Halo 4 Preview: Multiplayer, Weapons, Gameplay, Graphics, and more! (Halo 4 Gameplay/Commentary)

  • čas přidán 4. 03. 2012
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  • Chigozie Ozor
    Chigozie Ozor Před 16 dny

    Seeing this now is insane

  • I ahmed
    I ahmed Před 10 lety +1

    3:36 Just when those 3 red Spartans are running, player in between the other 2 is a FEMALE how COOL IS THAT?

  • MasterXxploder
    MasterXxploder Před 10 lety +1

    Halo 3 Will Always be my favorite. It was just so "New" feeling.

  • samus whitmore
    samus whitmore Před 10 lety +1

    the only thing I want to know the release date god DAMN IT

  • TheDevilstop
    TheDevilstop Před 11 lety +1

    @deathhunting for the record, halo reach is in need of a ton of improvments

  • Omar Raja - ESPN
    Omar Raja - ESPN  Před 11 lety

    @TiggyFTW My apologies.

  • Ty
    Ty Před 10 lety

    I got it lol. My friend has alpha version. His dad works for microsoft

  • Blake Romine
    Blake Romine Před 11 lety

    @clonemaker5554 But halo reach is already out

  • FM09Freak1
    FM09Freak1 Před 11 lety

    Im just flashes by all these stuff. Cant wait till its released

  • Cryterion
    Cryterion Před 10 lety

    it's coming November 6, 2012

  • Austin Kizer
    Austin Kizer Před 11 lety

    well so far i think it looks great but im going to miss bungie

  • Hello, is it me you're looking for?

    343 got their name from 343 guilty spark, monitor of instillation 04. just if you didnt know.

  • syeh bocaj
    syeh bocaj Před 10 lety

    i really hope they do forge and if so they do it really well

  • sam macdonald
    sam macdonald Před 10 lety

    i hope in forg they ad stuf like phantums and lokusts

  • ProfessionalHLG
    ProfessionalHLG Před 10 lety

    343 needs to be less anal about making updates to reach, changing maps everyday gets kinda annoying...

  • Jaden Sephiroth
    Jaden Sephiroth Před 10 lety

    do you research before tossing your faith in halo 4, and I not the April game informer leak

  • Ryice
    Ryice Před 10 lety

    Where's the assault rifle

  • syeh bocaj
    syeh bocaj Před 10 lety

    oh and assassinations that would be real nice

  • Tistro31
    Tistro31 Před 11 lety

    Anyone else hope they bring back the Beam Rifle from Halo 2 " thumbs up this if you think so"!

  • Kingkiwi1234
    Kingkiwi1234 Před 11 lety

    At first, i though 343 was going to bomb halo 4, that it was going to be not as good, but now it looks amazing, i think they are doing a great job, and i am exited to see what happens.

  • btmesias
    btmesias Před 11 lety

    most people from bungie are coming to 343 so its ok

  • gfath1
    gfath1 Před 11 lety

    343 fuck up halo now

  • Anthony Blake
    Anthony Blake Před 10 lety

    I want bungie back Fuck 343

  • Tomatthanex
    Tomatthanex Před 11 lety


  • syeh bocaj
    syeh bocaj Před 10 lety

    forge world to be exact

  • TheKieren235
    TheKieren235 Před 10 lety

    I enjoyed all the halos because they all had a different feel to it. CE: fear when jenkins dies. H2: anticipation of live multiplayer. H3: New feeling. Wanting to see how it all turns out. H3ODST: what life as an odst is like.(underwhelming) HWars: didnt enjoy much. And HReach: new graphics multiplayer and heroes. Campaign sucked but multiplayer was new and improved.

  • Adam
    Adam Před 10 lety

    You know, halo 4 hasn't come out yet but I'm psyched for it I played all the halo games with my friend and I'd say the best halo game that is out there is 3 because of all the fast paced gaming.

  • LatinoBadass
    LatinoBadass Před 10 lety

    im glad 343 took the proyect because bungie was good but their main problem was that they limited themselfs way too much in every aspect, multiplayer, campaing, story.

  • TiggyFTW
    TiggyFTW Před 11 lety

    It's not Three Forty-Three. It's three four three

  • Trained Pigeon
    Trained Pigeon Před 10 lety

    Three Forty-three?

  • ravagesavage10
    ravagesavage10 Před 10 lety

    Don't worry the assault rifle is back

  • coletk
    coletk Před 10 lety

    It doesn't really matter, it was actually meant to be three-hundred forty-three when they were started anyway.

  • I ahmed
    I ahmed Před 10 lety

    Some people may have disliked a few bits and bobs whit what 343 did to halo anniversary (I have my reasons but its still a cool game) but I've seen a lot of trailers and previews of halo 4 and so far it is AWSOME

  • Pedro Gracia
    Pedro Gracia Před 11 lety

    I just want it to be good and better than halo reach

  • stnick601
    stnick601 Před 10 lety

    the only reason why black ops 2 going to outsell halo 4 because is mp which means is coming out for all platforms halo 4 is only coming on xbox 360 (maybe pc later) but sells pretty well just to be on one platform

  • Omar Raja - ESPN
    Omar Raja - ESPN  Před 10 lety

    Call of Duty 4 had more sales on the Xbox 360 alone than Halo 3, CoD Sells more on the Xbox 360 than Halo. Doesn't mean one's better but I just wanted to clear that up.

  • Alexkazaaam
    Alexkazaaam Před 11 lety

    I do think that Halo 4 will be fun because, well, it's Halo. ODST was the only Halo that hasn't been a blast while I played it. So far I'm pretty impressed with how the graphics are looking. From the little bit of mult. player gameplay I saw, it seems like they are using much more light reflection on surfaces. It makes it look very clean, but I'm curious how much that'll change with the final product. It's gonna be tough for 343 to do much better than bungie, but we'll see.

  • Travis Sean Noble
    Travis Sean Noble Před 11 lety

    I think it looks fantastic but to be brutally honest..I'm probably not gonna buy it or even play halo until halo 5 comes out nex gen. cod and bf are just too diverse. If halo 4 had alien weapons in MLG then that would be more like an actual war game. Thats my main problem with halo nowadays. the competitive players are all using the same fucking gun all fucking day. I cant stand the thought of playing hardcore halo if its just gonna be a fucking war game about some "ideal rifle".

  • bigFOXxo7
    bigFOXxo7 Před 11 lety

    i think they fucked up halo with things like the jet pack n armor lock,kind of like the all around idea of sprint but realy dislike the health packs that were introduced in odst.after halo3 the games have just gone downhill in my personal opinion i am however glad that the br is back but they should put the dmr in 4 b/c ther was alot of ppl that liked it. ive followed the halo series since halo1 and after odst,reach,and cea(i didnt attempt to play halo wars)im realy not as excited to buy "halo4"

  • Josh
    Josh Před 10 lety

    halo 4 will be better than halo 3 but black ops 2 will outsell halo 4

  • giggity6911
    giggity6911 Před 10 lety

    blarg the br is not the dmr. the dmr is a d.esignated m.arksman r.ifle the br is a battle rifle. the dmr is used for long range unlike the br although the br is still good for long range its just common at medium range

  • Fapstallion Fappy
    Fapstallion Fappy Před 10 lety

    This is what is gunna happen. Halo 4 is gunna be better than halo 3. More depth. Uhh I thought that 343 industries was capable of making a great halo game. And it looks like I am right so far. I think that halo 4 will outsell black ops 2 because a lot of people are pissed about future warfare and they will intern turn to halo 4 instead of black ops 2.

    GW AAYUSH Před 8 měsíci