Game Theory: The Dead Will RISE! (Andy's Apple Farm / Rabbit Knight)

  • čas přidán 9. 07. 2022
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    After I first covered Andy's Apple Farm, I got a lot of requests to make another theory about the Christmas update and Rabbit Knight. Well, here it is! As we wait for Andy's Apple Farm Chapter 2 to drop, we are going to catch up on all of the secrets and LORE! How is Rabbit Knight related to the main game story? What should we expect in Chapter 2? Grab a snack and let's dive in!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
    Editors: Arthad, Jerika (NekoOnigiri), and AbsolutePixel
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • Ichiyama22

    At this point, I don't even care if I've played the game being talked about. I just wanna hear MatPat make his conspiracy theories while I brown ground beef for taco night.

  • Nelsondaswet


  • Blurplepie

    Speaking of apples, there's actually a place in Winston-salem that makes an AMAZING apple crumb pie called the "Midtown Cafe and dessertery". And on the plus side, these apple pies don't brutally murder you and bring you into a virtual purgatory. A win-win, if ever I saw one.

  • Plush the Fox

    Hey Mat-Pat there’s a game that has a lot of lore but no one has done a deep dive on! It’s a multi player game that seems peaceful at first. It’s called Sky: Children of the light and with the new season of shattering I think it deserves a lore check! The season is not yet finished but it would be worth it! I have questions about krill and dark crabs! I was also wondering about every other creatures you can find in this game! What is Eden? I play this game often and was wondering if you could find out and explain! Idk if you’ll ever read this but lol I was constantly waiting for someone to answer my questions. Your Friend. Plush.

  • logan wylde

    really like how this game is fairly direct with the lore, creating a story that's actually interesting and un to follow instead of keeping everything so vague that we end up making up our own story that turns out 10 times better than the real thing. a lot of games tend to make that mistake

  • blub blub
    blub blub  +308

    Suggestion: You should cover the Lore of Sky: Children of the Light. It has wholesome gameplay but the lore is dark. Stories are shown through drawings you find as you venture throughout realms.

  • Unknown Variable

    I love how reasonable Andy is. Like he’s just asking why they took his keys and who this pumpkin guy is and why he’s down here. He just wants his keys back man.

  • LordRavensong

    "She is mine to control"

  • Command Line Vulpine

    My favorite thing with Andy's Apple Farm is just like, how normal he is.

  • demilung
    demilung  +38

    Imagine having an indie game with hidden lore which lets you piece together than these colorful and lovely characters have deep and complex relationship full of emotions, drama and eventually - resolution, parting ways as friends, able to come together now and then to have a little fun, just like the old times.

  • Media Enjoyer

    What's strange about the mysterious monster is that it addresses the other characters so casually, almost like the monster was close with the Eastwoods. For example it addressed Jeffery Eastwood as Jeff and not Jeffery.

  • • [ Søra ] •

    I would be HELLA shocked and impress if he ever tackle the game "Sky : Children of the light" mainly because of how much secrets, hidden areas, clues, story, corruptions, history, and also, breaking the Game...

  • Waffle fawffle Mc dooodat

    Long ago the theorists lived together in harmony, then Everything changed when the animatronic nation attacked.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks  +635

    Your theories are always interesting

  • candy Murderhouse

    Matpat: "Isabella pushed Luis into the lake"

  • Obi-wan Pierogi 👑🎗

    The whole "entity following Isabella and killing her family" thing, reminds me a lot of paranormal activity. This demon was sold the soul of the first born son in the family, and the first three movies are the base of this story, this demon latching onto one of the two sisters, and becomes possessed and steals the other sisters son, killing almost everybody in the family in the process. It's truly terrifying and hugely lore based. Recommend you watch, guys:)

  • Jamison Carey

    One reason these games might happen in the early eighties is because of the dawn of the satanic panic. These games explore the satanic panic and set up a world where the demons are actually real. Just a mini theory

  • rrregan
    rrregan  +36

    jeez, i think you've hit everything out of the park, matpat! your theories are always so intriguing.

  • Hunter Hiebert

    “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

  • lior yunfh
    lior yunfh  +105

    M36 games is a really close friend and I seriously love what she’s doing with the franchise, she truly is talented and a great person