Black Ops 2 TYPE 95 and Throwing Knife (Battle Axe) Gameplay - Multiplayer Gameplay on Cargo

  • čas přidán 14. 08. 2012
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  • XecutiveBranch
    XecutiveBranch Před 9 lety

    This is really good! Check out my Black ops 2 battle axe video if you feel like it.

  • austinmichael1010
    austinmichael1010 Před 10 lety

    *****Check out my channel. I got a great battle axe montage, a tutorial on tranzit zombies how to find nacht der untoten, how to build the turbine, and how to build a teleporter*****

  • akaLunacy
    akaLunacy Před 10 lety

    type 25

  • songmaxer3
    songmaxer3 Před 10 lety

    how do you throw knives?

  • mitch warnock
    mitch warnock Před 10 lety

    1st: its type 25 2nd: there are no "throwing knifes" in bo2 and 3rd: you fucking suck

  • Joshua Kelm
    Joshua Kelm Před 10 lety


  • ShotDownChoppa
    ShotDownChoppa Před 10 lety

    They're back but you need to be a high level in order to get them.

  • ThePokeguy1999
    ThePokeguy1999 Před 10 lety

    explain to me how a 3 to 2 shot automatic gun is shit probably cause u dont know how to use it mad bro

    BUCKSHOT705 Před 10 lety

    yeah and theres kill confirmed... but when u get ur tag you only get 25+ xD

  • Don Pianta
    Don Pianta Před 10 lety

    how do you play when this is not out yet?

  • fullmetaljacktt
    fullmetaljacktt Před 10 lety

    no its still there

  • Ben W
    Ben W Před 10 lety

    At the gamescon

  • ThePokeguy1999
    ThePokeguy1999 Před 10 lety

    you cant remove that ass hole explain how u could do that

    BUCKSHOT705 Před 10 lety

    any one know if they removed tatical insersions ( srry i suck at spelling) but i hate boosters!! i hope to god they are gone

  • dmarco mansulla
    dmarco mansulla Před 10 lety

    Dumbass he said throwing knife (battle axe) dipshit

  • - Taylor -
    - Taylor - Před 10 lety

    Battle Axe not throwing knife...

  • Marco King
    Marco King Před 10 lety

    whats so bad about panic knifing? You have a knife why not use it? The better player will press it quicker, ofc unless bad connection

  • kobebean bryant
    kobebean bryant Před 10 lety

    im fucking the like button