The Unseen Aftermath of UFC 257! Behind the Scenes as Dustin Poirier beat Conor McGregor

  • čas přidán 7. 07. 2021
  • Hear what was said between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor, what the Diamond thought of McGregor and his finish, and the real impact of those leg kicks at UFC 257.
    Backstage footage courtesy of the UFC.
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Komentáře • 4 578

  • Kieran M
    Kieran M Před rokem +4

    I’m a Dustin fan but seeing Conor in his locker Room getting emotional wasn’t a nice sight to see. The fight game is ruthless The thrill and agony

  • Patricio Gomez
    Patricio Gomez Před rokem +3

    It’s crazy to see how McGregor has two completely different sides

  • Henok Tesfaldet
    Henok Tesfaldet Před rokem +433

    I can’t imagine the frustration of loosing the fight and the pain on his leg but to still hold the door for his wife and wait til she got in the car before he did is just amazing. It shows who he really is despite all the trash talk against his opponents.

  • David Emmet
    David Emmet Před rokem +153

    I actually admire Conner more in defeat than in victory. He handled it like a man.

  • Juned Sadiq
    Juned Sadiq Před rokem +1

    Yo it’s crazy to see how respectful they were towards each other. & how much respect Conor was showing Jolie. Now the dude calling her names postfight. Like the complete 180 shift is crazy to see. wtf happened lol

  • V V
    V V Před rokem +58

    I honestly feel this is who Conor REALLY is. Being respectful and dignified feels like it comes so much more naturally to him. 264 felt like he spent half his energy putting on the bad guy act, it wore him down to the point where it messed up his fight sense.

  • Joe Mencho
    Joe Mencho Před rokem +9

    “And without me this whole fookin ship sinks” - Conor’s whole leg

  • Chevapasaurus
    Chevapasaurus Před 21 dnem +3

    This behind the scenes clip is amazing! Shows how after everything is said and done, regardless of the trashtalk and hype, there are actually two atheletes who respect each other, and know both sides of the game! Also, Dustins wife coming into the dressing room to thank the McGregors was so wholesome.

  • Red Pill
    Red Pill  +34

    This is gold material. I love the respect these gentlemen were showing to each other. Dustin is a great guy and i hope Conor will come back

  • Dany Muembo

    As a Khabib fan. I will say this Connor is a legend and the game will miss him when he retires. Go easy champ.

  • Sharp
    Sharp Před rokem +40

    For anybody who doesn't know, Conor and Dustin had a conflict over donation money a few months before their trilogy. That's why the energy was different from their 2nd fight

  • Astrid Müller
    Astrid Müller Před rokem +33

    I like the atmosphere shortly after the fight. The respect between the fighters. Everything seems so calm. After the storm.

  • Gabriel Hogan
    Gabriel Hogan Před rokem +3

    Even when he’s lost Conor still gives off the energy that he runs the place

  • M. X.
    M. X. Před rokem +62

    Conor's humility/redemption arc almost made me want to root for him again but seeing him turn back has made his recent loss very satisfying. happy retirement!

  • Yung Lunatic25

    I think it’s awesome to see some behind the scenes an see how Connor really is. He always puts on a show for the crowd but outside the ring he is still such a humble champ!

  • TheOneAndOnly.
    TheOneAndOnly. Před 14 dny +3

    I'm more of a Conor fan but respect Dustin's abilities for sure

  • Korrupted187
    Korrupted187 Před rokem +3

    I have mad respect for both of them. They fought like worriers. Conner took it on the chin like a man

  • Your mom
    Your mom Před 14 dny

    Love how respectful they are toward each other

  • Omar Sabir
    Omar Sabir Před rokem +656

    Damn these behind the scenes videos shows all the pain, suffering and emotions of fighting... I think its important to show more of this on TV because most just see the fame and the fortune and think its easy. Fighting isnt as glamorous as most people think - McGregor has wealth, fame and self belief... but hes just a man, and to be reduced to limping around on one leg like a cripple infront of so many people and cameras must be an extremely hard pill to swallow. Great video.

  • Monsta Monstas
    Monsta Monstas Před rokem +20

    Crazy how it was a different Conor from the 2nd fight to the 3rd fight.... Savage. Good luck Mate hopefully a speedy recovery with the leg break. Much love and respect brother