituality
    Soothing Spirituality Před měsícem +4

    you were so lucky you got him back!
    you are a good freind to that duck by rescuing him

  • -=ZAXII=-
    -=ZAXII=- Před 14 dny +1

    Legends never die !

  • Very Sinful Creature
    Very Sinful Creature Před 12 dny

    Thanks for possibly contributing more to our polluted oceans.

  • Nate Pinn
    Nate Pinn Před měsícem +5244

    "Man that rubber ducky looks cool. Might keep it as a souvenir from this trip-"
    Edit: Mum I'm famous!!!!

    • Chris
      Chris Před měsícem

      Your mum is proud of you - at least I think that's why she was screaming in joy

    • Bri Foghorn
      Bri Foghorn Před měsícem


    • Steph Purry
      Steph Purry Před měsícem

      you ain't famous

    • Kimber
      Kimber Před měsícem

      H👂 B4 thi🐍 💥⬆️!
      Also, it's rubber duckY. Make it cuter

      LSPLASH Před měsícem +1

      Here b4 lol

  • epic tree wubbox
    epic tree wubbox Před 16 dny

    No one is gonna talk about how he is just just casually sitting on the edge without falling of like 20 feet in the air 🥲

  • Spiffy
    Spiffy Před měsícem +67

    Oh yes you searched 3 hours for a plastic duck. How realistic

    • A random dude
      A random dude Před 14 dny

      He was special. He swam 31 miles across the sea. He would have been stranded if he didn’t save him.

    • Debbieann Mcphee
      Debbieann Mcphee Před 15 dny +1


  • David L
    David L Před dnem

    You should attach a little water generator in it so it uses the water current going through it to turn a generator making some power for the tracker

  • Nevena Boradzhieva
    Nevena Boradzhieva Před měsícem

    Hes doing everything for us

  • Laila Cox
    Laila Cox Před měsícem +6783

    Are we not gonna talk about the way he was sitting on the balcony-

    • Kobe Abogutal
      Kobe Abogutal Před měsícem

      why do you have to point that out 😬

    • Nick
      Nick Před měsícem

      Anyone else’l see that idiot girl fall off a balcony and shatter her body doing something equally as moronic?

    • That_One_Otaku!
      That_One_Otaku! Před měsícem

      That scared the heck out of me, My anxiety was out of the roof!

    • 🌫 •muichiro_tokito•  🌫
      🌫 •muichiro_tokito• 🌫 Před měsícem

      😟 i *TOTALLY* fear this things.
      also i fear the shadows of sea animals coming through camera

    • Dave Wilco
      Dave Wilco Před měsícem


  • Clint
    Clint Před 13 dny +5

    See how much he cares about his friend

  • Niloufer khatoon
    Niloufer khatoon Před 11 dny +2

    Him sitting on the balcony rail without worrying in the beginning of the video had me shook

  • christopher turner
    christopher turner Před 27 dny

    I'm glad you found it

  • FirePhoenixMusic
    FirePhoenixMusic Před 29 dny +91

    Him: sitting on the railbar of his balcony

  • Mike Ascolani
    Mike Ascolani Před měsícem +2585

    We’re just gonna ignore the fact that he was sitting on balcony ledge 😭

    • Amazing Rofa
      Amazing Rofa Před měsícem

      Finally it's here the clip you all wanted. czcams.com/video/29uqXPNizXk/video.html

    • Cyril Inderrieden
      Cyril Inderrieden Před měsícem

      I was just going to say that😂

    • Lazy Pawtato
      Lazy Pawtato Před měsícem

      My thoughts, exactly.

    • iich
      iich Před měsícem

      Bad thing that one :( i really hope to see one more video at Kaotic website :D

    • OBVV!7
      OBVV!7 Před měsícem

      Yes bc he was doing it for attention

  • yakk4:20
    yakk4:20 Před 29 dny

    Wow thats really deep into the Atlantic ocean.. Never new 20ft from shore is deep...

  • Alexander Torres
    Alexander Torres Před dnem

    I suddenly don't feel too bad working two jobs to support my family.

  • TwistedWookie32
    TwistedWookie32 Před 3 dny

    “Middle of the Atlantic”
    Meanwhile: (The duck floating less than a km from shore)

  • Morgan Vang
    Morgan Vang Před 10 dny

    I’m so glad you found quack sparrow

  • lmiao
    lmiao Před měsícem +6924

    wow he lost his camera and his name too, luckily he regained at least his name back after the rescue, what a sad and inspiring TRUE story

    • Ra Animation
      Ra Animation Před 26 dny

      and put a million line under the TRUE Story word

    • lmiao
      lmiao Před měsícem

      @GD Lpebs no man, at the end yes, the name is the same, but if u see closely, when the duck is still in the water u can see it spin, there it has no name on the front

    • GD Lpebs
      GD Lpebs Před měsícem

      @Blind at the end the spelling is the exact same your the dumb one here buddy I analyzed every frame of the video and it isn’t fake

    • TrashBandiScoot
      TrashBandiScoot Před měsícem

      His name was still on there in he water. The duck was facing away from the camera

    • norton man
      norton man Před měsícem


  • #LED404
    #LED404 Před 14 dny +1

    Mission complete. Good job

  • keny Donson
    keny Donson Před 25 dny

    This might be the most fake video I've seen

  • Andrew beast
    Andrew beast Před 27 dny

    I know damn well he didn’t manage to magically find his duck

  • Ben
    Ben Před 28 dny

    so you littered in the ocean and recorded it? perfect you captured the evidence for a fine that you deserve

  • Saso
    Saso Před měsícem +844

    "drpped him deep into the Atlantic Ocean"
    Also him: goes a few steps into the water at a beach, then throws duck about a meter or so

    • Will0OG
      Will0OG Před měsícem

      @a bird that's the joke.

    • a bird
      a bird Před měsícem +2

      Every youtuber, especially in shorts, have to overstate things sometimes for retention

    • Will0OG
      Will0OG Před měsícem +1

      Thats a joke

    • Mitchell T
      Mitchell T Před měsícem

      I mean it's still deep

  • Cheeezz
    Cheeezz Před 12 dny

    i love how he did not complain that the go pro went missing

  • Ritvik Dixit
    Ritvik Dixit Před 8 hodinami +1

    whenever you feel useless remember this guy exists

  • Lally Beltran
    Lally Beltran Před 18 dny

    The duck is so cute🥰

  • xnuttius
    xnuttius Před 25 dny

    Odd how the duck no longer had the camera....its like he knew where it was and removed the expensive equipment

  • BlizzTheBike
    BlizzTheBike Před měsícem +13

    I literally saw this duck the other month floating across the water, I’m not sure if it’s the exact same one but the tide of Miami always pushes towards the beach. No matter what you drop it’s gonna head back to shore
    I saw it outside the haulover inlet, idk if it’s the same one lol but I almost grabbed it

  • Mw3raf143
    Mw3raf143 Před 4 dny +17

    That gotta be the best Duck I've ever seen

  • Sean Crimmins
    Sean Crimmins Před měsícem

    I'm just so happy you named him Quack Sparrow

  • mrminglol
    mrminglol Před 20 dny

    if the wind blew a bit harder he would've ended up heaven

  • mlep
    mlep Před měsícem

    "So let me get this straight, you putted a toy in a camera in the sea and you wanted it?"

  • Julia Ngang
    Julia Ngang Před 4 dny

    Your duck looks so cute 🐱
    A little bit too cute 🐱
    Btw I wish I had that cutie pie 😻

  • Naznin Afroz
    Naznin Afroz Před měsícem

    Flew back to Florida where I’m living for this duck bro?! You could’ve called me lol I would’ve just picked it up for you 😂

  • DJ 5ive9ine
    DJ 5ive9ine Před 2 dny

    Know how easy it is to buy a cheap tracker and a $4 duck, then just replace the duck and rent the boat saying you found it😂😂

  • sockboi
    sockboi Před 12 dny

    first clip scared me so hard that I ran away until the end of the video because of him sitting on his balcony rail off of an apartment

  • Joel Ayoub
    Joel Ayoub Před měsícem +82

    Sitting on that ledge like that gave me a panic attack.

    • Te Kaistu
      Te Kaistu Před měsícem +1

      I thought it was stupid too, but after throwing trash in ocean and fly to recover it i thought maybe it not worst thing for him to do.

    • Spider man
      Spider man Před měsícem +3

      I thought I was the only one thinking about that!

    • Sunflower
      Sunflower Před měsícem +4


    • Richard
      Richard Před měsícem +4

      I hope it's just a trick somehow, that he didn't actually do that. It's so stupid and dumb to risk your life over a 0.5 second CZcams short recording.

    • Mezeman
      Mezeman Před měsícem +1

      I disliked the video only for that reason! Then I started watch the video and couldn’t have been proven more right to disliking it😂

  • Lavender Merah Lee
    Lavender Merah Lee Před měsícem

    I lost my favorite doll in the ocean at the beach one day.. 😔 this doesn't bring back good memories.

  • Braydon Blackstone
    Braydon Blackstone Před 16 dny +16

    If I could roll my eyes any harder, they’d fall out of my head.

    • Koma
      Koma Před 6 dny

      who asked

    • CoffeeBeanz
      CoffeeBeanz Před 6 dny

      Or maybe even you’d find a brain back there

  • Azaara Little
    Azaara Little Před 27 dny

    Omg I can't belive u found him!

  • ꧁Sparrow꧂
    ꧁Sparrow꧂ Před 9 dny

    Reminds me of a certain pirate… one who drinks rum and escapes places he has been trapped in all the time.. 😏

  • AverageEnjoyer
    AverageEnjoyer  Před měsícem +13

    I love the work and time it took for you to make these kind of videos. Keep up the hardwork

    • Biggus Nippus
      Biggus Nippus Před měsícem

      *sigh* watch the video again and take a closer look at the duck

    TRICKSTA Před 13 dny

    How exactly did we get the view from the camera on the duck in this video, if the camera was missing on the duck when it was found?

  • Muhammed Akinyemi
    Muhammed Akinyemi Před 7 dny

    “I spent a great amount of money to throw plastic in the ocean, add to air pollution, and also use some diesel engine boat.”

  • PremiumLettuce
    PremiumLettuce Před měsícem

    Lmao I love how he almost hits another boat just to get a fucking duck

  • k13kk
    k13kk Před 13 dny

    I'll take "things that never happened" for 200, Alex!

  • McDonalds
    McDonalds Před měsícem +66

    "I dropped him deep in the Atlantic Ocean"
    *Casually drops it less than 300 feet from the shore*

    • McDonalds
      McDonalds Před měsícem

      @something like that oh okay

    • something like that
      something like that Před měsícem

      I wasn't expecting it to be 300nm off the coast of Newfoundland but I thought it would be more than swimming distance.

  • raymond zu
    raymond zu Před 7 dny

    bro the fact that from the start he was sitting on the fence, and he was like so high above the ground.. just imagine if he slipps

  • Mystic~
    Mystic~ Před 3 dny

    That was the best story I heard in my life

  • Kayla Wilson
    Kayla Wilson Před 24 dny

    I’d love to find him on block island 🦆

  • KEK
    KEK Před 11 dny +1

    Bro literally picks up the thing without the Go Pro but he somehow got the footage, nice CAP

  • Second Coming
    Second Coming Před měsícem +647

    My anxiety level went up when he was sitting in the balcony ledge

    • Roberto Hernandez
      Roberto Hernandez Před měsícem

      My brain it I was that guy on the balcony or whatever it’s called: JUMP OFF JUMP OFF JUMP OFF JUMP OFF JUMP OFF JUMP OFF

    • Ryan Pope
      Ryan Pope Před měsícem

      So true

    • Samantha Finn
      Samantha Finn Před měsícem


    • Emily Croucher
      Emily Croucher Před měsícem

      Ikr I started screaming.

    • H S
      H S Před měsícem +4

      I was really worried that he wasn't going to jump.

  • Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    Funny how the one he "found" didn't have the tape on the head like the one he initially deployed. I'm so sick of half these videos being fakes in some way.

  • An Ferbasach
    An Ferbasach Před 6 dny

    Missed opportunity not calling him “quacktain”

  • israel my toilet paper
    israel my toilet paper Před měsícem

    I wish I had this much free time

  • Janelise Aguilar
    Janelise Aguilar Před 28 dny

    Yesss!! I love the jersey you are wearing The Miami Dolphins are my favorite football team❤️

    • Kay Kay
      Kay Kay Před 24 dny

      its fake, lol.

  • Antonio Brown
    Antonio Brown Před měsícem +15

    I'm actually amazed not annoyed. How can ppl have so much $$ & free time!? Congratulations 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    MAXSHARKY COOL Před 7 dny


    BASANTA ALE MAGAR Před 20 dny

    Luckily u found your beautiful duck 🦆 sparow

  • dox42o
    dox42o Před 26 dny

    has footage of being on duck, but finds duck with missing go pro... imagine that...

  • Ray Gutierrez
    Ray Gutierrez Před 2 hodinami

    That’s a big carbon footprint for one tracker. Don’t let Greta see!

  • Alsy
    Alsy Před měsícem +321

    My heart rate while watching him sit on the edge in the first clip; 📉📈📉📈📈📉📉📈📈

    • Alsy
      Alsy Před měsícem +1


    • Hades
      Hades Před měsícem +1

      Just one little tap...

    • Michael Williams
      Michael Williams Před měsícem

      Gust of wind or a sneeze and that mf'er is taking the express elevator DOWN.

    • kloven kane
      kloven kane Před měsícem

      No fuckin kidding 😳

    • nuam thang
      nuam thang Před měsícem +4


  • Abisai Laboy
    Abisai Laboy Před 3 dny

    Dude casually sitting on the edge of the balcony 💀

  • Cabbage ButterFly
    Cabbage ButterFly Před 15 dny

    "I used a power boat from one of my follower"
    Dude rented it from a bear belly bald middle aged man working near the shore and asked him to follow his tiktok

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E Před 27 dny

    That one entitled friend who was a rich dad 😂

  • Channeil ForeverYours
    Channeil ForeverYours Před měsícem

    When u got money to waste. Love it!

  • Shivek Maharaj
    Shivek Maharaj Před měsícem +138

    Bro, you take search and rescue missions to a whole new level 😂👌

    • Shivek Maharaj
      Shivek Maharaj Před měsícem

      @adamutuber I commented because I felt like it; my comment has nothing to do with me believing the short or not 😄

    • adamutuber
      adamutuber Před měsícem +1

      Bro.. if you believe that's what happened then you're taking stupidity to a whole new level !

    • Kyle Curcio
      Kyle Curcio Před měsícem +2

      Bro this staged af

  • Gustavo Lima
    Gustavo Lima Před 2 dny

    Casually sitting on the balcony of a tall building and expecting me to not be thinking about it for the rest of the video

  • Delila Lobo
    Delila Lobo Před 27 dny

    This Duck is professional swimmer

  • TheWill45
    TheWill45 Před 15 dny

    I wish that was the same case of my favorite T-shirt in 2019

  • Tyrian666
    Tyrian666 Před 10 dny

    Just like his name sake, hes hard to get rid of 👍🏽

  • Rebel
    Rebel Před měsícem +214

    He “ dropped it deep into the Atlantic Ocean “
    - The coast line -

    • Rebel
      Rebel Před měsícem

      @WoodPigeon 🤣 I didn’t see that thanks 😊

    • WoodPigeon
      WoodPigeon Před měsícem +1

      Coast* (I'm sorry)