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Ibtihaj Muhammad: Hijab and triumph at the Olympics | Generation Sport

  • čas přidán 17. 09. 2023
  • Why is the hijab such a divisive issue in sports?
    Iman Amrani sits down with Ibtihaj Muhammad - the first woman to compete for the United States at the Olympics wearing a hijab - to discuss her journey in fencing, and her struggles as a minority woman of faith.
    In 2016, as anti-Muslim rhetoric was gaining momentum and the US was contending with then-presidential candidate Donald Trump's proposed "Muslim ban", Muhammad stood up as an advocate for female empowerment.
    Despite growing prejudice, Muhammad went on to win the bronze medal with her team in the Rio Olympics.
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    #Hijab #Olympics #Sports
    Ibtihaj Muhammad was the first US Olympian to wear a hijab
    American Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad says she was held by U.S. Customs for hours

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  • @alexisf22
    @alexisf22 Před 10 měsíci +7

    This is beautiful big up my black queen I love to see us winning ❤

  • @gihantennekoon3485
    @gihantennekoon3485 Před 10 měsíci +4

    What a great responses to questions

  • @user-lpnigpig
    @user-lpnigpig Před 9 měsíci +1

    Turkey inspirational may god continues to bless her

  • @tieshamcleod6488
    @tieshamcleod6488 Před 9 měsíci +2

    Wonderful program informative keep it up

  • @ummuomama5869
    @ummuomama5869 Před 9 měsíci +2

    Hijab covers not only hair but legs too

  • @Poland4life
    @Poland4life Před 9 měsíci

    I got so worried I thought this was saying she went from wearing a hijab to getting rid of it for the Olympics and it'd be saying she's finally free and not wearing hijab

  • @Eze_G
    @Eze_G Před 9 měsíci

    Does hijab makes her more powerful? Or empowered?

  • @lald01
    @lald01 Před 9 měsíci

    As an advocate for inclusion and a Muslim. I wonder what her opinions on homosexuality are.

  • @user-qp9qe7iz8f
    @user-qp9qe7iz8f Před 9 měsíci

    you are really amazing 👌👌🌷🌷🌷

  • @richardlongmore9301
    @richardlongmore9301 Před 9 měsíci

    Well done for being honest and saying the truth that her background and faith are CHALLENGES SHE HAS TO DEAL WITH. 😂😂

    • @jamesregiste960
      @jamesregiste960 Před 9 měsíci +1

      "Well done" in being dishonest and not mentioning anything about how especially, people of

    • @richardlongmore9301
      @richardlongmore9301 Před 9 měsíci +1

      @@jamesregiste960 your joking right! Do you know how they treat women in her home country. She wouldn’t be aloud to leave her house or drive a car or basically do anything other than be a baby machine let alone compete in the Olympics. Am I wrong ?

    • @cinnamoth2206
      @cinnamoth2206 Před 2 měsíci

      @@richardlongmore9301 bro whose hole did u get that info from LMAOOO???

  • @asdk831
    @asdk831 Před 9 měsíci

    Thought. It was nba young boy 😂😂😂😂😂

  • @mossychops
    @mossychops Před 9 měsíci

    King of Jordon. Beirut 300. NAAfI. .

  • @neilwavg
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  • @gersonmejia7719
    @gersonmejia7719 Před 9 měsíci +3

    No one cares

  • @MochaQueen5
    @MochaQueen5 Před 9 měsíci +3

    God did not tell women to wear that men did.

    • @aluisious
      @aluisious Před 9 měsíci +2

      God never told anyone anything.

    • @Poland4life
      @Poland4life Před 9 měsíci

      ​@@aluisious God told the prophet Muhammad pbuh everything in the quran

  • @anshuraj4277
    @anshuraj4277 Před 9 měsíci +4

    Why are u in west if u don't like its values

  • @kinghodiyah3429
    @kinghodiyah3429 Před 9 měsíci

    She a man. But she a Hebrew. You are welcomed Lady. Not stupid. 😮

  • @stiggybigtings
    @stiggybigtings Před 9 měsíci

    Blah blah blah boring now people are sick of the snow flake era, sympathy seeking, sick of it.

    • @ibrahimsinare5778
      @ibrahimsinare5778 Před 9 měsíci +1

      Shut up and be quiet please

    • @jamesregiste960
      @jamesregiste960 Před 9 měsíci +1

      Ooooh the irony, you whining about other's "seeking Sympathy " , how dare they be "boooriing", and "raining on my parade"?😊😅😢😂

    • @stiggybigtings
      @stiggybigtings Před 9 měsíci

      Yeah that makes sense 😆 🤣 weirdo

    • @jamesregiste960
      @jamesregiste960 Před 9 měsíci

      @@stiggybigtings yeah, great logic, whatever you don't understand, label it "weird" , whatever that means.
      Moron much ? God forbid you ever learning to learn some wit either?

    • @stiggybigtings
      @stiggybigtings Před 9 měsíci

      Learn to speak proper English mate, it's like talking to a 10 year old 😆 🤣 sad little man or boy, or they, or he or she or cucumber or carrot 🥕 🤔