The Expanse S6E01 Explained

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    What’s up with the aliens on Laconia in The Expanse Season 6 Episode 1? What’s the history of Ceres and Dawes? Why is Naomi weird about Amos and Clarissa? Will the Belt starve along with Earth?
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    0:00 Strange Dogs
    2:35 Earth
    4:09 Avasarala
    6:42 Rocinante
    10:13 Ceres
    12:36 Filip
    16:16 Drummer

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  • Dave Dogge
    Dave Dogge Před rokem +63

    stunning TV series, I've not seen such a great sci-fi show since 2004's Battlestar Galactica. It's been a long time.

  • michaelmaage
    michaelmaage Před rokem +41

    What a great message about the need of collaboration and seeing eye to eye, to avoid exploitation that can lead to suffering, terrorism and war... Thanks... Amazon...

  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X  Před rokem +19

    Watch the Expanse S6E06 Finale video here!
    It's on an Amazon CZcams channel for now. Dune video next!

    • Jamaphy
      Jamaphy Před rokem


    • The Difference
      The Difference Před rokem +1

      Can't wait to watch this later! Have you covered any of the other eps from this season besides the first one?

  • X X
    X X Před rokem +14

    Love these videos and the show. Sucks Amazon only allowed them to make 6 episodes.

  • Rob Petrizzi
    Rob Petrizzi Před rokem +31

    Was waiting for this! and happy to see the book comparisons peppered throughout. Ive been holding off on reading book 9 until the show concludes. Happy to get more Expanse content through you.

  • SCP Database
    SCP Database Před rokem +49

    Pretty interesting the Belters ignore the fact Earth was filled with people suffering and struggling to get by.
    Good example of class struggles and the misdirected anger

    • hackatthekeyboard
      hackatthekeyboard Před rokem +4

      Honestly it's unrealistic that there wouldn't be any movements on earth sympathetic to belters. Likewise that there wouldn't be belters connecting their experience of colonization with those victimized the same way on Earth. It's an interesting series but the authors' radical centrist politics and relatively shallow understanding of colonialism definitely hamper the world building.

    • AnimeCatalog
      AnimeCatalog Před rokem +1

      @hackatthekeyboard there probably are, just not enough to want war, or terrorism

  • irvin chung
    irvin chung Před rokem +12

    are you going to do an alt shift x video for the rest of the books now that the show is over? would def watch

  • justgivemethetruth
    justgivemethetruth Před rokem +4

    I'm really enjoying your calm and complete narratives of The Expanse - great job, thanks. I was so disappointed in Season 6 that felt so rushed and slipshod, but your filling it out a bit makes it make more sense.

  • Nathaniel
    Nathaniel  Před rokem +2

    I miss Alt Shift X. I hope he considers doing a video on the second season of Raised by Wolves. I loved the first vid.

  • Pistachio Freak
    Pistachio Freak Před rokem +4

    Need to see your take on the season as a whole, loving the content!

  • Chandler Ashton
    Chandler Ashton Před rokem +7

    I could listen to this guys voice all day, would love if he narrated an audiobook

  • Steve
    Steve Před rokem +14

    DO ARCANE! I know you can breeze through all the lore, short stories, event history, and comics of the LOL canon universe, and then apply it to your style of video about the Arcane series! That would be epic!

  • Ducsmutter
    Ducsmutter Před rokem +2

    Thank you for telling us about this amazing series, I just started to watch it because you introduced the universe on your channel. I hope there's more you want to tell us about :)

  • Tamagothchi
    Tamagothchi Před rokem +1

    Jared Harris is just really good as a sci fi political negotiator I guess lol, he's a very similar character here as in Foundation

  • Travis
    Travis Před rokem +6

    Season 6 was actually one of my favorite. It was absolutely better than seasons 4 and 5.

    • aaron4820
      aaron4820 Před rokem +2

      That's such an interesting take, for me it felt like barely anything happened and the antagonist taken out in the most anti climatic way possible...

    • Average Alien
      Average Alien Před rokem

      Definitely not. 4 and 5 were brilliant. Actually all of them were brilliant

    • Travis
      Travis Před rokem

      I really liked the first three as well.

  • Jagroop Bajwa
    Jagroop Bajwa Před rokem +3

    Hey man, would love if you started watching the Witcher! The show seems to have a deep / intertwined plot which seems to relate to the type of content u make. Loved your GoT stuff!

  • Maciej M
    Maciej M Před rokem +1

    Cool stuff guys, thanks for the book intel 👍

  • Jon Baxter
    Jon Baxter Před rokem

    Anderson Dawes is missed,,, hope he is in the last series next.

  • Gaming Extreme
    Gaming Extreme Před rokem +5

    Everyone must watch this show. You won't regret it.

  • Iron Reed
    Iron Reed Před rokem

    "But Amos made friends with her"..."and nobody else was willing to argue with Amos about it...or anything, ever".

  • Jonny- B
    Jonny- B Před rokem +2

    I did like how in the end Marco was just another tool for an Inner, Duarte.

    • April Rants
      April Rants Před rokem

      Marco was always an obvious puppet.

  • Fishing4Happiness
    Fishing4Happiness Před rokem

    Great recap and narrative voice... subbed!

  • strange144
    strange144 Před rokem +3

    I'd love to watch this but I still want to read the books and the first couple of minutes quoted directly from them, so I'll come back once I've read them all :)

  • Jesse
    Jesse Před rokem +1

    Wes Chatham needs every stud role thrown at him.

  • Parietal Polymath
    Parietal Polymath Před rokem

    I literally didnt know this was an Alt Shift X video for a whole day. Alty, do me a favor and take bonsai pops initiative and have a video on your youtube goals. I want more ASX content, and im looking for your patreon lol. Make it easy for us to support you by reminding us we can.

    • Jonny- B
      Jonny- B Před rokem +1

      There's a link to his Patreon in the description... And nah, I appreciate the lack of "like, subscribe, support us on patreon" yada yada yada

  • Rishi Paul
    Rishi Paul Před rokem +16

    How much do the books explain the truth behind the entities, builders, and protomolecules? I assume it's left a mystery for the most part, but I'd love to get that origin.

    • MK
      MK Před rokem +9

      Last 3 novels delved into it. A lot. I'm reading them all a second time now they're the best arc in the whole series.

    • Thomas Langford
      Thomas Langford Před rokem +6

      We are eventually given plenty of historical and biological background info on the protomolecule builders. We get much less about the gate entities, but that's because they are essentially unknowable and God like.
      The best thing about the expanse is that we are always eventually given good answers to our questions based in science or understandable character choices.

    • Kyle
      Kyle Před rokem +2

      We learn a ton about the ptotomolecue builders. The gate entities are basically was they should not have fucked with. We of course fuck with both because human.

  • Robert Leather
    Robert Leather Před rokem

    Greek mythology point, but Atlas doesn't hold the world, he holds the sky on his shoulders.

  • Jesse
    Jesse Před rokem

    Can you explain the rest now? Why couldn’t they just finish it out? Sigh. You are a saint, new shows are a pain.

  • superp25
    superp25 Před rokem +4

    REALLY confusing to get an episode 1 video the day of the finale promoted WITH the finale video. Are you going to do individual videos for each episode?

    • MK
      MK Před rokem +2

      Right? Am I crazy or did balls get dropped on getting these videos out in a timely manner?

    • Johnismybestfriend
      Johnismybestfriend Před rokem +6

      @MK This video was originally released on the Amazon Prime UK channel when the first episode was released. They probably had some sort of a deal where they could only upload this on their own channel at a later date.
      Just as right now the season finale explanation is only visible on the Amazon Prime UK channel, which will probably be uploaded at a later date on the Alt-Shift-X page.

    • E J
      E J Před rokem +1

      @Johnismybestfriend thanks for exposing that. I have no issue with that. I want alt shift x to get paid.

  • D G
    D G Před rokem +1

    Surprised this channel hasn't covered the Dune series

  • Filefish
    Filefish Před rokem +1

    Excellent as always.

  • Connor Dorman
    Connor Dorman Před rokem

    Hi please consider covering other book content, specifically Dragon Age The Stolen Throne which while based on the game series, is a prequel. I wasn't so sure about it at the start but by the end I'd argue Maric, Rowan and Loghain had some of the best character progression in fiction, if also some of the darkest.

  • SparkyFister
    SparkyFister Před rokem

    Nowhere in the show do they say Sanjrani is nonbinary.

  • harshly
    harshly Před rokem

    I would really recommend you to explore the lore of Attack on Titan

  • Sir Crapalot
    Sir Crapalot Před rokem +3

    S6 has some of the best character development and combat in the entire series!
    This show and its source material are too good to stop now. There’s three more books with major storylines to conclude. I hope Alcon gets to do them justice.

    • Kyle
      Kyle Před rokem

      They could finish it up with a movie.

    • GCarsk
      GCarsk Před rokem

      @Kyle 3 movies, sure. One? That would be way too rushed. I don't want a GoT ending just to have an ending.

  • Erik H
    Erik H Před rokem +4

    Too bad we haven't seen an analysis on Dark

  • Ignorant Weed
    Ignorant Weed Před rokem +1

    AltShifX please cover Rings of power tv show when it comes out you make the best videos!

  • HalbrandNation
    HalbrandNation Před rokem

    Will you do a video series about the new lord of the rings show ?

  • April Rants
    April Rants Před rokem +1

    I’m still not over the Mormon Spaceship

  • Aleksandar Ivanov
    Aleksandar Ivanov Před rokem

    Dead Alex ? wtf were the producers thinking ?

  • abraxas365
    abraxas365 Před rokem +3

    I like The Expanse - even more, after I rewatched it twice.
    BUT... the pacing is awful, and season 6 is starting out awfully slow, considering it's the final season and there's still a metric shit ton of stuff to wrap up.

    • Kyle
      Kyle Před rokem +1

      They get it all wrapped up except the laconia stuff which they clearly leave set up for a movie.

  • Bjorn Louw
    Bjorn Louw Před rokem +1

    Cover "THE WHEEL OF TIME!!!!" If you have time!!
    Love your content! Brilliant!

  • brownie
    brownie Před rokem

    i already know alt shift x fans hyped for house of the dragon videos

  • Owen Lewis
    Owen Lewis Před rokem +3

    Love your vids, are you gonna be making game of thrones videos anytime soon?

    • Alt Shift X
      Alt Shift X  Před rokem +16

      Thanks! Next video is about Dune. Then an ASOIAF vid like the Tyrion one. And this year, House of the Dragon!

    • Hasan Salih Aktaş
      Hasan Salih Aktaş Před rokem +3

      @Alt Shift X lets gooo boiz we got the FCKIN DUUUUUNEEE

  • Joe G
    Joe G Před rokem +1

    Alt Shift X, are you going to make videos re the last three books? I just finished them...

    AIDAN ZUBAK Před rokem

    Hey man, can you make a video explaining the lore of Elden Ring. No one does it better. Cheers bro

  • RPG Haven
    RPG Haven Před rokem +3

    I want to care, but The Expanse went woke. I bowed out during season 5. What a shame Amazon let activist weirdos run this franchise into the ground.

  • Weeohhweeohh
    Weeohhweeohh Před rokem +14

    I'm happy with the series as a whole but Cara and her father's actors are so wooden. Take me out of all the Linconian scenes.

    • Sorenkair
      Sorenkair Před rokem +3

      why tf are they holding an open casket for a kid

    • doubledown0411
      doubledown0411 Před rokem +4

      The Laconian stuff doesn't work at all in my opinion. I also don't know what non-book readers are even getting out of it. I know why Cara, Xan and Laconia are important, but I can't imagine show only people caring at all. It doesn't seem connected to anything.

    • Weeohhweeohh
      Weeohhweeohh Před rokem +3

      @doubledown0411 I think the TV writers wanted to leave an obvious thread hanging. It was necessary if they want to eventually do the last three books but it just didn't work for me. It's a shame they didn't just do a 3 or 4 episode mini series based on "Strange Dogs".

  • Dave L
    Dave L Před rokem +1

    It's been a while since I wanted a character to die as much as I did Cara.

  • De Gaulle respecter
    De Gaulle respecter Před rokem +4

    He’s back!

  • thesweatydrummer
    thesweatydrummer Před rokem

    The way this season ends is extremely disappointing. While I understand that this is supposed to be IT, I hope they have some kind of plan to finish the books.

  • Brad McMinn
    Brad McMinn Před rokem +17

    This season was 4 episodes of nothing, then 2 where something actually happened, then its over. Extremely dissapointing end to a show that started out so strong (not quite GoT level bad, thank god). I guess the show runners are hoping some other service will pick it up.

    • Average Alien
      Average Alien Před rokem +5

      Not really, ended pretty well actually. Tied it all up despite the limitations of the budget. Only 6 episodes and still perfectly executed

    • Nikko Val
      Nikko Val Před 8 měsíci +1

      Yeah I don’t agree

  • Jon Baxter
    Jon Baxter Před rokem

    How am I just finding out this is back on?

  • T K421
    T K421 Před rokem

    Your voice is so good, i'm gonna marry some one from the UK.

  • Verm1n
    Verm1n Před rokem +1

    Well if they cant be bothered finishing the story I can't be bothered watching it. I guess I'll skip this season and read the books instead.

  • orkinho1
    orkinho1 Před rokem

    I lol'd at the Sanjrani being non binary bit.

  • Bezukhov
    Bezukhov Před rokem

    I never read the books but I think Amazon made them stretch the show out without a good budget, basically milking the show. I do not know the numbers to confirm, however. The finale was in the vein of the first 3 seasons but seasons 4,5,6 in general were lackluster and boring because of that.

    • Sir Crapalot
      Sir Crapalot Před rokem +3

      S4, S5, and S6 each encompass the arcs of Books 4,5, and 6 respectively, as well as incorporating novellas that take place at about the same time.

    • Bezukhov
      Bezukhov Před rokem

      @Sir Crapalot interesting. Were they this boring as well?

    • Sir Crapalot
      Sir Crapalot Před rokem

      @Bezukhov I blasted through each of the audiobooks in a few days, and have been re-reading each one starting with Book 4. As an engineer, I think The Expanse series is some of the best science fiction out there. Maybe it's not for you.

    • Bezukhov
      Bezukhov Před rokem

      @Sir Crapalot first 3 season were for me. Not the last 3. Don't get tense with me, geek. You're average. Also you being an engineer means nothing. Maybe you just love soap opera.

    • Sir Crapalot
      Sir Crapalot Před rokem +2

      @Bezukhov Ok buddy, whatever floats your dinghy.

  • í
    í Před rokem

    can you PLEASE explain American Gods to us? Pretty plz?

  • Long Johnathan
    Long Johnathan Před rokem +2

    More ASIOF please

    • MK
      MK Před rokem

      Well why don't you just go to GRRM's house and tell him to hustle HIS ass up. Can't have new content without new content.

  • jackisme 1993
    jackisme 1993 Před rokem +1

    Clarissa "Flat Packed A Man" Mao.

  • Cristian Campos
    Cristian Campos Před rokem +4

    This show is full of cringe, cliche and deus ex machina moments but is still pretty entertaining and engaging lmao. It also sucks that every mistery that is presented gets resolved literally the next episode so there's not really much of a reason to watch "explained" type of videos. I still watch yours because your narration and presentation is just that good.

    • IrradiadedCrow
      IrradiadedCrow Před rokem +2

      What? The best part about this show is that it doesn't rely on Deus Ex Machina bs and instead on the competence of the characters.

    • Cristian Campos
      Cristian Campos Před rokem +1

      @IrradiadedCrow I guess we haven't watched the same show

    • Cristian Campos
      Cristian Campos Před rokem +1

      @IrradiadedCrow Yesterday I watched ep6 s5 (im not 100% sure it was that one). Amos got saved by the daughter of Jules, she regained the ability to use her modification just when he was about to get shot, how convenient. Then Alex and Draper escape because they can drop the core of the ship to hit a torpedo?? Well that's fine i guess they are stranded now... wait they can still turn on the reactor??? Lmao. I guess is not deus ex machina per se because it relies on them but yeah pretty dumb. And every episode has me rolling my eyes at least a few times. I still watch it though, it is entertaining and a visual spectacle.

    • IrradiadedCrow
      IrradiadedCrow Před rokem +2

      @Cristian Campos Those are high tension situations where characters make risky choices to save each other. I've seen Deus Ex Machina many times and it does not apply to those situations. Stop looking for things to complain about.

    • Cristian Campos
      Cristian Campos Před rokem +1

      @IrradiadedCrow Ok keep justifying dumb stuff. I dont get why people get so butthurt when they like something, is not a personal attack, you can enjoy stuff and still find flaws to it. I do and i still enjoy the show.

  • mangaas
    mangaas Před rokem +3

    This series ended with season 4 for me. Marcos' storyline, the actor, the writing, has been a sustained cringe. I think I got through episode 1 of this season and haven't gone back. After forcing myself through the terrible season 5, I can't waste more time and force myself through another.

  • Kolapse
    Kolapse Před rokem +1

    Will you be doing new season of Raised By Wolves?????

  • Cody Schwarz
    Cody Schwarz Před rokem

    Week 3 of being subbed, still no “The real Stannis Baratheon” video

  • T'pulz
    T'pulz Před rokem

    Hipster feels in space.

  • larry zhou
    larry zhou Před rokem +1

    Hey it just occurred to me. Have you considered making an Elden Ring Video?

  • MetalSpiderPig
    MetalSpiderPig Před rokem

    Huh, so it's "welwala"... I guess "well voilà" doesn't make that much sense lol

  • Francisco Sciaraffia
    Francisco Sciaraffia Před rokem

    You should do The Wheel of Time

  • Jesse
    Jesse Před rokem +1

    This show Game Of Thrones’ed itself.

  • TetraSpasti
    TetraSpasti Před rokem +1

    Aaaahhh yes, the ageold question:
    What da dog doing?

  • sandeep krish
    sandeep krish Před rokem

    Broo pls do a red wedding 2.0 theory and similar kinda video pls pls pls

  • Boxxy Lego Playmobil
    Boxxy Lego Playmobil Před rokem +1

    uhhhhhh what happened to seasons 3-5 wtf have i been in a coma for 3 years

  • Admiral Spaceballs
    Admiral Spaceballs Před rokem

    i'm having a deja vu , is this an re-upload

  • JoniukasVader
    JoniukasVader Před rokem +2

    Back is Shifty

  • dioogo
    dioogo Před rokem

    Dude i miss you from game of thrones

  • Орифлейм
    Орифлейм Před rokem

    Waiting for Dune video

  • Ol No Name
    Ol No Name Před rokem

    Wheres the video about the end?

  • Bartosz Włodarczyk
    Bartosz Włodarczyk Před rokem

    Alt Schwift X > Alt Shift X and it's not even close

    SHARK VADER Před rokem +3


  • S1L3NT G4M3R
    S1L3NT G4M3R Před rokem


  • VenomSward
    VenomSward Před rokem

    Oooooooooh my God!

  • Nekire Legad
    Nekire Legad Před rokem


  • Wdf1987
    Wdf1987 Před rokem

    Does it really need an explanation? It's all pretty straightforward. Discussion, sure, but not explanation

  • BackwardshturT
    BackwardshturT Před rokem

    Man you gotta put game of thrones videos barely anyone is going to watch these video

  • Prepucio
    Prepucio Před rokem +5

    I love this series but this last season feels so lazy, so many useless scenes which do nothing for the characters or the plot

    • Adrian XenoRay
      Adrian XenoRay Před rokem

      it rly feels like more episodes should come.. but its a good cliffhanger atleast.

    • Sir Crapalot
      Sir Crapalot Před rokem +1

      Disagree completely. What wasted time are you referring to? The S6 episodes are much tighter than previous seasons. The Laconia scenes are straight out of the novella Strange Dogs and pay off in the next major storyline.
      Seasons 1 and 2 alluded to events that would take place in 5 and 6. Just because the payoff isn’t immediate doesn’t mean there is none.

  • João de Almeida
    João de Almeida Před rokem +6

    I miss the ASOIAF videos...

    • Trevin Wolverine
      Trevin Wolverine Před rokem +3

      He's done what he can. It's up to George now

    • Alt Shift X
      Alt Shift X  Před rokem +9

      Doing a Dune video next, then another ASOIAF video like the Tyrion one.

    • João de Almeida
      João de Almeida Před rokem +2

      @Trevin Wolverine I know, I know... GRRM doesn't help either, though I actually understand his side. I'm a writer too, and writing a big book actually takes time (even if it's 11 years)

    • João de Almeida
      João de Almeida Před rokem +2

      @Alt Shift X An hour long! I'm up for it. I'm just saying that I miss them, but take your time, brother 😊 Your content is simple, but it's top quality

    • Morris
      Morris Před rokem

      @Alt Shift X epic I was hoping you were doing a Dune vid!

  • JohnFourtyTwo
    JohnFourtyTwo Před rokem +10

    I love your reviews, but this series went downhill with Amazon and this last season feels extremely rushed like skipping several chapters to get to the end in my opinion.

    • Movies and TV Shows Are Subjective
      Movies and TV Shows Are Subjective Před rokem +2

      Yup. Imo the series is so good.

    • EquinoxOmega
      EquinoxOmega Před rokem +5

      Partially agree with that, but the problems started with season 3, where the merged many individual Belter characters together that have a huge impact on the plot later and since then, the belter story line suffered from it. Season 4 was mostly loyal to the book (only leaving out the Havelock storylines), but season 5 was paced too slowly, while season 6 felt rushed although they included the Laconia stuff that only matters for storylines of book 8 and 9, which is strange as they are not going to adapt them.

    • Bezukhov
      Bezukhov Před rokem +1

      I wonder if Amazon didn't give them a budget, and maybe made stretch cheap boring parts or something. Omigod season 5 was soooo boring.

  • Scyths1
    Scyths1 Před rokem +4

    Genuine question, why did they feel the need to change Sanjrani from a male to a non-binary character ? What does it add to the show exactly ?

    • Novenae
      Novenae Před rokem +9

      Representation, I guess? If a character's canon gender doesn't matter (Which maybe it does, I dunno, I haven't read the books), then you may as well use it as an opportunity to portray people who were previously not represented that much. That said, I had no idea they were non-binary until it was mentioned outside of the show.

    • damned4lif3
      damned4lif3 Před rokem

      "the message" - hollywood

  • Dolan Dumpf
    Dolan Dumpf Před rokem

    Woooooow…. Idc