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When He Is ALWAYS Scrolling!

  • čas přidán 13. 05. 2021
  • Some people gotta learn to not be on their phone 24/7!
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  • @miggy9942
    @miggy9942 Před 3 lety +166

    Adam: im just gonna keep scrolling, if you dont mind

  • @maryjedithdelossantos596
    @maryjedithdelossantos596 Před 3 lety +64

    He deserves more subscribers, because he's so creative,funny,and he helps people in need

  • @april-qs9qj
    @april-qs9qj Před 3 lety +56

    Adam is always extra 😂😂😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣🤣
    I watch his videos over and over
    Especially the one that says when you have no standards

  • @jvgjnhhnvgb3477
    @jvgjnhhnvgb3477 Před 3 lety +304

    Your subs should be in millions bro sadly it isn't increasing

      @MALCONICAL Před 3 lety +3

      @Jayden Kinnersley The guy is as talented as Anwar, all he gotta do is grind and be featured eventually he'll get up there.

    • @ezekiel61517
      @ezekiel61517 Před 3 lety

      @Jayden Kinnersley IKR bruh

    • @macdaddy8466
      @macdaddy8466 Před 3 lety +1

      @Jayden Kinnersley I think he likes to help out the bigger youtubers grow. That’s just what I think tho

    • @reddemon9203
      @reddemon9203 Před 3 lety +1

      Yes I support you

    • @DemonRuby
      @DemonRuby Před 3 lety +4

      Why is it "sad"? I'm sure his life and existence doesn't revolve around counting subs.

  • @mareemakram9391
    @mareemakram9391 Před 3 lety +40

    U should make merch saying "if u don't mind"💯

    • @k.e.v6262
      @k.e.v6262 Před 3 lety +1


    • @Elie7575
      @Elie7575 Před 3 lety


    • @sweetmemesalabama
      @sweetmemesalabama Před 3 lety +1

      There is a merch. Its called haha and I think there is one with I don't mind as well from adams

  • @Nothing12452
    @Nothing12452 Před 3 lety +10

    I love Adam, you can always count on him to be extreme

  • @SolarasNaracott
    @SolarasNaracott Před 3 lety +2

    Don't stop making videos. You have a great sense of humor.

  • @fardinmahmud2220
    @fardinmahmud2220 Před 3 lety +10

    Anwar & Adam my two favourites❤️

  • @naidanaentertainment9122
    @naidanaentertainment9122 Před 3 lety +2

    Very important subject. Nice message 👍🏻 Please do more videos on this topic 👍🏻

  • @Tai_Lung1738
    @Tai_Lung1738 Před 3 lety +45

    If I got a wish from Genie
    I will ask Genie to make 1 million subscribers for Adam

  • @mcsx2962
    @mcsx2962 Před 3 lety +3

    That was one of the best plot twists 😂😂❤️

  • @AMSVlogs
    @AMSVlogs Před 3 lety +12

    Look it's a Subscribe button up there and pressing it into subscribed is a very common thing 😂🤣
    Get this guy to 1M he really deserve it💯

  • @dj2384
    @dj2384 Před 3 lety +27

    Adam's videos are always hilarious... It's a very common thing.

  • @mistercommythecomrade7920

    This was the best video I have seen in weeks

  • @littlebullyjunior427
    @littlebullyjunior427 Před 3 lety +2

    Legend is now active ❤️

  • @hiteshyadav2312
    @hiteshyadav2312 Před 3 lety

    Brooo....this content is firee🔥🔥😂😂

  • @okyawaka7922
    @okyawaka7922 Před 2 lety +1

    Adam deserve million subscribers,he is very funny and creative and scrolling 😂

  • @unrealuri9022
    @unrealuri9022 Před 3 lety +1

    The Greatest Viner is baaack🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • @artszy8184
    @artszy8184 Před 3 lety +1

    Why his channel is so underrated, oh man he is my favourite. He deserves more subs.

  • @jazzmine9673
    @jazzmine9673 Před 3 lety +3

    BBU is a common thing 😂😂😂😂😂😂I’m literally dying !

  • @junaedurrahman9872
    @junaedurrahman9872 Před 2 lety +1

    I love this couple.

  • @judaflow
    @judaflow Před rokem +8

    Adam's a really funny guy, he even puts me in good moods, keep it up adam!

  • @ohwaityoucantseeright.iams3049

    Legends is coming back

  • @kikrumet4790
    @kikrumet4790 Před 3 lety

    Underrated actor

  • @teamotakutv4488
    @teamotakutv4488 Před 3 lety

    Adam is unstoppable

  • @TMP01
    @TMP01 Před 3 lety

    I love ur vids man keep up the great work

  • @april-qs9qj
    @april-qs9qj Před 3 lety +28

    I wish my mom would scroll like this....
    What a day that would be 😂😂😂😂♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • @vijaysai94
    @vijaysai94 Před 3 lety +2

    This man deserves a million subscribers

  • @shebazkhan13
    @shebazkhan13 Před 3 lety +1

    When we don't find anything worth, we all are doing only one thing scrolling.

  • @shravan7312
    @shravan7312 Před rokem

    That ending though 😂

  • @g1an1
    @g1an1 Před 3 lety

    This just made my day!

  • @poojaandsaishashavines6025

    Adam . I m from India.i love you guys so much you all make our day ❤️❤️❤️

  • @divyanshdedha01
    @divyanshdedha01 Před 3 lety

    Next level bruuh 😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • @hero.26_
    @hero.26_ Před 3 lety

    Hey Adam W sir please continue ❤️

  • @karthikmohanty6617
    @karthikmohanty6617 Před 3 lety

    You r outstanding,bro!

  • @kevinishimwe4970
    @kevinishimwe4970 Před 3 lety

    This man deserves more fame

  • @balizejak2887
    @balizejak2887 Před 3 lety +1

    That was crazy from Adams

  • @khalidmohdnasir3803
    @khalidmohdnasir3803 Před 2 lety

    This man deserves billions of subscribers coz he is a real talent, creative genius amazing

  • @film_flow
    @film_flow Před 2 lety +1

    My heart be like- dudee that's not funnyyy!!!
    My brain be like - yes it is😄😄😄😄😄

  • @jacobmorris8479
    @jacobmorris8479 Před 3 lety +1

    Love ur vids adam there so funny

  • @mohit19chauhan
    @mohit19chauhan Před 3 lety

    Butt-cation... 😂😂 man my man... 😂

  • @alexadnan77
    @alexadnan77 Před 3 lety +1

    lost it when he said bbu😂

  • @ruvindugamage8046
    @ruvindugamage8046 Před 3 lety

    Dude I fucking love your videos 😂

  • @huntxfinixgaming9958
    @huntxfinixgaming9958 Před 3 lety

    Love adam content😍

  • @CluemenStudios
    @CluemenStudios Před 3 lety +4

    WOW Adam is uploading again

  • @Dr.Camdir
    @Dr.Camdir Před 3 lety +2

    “If you Don’t mind”

  • @abhishekk7887
    @abhishekk7887 Před 3 lety +1

    Ur awesome man 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • @vsk1348
    @vsk1348 Před 2 lety +1

    That's a very common thing ~ Adam

  • @bigtaco4362
    @bigtaco4362 Před 2 lety

    I like them both together

  • @shwetha6623
    @shwetha6623 Před 3 lety +4

    I randomly...saw Adam in one video..and he became my crush🥴...❤️from india

  • @ashokashok-nz9jd
    @ashokashok-nz9jd Před 2 lety +1

    he deserves.
    ..more millions sub.

  • @dmartinez9668
    @dmartinez9668 Před 7 měsíci

    Jajajaja, you a trip bro.

  • @mumtaz1454
    @mumtaz1454 Před 3 lety +1

    Love his beard

  • @elemefaaoo
    @elemefaaoo Před 3 lety

    It's a very common thing 😂😂😂👌

  • @user-ui7tk4sg6t
    @user-ui7tk4sg6t Před 3 lety +1

    Steve jobs invented scrolling in phone and this happened

  • @personalexperiences9177

    already seen this video, butagain liked it

  • @fahadfd424
    @fahadfd424 Před 3 lety

    Love ur videos ❤️

  • @typicallife1138
    @typicallife1138 Před 3 lety

    Hit that subscribe button guys,he deserves more

  • @sumedha4190
    @sumedha4190 Před 3 lety +2

    Not enough subscribers for his talent. Best example of life being unfair !

  • @mitsuya4838
    @mitsuya4838 Před 3 lety

    He deserves 1M

  • @AnandKumar-jf4tz
    @AnandKumar-jf4tz Před 3 lety

    He is so underrated

  • @ropamdebnath6
    @ropamdebnath6 Před 3 lety

    hey bro..big fan of yours.. love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🥰

  • @JaCk-jm2wx
    @JaCk-jm2wx Před 3 lety

    Great vid 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • @AJPolarbear
    @AJPolarbear Před 3 lety

    Aslamvaleykaum Adam bro(bhaijaan), m from India n such a gr8 fan of u, u r such a talented person, n ol others can't be nothing without u n ur hard work, that u do, if u don't mind...!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 love from India, i hope u understand lil bit of Hindi..!!🙏

  • @Kritikamau09
    @Kritikamau09 Před 3 lety +1

    Adam is best❤

  • @Thejomation
    @Thejomation Před 3 lety +1


  • @churamonideori3052
    @churamonideori3052 Před 3 lety

    Dude you are awesome 😍

  • @memeland550
    @memeland550 Před 3 lety +1

    I like your all videos love from India ❤❤❤❤💙💙💙💙.

  • @syedamalaika100
    @syedamalaika100 Před rokem

    Adam broke up wid me.. Relax its a very common thing🤣🤣🤣

  • @hanifullah8655
    @hanifullah8655 Před 3 lety

    Eid Mubarak adam

  • @realthugshite5183
    @realthugshite5183 Před 3 lety

    you do best bro go ahead

  • @ancientsensedv
    @ancientsensedv Před rokem

    Very creative mind

  • @Ali--__--
    @Ali--__-- Před 3 lety +1

    Hi😁😁 LOVE the vids by the way!!

  • @trikit924
    @trikit924 Před 3 lety

    Adam is best👌👌

  • @mcsx2962
    @mcsx2962 Před 3 lety

    BBU 😂😂😂

  • @monkeyduzumaki9927
    @monkeyduzumaki9927 Před 3 lety +1

    hes stuck in an endless loop of youtube shorts

  • @ibrahimhafeez7062
    @ibrahimhafeez7062 Před 3 lety

    Its very common thing 👌😂

  • @ApoorvSaxena8
    @ApoorvSaxena8 Před 3 lety

    Awesome bro

  • @iAshStar
    @iAshStar Před 3 lety +1

    Nina how cute she looks 🥰🥰🥰

  • @bernardjohnrobert4475
    @bernardjohnrobert4475 Před 3 lety +1

    I wonder how they have a kid when he is always on his phone 🙃

  • @charusona3798
    @charusona3798 Před 3 lety

    Love u adam

  • @SG-SLIM
    @SG-SLIM Před 3 lety +1

    Adam you deserve it all my friend
    Respect and love

  • @malulyvelazquez6532
    @malulyvelazquez6532 Před 2 lety +1

    i can’t😂

  • @lailamahomed3180
    @lailamahomed3180 Před 2 lety

    The scrolling one is me...

  • @shahsaatil8152
    @shahsaatil8152 Před 3 lety

    1:50 thug life😎😎

  • @goodluckchannel2976
    @goodluckchannel2976 Před 2 lety

    Best battery ever

  • @zsoltcsik1683
    @zsoltcsik1683 Před 2 lety +3

    It’s a true video of when someone is just preoccupied with himself and neglects his family and then wonders where he spoiled it, even though everything was there before his eyes, he was just selfish and he thought enough if the other was dealing with the family and he put nothing into it, that is, but, he was preoccupied with himself. But it's a very funny performance

  • @FoodWithShay
    @FoodWithShay Před 2 lety

    I watch your videos a lot "If you don't mind" Its a common thing

  • @JpanParikh
    @JpanParikh Před 3 lety +1

    Subcribing adam ins a very common thing

  • @ceobruce
    @ceobruce Před 3 lety

    Watching from kenya

  • @ArunYadav-gi7yr
    @ArunYadav-gi7yr Před 3 lety

    This video laugh me so much in the end of 2:45😂😂😂

  • @RajanSingh-rs8jc
    @RajanSingh-rs8jc Před 3 lety

    Why you have less sub bro you are superb big fan 🤗

  • @xcheese5073
    @xcheese5073 Před 3 lety

    Your subs should be in BILLIONS...

  • @medicosworld6144
    @medicosworld6144 Před 3 lety +1

    Wish you more subscribers 😝

  • @therealpepefrog4975
    @therealpepefrog4975 Před 3 lety


  • @finishdestroyer3754
    @finishdestroyer3754 Před 2 lety +1

    Adam made a funny video
    Its a very common thing

  • @Kevo79
    @Kevo79 Před 3 lety

    sheesh I always laugh damn

  • @theholytext8878
    @theholytext8878 Před 2 lety +8

    So nobody gonna ask how his phone battery lasted that long? 😂😂

  • @anonymouslymysterious9596

    Wow ..I guess tht fellow is clone of Adam...just kidding tho 😂😂

  • @RahulVibes1
    @RahulVibes1 Před 3 lety

    Hi adam huge fan of your from India🇮🇳