The End Of The Smartphone Is Near

  • čas přidán 10. 09. 2023
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    The smartphone is just over 15 years old, and 70% of people on the planet own one. But there’s reason to believe their days are numbered. Where do smartphones go from here? And what new technologies might take its place? There are a couple of directions this could go. From mixed reality headsets and glasses to AI assistants, the smartphone as we know it is about to change.
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    0:00 - We've Reached Peak Smartphone
    2:24 - The End of the Smartphone
    4:49 - Where Do We Go From Here?
    7:17 - Deeper Into The Immersion
    12:05 - AI Pin
    17:58 - Joe Contradicts The Entire Point Of His Video
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  • Věda a technologie

Komentáře • 0

  • Cody'sLab
    Cody'sLab Před 22 dny +3068

    Watching this with 5% battery. Yes the end is indeed near.

    • Still Infamous
      Still Infamous Před 22 dny +15

      Wait, new name?

    • Chris L
      Chris L Před 22 dny +9

      I assumed you'd have an RTG powered phone.😅

    • Aexetan
      Aexetan Před 22 dny +7

      RIP battery

    • MDL
      MDL Před 22 dny +9

      I'm at 3%😂

  • Grease E. Monkey
    Grease E. Monkey Před 16 dny +100

    After working at a pawn shop that had a reality TV show filmed there, people definitely act differently when there is a camera pointed at them. This new tech would take that type of filming to a whole new and weird level.

    • Redmenace96
      Redmenace96 Před 6 dny +1

      Great comment.

    • Adam Knight
      Adam Knight Před 6 dny +2

      Funny, today I was driving and a car in front had what looked like a camera sticking up above it, like where the car radio aerial is. I was so paranoid, and definitely being ultra careful to be on my best behaviour, especially as I had a work uniform on. I'm thinking now of maybe getting a dash cam to face the rear to see if it'll reduce aggression from drivers behind me.

    • Quantist
      Quantist Před 6 dny +6

      American Jewelry pawn shop in Detroit? lol

    • Grease E. Monkey
      Grease E. Monkey Před 5 dny +3

      @Quantist That's the one.

    • Tyler Gooden
      Tyler Gooden Před 2 dny +1

      In the USA people go to bars go watch tv 😆😆😆

  • Nic Bro
    Nic Bro Před 18 dny +142

    I feel the need to mention the smart glasses would also be very useful for those with limited physical abilities. It can provide a higher degree of personal independence, especially as AI capabilities increase. Imagine a person with Parkinsons disease who can summon their AI nurse without ever speaking or getting out of bed.

    • Scroopy Nooperz
      Scroopy Nooperz Před 16 dny +2

      the next evolution to replace the smartphones will be neuralink. human trials are starting.
      Why worry about a cellphone in your pocket or in your hands that you can lose or damage, when it can be hardwired into your brain? xD
      Aside from all the possible nefarious and dystopian scenarios that extra processing bio-soldered directly to your brain can bring, the possibilities are pretty cool if the establishment doesnt ultimately intend to hive-mind control us xD

    • zaco 2121
      zaco 2121 Před 14 dny +1

      It doesn't matter what you feel. You can't do anything with those "smart glasses". Any attempts to get something like that ended up with them bein banned or not allowed in many spaces.

    • Brett B
      Brett B Před 14 dny +5

      Yes, I have major hand issues, and Siri is embarrassingly useless as an actual assitant

    • RmX
      RmX Před 14 dny +1

      Smart eye contacts are better

    • innosanto
      innosanto Před 13 dny +2

      Smart glasses are huge. They will change alot of stuff and generally auhmented reality devices

  • noob19087
    noob19087 Před 15 dny +78

    If they make smart glasses that can correct vision better than traditional lens glasses that might be something I'd actually invest in. Some people have problems in their eyes that just a lens can't fix, but a display maybe could. Don't see why you couldn't add a bit of AR to that while you're at it. And a zoom functionality? And a rewind would be really useful too.

    • gysiguy
      gysiguy Před 14 dny +7

      X-Ray vision would be fun 😆

    • Joni Sare
      Joni Sare Před 12 dny +15

      Omg - zoom, replay! How’bout identify that bird, or Im lost, where am I? Or -put me in Italy, or Put me on the moon. It could find my keys, know the nutritional value of my dinner plate.

    • eukariootti
      eukariootti Před 10 dny +1

      Perhaps not X-ray, since some people might get offended when radiated... but IR and UV vision would have their uses. Not to mention macro- and zoom-vision far beyond cababilities ot the human eye. That "dash cam" feature would help to solve muggings, accidents etc. LiDAR similar to iPhone 12...15 Pro/Pro Max, just with much more advanced SW, would be nice.
      And they'd offer superior vision correction to traditional glasses, too. Including just the right mount of automatic darkening. Using the optimal or preferred color. Mirror-finish or not, you choose. While having about the same weight as traditional sun glasses...
      Something similar to HUD (Head-up display) in todays cars would be an obvious feature. Just more sophisticated and versatile, in 3D colour etc. Sometimes Pizzeria's menu, sometimes a map. Or just simple arrow guiding you to the right floor and room, making sure you wont be late from the meeting.
      High quality Movie Theater screen (HDR, of course) would be cool, as long as it would be automatically disabled for anyone driving any kind of vehicle.
      Privacy is an obvious problem. And distractions --> accidents etc. Propably never before seen amount of obnoxious, forced advertisement, too. More malicious and twisted than ever before, targeted specifically to make a single human being generate absolutely maximum cashflow. Without a single pause, 24/7/365, for the rest of the marks life.
      For example, vast AI Farms owned by Coca-Cola, Nike, Huawei, Pfizer, CCP etc. would easily learn to bypass any open Source Add-Block SW + punish you for trying it. And nobody can prevent them. Well, at least not level 4 basic citizens.

    • 1988dgs
      1988dgs Před 8 dny +1

      When I started wearing glasses, back in the 90’s I didn’t realise how glasses worked (I was a late teen when i started) I had a manual focus camera and would take photos onto film, with and without my glasses and a week or so later when i got the pictures back almost every picture was out of focus, because my glasses were fighting with the cameras focusing. I still don’t need glasses within about a foot

    • Finch
      Finch Před 8 dny

      that'd really only work for extreme near-sightedness

  • Adam Newland
    Adam Newland Před 16 dny +55

    Right before the smart phone, the palm pilot was the high-tech personal organizer and rolodex of contacts. Ipod's touch wheel and easy playlist porting made them stand out from the other mp3 players. iPhone put those together with even more. You're absolutely right about the first 100 years and last 10 years in phone development, I never thought about it that way.

    • Inservio
      Inservio Před 13 dny +1

      It was just another feature they stole from Xerox. Settled out of court for undisclosed amount.

    • mitchell
      mitchell Před 13 dny

      go play with a ten year old phone and say it's the same

    • Karl with a K
      Karl with a K Před 9 dny +2

      Phone hit a peak with the flip phone and have been on the decline ever since then. The DumbPhone is exactly that, a dumb phone for dummies. Fragile, weak, no buttons, for many years could not connect to a PC, information hijacks left and right, just awful. Put todays CPU and ram into a flip phone with HDMI out to a normal monitor and a dozen tactical keys and sales will triple.

    • Inservio
      Inservio Před 9 dny

      @Karl with a K _Tactile_ means involving touch, _tactical_ means involving tactics. If someone is overly touchy and huggy, that's tactile. If the person they're touching is well-proportioned, then that's tactical ;)

    • mitchell
      mitchell Před 9 dny

      USB to HDMI adapters are like 4 dollars. or you can stream to your TV and get a Bluetooth keyboard. or, and this is going to sound crazy, don't get a crappy flip phone that's going to cut the display ribbon, use a smart phone and type on that because you should be able to text on a phone with a full alphabet after 2003 was left in the past

  • Ben
    Ben Před 14 dny +20

    I would have loved to see the way AI assistants are depicted in the movie Her -- it's really fascinating, the way technology is tactile but falls into the background too. Also, it would be interesting to analyze the roles of watches right now. I often leave home without my phone, and having a local AI assistant on your wrist is pretty amazing.

    • Ronell Elkayam
      Ronell Elkayam Před 9 dny +2

      I hate the fact I can't blast on a full size keyboard, and mouse-click away accurately on my smartphone. There's no chance I'll ever use a smartwatch, other than for sports.

  • Nick Benton
    Nick Benton Před 22 dny +3015

    Not being able to sell a new thousand dollar chunk of plastic and metal to everyone every three years would truly be disastrous. Let’s hope they get it sorted out!

    • Jeremiah Ducate
      Jeremiah Ducate Před 22 dny +144

      Most people dont utilize the full functionality of a $1000 phone compared to a phone with a $400 msrp or less. People often complain about "needing" a new $1000 phone every two years.

    • Nick Benton
      Nick Benton Před 22 dny +147

      @Jeremiah Ducate the companies selling them love the idea that you “need” a new one. The fact that people might eventually realize they’re wasting money is the stuff of nightmares. Gotta keep consuming to buy some dude’s new yacht!

    • ReklezZz 903
      ReklezZz 903 Před 22 dny +23

      Where you getting every 3 years?😂😂😂
      You mean when we individually decide to upgrade 3 years and 3 generations of smartphones later? Lol
      I’m pretty sure IPhone realease 2-3 a year…
      They release the main one, then a smaller or bigger version, and then another one with Some special letters at the end.
      Like the iPhone 5c
      They’re really good at it😂

    • Johnny Wednesday
      Johnny Wednesday Před 22 dny +89

      @Jeremiah Ducate - it's a fashion accessory. I've been a hardcore geek since the late 80s, I was bullied for my passion. The internet is ours, we built it and everybody else has turned it into a hellhole of bigotry and idiocy. I hope they go back to playing snake.

  • A Dude
    A Dude Před 13 dny +12

    A very interesting topic. As someone who owns smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC, etc., and relies on the technology for my job in particular, I think that the smart phone and its evil cousin social media, have had an extremely deleterious effect on society in general. It's too easy to be rude when hiding behind the anonymity of a computer; it's too easy to be a troll and annoy people; it's too easy to be able to spout off with remarks guaranteed to offend, and to share those remarks with millions of people with the click of a button. On a more personal level, how many of us have been at social gatherings where everyone is more interested in looking at his or her phone than in interacting with actual humans? This is not healthy by any objective measure.

  • x
    x Před 14 dny +9

    In 2007 I was working on a thesis premised that the replacement for smartphones was going to be personal display eyewear and eventually contact lenses. These have actually been evolving for a while. Epson Moverio was the precursor technology behind SpaceGlasses which was leaps ahead of microsoft's hololens and google glass. Apple vision pro is just the latest joiner in the race to mass market a consumer-friendly integration.

  • Neil Emminger
    Neil Emminger Před 13 dny +4

    Really depends on how cheap they can get it while maintaining effectiveness.
    I can't see either of them replacing phones entirely, though, unless they can get the goggles as light as normal glasses.
    Looking forward to finding out!

  • Hyzenthlay
    Hyzenthlay Před 17 dny +24

    As someone with social anxiety and ipovlopsychophobia, having everyone and their dog wear glasses with a camera built in is a good way to keep me indoors...

    • mitchell
      mitchell Před 13 dny

      everything in there has ..... never mind. glad you can get some repite

    • Ronell Elkayam
      Ronell Elkayam Před 9 dny +5

      Or to get treatment and get over it?

    • Mr2greys
      Mr2greys Před 7 dny +2

      Sucks to be you but the world can't be held back just to make you happy

    • Abijah Dixon
      Abijah Dixon Před 7 dny

      I have too, but I think it would help me as I do have a stalker but few people belive me

    • Zachary C. Sneddon
      Zachary C. Sneddon Před 7 dny +2

      Today I learned the clinical word for the irrational fear of having one's photograph taken. Thanks for that.

  • WAVY
    WAVY Před 12 dny +5

    I couldn't agree more!! I've been using the same smartphone for four years now because I truly don't need anything more than what it already offers! I don't understand why people buy a new smartphone every year without considering if they really need these 'new' features or if they'll ever use them! I'd rather save money to buy an actual camera than a phone with a subpar camera like mine. Haha, let's face the truth

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Před 22 dny +1032

    Great episode Joe.

  • Guds777
    Guds777 Před 9 dny +17

    I think the biggest disruptors will be when we get proper VR/AR glasses that are light and small, or even a eye lenses. And then the computational device will be in our pocket. Maybe we get an Eyephone Futurama style. Of course if they can find a way to transmit the video signal into the optic nerve that would be true disruptor...

  • Sean Rallis
    Sean Rallis Před 12 dny +6

    I like the idea of the AI Pin as a phone and personal assistant, and allowing the smartphone to just become an enternaintment and social media device

  • Stan Goings
    Stan Goings Před 13 dny +8

    A few years ago I got to try a prototype "Magic Leap" they also used the term "spatial computing" It was a really cool experience. The team that was showing it off impressed upon us how the device would add informational layers to the real world.
    Think if you were relaxing at home with a beauty layer (paintings, flowers, water features, virtual pet), you need to get somewhere? Navigation layer (floating arrows and highlighted walkways leading you to your destination), Need to someone to feed the fish? social layer (leave a note hanging in mid air in front of your roommate's door) It really did feel like the next evolution for a personal device. The FOV on the AR was very limited, the apple device seems to have addressed this.
    The coolest feature about these devices that you can't experience without actually putting it on is that they track your eyes and interpret what your focal length is and apply that to all the AR images. This makes AR objects that you aren't focusing on out of focus, it really sells the effect of the virtual objects being in your space.

    • Simon Does
      Simon Does Před dnem +1

      Could you imagine the way this could be used against a population, especially since nothing is private anymore? One example that comes to mind is if that was integrated into a social credit score system, what a nightmare. Also, there would be ads everywhere, no thanks.

  • H Jacobson
    H Jacobson Před 16 dny +6

    I’m ready for the AI pin or something similar. I’m ready for a device that allows me to do everything essential without accessing my device where literally everything is possible. I’d want the AI pin to be independent of my phone but I might still carry my phone or an iPad mini (believe it or not, those fit in my pocket. I’m also a big guy though). The thing is, when I pull my phone out, all of a sudden, all the distractions are at my fingertips. And then they’re much harder to resist.

    • Njorth
      Njorth Před 10 dny

      Agreed. Cool if they added a physical switch to block the lens. Also more safe then a computer chip within your brain.

    • Karl with a K
      Karl with a K Před 9 dny +2

      That is why the flip phone was superior. Phones hit a peak with the flip phone and have been on the decline ever since then. The DumbPhone is exactly that, a dumb phone for dummies. Fragile, weak, no buttons, for many years could not connect to a PC, information hijacks left and right, just awful. Put todays CPU and ram into a flip phone with HDMI out to a normal monitor and a dozen tactical keys and sales will triple.

  • MightyDantheman
    MightyDantheman Před 17 dny +21

    I don't think smart phones are going anywhere, but I do think that light AR technology is likely what would be used beyond that as far as mobile computing goes. That's why I got a smart watch years back, because I wanted to check notifications, or mess around with a video or music without having to actually take out my phone. I think the world will be quite an interesting place when more things become digitally interactive, for better or worse. Also, to clarify what I mean with "light AR", I'm referring to less intrusive AR technology like glasses, eye lenses, or perhaps even cybernetic eyes in the future.
    On the topic of hating Apple, I am happy to say that I am not predictable to any of the things you mentioned. I thought your early comparison was unfair, until you specified that you weren't including any of the upgrades from the first gen. But the reason I personally have a distaste for Apple is not because I'm an Android user, but because of how Apple operates. I choose not to support a company that uses child labor, sells completely overpriced phones, has restrictive software *and* hardware, and is anti right-to-repair, all for the sake of unnecessary profit. Oh, and Apple has shown that they're willing to completely violate your privacy "for the children". Android being open allows you to make it do whatever you want, unlike Apple. Android works directly with Windows and does in fact have its own more open eco-system than Apple's. This isn't to say that Android doesn't have its own issues here and there, but I think it's the better choice by far. Of course, people can choose whichever company they wish to buy from, I just wonder why people choose a restrictive black (or white, in this case) box over an open source operating system. I could go on and on about both my opinions and facts as to why people shouldn't support Apple, but I'll leave it there. To each their own.
    (Also Apple cameras aren't better than Android's, or the most expensive anymore. Friendly reminder that Android is an OS and not a phone manufacturer. Had to say that for the Apple kids.)

    • Blair Sadewitz
      Blair Sadewitz Před 15 dny +2

      What's "necessary profit"? Yeah, I get what you're saying. But the thing is, profit is determined, in part, by how much people are willing to pay. I largely agree with what you're saying, but I don't think you're dealing with a fundamental fact: other people aren't you (us). There are huge advantages conferred to the consumer by closed ecosystems, namely that the vendor(s) have more control over what's going on so there's (potentially, hopefully) less that can go wrong.
      Android is not "open" the way it is actually deployed by most carriers, and, thus, by most manufacturers, as most people do not even buy their devices outright.

    • MightyDantheman
      MightyDantheman Před 15 dny +4

      @Blair Sadewitz That's understandable to an extent, but I wonder how much of that is due to "ignorance", for lack of a better word. People who buy something, plug it in, and have it work, all without having to understand how any if it works or what it does behind the scenes. I'd also argue that the experience is fine outside of Apple too, even if the ecosystem isn't closed. I understand that there's a non-zero chance that something might not work as ideally as it should, but I don't see that as an issue or an excuse. But I see that this a hard point to argue when I'm inherently biased with actually caring about my devices, rather than just buying something and trusting it as-is with no other thought put into it. Though it's ironic to me that people are capable of putting their thought into many things, but stop at even the most basic things when it comes to technology.
      I feel like people shouldn't be buying things they don't understand. I don't mean this in a gatekeeper way, but more of in a protective way. I doubt most of those people even understand what internet privacy is, or how they're being exploited and abused daily (not referring to Apple specifically). I feel as though people shouldn't get into something without first understanding more about it, such as the risks that come with it and how to circumvent them. I don't like this mindset people have where they just buy or use something with no thought behind any of it. This isn't to hate on anyone, but I think it's a genuinely damaging way of thinking for society in general. But I'll end that there as that can go into a completely different rant.
      I'm not sure what you mean by Android not being open. I get that people buy phones and not Android's OS directly, but the OS is fully customizable. You can even go as far as to flash your own OS onto your phone, which is much harder to do on an Apple device (although that kind of defeats the purpose of choosing Apple).

    • Ronell Elkayam
      Ronell Elkayam Před 9 dny +2

      I'm an Android guy, but allowed my young daughter to get an iPhone, just for the "better camera" and "facetime" and "less glitching". I'm curious to see if in a few years I'll be able to convince her to get a much better Android. I'll even add $700 (to iPhone's cost) just to see how much of a stronghold Apple has over these kids... I plan to do the same if she decides she wants a MacBook... I'll add $1500 for a Windows device lol The point I'll (likely) prove: Apple does NOT, EVER, make the best products...especially if you have an extremely techy dad......

  • John
    John Před 22 dny +508

    Here's the thing: I don't think we have to get more out of our smartphones. Think of cars, think how primitive they were when they first appeared and how much they've improved, but they only did that to a certain point, and now we just use cars without questioning that. I think of the smartphone the same way, it filled this niche of an electronic device that we take with us and allows us to connect to people and information, it reached it's final shape and now it's just incremental changes that keep up with the current technology. I think the question is not " what's the technology that will replace the smartphone," I think the question is "what other technologies can change our lives?"

    • Erica Baliotis
      Erica Baliotis Před 21 dnem +43

      This was my thought with televisions. There have been some interesting attempts to improve the tech in recent years, but none of them really took off. Improvements in services, sure, but all of us just *have* a TV that we don’t really think about. When televisions first entered widespread use, the peripheral experiences did have a shift (movie theaters, dinner time), with some social hits along the way. And probably the only other real upgrade to the television experience was the shift to streaming (which, I think they’re all shooting themselves in the foot right now, while cable is sitting back and waiting for us all to return). The TV didn’t change. The experience did.
      I think smartphones are entering the era that televisions did a couple decades ago. You can’t really make *them* better, but you can make their experience via apps better. Why buy a wearable device to translate language (something I’m super excited about), when an app on your phone will do? Voice text is just replacing actual phone calls… which is weird.
      One thing I do absolutely hate about having the entire Radio Shack catalogue in our pockets is when we’re in a fun place, doing something interesting, and everyone is recording it. Like, y’all just spent actual money to travel to this interesting experience and you’re just going around taking pictures in front of the thing to get those sweet Gram likes (literally what happened when we took some friends to New Orleans this year. They took pictures in front of the riverboat and never even got on it!)
      I suppose it would be really cool to be able to relive those (actual) experiences because your trusty “always on” friend is making sure it’s all documented. There are times when I’m glad to have the photographer in the group so I can enjoy and also have pictures to look at later. I think THAT will come in the form of brain implants, which I have zero desire to try, even when the tech is solid. I’ve watched Black Mirror. I know where this is going.

    • Draggonny
      Draggonny Před 20 dny +19

      Cars are a bad example. Yeah they still have the same function of getting you from point A to point B but they have so much functionality now. I just upgraded from a 2009 model to a 2017 model. I've now got digital radio, can plug my phone straight into the dash for calls or media, built in sat nav, cruise control that automatically brakes when it gets too close to the car in front, front and rear parking sensors, sensors that say if someone hasn't buckled their seatbelt, sensors that say if one of the tyres has low pressure, automatic headlights, automatic windscreen wipers, it tells me when to change gear and if I'm speeding. Then the next iterations are fully electric and self driving.
      Phones could use a few of these features. A phone with a touch screen that works properly in the rain would be pretty neat. One with collision detectors for when you're too engrossed to look where you're going. What could come next? How about one that uses sat nav to tell when you're leaving the house and reminds you not to forget your keys because your air tag says they're still on the sideboard? Cars are getting to the stage where they can preempt what we want them to do because they can sense the conditions around them and know how we respond. That's what we want our digital assistants to do.

    • RELAXcowboy
      RELAXcowboy Před 20 dny +16

      You don't walk around the office with your car in your pocket. We don't fold our TV's up and bring them with us everywhere we go. This is the problem you aren't seeing. It has become a tool for distraction. It is more used to "Fill time" than it is used for a phone. It has made people become disconnected from the world around them because they are more focused on the tiny screen than the reality they live in and inhabit.

    • John
      John Před 20 dny +9

      @RELAXcowboy You can't blame the phone for being a distraction. The same argument can be made about alcohol. There's nothing wrong with the alcohol by itself, people abuse it because they have issues not because alcohol is a problem. If you don't know how to use the phone and the phone is using you, you're the problem. Smartphones are here to stay. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

  • Lou Fancelli
    Lou Fancelli Před 17 dny +5

    I think that the watch was initially planned to be the smartphone replacement, but adoption hasn't been as widespread, same for the various glasses. What this tells me is that we don't want to wear something all the time. I also don't think that transparent is the future either because who wants all their info to be readily seen by others? I think the next innovation will be a device that is smaller but gets larger, so like the size of a pen or something that's a bit less "bulky" than the current smartphones, which then rolls out a screen like a scroll.

    • HamHamHampster
      HamHamHampster Před 17 dny +3

      Transparent is only a thing on TV so that viewers can see what the characters are doing. Who wants everyone to see what they are doing IRL.

  • Kea48
    Kea48 Před 16 dny +4

    My favorite comment in this video........ calling our smartphones a "dopamine delivery device." That was just a perfect and catchy statement. I'm going to remember that! Good video too. Oh yeah, I think the statement that we've come to the end of the line with phones about them being helpful and an almost perfect delivery system, I agree with that. Why keep trying to change or improve if it doesn't need it?

  • Fastinsilence
    Fastinsilence Před 17 dny +4

    I do not think that pin will do too well, I think AR glasses would be much more appealing, I mean there could actually have been an AI hologram or Avatar of his wife stood next to him when the call happened, people have separate ring tones for people, with glasses you could have an animated life size witch appearing when your mother in law calls. I think whatever replaces the phone needs to be exciting, streets could look full of tech with animated billboards and information laid over everything, but it could all be in the glasses, or maybe stores could have minimal outlay on a small digital chip in front of building which could broadcast a huge display to anyone with glasses. Imagine walking past Mcdonalds and a life size character from the latest trending movie is standing outside, and tells you "I'm loving it", imagine a music store with a live performance with your favourite performer outside singing the latest record, or a theatre with a towering Godzilla or Jaws giving a jump scare. Perhaps the city of the future will be a lot less expensive than we imagine, it could become a clean sterile place with a digital overlay which can be changed to the users preference.

  • Brewster Shopping
    Brewster Shopping Před 17 dny +4

    Apartment fire. Oh, man, Joe... I feel your pain. All my stuff went up in an apartment fire about 10 years ago and I never recovered because I was 60 at the time of the fire. 7 or 8 high end computers and monitors, 8 high end guitars with recording studio equipment. It devastated my life. Of course, fires don't happen to YOU, only the other guy, so no insurance. I kinda wish I had been in the fire...

  • Anton
    Anton Před 17 dny +22

    I said this in 2013 (I was working for a tech company at the time). That within a year we would have a form factor for a smartphone that would not change much for 100 years. Just like with the radio peaking in the 1930s. Or the prototype for the modern car in 1916. People always predict new technology will keep on developing forever to some sort of fantasy degree but mostly they peak just a few years after their creation. I would not be surprised if we used some sort of smartphone like device in it's current form in 1,000 years.

  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly Před 19 dny +369

    Three years ago, I signed up as a beta tester for a major company's super-advanced smart phone, which was indeed the transparent phone prophesied in so many TV shows. I got it out of the box, and was really wowed by it for several hours. Then I put it down to go get something to eat. I haven't been able to find it since....

  • reconciliation86
    reconciliation86 Před 18 dny +4

    definitely feel the same way, I bought a Moto 40 Pro to replace my poco F3. The Moto 40 is marginally better in every category but the difference is really minor.

  • SirKnasher
    SirKnasher Před 11 dny +1

    I've always wanted some glasses that work in a similar way to shadowplay or instant reply, it records all the time but when you want to, you can save the last few minutes to your phone or something. So many things I've missed recording because it was too quick

  • Shine
    Shine Před 6 dny

    I know what it might be! Imagine having a phone for voice calls only. Almost zero privacy concerns! It doesn't need replacing often so it is cost-effective. You don't take it with you when you leave home, so it's not constantly interrupting you. When you're not there to answer it, people can just leave a voice message!

  • Larunaax The Mischievous

    Creating a hands free digital to reality wearable device with the ergonomics of the haptics and gestures of the top devices is really the next big leap in hardware and I hope that the tech mecha minds can help make the leap happen with minimal caveats

  • Lacrimatorium
    Lacrimatorium Před 12 dny +2

    I started using my first smartphone this year. I watched others. I realized that most of the apps were pointless. And constant notifications were diabolical. So I use it on a very minimal level. I was forced into using it because of my bank. I was perfectly happy with a dumbphone. Yes it was slightly more convenient. But I came up with rules, based on my observations.
    VR and AR will never catch on the same way because of the glasses. It's the same problem as 3D movies massively amplified. 3d movies get trendy every now and then, but then recede. Why? It's the glasses. And if you understood how hard 3D projection is, then you would realize that it's a Holy Grail that will never occur.
    Frankly I think we are due for a reaction against all of the tech that's been shoved down our throats over the last 30 years. Get ready for some sort of reality (not in quotes) movement, of people freeing themselves from the omnipresence of this overrated stuff.

  • Amal George
    Amal George Před 22 dny +548

    I actually feel that maybe phones are somehow the preferred design. I maybe wrong but I don't think they're going away anytime soon.

    • Ad Dajjal Son of Allah
      Ad Dajjal Son of Allah Před 22 dny +4

      No of course not

    • jonas eggen
      jonas eggen Před 22 dny +82

      Here in Norway there is a trend among young people to have two phones, a smart and a dumb. The dumb is for when socialising and after school activates.

    • kosmique
      kosmique Před 22 dny +15

      i hate phones and i will gladly take some super sweet glasses over this rectangle

    • Absurd Bird
      Absurd Bird Před 22 dny +46

      Yeah at least with a phone it's fairly obvious if someone is recording a video of you or something. That was partly responsible for Google Glass' failure.

    • pinbi7
      pinbi7 Před 22 dny +2

      not going away just stay in your pocket never to be seen again

  • Robin Hooper
    Robin Hooper Před 6 dny

    My first inclination when I read your title was that Neuralink. Where we would be able to imagine a person and phone them or access the net simply by thinking about it. All one would have to do is see the images in ones' mind to see the controls you would need to access. This would be the end of Cell/Smart phones.

  • vawlkus
    vawlkus Před 17 dny +3

    came across some alternative reality stuff in a sci-fi story, and I think the AR glasses are probably the direction this will go.
    If you want to fall down the rabbit hole look up ROSE AI in the Korps universe. Honestly, I think that's kinda what we need these days if I'm being frank.

    • Samual Williamson
      Samual Williamson Před 17 dny +1

      Next we'll need to wear disguises every time we leave our home just to keep a level of privacy. Creepy.

    • Thelelanator lol
      Thelelanator lol Před 17 dny

      @Samual Williamson You can literally be tracked from outer space at any point, privacy does not exist anymore and your discomfort at the drop in the water bucket is understandable but unfounded.

  • Ben Parnas
    Ben Parnas Před 6 dny

    A relevant piece of trivia that I sadly don't have a source for: Allegedly the reason transparent screens are used so often in tech-heavy films and TV shows is because viewers react more positively to scenes where they can see the actors in full - with a clear screen, that is much easier to do from different angles. You'll note that a lot of shows that take place "in the present day" don't usually shows screens in use to the viewers, opting instead to show enlarged versions of whatever is happening (usually a conversation) on the screen away from the characters.

  • iDidEverythingRightAnd
    iDidEverythingRightAnd Před 17 dny +2

    I used my cousins Quest 2 in AR mode and it was amazing. Can’t wait to see where future of this tech takes us.

  • Kevin Canavan
    Kevin Canavan Před 11 dny +1

    I love that the AIpin is a laser display. That’s the future we were promised in the 80s and that was cruelly robbed from

  • A Carrillo
    A Carrillo Před 22 dny +435

    SciFi makes hand held devices transparent for story telling reasons. It widens possible camera angles for a given shot of an actor while including what they are looking at. I have strong doubts that transparent screens will ever be the mainstream save for use in smart glasses.

    • Levi Akatsuki
      Levi Akatsuki Před 22 dny +106

      Not to mention how privacy disastrous it'd be to have a transparent screen at all

    • mac berry
      mac berry Před 22 dny +15

      It seems like these days they don't bother with any type of screen and they just have floating holograms

    • Juice  Willis
      Juice Willis Před 22 dny +18

      ​@macberry4048, exactly what I was going to say. Who needs screens when you have hologram screens that work perfectly in any light or environment somehow 😂

    • blurglide
      blurglide Před 22 dny +54

      Why would you even want a transparent screen other than AR? You'd be distracted by everything behind it, and your black levels would be zero.

  • Edhi Kurniawan
    Edhi Kurniawan Před 9 dny

    If anyone remembers Laser projector keyboard, that AI pin can be extended to do that. So someone could grab a hard white plastic sheet like a credit card in size or bigger, to display the keyboard, and use the upper part to project the image, the screen. Or the whole card as nowadays phone touch screen. It wont be as good and it is very hard to implement, but who knows.

  • Torque Steer
    Torque Steer Před 7 dny +1

    So my views, much like laptops have not disappeared, I think the smart phone will be around for a long time (hell, TVs still exist). They seem to be one of those devices that do what they need to do perfectly. I think it's just going to be incremental improvements from here on out. Better cameras, faster processors and crucially, better batteries. I wouldn't be surprised if they start to become dockable computers (like Samsung DEX). I mean, MacOS running on an iPhone when it's connected to a USB-C hub would be pretty cool.
    As for the AI pin, I like it's idea but I can't see it working. Is it really any more convenient than a smart watch? At least with a watch, if I take my jacket off, the watch is still attached to me. If I'm at the beach and I have no top on, it's still attached. I imagine if you had a pin, that you would be constantly taking it off and repositioning it every time you change your clothes.

  • J. Case
    J. Case Před 16 dny +2

    I think Google was on the right track with Google glass. Right track, wrong implementation. The to far ahead issue really came into play here, tech limitations, and lack of a "hook" app pretty much doomed the project, but the concept was a solid one

  • Steven Young
    Steven Young Před 14 dny +1

    It's super unfortunate that a fire took your vintage smartphones. I wish I'd kept my very first ones. I didn't start purposefully holding onto gadgets until 2001. So, I've got a nice museum shelf with Palm Pilots, the second Blackberry, the very first Samsung Galaxy for AT&T, a Motorola Zoom tablet, a Minolta camera, a 486 DX 66 processor in a box, and a 1978 Garfield clock.
    I'm sure anything you collect since the fire is amazing.

  • Chris Field
    Chris Field Před 5 dny

    Smart glasses are the way to go. I believe we'll head that route with each iteration making them smaller and less obtrusive until either they're ubiquitous or neural tech takes over and feeds data straight into our brains.

  • devluz
    devluz Před 22 dny +272

    I started studying computer science in Germany in 2006. In one of our projects we created a futuristic prototype how someone can order food with an app on their phone... The average computer science student could already see very well where things were going. The pushback was extreme though. Everyone was like "But no one would want to use this. You actually want to talk with the person on the checkout"

    • Hugh Chapman
      Hugh Chapman Před 22 dny +27

      I still enjoy everyday interactions

    • Alistair Nash
      Alistair Nash Před 22 dny +18

      Until you get to the back of the queue.

    • Stephen Troyer
      Stephen Troyer Před 22 dny +34

      Idk what changed, I very much enjoy skipping the chat at the checkout.

    • I Liberate My Soul
      I Liberate My Soul Před 22 dny +3

      how IRONIC

    • dudeawsomeness1
      dudeawsomeness1 Před 22 dny +29

      I'm an introvert, so I'm just happy to get through the drive through faster and get better deals too

  • Howard Jachter
    Howard Jachter Před 5 dny

    You could have elaborated more on how AI can enhance the chat experience. For example, you could have discussed the stages of development from a simple AI chat app to a conversational chat, to a fully integrated chat, and finally to a graphical AI that creates an immersive environment for the user. For humans, the ultimate goal is to have a "pocket guru" that can communicate with us through our device as if it were another person, but smarter than anyone else. There is a lot of potential for innovation in this area. Therefore, we need to consider both the hardware and the software evolution of the device. I agree with you that Vision Pro is a promising example. Imagine if we could have a Vision Pro that was embedded in normal-looking glasses (like Intel VAUNT) with integrated processors and long-lasting batteries. Imagine if it was affordable; maybe less than $500. I'll bet this is probably achievable within the next five years (by 2028).

  • Chris M
    Chris M Před 10 dny +1

    Mojo Lens has created contact lenses that have integrated displays. They had a working prototype, although I've heard they're canceling the initiative. I find that odd given they finally succeeded. Who knows, maybe that's going to become some secret military technology. Wouldn't surprise me.

  • Collin Stanton
    Collin Stanton Před 16 dny

    Cool show, nice delivery and definition. Thanks. 🎸💌 A pleasure subscribing. Love good information and insights.

  • Omegaman 1
    Omegaman 1 Před 8 dny

    The worthy forward step for me has been the fold line but it is cost prohibitive. The smartphone form factor or design has reached its peak. Besides that gestures has been great added feature on the phones.

  • Ron Chua
    Ron Chua Před 17 dny +1

    Been thinking bout this lately, next big thing would be augmented reality devices. great video!

    • mitchell
      mitchell Před 13 dny

      seriously. have you heard of the company Samsung? i heard they are going to make a phone called the galaxy and it's going to have augmented reality and come with a headset it slides into. but, we are going to have to wait until 2013 to see if that actually happens. it's definitely going to be the next big thing, if it can beat the Nokia NGauge.
      XD yeah right, like Nokia will ever be bested.

  • RhianKristen
    RhianKristen Před 20 dny +396

    I would love to see more privacy laws put in place. I imagine these designs would be much less dystopian if companies had to take everyone’s privacy into consideration. I hate cameras and always on cameras are hella creepy - like a stalker - always there, always watching.

    • Chris
      Chris Před 19 dny +23

      Being watched constantly is not going away.

    • Mike Hawkertz
      Mike Hawkertz Před 19 dny +50

      @Chrisyeah especially if we do nothing about it

    • All Ye Who Enter Here
      All Ye Who Enter Here Před 19 dny

      It's not the company watching. It's the security S.

    • Enjoy!
      Enjoy! Před 19 dny +1

      ((laughing)) I have 3 now and just got 4 more.

    • Craig Bush
      Craig Bush Před 18 dny +16

      And microphones. Do this experiment. Talk out loud about something you have no interest in, so there is no search history. The example given by a guy doing this several years ago was dog toys, because he is a cat person. He talked about dog toys for about 10 minutes and then started surfing. His browser started showing dog toy advertisements.

  • Rohan Sully
    Rohan Sully Před 17 dny +1

    I think there is value / evidence in the proposal that we have reached peak design.
    The next thing will be a seperate technology / idea.
    In regards to phone habits; people would benefit from just learning a little etiquette, and put the phone away when indicated.

  • J acked
    J acked Před 9 dny

    Regarding the ai pin camera, a few ideas:
    1) Possibly if everyone had the pin, the pins are in comms with each other, then you have a do not record setting. Any camera that's pointed to you and your pin tells that AI to edit you out of any video. Replace with an generic avatar.
    2) If pins are not wide spread then reverse that, you have to opt in to be recorded. Every one is blurred (like google maps) unless they have opted in to be recorded which their pin announces.
    3) An override for that would be your house.
    4) And/or you can only record in certain public areas.
    5) Emergency override which also feeds to the police or ambulance with location and is court submittable..
    6) Oversite for misuse.
    Tbh I think the camera may be a mistake. And fake out is a problem. Stick to the lidar and voice controls, location an directions.
    Another point, there maybe public drones by this point you can request a group photo shot from. No more holding phones and posing.

  • Several Fighters
    Several Fighters Před 15 dny +1

    I'm kinda hoping those flexi screens becoming good to the point of us making snap bracelet phones. Y'know, sort of combine with smart watches so it can do watch stuff but also do phone stuff if you take it off.

  • BenK885
    BenK885 Před 11 dny

    Thanks for not shouting at me like so many other CZcamsrs. Really enjoying your well articulated content.

  • Marilyn
    Marilyn Před 16 dny +1

    15:49 lol that's actually a great trick to raise awareness!! If people think they "don't care about privacy" hold your phone up at them! See how quick they change their mind! 😂

  • Parthasarathy Venkatadri
    Parthasarathy Venkatadri Před 22 dny +99

    My thing with the transparent phone and foldable phones was ... like ... why ... what problem are they solving to be the next big thing.

    • Daniel Andersson
      Daniel Andersson Před 20 dny +11

      Only advantage I can think of with a transparent screen is using it for AR purposes. Other than that it´s way worse than an ordinary screen. Maybe one that can switch the transparent feature on and off?

    • Rafael Dejesus
      Rafael Dejesus Před 20 dny +15

      I'm still trying to figure out the purpose of making a smartphone transparent; it just makes it more difficult to find where you left it.

    • Michael Beale
      Michael Beale Před 20 dny +10

      Foldables aren't THAT dumb, More biggerer=more betterer, for some. Tablet functionality, fits inside solves a problem if you really, really want more screen room. My mom likes her Z Fold4, since it lets you fit a normal amount of content at once while using an easy to read larger text scaling, for her old people eyeballs.

    • Parthasarathy Venkatadri
      Parthasarathy Venkatadri Před 20 dny +2

      @Michael Beale Yes if you want screen size greater than say 7 inches ... then yes but you would have to give up on thickness of the phone when folded ..

  • smb12321
    smb12321 Před 9 dny

    I was expecting the Next Big Thing (lol) but then realized we won't know it until it arrives. It will probably be something our of left field that takes us by surprise but shouldn't have. Very doubtful of any head gear - too intrusive, ugly, weird, especially in public. I never had trouble with camera glasses - it's hard to recall anybody who was upset except the professional whiners. The SP has advantages - cool design, easy to use and carry, integrates with other tech..also annoying, addictive and harmful for relations.

  • CokeBottles
    CokeBottles Před 10 dny

    I don't know how dramatically phones will change in regards to shape and size... I don't think it needs to change so dramatically, even though I'm sure things will evolve a bunch. I think what will really change and evolve is software, AI, and what else it can connect to. Cameras do have a lot to improve on as well, the camera's currently can't hold up to higher end camera's, but that gap is getting smaller and smaller, especially with the latest iPhone 15 and how it can shoot prores and film in log straight to a SSD.
    Soon, they'll be our personal computers and all we carry is a larger screen and keyboard. Then it'll be able to run VR through a headset. We aren't far off from these already.

  • Throefly
    Throefly Před 17 dny +1

    Hopefully the improvements we see are removable batteries, better repairability, headphone jacks on everything, USB-C(or at least something comparable) as standard for *everything*, and user empowerment in the form of local administrator(i.e. root, in Linux/Android) on all phones(because if the user isn't in charge of their device, who is?).
    I think the smartphone is in it's final form. Much as televisions have not progressed in the last several decades(4K doesn't actually benefit everyone, as it exceeds the resolution of the human eye in certain circumstances), I don't think smartphones will change much from now on. I don't see anything replacing them. It's super convenient to have an always-connected computer in your pocket. Most Sci-Fi for the last hundred or so years has even predicted it.

  • simhthmss
    simhthmss Před 5 dny

    I think brain chips linked to the internet will be a thing eventually. There are folding phones now so the form has changed a bit. There are niche circular phones as well.

  • nicole hines
    nicole hines Před 16 dny

    I think the next thing that’s going to come next is contacts that have the internet/ cell service. Or a chip that you click on your neck connecting to the spine.

  • Tish W
    Tish W Před 22 dny +192

    My mom worked for Motorola in the 60's, processing microchips.
    One day, on her lunch break, she and her coworkers asked their manager exactly what they were making and why?
    He asked them to imagine being able to carry your phone with you anywhere in the world and calling anyone you want at any time.
    The response was "pfft" and lots of laughter. Move forward to early 80's. My mom purchased our first home desktop and when affordable our cellular phones.

    • nigh
      nigh Před 22 dny +6

      part of this videos point was that smartphones have become much much more than that

    • Kyle lawson
      Kyle lawson Před 22 dny +9

      we said the same about the internet in the 90s look now it owns us

    • Luke
      Luke Před 22 dny +10

      @Bville-Ethink a bit harder. All of your money is digitized online, your mortgage, your insurance, all of the goods you purchase are distributed via online shipping brokers.
      You can walk around without a phone all day, that doesn’t change the fact that you are owned by the internet.

    • Gio
      Gio Před 22 dny +4

      I was born in 2000. Reading this story feels strangely .. historical. Even though it's definitely not that long ago.

  • The Blind Dyslexic
    The Blind Dyslexic Před 17 dny

    With the AI Pin, if they could set it up where with a gesture the camera shuts off or goes to standby mode, it could work.

  • Scotty in Ohio
    Scotty in Ohio Před 18 dny

    I'm likely different in that I would rather have a smartphone / device that is on the smallest size but does things like messaging and music playing really well - as far as media consumption I still prefer a larger display and a keyboard and mouse. For my current mobile device I have a large android phone but that's mostly because most decent manufacturers don't make 4" phones anymore ;-)

  • tycho
    tycho Před 12 dny

    "price non-prohibitive" is a great description in this era where so many (young) people are literally priced out of basic life necessities like owning a house, dental care, therapy and healthy, varied food.

  • Collin Stanton
    Collin Stanton Před 16 dny

    Shared to my social media FB, Twitter and LinkedIn with pleasure. A step back from Armageddon, but not from what's blowing in the breeze to both inform and distract. 😅 thank goodness laughing always seems to heal my inner soul a wee but noticeable amount. Thanks.

  • Quantum Kat
    Quantum Kat Před 11 dny +1

    Could you imagine a phone that has a screen that folds in half like a book , so when you open it up its got a big screen and if it was closed it could be like..a slightly thicker regular phone ?

  • Jörg Weiß
    Jörg Weiß Před 22 dny +219

    My biggest issue with the VR/AR approach is that they start to not only show you content, but to measure your bio info; eye tracking, brain waves, electrical skin resistance. I'm not sure what ended up in the Vision Pro, but I read Apple's patents for what they MIGHT do and combined with recommendation algorithms it's really frightening. They can read emotions, attention state, when you are about to switch topics etc. One of the Apple patents explicitly talks about the device measuring your mental state, comparing it against a specified target state and, if you are not in the specified target state, take action to adjust your mental state. For example: Change the colors or buttons of buttons, adjust and show content etc. There are sooo many distopian use cases for this.

    • Fancypants McVomitshirt
      Fancypants McVomitshirt Před 21 dnem +34

      It will be no later than the 3rd generation when the Vision Pro can conduct an EEG. Your brainwaves will be continuously monitored, and everyone using the devices will be the subject of psychological and neurological research conducted by Apple, or third parties in accordance with their privacy policy. Your consent will be given when you agree to the Terms of Service in order to first boot the device you have paid for, and implied by your continued use of the device.

    • OtakuUnitedStudio
      OtakuUnitedStudio Před 21 dnem +17

      Make the experience as addictive and placating as possible so you keep using it longer, then sell your biometric data to advertisers.

    • Anton Schleef
      Anton Schleef Před 21 dnem +19

      You also forgot about In-Your-Face advertising as you walk around that you literally can't avoid. I've read many sci-fi books with that present. One such series that is currently running is Stray Cat Strut by Ravensdagger, though to warn you, it can't make up its mind what genre it is.

    • qwerty keyboard
      qwerty keyboard Před 21 dnem +6


  • Michael Juliano
    Michael Juliano Před 8 dny

    I think that pin design has the greater potential to take over. With the projector, it could project onto a phone-shaped projector screen you carry around in your pocket. That screen could be resizable to get both phone and tablet functionality. With the expensive bit attached to you, it basically eliminates losing your phone or tablet, and the phone-shaped projector screens would be dirt cheap by comparison. The key piece that will get iterated on is the projector, and new models will have the same kind of technological improvements that cameras have been receiving. The goggles are too big and awkward to get the kind of use the tech needs in order to replace smartphones.
    I would argue the fundamental problem getting in the way of designers is their subconscious motivation to invent more private and immersive platforms to consume porn from.

  • Larry B
    Larry B Před 10 dny

    That Ai pin is too limited to be a replacement for smart phones. I could see it as an accessory like smart watches but not a serious phone replacement. I think augmented reality has the best chance to replace phones but phones offer the ability to fidget which is something that's hard to understate.

  • Friedrich der Große
    Friedrich der Große Před 9 dny

    I think smart glasses must become indistinguishable from regular glasses -- at least how others see them. Doing a HUD that way will be quite a challenge. Those big bulky VR displays will simply not go much beyond gamers, to be honest.
    The technical challenges are immense. But, well, the smartphones we use today would've been considered a technical challenge 20 years ago. So here's to hoping.

  • ericspalacio
    ericspalacio Před 14 dny +1

    I think technology is trying to get us closer to live technology, getting rid of the tools that separate us from AI, in order to bond with AI. It needs to be more accessible to us beyond a screen or a simple cell phone, it’s one thing to interact with others of your own kind but I think the push is been Pulled toward communicating with AI on a more personal/intimate level, hence why these particular technologies are being coming, more advanced for that connection, they’re trying to make us interact more with AI not each other

  • Chris L
    Chris L Před 14 dny

    I think there are a few more iterations left of the current phone. Things like getting rid of the keyboard - maybe via eye movement tracking to feed a predictive typer.

  • John Chedsey
    John Chedsey Před 22 dny +170

    It occurred to me while watching this that I might finally be aging out of some of these major tech advancements. My phone provides music in the car, navigation, access to information and something to take 10,334,432 photos of my cats. I just can't imagine adopting something new technology now that I'm over 50. Totally fine with others being excited, but I think I'm generally satisfied with where I'm at.

    • George Jones
      George Jones Před 22 dny +17

      I’m 71 and have never owned a smartphone, I really have no need for one.

    • Daniel V
      Daniel V Před 22 dny +9

      I'm not yet 40. And I think I'm good too. But I've always been behind the times. I didn't have a mobile computer until 2007. I didn't have a smartphone until 2014. I didn't have a large flat screen WiFi TV until the beginning of the pandemic.
      And the laptop and the TV were gifts! If left up to my own devices it probably would have been longer.

    • Jay-rad
      Jay-rad Před 22 dny +9

      I'm 45 and if I ever win the lottery I'll be smashing mine and getting a dumb phone.

    • Nea Sulavuori
      Nea Sulavuori Před 22 dny +11

      I'm 22, a media student of all things meaning i work with the newest of technologies every day and absolutley nerd out over stuff like this but god forbid i will never upgrade from my 2012 iphone, i love that thing so much and already had to buy one used because the old ones battery exploaded the screen off of the old one

  • Julie Fisher
    Julie Fisher Před 10 dny

    The battery is still the hold back on phones. But don't forget that the breakthrough "app" for phones was SMS. It was never even designed for the public, but was a handy feature for engineers to pass quick messages. The point being that the next breakthrough might not be something that we are even thinking about today.
    Personally 'voice activated' anything is an issue for me. I don't have the voice to be able to activate it. And in many busy noisy environments the same must surely be true for others. So text and keyboards and screens are perfect. Wearing them as glasses would be the way forward. But they have to be lighter and less of a power drain. Now that is something that is coming. With faster and faster mobile connections, 5G, 6G, by the time we reach 10G it ought to be practicable for all the data to be in the cloud. Our device is then the equivalent of an old style terminal screen. Needs less power, etc. And just connects us to our bit of the cloud.
    But it is all a long way off, I fear. Unless a breakthrough 'app' comes along that requires it or offers benefits that we never expected.

  • Bricks With Bros
    Bricks With Bros Před 14 dny

    This is one of the first sponsors I’m actually going to go buy from immediately

  • Ryan Alter
    Ryan Alter Před 8 dny

    Great video as always Joe. It's one thing to be on your phone when essentially alone, just poor manners with company.

  • JP Rotger
    JP Rotger Před 11 dny

    The AI Pin that records constantly reminded me of the Black Mirror episode where people had implants that recorded everything they saw, allowing them to re-watch their memories. Beyond dystopian.

  • Pat Jackson
    Pat Jackson Před 8 dny

    Lots of meat to chew on in this post! Thank you! I am a boomer, and me and my contemporaries are finding smartphones useful, but we feel that the communication aspect has been ignored. Smartphones do all manner of stuff we don't understand, nor have any desire to explore, but making and receiving calls is a frustrating pain in the butt. We need to poke, prod, fondle, swipe, caress the damn thing just to make and receive calls. If I want to talk to my neighbour, it takes less time for me to bounce my smartphone off her kitchen wall than it does to convince it to call her. Dumb phones just sat in my pocket until I wanted to use them. Smartphones continually turn themselves on in my pocket and dial random numbers! ( I do have a Pixel 6, arguably the worst of a bad bunch). If you are going to call it a smartphone, at least bring it up to the standards of phones of the 1960's!

  • Wingo Shackleford
    Wingo Shackleford Před 22 dny +94

    The barrier for devices like the Vision Pro is that you can only wear a relatively heavy thing on your head/face for so long. It would have to get to the point where it is as comfortable as just wearing glasses. Taking a helmet on and off your head is not more convenient than pulling a phone out of your pocket or glancing at your smart watch.

    • Eastonator12
      Eastonator12 Před 22 dny +4

      I don't think the Vision Pro is aiming for long term use. It seems like it would be good enough to watch a movie on, or if comfortable enough to use as a portable workspace

    • Alex Frank
      Alex Frank Před 22 dny +2

      Everyone can point out flaws. The real key that differentiate the winner and losers is:
      Winners say: "We need this problem to be solved to have a winning product. Plan/invest and manage risk accordingly."
      Losers go: "This idea will never work because of this flaw. Don't bother with it."

    • snowballs
      snowballs Před 22 dny

      The obvious solution is to have AI assisted smartphones running AR & VR peripherals.
      People have been using blocks in our pockets wired to our face for decades.
      It has the added benefit of allowing more customization which drives competition development.

    • ethanpschwartz
      ethanpschwartz Před 22 dny +1

      And the first mobile phones were heavy and lasted ten minutes on battery. Heck, the first phones were wood and steel boxes bolted to the wall and you had to tell a live operator which other giant wood box to physically connect you to. I hardly see why we wouldn't be able to make them more glasses- or goggle-like in several years. There are companies putting OLEDs on contact lenses now too.

    • Casey smith
      Casey smith Před 22 dny

      There were glasses meant to hook up to the phone like a smartwatch but they faild for not being durable enough and having piss poor sound quality and hurt to listen to or so well done in ear blocking with good sound that they were dangerous to use in the fields of where the sports versions were meant like Cycling, Running/Walking, and other outdoor city events where needing hearing is very important, then worst of all they had only a super limited battery life almost as bad as the early true cellphones. Also, most claimed to be waterproof or water resistant to 100 meters and were not even close to this and died after the one rain incident. Problem was like the Original Razor, they were made to be too light to where most of the heavy duty unbreakable sports frames for specific adventure sports or cycling were in weight and not really carrying about durability.

  • Jose Arellano
    Jose Arellano Před 8 dny

    Yes, we are getting close to the end of the smartphone era, despite not being used for so long. So I am excited for the future about what is coming next, like just a screen to use. Then we can use the Internet, play games, take pictures and videos and use it as a phone. Landline phones are about to go obsolete now. I want to use a hologram. With it we may have more apps to install and use. We have no choice but to get used to no more privacy. Let's get to do a lot of things with what is going to be the successors of the smartphone.

  • Joey N.
    Joey N. Před 12 dny +1

    I just need iOS to expand call logs and add text message scheduling. Better battery life is always welcome. Also, I feel that smartwatches should probably evolve into that true AI assistant. But yeah, maybe we are sci-fi enough, at least for now. Devices have matured, and that's great actually when you think about it. Makes keeping up with tech much easier.

    • Andrew Kono
      Andrew Kono Před 14 hodinami

      Us android.users already have txt scheduling aha.

  • Steve Dunlop
    Steve Dunlop Před 12 dny +1

    I would like to see smartphones not breaking when dropped, charging sockets that don't break and the phone suitably designed so it is easier to hold and the wireless charger still works. Interested in glasses that act like screens too. It would make it easier to work anywhere. I wouldn't be walking around with them on though. Disconnecting sometimes is good!

    • cassini panini
      cassini panini Před 8 dny

      Honestly from a software perspective theres a lot that can be done to optimize screen interaction and reduce thumb strain. ideally there would be no reason for us to extend our thumbs or use a second hand to reach the top of the screen. Thats not a current design philosophy though

  • Collin Stanton
    Collin Stanton Před 16 dny

    I feel if everyone knew that a full record of them was faultlessly recording every interaction in detail, would be tantamount to tapping into Edgar Cayce's Akashic Rrecords, both affirming the naked truth of any event et cetera. Humanity would both mature and ripen as a more sane race living with a common and profound respect for each other. Fantastic thoughts, wow. I want that tech, everywhere.

  • Jorge Lausell
    Jorge Lausell Před 15 dny

    I've been working the form factor for a while. I got a few interesting novelty-boutique ones.
    OS! & GUI... ahhh that is where. The 3D-ishness of the current examples don't really provide added meaning along the Z-axis. Makes it feel gimmicky. I'm working on one w/transitional stages, products, really.
    My intuition was that the tech would bring us to a completely different approach to the underlying products-services. Now I see integration happening at a completely different level.

  • No gun no fear
    No gun no fear Před 22 dny +132

    What I would really like to see is a screen that you can actually use in the sunlight. That's an innovation I could get behind. Also standard universal language translation would be incredibly helpful. 👍

    • Andrei Rachko
      Andrei Rachko Před 22 dny +5

      iPhones 13 and up come with a 2000 nits screen. It’s bright enough to see everything in sunlight, though admittedly it would be ideal if the screen could shine through my polarized sunglasses.
      I believe the brightest that phone screens will ever get is 2800 nits; I cannot imagine a situation where more nits would even be desired, not to mention necessary.

    • Chad Neu
      Chad Neu Před 21 dnem +9

      @Andrei Rachko the problem with just blasting the nits is that it heats up the screen...while it's in the sun... after a few minutes the screen has to turn itself down because it's too hot.

    • CTR
      CTR Před 21 dnem +4

      Threedimensional image would be a real improvement

    • Andrei Rachko
      Andrei Rachko Před 21 dnem +1

      @Chad Neu fair point, I noticed that too. I guess there is indeed more room for improvement than I thought.

    • caveman
      caveman Před 21 dnem +6

      Digital ink screens.

  • Pete Oliva
    Pete Oliva Před 17 dny

    To me smart AR glasses are where we go next.
    That said, I feel like the Z Fold and now the Pixel Fold have truly gotten me to use my phone in new ways. I'm not an Apple hater, heck, I use a MacBook and an iPad regularly. I feel like the innovation IS there in other ecosystems, but people are so obsessed with iPhone.

  • DJ
    DJ Před 5 dny

    What I gathered from this video, with all due respect to Joe, is that ... "technology is getting / has gotten really boring". And, "in order for technology to achieve the 'next big thing', it needs to become more Orwellian". Anyhow, I totally agree. I become (happy) nostalgic when thinking about a regular landline, pay phones, and pagers/beepers.

  • Nathan Dias
    Nathan Dias Před 9 dny

    The future smartphone will be interacting with any screen only with gestures, transitioning seamlessly from phone to large display. Kinda like the Vision Pro but without the goggles.

  • ravenclaw witch daughter of athena

    The pin would be awesome for law enforcement someday if it could replace a traditional body camera but if it could accurately translate the situation with suspects that would be really cool and help save lives because you could potentially resolve situations faster without a Language barrier.

  • lesbusa
    lesbusa Před 8 dny

    The first disruptive device was the cave painting. That was the first thing that took us from verbal communication to non verbal generational information transfer.

  • A. P.
    A. P. Před 19 dny +50

    Thing is, I 100% don't want a lapel pin that sits there and observes my surroundings and tells me to eat a candy bar. I also don't want to have to talk to my phone to get it to do stuff. Can you imagine how irritating being in a room full of people trying to text with those stupid things would be?

    • zacharydm5
      zacharydm5 Před 11 dny +2

      I have a friend who won't type anything on her phone outside of texting. You hear a lot of "Okay, Google...[open app] or [verbal Google search]" around her. I can't imagine if everyone in the room was doing that.

  • B P
    B P Před 17 dny

    I think I remember an AT&T commercial from the early 80's where a guy was talking on his smart watch at the edge of the Grand Canyon. I think a few years after that I saw Lt. Ellen Ripley having a video conference with Burke on the movie Aliens. It's truly amazing to see how far technology has come in the past few decades!! I think also, Motorola made the first smart phone (A1000) back in 2004. I believe it was a touchscreen, came with a stylus and was capable of video conferencing. I don't think Iphone introduced video conferencing until several years later.

  • Eric D
    Eric D Před 9 dny

    Or maybe, the future will be clip on assistants plus a collapsible screen for it to project onto. Basically like those collapsible sun shades they make for car windshields but more screen shaped and probably tablet sized, but probably also with a little tech in the screen like motion sensors, haptics, etc. or maybe the projector can just have good enough range sensing lasers and ultrasonic speakers, that the screen will be completely passive and just there to reflect light into your eyes, but the projector will be able to sense your movements well enough and even provide the haptics through ultrasound.

  • TV user
    TV user Před 17 dny

    Some points not mentioned in the video that favours smart glasses: They could be better for our eyes, and they could kill TVs too. 1) Our eyes are made for looking at stuff far away most of the time, but now we spend a lot of time looking at stuff close up (phones and computers). I've seen claims that this hurts our eyes, leading to strain, fatigue, possibly even a higher risk of retina detachment (very bad!). Smart glasses can project the virtual image at a faraway distance, so the eyes can relax. 2) If they work well enough they can replace both phones AND big TVs, freeing up wall space in our houses. Have more windows instead, or hang up more paintings or pictures. Or have more empty wall, for the Zen.
    Eventually we'll get to direct brain interfaces I'm sure, but smart glasses is a step towards that. They need to be small, light, unobtrusive, transparent, and the user interface needs to be figured out. I feel the transparency is crucial. What if someone hacks your non-transparent glasses and _edits out_ cars on the road you're crossing, or that stairwell in front of you? Transparency is a hack-proof safeguard. How we solve that with direct brain interfaces, I have no idea.
    The cameras-everywhere thing is certainly a problem, but it also feels unavoidable. As you say, we're halfway there already, and neither governments, businesses nor people seem willing to go elsewhere. I think we'll get there, and we'll adapt to it, for better or worse. I'm noticing a push for private changing booths in gyms, public pools, etc. Whether it's because of some kind of neo-prude trend or the fear of cameras I don't know, but I guess either we will see the end of communal nudity, or at some point we'll give up physical/bodily privacy completely and public nudity and public sex will become normal.

  • arni0202
    arni0202 Před 15 dny

    Smart glasses are definitely the future. I have the xreal air glasses. They're not 100% amazing. The virtual screens aren't super sharp. The AR software is clunky at best. But it's a start! We'll have voice activation and just having notifications pop up for convos and voice to text replies. It'll be interesting

  • Desmond's Corner
    Desmond's Corner Před 16 dny

    i think more likely, the next steps are likely going to look something like
    >smartwatches become powerful enough to do everything a smartphone does, takes over that role
    >smartphones and microcomputers like the steamdeck are going to converge, becoming full desktop experience devices that fit in our pockets and entertain us at our convenience
    >as a customer service worker, i desperately hope something like that AIPin or the camera glasses becomes common, i see the pushback against it and two things come to mind, "there's someone afraid of losing their right to abuse random strangers" or "there's someone who wishes they could stab me and get away with it"
    >in a push to increase at home immersion, VR/AR is going to continue to improve and become more affordable, passthrough and eye tracking will become standard features, it will come to a point were you can replace your computer monitors entirely with a headset

  • Christopher Elliott
    Christopher Elliott Před 22 dny +71

    The iPhone wasn't the first smartphone. It may have been the first _popular_ smartphone, but blackberries and PalmOS phones pre-dated it. I had a PalmOS phone before the Treo came out (yes, I also had a couple Treos). There were 3rd party apps for them, but loading new apps was a bit of a hassle.

    • J3B
      J3B Před 22 dny +13

      I had a "smartphone" even before the iPhone hit the market. It was Windows Mobile, with REAL GPS and could do everything modern smartphones do. It was basically a PDA with cellular capability and a GPS built in. The interface just wasn't as slick as they are now but that really didn't matter.

    • Mr. Pavone
      Mr. Pavone Před 22 dny +13

      Talking about smartphones but failing to mention Palm OS devices, programmable calculators, pocket computers and laptops is a major oversight. The two greatest features of smartphones are their portability and their ability to combine all our previous devices into one thing.
      In college I carried a walkman, a minidisk player/recorder, a Mavica digital camera, an Iomega Zip Drive and a Handspring Visor PDA (the Palm Pilot competitor) and nobody thought it was all that odd. I could see the Palm type devices becoming the thing of the future because they were working hard to get as much function into one thing. They had a cell phone add-on, thousands of apps, a camera add-on, memory expansions, and maybe even an MP3 player in the works. Apple had its failed Newton device and everyone wants to quietly act like it never happened. This video talks about interacting with the devices differently but that's not what is needed for change.
      I think the next big thing that'll come to smartphones is finding what it is that they currently can't do and that's where the change will come from.

    • Poopyhead-doodoobutt
      Poopyhead-doodoobutt Před 22 dny +4

      IPhones fanboys tend to make that oversight from time to time (usually... Always)

  • J Mi
    J Mi Před 10 dny

    The biggest changes will probably happen when augmented reality contacts get reliable and cheap, after that will be direct neural interfaces.
    Oddly, there was a failed technology that used an ultra low powered laser to scan an image onto the retina making for unlimited screen sizes in a small format. It didn't fail because it didn't work, it failed because people heard "laser" and "eye" and freaked out.

  • Kyle Kyle
    Kyle Kyle Před 7 dny

    Could turn into a wearable wrist type of phone, you will be able to take it off the wrist and open up the screen to do stuff, but eventually it will be worn like a watch. It will be big, but also a foldable style phone. I think this is only a step. In the future it will migrate away from the wrist and maybe worn on the chest or head and be a holographic projection. Biggest thing is wearability. Right now we put it in our pocket which is do-able and comfortable, especially for men, women can put in their purse. The next step has to be that same do-ability and comfortableness. What that translates to is a physiological guess. Is their a doctor who studies how an object is worn on the body as a functional device ? That is the doctor who will find a solution.

  • Lee Humphries
    Lee Humphries Před 13 dny

    I remember an article I read that discussed how long it took for different technologies to become 'common', i.e. somethng a 'common' person would use every day and carry on their person. Purses or wallets (something to carry money) took many hundreds of years. The pocketwatch / wristwatch took around 400. The mobile phone took around 30 years. The 'smart phone' took even less time. So, whatever comes 'next' could be looked at in this context, how long will it take for widespread adoption?
    The 'distraction' capability of smart phones is key. There's a thought that we no longer know how to be bored. And that we don't want to tolerate being bored even for the shortest amount of time. For whatever is 'next' to catch on, it has to tackle this.