Game Theory: The Scariest Game That Doesn't Exist! (Evertale)

  • čas přidán 24. 09. 2022
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    A while ago, I made a video about how mobile game ads LIE to us. Well, I think I've found a game that takes that to the EXTREME! Welcome to Evertale. If you've never heard of it, it is a mobile game that is infamous for its completely fabricated ads. These ads tell you NOTHING about the game you are downloading. Infact, they seem to be telling some other kind of dark and twisted story. So of course, I had to find out all of those secrets for myself. Let's go!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick, William Ryan Sheehan "El Fodder" and Tom Robinson
    Editors: Tyler Mascola and Jerika (NekoOnigiri)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Komentáře • 13 741

  • Tsoul
    Tsoul  +16

    If the ads were true to the actual content, I get the feeling Evertale would be one hell of a game

  • Ryan Knutsen

    The intern who has to do these graphics and texts created a whole story to keep himself entertained

  • Tae 707
    Tae 707  +3

    It’s crazy to think if they just made this into an actual game, they’d probably be like the most successful game on the App Store ever

  • Nufin
    Nufin  +1

    Imagine if the creators of Evertale saw this video and decided to make the ads canon to the game

  • dork2318

    I actually was curious about Evertale due to its ads; leave it to MatPat to save me from wasting my money. Will definitely be giving Beasts of Burden a try and will definitely be replaying Omori.

  • Ike GameSmith

    The real theory I want to know about is why the creative team on the marketing side clearly have a bigger budget than the development team.

  • fiverr.hilmeen

    That moment when the ad has more and better lore than the actual gameplay

  • Dovahboy
    Dovahboy  +589

    As someone who has never seen an evertale ad, but has actually played the game, this was a confusing ride. Interesting theories as always!

  • King Nightmare

    I hope someone makes an actual game out of this

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix  +67

    If only the devs had put half of that effort into developing a real game we would be enjoying a masterpiece.

  • Jacqueline D.

    “Well done, Matpat, doin’ the lore’s work!”

  • Keyboard Moment

    When the marketing team has better storytelling than the actual developers that make the game

  • S C
    S C  +8

    Can't believe that MatPat managed to piece together a coherent enough theory from 3 hours worth of ads. Shout-out to MatPat's efforts (also woo, we got a mention of Omori)!

  • D4rc
    D4rc  +812

    In the actual game, there are types of characters called “endless *insert name here*” which are reborn and evil counter parts of the original character, ‘maybe tieing to the fact that death is so prominent in these ads, and as youve stated before, trainers are now turning into monsters. Many if the “human” sprites in these ads are real characters in the plot of the game who carry out nearly identical goals and stuff. Like for example you mentioned the girl with a knife in the grocery store, this is a character nearly identical called “Astria” or smth cant remember its been a while. You mentioned how character “blue” was inlove with “pink” these simulate the two main characters “finn” and “rizzete” which are in love with each other! A character called “norza jn the actual playthrouh of the game is a one of the main villains, but upon defeat, is reborn as a new character, playjng an important role in future acts as a protagonist companion helping and guiding the main character with no apparent memory of his past life. This game hasnt actually ended. the plot is still being added by the way. Ive only played until 2020, there may have been more plot tying to the ads. Oh yeah and also one of the biggest boss fights is with a character merging with another boss. Do what u will with that info

  • BjenTheBlaster

    Honestly, Omori is one of the greatest games I've ever played, I highly recommend getting the game and playing it however u see fit, it's absolutely amazing


    at this point i think matpat could find lore in my dreams

  • InkyOtaku
    InkyOtaku  +476

    Looking at him doing a mobile game theory like this, I wonder if he would ever do a Touhou Lostword theory, the massive mystery in the story is something I feel like he could really work with

  • Patrick Star

    I love paying attention to your writing, your use of examples and descriptions are exemplary, if I could write like you I’d get 100’s on all of my essays. I try to take notes on your writing style and apply them to my own writings.

  • Krtar
    Krtar  +5

    They advertised the greatest game ever and made the worst game ever. Honestly impressive.

  • SusanSnapDragon

    Two things: