Lionfield vs

  • čas přidán 28. 08. 2023
  • He is too powerful 😱😱😱
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  • PatoLegend
    PatoLegend Před měsícem +20916

    Lionfield finally meets the Final BOSS

    • J
      J Před měsícem +98

      Chef Rush can even beat Jon Jones in a fight what were these guys thinking??

    • mufsuno
      mufsuno Před měsícem +94

      @user-nd3qg9dl6z Bruh thats clash royale

    • Krish Kukreja
      Krish Kukreja Před měsícem +59

      ​@mufsunoYes,it's really a clash royale and he's actually a scammer 😅😂😂

  • Aliijah the king123
    Aliijah the king123 Před 19 dny +199

    The perfect loop doesn't ex-

  • donut2go
    donut2go Před 12 dny +61

    I've never seen chefrush so kind he even feed two starving Italians

  • Guga Tiela
    Guga Tiela  Před měsícem +12150

    bros are really risking their life just to teach the unstoppable chef to never break the pasta 😭

  • Emanuelle Guimaraes
    Emanuelle Guimaraes Před 19 dny +64

    The collab I didn't know I needed this much, until I saw it happening 😂❤

  • TheGuyWhoAskes
    TheGuyWhoAskes Před 12 dny +121

    never mess with chef rush.EVER.
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    edit 4:this is getting more likes faster than my dad
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  • PumpkinPie
    PumpkinPie Před 29 dny +4043

    how nice chef rush is.. he gave them free spaghetti cuz he know he like them so much, how kind!

    • Marissa Morales
      Marissa Morales Před 28 dny +15

      That's a lie

    • MegaTitan8
      MegaTitan8 Před 28 dny +33

      It's to give them a lesson to never mess with Chef Rush

    • PumpkinPie
      PumpkinPie Před 28 dny +11

      @MegaTitan8 that is one of the rules when you are born, i don't think they would break it

    • Meh
      Meh Před 28 dny +3

      I think he actually gave them the broken pasta-

    • Çınar ERTÜRK
      Çınar ERTÜRK Před 28 dny +1

      @Marissa MoralesBruh Get some Jokes on

  • Hamza Subhani
    Hamza Subhani Před 14 dny +9

    Moral of the story: "Don't mess with the Rush".

  • şef tencerede fokurdayan kafasına kepçe yemiş nohu

    Even the italian army cant stop chefrush

  • Morior Invictus
    Morior Invictus Před 27 dny +1972

    For a split second, you can see the military coming out of Chef Rush.

  • Try Dsgr
    Try Dsgr Před 11 dny

    The collaboration we didn't think we needed

  • Crimson Gaming
    Crimson Gaming Před 10 dny

    ChefRush is so nice he even gave them free pasta.

  • Matt Ng
    Matt Ng Před měsícem +2040

    And remember, not even Italians can handle Chef Rush

    • Coach N
      Coach N Před měsícem +51

      We need the strongest Italian!

    • Alind farhad
      Alind farhad Před měsícem +12

      One can the president

    • Type F
      Type F Před měsícem +18

      The rock and shaq left the chat

    • Lmao
      Lmao Před měsícem +12

      @Type Fthe rock isn’t bigger than chef rush

    • XDang - World of tanks Blitz
      XDang - World of tanks Blitz Před měsícem +7

      ​@Lmaoyes he is

  • Arturo � Martin De Luxan

    The collaboration we needed but didn’t known

  • S0NIC_297
    S0NIC_297 Před 14 dny +1

    It’s a good thing that chef rush spared you💀💀💀💀

  • lanc josh
    lanc josh Před 20 dny +2962

    ChefRush is so kind he feeded them when they were hungry.

      MEME USSR Před 16 dny +52

      yeah bro hes so kind😊

    • Nat
      Nat Před 16 dny +34

      ​@MEME USSRthat was raw pasta 💀💀

    • cross sans
      cross sans Před 16 dny +14

      But it's still a joke,As they just arranged everything before video and they just pretend.

  • KZ Productions
    KZ Productions Před 7 dny +1

    Chef Rush when he wakes up next to a horse head next morning

  • Mr Who
    Mr Who Před 9 dny +1

    The boss music kicking in was perfect

  • Encore
    Encore Před měsícem +854

    Moral of the Story: Some villains can’t be defeat

    • MrDeun
      MrDeun Před měsícem +26

      But they can converted to good side. Remember Shawarman Man?

    • Encore
      Encore Před měsícem +9

      @MrDeun true, true

    • James PoGo
      James PoGo Před měsícem +3

      we need a stronger villian

    • Encore
      Encore Před měsícem +3

      @James PoGo no one can beat this man 💀

    • Explosive
      Explosive Před měsícem

      ​@EncoreLiverking can

    GRXVEYARD INK Před 2 dny +1

    Need part 2 😅absolutely love this , lionfield has met the final boss 😂

  • arcticWolfLover 2
    arcticWolfLover 2 Před 7 dny

    chefrush is like that final boss from monster hunter he puts fear in anyone who challenges him

  • Rafael Felix W
    Rafael Felix W Před měsícem +1019

    bro need to summon the italian army for this one

    • ItalianDUDE :D
      ItalianDUDE :D Před měsícem +7

      on it!

    • alex
      alex Před měsícem +12


    • ItalianDUDE :D
      ItalianDUDE :D Před měsícem +20

      @alex dw!
      Avete sentito ragazzi? VIA VIA VIA!
      *paratroopers from the Folgore battalion start jumping off the plane*

    • UniAesch
      UniAesch Před měsícem +1


  • MasterYoho
    MasterYoho Před 15 dny

    No one gonna talk about the way they knocked 😂 these two are the truest italians

  • Vu Ngocanh
    Vu Ngocanh Před 8 dny


  • Skyler
    Skyler Před měsícem +650

    No matter how risky or Dangerous it is,This two Italian bros timely rushes for battle against italian cuisine & culture rule breakers like brave heros...HATS OFF!!💥😂❤️

    • Guga Tiela
      Guga Tiela  Před měsícem +12

      yea bro they almost got killed by Rush literally how risky it is 😭💯

    • J
      J Před měsícem +2

      Chef Rush can even beat Jon Jones in a fight what were these guys thinking??

    • Reza Ganjizadeh
      Reza Ganjizadeh Před měsícem +1


    • Fla_qualcosa
      Fla_qualcosa  Před měsícem

      Mario and luigi Vs bowser

    • Carla
      Carla Před měsícem +4

      ​@Jchill bruh, its just a comedy video

  • Auj Fnior
    Auj Fnior Před 13 dny

    You briefly catch a glimpse of the military leaving Chef Rush.

  • ThatBoyEithan
    ThatBoyEithan Před 16 dny +11

    Don't mess with chefrush

  • Valerie Gonzales
    Valerie Gonzales Před 29 dny +722

    The only chef threat that can’t be stopped

    • Yeetboiwhatyesplease
      Yeetboiwhatyesplease Před 27 dny +8

      First it was QCP, then Albert, Patrick, Shawarma man was defeated, now lion field… who else is next on his list?

    • james hardy
      james hardy Před 27 dny +8

      @Yeetboiwhatyesplease Nick Digiovanni and Bayashi Zach Choi

    • 8tsyaboi22
      8tsyaboi22 Před 27 dny +1

      when an inevitable force meets an *IMMOVABLE* Man

    • Jimmy Bobby
      Jimmy Bobby Před 27 dny

      @james hardywhat about Nick’s grandma Linda or what ever her name is I’d watch that😂

    • updated cactus
      updated cactus Před 26 dny +1

      @Jimmy Bobbybro lynja is *everyones* grandma
      jokes aside, lynja is not nick’s grandma if you ever thought she was lmao

  • Alice Cirelli
    Alice Cirelli Před 2 dny +1

    Lionfield is coming back whit the entire italian comunity

  • D00M567
    D00M567 Před 19 dny

    Biscuit oliva irl, also we need a live action Baki.

  • Nebula
    Nebula Před 23 dny +1186

    He’s got the entirety of Italy running away from him

  • Arve Man
    Arve Man Před 12 dny

    Chef rush's phone: "the italian mafia wants to know ur location"

  • Fks0n
    Fks0n Před 19 dny +2

    He kidnapped them, and to make matters worse he broke the noodles, he deserves to be arrested *in a italian prison* for breaking it

  • ♧fred the north chicken♤ #Stop-teothenorthkorean

    10 years later: lionfield has invented a italian helicopter

  • Артём Летунов
    Артём Летунов Před 20 dny +1

    Conclusion: if you are a jock, then you can break spaghetti, Italians are not a hindrance to you.

  • Thomasfan356
    Thomasfan356 Před 2 dny +1

    Never mess with the beast DAMMIT!!!

  • Ayyan Karbelkar
    Ayyan Karbelkar Před 24 dny +2081

    Don't mess with chef rush "DAMMIT" 💀😂

  • Edoardo Pietrangelo
    Edoardo Pietrangelo Před 11 dny

    La collab di cui non sapevamo di avere bisogno

  • Scorpion Matero
    Scorpion Matero Před dnem +1

    Nobody bothers Chef rush, damn it

  • Mohammed R Islam
    Mohammed R Islam Před měsícem +325

    The colab we all needed but didn't know

  • Aureliena
    Aureliena Před 15 dny

    When chef rush kicked them out its was like

  • Sentinel Trickster
    Sentinel Trickster Před měsícem +253

    Imagine a chef without no emotions, doesn’t feel physically pain, with great tenacity and endurance (possibly a masochist) can defeat Chef Rush

    • Solo Just Onttre E. R.
      Solo Just Onttre E. R. Před měsícem +5

      But if he can't feel pain hows he a masochist ...

    • Carina Bosito
      Carina Bosito Před měsícem +1


    • allister
      allister Před měsícem +1


  • Marcus Davis
    Marcus Davis Před 10 dny +1

    These Two Italian Guys messed with the wrong chef

  • Awbv Woitr
    Awbv Woitr Před 4 dny

    Chef Rush is dangerous, dammit.

  • Milky 0n the BÊPØBÊ
    Milky 0n the BÊPØBÊ Před měsícem +1021

    Hanma Yujiro of the cooking community : ChefRush

  • Davia Yew
    Davia Yew Před 5 dny

    How to avoid lionfield if you commit a Italian crime, Call chefrush dammit

  • Prathik kumar
    Prathik kumar Před 7 dny +1

    You teached them a good lesson i am so happy😂

  • Shanzo X
    Shanzo X Před měsícem +815

    Italians have unlocked a New Fear: Chef Rush

  • CamPlayer
    CamPlayer Před 5 dny

    Cutscenes where you need to be strong enough for the boss be like:

  • Orcariver
    Orcariver Před 14 dny

    Bro Chefrush needs a millon oscar

  • paninobencotto
    paninobencotto Před 26 dny +237

    the chef literally said 'everything is solved with violence' 💀

    • Prince
      Prince Před 24 dny +1

      Wtf were the same

    • Prince
      Prince Před 24 dny


  • Yellowish YouTube channel
    Yellowish YouTube channel Před 14 dny +1

    That's why I am telling you guys don't try to mess with Chef Rush 🙏😅

  • Cloaker
    Cloaker Před 16 dny

    Rule number 1: Don't try to beat up chef rush

  • Alexei Gaming
    Alexei Gaming Před měsícem +267

    Remember, don't mess with Chef Rush

  • Ronaldo Fan
    Ronaldo Fan Před 9 dny +1

    Did ChefRush just made them eat raw spaghetti 🍝? 😭🤌🏼

  • b8702131
    b8702131 Před 3 dny

    They bit off more pasta than they could chew this time, literally and figuratively.

  • ‌Normal KSI in ohio
    ‌Normal KSI in ohio Před měsícem +227

    Therapist: don’t mess with Chef Rush

    • ‌Normal KSI in ohio
      ‌Normal KSI in ohio Před měsícem +1

      @user-nd3qg9dl6z another bot ._.

    • S! CB -SL- Animations
      S! CB -SL- Animations Před měsícem +1

      ​@user-nd3qg9dl6zNobody cares.

    • LazyGab Studio
      LazyGab Studio Před měsícem +1

      ​@user-nd3qg9dl6z If there is actually part 2 then the video should have the world part 1 too, but it doesn't so go somewhere

  • Bangladesh_Ball
    Bangladesh_Ball Před 17 dny

    *new fear unlocked:*

  • Bye Hi
    Bye Hi Před 4 dny

    At this point Chef Rush is the destroyer of traditions omg

  • Moeformow
    Moeformow Před měsícem +707

    Bro took “you broke into the wrong house fool” to another level

    • Strenngth
      Strenngth Před měsícem +9

      It’s picked not “broke into”

    • Black and white cat
      Black and white cat Před měsícem +6

      ​@StrenngthEver heard of San Andreas?

    • KLSXZ
      KLSXZ Před měsícem +10

      ​@Black and white cat in san Andreas ITS picked tho

    • Jason Yones
      Jason Yones Před 29 dny +1

      "whoa ay ay! its me carl, chill chill!"

    • Black and white cat
      Black and white cat Před 29 dny +2

      @KLSXZ Been a long time since I heard of that meme so I thought that phrase is fine at first.

  • Jashveer Soni
    Jashveer Soni Před dnem

    Pasta gods are proud of you two

  • hareshharesh100
    hareshharesh100 Před 12 dny

    It was someone's spin, today it was our spin.

  • Alexia Wolff
    Alexia Wolff Před měsícem +548

    That is exactly what I'm looking for on a Friday morning! 😅😅😅
    Thanks, boys! ❤

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov Před dnem

    You catch a glimpse of the military departing Chef Rush for a brief moment.

  • Στοχεύω Ελλάδα

    Bro holding the whole country of Italia at gunpoint

  • ♡abpopaZzz♡
    ♡abpopaZzz♡ Před 22 dny +654

    He made them eat pizza with pineapple and now this, he is the final boss.

    • Brendan Boomhour
      Brendan Boomhour Před 21 dnem +12

      Nope, he's the boss you're scripted to lose to, that shows up later as a ridiculously overpowered superboss

    • Anna Williams
      Anna Williams Před 19 dny +2


    • Carlos12
      Carlos12 Před 19 dny


    • Ferit Bucağa
      Ferit Bucağa Před 18 dny

      Abi ben seni çok seviyorum

  • Dylan Martinez
    Dylan Martinez Před 19 dny

    que humilde el boybach cocinando

  • Carol Gaming
    Carol Gaming Před 20 dny +2

    Bro took "Don't mess with the strongest Chef" to another level 💀

  • Divya
    Divya Před měsícem +138

    I love how all the food related channels are collaborating, it's so fun to watch them all together 🙌🤍

  • GriMm
    GriMm Před 4 dny

    Chef Rush: **Opens door**
    **Boss music starts playing** 💀💀💀

  • Davidepotatorvlogger92
    Davidepotatorvlogger92 Před 15 dny

    We need to call the entire army

  • MrRandom
    MrRandom Před měsícem +486

    Chef Rush is the biggest and calmest chef!

  • Ai.Mi. Patriot
    Ai.Mi. Patriot Před 18 dny

    Did they really think it through? Chef Rush is basically IRL Biscuit Olivia.

  • Kitty Aya
    Kitty Aya Před 15 dny +1

    The collab we never thought we needed

  • TD Cody
    TD Cody Před měsícem +505

    There will never be a chef stronger than rush.

  • Shadow
    Shadow Před 17 dny +1

    “Why do I hear boss music”

  • Froot_loo
    Froot_loo Před 12 dny

    POV going to the final boss after they killed your friend in a video game but they’re stronger than expected:

  • Lachaille26
    Lachaille26 Před 25 dny +177

    Please don't cut these 2 nice Italian guys in half as if they were 2 fragile and helpless strips of pasta 😭😭

    • Anime Reviews
      Anime Reviews Před 23 dny +3

      38likes and no comment lemme fix that

    • Lachaille26
      Lachaille26 Před 23 dny

      @Anime Reviews Thank you 😭

    • purpletdow
      purpletdow Před 23 dny

      66 likes 2 comments leme fix that

    • OneTone
      OneTone Před 23 dny

      171 likes and 3 comments guess we gotta keep it goin

  • Petercko
    Petercko Před 13 dny

    Chef rush scares the italian mafia

  • Lilozinho
    Lilozinho Před 19 dny

    ChefRush made him's own rules! 💀

  • petert1595
    petert1595 Před měsícem +584

    Lionfield’s worst nightmare:

    • Radiant YT・レイディアントYT
      Radiant YT・レイディアントYT Před měsícem +4

      They continue to resist and this is what will keep happening. Chef Rush also has two muscle men, too and you see their kicking junk food from others. Don’t fuck with him or his men.

    • Careditinghub
      Careditinghub Před měsícem +7

      ​@Radiant YT・レイディアントYTthere is only one way to beat him.... BRING HER OUT

    • Gamerproxd Jose
      Gamerproxd Jose Před měsícem +2


    • Linda Ma-Neri
      Linda Ma-Neri Před měsícem +1


    • kawaiii girl💝
      kawaiii girl💝 Před měsícem +1


  • Master Gamer 123
    Master Gamer 123 Před 10 dny +1

    And now we shall wait for uncle roger

  • Neo Spectrum
    Neo Spectrum Před 17 dny

    That’s the same noise Mary and pippin make when Gandalf grabs their ears lol

  • Pancakes
    Pancakes Před 29 dny +233

    *Door shuts*
    Loinfield- “well that was a nice Conversation”.

    HYBRIDWARRIOR Před 6 dny +1

    Don't mess with chef rush🔥🔥💪💪

  • nexus
    nexus Před 16 dny

    Man woke up today and chose violence

  • GigaWigga
    GigaWigga Před měsícem +162

    Chef Rush is the only guy who can get away with these crimes 💀

    • denys vision
      denys vision Před měsícem +2

      Not for long

    • What are you looking?
      What are you looking? Před měsícem +1

      It’s not a crime it’s just pasta

    • Baha3 Alshamari
      Baha3 Alshamari Před měsícem

      ​@What are you looking?
      For Italians it's crime
      Pasta has specific size for a reason

    • tdhgfhfydfhjfmvj
      tdhgfhfydfhjfmvj Před měsícem

      ​@user-nd3qg9dl6zbro you tried to trick little kids

    • Waffle rofl
      Waffle rofl Před 29 dny

      ​@What are you looking?you live under a rock if you don't know, in Italia breaking spaghetti is more criminal then murder.

  • Devang Bansal
    Devang Bansal Před 8 dny +1

    Bro meets with absolutely wrong guy😂

  • Ayushツ
    Ayushツ Před 13 dny

    Chef rush is the one who knocks.

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh Před měsícem +340

    As an Italian myself, i can confirm that this is how Chef Rush treat our citizens 🤌🏻🤌🏻

  • Djosh
    Djosh Před 21 hodinou

    Lionfield meets the big boss of cooking

  • Roet Pdsn
    Roet Pdsn Před 14 dny +1

    Lesson: Be careful around Chefrush.

  • Ravazki
    Ravazki Před 24 dny +704

    Lionfield boutta come back with the entire Italian population 💀

  • Max von Kriger
    Max von Kriger Před 14 dny +1

    Какой молодец этот повар, уложил всех итальянцов

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown Před 6 dny

    Rule number 1: Don't piss off the big guy

  • Anh Vo
    Anh Vo Před 23 dny +1318

    *brings the entire Italian population*
    “Eh, I’ll still manage”
    *very buff Italian comes out the crowd*
    Edit:look, I don’t want to be that person but ITS BEEN 1 DAY. HOW DID I GET 896 LIKES AND 11 COMMENTS? Just wow, wowww THANK YOU SO MUCH
    Edit 2:never would thought I would get 1.3k likes, it’s been 2 days and I.. can’t even explain how I feel rn just tysm for giving me so much likes!

    • Izzy Bizzy
      Izzy Bizzy Před 22 dny +31

      "Finally. A worthy opponent!"

    • Mark_Menke1
      Mark_Menke1 Před 22 dny +11


    • Kusu
      Kusu Před 22 dny +10

      Danny! Lui salverà l'italia

    • Jaozedong
      Jaozedong Před 22 dny +4

      Ermes Gasparini

  • Rafi Wafi
    Rafi Wafi Před 17 dny

    Oliva had nuts to break any cooking rules in the world

  • hola
    hola Před 13 dny

    It's good that Chefrush put them in their place and freed us all.

  • MasterJoseph
    MasterJoseph Před 24 dny +554

    Chef rush is the Samuel L. Jackson of internet cooks.

  • All in one 151
    All in one 151 Před 15 dny

    Real Sigma bodybuilder 💀